Demonocracy - Deep State Deep Shit

by marco_hanuman
aka morton_h
the blogger

Demonocracy, another one of those multidimensional words, that for the purpose of the day is necessary to describe multidimensional madness.

The cracy part of the word is of course greek and means governed by. And since the government has gone mad, we ought to spell it demonocrazy. The mono is due to the fact, that the Western globalist oligarcy sees itself as a monolith, a mono culture, a monopoly in a monopolar world governed by money and monsters.

Where does the demon slip in? Through the back door, of course. And sometimes even through the front door, if it happens to be invited. But why bother talk about demons in politics, and is it some sort of analogy, through which we are seeking to understand evil? The answer is yes and no. Yes, because we have to use unusual words to understand and describe an unusual degree of the now usual evil, that rules in this World. No, because the word describes a very real phenomenon.

It has been known for a long time, that the Powers That Be or at least certain parts of the establishment and Upper Echelon are involved in black magic rituals, satanism, human sacrifice and ritual murders, pedophilia, controlled and artificial homosexuality and different kinds of weird blood rituals including the drinking of childrens blood.

If you for some reason never have come across this information, your first thoughts may be: what is this guy talking about? But in that case it is about time, you did. As said: this is very real, and there is enough consistant and valid information out there to form opinions about it. 

While people in our time have the firm belief, that their rational, materialistic world has expelled all demons as mere superstition, the socalled ruling elite of the World seems to believe otherwise - being on their side very content, that people believe, that they should not believe in such rubbish, therefore making it go-under-the-radar -able.

Maybe we should invent a new word here: substition, reverse superstition. The superstitious person cuts off a rational explanation in favour of a lofty etherical one. The substituous person denies the possibility of non-material entities and powers thus giving these entities free play.

Now, whether demons as such do exist or not, is actually irrelevant. What is important is, that the ruling class weirdos believe in them or at least perform according to these beliefs. We cannot know for sure, whether they themselves always experience supernatural entities or just do their weirdo-shit to have weirdo-sex and have psychopathic blood-taste-satisfactions.

The cult of human sacrifice is ancient, and I have described it extensively in various blogs - unfortunately only in Danish:
I can recommend reading them even in Google translation, since it will give you a jump ahead in the understanding of this admittedly strange topic.

Now, why would the globalist ruling class be into this stuff? The simple answer is, that they are following and venerating an ancient tradition of secrecy and occult knowledge kalled Kabbalah (+ a host of other names) that has worked for them though millennia. And why deviate from a practice, that has worked for such a vaste amount of time and still works?

Now again, what is this entity called Kabbalah? Is it evil in itself to seek knowledge into the mysteries of the Universe? The answer is no. The problem of our civilisation is, that obtaining knowledge of the Universe and its workflow, so to speak, gives you access to power. And with power in sight, the attraction is immensely strong for people seeking various forms of power without having obtained the necessary degree of spiritual and ethical developement in order for them not to damage other people, and - which they totally forget - themselves.

Kabbalah is described as the 5'th level in the Judaic tradition, only accessible to the initiated priesthood. It turns out to be the 'tribe' of Levi, the Levites. Should we use a term of our time, we would call them the Deep State of the ancient world.
Or the Atonists.
Or the Hyksos, the Shepherds, that developed techiches for herding people like livestock, cattle and sheep.
Or the worshippers of The Dying God.
Or prior to that the worshippers of the Black Mother, Kali, that were kicked out of Dravidia, the ancient India for sacrificing human beings.
Or the worshippers of Ba'al.
Or the Red Edom, the tribe of Esau, that expelled from the Middle East wandered through Persia and settled and integrated i Khazaria.
Or the Khazarians that fled to Poland and spread into Europe.
Or the Khazarian mafia, that is known today as the Zionists.
Or the affiliates of the k-mob, that just fancy hanging out with the power-perverts.

It turns out, that this group of people has been expelled from ALL the places on Earth, where they have settled through the ages. When people found out, to what extend and in which way their parasitic nature expressed itself, the response was always: Get rid of these people, now! The ancient Indians did so, the Egyptians did so (described in the Old Testament as the Exodus), the Palestinians aka the original israelites did so, even the Romans did so, the Russians did so, and later almost every nation of Europe did so. But these parasites don't give up, do they? So with Cromwell, the Khazarian usurers and parasites crept in through the backdoor and has dwelled there ever since. Today we know them under the names of Central Banking System and Zionism.

Are we just talking about Jews here? The Hell, NO! We are talking about a parasitic entity, the Demon from the Desert, the Cult of the Dying God, that has possessed the Jewish people. Jews should be the first to identify their parasite, that by the way doesn't give a damn about Jews, being this very parasite, that has utilized, capitalized, holocausted, holywoodized and perverted-sodomized the Jewish people. This parasite is a body snatcher, and you, the Jews have been its willing body. I say to you: free your mind and free your body! Ask yourself: what did this creep mean, when it described you as Gods chosen people? This 'god' meant, that you were casted for a millennia long pre-Hollywood production as an instrument for the Dying God. For God's sake - if we dare to use this term any longer? - get rid of this demon, this nightmare piggybagging on your behalf.

Do you even know, why the State of Israel was created in a land in an unfriendly desert with Jews living all over Europe and USA hated by no one at that time in a state of wealth, prosperity and acceptance?
Have you pondered on the strangeness of the ADL daily crying out loud of your terrible sufferings due to antisemitism, when you have lived in USA for 400 years in total happiness and total acceptance without any pogrom taking place?
Ask yourself, who are these people driving the show of eternal victim role and to which purpose? What is antisemitism, by the way?
Maybe start with the question: what is a semite?
Have you ever studied your own history?
Why do you think, that the real worshippers of the Jewish religion - your know the men with hats and curly hair - do not regognize the State of Israel and do not believe that Iran/Persia should be nuked after the forthcoming election?
Why don't you socalled Jews do a genuine piece of homework and find out, whether you actually are a people or just a social construct, as the Jewish school of sociology called Culture Marxism (the Frankfurt School) promotes?

These and a couple of hundred questions need to be answered. I could give you the answers, but this is not how it works. If you are the socalled children of a (mentally sick) entity that calls himself God, it is about time, you grew up to this fact and ... grew up. Since noone can be grown up, you have to do it yourself. Meanwhile the World is now slowly but surely growing up to this dark truth. One may put it like this: do the necessary Exorcism on yourself or experience another Exodus. Free yourself from the Demon and become once again this proud people with moral highground. Or let yourself be buttfucked by the zionists till your buttholes become as big as the tunnel under the English Channel.

Now why go out of this string? For the simple reason, that the zionists are the contemporary version of this millennia old phenomenon. And what does that mean, what does that include? It includes the perversion of human beings in order to weaken and controll them. Once weakened and compromized, any person in the vicinity of power will danse to the tune of the Pipes of Power. This is why, I say that the actual existence of demonic entities, and whether you and I believe in them or not, is irrelevant, since the perversion of the human beings seeking power is the point.

Case study: The Clintons
Very resently, information has come out to a broader public through the WikiLeaks about the activities in this obscure, perverted genre with the Clintons. The Rodham family is known as a bloodline of black magic practitioners, so no wonder, that their daughter would be into that also.

So. The Clintons have now been shown to be the regular customers of a very sleezy travel agency, The Lolita Express. Is was run by this pervert millionaire called Jeff Epstein. The customers got onto airplanes to the Bahamas and on the way and on location there they would have sex with underaged youngsters. It was organized pedophilia. They did this not only once but a dozen times.

Although certain police departments in the States are corrupt themselves, the NYPD actually does a good job in tracking pedophiles, and through this work Bill and Hill are now in their archives. Also the FBI knows about this, but stood back in the first round. Someone from the Deep State aparently warned them to proceed due to the election. BUT, which is absolutely fabulous, Hillary Clinton being sure about her invincibility, her immunity and total backup from the Globalist Deep State, that she and her husband serve, then had the nerves to offend the director of the FBI, James Comey. That may very well be a serious mistake. Although the FBI in many ways also is a corrupt organ for the Deep State, you do not offend its director in his face without consequenses. Now the case is reopened. And not only reopened, also extended with a lot more of the deep state deep shit, that these perverts are in.

Now Hillary Clinton will not only be charged with obstruction of justice by lying to the prosecutors of the FBI. She will also be charged with pedophilia, sex with minors, and assorted issues. Bill Clinton might be brought up on certain charges. Insiders among veterans in the intelligens communities are well aware, that the activities of the Clintons never stopped, and together with WikiLeaks they are now commenting on it and adding to it.

What is the essence of the deep state deep shit? It is rather simple, yet very powerful. And scary. When you once, just once in your life and career as a politician or other kind of person seeking power have given in to strange and weird pleasures offered to you by people with real powers, these people OWN YOU! for the rest of your life. They know, and you know, that just one step in the wrong direction, just one moment of disobedience will cost you your career, your name or even your life. Normally character assassinations are enogh in this world, and the shame and the extermination from the glamourous society will be enough. But since you are in possession of insider information, your life is also threatened. You might speak out and compromize the whole Cabal, so you may just end up taking your own live (if you get the hint here?). Or as we say: by being suicided. The is a mafia word for that: Omertá. If you break the silence you and your dog and your wife and your children and your old mother are: dead meat! Internal terror.

So the Clintons are now being put directly in contact with exposed criminals and members of satanic cults. Epstein (pedophile ring), Weiner (pedophile), Podesta (demonic worship including nasty stuff with blood and children). Bill has written in a biography on his early years how he practiced woodoo and enjoyed being posessed by spirits. They hang around in Haiti, where children have gone missing - plus billions of dollars, stolen from the Haitians for the rebuild after the hurricane and ending up in the Clinton foundation, but that is another story allthough it is all part of the same deep state deep shit.

The dark trend of hidden history
It has become rather difficult to deny, that these things are going on. The Catholic Church has been deeply infected with it. The British Royal Family as well - just say the name of Prince Charles' merry friend Jimmi Saville. The murder of Princess Diana was highly ritualized. And why haven't we seen more high level prosecutions of people from the establishment? Because the whole system is so infected, that investigations coming too close to the big fish will be stopped. Which is why the Clintons has not been convicted life sentenses or even capital punishment till now. Only one fully exposed branch of the Clinton crime syndicate should be enough for that.

It has been revealed through many sources, how homosexuality is forced upon initiates of freemasonic lodges. Especially delicious are the rituals of the Skull & Bones at Yale University. They go even into necrophilia. Almost all top politicians in England and USA are involved in some sort of secret society. And to do a career i The City of London you have to be a member of a lodge, an Inn or a society.

The American military had an official satanic chaplain by the name of Michael Aquino, taught personally by Anton Lavey, founder of The Church of Satan. His special task was to do experiments in demonic warfare. And remember, the CIA as part of the MK Ultra program would experiment with anything, that had the potential of destroying and controlling people, including all sorts of occult practices, drugs, poisons, electronics.

Remember how the nazis had equal things going with supernatural and esoteric stuff and in their research went deep into that area in order to create weapons. The Thule Society, The Vril Society, the Schutzstafel of Heinrich Himmler was build like a Knights Templar-style order. And why was the Americans so eager to get into Iraq? As we know it wasn't for WMD's that they knew, wasn't there. For oil? For destabilisation? Of course. But it turns out, that they were very interested in plundering the Iraqi museums for ancient technology. The kabalists returning to Babylon, where it all started, it seems.

The revolutionaries are always occultists. The Jacobites of the French Revolution were Frankists and Jesuits and Illuminati. The 5'th colonne of the Russian Revolution were freemasons. It was the Grand Orleans Lodge that started the 1st World War by engaging anarchists in the Balkans. And the network of Edward VII was the spiderweb for his plan for destroying two Empires - both with members of his own family as heads! It was Jewish freemasons, Dönmeh, The Young Turks that carried out the subversion of the Ottoman Empire - and participated in the Armenian genocide. The Muslim Brotherhood is a freemasonic organisation. And again: The Jesuits, do not forget the Jesuits, the largest uniform order and secret society with the strictest disciplin and control of its members in the world. The Society of Jesus, my bare ass! I don't think, that Jesus is the real name of their demon!

It can be discussed, whether these lodges and secret societies are just clothings of secrecy, hiding places for the power mongerers. This is very true, of course, but not the full explanation. For these people, power is a kind of spiritual drug, highly addictive. Once caught and infected with it, you rarely get free of it again. The societies, or cults as they really are, operate both by fear and by reward. Power people get high, they get an orgasm from the performance of power - while at the same time being shit scared of losing their reward and being punished, if they step outside the circle.

---------- o ----------

We shall see very soon, whether the White House once again will be inhabited by demonic worshippers, perverts, mafiosi. And as senior FBI and CIA members, that have spoken out about Mrs. Clinton and her whole being: She is the embodiment of Antichrist!


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