Engelsk National Avis: 'Hvordan en hemmelig elite skabte EU med henblik på en verdensregering'

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How a secretive elite created the EU to build a world government

-Telegraph UK, 27 november 2015


Libertarianernes analyse af ovenstående:

This is all part of a continuum of lies, betrayals and deceit that has been ongoing since the founding of the EU, and even before. It was never represented as what it is – a revival of Charlemagne's empire – nor has its ultimate goal ever been voiced. Today, of course, it's clearer. The objective of the EU is to destroy Europe.  Europe, the tribes of Europe, must be destroyed if Europe is to survive as a cohesive entity.

Already, polls show that many in the EU, especially in the South, would like to secede.  But this is not tolerable. EU leaders instead choose to import huge amounts of Muslims and others into EU countries in order to dilute the extant cultures. This they must do, as we have long pointed out, because otherwise the ancient tribal entities that make up Europe would finally break away. 

They don't admit it, of course. Every EU leader is surprised. Each one is gamely attempting to stem the tide. But these postures are only for public consumption.  The reality is that every EU leader is pledged to destroy the fabric of his or her own country. This goal is so important that leaders like Merkel are willing to risk political defeat in order to achieve it.  In the past decade, we were more likely to read that the German Reich had planned the EU than we were to see a realistic article on its secretive antecedents. But times have changed.

The shadowy elites running the US and Europe seem more relaxed now – or perhaps they simply don't care anymore – and thus the world is being exposed to more realistic narratives.  One such comes to us courtesy of the UK Telegraph, just published, and entitled, "How a secretive elite created the EU to build a world government."  There is a subtitle as well, "Voters in Britain's referendum need to understand that the European Union was about building a federal superstate from day one." 

Of course it was all about building a "federal superstate" and yet it is still shocking to read this in a British newspaper.

..... There is other history (and hidden trends) that shows us quite clearly that the founding and expansion of the EU was far more than an "intellectual tradition."  There is, you see, an Anglosphere rump that seeks not just "unions" but a single or tripartite world – and the EU is merely a steppingstone. Macmillan and his fellow politicians were order-takers in this campaign, not the originators.  This larger cabal continues to drive the great European experiment forward.

Please note: US generals were not behind the EU union, nor were defeated and dying Nazis. The EU has always been a bankers' union and it was global commerce and financial control and consolidation of currency that have driven the EU from inception. The EU is a project of committed globalists that derive their power from the BIS and the central banking community. 

Here is another point: We can't imagine that those behind the EU will let the British opt out. Or if by some miracle Brexit does take place, there will be immediate mechanisms put in place to ensure that the leave-taking, eventually, is nothing more than a kind of nomenclature. One way or another Britain will be sucked back in.  There is a reason that Europe is wracked by radical politics, terrorism and illegal immigration. The powers that created the EU and increasingly other regional unions as well are intent on undermining the cohesiveness of Europe's tribes. The job will be dirty, long and violent. Those who wish to stay out of its way might consider avoiding Europe from a business and even recreational standpoint.

Conclusion:  Perhaps this is hard to do. But when it comes to living and working – and even establishing a second home or residency – there are plenty of areas that likely offer more security and tranquility than Europe at this moment. Asia and Latin America come to mind as possible destinations. There are others. Investigate carefully before you decide. - See more at: http://www.thedailybell.com/news-analysis/36666/Who-Is-Really-Behind-the-EU/#sthash.tLo


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