We Are The Gods Now? Transhumanism & The Ahrimanic Reengineering Of The Human Race

                                                      'Baphomet' by H.R. Giger


  • Preface
  • Transhumanism On The Move: The Urge To Merge, To Enhance, To Escape Death
  • Approaching The Singularity And 2045: A New Era for Humanity
  • Post-Human Faustians, Criticism, Society And Humans Radically Reengineered
  • Worst-Case Scenarios - Transhumanism, Fascist Developments, Destruction
  • Ahriman As Transhumanism - Transition And Dangers Of Our Present Time
  • Post Scriptum Promethean Ponderings

    Edit: Although quite a few of developments have occured since 2012 I have left this article unedited as the key points and future perspectives are very much up to speed and still ahead of our time.

    Read or download the article as PDF here


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