New World Order will rule the world from Jerusalem?

'If Israel was really an enemy of Iran, they would never allow China to sell Israeli sold military technology to Iran, let alone sell Israeli military technology to China in the first place...most alt-media personalities still never mention it. Guys like James Corbett, Ryan Dawson, and even Johnny Gat, who does good work, are silent on this issue '
- Shayan Zarrin
(extract from below)
'Make no mistake, what we are witnessing is 4th generation warfare on the public - All other wars including the trade war are kabuki theater designed to distract from this reality...The goal?  To convince the masses that sovereign nationalism leads to planetary disaster, and that the "only solution" is to hand over economic and political power to a centralized authority of financial high priests with a direct line to the god of fiscal stability.'
- Brandon Smith,
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Preface: I am on the fence with some of this. Although highly heretical for most alternative media (and mainstream), I am posting some startling revisionist claims again in case Shayan Zarrin's theory turns out to be a black swan.
I have changed Zarrin's original title ('History of Israeli Tech Domination') in order to explicate the tremendous implications of Zarrin's central claim(s) that might otherwise get lost in his text and title.

 I am also tying Zarrin's thesis into
the NEOM-project as it is part of the bleeding edge. Israel is likely to kickstart a great war in an engineered Hegelian dialectics while bulding their futuristic Mystery Babylon city (if they are to succeed in the Oded Yinon Greater Israel project it would be armed conflict but it could also be NEOM itself becoming the cyber/cognitive/geographical catalyst for expansion of NWO).

With Saudis as the prime initial engine - 500 billion dollars as startup (probably +3 trillion when finished) -  and with Israel and other countries' backbone high-tech facilitators in the background, NEOM is going to be the world's first transhumanist mega-city, the world's largest 'smart city'. NEOM might play into the Jerusalem thesis. Israel will play a pivotal role -  take a look at the proximity of Eilat also:


On a curious esoteric side-note, NEOM will be geographically situated overlapping the historical region known as Edom. Shabbatai Tzvi, the [Sabbatean] Satanic messiah of 1666 called his religion 'The holy religion of  Edom.'

 NEOM - extremely important informative video:


Most of the partially misled or distracted alternative media aren't mentioning NEOM at all.

Russians, Chinese, Japanese, USA, MIT, and many of the largest high-tech and financial forces in the world are joining this titanic superproject.

It's the offcial condition that NEOM has to be exactly 33 times as big as New York City (wink wink). No Islamic law will be permitted, a free trade zone, exterritorial status of some sort.

Salman, the Crown Prince who is running Saudiarabia now said:

We want the main robot and the first robot in Neom to be Neom itself. Robot number one. Everything will have a link to artificial intelligence, to the Internet of Things -- everything. Your medical file will be connected with your home supply, with your car, linked to your family, linked to your other files, and the system develops itself in how to provide you with better things. Today all the clouds available are separate -- the car is by itself, the Apple watch is by itself, everything is by itself. There, everything will be connected. So nobody can live in Neom without the Neom application we’ll have -- or visit Neom.'
Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Details Plans for New City: Transcript

How Israel is Becoming a Global Leader in the Internet of Things

Imagine Elysium, Minority Report, Brave New World,
Terminator, Hunger Games, Gattaca (BTW: DNA now a prototype prerequisite for jewish citizenship in Israel),  and much more in one project, and that's basically the elements we are looking at.

2030 - formely Agenda 21  - is an explicit part of NEOM also. AND it so happens that 2030 is an explicit milestone point in time for transhumanism also.

'Ultimately, adherents of transhumanism envisage a day when humans will free themselves of all corporeal restraints. Kurzweil [transhumanist techno-priest and AI engineer for Google/DARPA] and his followers believe this turning point will be reached around the year 2030, when biotechnology will enable a union between humans and genuinely intelligent computers and AI systems.'
- No death and an enhanced life: Is the future transhuman?, The Guardian, 2018

'Israeli companies are able to enter NEOM when they like, thanks to the tools they own. Alami, the owner of an Internet service provider in Palestine, said that Israeli companies had the best tools for the future technology industry, which is the focus of NEOM. “At least Israeli companies with foreign nationalities will have a presence in the upcoming project … Israeli companies are superior in cyberspace and the Internet of things that is invading the world today,”
- Will Israeli companies participate in the NEOM project? - NEOM NEWS

Other Sources;

Dr. Klaus Kleinfeld (Bilderberg) appointed advisor to NEOM Chairman

The Biblical Geopolitics of Neom -
Laurent Guyénot, Veterans Today, Kevin Barret

Saudi Arabia Might Recognize Israel Because Of NEOM - Andrew Korybko


'History of Israeli Tech Domination'

by Shayan Zarrin

Reblogged from Shayan Zarrin |

We all know that Israel gets all of its lifeblood from the US, through foreign aid or stealing. A prime example of this is the Apollo affair, where Israel stole enriched uranium from the US to build their infamous nuclear weapons program through suspected Mossad agent, Zalman Shapiro, along with four Israeli intelligence agents, including Rafi Eitan, who visited NUMEC periodically between 1965 and 1970. This is how Israel operates. Their Rothschild backers in our Zionist Occupied Government place their agents in key positions of our government and industries, where they proceed to infiltrate and divert American technology to Israel. That is what Israel is the best at: Being crooks.

However, the alt-media does not go further than the Apollo affair. They don't report on the much deeper and more consequential Israeli thieving of US high technology through the Talpiot Program and Unit 8200. Billions of dollars are being sucked out of the US economy through government contracts to Israeli technology and cybersecurity companies like Amdocs, which has access to all US telephone records through the NSA, and Comverse Infosys, which has access to all NSA electronic tapping equipment. Essentially, Israel runs the national security state. Israeli companies can spy on you. Where did they get the capability to become world leaders in the technology sector? The United States.
Part of the reason why Israeli tech firms are so competitive in the global market is due to a form of quasi-state capitalism, in which the Israeli government subsidizes 50 percent of Israeli tech firms' R&D costs. This gives these firms the ability to sell their goods and services at significantly lower prices than their American counterparts. This policy is socialist in nature, which Phil Giraldi pointed out in a speech for the Council for the National Interest: "Israel, a socialist country where government and business work hand in hand, has obtained significant advantages by systematically stealing American technology with both civilian and military applications." Subsequently, Israel uses this advantage to flood the US market with their technology exports, partly due to the 1985 Israel-United States Free Trade Agreement, destroying American high technology jobs in the process. This was the first free trade agreement agreed upon by the United States. It reduced all tariffs on Israeli imports, and is the only free-trade agreement that does not have a chapter on intellectual property rights. That means that Israel can have access to US intellectual property under US law.

How did Israel get access to US high technology and intellectual property? It all began in the 1970s, when the US and Israeli governments formed BIRD (Israel-United States Bi-national Industrial Research and Development) Foundation. BIRD funds joint partnerships between Israeli and American companies, with 50 percent of its funding coming from the US government. That's right, our taxpayer money is funding Israeli industry, while our infrastructure is in shambles. This quote from a Bloomberg article is Talpiot in action, "The company [BIRD] promotes joint industrial R&D between American and Israeli companies. They provide a maximum of $1.2 million funding per project. BIRD-supported projects allow leading Israeli technology companies to access key world class-US companies and establish business ties." There you go, US government funded BIRD gives Israeli tech companies access to "world-class US companies." That is where the Israeli high tech industry gets its lifeblood. Using this access to US industry, Israel set up a massive espionage operation in the United States to steal secret US defense secrets, military technology, and intellectual property in the early 1980s. One operative, Jonathan Pollard, was caught in this operation. Pollard was a US intelligence agent/Israeli spy who stole thousands of documents revealing the methods used by the US for signal intelligence gathering. From then on, Israel had the same intelligence gathering capabilities as the United States. Without Pollard, Israel would never have been able to engage in signal intelligence gathering, which means that the infamous Israeli companies tied to 9/11: Amdocs and Verint, would never have been formed. But Pollard was just the tip of the iceberg. There was a whole Israeli Espionage Network surrounding and working with Pollard, including guys like Richard Perle, Frank Gafney JR, Douglas J Feith, John F Lehman Jr, and Paul Wolfowitz.

All this technology that Israel has stolen was developed by tax payer money through DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). Nearly all of Apple's technology was developed by DARPA. Google emerged through DARPA technology and the CIA's MDDS (Massive Digital Data Systems) project, and Facebook raised its initial capital through an investment from Peter Thiel, whose data mining company, Palantir, was first funded by the CIA Venture capital firm, In Q Tel.

Furthermore, there are Zionist fingerprints all over tech giants like Google and Facebook. Google was initially partly funded by American Jew, Andy Bechtolsheim, the co founder of the tech firm, Sun Microsystems, which has a major R&D center in Israel. Many other tech firms including Google, Facebook, IBM, Motorola, Microsoft, Qualcomm, and Apple have R&D centers in Israel as well. Why would these firms choose to have R&D centers near Tel Aviv? Tel Aviv is the ninth most expensive city in the world. Furthermore, it would make more sense economically to have R&D centers in a place like Bangladesh. where wages are significantly lower with a similar supply of high tech workers.

These companies operate in Israel because they seek to make Israel the high tech capital of the world, where Israel will rule the world in a one world government from Jerusalem as Ben Gurion predicted.

Furthermore, Israel sells their US originated high technology to our enemies, Russia and China. Russia and China then sell that technology to Iran. Therefore, Israel is indirectly arming Iran. The Iran-Israel conflict is a charade. If Israel was really an enemy of Iran, they would never allow China to sell Israeli sold military technology to Iran, let alone sell Israeli military technology to China in the first place. On top of that, Israel has numerous historical ties to the Islamic Republic of Iran, as I laid out in my article, "Iran Not an Enemy of the Jewish Elite". does a fantastic job of detailing the history of Israel transferring US technology to China in their article, "Israel's Technology Transfer to China":

"On June 13, 1990 the Los Angeles Times reported that Israel had become the largest supplier of advanced military technology to China since the United States banned military sales to that country a year earlier. An unnamed U.S. official told the newspaper that Israel was a “back door to U.S. technology that the United States won't sell them.” [1]

Israel was breaching the U.S. embargo against China using technology the U.S. had given to Israel for its own defense, even though the technology came with the restriction that Israel would not re-export.

Shortly before the Times report, Israel opened an office of the Israeli Academy of Sciences in Beijing. Doubtless it was that blatant act that caused U.S. officials to begin leaking information. The Times’ source said that Israel’s supposedly academic office in Beijing was actually “facilitating a whole range of military-to-military cooperation between Israel and China.”:

"According to the article, intelligence experts in the West and Asia believed Israel had provided China with some of the advanced technology needed to modernize China’s jet planes and missiles. U.S. officials had told Israel they strongly opposed the military cooperation because it undercut U.S. sanctions against China. “This is over our objections,” a senior administration official told the newspaper. U.S. officials said that Israel was not operating as a proxy for the United States in these sales.

The story had no discernible impact on Israel. It went on selling arms technology to China and upgrading relations between the two countries. A year after the Times report, in June 1991, China and Israel signed an agreement on scientific cooperation. [2]

On Nov. 20, 1991, the East Coast press reported that Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Arens made a secret four-day visit to China earlier that month. [3] By the end of 1991, China’s Deputy Foreign Minister Yang Fuchang visited Israel. [4]

On Jan. 24, 1992 China and Israel established formal diplomatic relations in ceremonies in Beijing. The occasion was attended by Chinese Foreign Minister Qian Qichen and Israeli Foreign Minister David Levy. [5]

The Sino-Israeli relationship was a strange one. China traditionally favored the Arabs in the Arab-Israel conflict. [6] Moreover, while Israel based its pleas for enormous amounts of U.S. aid on the danger from Arab countries, its selling of weapons technology to China was indirectly helping strengthen the Arabs because China was a major supplier of missiles to Iran and such Arab countries as Saudi Arabia and Syria. [7]

In an obvious effort to dampen the burgeoning Sino-Israeli relationship, U.S. officials stepped up their leaks. Unnamed officials revealed in early March 1992 that there was “overwhelming” evidence of Israel cheating on written promises not to re-export U.S. weapons technology to Third World countries, including China. [8] They added that there was well-founded suspicion that Israel was also selling secrets of America’s Patriot anti-missile missile to China. [9] A U.S. team of experts was dispatched to Israel in late March but it failed to find proof of Israeli cheating. The State Department said on April 2 that “the Israeli government has a clean bill of health on the Patriot issue.” [10]

But there was disagreement in the government. Defense Secretary Dick Cheney said there remained “good reason” to believe diversion had taken place. [11] CIA Director Robert Gates agreed, saying, “There is some indication that they [the Chinese] have some of the [Patriot] technology.” [12]

About the same time, a study by the Pentagon-supported RAND Corp. became public with the conclusion that Israel had become “China’s leading foreign supplier of advanced technology.” It said there had been reports that Israel had helped China develop the HQ-61 surface-to-air missile, the CSS-2 intermediate missile, the PL-8 air-to-air and surface-to-air missile, as well as advanced armor for battle tanks and an air-borne early warning radar system. It said that Israel was currently cooperating with China to develop an advanced fighter jet. [13]

These disclosures were followed by a report in The Wall Street Journal saying that Israel illegally re-exports technology to a number of countries beyond China, including Chile, Ethiopia, South Africa and Thailand. There was “no doubt in the U.S. intelligence community that Israel has repeatedly engaged in diversion schemes.” [14]The Washington Post added that one official said there were “lots and lots of clear-cut cases.” Apparently the U.S. had more than enough evidence to convict Israel, if it had the political will to do so. [15]

The leaks by unnamed official sources came just days before Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Arens was due to meet on March 16, 1992 with his counterpart, Dick Cheney. Arens’ initial public reaction was outrage: “There is not a grain of truth. No truth in it at all.” But as the volume of charges grew, his statements changed to questioning the motives of the leakers: “The real story is who are these unnamed individuals who are floating these malicious rumors?” [16] Defense Secretary Cheney and his spokesmen declined any comment. [17]

On April 1, 1992 the State Department released a report by its inspector general charging that a “major recipient” of U.S. military aid was engaged in a “systematic and growing pattern” of selling secret U.S. technology in violation of U.S. law. The public report did not directly name Israel, but officials left no doubt that it was the subject of the report. The report said Israel’s violations began about 1983 and that Israel sought to conceal the violations. A secret version of the report allegedly identified Chile, China, Ethiopia and South Africa as among the recipients of Israel’s sales. [18]

State Department Inspector General Sherman M. Funk said he notified Secretary of State James A. Baker III about intelligence reports of Israel’s violations in June 1991 and that new procedures to prevent future violations were put in place under an operation called Blue Lantern. Funk said U.S. officials previously had depended on verbal assurances from Israel that it was not retransferring. But, he said, such assurances from Israel “are not an effective mechanism for providing end-use verification. We identified instances where U.S. items and technology were retransferred or were used in violation of the assurances.”

He added that he had recommended that Israel be forced to repay the money illicitly earned from the transfers but Deputy Secretary of State Lawrence S. Eagleburger rejected the proposal as being an impossible chore. Eagleburger was a protégé of former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and a strong supporter of Israel.

The subject went to the heart of the economic prosperity of the Jewish state. Arms sales of around $1.5 billion annually accounted for 40 percent of Israel’s exports and were based almost entirely on U.S. technology. [19]

How Israel became so technologically advanced was revealed in a study by the General Accounting Office. [20]The giveaway began in 1970 with the signing of a Master Defense Development Data Exchange Agreement that provided for the greatest transfer of U.S. technology to any country ever undertaken. The transfer was made by what was called Technical Data Packages: the entire complex of blueprints, plans and types of materials required to actually construct weapons. [**]

Over the next eight years more than 120 such packages were given to Israel, according to a 1979 study by the Middle East Arms Transfer Panel. [21] This massive infusion of technology boosted Israel’s economy. By 1981, Israel had emerged from being a technologically backward arms importer to the seventh largest exporter of military weapons in the world, with overseas sales of $1.3 billion. [22]

An Israeli writer observed, “The Americans have made virtually all their most advanced weaponry and technology, meaning the best fighter aircraft, missiles, radar, armor, and artillery, available to Israel. Israel, in turn, has utilized this knowledge, adapting American equipment to increase its own technological sophistication, reflected tangibly in Israeli defense offerings.” [23]

Despite the number of reports over the years that Israel was illicitly profiting from U.S. technology at the cost of American companies and U.S. security, Washington continued to provide Israel ever-increasing amounts of technology. According to a report in 1992, there were 322 separate cooperative U.S.-Israeli ventures at that time, valued at $2.9 billion. In addition, there were 49 country-to-country programs involving Israel in co-development or co-production and research with the United States, and there existed 36 active data exchange agreements and 11 new proposed accords. The report concluded: “The magnitude of existing cooperative efforts with Israel is extensive and growing rapidly.” [24] In 1993, when Bill Clinton became president he promised to lift the “technological barrier” by granting Israel even more sophisticated technology. [25]

Meanwhile Sino-Israeli relations flourished. Israeli President Chaim Herzog visited China between Dec. 24 and 30, 1992. In January 1993, with the administration of President Clinton taking over in Washington, Israel and China signed a contract permitting Israel to buy Chinese coal. On Feb. 14, 1993, the two countries signed a scientific agreement for joint research projects in electronics, medical technology, renewable energy, agriculture and civilian uses of space technology. [26]

On Oct. 12, 1993 the CIA revealed to the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee that Israel had been selling advanced military technology to China for more than a decade. Central Intelligence Director R. James Woolsey estimated that the trade “may be several billion dollars.” Woolsey added: “Building on a long history of close defense industrial relations, including work on China’s next-generation fighter, air-to-air missiles and tank programs, and the establishment of diplomatic relations in January 1992, China and Israel appear to be moving toward formalizing and broadening their military technical cooperation.” [27]

Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin denied that the trade reached billions of dollars, adding that the figure for 1992 was about $60 million. “All these stories of billions of dollars of arms business in the past 10 years are total nonsense,” he said. “We have made it clear time and again that we have never done a thing against American law ... never transmitted items of technology that we got from the United States. We are not stupid enough” to endanger Israel’s annual $3 billion in U.S. aid. He issued his statement in Beijing, where he was on an official four-day visit. [28]

The CIA said that indications of stronger Sino-Israeli ties were the opening of a number of Israeli military sales offices in China, the Feb. 14, 1993 signing of an agreement to share technology, and the current visit to Beijing of Rabin. The report stated: “We believe the Chinese seek from Israel advanced military technologies that the U.S. and Western firms are unwilling to provide. Beijing probably hopes to tap Israeli expertise for cooperative development of military technologies, such as advanced tank power plants and airborne radar systems, that the Chinese would have difficulty producing on their own.” [29]

In 1994 Professor Duncan L. Clarke of The American University in Washington, DC reported in a study: “For years, Israel had violated the Arms Export Control Act and related executive agreements. [30] Israel has employed U.S. weaponry contrary to U.S. law and policy, incorporated U.S. technology into Israeli weapons systems without prior approval, and made improper transfers of U.S. missile and other defense systems and technologies to other countries, including Chile, China, and South Africa.” [31]

In early 1995 came another series of media reports on Israel’s China trade. These led to official denials by Israel. David Ivri, the director-general of the Israeli Defense Ministry, admitted on Jan. 3 that Israel had sold China “some technology on aircraft” but added that it was not U.S. technology and that the contracts were “very small in magnitude.” [32]

On Jan. 6, Aded Ben-Ami, the spokesperson for Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, again denied that Israel had illegally transferred any U.S. technology to China. “Israel did not transfer any American technology or American components to China,” he said. [34] Two days later Defense Secretary William Perry discussed the issue with Prime Minister Rabin in Jerusalem, but the Israeli leader again denied that any U.S. technology was involved. [35]

Then, suddenly, the issue disappeared from the public eye.

The controversy that had begun in 1990 with anonymous leaks and had grown into official charges by the United States, culminated at the beginning of 1995 with discussions between the two countries at the highest level. After Perry’s meeting with Rabin the subject dropped from public sight. What action was taken, if any, was not announced."

This is a key quote from that article, "Moreover, while Israel based its pleas for enormous amounts of U.S. aid on the danger from Arab countries, its selling of weapons technology to China was indirectly helping strengthen the Arabs because China was a major supplier of missiles to Iran and such Arab countries as Saudi Arabia and Syria." See, it's all a scam. They're all in this together. Israel transfers high technology to China, who in turn, transfers that technology to Arab countries and Iran. Therefore, Israel is an indirect ally of Iran and SYRIA. I bet you thought that Assad was an arch enemy of Israel. Well, Syria gets extensive military technology from Russia and China. According to the Brookings institution, "Russia and China Provide Cover for Assad's Syria." Therefore, Israel indirectly, "provides cover for Assad's Syria." Recently, Israel's tolerance of Assad has become clear. According to this article by Haaretz, "Several weeks ago, Israel reportedly told Russia that it wouldn't oppose that [Assad in power], as if the decision were in its hands or as if Israel even had any leverage over what kind of government is in power in Syria after the war ends."

In conclusion, Israel's military and high technology sectors are US taxpayer subsidized. Our taxpayer money is going to a country which sells our high technology to our enemies, namely China. China has gotten a lot of its technological capabilities from Israel. China uses this technology to steal US intellectual property, which the Trump administration has rightly brought up as an issue. However, the Trump administration never mentions Israel, who directly hands China this technology. President Trump does not care at all about US intellectual property theft. If he did, he would call Israel out, just like the BBC and Washington Examiner have done. He won't though, because Trump and his buddy Putin are, "fans of Bibi."

With all this documented evidence of Israel reverse engineering US technology to build up its own tech firms with Israeli military intelligence people through the Talpiot Program and Unit 8200, most alt-media personalities still never mention it. Guys like James Corbett, Ryan Dawson, and even Johnny Gat, who does good work, are silent on this issue. Israel is the MAIN reason why China is a high tech super power. China got all its military technology from Israel. Israel has violated US law by re-exporting US military technology to China, yet they have never beared any consequences. For example, in the 1990s, Israel supplied China with Python III Missiles, which utilized US developed technology for Sidewinder Missiles. This rightfully outraged the lower levels of the US military, who have been slowly ramping up pressure against Israel and doing some damage. For example, in 2013, "a top Israeli defense official was forced to step down after the United States expressed fury at Israel's decision to sell military equipment to China." Also in 2013, the U.S. military was reportedly concerned that, "the technology could ultimately find it way to Iran." It's out in the open, yet people still think that Iran is Israel's arch enemy.

In regard to the lower levels of the Pentagon being outraged at Israel for transferring US technology to our enemies, perhaps the Secretary of Defense. James Mattis is on to something, as Brendon O'Connell points out. The Pentagon is being audited for the first time. If this audit is legit, it could reveal the Pentagon's Israeli Swamp, with all the, "shady companies with ties to Israel" receiving billions of dollars worth of contracts from the NSA. The fact that James Mattis and President Trump are in a little rift supports this claim. However, it is very possible that this audit will be a ruse to give President Trump credibility yet reveal nothing of value. I am open to both viewpoints; I am not leaning to one or the other, and I will always keep my eyes open on the matter.

The issue of the US subsidizing the Israeli tech industry is an issue that will get across to both progressives, who will be outraged that our government is subsidizing a foreign country's economy while sucking out billions of dollars from our economy, and paleo-conservative anti-communists who will be infuriated that our alleged "greatest ally" is funding and arming our enemies: Russia, China, and even Iran. This is the winning strategy; getting both sides of the political spectrum together on the same issues; not walking in the streets holding up childish signs that say, "Expel the Jew by 22!", which Patrick Little did at a Holocaust Museum. That sign that Patrick Little made is the perfect ammunition for the ADL and Jewish owned media to call all critics of Jewish power "Nazis". who seek to throw all Jews out of the country. That is not the way to go. We need to reach out to the common Jewish taxpayer and explain to them that the Jewish elite are not in their best interests either. Ordinary Jews are just as much of dupes as the rest of us. They are being duped to support a supremacist state and ideology, instead of learning to keep their culture within themselves and promote Logos (the natural order) with the rest of the world.



Edit: At his trial, Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard was called “the greatest traitor in the history of the United States” (Gordon Thomas, Seeds of Fire, p.31-32). In the words of CIA Director George Tenet, Pollard, an American Jew, stole “every worthwhile intelligence secret we have.” In the year prior to his arrest in Nov. 1986, Pollard transmitted “over 360 cubic feet of top secret paper to Israel,” his trial was told.

According to Thomas, Israel’s Mossad routinely trades information and technology with China’s Secret Intelligence Service. (482) Pollard’s information could have commanded a pretty price. Thomas says the theft from Los Alamos of the last 50 years of US nuclear research was also a joint Mossad-Chinese operation (33). He says an Israeli team inspected the American EP-3 spy plane the Chinese forced down in April 2001. (487)
Treason: Will Trump Let Jonathan Pollard Leave? - The Truthseeker, may 2, 2018

Another often overlooked point is that many US Politicians hold dual US/Israeli citizenship but dual citizens are banned from serving in the Israeli Government

- CN


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