Israel som Supermagt, Babylon City & Transhumanisme

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Dette er en kort teaser på kommende artikler. Først 2 meget korte videoer

      Israel: The "High-Tech Superpower"

(YouTube kanalen, Know More News med Adam Green er i øvrigt forfriskende fordi nogle af de nye 'konspiranauter' endnu ikke er mentalt størknede  - i modsætning til nogle gamle veteraner og 'nyopvågnede', som er hoppet på false limited hangout awakenings. Nogle få blandt de 'nye' - ellers kuppede - konspiranauter har ofte fat i dybere lag end mange af de gamle, der er blevet kuppede af præfabrikerede fake awakenings, såsom Trumpisme, Q-anon onanisme, Flat Earth-PSYOPS, osv.)

Mainstream: How Israel Rules The World Of Cyber Security, VICE on HBO, Full Episode, 2018

How Israel and its partisans work to censor the Internet

How Israel is Becoming a Global Leader in the Internet of Things

Israelerne/Jøderne er desuden blevet kuppede af social engineering [1], brugt som tekno-slaver, og de ved det ikke selv - ligesom andre befolkninger.

Israel vil sandsynligvis afstedkomme storkrig og deres futuristiske Mystery Babylon city (med Saudierne som primus motor og Israel i baggrunden i starten), NEOM, er  stort set verdens første transhumanistiske [2] prototype mega-by -verdens største 'smart city'. Russerne, Kineserne, Japanerne, USA, og mange af de største high-tech og finansielle kræfter i verden tilslutter sig dette titaniske superprojekt.

Saudi Arabia Might Recognize Israel Because Of NEOM  - Andrew Korybko

High-tech ørkenby bliver 300 gange større end København | Viden | DR 
(NEOM byen bliver på størrelse med 1/3 del af hele Danmark)

Explore NEOM - the Futuristic City - Udenrigsministeriet

Den underliggende sande historie om NEOMmonumentalt vigtig video:



Forestil dig en blanding af Science-Fiction historier, såsom Elysium, Minority Report, Brave New World, Hunger Games, Gattaca, Skynet/Terminator, m.m., og en idé begynder at forme sig i tågen. Agenda 21, nu omdøbt til 2030 - er en explicit del af NEOM  og 2030 er en milepæl i det transhumanistiske projekt.
 'Ultimately, adherents of transhumanism envisage a day when humans will free themselves of all corporeal restraints. Kurzweil and his followers believe this turning point will be reached around the year 2030, when biotechnology will enable a union between humans and genuinely intelligent computers and AI systems.'
- No death and an enhanced life: Is the future transhuman?, The Guardian, 2018

'We want the main robot and the first robot in Neom to be Neom itself. Robot number one. Everything will have a link to artificial intelligence, to the Internet of Things -- everything. Your medical file will be connected with your home supply, with your car, linked to your family, linked to your other files, and the system develops itself in how to provide you with better things. Today all the clouds available are separate -- the car is by itself, the Apple watch is by itself, everything is by itself. There, everything will be connected. So nobody can live in Neom without the Neom application we’ll have -- or visit Neom.'
Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Details Plans for New City: Transcript

Hugo de Garis , professor i computer videnskab udtalte om transhumanismen 'These inventions may end up causing the worst war that humanity has ever had.' Peter Diamandis' udtalelse er ligeså radikal:  'Corporations and governments and societies will be created and destroyed on the back of the technology that  Ray [Kurzweil] describes.' - fra dokumentarfilmen, 'Transcendent Man'

Transhumanisme | Det Etiske Råd

Google, DARPA, og mange milliardærer pumper penge ind i transhumanistiske projekter - stort set er transhumanisme den ultimative drive for eliten.
 NEOM skal i øvrigt være nøjagtigt 33 gange så stor som New York City - og sammen med total biometrisk/psykometrisk kontrol, hvor Estland er afgørende prøveballon også, er dette begyndelsen på noget meget stort...og uhyggeligt.

Dr. Klaus Kleinfeld  (Bilderberg) appointed advisor to NEOM Chairman

Se også: The Biblical Geopolitics of Neom - Veterans Today

'Project CODE is a Saudi strategic project based on the localization of current and future technology, where there are multiple ways used as neural computation and where quantum physics supports the development of visualization technique to present new definitions of future technology. That approach helps to create a framework technology on a strategic level, making Saudi Arabia in the ranks of owner states of cutting-edge technology strategy.
Through an accelerator dubbed Project CODE, NEOM shall impact developing technologies in an unprecedented way, based on a unique philosophy to introduce new paradigms and attain necessary capabilities to explore advanced technologies in the quantum realms. This path may very well exceed known limits of industry, trade, security, and defense. Think of it as a strategic initiative to ensure the necessary social and political transition for the kingdom....
World renowned academic institutes, advanced research labs, and progressive think tanks will have an important role in the development of NEOM'
- NEOM and Project CODE are Unstoppable - International Policy Digest

'Israeli companies are able to enter NEOM when they like, thanks to the tools they own. Alami, the owner of an Internet service provider in Palestine, said that Israeli companies had the best tools for the future technology industry, which is the focus of NEOM. “At least Israeli companies with foreign nationalities will have a presence in the upcoming project … Israeli companies are superior in cyberspace and the Internet of things that is invading the world today,”
Will Israeli companies participate in the NEOM project? - NEOM NEWS

Mens mange nyopvågnede drømmer, at de har fat i de korrekte rabbit holes, er der mange helt helt andre rabbit holes igang, nøjagtigt som planlagt [3])


An Open Letter by Jewish Rabbis Regarding the New Polish Law,
by Rabbi Moshe Beck – New York [Holocaust survivor], Rabbi Meir Hirsh – Jerusalem, and Rabbi Alter Hachhouser – London:

'...facts that have been proven and published widely: the collusion of the Zionist movement with the Nazis, and their impeding the saving of Jews when it interfered with their nationalistic project(1). This is not to mention that the Zionists have a long history of stirring up trouble for Jews in countries around the world in order to induce them to flee to their state for safety(2). ....In reality, the state of Israel does not only escalate international anti-Semitism, but has never brought peace or security to Jews. The Zionists are those who created a Jewish – Arab conflict through creating “a Jewish homeland” in Palestine. They lit the fire of hatred in the Arab countries towards Jews.,,In the year 1948 immediately following the creation of the state of Israel, her founding fathers, through trickery and fear-tactics, were successful in importing over a million Jews from Arab countries to their new state. Many of these unfortunate individuals were incarcerated in closed camps and guarded meticulously twenty-four hours a day. Their property was taken away from them, and they were not allowed to contact the outside world. Their children were forcefully taken away to secular Zionist education and then into their Army.
This was the case even though they were entirely religious Jews. Many of these children were kidnapped by the Zionist movement and scandalously sold for profit(4). If anybody dared to protest, they were imprisoned, found themselves without any rights or any source of livelihood and in many cases, they were murdered. Through these criminal acts and similar terror tactics, the State of Israel stifled the voice of opposition and falsely presented itself as the representative of Judaism and World Jewry. In truth it is self-evident that the state of Israel can in no way, shape or form represent world Jewry'

'I don’t see myself as taking on “Jewry” per se. Orthodox Judaism, yes. Israeli Zionism, yes. But since both of those institutions are at their core fundamentally anti-Judaic, I view my work as an expression of love for Judaic people and as a conduit for their liberation. A prime source of Jew hate is Talmudism itself, which oppressively tyrannizes and micromanages the lives of Judaics born through no fault of their own, into its psychic prison, while Israeli Zionism imprisons Judaics in a permanent war footing with the indigenous people of the Middle East. To free Judaic persons from these two prisons is an act of compassion and charity. We should never forget that our work is pro-Judaic. It is the Talmudic and Kabbalistic rabbis and Zionists who are putting Judaic people on the road to ruin.'
- 'Orthodox Judaism Is a Religion of Lying and Deceit' - The Saker Interviews Michael Hoffman

When Naeim Giladi (famous jew) first came upon the research material he used for this book, he was shocked. He did not believe that Jews would kill other Jews for political objectives. Never before has anything been published like this. These are all true and shocking facts
'BEN-GURION'S SCANDALS How the Hagannah and The Mossad Eliminated Jews'
Available for ther first time since it was banned in the US and Israel

'Anti-Semitism is a red herring designed to deflect blame from the Khazarian bankers and high ranking Freemason onto innocent Jews. Most everyone today is duped, manipulated and compromised.'
- Jonas E. Alexis and Henry Makow, 2017

Alex Jones Caught Lying About Who Runs Hollywood:

I have never been so upset by a poll in my life. Only 22% of Americans now believe "the movie and television industries are pretty much run by Jews," down from nearly 50% in 1964. The Anti-Defamation League, which released the poll results last month, sees in these numbers a victory against stereotyping. Actually, it just shows how dumb America has gotten. Jews totally run Hollywood.
- Who runs Hollywood? C'mon, Los Angeles Times, Joel Stein

Det pro-jødiske magasin, Tabletmag:

The Chinese Believe That the Jews Control America. Is That a Good Thing?

'Wolf of Wall St' reveals 'unparalleled Jewish power and wealth'

Alt dette har i øvrigt ikke en skid med 'anti-semitisme' at gøre - for når jøder stolt praler om alt dette, så er det prestige, men når andre siger det eksakt samme, er det 'anti-semitisme', c'mon...

[2]  '2045: A New Era for Humanity' – den første større officielle promovideo for Transhumanisme, måske det mest svimlende aspekt af dystopi.
2045 Initiative, 28. apr. 2012 You Tube og websites:
Officiel video: og

Kritikken af transhumanismen er stort set de følgende 9 punkter:
Infeasibility (Futurehype argument)
Hubris (Playing God argument)
Contempt for the flesh (Fountain of Youth argument)
Trivialization of human identity (Enough argument)
Genetic divide (Gattaca argument)
Threats to morality and democracy (Brave New World argument)
Dehumanization (Frankenstein argument)
Specter of coercive eugenicism (Eugenics Wars argument)
Existential risks (Terminator argument).

Dog tyder meget på, at de selvsamme mørke elitære kræfter, som de fleste er 'analfabetisk' uvidende om, anser transhumanismen som et ultimativt ideologisk fremtidsmål for global forandring. NEOM, Estland, Silicon Valley, m.fl. er afgørende del af dette projekt.

How tech's richest plan to save themselves after the apocalypse - The Guardian 24. juli 2018

[3] Den store episke djævelske ironi - som mange har noteret sig - er, at den elite som konspirationsteoretikere bekæmper, kognitivt har infiltreret sandhedsbevægelserne via sociale medier siden 2008, i en sådan grad, at de er blevet weaponized mod dem selv og andre sandhedssøgende- weaponization of conspiracy theory - uden at de ved det. Kontroller sindet, og man kontrollerer begivenhederne samt gør ellers vågne sandhedsøgende til sovende Trumpister, Q-Anon onanister *, Alex Jones' disinfo warriors og Wikileaks-troende, Flat Earth-ofre, etc. der drømmer, at de er vågne (false awakening), alt imens mange er blevet kognitivt infiltrerede af the Deep State.

Et gammelt eksempel på det jeg kalder False Awakening - er historien om Daniel Ellsberg f.eks, der idag er kendt som stor whistleblower helt:

Den officielle historie om Pentagon Papers og Daniel Ellberg, er et falskt præmis som også var directed history med limited hangout. False awakening.

'What is relevant to the discrepancy is the that in June 1971, Daniel Ellsberg leaked the aptly named Pentagon Papers, shifting blame for the increasingly unpopular Vietnam War from the CIA to the military, while distracting public attention from the investigations of the CIA’s Phoenix Program and the CIA’s involvement in drug' smuggling.

* Trump-Rothschild connection
 Rothschild-Trump Connection – Major Revelations

The Trump / Q-Anon psyop 1 – 3, Good guy / bad guy theater on the way to a one world government:
Trump Dossier 2018:
Trump controlled by Mossad 1 – 5,
Hidden Agendas Part Two: Wikileaks and the Trump propaganda infrastructure


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