Jedi Mind Underground & Trojan Horses

by ChaosNavigator
Ahriman guides certain forces in evolution in such a way that they may be of the greatest possible advantage to him. And evil would result were people to live on in a state of drowsy unawareness'
- Rudolf Steiner
 'The truth is most people will not believe what’s happening today on the political horizon. The forces that are at work behind the scenes are as old as the battle between good and evil themselves....The problem with covert control and secret brotherhoods is you cannot rebel against something you don’t know exists.'
- on Secret Brotherhoods  by Rudolf Steiner
'Rudolf Steiner prophezised that leaders of the spiritually aware will come together to form the most widespread and determined underground movement against the distortion of spiritual values, represented by the New World Order. The members of the underground will be those people from all walks of life who have entered upon a path of spiritual self-discovery in which they have united the rational mind and the new spiritual faculties to reveal the presence of the spiritual world; people who have begun to unveil the meaning of their personal destiny and accept with love the dictates of the individual human spirit in the service of the true aims of mankind..... Steiner claimed that Ahriman  will do everything in his power to advance this moment as much as he can. It will depend on all of mankind together whether evil will succeed in this or not.Whether it will succeed in this will depend on the question whether there will be enough people who see through its designs' *
-  'The Mark of the Beast: The Continuing Story of the Spear of Destiny', Trevor Ravenscroft, Tim Wallace-Murphy, 1989
* I suspect that this and this are among its 'designs'. So please; wake up!

The Trojan Horse

 In the book 'The Monk and The Philosopher' Matthieu Ricard says that human beings are victims of their own negative emotions as people in the streets are victims of backstabbing thieves. There is a tremendous energy in anger fx, and in Tibetan Buddhism it is said that anger is usually stronger than the ego's capacity to contain it. It is not anger per se which is necessarily the problem, but the negative consequences it often lead to  - automatic emotional reactivity captivates you and poof, you're gone! Hijacked by affective forces.

One can still defend oneself, point out and act in the non-reactive state of mind, but now it is no longer the emotions hijacking you, and therefore the qualities of action, defense, analysis, etc. are far more efficient, precise, wise, etc.

Matthieu Ricard, named the world's happiest man (MR-scannings showed top score in the least reactivity and absence of negative emotions)  cannot remember how it is to feel strong anger -  last time he experienced anger was in the 70's. He said to me once that indignation has its right place and that we should be moved by our emotions (in spite of its dangers in itself) but at the same time not fall prey to them.

A paraphrasing quote about authenticity should be interjected here because ideals of peace, non-anger, non-violence without insight and practice, can result in suppression, introverted fragmentation, inauthenticity, hidden passive aggression, illness, the diminishing of life force, etc. - and autenticity ranges higher than pretence of thought-out high ideals about spirituality, even though acting-out prompted by anger has its own dangers, especially rage:

"It is better to be angry, if there is anger in our hearts, than to put on the cloak of peace to cover impotence. Anger is any day preferable to impotence. There is hope for an angry man to become peaceful. There is no such hope for the impotent."
-Mahatma Gandhi (paraphrase)
"An individual must first have a sense of ego which is precious and he has fought long and hard for before he can surrender it, otherwise what is there to surrender? If he has no ego he cannot surrender and if his sense of ego is vague and weak, then his surrender is hollow, inane. he is not really surrendering. A weak ego cannot surrender, it can only submit!
- Osho

He who is not angry when there is just cause for anger is immoral. Why? Because anger looks to the good of justice. And if you can live amidst injustice without anger, you are immoral as well as unjust.*
― St. Thomas Aquinas

(* One could add; if you're not enraged, concerned, indignated, or/and compassionate, etc. you are either sleeping or a human whose humanity is lost. Only the spiritually enlightened human beings who have totally transcended emotional reactivity and become non-reactive are beyond anger, but still acts and can become indignated (but they are no longer identified with the emotions. Any indignation is preceded by empathy and moral consciousness. Conclusion; Only psychopaths and apathetic people are totally sedated)
Anger is preferable to suppression of anger. The danger is to become hijacked by negative emotions where control is lost, and the consequences it can lead to, especially in af fit of rage (or suppressed burned imploded emotions - very unhealthy).

if you happen to be attacked virulently, and on the verge of becoming vengeful or in state of rage, you can apply the first technique according to Tibetan Buddhism; an antidote to the specific mind poison ( the negative emotion in question).

According to Tibetan Buddhism the mind poisons are; greed, hatred, jealousy, envy, and so forth - with time and practice the individual will reach an inner state of neutrality, of freedom from the compelling power of negative emotions.

Being hijacked by the  power of negative emotions can become one's Nemesis, a trojan horse, the enemy from within - something that Star Wars in its depiction of the Jedi training has described via buddhist sources - and the same ultimate cause to Anakin Skywalker's fall from grace into the descent of Darth Vader, even though he was extraordinarily talented and advanced.*

Enter Jedi Mind Training.

(* Both an occultist, a clairvoyant, or a gifted spiritual practitioner are able to attain high levels —but still be weak in the lower or more fundamental moral and ethical codes of conduct. Without honesty, ethical foundation and shadow integration, obviously the ego could be tempted by the power and the glory experienced in the higher stages. See also Spiritual Pitfalls and The Shadow of the Enlightened Guru)

The Emperor in Star Wars, a black magician, manipulates Anakin Skywalker playing on his fears and negative emotions - this paves the way for the dark descent into Darth Vader

Mind Poisons, Meditation, & The Tantric Transformation

There are thousands of mind poisons and a antidote against each mind poison.

There are 3 principal ways to conquer negative emotions:  1. antidotes, 2. liberation, and 3. utilization, in that sequence, the last being the most advanced and the most dangerous for beginners, and tantric in its nature (tantra has nothing to do with sex here, just as physical yoga (Hatha Yoga) is only a very small part of yoga.

  • The first consists of applying a specific antidote to each negative emotion.
  • The second allows us to unravel, or "liberate," emotion by looking straight at it and letting it dissolve as it arises.
  • The third uses the raw power of emotion as a catalyst for inner change.

On the technique of antidotes, specifically anger in the following, Matthieu Ricard says:

'Usually when we have a flash of anger there follows a sort of refractory period where we can't even begin to acknowledge the positive aspects of the person with whom we're angry. They are just 100 per cent despicable and our whole mental landscape is full of that. A direct antidote approach is to treat it like heat and cold. This means that the more you bring benevolent or altruistic thoughts at that instant to the mind, the less space there is for the opposite. This is antidote training.  
By keeping aware of the anger it cannot sustain itself, it stops being fuelled and slowly dies out. If you become skilled in that, then with awareness you can simply let those afflictive emotions dissolve without keeping them in like a time bomb, or exploding them each time. It's about realising that you not anger any more than you are the flu.'
Life Lessons From The World's Happiest Man - Esquire

One does not suppress the anger, but on the other hand it's not acting-out either. A short interjection here is relevant and important in this context you can not let go of something you haven't had a grip on first (made conscious first) and a premature attempt to transcend anger can be very problematic - see footnote [1].

"We can suppress anger and aggression or act it out, either way making things worse for ourselves and others. Or we can practice patience: wait, experience the anger and investigate its nature."
- Pema Chödrön

 Matthieu Ricard on the 3 techniques:

"In Tibetan Buddhism, there are three traditional approaches to disturbing emotions, including afflictive desire. The first method is to develop an antidote. In the case of desire, one such antidote is the cultivation of nonattachment to desired objects. This way, the practitioner can neutralize afflictive desire. With the second method, the practitioner, rather than focusing on a desired object, instead examines the nature of desire itself, and in discovering its insubstantiality, frees himself of its pull. With the third method, which is said to be a powerful catalyst but also the most difficult and dangerous technique, the practitioner uses desire as path, turning its energy into fuel for practice. The metaphor commonly used for the latter method is the peacock, which eats poisonous substances only to make its feathers more brilliant...

Matthieu Ricard, 'the World's Happiest Man' - hasn't been angry since the 70's.

...In the second method, instead of trying to counteract every afflictive emotion with a particular antidote, we act on a more fundamental level and use a single antidote to deal with all afflictions. If we examine our emotions and trains of thought without suppressing their natural activity, we find that they are nothing but dynamic streams devoid of intrinsic existence. So, instead of trying to block desire, we can simply examine its true nature. In such a practice, we focus our attention on desire itself, rather than on its object. Does desire have any shape or color? Where does it come from? Where does it dwell? Where does it go when it vanishes from the mind? Is it burning us like a fire, or pulling us like a rope? All we can say is that desire arises in the mind, stays in it for a while, and dissolves in it. The more we try to find any intrinsic characteristics in desire, the more it melts away under our gaze, as frost under the morning sun.
In Buddhism this is called liberating desire by recognizing its empty nature. By doing so, we deactivate its power to cause suffering. Once we have gained some degree of experience, this liberation will happen spontaneously and effortlessly, like the dissolution of a drawing made with the finger on the surface of water. In this way, thoughts will no longer perpetuate in an obsessive stream. Rather, they will cross the mind like birds passing through space, without leaving any trace.
The third method is the most subtle and difficult. If we carefully examine our emotions, we discover that, like musical notes, they have various harmonics. Just as anger has an aspect of clarity, desire has a component of bliss that is distinct from craving. If we know how to distinguish these aspects, it becomes possible to experience a blissful state of mind without being affected by the deluded aspect of grasping. We become aware that emotions are not intrinsically afflictive but only become so when we identify with them and grasp onto them. If we succeed in avoiding such a fixation, there is no need to use external antidotes: the emotions themselves act as catalysts that allow us to disengage from their negative influence. When a good swimmer falls into the sea, it is the water itself that allows her to swim to safety.
Thus, for those who are able to master the most intimate mental processes, passions can be used as wood to fuel the fire of spiritual realization and altruism. Such a practice, however, requires great skill in the language of emotions and is not free from dangers: to let powerful emotions express themselves without falling prey to them is like playing with fire. If one succeeds, one will greatly progress in understanding the nature of mind; if one fails, one is enslaved by the ordinary ways of experiencing desire.
The different methods to free oneself from destructive emotions are like keys: it does not matter whether a key is made of iron, silver, or gold, as long at it opens the door to freedom. The question is not which approach is “superior” to the others, but which one fulfills for us the essential goal of the path of inner transformation. When we suffer from a particular ailment, the best medicine is not the most expensive one, but the one that works best."

Yes, I know that all this is elegant theory and I know also that knowing the way and going the way are two different things, that it can take decades of practice in mindfulness or other techniques to arrive at the 'lakes without any ripples' (no emotional ripples on the waters) but still I am sharing these concepts, even though I am often falling myself, exactly because knowing the way and going the way are two different things.

The Activists, The Spiritual, & The Conspiritual - Jedi Mind Underground

'Again and again, when confronted by the many serious problems with which humanity has been struggling since the First World War and is still facing, the almost despairing question is often asked, even in anthroposophical circles: 'What can I do? What can the individual do about the machinations of these secret groups, if indeed they exist? It's all too much for individuals.' Rudolf Steiner's answer in these lectures is bold and clear:
The only defence against these things is knowing about them. If you know about them, you are protected ... But you must not be idle about acquiring real knowledge of these things.
- Foreword to Secret Brotherhoods by Rudolf Steiner.

Daily mindfulness meditation seems to be the perfect choice for the so-called freedom/justice/truth-movements, the Deep Politics dissidents, whistleblowers, activists, etc. because they have awoken to the fact that there is a 'Darth Vader Empire' and they are under attack from the 'prisoners' that they try to 'liberate' who are in state of double-think, cognitive dissonance and captives by the treacherous mainstream media, indoctrination and courtesy of The Darth Vader Empire.
The prisoner returns to the cave, to inform the other prisoners of his findings, namely that they are in a prison. They do not believe him and threaten to kill him if he tries to set them free.
- on Plato's Cave and Socrates

Dissidents in the deep Rabbit Hole carry the burden of often depressing knowledge behind the censorship in mainstream media, and also the stigmatization and lack of understanding by their peers, friends, family, spouses, but to not identify with negative emotional reactions faced with injustice and the disbelief of one's peers is easier said than done.

Even though mindfulness has its own pitfalls (for some people more than others [2]) it will be of immense value.

While many vigilant dissidents  - who are aware of directed history/deep politics - often lack the spiritual awareness, most of the spiritual people lack awareness of directed history/deep politics (and the so-called sheeple lack both of the above).

Many among the spiritual vanguard are ignorant about deep politics/directed history, and they can therefore become unwitting pawns and supporters of elite memes and disinformation injected into the culture, fx. endorsers of Obama (who is worse than Bush according to Noam Chomsky fx) - just an example.

Such lack of awareness of reality constitutes gross ignorance about the
'Darth Vader-empire' - especially on the part of those spiritual people who have inklings of boddhistavic aspirations but are ignorant about these deeper developments of dark empire - many of the so-called spiritual leaders tend to disbelieve the claims made by so-called 'conspiracy theorists', and this constitutes a Boddhisatvic Cognitive Bypass, which can lead many of their millions of followers astray, because they unwittingly will function as gatekeepers* causing potential great harm by not being aware enough.[3].

*The same accounts for Chomsky's followers, Chris Hedges', Michael Parenti's, Naomi Klein's, Naomi Wolf's - since they disregard many claims made by the 'conspiracy theorists'. These famous 'radical' intellectuals are supposed to be radical in a mainstream culture, but often kow-towing their fan base, they can't make too 'conspiratorial' statements, and therefore they are not at the ultimate cutting edge - accordingly they can - and often do - become inadvertent leftist gatekeepers.)

On the other hand,  what many of the activists/dissidents/'conspiranauts' seem to be unaware of is the necessity of inner work; shadow projection, transformation of negative emotions, spirituality, mindfulness meditation (perfect for the truth/justice/freedom-movements as they are hit hard by the chaos, being excessively aware of it). There is a huge amount of emotional reactivity going on, especially because this group have seen into the abyss.

What is characteristic of many of the politically awakened is that they belong to a new third segment,
what we could call ‘conspiritual’ ( ‘conspiracy aware’ + spiritual). IMO a pristine priceless category of people.

Whereas the two groups – the activists and the spiritual – don’t seem to be complementing each other, the third group unifies them both.

Many spiritually inclined people often believe in the official narratives; global warming, overpopulation, peak oil, vaccines, etc. and other fabricated elite memes, and thus can also become useful idiots.

Vertical internal spiritual development does not in itself give birth to horizontal knowledge about concrete and often hidden causations in the external world. Non-duality is about transcendence of thoughts and emotions - the vertical process. Knowledge of the relative world is about the use of thought - a horizontal process.

So this means that even advanced meditators can become useful idiots. Why would Eckhart Tolle somewhat recommend Obama who by now has revealed himself to be worse than Bush! Or even Matthieu Ricard who believes in Anthropogenic Global Warming!

Non-dual consciousness does not provide knowledge and insight into dangers of fluoride, vaccines, aspartame, GMO, Monsanto, false flag terror, the deliberate dumbing down of entire populations, deep politics and directed history, global warming and CO2 swindle, etc. – unless you have a quite specific form of ‘always-ready clairvoyance’ which can substitute knowledge, discursive thought, logic and analysis.

Both a vertical awakening (transformation of negative emotions and transcendence of thought) + a horizontal knowledge (of ‘what is’ (it) will be necessary.  Meditation and mindfulness will not make primary psychpathy, Bilderberg, CFR, TLC, Skull and Bones, False flags, vanish into thin air. This would imply that meditators, morphic resonance, or directed positive intention could somehow transform elite psychopaths in power into noble persons, nullifying their free will in the process, exalting their low emotional state to a sudden empathic level - which is wishful irrational thinking. Not going to happen with psychopaths, sorry. And many spiritually inclined people are not even aware of the depths and destructive influence of the 'Darth Vader Empire' in the first place!

We can only remove these entities if sufficient numbers of people are becoming aware of their destructive influence in the first place, apply thought and analysis, and then action. A vertical spiritual awakening (transformation, and transcendence of negative emotions and exclusive identification with thought) in the individual is necessary but it cannot remove these entities  - the domain of thought and analysis and subsequent skillful action is needed here.

"As we've seen, cultivating presence through meditation or yoga is not by itself an adequate way to address the complex global challenges we face. The "raising of consciousness," as it's popularly phrased in today's yoga and meditation communities, doesn't raise political consciousness. It doesn't make people more aware of what is violent and what is not, nor does it make them resist violence. An increase in presence in the world does not increase justice.....How would meditation or the experience of awakening change the politics of these various groups? The Black Panther Party, radical feminists, the tea party, the KKK, Goldman Sachs bankers or anti-abortion activists. Would it somehow make them all the same?"
Why the Dalai Lama is wrong to think meditation will eliminate violence

The third category - 'the conspiritual' (etymologically incorrect and a slang-neologism but anyway..) seems to be intertwining both the vertical and the horizontal in this respect, or many are at least cognizant of the necessity of both perspectives. This group is growing and being a unifying catalyst for bringing the 2 former categories - previously more irreconcilable groups - together. A more versatile and truly informed spearhead for both horizontal and vertical enlightenment.Spiritual people can become useful idots, since knowledge, discursive analysis, can't be replaced by the inner vertical alchemical process (leading to transcendence of negative emotions, absence of emotional reactivity, etc.)

Conversely; the 'conspiracy theorists' deep politics studies is no substitute for the interior vertical alchemical proces, the transformation of inner soul life.

Both things are needed optimally, the vertical spiritual process and the horizontal analysis  - Jedi Mind Underground -  that said; it doesn't mean that nothing good comes from the one or the other.

The Conspiritual underground will probably be the third unifying category with the greatest
skillfiul means in action (along with the activists fighting for the same cause against the 'Darth Vader-empire' but whose lack of spiritual training will make them much more emotionally reactive, at times in a state of rage, in a state of high distress, which is perfectly understandable, human nature considered, but nonetheless; their potential pitfall probably could be the hatred against NWO. The adage here applies; Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.[4]



[1] 'Ken Wilber: Even if we are practicing the "power of Now", if we have got a first chakra-subpersonality that wants to eat now and if we have a second-chakra subpersonality that wants to fuck now, we cant really stay in the Now. So in addition to working on states and stages, if our consciousness is not freed up, we really have to work on our shadow.

Interviewer: In order to free up our consciousness, we have to own these repressed parts of ourselves - we have to embrace all of them, we have to bring light into all the dark and hidden corners of our self,
we have to claim ownership of the entirety of our I - before we can authentically transcend our ego in the spiritual sense.

Wilber: Exactly. When we repress these impulses, we are not really transcending them and we are not even really disidentifying with them;
we are dissociating from them. And this can become a very big problem.

So understanding this distinction enables us to tell the difference between two very conflicting instructions we are generally given by people who are trying to help us - therapists and meditation teachers - about how we should relate to different components of our own experience, for example anger.
Gestalt therapy will tell you to identify with it; Zen will tell you to disidentify with it. So what should you do? If you are meditating and anger comes up, should you identify with it or disidentify with it? The answer is both, but in the correct sequence.... the meditative context is all about letting go, but we can only do that if we deal with our dissociated impulses first.'
'God's Playing a New Game', Integral Spirituality, Evolutionary Enlightenment, and the Future of Religion, Ken Wilber in dialogue, Enlightennext magazine, Issue 33 / June–August 2006,

[2] 'To observe the mind without interfering sounds simple. Any one can do it in short streches from time to time.The difficulty is sometimes that one discovers the fact that what at first glance looks like mindfulness neutrality, is often a gentle repellent push, a subtle sedation of one's emotional troubles. a subtle saying 'no', or a subconsious steering towards the easy, the positive.

Suppression consists in selection; when pushing away and saying no, then the training in neutral observation will nullify one's suppression, in which case all the suppressed stuff (shadow sides, traumas, shocks, etc.) will creep up and appear from the cellars of the mind.

In other word; if there isn't a sufficient therapeutic processing of one's personality,
it will be difficult to be authentically neutral in observation of one's inner content, in which case one can become emotionally unwinded.

An unprocessed personality will not allow the neutral observation to undermine the barriers of suppression. Mindfulness neutrality in such case will then not be truly neutral but underhandedly selective by maintaining the barriers of suppresion.'
an elaborated translation from:
- BEVIDSTHED OG KÆRLIGHED – bearbejdet fra Jes Bertelsen

[3] An example:

By Foster and Kimberly Gamble
As some of you may know, ten of the people interviewed in our movie, THRIVE, have recently signed a public letter of dissociation from the film. They include Deepak Chopra, Duane Elgin, Amy Goodman, Paul Hawken, Edgar Mitchell, John Perkins, John Robbins, Elisabet Sahtouris, Vandana Shiva, and Adam Trombly. [1]
See also: Foster and Kimberly Gamble Discuss Feelings About THRIVE Dissociators

This is a clear example of disbelief and scepticism by spiritually inclined progressive and goodhearted people ( Deepak Chopra, Duane Elgin, Amy Goodman, Paul Hawken, Edgar Mitchell, John Perkins, John Robbins, Elisabet Sahtouris, Vandana Shiva, and Adam Trombly ) whose disbelief is ending up in a rationalized stockholm-syndrome in regard to the more extreme claims in the documentary film Thrive, and they will historically become known as inadvertent gatekeepers if the claims put forth in ‘Thrive’ is correct. Historians would write something like ‘these progressive and goodhearted pioneers with a huge following went very far, but ultimately not far enough, thus leading many people astray from the unpleasant but necessary truths due to their own disbelief and ignorance 

Even if the causality to these external problems ultimately lies on the inside of humanity, it does not mean that one should be unaware, not act and warn others about the dangers of deception and degeneration of the state, the corporatocracy, plutocracy, etc. The future is at stake and evil prevails when good people do nothing. How can they if they are unaware:

"...theories at the heart of Thrive are based on an ultimate division between "us" and "them." "We" are many and well-meaning but victimized.

[Are farmers in India not victimized by Monsanto? - just one example - then why cannot it apply to other powerful entities wreaking havoc and destruction? Just because Robbins don't know them?]

"They," on the other hand, are a tiny, greedy and inconceivably powerful few who are masterfully organized, who are purposefully causing massive disasters in order to cull the population, and who are deliberately destroying the world economy in order to achieve total world domination.

This way of thinking has an allure, for it distracts and absolves us from the troubling truth that the real source of the problem is in all of us..

[I ask; how are the farmers´lives in India absolved by pointing fingers at Monsanto as the concrete cause?]

.., and in the economic systems we have collectively produced. If the ills of the world are the deliberate intentions of malevolent beings, then we don’t have to take responsibility for our problems..

[logical fallacy, non sequiteur - how does the destruction of the farmers lives´ by Monsanto suddenly relinquish the farmers from continuing self-responsibility for their own lives? It doesn't!]

..because they are being done to us. Thinking this way may provide the momentary comfort of feeling exonerated, but it is ultimately disempowering, because it undermines our desire to be accountable for the way our own thoughts and actions help to create the environmental degradation and vast social inequity of the world in which we live. As Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote, "The line separating good and evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties either, but right through every human heart."
- from John Robbins' Critique of THRIVE

If the thinking above was true in regard to Monsanto fx. (read: deliberate destructive malevolent technology at the expense of billions of people). then nothing would be accomplished - regardless of whether we ourselves are compassionate, have integrated our shadows and opened our hearts, worked on ourselves internally, etc. The inner journey does not exclude the awareness of the external landscape, however grim and unfamiliar. We could establish the best perfect decentralized spiritual community with highly individuated people, high interpersonal social intelligence, integrated shadows (in the Jungian sense), etc. and still be unaware of Monsanto's terminator GMO technologies and Geo-engineering polluting the beatiful crops and gardens of such eco-villages - pollen and particles blowing silently in the wind.

It has nothing to do with being 'absolved' or 'us vs them' cause Monsanto's destructive technologies or chemtrails
will still be operational whether we meditate or not, whether we say 'All is One' or 'Us VS them' (fallacy of irrelevance). Being aware of their agenda is the prerequisite for overthrowing/stopping them. And this has nothing to do with 'us VS them' in terms of emotional judgment (albeit understandable, given their disregard for farmers, murder of life, etc.) or lack of own responsibility but with knowledge, mental discernment first, stripped of any emotional aversive component.

The paramount need for concrete knowledge in order to change the situation is pivotal. Otherwise we risk being in denial, ignorant and/or useful idiots in regard to many things. We have to work internally and externally with the right action and discernment hand in hand.
"The first is to open our minds, start taking responsibility back, and remove this edifice of control and suppression of information which will allow the full flow of knowledge of who we are to flood into the public arena. Once people start to realize who they really are and the nature of life, then we can go into stage two which is the incredible consciousness shift that is going to happen, and is happening for many people already, but can happen for everybody if we open up to the knowledge of what’s going on and to do that the edifice of suppression has to go. And what I see so often in … what we call New Age movement is that they’re focusing on the second bit and they’re in denial about about the first. And the second is not going to happen for many people unless we remove the edifice of suppression cause most people are going to think what the heck’s going on and they’re going to go through this great change in a complete fog of what’s happening. Two things to do here. One is to start focusing on how the world’s controlled, identify it and remove it. Secondly, then we can concentrate unhindered on the transformation spiritually."
- David Icke
Commenting on David Icke's point: Of course there are many positive and incredible breakthroughs happening. Even under the current 'Darth Vader' system, there is light, laughter, love, meditation, dance, joy of living, exuberance, fortunately and always, but that's not the point.  The discerning point is: If the positive states and activities don't address and solve the negative ones, it is rather absurd to use the truisms about positivity as an 'argument', when no causality exists (a form of logical fallacy, point of irrelevance, non sequiteur, etc.). As long as the diabolical modus operandi of the Dath Vader Empire' is unchallenged by our apathy or denial it will march on unabatedly, and the world will not be truly free. The fact that people work, meditate, dance, make love, etc. is great, but a truism that hardly is the point, since the murderous modus operandi of the 'Darth Vader Empire' and activities of elite-psychopaths aren't being challenged directly by dance, joy of living, meditation, etc. They are being challenged by awareness, knowledge and subsequenct action (it wasn't meditation that challenged and weakened Monsanto the last 6-10 years, but focus, vigilant activism based on research, morality and discernment. They are still a very powerful entity whose undoing depends upon a greater horizontal political awakening. Just one example of many).

The following quote applies also in the context above:

“There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”
- C.G. Jung

[4]  Nietzsche IMO is adressing the emotional reactive component, while the spiritual underground (who are aware of the 'Darth Vader Empire's Modus Operandi') to a much greater extent is free of negative emotions, and mentally more discerning in such a freedom fight, adhering to a cool mindset la Sun Tzu and non-attachment.  Both groups fight for the same, but the subjective negative pole is not as compelling among the more spiritual Deep Politics dissidents (Ole Dammegård might be a good common denominator of dissidents belonging to the third group, the unification of the activist and the spiritual; the conspiritual).

Any prisoner in The Matrix is shocked in the moment of gazing into the abyss.

And therefore mindfulness is necessary as calmness in the ongoing storm (not mindfulness as sedating adjustment to a pathological system which it is being used for also), but mindfulness as a reaction to the grim truth; the realization that there
is a very destructive stealth-pathological systen, a storm,which is an unpleasant awakening, which is why equilibrium of the mind is especially necessary.

Two very different applications of mindfulness meditation. The first applies mindfulness as adjustment to an undetected prison depicted as a 'free society'. The second is the shock and realization that we
do live in a prison, and therefore searches for the exit while applying mindfulness as a necessary tool for awakened calmness in chaos, not mindfulness as misapplied lullaby.

We should practice mindfulness always anyway, but not adjust to a sick society (Krishnamurti said the same), not use mindfulness as misapplied adjustment to undetected slavery in Brave New World/the Truman Show. To rebel against evil while learning to be calm in chaos is to have Jedi Mind Underground.

Be Brave...


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