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Saturn Death Cult

by ChaosNavigator

"..the Ages of Man are split into four stages of evolution which have been simplified for our purposes. They have been embellished with conjecture from esoteric sources and with  inspiration from Troy D. McLachlan’s kindle book The Saturn Death Cult: The link between Planetary catastrophes, ancient mythology and occult ritual (2011) which is part analyses and as he mentions, part “intuition.” He has based his observations on Immanuel Velikovsky‘s work (Worlds in Collison) and studies on the Electric Universe theories. It will serve as a useful framework upon which to hang our focus on Saturn and its relationship to mythology and cyclic cataclysms. It will also give us our bearings in relation to the rise of a ruling Pathocracy and the very real probability that we are living through the beginning of yet another cycle of earth changes – a veritable “re-set” in response to the psychopathy of Occult Zionism currently making the most waves in Establishment control."
- Occult Zionism V: The Saturn King  (Infrakshun)
I found a highly interesting article by Troy McLachlan today - I am republishing his epic series about the Saturn Death Cult collected as one viewable page here on this blog. Troy's piece is helpful in seeing some of the dots more clearly as laid out in my recent stream-of-consciousness expedition: From Saturn to Babylon and Beyond

Mythology as natural history, and human history as occult ritual.

by Troy McLachlan (with links to original page)
The Saturn Death Cult is an investigation into ancient planetary upheavals that heralded the birth and destruction of a fabled Golden Age following which mankind then degenerated into the obsessive pursuit of wealth and power through the perverted horrors of slavery, child sacrifice and mass-murder rituals.

This website discusses the disturbing occult origins of the planet Saturn and its influence on our march towards the terrifying elitist agenda of ‘justifiable’ man-made global cleansing.

  • Learn why the planet Saturn is portrayed in mythology as our original sun where it was fixed in the heavens at Earth’s celestial north and from where it watched over the ancients like the All-seeing Eye of god.
  • Find out why today’s frightening sex-murder cults and secret societies are a twisted, yet deadly legacy of a time when people yearned for the rebirth of the planet Saturn as our original sun and source of life and light.
  • Discover the ‘Electric Universe‘,  the ground-breaking easy to understand science of plasma cosmology with an uncanny ability to provide natural explanations for what the ancients really saw happening in the skies above them; i.e. the same ancient records that today’s mainstream academics brush off as fantastical myths and certain Luciferian-type sects such as the so-called Illuminati claim as spiritual ‘Illuminated Truth’.
  • Understand the real forces behind the legends of Atlantis and Lumeria and our continuing fascination and fear of a coming Doomsday.  Know how planetary cataclysms caused the ancients to divide mankind’s history into a Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age and the modern and violently destructive Iron Age.
  • Also, if you have ever wondered why the infamous call for a New World Order is linked by conspiracy advocates to elitist financial cronyism, missing children and paedophilic networks, death cults, serial killers and police state terrorism, then hopefully this website may connect a few dots.
  • Guns. Oil. Drugs. Sex. Learn how the parasitic GODS industry has its origins in the financial corruption of the ancient mystery schools and priesthoods that had been originally established during man’s Silver Age to preserve the knowledge of Saturn’s life and death as our first and best sun.
  • Discover the connection between the collapse of today’s international financial system and its origins in the legend of the Tower of Babel.  Then understand why certain religious teachings say it is the love of money, not the love of the Devil, that is the root of all evil.
  • Connect secret Nazi technology and the modern UFO phenomenon to the possibility of a break away civilisation looking to colonise space at the expense of rest of us.
  • See how the alchemical movies of Stanley Kubrick point to a hidden modern Saturnian elite with a very dark agenda for mankind’s ‘Useless Eaters’ and how CIA mind control programs like MK-Ultra have played a significant role in the rise of the serial killer phenomenon.

Once finished, you may ask the question:  Are we being steered into a new occult-inspired Golden Age, or are we on the precipice of a police state Dark Age?

On this website I will endeavour to steer you towards some of the more open-minded thinkers and writers investigating the sometimes horrifying origins of the more profound social problems facing our species today.  As the above hints at, some of the subject matter discussed deals with the distasteful issue of paedophile networks and their links to human sacrifice rituals.  For those of a more delicate disposition, this can be a highly disturbing and distressing topic, and you are therefore warned.  Ritual crime is never pretty.

I do however believe it is vital for us to understand how Saturnian mythology and cosmology has been warped by certain individuals and sects into a justification for such heinous crimes against women and children.

What I have dubbed as ‘The Saturn Death Cult’ (and what others may refer to as the Saturn Matrix) can be loosely defined as the accumulated financial and ritualistic operations and beliefs of certain occult sects and organisations involved today in the promotion of war for profit (Guns), monopoly of energy resources (Oil), illicit drug trafficking (Drugs) and the sexual exploitation of women and children (Sex) – the infamous GODS industry.

An Armenian female slave, one of the millions of victims that have suffered under the influence of the Saturn Death Cult. (image PD)

Discussing the extremely serious topic of the historical sexual exploitation of women and children (termed White Slavery by some) will, hopefully, arm us with better knowledge in our collective opposition to this ‘GODS’ industry.

    “I am firmly convinced that when the people of this nation understand and fully appreciate the unspeakable villainy of ‘The White Slave Traffic’ they will rise in their might and put a stop to it.  The growth of this ‘trade in white women,’ as it has been officially designated by the Paris Conference, was so insidious that it reached the proportions of an international problem almost before the people of the civilized nations of the world learned of its existence.”
    Edwin W. Sims, United States District Attorney, Chicago, 1910.
    (Quoted from the introduction to: “Fighting the Traffic in Young Girls”, edited by Ernest A. Bell, 1910)

Saturn Death Cult – Part 1

Saturn and the rise of the ‘GODS’ industry – the hidden link between global cataclysms, sex magick-blood rituals and guns, oil, drugs and slavery. 

The literal and physical journey the planet Saturn has taken from being a brown dwarf star and Earth’s original sun to its subsequent banishment to the outer reaches of our current solar system is the story of the known Ages of Man according to the mythological, esoteric and occult traditions.
This story has become the basis for secretive mystery schools and warped theologies, sex and blood-based rituals and alchemically-driven sciences and arts.  It is the force behind the continuing struggle between those ‘of the Blood’ and those ‘of the Earth’.  It is the conflict between the love of money and the love of justice.  It feeds motives to commit conspiracy to suppress, yet its memory lies hidden beneath our fears for the future.  It is both the word and flesh from the beginning of human experience, the origin of both civilisation and war.  It is the story of the four ages of Man.
The following is a simplified view of myth as history, and history as ritual by way of an intuitive rather than intellectual investigation of the evidence.

An Introduction to the Four Ages of Man
Worldwide mythologies and esoteric traditions generally talk of a cycle of four ages of Man. (These ages should not be confused with the scientific community’s demarcations of Stone age, bronze age and iron age historical progression.)
Broadly speaking, these traditions split mankind’s experiences in to Golden, Silver, Bronze and Iron epochs in the ages of Man.  Today we are said to live in an Iron Age of industry and technology.  Before that a Bronze Age of heroic mythology existed, preceded by a Silver Age born out of the chaos that ended that greatest of ages – the mythic paradise known as The Golden Age.

The Four Ages of Man on the Earth according to the esoteric traditions: The lost paradise of the Golden Age, the priestly Silver Age, the heroic Bronze Age and the modern industrial Iron Age.

The Purple Dawn of Man
Yet, even before this Golden Age in which man enjoyed a tranquil existence devoid of want and bathed in the perfect light of a perfect and timeless sun, there was a primordial dawn of eternal twilight,… a distant age wrapped in a sea of celestial purple radiating a dense and global warmth from a single orb permanently stationed at the far north of the heavens.

To primordial man, this was the time of the Purple Dawn, the Great Dreamtime of our distant past celebrated in the oral and written traditions of ancient peoples the world over.
At that time there was no Sun as we know it today.  There was no way to tell day from night.  No stars could be seen through the dense atmospheric purple haze and there was no moon from which to tell the passing of time by its phases or from which the Earth’s oceans could be influenced in great tidal movements.  Man lived in a perpetual state of dusky darkness.  The warm and bountiful purple hue permeated all existence and the nocturnal thrived.
Like an eye looking onto the world from a swirling purple chaos in the heavens, primordial man would have seen one pale disk of light radiating its benign presence from a position locked at the celestial north pole.  It had always been there,… its presence an integral, yet silently ethereal part of the Earth’s landscape and mankind’s experience. 

How the Earth may have looked during the age known as the Purple Dawn (circa 60,000 BC). Saturn can be seen as a pale stationary disk situated at Earth's celestial north. Its rings had not yet formed at this time.
Looking back from today we can identify this primordial sun as a brown dwarf star which would have radiated more energy than bright light.  When taking into account the descriptions that have come down to us from the ancients, we can determin that this particular brown dwarf star typically would have provided a far-reaching heliosphere, or plasma sheath, which extended out into space in a giant egg-like cocoon embrace of the Earth.  This would have uniformly bounced the star’s warm radiation back onto the planet producing the purplish primordial glow related to us by these ancient traditions.

To the Ancients of the Golden, Silver and Bronze ages, this sun-like disk was routinely identified as the god Kronos (Greek) or Saturn (Latin).  It was said to be the original and the best sun.  It was the first sun before the coming of the red star we today call the Sun.  Today, this very same disk seen by the ancients is now firmly established as the actual planet Saturn, a former brown dwarf star and now a distant spot of light at the outer reaches of our current solar system.
The journey this disk-like orb of light took from being Earth’s primordial sun to becoming that distant ringed gas-giant is the story of the known Ages of Man.

A Timeless Age in a Purple Haze

Remembered by the most ancient of peoples as the Purple Dawn, this was a distant, ageless past before light entered the world.

(continued from Saturn Death Cult – Part 1)

Earth in its distant past is reported by ancient traditions to have enjoyed a stable relationship with a dimly lit sun or star that sat motionless at the celestial north pole.  For cultures in the southern hemisphere the world was a nocturnal haze devoid of all celestial references save for the chaotic void that hug above them.

The Polar Configuration
Dismissed by modern astrophysicists as an impossible scenario, this configuration between Earth and its primordial star/sun is nonetheless called a ‘polar configuration’. 
It is diametrically opposed to what we observe today in our current sun’s behaviour which rises and sets east to west.  Yet, if we take the ancients at their literal word, a planetary polar configuration with Saturn at the northern top is what they actually saw from their perspective on Earth.
How so?

Based on this ancient perspective we can theorise that the earth rotated on its axis below a star that seems to have exhibited all the characteristics of a brown dwarf star.  Both this brown dwarf star and the earth rotated in unison on their axis while drifting through space locked together, thus producing the illusion from Earth’s surface of the brown dwarf star never leaving its position at the earth’s celestial north.

Life under a Polar Sun
Governed by this polar configuration the earth would have been enveloped in this brown dwarf star’s plasma sheath, a giant bubble of plasma that is the equivalent of our current sun’s heliosphere.

An artist’s impression of how modern science sees the sun’s heliosphere as a protective bubble. The pinkish froth to the left of the solar system is representative of the creation of magnetic bubbles as the heliosphere travels through space. Credit: NASA

The Sun’s heliosphere is currently believed to serve as a protective bubble around the current solar system shielding it from so-called intergalactic solar winds. (Note: Modern mainstream scientists generally do no recognise the connection between the sun’s known heliosphere and the role played by electrical plasma in space – this is an Electric Universe concept)

Saturn’s protective plasma sheath
With Earth previously being wrapped in Saturn’s brown dwarf star plasma sheath, all the radiated energy and light being emitted from the brown dwarf would have been uniformly reflected back off the plasma sheath onto Earth.  This would have effectively blocked out all other incoming light from other stars and produced a purple-like celestial haze due to the radiation frequencies produced by a brown dwarf star.  Hence the ‘purple’ colouring of what is called the Purple Dawn of man’s ancient past.


In the above figure you can see that Mars has been included.  This is because its presence within the Saturn system is vital in understanding how this Saturnian polar configuration would have looked from Earth.  As a silhouetted dot against Saturn’s larger disk, Mars would ultimately provide the ‘pupil’ to the all-seeing eye that would look down on Earth.

This purple dawn period would have produced an environment of perpetual twilight, with uniform global temperatures producing virtually no wind and there being a complete inability to calculate time.  All continents, including Antarctica, would have supported the continual growth of fantastically elongated and splayed reddish vegetation in tropical abundance.  Adapted through its red colouring to absorbing Saturn’s radiated energy rather than its light, Earth’s vegetation would have enjoyed a complete absence of seasons and this would have contributed to a densely rich atmosphere able to supprt the flight of giant insects that we know once existed.
From orbit, the Earth would have been cast in a darkish purple hue, and its ocean levels would have been significantly lower leading to larger versions of the existing continents as well as the existence of now lost and submerged continents.


Also, the Earth’s then electrical relationship to its brown dwarf star would have produced a different and lesser gravity allowing for the gigantic proportions of some species (now extinct) to flourish.


Earth's nocturnal purple glow and lower gravity during the age of the dinosaurs. A thick atmosphere would have further allowed for the flight of pteranodons and giant insects that we know once existed. Mars can be seen as a dark dot against Saturn's dull disk. (this image represents the Mesozoic age, i.e. 110 -230 million years ago)
How far back into time this state of affairs existed is hard to say, but eventually, a series of man-witnessed cataclysmic events started to change the Earth’s relationship with its brown dwarf star and herald the start of what would become known as the Golden Age.
As this polar configuration of Earth and brown dwarf star drifted through space, it would have done so in an upwardly spiralling motion.  Unbeknown to an observer from Earth, the brown dwarf star’s protective plasma sheath, which blocked out all reference to outside stars, would have slowly started to spiral towards the Sun’s own protective plasma sheath, the heliosphere – with disastrous consequences.

The spiralling nature of the brown dwarf star’s approach to the sun would have meant that first contact between their plasma sheaths would have been relatively brief.  In fact, there may have been multiple contacts into the distant past before the Saturn system was finally captured by the Sun.  This may account for the periodic extinction events in the fossil record as each contact caused Saturn to flare up and die down with marked changes in the relationship between Earth and its northern star.

By the time mankind witnessed such an event, contact would have manifested itself as a sudden and very bright flaring of its polar star into a fully-fledged sun.  Quiet literally, it was a short-circuiting event between the two separate plasma sheaths as they brushed together with the lesser brown dwarf star experiencing a tremendous nova-like destructive surge of discharging electrical activity before swinging away from the Sun and back into interstellar space.
Human observers on Earth at that time would have been totally ignorant of the role played by the Sun’s heliosphere in the reaction they were then seeing take place in their once peaceful heavenly orb.   After the initial blinding flare-up of their polar star the Earth would have been bathed in a diffuse, yet intense light unlike anything they had ever experienced before.  As Dwardu Cardona surmised in his books God Star, Primordial Star and Flare Star, it was Day One of creation – let there be light!

Let there be light! The startling effect on primordial man of Saturn flaring after its plasma sheath brushes against the Sun's heliosphere.
However, the consequences to life on Earth didn’t just stop there.

Flare Star!

The intense flaring of electrical activity experienced between the brown dwarf star on its contact with the Sun’s heliosphere would have transferred itself into its existing electrical connections with the Earth.  Even as the brown dwarf spiralled out of plasmatic contact with the Sun’s heliosphere it would have continued to glow brightly in the Earth’s northern polar sky.
For humans experiencing this on Earth, the brown dwarf star had now become a polar sun that, apart from its static position in the celestial north, was nothing like the dull orb seen in the heavens of the Purple Dawn.  Still less bright than today’s sun, it nonetheless shone bright enough to begin the process of physical metamorphosis’ from a reddish purple hued world to the more familiar green of Earth’s current ecosystem.  This would have started before the Saturn system’s final capture and demise at the hands of the encroaching Sun as it spiralled back yet again inside the heliosphere’s influence.  This would be the event that would mark the end of what had been a golden age after Saturn’s initial flaring.

The birth of Venus
Probably the most disturbing aspect of the changes seen in the former dull disk after its flare-up was the almost immediate appearance of a mighty black spiral coming from the orbs centre and winding itself around the now brightly lit orb.

Mythology tells us Venus was born out of Saturn. The ejection of the planetary body that became known as Venus was a particularly violent result of Saturn's flaring after contact with the Sun's heliosphere.

This was the result of the violent birth of the planet Venus, but to the Ancients this was the Chaos Monster that their new polar sun or god was compelled to battle with at the onset of creation.  It would be remembered in various mythologies as a dragon or feathered serpent and be depicted as the ancient symbol of the self-consuming serpent called the Ouroboros.

Saturn in his chariot being pulled by winged serpents, a popular image in Roman mythology. (image PD)


Saturn battling with the Chaos Monster, that Dragon or Feathered Serpent of world mythology. Enhanced electrical plasma activity called Birkeland currents would appear like a pillar of light leading up to Saturn.

Cultural memories of when Saturn battled the Chaos Monster: (top) Chinese dragons and a central pearl, credit Shizhoa; (bottom left) Quetzecoatl of the Aztecs complete with star burst; (bottom right) Eye in palm surrounded by two serpents - North American Indian.

The iconic symbol of the Ouroboros, a self-consuming serpent that is an archetype of the Chaos Monster that appeared in the heavens after the birth of the planet Venus.

As the transformed Saturnian disk of the Purple Dawn fought to subdue this Chaos Monster it started to take on the aspect of a huge round eyeball with a smallish reddish centre or pupil, a greenish iris and the larger bright part of the disk making up the bulk of the cornea.  It looked alive, and, over time, with the black spirals of the Chaos Monster all but gone, a discolouring could be seen crossing its glowing outer disk while the green hued iris occasionally seemed to produce an eight-pointed star burst emanating from the disk as a whole.

After its flare-up and ejection of Venus, Saturn would alternate between quieter times in which Venus could be seen behind Mars and more electrically active periods in which Venus flared in a distinctive eight-pointed star burst.

Thus the All-Seeing Eye had revealed itself.  The All-Seeing Eye was now the god that would go down in the annals of mythology as Ra/Osaris/Horus, Kronos and Saturn.  Saturn had revealed himself, and in due time so too would his bride the Evening Star, known as Venus, and his Morning Star-child, called by the ancients amongst other names Mars.

The Eye of Horus - a famous stylized version of the Saturn configuration popular in ancient Egyptian culture.

The All-seeing Eye on the US dollar note is the most modern symbolic incarnation of the Saturn configuration.

From Purple Haze to Golden Days

The violent flaring of Saturn into a polar sun brought mankind into its fabled Golden Age.  A translucent stairway now reached all the way to heaven, a pillar of auroral light that was the Earth’s Axis Mundi – and with it came death and destruction.

(continued from A Timeless Age in a Purple Haze)

The extreme earthquake activity and climatic changes brought about by Saturn’s sudden increase in radiated energy would also have resulted in the intensification of the invisible electrical plasma currents spanning the distance between the two bodies (called Birkeland currents today and largely responsible for the  aurora borealis).  As a result, there would have been the sudden manifestation of auroral activity at the Earth’s poles, unseen before Saturn’s flare-up, followed by electrical arcing displays into space towards the new polar sun.

An impression of the electrical effects on the Saturn system as its plasma sheath came into contact with the Sun's heliosphere. An intensification of electrical discharges would have resulted in giant inter-planetary electrical arcing with the violent expulsion of a body from Saturn which would ultimately become Venus. Birkeland currents would produce intensified auroral activity on Earth and stretch towards Mars and Saturn producing a pillar-like effect when seen from Earth's surface. Saturn's previoulsy opaque plasma sheath would have started to equalise with the Sun's heliosphere and become transparent. The Sun could now be seen as a dim star approaching from the East. (image not to scale)
Due to Saturn’s polar position in the heavens, a mound of water would have previously formed at the north pole due to Saturn’s gravitational effect (in the same way that the Moon today affects tides, but in a stationary way).  The sudden flaring of Saturn would have disrupted this gravitational pull and released the mound of water where it would have spread out destructively over the northern hemisphere.

A bubble of water held in place by Saturn's gravitational pull would have been released when that gravitational pull was disrupted by Saturn's flaring. The water would then have spread out over the northern hemisphere in a cataclysmic deluge.


Mammoths in a warm tropical-like Siberia caught in the deluge created by the collapse of the water bubble previously held up at the north pole by Saturn's gravitational pull. An intense Birkeland current can be seen amidst enhanced auroral activity. It stretches up to the flaring Saturn as the mammoths' nocturnal world comes to a brightly-lit end.

The extinction of the mammoth: By Charles genenthal
Due to the twisting nature of the Birkeland current connecting Earth with its polar sun, a giant hurrican-like event would then build at the north pole.  Replacing the previous mound of polar water, this swirling mass of plasma would still suck up vast amounts of water into the atmosphere only to send it crashing back down to earth with every future disruption of Earth’s electrical link to Saturn.  The resulting deluges plagued those species living at the higher latitudes of the northern hemisphere.

 The twisting and intensified Birkeland current connecting Earth with Saturn would have produced a polar vortex while supporting dense auroral activity around the Arctic circle. The encroaching light from the Sun would add a greener spectrum of light reaching the earth's surface that would have started the process of changing Earth's vegetation to a predominantly green hue. Human's on Earth would have also experienced night and day for the first time.
Add to this a sudden and heavier change in Earth’s gravity due to the electrical changes in the flaring brown dwarf star and you have the first of a series of major extinction events for the larger and now much more heavier species of the planet.  Those unable to adapt to a non-nocturnal environment woud also come under pressure to survive.
At this same time the continued aurora-like Birkeland plasma activity at the Earth’s north pole would have begun to manifest itself into a virtual stairway of light, seen as a tapering beam of translucent light reaching all the way up to the flaring Saturn.

The formation of the Axis Mundi soon after Saturn's flare-up and before the creation of ts rings. The tapering appearance of the Axis Mundi lent itself to the illusion of a ladder reaching up towards the heavenly abode of Saturn.

Taking on various shapes as it fluctuated over time, this translucent connection between Earth and its heavenly godstar would eventually be remembered as Jacob’s Ladder, the Stairway to Heaven and the Tree of Life, amongst other things.
In fact, screeds and screeds of rock art from around the world record the many manifestations of this pillar of light, often in the shape of a squatting stick figure with its arms held aloft (more on this in the next section).
Spiraling ladders and eight-pointed star burst patterns were also featured in ancient petroglyphs.  The Axis Mundi was now established as the dominant feature in ancient skies.

The Appearance of Saturn’s Rings


As the blackened debris that formed the black spirals of the Chaos Monster dissipated (see previous page) a halo of discharged water from Saturn could be seen circling Saturn’s orb and settling into a  series of rings.  These rings took on the look of concentric bands eventually numbering seven in total.  They harken to the account of  ‘Seven Days of Creation’.

(Important Question: Did the ancients know Saturn had rings before the invention of the telescope?  For a study on references to Saturn’s rings in the ancient world, go here.)  In the image of Saturn by Caravaggio to the left, note the encircling vines around the god’s hips.

An artist's impression of the iced water agregates that make up Saturn's famous ring system. (credit NASA)

At about this time Saturn’s formerly impenetrable plasma sheath dissipated as it equalised with the Sun’s heliosphere.  This now allowed the brightest stars in the galaxy to now be seen from Earth.  The brightest by far of these was the Sun, at that time still a distant yet growing light that rose in the East and set in the West.

Though Saturn still shone as its own sun, the arrival of the Sun and its ability to shed light through Saturn’s plasma sheath now meant the Earth experienced the phenomenon of day and night.  Up to nine new smaller celestial bodies could also now be seen orbiting Saturn while the planet’s new rings were now illuminated from the side by the Sun’s more powerful light.  This made them appear as crescents that spun cyclically around Saturn’s circumference when seen at different times during Earth’s rotation.  The result for life on Earth would never be the same again.
Man could now calculate time.

Illuminated by the approaching Sun as a crescent, Saturn's newly formed rings could now be used to tell the time of day. From left to right: Morning; Midday; Evening; Midnight

The Saturnian system was now established.  In the ancient world Kronos now ruled the heavens.

The Golden Age had arrived.

The Golden Age


A time of bliss and plenty, the fabled Golden Age of mankind existed for the duration of Saturn’s precarious life as Earth’s polar sun – a position threatened by the unstable nature of the newly-born planet Venus and the encroachment of the Sun and its own planetary satellites.

While initial contact between the plasma sheaths of both the Saturnian system and the Sun had been catastrophic for life on Earth, it also brought about the impetus for the rise of civilisation and a golden age of exploration.  Time and measure could now be put to use in surveying a world which would give of its bounty freely due to the continued radiating warmth of the flared Saturn.
But that was not the end of cataclysmic events stalking the earth.  What was known as the Golden Age would, in fact, be permeated with catastrophic episodes that would eventually led up to one of the greatest cataclysmic events in human experience – the Great Deluge.

Under a New Sun
In the time after Saturn experienced its first contact with the electrical influence of the Sun, the new-look Saturnian system spiralled away back into interstellar space.  As noted before, the Sun now could be seen from Earth as a distant light rising in the east and setting in the west.  Intense auroral activity created various permutations in the pillar-like Birkeland current that connected Earth to the northern heavenly abode of Saturn.  Rock art, or petrogylphs, have captured these permutations in abundance and provide a useful view of the celestial sights witnessed by man during this golden age.

The 'pinch effect' on plasmas can lead to a shape that would have looked like a squatting man with arms held aloft in support of the heavens (see pictures below for image of plasma in a laboratory environment). The characteristic rendition of this auroral effect has been etched into rock faces the world over.

Top left: A re-creation of the basic 'squatter man' pinch effect captured in a plasma laboratory experiment. Top right: American petroglyphs with distinctive squatting man images. Middle right: Spanish squatter man. Bottom right: American star burst pattern. Bottom left: American squatter man under concentric circles. 

The emergence of totems in various cultures also reflects a heritage going back to the Golden Age when Saturn’s rings appeared as outstretched wing-like crescents atop a glowing ladder.


A speculative impression of the classic totem pole's legacy as representation of the Earth's Birkeland current. The twisting spiralling nature of Birkeland filaments reaching out into space would terminate in a fork-like effect. This is clearly represented in various rock art petroglyphs as depicted in the above right insert.
However, Saturn’s spiral journey through space meant that a return to the point of contact with the Sun’s heliosphere was inevitable for Saturn and its southerly string of planets.  How many times this process repeated itself is unclear, but sufficient to say that each time an approach was made catastrophic events, deluges, global firestorms and massive earth changes could be expected to unfold in both the heavens and on the Earth.

The Golden Age polar configuration of the Saturn system

Though the Ancients would not have perceived this as such, the Saturnian polar configuration now consisted of four planets from Earth’s perspective.  First in line from the northern top of the configuration was, of course, Saturn, itself now surrounded by frozen water rings and orbited by nine small “followers”.  It still glowed brilliantly after its energising contact with the Sun’s heliosphere.
Next in line was the feminine Venus, the Evening Star and bride of Saturn, a planet that would display wonderful streamers of light when electrically excited that were seen as four and eight-pointed star bursts radiating out from Saturn’s centre.  Whether Venus was ejected by Saturn during the first flare-up or had always been there is not fully understood, but the Chaos Monster that had heralded her appearance was a direct result of Venus’ coming to life.
After Venus came masculine Mars, red in colour and seemingly enveloped in the womb of Venus.  Mars was the Morning Star, son of Saturn and viewed as the archetype rebellious hero.  Unseen during the Purple Dawn, the massive electrical discharging betwee Saturn and Mars had obliterated Mars’ atmosphere turning this planet’s surface red.

These three, Saturn, Venus and Mars, formed the heavenly abode, an abode that could only be reached via the heavenly ladder that was the giant plasma Birkeland current that rose from Earth’s north pole, the Axis Mundi of legend.  Earth, the last in this string of planets, was now the humble abode of mere mortals.

Inter-planetary warfare
It was during these times that the Ancients witnessed the beginnings of discord between these godlike planets and began to fear destructive visitations by these celestial bodies.  The planet Mars, the dark pupil in the All-Seeing Eye that was Saturn, made close approaches to Earth along the length of the visible yet translucent plasma current joining the string of planets.  Looming large it would bombard the Earth with its martian rocks and thunderbolts before re-ascending to its position under Venus which would itself flare and stream light in awesome displays of cosmic lightening and beauty.

The giant scar of the Valles Marineris on the face of Mars, the result of extreme inter-planetay electrical arcing between a newborn Venus and Mars. Seen from Earth, these terrifying celestial battles have been etched onto the collective memories of mankind in their depictions of Mars as a scarred warrior hero and god of war.

Such episodes were looked on with abject terror by Earth’s inhabitants and probably accounted for various extinction events in the earth’s history due to the destructive effects of these planetary fluctuations and close encounters.
The cause of the Ice Ages
Another curious side effect on Earth due to Saturn’s flare up was the appearance of more dark and densely lit northern aurora effects around the arctic circle, a result of Saturn’s composition being that of a flaring brown dwarf star.  These magnified aurora would act as a dense ring creating a shadow on the Earth’s surface from both the light of the approaching Sun and the northern Saturnian sun.  While the Earth generally still enjoyed a global warmth, this shadow encompassed the higher latitudes of what is today North America, northern Europe and much of Russia (but not Siberia).  The effect was what we know as the Ice Ages and it lasted as long as the Saturnian system maintained its polar configuration.  To a lesser degree, the same effect was seen at the south pole.


A dense auroral ring circled the earth's arctic region casting a shadow across the hemisphere. The resulting drop in temperature along with the increased water vapour caused by the collapse of the arctic mound of water produced vast sheets of ice within the shadow's bounds. Inside the arctic circle the earth's Axis Mundi maintained a comfortable temperate environment where species like the mammoth could still thrive.


 Life inside the arctic circle would have been a paradise. The warming influence of Saturn combined with the increasing effects of the Sun served to convert huge parts of Siberia into a lush, green environment perfectly capable of supporting the vast herds of mammoth and other species we know existed within the arctic circle. This paradise would be lost to intense cold once Earth's link to its Saturnian sun was severed.

Also, and largely due to the day/night effect of the encroaching Sun’s equatorially oriented light source, life on Earth under the Saturnian sun began to look different.  Gone was the luxuriant reddish and purple hue of the planet’s fauna and atmosphere now replaced by the more familiar green cast of Earth’s forests and jungles thanks to the different radiation frequencies caused by the flare up.  Deserts began to appear and the oceans started to rise.  More and more distant stars could be seen at night and the various constellations began to take shape.

Saturn and the Axis Mundi at the height of the Golden Age (midday). Auroral activity at he base of the Axis Mundi would have created the illusion of a mountain from which the ladder to heaven ascended. This would be known as the mountain of the gods to most cultures and most famously as Mount Olympus to the Greeks.

The slide towards catastrophe
Gravity during the Golden Age started to get heavier now that two suns shed their energies over the earth, with the planet possible increasing in actual size due to its increased energy absorption being converted into mass (E= mc2).  Massive fissures and cracks would have appeared on Earth as a result with correspondingly dramatic increases in volcanic and earthquake activity.
Eventually Saturn and its family of planets were permanently captured by the Sun with the result that the Sun began to make a closer, yet stable and more regular passage across the sky from east to west.  The Saturnian system’s polar configuration continued to persist with Saturn becoming ever dimmer during the day and starting to take on a sick, blotchy look at night.  The legendary ladder to heaven that was the Birkeland current connection between Earth and Saturn started to buckle and itself oscillate giving the appearance of a decrepid figure now ruling the northern sky.  Already weakened by the various episodes involving the oscillations of Mars and Venus along its length, it was only a matter of time before this inter-planetary plasma current snapped altogether and Earth would be severed forever from the Saturnian heavenly abode.
The catalyst came in the form of the Great Deluge.  Doomsday had arrived.



A great cataclysm called the Deluge is said to have ended the bliss of the Golden Age.  Saturn lost its position at Earth’s celestial north and Venus and Mars went on a cosmological rampage.
(continued from The Golden Age)

During Saturn’s initial flare up due to its first contact with the Sun’s heliosphere, part of the ensuing chaos that enveloped Saturn had seen two filaments of discharged material escape into space only to be captured by the Sun.  There, for an unspecified time, they orbited their new star until such a time as when Saturn itself eventually became captured by the Sun.
These filaments were primarily composed of Saturn’s discharged particles of water, the remainder having being retained by Saturn to form that planet’s distinctive rings.  In what caused the end of the Golden Age one of these frozen watery filaments collided with the Earth as the Saturnian string of planets was being captured by the Sun.  This precipitated a deluge of water from space that lasted weeks.

Atlantis sank beneath the waves; the great continent of Mu perished.  Earthquakes of unimaginable magnitudes raked the Earth while giant winds scoured its surface.

 A painting by Russian artist Leon Samoilovitch Bakst entitled 'Terror Antiquus' (1908). Elements of the deluge that destroyed Atlantis are depicted in this frightening vision of ancient calamity. (image PD)

Another depiction of an ancient and catastrophic deluge by the painter Francis Danby. 'The Deluge' (ca. 1840) is really a depiction of the biblical flood of Noah but serves to illustrate the enormous effect this archetype of ancient destruction has had on our collective psyches. (image PD)

The Axis Mundi, Earth’s fabled ladder to heaven, was irreparably damaged by this collision and a decidedly sick, blotchy and dimming Saturn was clearly starting to drift apart from its former system of planets.  Severed from their electrical chain-like links to their original sun, the planets Venus and Mars ran amok.  Those on Earth watched horrified as Venus took on comet-like aspects, turning into a Medusa and threatening the Earth with massive inter-planetary lightening displays as it swooped by on its way to finding its new orbit.

The break-up of the Saturnian system: Venus is transformed from beautiful Evening Star to evil Medusa with flowing serpent-like hair, an archetype of the rampaging planet Venus celebrated in art down through the centuries. Earth is overwhelmed by the effects of Venus' erratic behavior while Mars battles the violent Medusa-like Venus. (collage by the author incorporating the works of Duval, Bocklin, Martyn and Caravaggio.) 

Planetary Chaos
Mars was no better and constantly threatened to erratically swing by Earth at close quarters while hurling stones and thunderbolts before it.  Some of these Martian meteorites have been found as far afield as Antarctica.

Shergotty meteorite fragment curtesy of Mars. (credit: NASA)

A subsequent series of battles in this free-for-all phase between Venus and Mars loomed large in the heavens and provided the inspiration for much of mythology’s greatest stories.
As if this were not enough, the slowly retreating Saturn, or at least its position in the sky over the Earth, was now being stalked by another player in the grand cosmic drama – Jupiter.

As the Earth suffered under the onslaught of the Deluge from heaven and the Axis Mundi all but disappeared, Saturn began a descent below the horizon.  At this time another bright star was seen to emerge in what had been Earth’s southern skies.  It too was seen to have rings and, due to the increased electrical activity in the region, also sported its own Birkeland current which sent electrical arching displays out into the space around it and gave the illusion to observers on Earth as if this new star were dangling by a rope.  Called Zeus by the Greeks and Jupiter by the later Romans, this previously hidden star seemed to briefly supplant the role of dying Saturn as the dominant force in the heavens.

Jupiter, or Zeus, was one of the Sun's planets. As it orbited into electrical contact with the Saturn system it could be seen in Earth's southern skies seemingly dangling on the end of its own Birkeland current. Faint rings could be detected around Jupiter giving it the reputation of having stolen Saturn's rings. In mythology Jupiter was the son of Saturn who ended up murdering his father and replacing him.

Jupiter is said to have tried stealing the rings of Saturn, an obvious reference to Jupiter’s mythological murder of his cosmic father.  That Jupiter was a part of the Sun’s original solar system and acted as a partner in a binary star system is one possible contention.  This system may have been as much disrupted by the arrival of Saturn as Saturn’s system was devastated by contact with the Sun.  With Jupiter then positioned in orbit around the Sun as it is today, though on a different radius, it can be speculated that it eventually joined the fray by gradually swinging in through Earth’s southern skies while on its regular orbit and eventually appearing to come in from behind and below Saturn as seen from Earth.

Another theory says that Jupiter (and the other gas giants of Neptune and Uranus) were always a part of the Saturnian system, but hidden from the Earth on the other side of Saturn.

Either way, mythology indicates that Jupiter seized Saturn’s place and status in the heavens for a time, though Saturn eventually did make a sickly comeback as the reigning ‘Lord of the Rings’ as Earth righted itself after the axis rocking events of the Great Deluge.  However, the old god was dying, seemingly struck with leprosy (a result of increased atmospheric activity on the gaseous former star), and now sought permanent exile at the outer edges of the Sun’s solar system where it remains to this day – a distant pin-prick of light somehow at odds with its reputation as one of mythology’s greatest gods.

With Saturn now drifting off into the outer distance along with its seven rings and nine followers, a cataclysmically shocked Earth now found itself firmly in the grip of its new star, the Sun.  The erratic and dangerous orbits of Mars and Venus continued to threaten the Earth as they too sought orbital and electrical balance within the realm this new sun.  Whole new societies dedicated to tracking these violent entities rose up amongst the Earth’s inhabitants as the survivors and refugees from the Great Deluge fought to rebuild their shattered home world – the Priesthoods were born, and with them the world entered into the Silver Age.

The Silver Age and the Rise of the Bluebloods


The legacy of the Saturn Death Cult and its affect on mankind really begins with the priesthoods of the Silver Age and the rise of the nobility: The Bluebloods
(continued from Doomsday!)

Central to the existence of the new Silver Age priesthoods was the belief that what had destroyed the Golden Age could happen again.  Utilising the new technology of writing, they set about recording the cataclysmic events as the Word to serve as a memory and a warning to future generations.  These warnings formed the basis of secret societies within these priesthoods and preparations were made to ensure survival should Doomsday return.

The advent of writing gave the priesthoods of the Silver Age the technology to keep alive the memories of the cataclysmic end to the Golden Age. As people began to forget how Saturn once ruled the heavens, the increasingly misunderstood records of the priesthoods would become the basis for the beliefs of mystery schools and secret societies down through the ages.

Second Age of Discovery
A second great age of voyage and discovery ensued in which the refugees of the destroyed Golden Age civilisations determined to take a survey of their transformed world and cosmos and establish through their priesthoods the righteousness and justice they perceived to be the legacy of that former age.  Weights, measures and calendars were established and enshrined by law in a growing network of interlinked temples and monuments that spanned the globe.  The Masonic mystery schools of the great civilisation builders had arrived.

Was Egypt's ancient civilisation a legacy of refugees that had survived the great cataclysm that had brought the Golden Age to an end? Some esoteric traditions trace Egypt's past to Atlantis.

Earth captures the Moon
In keeping with the arrival of the Silver Age and its new Sun, a new silvery marvel could now be seen in the heavens – Earth’s moon.  Captured by Earth in the destructive chaos that was the Saturnian system’s demise, this white globe exhibited crescent-like phases under the Sun’s light that harkened back to the glory days of the Golden Age when Saturn’s rings would be illuminated as crescents surrounding the former deity.


It's a matter of conjecture of when Earth captured the moon. Contrary to popular belief, the moon's heavily cratered surface is actually proof of extreme electrical strike activity due to the craters' almost uniformly perfect circular shapes. Meteorites and asteroids create angular impact craters and rarely hit celestial bodies at perfect 90 degree angles. Electrical experiments do however show electrical lightening producing the same kind of cratering as seen on the Moon. The moon's craters can therefore not be used to date the age of the moon based on meteorite impacts, a rare event in any case throughout human history.. 

The new moon proved an excellent keeper of time, yet its arrival would only serve to diminish the memory of the original crescents of Saturn and confuse the knowledge

The moon's almost uniformly circular craters could not have been created by multiple meteorite impacts which would have created a majority of angular impact craters. Electrical strikes are a better explanation.(credit NASA)

preserved in the masses of crescent-like symbols established by the priesthoods.  Moon cults began to distort the original intent of these symbols and old knowledge gradually gave way under the weight of new and more confused fertility rituals.
Ominously, the seeds for the more sinister sex and blood rituals that would begin to spread their influences in the ages to come can be traced to the foundation of these early Moon cults.

(Go here for a fascinating look into the electrical features of the moon’s pock-marked surface)

Temples, Priest-Kings and the rise of International Commerce
With the establishment of weights and measures an excitingly new yet dangerously insidious concept began to take hold within the temples of priesthoods – the advent of  the universal language of international commerce.
The driving factor in the increase of trade in the Silver Age was the newly derived notion of money.  At this time money was issued in the form of clay tablet receipts against the production of goods by any given society or people.

Early money started as clay tablet receipts written in cuneiform (above). They were redeemable against the stored goods produced by the issuing nation. Today money is issued as a debt and backed by nothing more than that debt. (credit: The Urartian Tablet PD)

This clay tablet money was measured by and limited to the amount of goods that could be produced and stored in a peoples’ warehouse.  The money was only as valuable as the amount of goods that were actually stored.  This had been a central feature of the laws established by the priesthoods in ensuring equal weights and measures.

However, discoveries in the mining of gold and silver quickly established a link between these metals and the idea of money.  Due to the difficulty in counterfieting these metals, it was realised that gold and silver could act as an alternative to clay tablets being used as money.  This was especially useful when it came to trade between geographically seperated peoples who could not verify other people’s store houses, but who would know that gold as an accepted store of value could not be faked.

The generally useless metal called gold. Once established and enforced as a measure of wealth by the temples then those who controlled the mining and production of gold basically controlled commerce. (image PD)

Unfortunately, this ‘international’ element to trading quickly turned the new gold and silver money into commodities in their own right as each society refused to accept the clay tablet receipts of other societies.  Trade boomed, but at the cost of losing control over regulating the value of the fruits of your labour – that was now in the hands of the gold and silver producers.
The laws established by the priesthoods as a way of ensuring just and equal weights and measures were thus cleverly subverted by the introduction of gold-backed money which was now entirely in the hands of the gold and silver producers. As noted, under this system the people who actually produced useful items like food and clothing lost any control they had over setting the value of thier products – all they could do was price them in gold or silver.
Corrupt elements in the temples quickly saw the advantage in controlling gold and silver as a way of dictating the value of the fruits of everyday peoples’ hard labour.  With it came the transfer of immense power to highly positioned individuals within the increasingly corrupt priesthoods.

As the Silver Age approached its zenith, certain priesthoods quickly consolidated their power via this new money system until all wealth found itself being concentrated in the hands of shrinking minority.  The Temple became this system’s centre of operations, its central bank, and this ultimately heralded the emergence of that most insidiously influential of historical characters:  The Priest-Kings.

These Priest-Kings were the original Bluebloods.  In reality, they were nothing more than mere merchant bankers with a monopoly over the aguably usless production of gold and silver.  With the emergence of these temple-based banking parasites the peoples of Earth began to experience a new and most sinister force – debt-based slavery.
It was at about this time that some mothers started to notice that some of their children were going missing.

Origins of the Tower of Babel
The new temple-inspired commerce system proved a pervasive influence.  From the far-eastern realms of the ancient Middle Kingdom and the former Heights of Pan and on through the rich lands of Vendyha, newly established priest-kings steadily accumulated wealth and power.  In particular, certain elements within the Li clan of ancient China were to grasp this new concept of trade financing and expand upon it to establish unimaginable influence over that hemisphere.
Eygpt and Summeria and the surrounding nations particularly came under the sway of this global trade system.  With it, the slave trade flourished due to the need to mine more and more of the yellow metal, particularly in the mines of ancient Eygpt’s Bisharee region.   Soon, gold gained idol-like attributes in its ability to sway the thoughts of men and the love of money steadily supplanted the Golden Age notion of living a just and righteous life.
The tragedy was that all the careful work by the early priesthoods in preserving the memory of a righteous and just Golden Age through a system of laws and accurate weights and measures was now being usurped by this new and easily manipulated system of commerce based on gold-backed money.
The new system of commerce was the merchant bankers’ way of trying to build a man-made replacement for the lost heavenly ladder of the Axis Mundi that had served as the original symbol for the ascent to heavenly authority.

Gustave Dore’s ‘Tower of Babel’ is the popular conception of the Babel legend.  This portrays the story as a building project that was halted when the builders’ languages were scrambled. Instead, the city of Babel was like the financial centre known today as the City of London and its tower was equivalent to the Bank of England. The scrambling of the languages finds its echo in today’s financial collapse with its myriad of incomprehensible and fraudulant financial products.  (image PD)
Under this new system merchant bankers, hiding behind the authority of the temple, would be elevated to a position of heaven-like authority over all commercial activity.  The old established concept of authority as being founded on righteousness and justice was now replaced with the merchant bankers’ debt-based slavery system.
No other place exemplified this more than a place called Babel on the ancient plains of Shinar, the future location of the city of Babylon.  There the central banking temple and its merchant bankers saw their financial authority grow to towering proportions, giving rise to the legend of the Tower of Babel.

The so-called 'Tower' of Babel referred to the high authority of the central temple which governed the financial system of the city of Babel. If you look closely at the biblical account of the Babel story you will see that it was primarily a city that was being built and which was abandoned. Reference to a city in the Bible generally means a system or way of doing things. (Compare Jerusalem with New Jerusalem and Babylon with Mystery Babylon)

Man-made economic catastrophe replaces memories of planetary upheavals
Of course, as the ensuing ages would show over and over again, a debt-based monetary system eventually implodes under its own debt-laden weight, and the higher you build its edifice, the mightier the crash.  In an age fresh from multiple cosmic upheavals, the peoples of the Earth found themselves experiencing something unique  – a man-made global catastrophe in the form of a systemic economic meltdown.

In this way did the so-called Tower of Babel collapse and the global economic chaos that followed forced whole nations and peoples to go back to their old diverse languages of commerce and trade.  A confusion of different weights and measures now reigned, unsupported by any universal and unifying financial system.

The priest-kings were overthrown and in their place stepped up the men of great renown, the most famous being Nimrod, the Mighty Hunter.  As is always the case in the wake of an economic collapse, a time of tyrants follows.

Nimrod pictured left. The original tyrant, note the Venus star burst he's wearing like a modern wristwatch, except in this case he knew Venus as Ishtar (compare Ishtar symbol at right). Both images PD.

However, deep within the ruins of the now discredited temples of the priest-kings, dark secret societies sought to preserve the concept of debt-based slavery as part of their mystery teachings.  These Illuminated Ones struck a bargain with the Bluebloods, the deposed priest-kings, and embarked on centuries of secret ritual refinement of the alchemical creed of universal dominance through the power of creating wealth out of nothing:  The power to issue debt-based money.

As the Age of Silver drew to a close more children were noticed to be going missing.  On the horizon hovered a menacing figure; the celestial red-painted warrior, Mars.  And with him came the age of heroes and further upheavals.  With him came War and the Bronze Age of Man.

The Bronze Age: Man as God

With the passing of the Silver Age a search began for the perfect alloy of God and Man.  What was once the domain of mighty planets would now be the mythic and heroic exploits of the Bronze Age of Man.  It would be a time when conflict and war would become man’s highest expression.
(continued from The Silver Age and the Rise of the Bluebloods)

A now comparatively calm cosmos presided over the dawn of the Bronze Age of Man.  For the first time mankind could look up into the heavens and see a sky not unlike what we see today.

Complacency regarding the movements of the planets started setting in and man began to look within himself as a means of defining both the past and the future.  The fear of Doomsday shifted radically away from meticulous observation of the planets to a fear of bringing doomsday onto one’s self via one’s own actions.

In this way did the world see the rise of demigods, powerful mythical men and women whose destinies were considered independent of the will of whatever gods had gone before.  The Golden Age meant little in an age where men came to believe they could be a king by their own hand.  The Warrior-King now ruled and assumed the mantel of the Bluebloods who’s power had been declining after the events at Babel.  The age of War as the highest expression of man now held ascendancy with art and literature embracing the theme of the individual’s will to power as the essence of a new Heroic age.

However, Mars and Venus were going to have at least one last word on who really did determine the rise and fall of kings and kingdoms.  Rivers would run red, locusts storms would strip the land, frogs would breed like rabbits and first-born children would suffer statistically improbable rates of death.  Worst of all, slaves would feel free to throw off their master’s yoke and an old idea of what constituted righteousness and justice would re-emerge.   Though a promising beginning for this new breed of Bluebloods, the Bronze Age of Man was not going to be a total picnic those warrior-kings who would be their own and everybody else’s masters.

Mars and Venus continue to threaten the Earth
The first clue as to what awaited the inhabitants of the Bronze epoch could have been deduced from the fate of a little-known city-state that enjoyed a certain specialised agricultural monopoly.
Courtesy of the rise of agriculture near the end of the proceeding Age of Silver, some plants had been found to exhibit desirable properties other than nourishment.  Though this would have been known at a local level for millennia, it wasn’t until the advent of concentrated farming that the commercial potential of these certain plants could be realised.

A Turkish poppy. Credit: Mark Nesbitt and Delwen Samuel

Chief amongst these was the now infamous poppy plant, a flower capable of transporting those who indulged in its juices into blissful myopic trances free of all lingering doomsday anxieties.  And the city-state that enjoyed a monopoly in the cultivation and distribution of this highly addictive drug?  Sodom and Gomorrah.

Sodom and Gomorrah was, in its day, the Afghan opium fields, the Golden Triangle and the British East India Company rolled into one.  Its product was known as the Grapes of Gomorrah, to others as Wormwood, and a certain Jesus Christ would himself one day be offered its numbing comfort as he hung dying in agony on a Roman cross.  Forget the stories of its sexual depravities and deviant proclivities, this town was an efficient drug dealing operation second only to the CIA – and its market at the beginning of an increasingly immoral Age of Bronze was only getting bigger.

Quite naturally, Sodom and Gomorrah’s opium trade had proved remarkably recession proof in the aftermath of the Tower of Babel economic debacle.  Under such circumstances people just wanted to forget, kick back and get out of it.  Opium has a excellent capacity to help you do just that and its addictive properties ensured a ready supply of willing debtors to the temple-based merchant bankers who had survived the fallout from Babel.  Due to its burgeoning wealth and influence as a result of the trade of opium, Sodom and Gomorrah proved a robust economic model perfectly capable of stepping into Babel’s shoes.  It quickly became a magnet for drug traffickers and money lenders all over.
One such trader and his friend, however, would soon find themselves unwilling witnesses to a new onslaught of interplanetary skirmishes with dire consequences for the now flourishing Sodom and Gomorrah economy.  In what would be the beginnings of a series of terrifying reminders of what still was the most potent force in determining the future of mankind, Sodom and Gomorrah suddenly ceased to exist!  In one night, the drug dealing capital of the Old Testament world was completely obliterated in a way that would haunt kings and paupers alike and scar for evermore the psyches of those who would do naughty things in public toilets.

The trader and his friend mooching about their business in and around Sodom and Gomorrah were a certain Lot and Abram.  Lot got out just in time thanks to a warning from Abram who seemed to have had prior knowledge of what was coming down on the city.  On the way out, Lot’s wife unwisely took a look back at the rain of carnage annihilating the city and reportedly, as the expression goes, froze into a pillar of salt in sheer terror at the sight.  A massive interplanetary arcing bolt of plasma vaporising the earth clean at its white-hot point of contact will do that to you.

A John Martin painting that captures the carnage inflicted on Sodom and Gomorrah. (image PD)

Or maybe it was the spectacle of an out of control Mars or Venus unexpectedly looming large in the night sky while indiscriminately pouring giant electrical flames on to the earth that did it?

In any case, Earth had just been given another reminder that Venus or Mars (I’m not sure which one for this particular event) still had the capacity to turn up at inconvenient times.  The upshot was that Sodom and Gomorrah was gone and warrior-kings the world over now had a whole new set of problems to deal with, the least of which was that the various people under their control were demanding that they do something about it.

But what to do?  Enter our old friends the priest-kings, the original Bluebloods.  They had an interesting solution for these warrior-king upstarts – a set of sexy rituals designed placate the angry gods that would consolidate power over the people.  Except that they weren’t sexy at all,… because, since the end of the Silver Age, these rituals had degenerated into truly frightening ceremonial gang rapes complete with the sexual debauching of children and babies followed by their actual agonising murder.

The Saturn Death Cult begins

They called it a kind of sex magick.  Within the hidden secret societies and mystery schools from the previous age, the mythologies and legends recording the actual planetary events of the Golden Age had been distorted into literal humanistic dramas.  These dramas were then to be physically re-enacted out as ritual by those aspiring to own the legacy of Saturn’s power and authority as creator.
Under this scenario you can pick out any number of warped sexual patterns within mythology and turn it into perverted sexual satisfaction masked as ceremony:

  • Rubens' depiction of Saturn devouring his own children. Some human kings have been accused of trying to emulate this act, though no real public evidence of this exists. (image PD)

  • Old-man Saturn takes young Venus as a bride in the myths, so on Earth the king takes a virginal (read ‘child’) priestess of Aphrodite (Venus) and has sex with her.
  • Mars is the warrior god born of Venus who rebels against Saturn and ultimately ascends to heaven to have sex with his mother, so warrior-kings find themselves doing the same thing in defiance of their fathers (check out King David’s son Absalom in the Bible).
  • Saturn, under his Greek identity as the god Kronos, devours his own children,… so human kings have reportedly done the same with human children, possibly even their own as the occasion demands. (see the suspected antics of one Caligula)
  • Jupiter/Zeus determines to take Saturn/Kronos’ crown by gutting him to release his previously devoured sisters and brothers from Saturn’s bowels.  Zeus then promptly marries his sister Hera.  Naturally, earthly kings follow suit and end up marrying and having sex with their sisters – moronic inbreed heirs ensue and today we can see the legacy of this policy within our various political elites.
. . . And so on. . .  Ritual sex act after ritual sex act, blood sacrifice after blood sacrifice, ritualistic act of cannibalism after ritualistic act of cannibalism.  The Silver Age’s need to record actual cosmic events as mythic records to ensure Doomsday lessons would not be forgotten was eroded into what became a sex-ritual control mechanism.  This mechanism could be seen as the first applications of shadow government-sponsored mind-control programmes.  They were designed to reduce once-proud warrior-kings to the role of sex-puppets in an insane attempt to imbue a supposed elite class of people with the authority of Saturn as cosmic lord and creator.  Power politics on Earth had taken a nasty turn even as the planets Mars and Venus continued to menace the population’s existence.
It’s almost impossible to contemplate what these Bluebloods were thinking of in their belief that disgusting and perverted rituals could alter the physical courses of physical planetary bodies.  However, it seems this toxic nonsense was now a worldwide phenomena.

Human sacrifice goes global
In the New World the elites of the AmerIndian nations practised horrific variations on these same themes on the great stone pyramids and temples still standing there today.  Lesser American tribes, complete with their totem representations of the Axus Mundi as backdrops, did the same thing with the lesser resources at their disposal.  The result was still a very unpleasant experience for their unfortunate victims.

Detail from the Codex Magliabechiano depicting human sacrifice in the Americas. (image PD)

South Seas peoples routinely practised ritualised cannibalism as part of their royal and military etiquette even up to within recent memory.  The Phoenicians were notorious for their child sacrifices, revolting even the hard-bitten Romans by their practices.  Even Israelite kings in the Bible reputedly threw their first-born into fires in self-serving ritual acts of sacrifice.  European pagans indulged in macabre human sacrifices of war prisoners and possible acts of cannibalism to mark cosmic events while certain African tribes refined painful mutilation ceremonies involving child deaths.

Enter the Hebrews
However, there was one class of people that didn’t necessarily see the raids of Mars and Venus as the acts of gods but, (and here is the subtle difference) they rather viewed such cosmic events as the righteous manifestation of the one true God’s anger and justice.  On its next flyby, Venus was to give these people the impetus to break free from a state of national slavery and establish a nation under a one true God.

The Exodus of Israel out of Egypt would be marked by yet more cataclysmic events resulting in multiple falls of once powerful warrior-kings in a number of nations – most prominently that of Egypt, the kingdom born out of the arrival of refugees escaping the cataclysm that had sunk Atlantis at the end of the now distant Golden Age.

The story of the Israelite Exodus out of Egyptian slavery is replete with references to what can only be described as the effects of yet more cosmic interactions between planetary bodies.  It’s been postulated that the famous ten plagues of Exodus and the parting of Red Sea were the physical gravitational effects of a close pass by Venus on its violent and erratic path to its present day orbit.  As far as the Israelites were concerned the highly convenient approach of Venus was a result of divine timing on the part of their deity.  They made no reference to the planet in their writings, only to the power of their god.

Whatever one’s take on the causes of the Exodus, the Israelite interpretation of events marked a full-blown revolution in the way people perceived cosmic upheavals as an expression of God or gods.  Instead of attributing the actual bodies involved with god-like status, the Israelite way of thinking was to identify cosmic upheavals as evidence of a one true God’s power.  Under this interpretation, the planet Saturn was not the actual Creator, but the tool of the one true, yet still hidden Creator.  And so too were the subsequent actions of all the other planets involved in the great cosmic dramas since the Golden Age.
The next leap forward in the Israelite train of logic was to conclude that the actual physical events in the cosmic upheavals of the Golden Age as well as those in their own age were actually nothing less than the one true Creator’s first actual communication or message to mankind.

Moses redefines natural events as the Word of God. (painting by Rebera, image PD)

According to this train of thought, the physical effects of interplanetary upheavals were of no divine consequence unless one could discern and understand the intrinsic message being communicated by such events.  Cosmic upheaval and interplanetary disturbances were now viewed as the divinely communicated Word of the Creator, or the Logos of the Creator.
The conclusion was simple and very monotheistic:  Work out the message behind a series of essentially natural events and your were effectively understanding and communicating with the Creator.  You would subsequently be able to understand the Creator’s motives and the Creator’s objectives.  Under this methodology, a careful observer of the consequences of the Creator’s actions in nature could then proceed with the sure authority that they were acting in the best interests of the Creator’s plan for the future of his Creation.

In essence, what the Israelites represented was a rediscovery of what the Priesthoods at the beginning of the Silver Age had tried to institute through the careful recording as mythology of the cosmic events witnessed during the Golden Age.  Stated again, through the construct of mythology they had hoped to impress upon future generations an overall message with warnings on how to avoid another Doomsday scenario.

Ritual as validation of the elite
To the warrior-kings and the elites immersed in the performance of rituals, this concept of direct communication with the divine by simple observation and understanding of natural events was simply intolerable.  They were the arisocracy of purpose and their purpose in life was to perform rituals on behalf of humanity.

Only through carefully staged re-enactments by chosen human representatives playing out the actions attributed to the gods could the path to true enlightenment and the comprehension of any hidden message be attained.  The grander the ritual, the loftier the temple, the more likely you were to experience its hidden message.  The expense of this alone meant your average Joseph didn’t have a hope in hell of staging a descent ascent to enlightenment.
And that’s just the way the elite liked it.

Enlightenment was not something to be taken lightly, and it certainly shouldn’t be available to the great unwashed.  You simply could not have a whole nation of people thinking they were able to make individual judgements based on the simple observation of events or the study of written reports on such events.  That would mean everyone would have the potential to understand the motives and plans of the supreme Creator.  Who would be special and elite then?
No!  Slamming on with ever more complicated and outlandish rituals was the only way to seriously maintain the true path to Golden Age-type enlightenment, and the best way to do this was to ensure that every nation adopted the warrior-king model of elite government for and by the elite.  ‘Guy-in-charge’ was the only acceptable order of nature in the minds of those elites who were, funny enough, the guys in charge.

And that’s where Israel found itself going wrong (genocidal campaigns of conquest aside – which is another story) .

Israel rejects its God, chooses a warrior-king

Under warrior kings it doesn't take long before people are doing this kind of thing. (Biblical image of offerings being made to Moloch - image PD)

Israel became corrupted.  They took their eye of the ball and looked around to see if there was anything more exciting than the dreary headache of studying the Word.  Maybe there was a sexier way of gaining an understanding of the mind of God?
Bored with trying to understand God’s messages within Creation, Israel decided it wanted a warrior-king of its own to do the understanding for them.  It got one, and within about seven generations they were ritually sacrificing their first-born into the fires of a pathetic owl/bull god called Moloch.
(see here for an interesting article on modern Moloch worship)

A 1907 photo of the infamous Bohemian Grove staging a performance of 'The Cremation of Care', a play still performed at this elitist club to this day. Some believe the play represents a modern day re-enactment of Moloch worship, though there is no evidence that actual children have been sacrificed as part of the fun. (image PD)

Babylon and The Love of Money


The Saturn Death Cult would first come to public pre-eminence in ancient Babylon.  There it learned one vital lesson in the pursuit of true power – control the issue of money.
(continued from The Bronze Age: Man as God)

The link between drugs and war
During the early part of the Bronze Age of Man a less than heroic pursuit dominated the development of trade in the ancient world.  The insidious trade in opium had regained its footing in the Anatolia region where a bunch of warrior-kings were acting like modern day drug cartels warring over who should control the lucrative trade routes between Asia and the Western kingdoms.
The most powerful cartel was called the Troy Cartel, but it was being seriously challenged by the upstart Agamemnon Cartel.  The battle lines were drawn and the ensuing narco-war engulfed the region for the next ten years.

Agamemnon, the first of a string of regal drug dealers down through the centuries. (image PD)

The war only came to an end as a result of another planetary intervention, probably the same one that had allowed the Israelites to get out from under the Egyptians.  However, the key development coming out of this conflict were the sudden advancements being made in weapons manufacture.  New technologies allowed for greater kill ratios and certain Illuminated Ones quickly realised the value in promoting an arms trafficking industry as a means to ensuring ever higher body counts for their ongoing blood-sacrifice rituals.
The penny had dropped!
War as an expression of blood sacrifice was the new trend.  An industry started to grow around the concept with the development of military technology being a feature of the West, while a concentration on the Art of War through strategy characterised the Eastern approach.  Both resulted in the same thing.  People got killed and the blood flowed.

For the Bluebloods and Illuminated Ones of the various occult secret societies and mystery schools, everything was now as it should be.  The warrior-kings were happy, the lawyers and scribes charged with institutionalising the various rituals were happy, as were the growing merchant class that was making a comeback after the Babel meltdown.  The slaves were worked and the people were taxed.  And the victims of the seemingly endless rituals sustaining this happy state of affairs?  They were neither happy or unhappy – they were dead!

One-on-one duels like the one pictured here between Achilles and Hector became passé as far as adherents to the Saturn Death Cult were concerned. Painting by Theofilos Hatzimichael (image PD)

The Saturn Death Cult and monetary control
Roughly six hundred years after the cosmic events at Sodom and Gomorrah and the Exodus, even the sporadic marauding runs by the planets Mars and Venus seemed to have come to an end and all seemed well. . .
But something was missing in the greater scheme of things as far as the Illuminated Ones were concerned.  They were still hankering for a return to the debt-based slavery system of Babel as the core economic model for mankind.  A tweaking of strategy had to be carefully considered if they were to have total control over the affairs of man.

While war had already been a source of blood-soaked satisfaction for the elite’s ritualistic needs, it was in the actual promotion of increasingly more contrived and barbaric wars that certain Illuminated Ones found an answer to killing two birds with one stone (pun intended).

Since the time of the Trojan narco conflict it had been recognised that the casualties of war could be exploited for ritualistic satisfaction.  But, to date, capitalising on these deaths had only been opportunistic at best.  The key to a consistent supply of guaranteed bloodshed was to be found in the notion of warfare being an ongoing manufactured-to-order enterprise – and that would require money.

As a result, and galvanised into action by promises of expanded material wealth and power, a rash of warrior-kings made their first manipulated, yet bloody steps towards the concept of Empire.  Carefully selected dates in accordance with now well established blood rituals were chosen for them to initiate multiple wars of conquest.  The happy result of these wars, as anticipated by the illuminated powers, was the immense scaling-up of their blood-sacrifice needs while their warrior-king puppets sank ever deeper into financial debt.

The equation was simple:  War needs money, and borrowed money to pay for wars equals debt.  Debt = Slavery! If a kingdom could be manipulated into accepting debt, then that would make it a kingdom of slaves.  The power to enslave whole kingdoms was in being the one who was owed that debt.
However, this was only guaranteed if you controlled the issuance of the money borrowed by the warrior-kings in first place.  In the Near East, at a place called the plains of Dura, some highly positioned and privileged Illuminated Ones got busy.

Babylon, the financial centre of the ancient world. This image by an unknown artist shows the two real-estate projects most associated with Babylon, its Hanging Gardens and the infamous Tower of Babel. (image PD)

The financial rise of Babylon
The warrior-king of a growing city state called Babylon had recently enjoyed a series of spectacular conquests.  Babylon was now an empire and its own cadre of mystery schools and secret societies held great public influence and renown.  Through their overt ritual-based control of the warrior-king Nebuchadnezzar these Illuminated Ones conspired to erect a Golden Image that would dominate the plains of Dura.
Essentially, this was the world’s first financial gold standard and Dura was Babylon’s answer to the modern Federal Reserve System of the United States.  Anybody not adhering to this gold standard in matters of trade and commerce within Babylon was to be ruthlessly exterminated by a fiery death.  The temples once again started to issue money as a debt on their own behalf against this new gold standard.   These same temples, controlled by the Illuminated Ones, quickly became rich and great public ceremonies celebrating the success of the new financial system was only marred by a mysterious upsurge in the disappearance of Babylonian children.
The almost forgotten Israelites, their own warrior-king experiment such a dismal failure that they were now captives of the Babylonian empire, had a serious problem with this golden image. (see the Bible’s Book of Daniel, chapter 3)

The Biblical prophet Daniel, one of the main Hebrew adversaries to the establishment of a financial Babylonian gold standard. (image PD)

Their understanding of commerce and trade denounced the issue of money as a debt as being nothing more than criminal usury, an abominable practise according to their own priesthood who had somehow survived the depravations of their own warrior-kings and corrupt secret societies.  These Israelite priests organised a financial boycott of the new financial system and the Babylonian gold standard started to fall apart.

The Illuminated Ones of the Babylonian mystery schools never forgave the Israelites for their stubborn refusal to bend to the dictates of Babylon’s gold standard.  They plotted a vicious revenge against these former slaves from Egypt only to be thwarted at the time by the more pressing needs of dealing with the arrival of deadly Persian warrior-kings and later a rampant Greek demigod by the name of Alexander.

The fall of Babylon – the Saturn Death Cult goes underground
Babylon fell,… quickly, its great gold standard experiment nipped in the bud.  In one night Babylon ceased to be its own master and its Illuminated Ones joined their Israelite nemesis’ as fellow captives in their own city.  Their Golden Image now laying in ruins, the remnants of Babylon’s secret societies and mystery schools melted away into the desert night to be reborn as Mystery Babylon.

Standard of Babylon's conquerors, the Persians. Note the sun-like disk above the falcon with outstretced wings - the symbology was starting to get predictable. (credit: Sodacan)

Banished into an economic and political wilderness, they determined never to have their ambitions exposed to the harsh light of public scrutiny again.
Casting their eyes elsewhere for a new home, Mystery Babylon soon settled its gaze on a new and frighteningly iron-willed people who were starting to make their presence felt.  Carefully, they drew their plans, gathered their wares, and moved to Rome – the Iron Age of Man was about to begin in all its terrifying darkness and luxuriant decadence.

Saturn Death Cult – Part 2


A Beast with Iron Teeth and Iron Claws
(continued from Babylon and The Love of Money)

In this second part to the Saturn Death Cult story the focus must now be placed on the emergence of Rome as the dominant western power.  Rome represents the Iron Age of Man and is still the primary influence on much of the western world.  Today’s efforts by the elite to bring about a ‘New World Order‘ can be directly traced to its origins in Rome.
The Roman system can be characterised as a veritable Beast, with legs of iron and razor sharp steel claws intent on devouring everything in its path as it stomped its influence on history’s head.  If we don’t understand Rome and its enormous capacity to organise death and misery on an industrial scale, then we will barely be able the recognise the events that shape this current Iron Age of Man.

The Roman Empire was the first true world power to assert itself on the global stage as a republic.  This meant that the abstract concept of the Law governed.  Not a warrior-king, or a priest-king, or any variant thereof was to be in charge.  Democracy, that weak-kneed rule-of-the-mob concept championed by Greek oligarchs and their effete philosophers was also off the cards.  Rome served the Law and the Law was supreme, the ultimate unifying factor in what it was to be Roman – all were subject to it.  Especially slaves.
Despite its powerful and beastly visage, the day-to-day issues of running an empire brings its own problems even for a Republic as virile as Rome.  These problems could be summed up in one eternally sordid word:  Money.
A seemingly endless series of pissing contests with a pesky Phoenician offshoot called Carthage had left the young Roman republic virtually bankrupt.  Further, a propensity for public entertainment by blood sports and savagely cruel execution spectacles had also placed a strain on Roman coffers.  Then, in a serious attack on Rome’s sense of self importance, the highly inconvenient Spartacus slave revolt nearly brought it to its financial knees.  Mystery Babylon and its Illuminated Ones looked on from the shadows, recognised the signs and salivated.

Being a religious people, Rome had its fair share of temples dedicated to the now truly mythical pantheon of gods that had been born during the cosmic upheavals of the Golden Age.  Today we refer to ‘Rome’, but Rome’s citizens knew their city by the name ‘Saturnus’.  Yet, while Saturn was honoured, Jupiter was Rome’s man in the heavens, and hidden deep within Jupiter’s temples were the same old variations of the ancient secret societies and mystery schools complete with well-honed sex-ritual initiations and a love for blood-spattered sacrifices.

Rome hadn’t existed during either the Silver Age or Golden Age and whatever vestige of learned truth could be gleaned from the old myths was quickly buried under an avalanche of twisted Saturnian-type sex-blood rituals straight out of Mystery Babylon’s playbook.  All that had to be done was to adapt the rituals to the now almighty Jovian god, Jupiter.
So Rome was ripe for the occult picking, but what was truly needed to advance Mystery Babylon’s ambitions was a good old fashioned warrior-king.  It had to be a wannabe blueblood, someone who could make themselves bigger than Rome’s Law and wield the kind of power that would open the gates back onto the path of real power for Mystery Babylon.  Once again, they needed someone willing to give them the right to issue money as an usurious debt, but this time while they remained hidden behind the scenes.

Enter Julius Caesar.  Exit the Republic
Here’s a quote from one observer back in the day:

“When a government becomes powerful, it is destructive, extravagant and violent; it is an usurer which takes bread from innocent mouths and deprives honourable men of their substance for votes with which to perpetuate itself.” – Cicero, 54 BC (emphasis mine)
The line of pathological tyrants spawned by Rome’s first emperor was the perfect tonic for the Illuminated keepers of a now very twisted and thoroughly corrupted Saturnian legacy.  New heights of political debauchery and financial oppression were unleashed on the Roman population along with a constant stream of ritualistic blood-letting wars of suppression on the peoples of its empire.  The iron fist of Rome crushed all before it, and tended to do so only in accordance with those dates as dictated by the increasingly bizarre and bloody rituals of the now Jupiter-obsessed elite.
Jupiter? Saturn?  Did it really matter which you chose as supreme deity when the reality was that both names simply represented humanistic personifications of the claim to rule by divine right.  It was the ultimate in personality cults.  If you observed and enacted the correct death rituals with the right type of people, then you became a quasi-god complete with the same rights a god enjoyed over life and death.

The allure was that the legacy of divine authority in both the name of Saturn and Jupiter was yours to be had by simply engaging in ascending programme of objectionable sex-murder rites.  The trouble was, your average Nero and Caligula really believed this excrement.

The heavens become quiet, Mankind becomes violent
The skies over Rome and the whole world now no longer showed even the remotest evidence of the terrible calamities that had gone before.  Mankind had entered into a state of amnesia on that score and the carefully recorded memories of these celestial events had become antiquated religious myths in the minds of the broader public.  These mythologies, in turn, were now corrupted beyond any hope for truth by the sick rituals of those who claimed to be the custodians of their hidden secrets.  A deep seated lie now stalked the corridors of Roman power looking to devour anyone ambitious enough to enter public service.  Suspiciously, one class of people seemed to thrive in this environment – the merchant banker class.

The quasi-religious war juggernaut that was Imperial Rome was now stuck in the familiar cycle of debt, more war, followed by more debt, then more war, and so on.  Thanks to the Julian dynasty, the issuance of money within the Empire was now firmly in the hands of Mystery Babylon and its Roman stooges where a silver-backed system of finance operated in place of the old gold standard system that had been practised in Babylon.  It was, however, the same debt-based slavery system developed back in the days of Babel, for it seems there is nothing new under the sun when it comes to the capacity of nations to fall for this scam time and time again.

Rome’s Money Troubles


Though the most powerful beast in human history, Rome was still dependent on the flow of money for its lifeblood.  In the firm grip of a financial system dating back to Babylon, the Roman war machine was grinding to a halt under an enormous debt burden – and questions were being asked in the Empire’s furthest reaches.
(continued from Saturn Death Cult – Part 2)

To sustain its cycle of debt and war Rome had to constantly expand and swallow up ever more peoples and territory.  As a result, and quiet understandably, the peoples at the periphery of the empire were becoming evermore impatient with this policy.  The first signs of real trouble had raised its head in the distant Roman province of Judea during the start of the Julian succession of emperors.  At the centre of it was, what else, a temple.
A minor event by Roman standards, it seems a certain Judean decided to physically assault the merchant bankers operating out of the main temple in Jerusalem and then declare he was the Son of God come to rescue the lost sheep of the house of Israel.  By sheep we can safely assume he meant people, but his actions in beating up and chucking out the merchant bankers caused a major furore amongst the locals.  Three years later he was executed for his troubles, but left a smallish band of supporters who continued to preach amongst other things that ‘the love of money is the root of all evil.’
At the time the Romans hardly took any notice of what was to them a squabble between rival priest factions for the control of a minor one-god temple.  They had bigger things to worry about and bigger temples to prove it.  However, a short thirty-two years later and the Romans had a full-blown uprising on their hands.

Typically, the Romans believed they had to make an absolute example out of this rebellious province and in the most brutal way possible.  The temple at the centre of Judean life and resistance was utterly destroyed with documents from the era suggesting atrocities on a scale unheard of with whole populations succumbing to barbaric acts of what today would be called genocidal ethnic cleansing.  Back in Rome, the blood-sacrifice junkies purred and the merchant bankers cashed in.

In the meantime, the nearly forgotten followers of the anti-banker Judean quietly dispersed themselves throughout the Roman world while Rome got back to the business of being Rome.

Unfortunately the business of being Rome meant dealing with an extremely overstretched frontier. The debt burden incurred in the defence and maintenance of Rome’s borders grew and grew and, as always in this now familiar pattern, started to implode under its own weight.  Rome had reached the limits of its ability to expand and as such could no longer service its debt to the merchant banker families that were now the true power in the empire.
Then it started to happen again, just as it had during the lead up to the catastrophe during the Tower of Babel epoch.  The original Roman silver standard that defined the coin of the realm was debased to help pay for the crushing debt owed to the merchant banker class.  This set off the inevitable bout of hyperinflation that always follows when a currency is no longer trusted to hold the value its supposed to have.  People simply stopped trusting that a Roman coin actually contained the stated amount of precious metal it was supposed to be made up of.  Exacerbating this was the self-serving actions of the merchant bankers illegally clipping and filing off the precious metals contained in the increasingly debased currency.  Everybody got in on the act and soon Rome’s all important trade tributaries started to grind to a halt.
The economic crisis of the third century was one of history’s most destructive.  It provided the backdrop for a series of socio-economic changes that would affect the world for millennia.  Though the Imperial Rome of the Caesars would struggle on for another two centuries in one form or another, its days as a vibrant power were numbered and what became known as the Dark Ages stood poised to fill the void.

The Rise of the Nicolaitans

The parasitic nature of Mystery Babylon’s debt-based financial system was eating Rome out from the inside.  No amount of murderous ritual seemed to help.  And yet, because Mystery Babylon’s debt-based monetary system is nothing more than a parasite, it couldn’t help itself in slowly killing its host.
(continued from Rome’s Money Troubles)

The only way for a parasite to survive is to find a new host.  But where could Mystery Babylon go now?
Luckily for Mystery Babylon and its dependant Illuminated Ones, it was during this economic turmoil that the stage was being set for the rise of a new breed of priest-kings.  They were to come out of the ranks of a long-forgotten and ancient priesthood still struggling to keep the flame of Golden Age values alive.
At the height of the Roman monetary crisis, a small group of  practically-minded priests called Nicolaitans claimed a controlling stake in a small yet highly committed band of proselytes.  These proselytes were the heirs to a tradition that extolled the virtues of a Silver Age priesthood called the Order of Melchizedek.

The Nicolaitan approach to the teachings of this Melchizedekian order was as clear as it was concise:  Promoting Melchizedekian values would be handled as a marketing exercise and to achieve this you needed committed professionals.  The Nicolaitans considered themselves consummate professionals.
In short, what the Nicolaitans were proposing was that they would take on the job of being professional priests with a mandate to speak on God’s behalf – for a fee of course.  The well-meaning amateurs that had preciously run things could no longer cut it in a world where the chances of economic survival for any priesthood were going to hell in a basket.  The traditional writings and Melchizedekian values that the Nicolaitans had now successfully appropriated for themselves was, of course, the fledgling religion of Christianity.
From the shadows of the Roman monetary crisis certain Illuminated Ones looked on with interest.

The first act in a series of acts designed to expand Nicolaitan influence was nothing short of a stroke of marketing genius.   The spiritual head and main teacher of the Melchizedek order was, at the time, the very same Judean that had assaulted the merchant bankers in the old temple at Jerusalem some two hundred years before.  Though long since vanished from the scene, his collected thoughts and insights were central to the priesthood’s sense of validity.

The Judean was noted to have propounded certain teachings that echoed the principles of justice and righteousness of the Golden Age.  He drew his moral authority from values closely related to that time.  The difficulty was that he didn’t have a very marketable image, something the Nicolaitans recognised would be a problem if they were to successfully sell the idea that he represented their right to speak on behalf of the supreme Creator.
In fact, there was a total dearth of exploitable information about the man.  There were no physical descriptions, surviving contemporary portraits or even preliminary sketches from which to build a personality cult around this Judean.  No one knew what the guy had really looked like, which was deemed important in a culture heavily influenced by physical beauty and presence.  The plethora of semi-naked and impossibly perfectly proportioned statues that abounded throughout the empire were the fashion magazine covers of the day.  Beauty was in and you had better be good looking, or at least well dressed, if you were going to catch the public’s eye.  Nothing in the Judean’s legacy seemed to point to anything remotely marketable.

The Nicolaitans pondered this problem and eventually turned to brainstorming on the Judean’s name as a possible solution. His name had been Yashua.  Today, in modern English, his name would be Joshua.

In his native tongue, the Judean’s name comtained a ‘Ya’ which could mean ‘lord’ or ‘god’ depending on the context.  The Nicolaitans liked this, but had trouble finding a linguistic link to the supreme Roman name of Jupiter.  Obviously, in a Roman world where Jupiter was the recognised lord of heaven and all below, it would have been better if this Yashua had been named Jupiter.  After all, he did claim to be the Son of God and wasn’t Jupiter none other than the son of the first supreme god Saturn?  But this ‘Ya’ thing didn’t fit the bill and was a bit too obscure for the majority of the Roman empire who spoke mainly Latin or Greek.

Then someone had the bright idea of mixing both the ‘Ya’ in the Judean’s name with the Jupiter title which gave you – Yapiter!  This was, quiet rightly, dismissed as ridiculous, but they had a sense they might be on to something.  And then it hit them – Zeus!  Zeus was the Greek equivalent of Jupiter and a simple juxtaposition of the ‘Ya’ with Zeus rendered a name that effectively denoted its bearer as ‘Lord Zeus’!  What you had was YaZeus, which became Yeseus,… and eventually morphed into Jesus.

Again, certain Illuminated Ones looked on from the shadows and smiled at this brazen act of linguistic alchemy.  Jesus, or Lord Zeus, was something they could work with.  They particularly liked the image of the bloodied Jesus suffering in agony while hanging from an old fashioned Roman instrument of execution.  There was definite blood-ritual potential there.

In the meantime, life in the Roman empire was becoming dire.  This formerly iron-willed beast was looking decidedly rusty.  A gang of northern barbarians agreed and soon they were ransacking the empire’s frontiers at will.  But, as seems to be the case in history, cometh the hour, cometh the man.  Constantine the Great would mark the last time Imperial Rome would enjoy the rule of a true warrior-king.  It would also mark the beginnings of the Nicolaitan’s rise from obscurity to re-establishing a Priest-king as ruler over the known world.

The Resurrection of a Beast Wounded unto Death
Constantine’s legacy is mostly associated today with establishing the young religion of Christianity as Rome’s official state religion.  The Nicolaitans immediately set about transforming their newfound status into a formal organisation.  Naturally, it took on the shape of Rome’s hierarchical structure with scarlet, the colour of blood, becoming its chosen fashion statement.  A hard corps of Illuminated Ones signed up and blended in nicely with the new colour scheme.

Unfortunately, Constantine didn’t live forever and Rome petered out in the face of a series of invasions, most notably those of the hunnish Huns.  With the old empire now split between East and West, Rome’s burgeoning travails did provide one definite high point for its new one-god state religion, now known as the Church.  Its leader, in an act of undoubted courage, managed to personally persuade the Hun warrior-king Attila into rethinking his plans for the sacking the Imperial capital.  Rome rejoiced and Christianity basked in the glory of introducing to the world its latest, and destined to be greatest priest-king:  The Pope.

The Beast that was Imperial Rome eventually died, mortally wounded to the head when its system of government completely failed by the late fifth century.  Its corpse lay rotting in the dying embers of civilisation as a series of lesser non-Roman kingdoms squatted its former royal status.
Under the circumstances, it would have been thought that the Pope and his Church would have died along with Rome, a casualty of the ebb and flow of history.    But then, as if by magic, the Beast seemed to resurrect itself, its mortal wound healed and a new-look head now smiling coldly out into the gathering gloom of the Dark Ages.

By taking the best organisational features of the old Imperial system and adapting them to an increasingly ritual-based religion, the priest-king Pope and his newly-modelled Holy Roman Empire was now ready to open shop.  The Church was now fully open for business.

With their usual panache for spotting a good marketing idea, the Nicolaitans had been steadily refining a new set of rituals designed to initiate the broader public in under the control of their recently elevated supreme priest-king.  They effectively opened up to the masses a chance to really partake in the ceremonial aspects of getting closer to God.

Unsurprisingly, the blood-sacrifice element of the Judean’s execution a few centuries before was now emphasised as the main ritualistic requirement for prospects looking to benefit from Church membership.  As everyday ordinary people were invited to step forth and take the new sacraments of faith, references to drinking Jesus’ blood and eating his flesh caused knowing winks of understanding to pass between secretly observing Illuminated Ones.
In fact, the Illuminated Ones immediately recognised the potential of this variation on the old blood rituals of Jupiter and Saturn for attracting up and coming warrior-kings.  It was Mystery Babylon’s age-old way of trapping those looking for legitimacy to bolster their claims to the divine right to rule.  Initially hurt by the collapse of their host economy in the third century, Mystery Babylon’s Illuminated Ones quickly set about positioning themselves to provide finance for the new priest-king Pope.  Money would lubricate the wheels of influence and warrior-kings would once again dance to their debt-slavery tune.

The Illuminated Church


The Church now enjoyed the authority and money to sanction whichever warrior-king it deemed most beneficial to its own aims and purposes.  Great coronation ceremonies were performed with the Pope anointing his ‘chosen’ ones using variations of the now familiar Saturnian and Jovian rituals – and the people couldn’t get enough.
(continued from Rise of the Nicolaitans)

Charlemagne, Otto the Great and Barbarossa were just some of the luminaries sanctified as genuine Bluebloods by the all-powerful priest-king Pope.  Once the formal, yet sanitized blood-rituals had been performed for the benefit of an ignorant public, Illuminated Ones would lead the newly crowned Bluebloods away to initiate them into the real stuff behind the scenes.
As the Middle Ages ground on, children started to disappear in ever greater numbers.
Of course, mass blood sacrifices in the form of useless wars continued to be a feature under the Holy Roman Empire just as it had been under the old Imperial order.  These were christened Wars of the Cross, or Crusades, and they didn’t stop with attacks on those holding the old Holy Land of Palestine.  Any perceived enemy of the Church, and therefore the Nicolaitans, who had land to be seized was deemed worthy of the attentions of a Crusade, the bloodier the better.
True to form, Mystery Babylon continued its work behind the scenes apace and a particularly sordid event during the Crusades goes to illustrate the symbiotic relationship between money and power and the role of the merchant banker class in subverting the authority of even an institution that had become as powerful as the Church.

WANT TO UNDERSTAND the Babylonian origins of the modern Church, Two Babylons is the classic study in the links between modern church ritual and symbolism and the religion of Nimrod.
With its power base now fully consolidated in the great trading city states of Florence and Genoa, Mystery Babylon’s Illuminated Ones continued to promote arms trafficking, the ancient drug trade of Sodom and Gomorrah and a trade in slaves.  Monies from these dubious activities was reinvested into the practise of money lending at rates of usurious interest thus allowing the merchant bankers to establish great houses of commerce through the laundering of drug and arms trafficking profits.  It was a highly convenient commercial model that was to last in one form or another up till the present day.
The slave trade, both its sexual and indentured variants, played a vital role in funding the acquisition of drugs from Mystery Babylon’s far-eastern contacts.  These contacts were so sophisticated that it was believed by some of the more impressionable crusaders that the Holy Roman Empire enjoyed a secret relationship with a nominally Christian kingdom hidden deep in the depths of Asia.  The kingdom was thought to be the domain of one Prester John and it was hoped, by the naïve cannon fodder of the Cross, that he would soon join them in their campaigns to defeat the Muslim Caliphate
Prestor John never did come.  His opium, however, did.

Though the Holy Roman Empire’s economy was now very dependant on the financially lubricating effects of arms and drug trafficking, it was still difficult for the Pope to look the other way when confronted by some of Mystery Babylon’s more egregious and un-Christian activities.   The enduring legacy of the anti-banker doctrines of Jesus were still an important part of the Papal claim to divine legitimacy, a factor not lost on some card-carrying Christians who were finding it increasingly difficult to reconcile the Church’s pronouncements with its actions.

So when a crowd of some thirty thousand children took up the improbable call to travel to the holy land and convert the Muslim infidels with love, things did not sit well with the general public when these kids were promptly sold into slavery by the very same merchant bankers the Church was now heavily indebted to.

The merchant bankers didn’t really understand what all the fuss was about.  But a few warrior-kings, themselves heavily in debt to these creatures, certainly did understand the implications and quickly realised it as an opportunity to morally extricate themselves from Mystery Babylon’s growing web of debt-based financial slavery.

Events came to head and the Illuminated Ones were caught napping on an auspicious Friday 13th when the Church and the debt-riddled warrior-king of France made their move on one of Mystery Babylon’s flagship enterprises, the Knights Templar.  The Church accused the Templars of, amongst other things, obscene rituals and homosexuality, but the true motive for the attack is evident in the charges of financial corruption, fraud, and secrecy.
Ironically, and considering their responsibility for so many contrived wars substituting as blood-sacrifice rituals, the Illuminated Ones suddenly found themselves the target of a Church inspired blood-sacrifice ritual called the Albigensian Crusade.  They quickly retreated underground, some by burying themselves in the deepest recesses of the Church itself, while others took up the quiet life of respectable mystery school adepts practised in the art of funny handshakes.  Deep within the shadows, though, the sex rituals and murder rites continued as a new wave of secret societies were established to carry Mystery Babylon’s torch.
The Church understood this, and emboldened by their successes against the Knights Templar went on to purge Illuminated Ones from amongst existing bluebloods now dependant on the Church for their privileged positions.  Chief amongst those purged was a particularly loathsome blueblood called Gilles de Rais.

A serial murderer of hundreds of children, Gilles de Rais was the former brother-in-arms to the convicted and now dead witch Joan of Arc.  An exceedingly wealthy man in his own right, de Rais was dragged into the limelight by the Church and exposed for the demonic sadistic killer that he was in private.  At the height of his trial it was revealed that his horrific penchant for the torture, mutilation and murder of children was actually the pretext for ritualistic rites with strong occult themes.  A thoroughly revolted public expressed its abject horror over the affair, and the Illuminated Ones found themselves going into full damage control. (see Ritual Child Murder – Part 1 for more on Gilles de Rais)

However, the Gilles de Rais episode turned out to be a hidden blessing for the Illuminated agenda.  The Church’s gambit began to backfire when doubts started to surface amongst Gilles de Rais’ blueblood brethren as to whether or not the priest-king Pope had overstepped the mark.  The newly established underground secret societies of the Illuminated Ones began to see a surreptitious increase in membership from the ranks of the nobility while children continued to disappear in ever greater numbers.
By this time it’s hoped the reader will have noticed the clear connection between the activities of ritual-based secret societies and the growing trend in disappearing children down through the ages.  It is important to understand this connection because we now come to that part of the story in which the ever bizarre nature of the elitist agenda and its Saturnian legacy serves to launch what is the modern age.
With the wholesale destruction of what had been the Knights Templar and the subsequent purging of various Illuminated Ones throughout the Holy Roman Empire, a watershed in relations had been reached between the powers of Mystery Babylon and the Nicolaitan-dominated institution of the priest-king Pope.  The merchant bankers had grown restless under the threat of Papal retribution and believed it was high time to reassert themselves like they had once done on the plains of Dura in old Babylon.

With this as our backdrop, we now move to view the consequences of what the history books call the Great Inquisition and the subsequent Reformation and Counter-Reformation periods.  In the context of this story these periods marked the beginnings of a concerted push by the hidden powers-that-be to re-establish the notion of a global society based on occult and alchemical traditions dating to the Babel epoch.  The day of the Nation State was about to dawn in the Age of Iron.  This then is the subject of part two in this darkly fascinating journey that is the Saturnian legacy.

A Whole New World of Pain

It’s estimated as many as fifty million people were put to death as a consequence of the Church’s Holy Inquisition.  The realisation that a whole New World existed beyond the horizon was a welcome revelation to power-hungry Church, but an Apocalypse to its inhabitants.
(continued from The Illuminated Church)

Through the organised butchery of vast swathes of the European population in the name of it’s Jovian-corrupted Melchizedekian values, the Nicolaitans had thought to maintain their position at the top of the Christian food chain.
The threat posed by a variant interpretation of their Christian doctrines, Protestantism, was really no threat at all to the Jovian status quo because Protestants had their own gang of Nicolaitans who still clung to the essentials of a Jovian inspired Christianity.  However, the period known as the Inquisition proved to be one giant Nicolaitan bloodbath that only served to weaken the overall authority of the Church as it headed towards its greatest test yet.
The modern industrial age and its alarmingly noisy machines lay just over the horizon and the hard work being put in by Mystery Babylon was starting to pay off.  Crucial to progress in the march to an industrial age was the growing need for energy to drive new fangled contraptions that were boosting farm production.  At first, the issue was to produce more food to feed the growing population of Europe as it recovered from the twin depravations of the Inquisition and a deadly plague remembered as the Black Death.  But the underlying issue was the control of the land on which food could be grown.
The energy required to drive machines meant access to resources was essential and access to resources meant having access to larger tracts of land.  Land costs money, especially if you are going to develop it.  The Illuminated Ones recognised an opportunity and control over the new facet of land acquisition and energy production was added to their ever expanding portfolio of enterprises.  They carefully invested in voyages of exploration in search of new lands and sat back in the expectation of increased profits.  Best of all, with the Church currently occupied with its internecine Catholic/Protestant death struggle, the Illuminated Ones were free to engage in whatever form of government they could impose in any new lands that came under the influence of their ritually controlled warrior-kings.
That is, until the advent of one of those game changing events that tends to set warrior-kings off into cannibalistic feeding frenzies of lethal wars of conquest – the discovery of gold.

Over the generations, a few people from the Old World had been kind of aware of the existence of the New World for thousands of years.  The Nicolaitans only became aware of it just over five hundred years ago.   They had a bit of catching up to do and determined early on that their influence would, quite naturally, be forcibly established amongst the curiously heathen types that populated this new world.

When the discovery of gold became a part of the New World equation, the Nicolaitans found themselves scrambling to keep control of events.  Warrior-kings sworn to uphold the authority of the Church started attacking warrior-kings sworn to uphold the authority of the Church, who, in turn, were attacked by warrior-kings sworn to uphold the authority of the Church.  Amidst all the unauthorised attacking, the idea of what Church authority exactly stood for started to break up in favour of a feverish trust in the authority of gold.  And with so much gold now flooding into the Old World from the New, previously stable economies started to suffer the inevitable imbalances brought about by consequent price inflation.

The Church sought to arrest the situation and decreed that, since all the gold in all the world was God’s, it was, by implication, the Church’s.  But nobody really heard that one and the Pope would eventually be forced to up the anti by claiming his edicts were infallible,… so they had better listen.  By the time the Pope and the Nicolaitans had resorted to that tactic, the Church had become virtually irrelevant.
And it was all according to plan.
You see, the rape and pillage of the New World and its gold reserves continued unabated with droves of people upping stakes from under the Church and making a move to pastures more golden.  But the real consequences masked by this demographic shift was almost entirely hidden to mainstream history.  The Nicolaitans missed it completely and your average warrior-king hadn’t a clue as to what they were looking at when it came to the New World.  All they could see was gold and land.  Only the Illuminated Ones fully understood the implications of what was hidden in plain sight.   And it would forever change their approach to sex-blood ritual as a control mechanism in a world now fully entering into the age of machines.

A Worldwide Earthquake and a Harlot’s Fall

The wholesale destruction of the existing New World cultures found by the European settlers failed to hide images of a pre-European American civilisation.  Now rotting away in the fetid jungles and high mountain passes of Central and South America, the savage Saturnian imagery of human sacrifice is plain to see – and it points to a disturbing origin shared by all.
(continued from A Whole New World of Pain)

As the infamous conquistadors crawled over the shattered ruins of the Aztec and Inca empires looking for every speck of gold they could lay their hands on they barely noticed the wealth of hidden history staring back at them in the form of Mayan and Aztec hieroglyphics and artworks.  They took comfort from their Nicolaitan monks that what they were plundering was all just pagan rubbish of the lowest and most barbaric order.

However, along for the ride were the usual cabal of hidden Illuminated Ones who had a sneaking suspicion they had been here before.  They took careful notes and observations and interviewed some of the surviving native nobility as to what had been going on in the Americas before the savage invasions of Cortez and Pizzaro.  The stories they collected revealed a dominant theme that spread the length of the two continents and confirmed their suspicions:  The ancient peoples of the Americas had been practising the same Saturnian-type blood rituals whose origins dated all the way back to the Silver Age and possibly beyond.
But what did it mean?

Reports were sent back to the various Old World secret societies and, after an orgy of ritualistic investigations, their highest adepts found themselves plunging headlong into a journey of renewed Illuminated knowledge.  What they had, in the form of clearly identifiable New World ritual practises, was evidence of a world wide Saturn-based religion that pre-dated the Nicolaitan creed of Jovian-inspired worship.

In a world where generations of Illuminated Ones had blended the key ritual aspects of Saturn and Jupiter worship while successfully imprinting its influence onto the corrupted Nicolaitan creed of Christianity, it dawned on the current crop of Illuminated Ones that they had the perfect solution to undermining the authority of the Church once and for all.  With the evidence of pre-Christian Saturnian worship in the New World, the secret societies could now initiate chosen elites into an undeniable half-truth:  The secret origins of Christianity were to be found in the higher truths of a more ancient and more widely accepted worship of Saturn.  i.e. Saturn had seniority over Jesus.
Flush with a renewed vigour of purpose, a new harvest of blueblood recruits were quickly initiated into the new secrets of the secret societies.  Those who came to know the truth of Christianity’s dubious Saturnian origins easily recognised the impact it had on the already deteriorating authority of the Church and its implications on who would hold the reigns of power in the modern age.

But bluebloods were proving an intellectually dull lot, largely due to their incessant practise of inter-marriage within their own select bloodlines.  They liked the idea of a less powerful Church meddling in their affairs, but had unfortunately become comfortable with achieving objectives by applying the principle of ‘it pleases me for it to be so’.  This was hardly the approach the Illuminated Ones had in mind when it came to successfully challenging the Church on an intellectual level with an alternative claim to authority.  Being dependant on forwarding their objectives through society’s privileged classes, Mystery Babylon’s more clued-up adepts realised that the predominance of  inbreed bluebloods and nobility within their ranks represented a crisis of leadership.

After careful consideration and a subsequent upsurge in child disappearances, it was reluctantly determined by the Illuminated Ones that the long-term objectives of Mystery Babylon could only be realised by new blood being brought into the equation. It was deemed necessary to tap the raw intellectual resources latent in the former masses of human chattel that they had so coldly preyed upon before.  Only in this way could they finally break away from the clutches of Church control and forge a new vision for a post-Christian world.
However, due to education being the centuries-old prerogative of the Church and the blueblood classes, the greater masses of Europe’s population enjoyed only rudimentary intellectual skills in the art of thinking.  Though some had developed a self-awareness independent of the Church, such people were often barbecued for their troubles and the masses took the hint of sticking to only looking at the pictures.

Undeterred, an effort was made by the Illuminated Ones through Mystery Babylon’s moneyed classes to stimulate educational pursuits amongst the more promising elements of humanity.  They put a special emphasis on the sciences, legal and financial professions.  However, the subsequent emergence of educated luminaries such as Galileo, Kant and Isaac Newton would prove a double-edged sword in the march towards a reborn world dominated by an Illuminated world religion and sustained by Mystery Babylon’s debt-slavery financial system.

The two distinct successes to emerge from this policy, in Illuminated terms, were the collected economic thoughts of a hard-bitten Scottish business mind in the form of one Adam Smith and the philosophical wiles of a cleverly argumentative fellow by the name of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.  While Adam Smith’s magnum opus The Wealth of Nations outlined a rational for an increase in global commerce as a good thing, Hegel concentrated on developing a philosophical technique termed Hegelian dialectic.   Hegel’s dialectic could be used by Illuminated Ones to identify and then bring together two radically opposing points of view and then use the ensuing conflict to manipulate both parties into a compromise beneficial to their illuminated aims and objectives.  Soooo,… start a fight between two people, but make sure you collect the prize money.   That about sums it up!

In fact, it didn’t take long for the Illuminated Ones to realise that Hegel’s philosophy was a page taken right out of their old modus operandi in organising war after war as a means of furthering their blood-soaked agendas, including the drive for the control of global trade and commerce.   As a philosophy, it was really just a very clever way of disguising a technique for outright political and social manipulation as a respectable topic for polite company.
The Hegelian dialectical process began to be used as a powerful tool for creating the desired social and political changes needed to facilitate Mystery Babylon’s long term plans.  A decidedly simple formula was put into operation in which all that the Illuminated Ones had to do was organise and finance one extreme viewpoint (the thesis) only to then secretly fund and present its counter point of view (the antithesis).  The resulting conflict served to then herd the greater majority of the bewildered masses into accepting a prefabricated conflict-resolution solution (the synthesis).  This synthesis would, of course, be consistent with the objectives of the Illuminated Ones.
In the period leading up to the modern era, both Adam Smith’s and Hegel’s ideals were to lay the foundations for the financial and philosophical development of the two defining concepts that were to embody the modern mass industrialised age – the faceless Corporation and the all-encompassing Nation State.

For those who could set up a corporation, it was a wonderful way to accumulate personal wealth without the burden of taking personal responsibility.  In the meantime, the nation state concept forcibly corralled people into a false sense of owning a claim on a specific region’s resources without ever actually having personal ownership or free access to those resources.  Those ownership rights still belonged to the former feudal blueblood masters, but they let you wave around a multi-coloured piece of cloth on special occasions to show you were now officially part of the team.  Either way, both concepts proved a masterful means of transferring whatever wealth the many had into the hands of the few, with all the real work being done by the many.

Not to be completely outdone, the Nicolaitans managed to make their own philosophical contribution to shaping the modern age in the dangerously eugenic-friendly beliefs of one Thomas Malthus, an Anglican clergyman who had way too much time on his hands.  Convinced that modern progress would inevitably be stymied by producing too many mouths to feed, Illuminated Ones thoughtfully filed Malthus’ theory under their ‘future plans for useless eaters’ category and quietly stashed it’s implications away for a rainy day.
The first effects of both Adam Smith’s and Hegel’s concepts were to manifest themselves in a stupendous socio-political earthquake at the end of the 18th century that would see the Church ruthlessly knocked from its position of power and the globe cleaved into three distinct spheres of control – Old World, New World and Third World.
Driving the move into this embryonic new world order would be the emergence of a new family of pseudo-royals destined to become the financial lords of a powerfully resurgent Mystery Babylon.  As the world focused its eyes on a carefully constructed carousel of would-be world emperors and warrior-king conquerors, it would almost completely miss the signature moves of the most important claimant to effective worldwide domination – the rise of The Red Shield.

New Babylon Rising

'Saturn Death Cult' by Jacob Wetzel, courtesy of the artist at http://jacobjwetzel.deviantart.com/

Contrary to what the history books tell you, it was not Napoleon that stepped into the political and economic void created by the earth-shaking events of the French Revolution.  Rather, it was the cold calculating financial acumen of a previously obscure family of money changers that took financial advantage of the power vacuum straddling the 18th and 19th centuries.

(continued from A Worldwide Earthquake and a Harlot’s Fall)

In the greater scheme of things Napoleon was yet just another warrior-king in desperate need of a decent bank balance.  He was the product of an age that saw the French aristocracy and the Church’s Nicolaitans finally loose their grip on both the political and economic control of Europe as well as their actual heads.  However, it would be the apocryphal act of Napoleon snatching the crown out of a startled Pope’s hands and calmly place it on his own head that would signify to those in the know that the Nicolaitans were a spent force.
The worldwide earthquake that was the late 18th century age of revolution and the consequent demise of the Church had started in the unlikely setting of a New World backwater called Lexington.  The following conflict between the American-born descendants of indentured servants and the mercenary lackeys of the British elite quickly escalated into the birth of a new and entirely independent nation dubbed the United States of America.

The American Revolutionary War of Independence, as it came to be forgotten by modern generations of Americans, was in reality a squabble over taxes.  Naturally, at the centre of it was the growing British Empire’s inability to fund the debt it owed to a cabal of merchant bankers parked in the nation’s capital of London,… so the then British warrior-king decided the American colonists would pay it.  It proved to be one of the rare hiccups suffered by Mystery Babylon during that chaotic era.

The truly revolutionary aspect to what started on the village common at Lexington has to do with the way in which the colonists decided to keep their economy going in the face of increased tax demands from Britain.  Having no other asset than the product of their own labours from the land on which they lived, the colonists did the unthinkable. They started to issue their own money against that very asset, and they had the temerity to issue it debt free.  It was a debt-free system of financing that was diametrically opposed to the debt-based financial model as practised by Mystery Babylon and enforced by the Bank of England – and to the horror of Britain’s banking elite it seemed to be working.

The resultant shockwaves that were felt across the Atlantic in the smugly secure offices of the London-based banking system were nothing short of a call to arms.  Up to that moment the merchant bankers of Britain had been complacently confident in their ability to perpetuate the same debt-based financial slavery system in the Americas that they currently enjoyed as a monopoly in Britain and on the Continent.  Sensing a serious threat to their financial monopoly, things were bound to get ugly, and get ugly fast.  The American experiment had to be stopped in its tracks before it infected the rest of the world.

The French in their revolutionary experiment were, however, not so fortunate as to enjoy the same financial freedom that their American revolutionary cousins had.  They too had reached the limit of their endurance suffering under a corrupt money system abused by reality-disconnected bluebloods and backed by insidious merchant bankers. In an explosion of typically flamboyant disgust the French people stormed the Bastille, cut off their warrior-king’s head and promptly found themselves at the mercy of a military dictatorship intent on can-canning its way to European conquest, financially backed by – you guessed it – merchant bankers and a national debt.

You see, after the American debacle, Mystery Babylon had got their act together and were secretly funding both sides of the proverbial French revolutionary coin in true Hegelian dialectic fashion.  Napoleon got the synthesising nod in the merchant banker’s Machiavellian game of thesis versus antithesis with the last remnants of Nicolaitan influence in France being forced to flee to a new life as religious tourist attractions in the newly formed Vatican city state.

Noteworthy in the financial power broking plays that brought about this new state of affairs were the efforts of a rising star in the ranks of Mystery Babylon’s merchant banking class, a small European money changing family known in certain circles as the Red Shield.

By the late 1700s the Red Shield had also opened shop in the virtually autonomous banking capital of the British Empire, the City of London, where the local merchant banker houses were still reeling from the loss of the Americas to a debt-free money system.  There the Red Shield started funding the British government’s response to the merchant banker-manipulated antics of an excessively power hungry Napoleon who was, in turn, being secretly funded by the French wing of the Red Shield,… who were, in turn, also funding other elements looking to re-establish the old French blueblood clan that had lost its head (literally and figuratively) in the revolution, the very same that had been replaced by the Red Shield-backed Napoleon.

To top it all off there was also yet more Red Shield financial support for a totally different group of bluebloods looking to usurp the original French bluebloods trying to reclaim their throne in the advent of Napolean losing his own head.  No doubt about it, a growing number of Illuminated Ones started to acknowledge that these Red Shield guys played a dialectically good game and soon Mystery Babylon’s objectives were being trusted almost exclusively to the Red Shield’s sphere of operations.

The Red Shield’s moment of truth came in the wake of Napoleon’s defeat by the joint British and Prussian forces at Waterloo.  Already a major source of funding for the issuance of British government bonds, the London branch of the Red Shield manipulated British business interests into believing that Napoleon had in fact won on the field of Waterloo.  A selling panic ensued allowing the Red Shield to buy controlling stakes in the choicest British commercial enterprises for pennies on the pound before the true outcome at Waterloo filtered through.  The Red Shield was now a made financial power in Britain and could exert huge influence over the policies of the Bank of England, the chief financial institution in the nation since 1694.

Practitioners of endogamy, that quaint practise of marrying only within ones own family or ethnic group, the Red Shield were quintessential bluebloods in all but actual title.  With their growing financial influence over Europe’s waning blueblood and warrior-king clans, the Red Shield were soon anointed as fellow bluebloods and initiated into the inner sanctums of the grand Saturnian Truth.  There they set about consolidating their position as a precursor to establishing outright and overall control of the dispensing and granting of illuminated wisdom. The Red Shield determined to be the first of all brethren in a New World Order born from the hidden machinations of a Mystery Babylon that was virtually now synonymous with their own objectives.

No longer bound to operating out of temples and through the religious frontages of spurious priesthoods, Mystery Babylon, through the work of the Red Shield, now felt confident enough to begin creating its own temples dedicated to the worship of money as a means of control over each and every nation on the earth.  Taking as their model the existing Bank of England, these temples are what we call today Central Banks.  For the Red Shield, their greatest challenge would be the establishment of such a temple in the young nation of the United States of America.  The founding of the Federal Reserve Bank of America through their merchant banker proxies in that country would be their crowing achievement to date.

Guns, Oil, Drugs and Sex


Mystery Babylon had consolidated its hold on world finances and international trade by the end of the 19th century.  The modern military industrial complex was born, and with it came an intensification of an age-old scourge – white slavery.
(continued from New Babylon Rising)

The role played by merchant bankers in the now incessant wars that plagued the world in the age of nation state empires is, by now, a well understood facet of Mystery Babylon’s operations.  The origins of the modern military industrial complex of nation states can be directly traced to the famous maxim of renowned military strategist Von Clausewitz that. . . “War is a mere continuation of politics by other means”.  Gun running was a way of ensuring the ‘extension of politics by other means’ was a certainty.

But it was the sudden thirst for energy in a rapidly industrializing world that saw the Red Shield and its cohorts consolidate their grip on the destiny of the western world in the 19th century.  The wood and coal burning days of the early Industrial Revolution gave way to a new source of energy that promised a massive increase energy output per unit that could not be matched by any other known fuel of the time.  Best of all, this new energy source was locked away in the ground where only those with financial backing could tap it.  We are, of course, talking about Oil, the black gold that would fuel Mystery Babylon’s quest for monopoly over the world’s energy needs.

One of the key tracts of land harbouring this precious substance was the United States of America.  Sensing an opportunity, the Red Shield invested its resources into the operations of a select group of merchant bankers in order to expand their influence into the new oil sector.  The age of the Robber Barons descended on an unsuspecting American populace with key individuals in the oil industry positioned to become some of the wealthiest individuals the world had ever seen.  An era fondly remembered by Illuminated Ones as the Gilded Age, men such as John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie would amass personal fortunes never to be seen again in modern times.

With the military expansion of nation states providing a ready supply of stolen drillable land for the Red Shield’s oil associates, the traditional blueblood elites of the Old World started feeling a bit left out.  In particular, the royal classes of bluebloods were becoming cash-strapped in the wake of the rise of the Red Shield and soon they turned their attentions back to an old cash cow that had proved such a reliable source of income for Illuminated Ones in the past:  Opium.

The flagrantly criminal commercial enterprises known as the Opium Wars were nothing more than royal sanctioned drug dealing on a corporate scale that would not be matched until the CIA gave its backing to Columbian cocaine cartels in the later 20th century.  The shocking disregard for the health of the Chinese people by representatives of the British East India Company should serve as a constant reminder as to the moral foundations of the modern Corporate entity.  The desire to maximize profit at the cost of human lives emphasizes the pathological nature of those promoting a globalised world trade system as the highest expression of human activity.
The Old World bluebloods were ecstatic.  Their financial fortunes restored, they were now content to play the landed elite where they could maintain their occult rituals from behind closed castle walls and await the dawning of a promised new Saturnian Golden Age in which they were assured a place of honour.  For the Red Shield, the ongoing financial contributions of the international trade in drugs served to add lubrication to the channels through which their debt-based money would flow into the economy in general.
With guns, oil and drugs now a prominent feature of the Mystery Babylon business model we can turn to the role played by the trade in slaves in preserving that hidden kingdom of merchant’s control over its expanding influence.

The use of slaves as an energy source had largely been made redundant by the advances in oil driven machines that could do the work of a thousand such slaves.  Under the guise of freeing slaves from the iron shackles chaining them to the miseries of the plantations, the millions of America’s African slaves were released and introduced to life under debt-based money.  In time they would realize they had swapped one form of slavery for another while in no way truly escaping the stigma of the plantation in polite society.

But slavery had been a worldwide scourge for centuries and its trade was well established in the Middle East and other parts of Asia and Africa.  On the Southern continent of the Americas the plantation model of slavery persisted in various forms to the present day.  It was in the context of the activities of secret societies and mystery schools though, that Mystery Babylon’s continued interest in maintaining a slave trade was sustained.

As the Red Shield’s business interests expanded, it was accepted that an increasing amount of professional ‘managers’ had to be employed to run the day-to-day operations of a now global system of commerce.  The advantage in procuring such minions was that the inner circle of the Red Shield could continue to operate in relative obscurity as far as the general public was concerned.  Where the slave trade came in handy was in its use as a blackmailing agent to control the minion class and ensure the job was being done to Red Shield specifications.  What became known as White Slavery allowed the Illuminated Ones of the Red Shield’s inner circle to capitalize on the sexual deprivations of their minions as an entrapment should they ever think about breaking ranks.

The entrapment technique employed by Mystery Babylon on its minion classes took the form of a subtly different mode of blood ritual utilizing the predominantly Christian heritages of its participants.  The upsurge in Satanic or Luciferian-based ritual activity during the later part of the 19th century was a carefully calculated minion-specific variant on existing Saturnian sex-blood rituals.  Its symbols were markedly different, but its murderous activities paralleled those of the Illuminated Ones.  Luciferian and Satanic rites promoted a powerful sexual incentive for those invited to join and this was feed by a steady supply of expendable women and children gathered from the less fortunate sectors of society.

While Satanism and Luciferianism effectively shielded the minions away from the true meaning of the Saturnian sex-blood rituals practiced by their hidden masters, it did come to play another important role in the designs of the Illuminated Ones intent on bending the world to its version of an elite-controlled world state.  By the mid-to-late 20th century the frightening appearance of a social predator called the Serial Killer served the classic Hegelian dialectic purpose of herding a scared population into accepting ever more controls over their lives in the name of security.  Where this rash of serial killers sprang from is pinpointed by the superb analysis of Dave McGowan in his book Programed to Kill.   But that is another story for another time.
Back in the waning years of the 19th century, a distinctly hidden and frighteningly real world of occult abuse now existed behind the facades of every day life as experienced by the greater majority.  The plunge into the most murderous century in human history was now a fait accompli.

Nation State to World State


Transitioning from nation states to a single world state is an ongoing elitist project.  It is a dream as old as the Tower of Babel, but a reality for a myriad of modern nations that have seen their natural resources raped and their sovereignty extinguished.
(continued from Guns, Oil, Drugs and Sex)

“But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.” – David Rockefeller, Bilderberg Meeting 1991
Undermining the United States’ debt-free money experiment from before that nation’s catastrophic civil war was to be a harder job than otherwise might have been imagined by the merchant bankers of the Red Shield.   They found that the American adepts of the mystery schools, instrumental in the founding of the nation, seemed to have a strongly adverse reaction to the concept of debt-based money issued by private institutions.  It was a state of affairs that had to be changed.

Mystery schools were usually a happy hunting ground for Illuminated Ones looking to recruit new adherents to Mystery Babylon’s secret agenda.  But the mystery schools of America seemed imbued with a more Melchizedekian-type value system when it came to the issuance of money.  The fact that the new nation had adopted a Republican model of government like that of Rome in its pre-Caesar heyday made the task of subverting the fledgling nation’s government all the more difficult.

The Illuminated Ones were somewhat perplexed as to how such a situation had come about in America when their own interests had been well catered for by the European branches of the various mystery schools active at that time.  They set about seeking alternative avenues to undermining the American system.

Red Shield financial backing would now be extended to fund a program of international Hegelian dialectic projects aimed at splitting America from within while focusing its attention on contrived external threats.  In the meantime, a concerted effort to exercise influence over the nation’s banking system was considered necessary for a US acceptance of a banking system based on Europe’s now well established central banking model.  They achieved a partial success when President Madison gave them the authority to create the Second Bank of the United States.

Andrew Jackson ensured this success on the part of the Red Shield was temporary when he rescinded the banks authority in 1832.  An unsuccessful assassination attempt in 1835, the first on a sitting US president, followed.  It’s interesting to note the reasons given by Jackson for his opposition to the Bank being issued a re-charter.  They closely reflect the operational themes attributed to Mystery Babylon in this discussion:

• It concentrated the nation’s financial strength in a single institution.
• It exposed the government to control by foreign interests.
• It served mainly to make the rich richer.
• It exercised too much control over members of Congress.
• It favored northeastern states over southern and western states.
Banks are controlled by a few select families.
• Banks have a long history of instigating wars between nations, forcing them to borrow funding to pay for them.

I have highlighted the last two points made by Jackson to emphasize that there has always been an awareness down through history as to the destructive role played by merchant bankers in one era after another.  Jackson successfully killed the bank in his day, but it nearly cost him his life.

The next US president to attempt a similar deed in circumventing the growing influence of the merchant bankers was Abraham Lincoln who issued his debt-free ‘greenbacks’ as a counter to the increasing debt burden being forced by international merchant bankers on the United States after its brutal civil war.  This time the assassination attempt was successful.

The next stage on the road to Red Shield domination of the United States’ banking system was the establishment of a gold standard for the country’s financial system under the watch of one President McKinley.  The new gold standard was in reaction to the disastrous depression remembered as the ‘Panic of 1893’.  Another example of a manipulated event by merchant bankers, the Gold Standard Act was passed in 1900, but not before McKinley had tried to figure out a silver-backed agreement with European interests – not to the liking of the Red Shield.  A bullet took out McKinley in 1901 setting the stage for the final one-two punch that would bring about the establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank of America.

The first punch was the manipulated banking panic of 1907, the final precursor in the merchant bankers attempts to force a central banking model on the United States.  Their efforts finally came to fruition in 1913 with the signing of the Federal Reserve Act on Christmas Eve of that year.  Instrumental in this final knock-out punch to a financially independent United States was Red Shield lackey J.P. Morgan whose bank still continues to exert major influence over United States financial policy to this day.

The Federal Reserve System of banks is today the central bank for the world’s largest economy, the glittering prize in Mystery Babylon’s long march from the disaster on the plains of Dura to re-establishing control over the world’s financial system.  But the Federal Reserve System is no more federal than private parcel carrier company Federal Express.  It is a privately controlled central banking cartel and it currently has absolute control over the issuing of what is the world’s reserve currency, the US dollar, an important part in establishing a truly international finance system free of national concerns.
And yet, the US dollar is nothing more than a debt-note that costs virtually nothing to print, and yet is owed by the United States people to the powers that control the Federal Reserve and its printing press.   Yes, the American people play various swap games with these notes and call it their economy, but in the long term it still has to be paid back to the Federal Reserve with interest.  And remember, the Federal Reserve doesn’t issue the interest, it just collects it.  This means that if the Fed issues $10 at 10% interest, America has to find an extra $1 to settle its debt.  But where does America get that extra $1 if there are only $10 in the economy to start with?  So the Fed issues a $1 to cover the interest owed, but that $1 also comes with a 10% interest – and the cycle just keeps going until America wakes up to multiple trillions in national debt that it simply cannot pay.

Funny, but in all the years prior to having its own central bank, the United States had no national debt.

As noted, under the Federal Reserve System the United States would see its public debt go from virtually zero to almost incomprehensible numbers measured in the trillions, and all of it effectively owed to the people who secretly controlled the Federal Reserve.  Good work if you can get it, I’m sure you’ll agree, and an excellent plan if you want to fully undermine the independence of a nation state and its ability to pay its own way.  In essence, the United States became a captive of Mystery Babylon on Christmas Eve, 1913, nothing more than a debtor-slave at the mercy of its master-lender.
As the supposed American century rolled to a close in the first decade of the 21st century. its military was now reduced to policing US dollar hegemony in a world starting to implode under the pressure of the Federal Reserve System’s debt-based financial system.  At the time of this writing, the United States had once again reached and breached its debt ceiling and was now dipping into government pension funds in a desperate attempt to continue paying its bills.  The last genuine superpower to do this was Rome, just before things completely fell apart and Europe entered the Dark Ages.

Indeed, the Red Shield had come far since its beginnings as a small family of money changers in Europe’s pre-Napoleonic era.  However, there’s always a malcontent willing to crash the party and the most serious threat to Red Shield power can be traced back to a series of developments starting in the 1930s.  From that time, the 20th century was to prove to be a series of merchant banker inspired bloodbaths recorded as the First and Second World Wars, but the seemingly invincible position enjoyed by the Red Shield was to come under sustained threat from behind the scenes from a gang of ruthless thugs every bit as determined as the Red Shield itself – the Nazis.

Incidentally, before we turn our attention to the rise of that gang of psychotic leather shorts-wearing beer drinkers, a final note on the Federal Reserve System.  The only US president to challenge the authority of this banking cartel other than Jackson, Lincoln and McKinley was John Fitzgerald Kennedy.  He signed an executive order authorising the issue of US Treasury notes in direct competition with the existing federal reserve notes.  Three months later his head was blown off, the only other sitting US president to be successfully assassinated.  Go figure!

The Nazi Conundrum


The Nazi conundrum is the bitch of Hegelian dialectic in action, a classic case of unintended consequences.  Even the elite have the occasional headache, and this one was,… no, IS a world-splitting migrain!

(continued from Nation State to World State)

Contrary to popular belief, the New World Order is not a new concept at all.  As shown in previous posts, it is merely the latest catch-phrase for a concerted effort on the part of Illuminated Ones and their Mystery Babylon kingdom of merchants to re-establish a system of debt-based financial control as old as the Tower of Babel.

However, there’s a strange tendency linked to such things as trying to build New World Orders: They eventually grow far too big and end up biting the hand that feeds it.  Such an event happened in the early 1930’s when one Adolf Hitler made the unilateral decision that Germany would no longer participate in the accepted central banking model of debt-based finance.
The frustration in Red Shield circles would have been palpable, especially since they had actually financed the rise of this glorified gangster as a counter to their ongoing Marxist experiment in Russia.  The original plan was to build up a communist Russia and play it off against a Nazi Germany in yet another round of manipulated war carnage designed to further their objectives towards creating a world state.

Anyone who doubts that international merchant bankers from Europe and the United States were behind the rise of both Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany only have to consult the excellent investigations of Professor Anthony C. Sutton.  Sutton categorically proved with documented evidence that western banking interests (read Red Shield) were instrumental in the rise of both murderous regimes.  He went on to show that even after the defeat of Nazi Germany, these same merchant bankers continued to provide financial support to the Soviet Union.  One can only assume that it was in aid of yet another Hegelian inspired strategy to play the United States off against the Soviets for mutual profit.

The German situation in 1934 was, however, different.  There was a distinct possibility that the Nazi use of state issued debt-free money would result in their complete financial independence from the Red Shield dominated banking cartels then controlling world financial policy.  It was as if the financial headache that was the American Revolution was happening all over again and it constituted a clear and present danger to the carefully laid plans of Mystery Babylon’s elite merchant banking class.  World War Two was quickly brought forward to the top of the agenda.

With the Red Shield making sure that every western resource was brought to bear in defeating Hitler, elements within the Nazi party realised early on that plans had to be changed if they were to survive.  One Nazi in particular would set about ensuring this would be so.

There is a story that goes like this:
An orphaned German baby was adopted by an English couple full of compassion for the little one’s plight.  As they brought the child up they noticed an oddly peculiar trait in the child: he never uttered a single sound.
As the baby passed its first couple of years his adopted English parents began to despair if he would ever talk.  Being loving parents they tried all manner of persuasion and encouragement, even going so far as to consult a famous child psychiatrist on what could be done.  But, alas, nothing seemed to work.
By the child’s third birthday his parents had resigned themselves to the fact that he was obviously some kind of rare mute, one that even England’s finest doctors could not help.
Then one day, while the family were sitting down to breakfast, the child spoke!
“Please pass ze marmalade,” he requested politely from his high chair.
His parents were astounded!  How could this be after all these years?  In shock, the child’s father asked him why, after all this time, he had finally spoken?
The child calmly spread some marmalade across his toast and then answered his father:  “Until now, everything has been satisfactory.”
Sure, its an old joke, but it’s my contention that the true life inspiration behind this tale is one Martin Bormann, Hitler’s sinister private secretary and a man famously described by NASA observer Richard C. Hoagland as ‘Dick Cheney, but without the warmth and charm’.

A professional Nazi, Bormann would successfully lay the foundation for an extra-national Fourth Reich to rise out of the ashes of the Third Reich.  Its base would be the southern extremities of the South American continent where Nazi scientists could continue their research and development into a bevy of exotic weapons and technologies, including possible anti-gravity flying craft.  While these would serve as an adequate deterrent against continued attack from the wartime allies, Martin Bormann had, more importantly, also established the long-term financial viability of the new Reich through the systematic rape and plundering of Europe’s largest corporations and the reinvestment of that wealth into the coffers of the Anglo-American banking elite, i.e. the Red Shield.
It was a mutually beneficial arrangement at the time, but one in which, as Dr. Joseph P. Farrell puts it, ‘a marker was going to come due’ and the Red Shield were going to have to pay.  Also, with the rumoured investment in advanced weapons technology, it has been postulated by Dr. Farrell in his writings that the escaping Nazis were fully capable of backing up any threats against those that owed them money.

Central to this thesis of a Nazi/Red Shield financial détente at the end of the Second World War, is the documented programme of shifting ex-Nazi scientists into the United States’ space exploration efforts.  The infamous Operation Paperclip of the late 1940s and early 1950s has been demonstrated to have established a hard-core Nazi clique within the ranks of NASA, the United States’ supposed civilian agency charged with taking the nation into space.  This Nazi clique was a likely driving force in the establishment of a rumoured secret space program, more of which will be discussed later.

It must be born in mind that the Nazis were themselves full practitioners of the occult and, like the Red Shield and its Illuminated cohorts, this incorporated extreme sex-magic-blood rituals.  Stories abound of dark occult rites being practised in the deepest bowels of NASA as a result of the Nazi influence brought in under the auspicious of Operation Paperclip.  The Nazi swastika has undeniable associations with Saturnian symbols (Black Sun Swastikas for example) and points to yet another occult connection with the worship of Saturn and a hoped-for return to new Golden Age.  Is it a coincidence that the German designed rocket boosters used during the Apollo missions were called Saturn V rockets?

By the turn of this century, the influence of what researcher extraordinaire Dr. Joseph P. Farrell calls the Nazi International points to a possible, yet hidden, third player at large in the current and ongoing financial crisis engulfing the world at the time of this writing.  To those interested in investigating this angle of a deeply influential post-Third Reich Nazi presence in world affairs, the writings of both Joseph P. Farrell and Richard C. Hoagland cannot be too highly recommended.

However, despite propagating a different financial philosophy and a decidedly different definition of who constituted the world’s elite, the Nazis are noted to have shared one particularly repugnant and important trait with their Red Shield contemporaries: the desire to pursue a eugenics-driven de-population agenda.

Without obvious reference to the reported horrors of the Holocaust, it has been reported that Nazi interest in the breeding patterns of certain undesirable races was a prominent area of investigation for their cadre of eugenic-oriented scientists.  Seen as the search for a form of human ‘pest’ control, Nazi efforts in this area clearly mirrored the ongoing efforts of Red Shield-backed eugenicists who viewed the excessive growth in world population numbers as nothing more than evidence of a harmful virus attacking the earth’s continued health.

The implications of arriving at this conclusion where humanity is reduced to the status of a virus fully reveals the basic fears of any given elite that sustained human population growth is a clear threat to the sustainability of the resources they require to maintain control and survive.

Speculation on these sinister de-population agendas further serves to highlight a related concept supposedly at the heart of the elite’s desire to push into outer-space.   This has been coined as the Break Away Civilisation theory, an intriguing take on a possible hidden purpose for a space programme in the modern age.  This, then brings us to our last, but not final, examination the ongoing Saturnian influence in the affairs of man in the Iron Age.

Endgame: De-population


The frightening agenda of de-population can be seen as the ultimate Saturn Death Cult rite of passage.  It is a warped attempt to force the world into a New Golden Age complete with a technological version of the All-seeing Eye.

(continued from The Nazi Conundrum)

While the Nazis are an important aside in the Saturnian equation, the more important developments in the later half of the 20th century can be traced to documented statements by some elites calling for the elimination of huge portions of the planet’s human population.

A notorious monument called the Georgia Guidestones was mysteriously erected in the United States and it goes so far as to articulate a target number for a successful planet-friendly culling.  That number quickly became the standard reference within conspiracy circles as to the enormity of what was being proposed here.  With a world population approaching a staggering seven billion people, the Georgia Guidestones are, to this day, silently calling for a return to a global population of no more than 500 million people!

But what has most observers truly alarmed is the accelerated timeline for achieving this target.  Speculations within certain elites have called for a return to a worldwide population of 500 million within the next fifty to one hundred years.  By anyone’s estimate, that would require a lot of dead people in a relatively short period of time to achieve such a dubious target.
The Nazi interest in all this can largely be determined by their actions, of which the Holocaust can be seen as a proto-type for this agenda.  However, the most important component in the realisation of such a target was the formation of a secretive cabal of elitists incorporating both former Nazis and the Red Shield-dominated Anglo-American banking elite.  The Bilderbergers, as they were to become known, were tasked with creating the mechanisms responsible for shepherding the planet towards what they condescendingly considered to be a better world – for them.

Underpinning these objectives were the writings of Thomas Malthus, a character we’ve met before, and who was responsible for providing a theoretical justification for forcibly maintaining a reduced world population.  Malthusian economics, as his theory has come to be called, states that unbridled population growth is a direct threat to the planet’s capacity to feed that population.  For the Illuminated Ones and those operating under the Red Shield, such a theory was evidence that population growth really represented a direct threat to their continued control over the planet’s resources.  Too much work had gone into gaining that control and the breathtakingly simple conclusion was obvious; a great culling had to take place before things got totally out of control.

But the Illuminated Ones had a two-fold dilemma.  While they harboured no qualms in the wholesale slaughter of vast human populations, they were aware of the necessity for the continued existence of a viable majority of humans on which their parasitic systems could fed off.  It was reasoned that a sudden and violent reduction in host population would expose them to the wrath of the surviving population should they figure out who was behind the massacre.
Then there was the arguably more important element of finding a metaphysical justification to endorse a slaughter of these proportions.  In all their blood-soaked history, the Illuminated Ones had never undertaken a blood-ritual on such a scale.  It presented both a massive opportunity and a conundrum because, for it to work, it had to mean something.  And that something had to be the right something!

In delving back into their esoteric and occult traditions, the Illuminated Ones came to the conclusion that the whole of human history since the destruction of the first Golden Age was, in fact, one giant initiation process.  It was as if all history and all ritual was converging on this one final act of mass sacrifice as a gateway into a prophesised ‘New Saturnian Golden Age’.
In accordance with these entrenched beliefs, the proposed mass culling of mankind had to be conducted as the ultimate blood-sacrifice ritual if the right ‘vibe’ for a new golden age was to be realised.  Only then could the remaining vestiges of mankind, with the Illuminated Ones at their head, enter into this new Golden Age in which the world would be restored to the glories it had enjoyed under the first Saturnian Golden Age.

For many reading this, the logic outlined here appears almost unfathomable and provokes the question of why the concerted efforts of the various elites aimed at total control of all human material endeavour should reach its climax in the deliberate killing of most of humanity and the subsequent loss of all that material gain?

They forget the ritualistic foundations underpinning the elite’s agenda while remaining fundamentally ignorant as to its antiquity.
The recognition of the Saturnian origins of occult ritual is the key to resolving a serious disconnect that exists amongst some non-elite observers trying to identify a rational for this supposed de-population agenda.  This disconnect is often expressed as:  Why the slow grind to annihilation?  Why don’t they just get it all over with?  After all they have the power to do so?

The vengefulness of the surviving masses and a subsequent loss of control over the resources of a post-depopulated world is one answer to this question.  The other is the highly dubious justification of mass murder as a rite of passage into a new and supposedly better world.

There is a curious symmetry to how the Illuminated Ones view all this.  In the same way that a cosmic Doomsday heralded the end of the ancient Golden Age, so it has been reasoned that a modern doomsday event will serve as the catalyst for re-entry into a long-awaited new golden age.  The irony, though, is that while the ancients passed on their fears for a renewed round of cosmic disasters, their fears would be ritualistically undermined and eventually manifested into the very real possibility of a man-made doomsday every bit as destructive as when Saturn fell from its position at the earth’s celestial north.
This brings us now to the distinct possibility for the existence of what researcher Richard Dolan terms a Break Away Civilisation.

A break away civilisation postulates that secret advances in space-travel technologies have allowed a hidden elite to entertain the possibility of abandoning this planet for outer space while leaving those that remain to an uncertain fate.  To achieve this, it’s said that the vast proportion of human economic endeavour has been criminally diverted into this undertaking for the benefit of this elite minority.

Further, the rational behind the need to leave the planet is speculated as being a foreknowledge of a coming cosmic catastrophe that threatens to wipe out life as we know it on Earth (shades of the Golden Age’s doomsday event).  Other variants on this rational for a motive combine Malthusian concepts with the threat of global catastrophe in that humans are effectively destroying their own planet.

However, a break away civilisation doesn’t quite explain the persistent rumours of an elite agenda to artificially cleanse the earth of ‘useless eaters’.   On the other hand this ‘get outta Dodge’ mentality does dovetail nicely with fears the Illuminated Ones may have of being hunted down by vengeful survivors in the wake of a planned mass culling of humanity.  Using this advanced space programme, they could hide out in orbit or somewhere out by Saturn for a couple of generations until amnesia eventually overtakes the collective memories of their earthly victims.   Then they could return as gods (arriving from Saturn?) and start the whole history-as-ritual process off again as part of their new Golden Age – or so the theory goes.

What is evident is that there is definitely a hidden space programme being unwittingly paid for by the masses while only benefiting those deemed blessed with a need to know.  Nazi rocket scientists have been involved and various mystery schools and secret societies also have vested interests in its development.  However, whether or not there is an extra-terrestrial element to this equation is a topic too vast in scope to begin discussing here.  Suffice to say that the mere existence of a secret space programme is yet more evidence that there exists hidden agendas of which the vast majority of us are purposefully kept in ignorance.

The GODS industry funded by the merchant bankers continues to grind on, even in the face of yet another global economic catastrophe caused by their parasitical debt-based money system.  It remains to be seen whether or not Mystery Babylon and its Red Shield will maintain its grasp on a dying global economic system as it continues to suck its blood dry.  A Melchizedekian prophecy says Mystery Babylon will eventually fall in ‘one hour’.  That remains to be seen.

As the end of the Age of Iron seemingly approaches, there are no end to claims that mankind as a whole stands on the precipice of either global destruction or a rich spiritual re-awakening.  Either way, you can rest assured that, in this age obsessed with celebrity and self-gratification, those who continue to inflict Saturnian sex-blood-magic rituals on our women and children will have something to say about which direction we eventually take.
As the Chinese curse says:  ‘May you live in interesting times’.


(continued from Endgame: De-population)

In the proceeding pages, I have tried to demonstrate an intuitive account of cosmic myth as history, and history as ritual.  There has been no attempt to provide a vigorous academically or scientifically-sound thesis.  The intuitive nature of this report relies only on the collective influences and experiences that I have gathered together while observing an alienated world around me.  Think of it as me spouting off my views between pints at the pub – I am bound to be somewhat light in details, but it makes for a bloody good story.

However, it should be pointed out that in attempting to illustrate this link between the cosmic events of the distant past and the bloody ritualistic-driven agendas of the following ages, I have deliberately chosen not to encumber the narrative with other highly significant historical and occult influences.

Using my own nomenclature, these are as follows:

• A long-term legal conflict over a case of mistaken identity between elements in the Melchizedekian priesthood that has resulted in the emergence of the powerful Zionista and Fundamentalist agendas.
• The Yakuza/Triad conflicts of the far-east and its implications for an alternative and distinctly Asian interpretation of cosmic mythology.
• The reported UFO/Alien agenda and its connections to the activities of various elites, as well as the its role in the disappearances of people throughout the world.
• The promotion of collectivist principals by the Rhodeans and their role within the Red Shield agenda.
• The suppression by the elites of free-energy technologies as pioneered by the likes of Nicolai Tesla, Viktor Schauberger and other alternative technologists.
• The feminine influences of various ethnic pagan traditions outside of the Saturnian sphere of influence.
• A detailed account of government funded mind control programmes and their links to satanic paedophile networks and serial killers.
• The corruption and poisoning of food production through genetically manipulated crops and the rise of the pharmaceutical state.
• Genetic manipulation of the human species.
• The Christian ‘Devil’ industry, its persecution of naturalist thinkers and its hidden Iranian roots in Manichaeism’s dualistic concepts of good versus evil.
All the above are topics for separate discussions and websites (and there are many more, I’m sure).  I am, however, fully aware that I have not even begun to touch on the myriad of complimentary subjects available for such discussions.  Now two thirds of the way through my life as at the time of posting this material, I look forward to exploring whatever else may be out there in the conspiratorial soup called human experience.



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