The Mammon Machine

by morton_h, the blogger

The good friend - and regular reader - of Paradigmet, Mads Palsvig, just went on Buzzsaw to blow the whistle. In a 50 minutes interview in a show seen by tens of millions of people he was interviewed by the masterful interviewer, Sean Stone on the TV-station You may want to go and check out the general show that covers a broad variety of important subjects. The genious of Sean Stone - son of film director Oliver Stone - is, that not only is he well prepared for his interviews, but he leaves a lot of space for his guests without interrupting all the time, which you will find with more egotistic and controll-freak'ish hosts. 

In the interview, Mads gives a not too long and for the most people easily understandable introduction to how the international banking system works and why it is nothing like people believe having been informed by the banks themselves and politicians, that either don't know what they are talking about and doing - or in some cases are totally corrupt and deliberately working against the interest of the people, that elected them.

For those who don't know Mads Palsvig, you may also check out the new webpage, (our money in Danish), where you will find material also in English. Among other a two hour full show from Kedelhallen, Copenhagen (English subtitles) from january 26th broadening out the strictly economic/monetary subjects to (geo)political, historical, psychological and other areas. It is all connected - do we have to tell you, dear reader?

Not only is Mads breaking down the economic system for us with the insight of a top investment banker with 30 years of experience and a whole series of encounters with the very top from the international finance institutions - some call them cartels or syndicates - but he also gives constructive angles on how exactly to break the spell of misery, poverty, scarcity, and even wars that are forced upon the world NOT by nature, NOT by coincidence, but by deliberate design. This is how the machine works. 
Not only do I want all you have.
I also want you to worship me for it.

Instead or perpetually worshipping the Molok-Mammon Machine there are other ways, simpel ways, obvious ways but unfortunately ways that for a long time have been sabotaged and jammed by the Unholy Church of Usura, the International Debt Mafia. These were not the exact words of Mads, but they could have been. The Mammon Machine is a huge, long lived and highly covert system of sucking out all energy of human society and keeping humanity in perpetual slavedom. 

Whenever someone tries to question in words or deeds (even worse) The Encrypted Unholiness, The Sinister Machine, the inquisitory servants of the monster will step in and perform all kinds of destructive tricks. We saw that with the Southern European countries as we have seen it with a number of countries outside the West itself. And we saw it with Iceland. Here is where it becomes interesting. Iceland as one of the only countries has stood up against The Machine and now tries to formulate its own independant economic policy. The central point of the Central Banks has always been, that no country on the Earth can be allowed to have an independant, national economic policy, which is why central banks contrary to what we are told are not National banks, but globalist institutions owned and controlled by the Mammon Machine. 

This is why Iceland is interesting. It is not without severe dangers that they do what they do, and repercussions are already been directed against them. A friend of mine the other day tried to exchange some Icelandic kroner to Danish kroner and was told, that you cannot neither sell or buy them any longer due to ... a crisis. It was very clear, that the person behind the bulletproof glass had been instructed. These instructions come for the very top of The Machine that now strives to punish Iceland for being disobediant to The God of Money. Remember, Iceland did the unheard-of: persecuting and emprisoning 20 corrupt bankers that participated on the financial attack on the Iceland economy! What!? they actually did, what should have been done long time ago with a whole bunch of criminal finance hi-level gangsters in New York, London, Geneva and all over, but they have managed to buy themselves into immunity and being above the law - too big to fail, too big to jail. The globalist bankers are silently wetting their pants should this trend spread to the rest of the World - which it should and probably will/already is - knowing they would be serving long sentences, some of them life long, for their immense and genocidal crimes against humanity. 

PS: Less than a week after the Sean Stone interview, Mads Palsvig was invited by the well known Irish media host, Richie Allen onto his show - with a standing invitation to return next month again:

Investment Banker Mads Palsvig On How He Woke Up To How Private Central Banks Run The world!


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