by morton_h, the blogger

Crime and Newspeak: 
Thought Crime [knowing too much]
Speech Crime [telling other people about it]
Hate Crime [critique of those in power abusing power] 

Political Correctness:
- when critique of abusive power is illegal
- when reality is illegal
- when actual thinking is illegal 
- when truth in any form is illegal
- when self censorship is mandatory 

The definition of Political Correctness is thereby the same as dictatorship!
Now isn't that strange?! But it gets even worse. 

In dictatorship the 'ship' is clearly and outspokenly opposed to people who can then be opposed to the ship. Under the yoke of political correctness people have been injected with a poisonous shot of self-dictatorship, whereby ANY opposition now is illegal and forbidden and EVERY MAN becomes his own dictator and tyrant towards his fellow citizens. 

Free Newspeak: 
Free Speech - when those in power may insult those who cannot defend themselves while YOU are supposed to shut up
Free Trade - the freedom of BigBizz to dictate the rules to peoples and nations
Free Bar - NB! only for syndicates, cartels, corporations, bankers, globalists and sycophants - with YOU paying the bill
Free Press - non existing
Free-Dom - heard about it somewhere 

Free, then, means something else now that what our forefathers meant.
Perhaps it means:

Free from responsibility.
Free from the burden of conscience.
Free from empathy.
Free from logic and critical thinking.
Free from being held accountable and punished for crimes.
Free from being critizised, since critique is now illegal.

Freedom is as non-sense as Human Rights. The same people, that perverted the former, invented the latter.

Liberal Newspeak 
Free Newspeak in latin. 
Neither 'liberal' nor 'conservative' mean anything. Meaning nothing means, though, that they can't be opposites, but the same soup. 
Liberals and Conservatives of the World Unite and become Nihilists!
A Liberal is a variation of Cultural Marxist.
A Cultural Marxist is a variation of a Puritan.
A Puritan is someone that believes, that Nature is a filthy thing and should be fought will all means. Which includes the human nature. 
Liberal education is the destruction of critical thinking and logic by the means of political correctness.
The result of the war on human nature is what we see all around us. It is not a happy site.
Liberal then means something after all. Self contradiction! It means the exact opposite of liberal aka itself, which qualifies it as newspeak of the first degree.

- when a country's government buys a bunch of lowlife, confused, corrupt mercenaries to scare the shit out of it's own population in order to start a war on another country
- when a country's military kills a whole bunch of people and afterwards puts the blame and guilt on those who were killed, their families, their leaders and their fellow citizens
- when a country's government buys a bunch of lowlife, confused, corrupt mercenaries to scare the shit out of it's own population in order to start a war on another country 
- when you actually don't know who the terrorist is, but behave according to pre-calculated schemes as if you did [it's called 'behavourism' - some even call it a science..] 

NGO [NeoCon Governance Operation]
IMF [Immense Monetary Fraud]
GMO [God's Malnutrition Order] [da: Giftig MadOrdning]
WTO [Want To Obey?] [Way To Opression]
UN [Unnamed Notions] [Unidentified Nihilism]
USA [Unacceptable Strings Attached]
EU [Eurokleptokratisches Ungeheuer] [Elitarian Usury] [Evil Usurpation]
NSA [Notoriously Snooping All] [Nasty Spying Adders]
CIA [Cruel Infamous Assassins] [Crooks In Action]
ISIS [Israely Sponsored Islamic Sickness] [I Secure Israel's Safety]

The perpetual war circle: 
Pre-War [a bunch of lies making an unacceptable war acceptable to people]
Mid-War [a bunch of lies enhancing the war]
Post-War [a bunch of lies named 'history' and 'truth']
Post-Pre-War [by accepting a bunch of lies, we have accepted the next war] 

Economic Sanctions:
- A Country or conspiring group of contries writing laws for other countries as if they had any right to do so
- An aggressive, spoiled-child's act of war disguised as a paternal, morally legitimate act of correcting misbehaving children (the world is upside down)
- An act of terror [see: Terror is]  

On Victimhood: 
- A person that manages to portray himself as a victim, never have to look in the mirror
- A portrayed victim has no responsibility towards himself or others 
- A portrayed victim feels free to point fingers at others
- A portrayed victim - or someone who expresses identification with postulated victims - is per definition always right
- A portrayed victim may from here on act in the exact manner of his postulated perpetrator - and get away with it 
- Victimization is an ideological industry 
- REAL victims of crimes and wars only count as tools for political victimization and those who profit from that. If you thought, that empathy was present here, you may be a 'victim' of you own misconceptions. 

They often start out quite well and for a reason, but always seem to end up really bad. Then, if someone wants really bad things to happen to people, why wait for the revolution? Why not create both the revolution AND the reason? 
Revolutions come in all colors and prizes these day. Wanna buy one? Ask George Soros.

 Detox your mind: 
- Never accept an idea without pealing it as an onion.
- Never accept a narrative claiming to be factual history without asking who's it's daddy.
- Never accept to obey a self proclaimed authority without testing its author-i-ty and authentizity. Most authorities have no actual foundation among people, but are self proclaimed. Only by reclaiming authority for yourself, being the author, you may detox yourself from parasitic authors.
- Never accept disinformation and lies. So get rid of your television. 
Never accept dubious nitwits betraying you one hour after stepping into office by the means of your vote. Even a decent person will become a corrupt moron after a while in an office of corrupt morons. 
- Never accept claims of your faith and belief - which is not-knowing - without demanding full knowledge of intentions and expected consequenses - which is knowing. Have faith in what has proven to be true. 
- Never accept ideology (substitute for ideas). No ideology in human history has brought thrive to human society. Since ideology is an abstract, shrinked concept of a complex, diverse human being and it's relation to the Universe, the tyranny of un-nature is there from the beginning waiting for it's time to emerge.   

On history:
- When historians are hired by the Architect of History, they are commissioned to lying by telling HisStory, not OurStory or TheirStory.
- When lies are accepted by those, who listen to HisStory, history will repeat itself.
- When history came to be written down, HisStory became possible. It is much easier writing a lie to anonymous readers somewhere and sometime than telling a lie in the face of other people.
- History is real big. Therefore, the lies told about history are real big.
- History is like carpet-bombing. The pilot never have to confront his victims.
- If primordial sin ever existed, it's name is History.
- History is rewriting the past in order to confuse the present to corrupt the future.

- Being identical to something og someone means NOT being who and what you are.
- Identity politics is seducing people to hate themselves and betray their kinsmen.
- Identity is solidarity to your oppressor-whoever-he-is instead of you father, mother, son, daughter, wife, husband, family, tribe, clan, race, group, nation or country.
Which is why these are constantly demonized by your oppressor.

World Upside Down:
In a world upside down, the victims will be accused of the crimes of their executioners.
In a world upside down, those you invent terror will be those accusing YOU of being a terrorist.
In a world upside down, you will be called a racist, when you defend yourself from attacks from racists.
 In a world upside down, free speech means shut your mouth if you don't make the correct statements. You have the freedom of saying what you are taught.
See Freedom Perversion
In a world upside down, words mean the opposite of what they mean.
In a world upside down, poison is medicin, war is humanitarian aid, and self hatred is what we all should learn.
In a world upside down, crimes on humanity are praised in history books as acts of goodness and rightiousness.

In a world upside down, destruction of traditions, cultures and identities is called diversity or multi-culturalism.
In a world upside down, total lack of human virtue is praised as an obscene virtue. 

From The Arsenal
- A tool, that is beneficial to most people, will be a weapon in the hands of a psychopath.
- Revolutionary technology has been stolen, because rich people are either afraid of others becomming empowered and independant. Or they are afraid, that people would do them exactly what they themselves have done to people.
- Anything can be weaponized. So if lying is a weapon, the telling of truth is as well.
- The most effective kind of weapon for the powers-that-shouldn't-be is YOU being unable or unwilling to defend yourself.


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