What the History Books did not tell you

by morton_h, the blogger  
If you want to find the source of evil and intrigue in this world, it is easy to be fixated on the wrong. But you might want to take look at German aristocracy.

It outdates another prime candidate: the British aristocracy for the simple reason that the British royal family are imported / intervening Germans.

German culture is deep. Germans have always been firmly rooted in nature and narrative tradition. So this people and their traditions simply because of its strength and its depth has been one of the primary targets of destruction for the German aristocracy. A people with a strong tradition and historical consciousness is intractable for an aristocracy, and therefore must have this awareness dismounted and led astray. Long before EU harmonization Germans experienced Prussian harmonization. Local language versions as Low German was virtually eradicated. These languages were old and had their roots back to the Saxons - which, incidentally, was a tribe from Jutland migrating southward. We tend to think of it the other way round, ie Danish as something spat out of German language.

The Prussians harmonized and smeared local traditions dating from Austria to the North Sea. When the German aristocracy thought they had advanced with their project, they proceeded to the rest of Europe. On their end, they have underway hired intellectuals, eg Jews and Jesuits, two groups that were particularly masters of disinformation, manipulation and brainwashing, or what we may call the refined and systematized lie. Their scopes have been science, education, psychology, art, entertainment, finance.

You won't find much in the history books about the fact of the mid 1930'ies, when Hitler drove his project, the aristocracy and the elite in England and USA - direct descendants of the German aristocracy - were way up in the clouds with joy, that the German people again were suffering a cultural attack.

But Germans were a strong people. This strength was envied from outside and from inside. Therefore, they were used as a weapon against their neighbours and later destroyed once again. WW2 is the clearest example.

Valpurgis Night
A rather underexposed, indeed often completely censored historic event took place in Bavaria in 1919 in the days around Valpurgisnat, the weekend on April 30th and May 1st. The aristocrats in those days as now supported both sides, their primary interest being conflict and division. At that time they brought a group of Russian Bolsheviks into the country. The intention was to recreate the success of Soviet Russia in the form of a Bavarian Soviet in the political-chaotic vacuum that the Treaty of Versailles had created - this shameful construction of the first world war, where all guilt and debt of 'The Great War' completely and utterly were smeared on the German people. This covering up, that it was the UK (German) aristocracy who had staged the war and extended it for two years, so that as many people as possible would perish in the trenches.

The Bolsheviks slipped across the German border in large numbers in 1919, which could not have happened without a royal and aristocratic involvement and approval. Someone at the top of the German Empire had desired the presence of these ultra-fanatics in Munich.

The leader of the self-styled Bavarian Soviet was Max Levine, Jewish like most Bolsheviks. He declared Munich to be a Bolsjevik police state, and his armed groups went around the city and its outskirts and killed anyone they liked. They came with great statements like 'We will cut off the city from milk supplies, so that burgeoisi breed will be starved to death!' The local and ordinary Bavarian witnessed amazing scenes where these fanatical incoming types with Russian accent - pampered sons of the upper and middle class parents who had never even been mine or factory workers - now imperiously taught them that 'they had been liberated'! These were the kind of mind-desturbed revolutionaries, that Dostojevsky described in his novel 'Demons'.

It should be noted - just in parenthesis - that the Jewish Bolsheviks had cultivated these attitudes and practices in Russia, where they in the course of the revolution had murdered 10 million Russians. A minor detail, that historians for various reasons are not eager to introduce us to.

Bavarians quickly had enough of these types. There were two groups who counterattacked. One was the so-called Bavarian Free Corps, the second was called Thule Match League. We will see the further development of the groups in Nazi auspices, but the original groups were a direct response to the attacks, that Munich and Bavaria was exposed to from outside. They did not wear velvet gloves in their counter-attack, and their response put the Marxist character in relief. The attackers simply put tail between my legs and let their comrades in the lurch when they met serious resistance.

Bavarians saw it from the front row of the theater. They saw what Bolsheviks were capable of. They also saw what the Free Corps was capable of, and this left a strong and formidable impression on Bavarians. Most Free Corps men were ordinary soldiers who just fought for their country's freedom, but there were people types among them, for example. Rudolf Hess, that later would come to play important roles in the Third Reich.

So people have wondered why so many Germans later would sign up to volunteer for example SS? The answer is simple, but the history books do not explain. Cambridge historians, for example. glorifies the mass murderer Max Levine to the clouds and hail him as a hero. We need not here follow all traces of this institution all the way back to the British-German elite developing Zionism and Culture Marxism. But the Germans' contempt and hatred of the Jewish Soviet Bolsheviks were was severe and well-founded via the Munich Soviet. Posterity, by contrast, described the Germans as fools who aimlessly marched into the war, just because you waved them with a swastika on their noses.

The rest we know. Or do we? According to both mainstream and most of, shall we say alternative narrative, the Germans gave up their civil rights by an event staged by the Nazis onto the Bolsjeviks, and the Germans totally fell into the hands of the Nazis, whereby WW2 rolled out with Germany for the sake of imperialism and out of the blue air attacked their unknowing and helpless neighbours. Is that the story?

The Reichstag fire
A historian by the name of Hans Momsen has examined the case minutely. His conclusion is that neither the Nazis or the Bolsjeviks as such stated the Reichstag fire. On the other hand, it was important for both sides in the present situation in Germany as soon as possible to blame the other party, because both sides recognized a historic chance for a takeover.

20 minutes before the fire, there were Communists and Nazis, who met in the Reichstag. There was yelling at each other, arrest them! arrest the others! Goering didn't at that time control the police, and if you want to make a 'false flag', then you must at all costs ensure that you have control over the police! Afterwards Communists accused the National Socialists of using a tunnel that went out from the Reichstag. It was Goering who knew it, they claimed. This comes directly from the Bolshevik propaganda manual called 'The Black Book'and the circles around Stalins propaganda minister, Jewish Bolsjevik commissarian, Ilya Ehrenburg.

Marinus van der Luppe was the name of the arsonist. The American researcher, Veronica Clark, has shredded all through the Bolshevik argument and finds that they completely lose their case on the floor. She refers to Fritz Tobias, who in his book about the case debunks the whole thing (funny word, incidentally - 'the bunker', out of the bunker ...).

Dutchman van der Luppe was unhappy with the way the Communists acted. He was frustrated that they had not long time ago necked the 'fascist pigs'. He then travelled to Germany to commit vigilante. He managed to arrange several fires in Germany and was not immediately arrested for it.

The Nazis saw that his rhetoric was exactly what one might expect, but they could not get him on the hook, so they came to look like fools. Goering tried to connect it with the other arson, but he acted so clumsy during the trial that the Nazis lost it. However, it was Goebbels then, who prevented the media from writing about the case, so the Nazis could argue that it was the Communists.

Hitler and Goebbels were as we know skillful when it came to politicizing the kind of events, and they immediately saw this incident should serve their cause. If they had not been alert, the National Socialists had not won the election in 1933. So they used the case and won the election. But this is also,where they appear to be suspicious for posterity, namely because they used the case.

The huge story
Did Germany just invade Poland for fun, Lebensraum and out of the thin blue air? The thing is, when you really get on the track of questioning post war Anglo-Saxon historical narrative - which is exactly what we have been taught in the school - nothing is like it seems any longer.

The story is huge. You can read about it here:
Unfortunately this five-part blogpost-complex is very extensive and there is no English translation for the time being.

But with Münchener perspective and Valpurgisnatnat 1919 in mind, one might argue that it is morally difficult for Jews forever to stage their victim role as a the poor persecuted innocent people and any critique of their shadowy deeds as anti-semitic.

The only way such victimization could be maintained to where we are today - that is the mytho-religious concept of the Holocaust - is by the extremely narrow focus promoted by Zionists for their political reasons while at the same time the Great Holocaust, the Real Holocaust, with a minimum of 250 million erased / destroyed world citizens in the 20th century is faded out by omitting important chapters in European history.


    - anvender ordet 'bolsjevikker' i rigeligt omfang og supplerer dit 'Om mig':
    Omfanget af løgn i Verden har nået en tykkelse, der efterhånden er svær at skære sig igennem.

    Der findes kun ét modsvar: OpenSource-viden kombineret med civil ulydighed.

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    Forfatteren er anonym. Det er dog helt klart, at han har været på besøg i de hemmelige arkiver, gransket frigivne hemmelige dokumenter og har en næsten familieagtig indsigt i 'det mørke hold'.

    Teksten er en tung sag at læse, så det er heldigt forfatteren har en let fortællestil, med spil lige under overfladen af indholdet.

    Som europæer med aktuelle krisetilstand leverer dette dokument en pæn del af den ukendte virkelighed til at afklare hvad krisen er.
    som du skriver er den tyske 'bagdør' blevet benyttet flittigt de sidste 100 år især, og som jeg ser situationen, er bagdøren blevet fjernet, sådan at folk det vil se, nu ser hvad der sker.


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