Freedom Perversion

by morton_h, the blogger 

This is a difficult subject. It is about the perversion of our language, especially the core words and core values that make up our whole view of the world and ourselves.

An assault has taken place. It is an assault on Nature and thereby Human Nature. A Human Being is regarded, treated and educated as either an animal, a machine or a ressource and caught up in a strange prison. This is why the subject is difficult. A human being is set free from the natural bonds and obligations of his nature. A human being is free to do things, he would never do in a society, where people lived according to the rules of nature. But at the same time a human being is a slave of this big machine that has been built around him. 

A fish doesn't know that it lives in water, before it is pulled out of the water. The prison of perverted freedom is all around us, and most people have no clue of why they have this feeling of unease, suppressed angst or numbness. They don't know why they are obese, abusive and always want to buy stuff. They don't know what is going on in the world, why wars and poverty is the new natural. They don't know why they get sick and why food and water and air no longer is, what it used to be and should be. They don't know why rivers of shit seem to pour out of the media, and why the people in powerful positions, that were supposed to act in their interest are making you act in their interest and as though is was in your own and your fellow countrymens interest. They don't know why they are not allowed to mention, question and have answers to certain things. So they have long ago stopped thinking certain things. 

But they do feel the unease. This means that there is a piece of hope, that they - or at least their descendants - someday will say: enough! and will start to want more than this perversion of a human society. This fact may also be the reason, why those that created the society - and it did not create itself, sorry to say - today seem to be more interested in creating a human machine than hearding a human animal. Animals can be fenced and held in fear, but when the moment comes, they will break ouf of the fence and take back their nature.

Let's review some aphorisms from the former blogpost. 

Free Newspeak:
Free Speech - when those in power may insult those who cannot defend themselves while YOU are supposed to shut up
Free Trade - the freedom of BigBizz to dictate the rules to peoples and nations
Free Bar - NB! only for syndicates, cartels, corporations, bankers, globalists and sycophants - with YOU paying the bill
Free Press - non existing
Free-Dom - heard about it somewhere 

Free, then, means something else now that what our forefathers meant. 
Free from responsibility.
Free from conscience.
Free from empathy.
Free from logic and critical thinking.

Freedom is as non-sense as Human Rights. The same people, that perverted the former, invented the latter. Also former blogpost.

Freedom is not our birth right. But when noone stops us from living according to our nature, the freedom of Nature will be given to us by Nature itself. Not 'for free', because then we will eventually start acting out certain limits to our behaviour towards others and to Nature. We will regain respect for a world in balance, and abundance will re-emerge.

Now, you may want to object to this in basically two ways.
Ordbog over nysprog

The first objection
A Darwinist, a Liberal, a Culture Marxist, a Puritan or a Nihilist - and I say that these 'isms' are part of the same overall philosophy of the rulers of the world - will object to it by claiming, that the human being is basically evil and aggessive in his nature and that his need for someone to tell him what to do and a whole bunch of rules, regulations and management to go with it.

This elitist philosophy is basically bullshit and bunkum. A foul piece on nonsense does not become less foul by being repeated over-and-over-again. How often have we not heard this? It is nothing else than a way of ex-cusing the motivs and deeds of the self-proclaimed rulers of the world so they won't be a-cused. People have bought into this philosophy, because they have been traumatized generation after generation by the constant wars, that were never their wars, but the wars of their rulers. Every time someone tried to claim the basic goodness, ability to peaceful co-existense and the sovereign nature of humans, some screwed up dumb-ass or willing agent of the powers-that-shouldn't-be would instantly step up and shoot down the claim by saying: But look at how people have been killing each other for centuries and millennia. They clearly have to be kept in strict ties, since people by nature are so eeevil!

What people?, though, was always the missing number in the equation. When a ruling elite consists of a majority of psychopaths, the last thing they want to hear is the word: psychopath. Everyone else are the evil ones and the potential psychos.

Darwinism is the pseudo-scientific ideology concocted by the British ruling class to excuse their aggressive, imperialistic plunder of the world by claiming, that it is 'natural'. It describes nature as one big aggressive war. In reality nature is a system of co-existing organisms, that complement and supplement nature in endless ways. The Darwinist concept of nature as a monstrous, self-devouring creature is non less than a psychological projection of the highly disturbed minds of this ruling class.

Liberalism in its later stages went hand in hand with Darwinism. We see the advanced results of Liberalism in the predatory, monopolistic, Crony Capitalism which is basically one Big War in the realm of business, finance and economics. And there is a direct connection between financial wars and killing-wars. It is the same perverted mindset that is behind both, and to no surprise we always see the exact same people promoting and performing both.

The Puritans created the British way of thinking. It is the mindset of the Protestants (financed by non less that the Venetians, that created the City of London) who created the whole basis for Industrialism. To be a willing labourer in the industrial age, it took a special kind of mindset, where you willingly gave up your natural freedom for a scrap of bread - while all the time dreaming of your lost freedom.

To encapsulate this dream, Marxism and socialism were created - dare we say as the new opium for the masses. It was created no other place than in London, which is not a coincidence. Give them a dream, but do never ever fulfill the dream! It only served as the carrot on a stick driving the donkey. This shows the true essence of Marxism-Leninism aka Socialism aka Communism aka Maoism aka Collectivism. In societies created to realize this ideologi, freedom was most effectively tamed and destroyed. Again, the masses were perseived as a bunch of cattle and machines to be led by an avantgarde via the Dictatorship of the Proletariat. Meaning: the same old types of bastards in new uniforms creaping into power, so they could have their Champagne and Caviar, while the masses - note how human being now are mentioned as non-individual elements of a swarm - were sweating day-and-week long for a minimum wage in a society of fear, terror, censorship, prison camps, lies and misery. 


A socialist society was totally unsustainable and deeply dependant on subsidiaries from the West. This is a fact, that is not known to people and not taught in schools. Billions of $ were transfered to Sovjet Russia from the West to ensure, that Russia and the whole Eastern Block would survive but never compete - until of course the walls of the Cold War went down. Luckily the EU and NATO was there to take over, where the Sovjet dropped out ...

Did we forget to mention, that the Russian Revolution was invented and financed by financial/industrial oligarchs in the City of London and Wall Street in order to crush the strength of traditional Russia and the power of the families, that ruled, the Romanovs, the Csars. The immense envy of the British-American elite towards all perceived rivals (including the German Empire) drove the world into revolutions and world wars. Hundreds of millions of people were slaughtered to satisfy this indescribable envy. The Tychoon families Schiff and Kuhn-Loeb - Jewish, by the way - basically financed the revolution and for their own interest - not for concern of the 'suffering' of the Russians, that did quite well before the revolution. Jewish like Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, the Bolsjevik Commisarians, Ilya Ehrenburg (Stalins Goebbels), all the leading figures in the Culture Marxist re-invention of Marxism, and the leaders of the zionist movement, of course, + a majority of investment bankers and financial manipulators in Goldman Sachs (just to mention one major finance corporation). Just a side note, probably a coinsidence.
Ideology Sucks!

Time for more aphorisms.

Liberal Newspeak 
Free Newspeak, only in latin. 
Neither Liberal nor Conservative mean anything any longer. Meaning nothing means, though, that they can't be opposites, but the same soup. 
Liberals and Conservatives of the World Unite and become Nihilists!
A Liberal is a variation of Cultural Marxist.
A Cultural Marxist is a variation of a Puritan.
A Puritan is someone that believes, that Nature is a filthy thing and should be fought with all means and by all means. Which includes the human nature. 
Liberal education is the destruction of critical thinking and healthy logic by the means of political correctness.
The result of the war on human nature is what we see all around us. It is not a happy site.
Liberal then means something after all. I am contradictin myself, hurrah! It means the exact opposite of liberal aka itself, which qualifies it as newspeak of the first degree.

The second objection
Let us repeat the statement, that could provoke objection:

Freedom is not our birth right. But when noone stops us from living according to our nature, the freedom of Nature will be given to us by Nature itself. Not 'for free', because then we will eventually start acting out certain limits to our behaviour towards others and to Nature. We will regain respect for a world in balance, and abundance will re-emerge.

As I have argued, the rulers of the world simply denies in their own interest that this may hold any truth. Let us look at the objection of the concerned sceptics.

The position of the first objection I have expelled from my system by an act of mental detoxing. Regular readers of will know this and may even aggree. The position of the second objection is still an ongoing internal dialogue within myself and with others. All dialogue seems to be internal and external at the same time.

The second objection again shows the complexity of the subject. An image, an example: A tortured, traumatized slave or prisoner is released from his confinement. But he refuses to be released. His life as a prisoner formed his behaviour to an extend, that he became dependant on his own imprisonment. You may say, that he fell in love with his trauma.

The wet dream or favorite scenario of the rulers of the world is, that people will learn to love their own enslavement. This is the Fabian Socialism as described by people like H.G. Wells, Bertrand Russell and the brothers Aldous and Julian Huxley. The strategy of the Fabians are to nudge peoples and nations small steps by small steps into a new technocratic version of collectivism, Communism 2.0. These people and their networks, societies and institutions were not marginal but highly essential and influential in social ingeneering our present society.

SO: the claim of the sceptics is, that these people have already won the battle, and that our societies and the mindset of a majority of people of this world is now ripe for the takeover of the Globalists to form their New World Order as they see it. They have the technocratic means to do it - the means that both Orwell and Huxley predicted and/or wished for. Huxley for sure, Orwell for uncertain.

This is the whole battle of optimism and pessimism, that is the ongoing discourse. It is inside my head, for sure, and I find it ever present in the debates among concerned people. The skisma is between analyzing the dying world and visualizing another coming world. A New World Order will come, for sure. But the term has been hi-jacked by the ruling class to mean their NWO. Some have claimed that this is what the rulers of human history do every time, a major shift of Paradigm is about to occour. It may very well be so.

My objection to the objection is, that it is far too subserviant to the perversion of freedom. By the way, did you notice, that the US draconian Homeland Security Act now is re-branded as Freedom Act? How disgusting will it be?

I understand and respect the objection of inevitability. It even seems plausible. But I reject it as defaitism. If we fall in love with the analyzis, we loose. We accept once more in a same-same-but-different way the narrative of the rulers. This is not to discredit the analyzis, since I would then discredit the overall project of doing this analyzis for the most part. It is to reclaim hope, respect, honor, honesty, integrity, strength, fidelity, truth, virtue, morality, chivalry, conscience, empathy, pride, all the good and old stuff, that has being assaulted by the Cult of Perversion for decades and centuries by us saying: We neither submit to your narrative and your agenda when you are NOT admitting, nor when you - caught with your filthy pants down - ARE admitting, yet arrogantly continuing your rape of humanity with a grin on your face.

I suggest that we reclaim language. Let us reclaim the word Freedom as a word that really means something. Let us thereby dismantle Global Nihilism, that feeds on and perverts meanings as a whole.

Let us re-introduce the concept of True Speak as a respond to New Speak.


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