Ideology Sucks!

by morton_h, the blogger

Even without having read a line beyond the headline, I think readers of this blog have a spontaneous sense of the meaning. Ideology simply sucks! Full stop! Or rather: non-full-stop for WHY it is that Ideology sucks?

A former Danish Prime Minister Poul Schlütter, said it verbatim in the 1980s. Without being in line with his political views, I must at this point agree with him. He was prime minister in a time when ideologes was a dominant and - in retrospect - a total destructive force for all communities in the West in the same way as they had been in the East for half a century.
Danish version further down

But what is it that ideology does to people, and why is it, that it sucks?

Ideology sucks, because:
  • All sensation is blocked.
    Without senses and direct experience of reality we can not think.
  • All thought becomes impossible.
    Without really thinking, we are left to think about applying surrogates and can not talk.
  • All conversation stops.
    Without conversation, we are helpless, isolated, fractured 'dividuals - the opposite of individuals (indivisible beings) who will fight each other with ideological missiles.
This is precisely that which ideology is intended to do!

Ideology sucks
because the
stench of corpses is so overwhelming in the ideological universe. War as ritualized human sacrifice is only possible if an ideology already has poisoned the human mindset. The three World Wars are only possible via the ideology and all those who subscribed to it.
Yes, you read correctly: three / 3 world wars! The third has already started.
Non-sense, non-thought, non-speech.

The Chinese picture of the three monkeys describes:

    non-sense is the monkey covering his eyes
    not-thought is the monkey covering his ears and his brain
    non-speech is the monkey covering his mouth

Speech is monologue, talk is co-speech dialogue. Ideology is non-dialogue and forbids conversation by introducing monologue. Ideology teaches us all, after which we will learn nothing.

250 million - let us spell it out again: 250 MILLION people were murdered in the name of ideology in the 20th century. An unknown number of people - a ten-digit number - just in the 20th century had to live a miserable, surpressed, censored, politically corrected, amputated life in perpetual fear because of ideology. The 20th century was the giant lie century because of ideology.

Ideology had many names in the 20th century, but it was basically the same: Liberalism, Socialism, Communism, Marxism, Feminism, Maoism, ... the list is almost endless. We just got out of the C
entury of Isms - unfortunately without getting out of it.

You may ask, was 'capitalism' an ideology, then? No, capitalism is just an observation, that people in principle have the right to do business with other people without the right of institutions, states and cartels to interfere. When capitalism becomes monopolized, ideology arrives. Free trade is a newspeak expression that monopoly capitalists like to use when they legitimize
their freedom to make all other unfree = slaves, without interference. Capitalism used as a mockery term is an ideological expression that comes from the Marxists. Remember, Karl Marx never wrote about the monopoly capitalism and the central banking system running it. Why do you think? I suggest, that he was paid by the people of the hidden cartels to construct their designer-ideology, that would be the real opium of the people. And destroy one the enemies of these people: The Russian Zardom and society.

'Statism' is in turn an ideology, although the word does not realy exist. It is the blind faith that mom-and-dad-State will provide everything in life, that we day-after-day need to feed the state apparatus, and that everything,
mom-and-dad comes up with in the shape of 100,000 laws and regulations, are to create life and well-being. And what is worse: it's all a huge curtain to cover that states are no longer masters in their own house but feeding unknown and unnamed creatures that float the waters and do not give a shit for any state and any law. It is open to discussion whether it is because ideology incarnates and creates cowardice, stupidity, incompetence or corruption or whether a backdrop on ideology is being used as poor excuse for being cowardly, stupid, incompetent and corrupt. I would say both at the same time.

Ideology sucks
because it is artificial. It is a design. Not that either art or design is wrong for their purposes, but the human body-mind is not an artificial product and is not meant to be explained or controlled by design. A fully grown human being is fully able to comprehend, understand, think and talk without an ideological condom pulled down over its face. But someone has designed a ready-made way of thinking. There is an intention behind ideology, and accepted practice of ideology encompasses consequences. It almost goes without saying: accepting an intentional surrogate for perception, thinking and conversation means, of course - what else did you imagine? - serious consequences. Neither the intention nor the consequences are, however, recognized by people who subscribe to ideology. They simply do not have a clue of what hit them when they got hit, and least of all what results the hit produced.

It is this double-blind angle that makes ideology one of the most effective weapons of mass destruction on the market. Once you have taken the ideology intravenously, it may stay there for life. It is a parasite that tells the host animal = You what the host then must perceive, think and talk about. Everything you do hereafter is for the
benefit of the parasite.

An ideology-infected person can witness the most horrible incidents without witnessing anything at all. An ideological program starts in the brain translating it into something else. Violent attacks on people, groups of people or nations are magically transformed into charitable acts, though for a healthy sentient and thinking person it would clearly appear as atrocities.

You may try to have a conversation with an ideology-infected person until it is clear, that there is no actual conversation taking place. You are sitting in front of a speaker in mono with an invisible butt plug wired up to a broadcast from somewhere in the ether. And ideological pseudo conversation always ends up being reactionary and stereotype, since ideology infected persons cannot think. They
either cling to their rigid dogma, or - if they are in unfamiliar territory, which they will be, as soon as the the ideology runs out of answers - they hasten to think the opposite of the opposite. Suddenly they are sitting with their backs against the wall defending what they in a sober moment never would suggest.

Left ideologues called themselves 'progressive'. They never told where the progression actually went except for the Utopia, they had painted, a kind of ideological equivalent of the Garden of Eden. Today the leftists are the most reactionary people, one can come near. When one have forgotten to think, one can only react. Like a spoiled child?

And do not worry. If you were insulted and reacted here, so we have not come to stupid right-wingers yet.

Ideology sucks
because it controls all action from motives that the actor does not know, and because the consequences of that reason is not recognized and is attributed to other causes. The sad truth is that subscribers to the ideologies of the 20th century have been complicit in the large mass murder and the immense repression that took place and have therefore incurred a collective responsibility. The ideology was the popular stamp of approval for the misdeeds and the piece of software that made the giant killing-raping-plundering-machine run. No-one should be held accoutable for the sins of their forefathers, but everyone have a responsibility to know what happened in order not to blindly repeat their sins.

Ideologies cryptisizes everything. They make the world unintelligible, and when the world is a mystery the ideologist will surely arrive. Ideologies always feed an ideological clergy who are more than willing to teach us all. Commissars will arrive.

Ideology sucks
because it is religion without being honest about it. We are talking about religion as the outwatered and manipulative concept that was designed to fuck with our brains and keep us going in deep submission and ignorance. That said, knowing that certainly deeper, older layers of spirituality are to be found in the religious cultures, and authors of designer religions was well aware of that dangerous and potentially empowering layer, when they made the script for their modified version. Especially that circle of religions, that are worshipping a semittic god of anger, judgement and mass murder. One can say that religions have been infiltrated and that the potentially dangerous aspects are now in controlled enclosures - or have been removed and hidden for the clergymens own benefit.

This fake religious concept is the core of ideological religiosity. Thou shalt not know, Thou shalt believe. And Thou shalt always consult with the highest authority - according to the Authority itself, of course - in all important matters of life. If you see or hear something you do not understand, always consult the Authority for a response. If you have an unfinished thougt or idea, the Authority already thought it out. If you want to have a conversation, the Authority has already delivered both conversation topic and course of the conversation. If it comes as far as to make conclusions the Authority has already delivered them in digestible form. Beginners may start here.

If someone who does not subscribe to the ideology, allows himself to point out that there is the intention behind an opinion and suggests that this opinion is not really in the opinieur's own interest, and that the opinion supports actions with consequences that are inhumane, the opinieur will pure deny it. Denial is a built-in feature of the ideological mindset.

Ideology sucks
because ideas actually matter and logic actually is necessary. But what idea-o-logy does is to flip the process of thinking upside down by offering the answer to the logical question why before having cleared out the what's, the where's, the who's and the when's. It is skipping the grammar, it is logic before grammar and it is utterly destructive.

Any scientist, that would do such a violation of the thinking process is a pseudo-scientist and probably a fraudster. None the less this can be seen quite often. Certain industries use scientist for this purpose all the time, the medical industri as an example. Ideologies have called themselves science to conceal their fake logic. Marxism as an example.

Let's get specific
If someone call him-herself a socialist, this person probably believes, that it is all about social justice, equality of persons, freedom, all the good stuff. By the way, we forgot to say that ideologies like religions occupy and monopolize all core values, all the universal values and call them for
their invention. So if someone then suggest that socialism in the 20th century slaughtered 250 million people - conservatively estimated - and systematically made life on Earth a disgusting oppression-hell for a number to be counted in billions, the socialist immediately denies facts claiming that it is most certainly not what she / he meant by socialism and that it has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Well, sorry honey! It is the very crux of the matter. Every time socialists, communists, Maoists, Marxist-Leninists were allowed to shape a society in the 20th century, it was turned into horrid tyranny. It is built into the ideology that if nothing challenged and stopped it will necessarily happen. A bad seed can never become a healthy tree.

Socialists in the ideology of the century had posters of Marx, Mao and Lenin. They avoided Stalin, for they had, after all, heard of him, but because they could smear 'the mistake' on him and the likes of Pol Pot, they believed that the posters on the walls were housebroken. They saw no blood running down the wall. Mao Tze Dong murdered 100 fucking-million !! Chinese during the Cultural Revolution! They had grasped the concept of dictatorship of the proletariat just as bad as Christians had grasped the resurrection of the flesh. It was something they would avoid talking about, for it sounded somehow wrong (or slightly disgusting). They always looked the other way when it was brought up, and had not understood that an ideology is not a self-service board, but that there is a diversity of strings attached. Once you start to load yourself with ideology,  the whole package

Ideology is a Faustian entity. We want to achieve something out of the ordinary and contacts a vendor who offers the goods. It will most definitely be totally free of charge that day. The vendor mentions only in passing, that if he should ever need for your life another day, he will come back and claim it. The buyer in his eagerness and desire for the product does not read the fine print. One day the vendor will be knocking on the door.

Ideology sucks
because it makes you do everything that you NEVER would have done or authorized to be done, unless you had sucked ideology inside. Ideology encapsulates and channels fear, anger, hope, outrage. Liberalism was basically about egoism, socialism was basically about envy. Both babbled about freedom and liberty, whilst morphing the terms into newspeak. Without being held down, both ideologies developed into totalitarian despotisms with trespassing for any kind of freedom. Socialism did it right from the start. Liberalism became totalitarian when it believed that its main opponents had died, it showed its true colors as neo-feudalism. The British Empire never died, and now the imperialists thought that they had a unipolar world at their feet.

As feminist ideology in the Swedish government came to power, they immediately started to organize an ugly femi-sexist despotist regime and a set of moral rules based on guilt, shame and fear. They showed their true face. They claimed to have a mandate for it when Swedes as people have always been easy to subdue. A Swede rarely goes vertically NO! He or she ... sorry it can not be said in Sweden anymore, you have to use a gender neutral neo-word (hen) if you want to be obedient to femi-despots. ... A Swede says rather mnjae and mnjoee and all-right-then. If the mom-and-dad-government has said so, it must be true. The result of the political and social climate in Sweden is an exodus of indigenous Swedes, often well educated, that are higher in number are currently higher than in the classic age of immigration (utvandring) a hundred years ago. Quite scary and very sad.

Charming. The Swedish feminist Lady Dahmer "is known to tweet hateful sayings like: "I most definitely hate men", "I hate 8-year old boys" and that she wants to "ass rape all softcore feminist with a Morning Star". So what are the similarities between feminism and pornography? They are many, and one of them is that they claim to be liberating while behind the glamor nourishing the deepest contempt for people.

Sweden is interesting in the sad way since another politically correct ideology, Multiculturalism, has gained so much ground that Sweden as a nation and culture is now heading straight towards extinction. Mass immigration has become a weapon of mass destruction. Should you dare to think that there is something wrong here, you will immediately be demonized and villified. The elephant in the room that nobody talks about, is the intention behind. In this case, it is also the subject that is most of all forbidden to mention: Zionism. The destruction of European culture and the whole Western civilization is a Zionist project. If any ideology is the incarnation of ideology, it is without doubt and hesitation Zionism.

Industrialism can not be called an ideology. But behind it there is encapsulated a number of ideologies. Liberalism was there from the start. Without it we would not today hear the ideologiskts repeating the hypocracy of freedom. All ideologues harp on freedom and liberation, but when fine words into action, all chances for freedom are being melted away. The socialist society was the most unfree society of all. In the monarchy and the classic despotism there was more freedom than in a country with a communist regime.

Feminism chicken gobbles on liberation while the industrialists who designed feminism, are rubbing their hands and slapping their thigh with laughter and enjoying that middle- and upper-class women in the Western world willingly spread their legs apart for them and helped them qualify for the dissolution of family institution in the Western world. After WW2 a designer-war between men and women emerged. It is Social Darwinism in practice, imperial divide and conquer scaled down to the primary relationships. Children now became available to the state through child care, twice the number of workers and tax payers, legalized hatred of men and demonization of the male figure in Western civilization that had always cherished his family if necessary with his lives.

What became of the liberation? In Feminism's case it was the other way round, for it was that all about liberation of resources for the benefit of industrialists. Therefore, feminism is perhaps the most brilliant of all 'isms and designer ideologies. It was custom-designed to frame the seducable sex, so they could hit the real target: the man. Feminism is also one of the most poisonous ideologies. Millions of families were dissolved, millions of children became functionally one-orphans. And, which women are very slow to admit, millions of women ended and still end up with the hair in the mailbox, because they simply are not attractive. They have become objectionable. As an aging, leading feminists - and one must give her that - lamented:
We have lifelong preached that it was sinful and gender politically incorrect that men coveted women, since that would be male chauvinism. Now we are old and noone bother to covet us anymore. Should we laugh or cry here? Feminism is almost a textbook example, that neither the intention nor the impact is recognized, whereafter a mental rape is fulfilled.

Another feminist stated recently in full earnest that she was working to
introduce more ideology in the nursery! If we thought that indoctrination was something that occurred in the 70s, when the Marxists occupied the education system, then we are mistaken. School, institution and education has always been a primary battleground for ideological brainwashing. In the Danish project, the All Day School, the children's last pocket of free time is now stolen from them. This is a border-pedofile project. As the Jesuits, the brainwashing experts no. 1, says: Give me the 5-year-old child, and I shall give you the adult.

The Culture Marxist / Social Darwinist way of instigating war on all levels (divide and conquer).
Be it states/nations, peoples, social groups, ethnithities, genders, ages / generations, races, ideologies,  ...
it all works for them. This poster says: 'The War of the EX's. How far will you go for 1 million for your child?
Men and women are supposed to act according to darwinist social ingeneering according to this DISGUSTING!! add. How much further will stupid-stupid TV-consumers / ideology-consumers go in this cultural suicide?

Where are these alleged ideology designers, someone will ask? Who are they? In the case of feminism, an American filmmaker was asked backwards in an interview that he had been allowed to do with a leading member of the Rockefeller family, what he thought feminism was all about? The film maker replied that it probably was about equality and emancipation, to which the Rockefeller replied: You are very naive. It was us that created it. It was about two things. Destruction of the family, so we could get the women out of the labor market and access to the children, so we could shape them in our image.

Please note the term 'in our image'. It was God who is supposed to have done that. It describes how these people (?) think about themselves. And it describes the essence of what ideology is about: transformation of the World Image. Ideology design is a magic act where reality after fulfilling the magic ritual never will be the same. I have previously argued that it actually is a satanic agenda, a black magic, that drives it. Although ideologies constantly babbles about values-here and values-there, then there is a strange hollow sound of that value-nonsense. When you peel away all the glitter of most ideologies, there is nothing but an ugly, dried, pink gnome by name: Nihilism. The emperor in bare ass.

Ideology replace conscience and moral compass with worthless junk. Cultural Relativism is synonymous with Nihilism. The Zionist philosopher Leo Strauss, the ideological father of the American neo-cons - and no, they are not neo-conservatives, they are neo-Trotskyists! - Said: '
America is a nihilistic project'.

Ideology sucks
because it is addictive and opium-like. It is worthlessness masquerading as value. It is the opium of the people, to use an expression that one of the ideologies invented (you know). It is a sop that tastes good when you take it in your mouth, but that one day ends up being extremely bitter. It is wormwood with chocolate coating. A man who is ideology-hit, had his sentient, thinking and conversing properties destroyed. We have all seen pictures of an Chinese opium wreck in his den: pale, apathetic, the stage before death. There is a peculiar built-in cultic death wish in ideologies. It can be so glaring that it is reminiscent of the neuronal damage that designer drugs forces onto the nervous system. When a young person has eaten x-number of funny pills with ecstacy effect - there are 1000 names for this kind of shit - then he loses the ability to be happy FOREVER! The ability of the chemical substance to enter as a surrogate is so radical that it totally and permanently replaces the body's ability to produce the natural chemistry of happiness. Empathy is gone. Chemical sociopathy has arrived.
The opium zombie

A woman recently said:
There are those who say that men can not feel empathy, and that it should be the cause of all evil in this world. Yes, I have not even read the study, so I can not say whether it is true. I think she felt a bit embarrassed saying it. But it is interesting that this ideology has been so widely accepted, that even reasonable people have sucked it in. Who, what and why would anyone be interested in claiming that all men worldwide were functional psychopaths? Only a sick discord-seeking ideology can conceive such a sick thought. It is typical for Cultural Marxist Womens Studies in Academia, that worked its way into the Universities in the 70'ies. It is also interesting that ideologues / ideology sufferers never think that they need to argue their views and relate to the substance or facts. In ideological pseudo-scientific context it is enough to argue by referring to something that probably should be an authority, and if someone foolishly jumps on the hook, it is sufficient. Ideology is viral and contagious as a flu. To prevent this, one needs to have an ideological immune system.

Here comes the good news. In the case of ideology is not as radical as designer drugs, it is actually possible to get head and butt out of ones ideology poisoning. But it is a very, very extensive project. Depending on how well educated you are, it may take years or decades. And it does not happen by itself, for the most ideology-poisoning is like vaccines. They live in your flesh and bones forever, till the day you die! Strangely enough, it is the so-called educated, the so-called intellectuals, who are having the hardest time with ideological detoxification. What caused it?

The main reason is that they consider themselves just educated and intellectual / intelligent. They can't get it all wrong, can they? So besides that they are totally ignorant of ideologies intentions and consequences, they are totally convinced of their own infallibility. They do not know that they know nothing. The ideology was well learned in their fine studies on fine colleges where they got fine titles that gave access to fine jobs.
NB! the undersigned have a couple of these fine titles, which I about 10 years ago found a very large garbage can for. I should have sued the state to get my school fees back, but realized that it would be a waste of effort.

Ideology sucks
because ideologues have invested so much in the expensive thought scrap that they as a rule never drop it. Maybe dropping the first in the ultimate situation where the dying person in a split second of extended time called timelessness are being tried in his own court in the moment of death. Here they will ask themselves: Why did I not think, why I did not speak with the others? Why did I
not live, while I had the privilege?
Depending on cosmic coding it is either re-take or eternal damnation.

Talking about karma: there is nothing so bad that it is not good for something. A country if anyone that has experienced prolonged ideology poisoning, is Russia. The period is 1917-1990 during Communism. The Russians have intensely experienced at first hand what it means to be infected by ideology. But Russian President Vladimir Putin recently stated publicly
that Ideology Sucks. It was obviously not his concrete terms, but the meaning was the same. He mentionend Lenin, but declared himself non-ideological or anti-ideological. Interesting. There is a movement currently that is dumping the design ideology.

The Chinese have experienced it, and their Communism is today a meritocracy - only those who are qualified to rise to the top, can do it. India and most of Latin America has experienced respectively imperial despotism and the post-fascist generalissimo-tyranny.

Where today, then, is ideology and totalitarianism still gaining ground? It is obviously not in Russia. It is precisely in areas that have not experienced totalitarianism on its own body. It is nowhere else than the so-called democratic and free West. But how stupid can we be? Do we simply lack direct experience with the plain ideological malice? Despotism has now arrived in the United States, for sure! Americans are experiencing it now like a juicy mixture of Liberalism, neo-Trotskyism (the neo-cons), Zionism, Cultural Marxism and Multi Culturacism on their own body. Europe is experiencing in the form of the EU. It applies not only to foreign victims of the assault, but also for the countries that are active perpetrators in the crime, the financial terrorism that is happening right now. They are exposing their own people to the same mess.

Many countries in the World have in the 20th century experienced ideological despotism and abuse on your own body and culture. They do not want to repeat the debacle. In the West dominates liberalism. Or rather, a curious clone of liberalism, Cultural Marxism and Nihilism with a Zionist undertone. It claims to defend democracy, but other cultures that have not chosen democracy or has not allowed it, will be put down with a firm hand. For their own sake, of course. Democracy, if it ever existed, is now passé in the West. We have post democracy, a special kind of hypocritical double standards, where all the major decisions with major consequences for people being implemented around the democratic institutions. Democracy is today a whore for the cartels and the financial gangsters who run the Western society. Liberalism morover claims to defend pluralism and diversity. Yet it is now creating a One Global World where people have forgotten and abandonned their history, their tradition, their race and their culture and become members of 'the Global Village' of the Global shire.

It is a basic rule in experiencing that you can not do it in advance. You can not raise a child by pre inculcate the experience (although tested vigorously). Prohibition-rearing is guaranteed to create a desire to break the ban as an experiencing individual have to learn on its own. In the West, we counted ourselves as the experienced and all others as the inexperienced. It may in these years prove that we again are novices who unfortunately have to repeat-and-repeat bad experience to finally once, perhaps, to learn. When will
we be able to understand that the ideology ALWAYS is the precursor to Despotism?

And how could this loss of experience and true history take place
at all? Europeans should be the 100-meter champions in understanding of and distaste for ideological tyranny. The entire European history is one long rat study in collectivist ideology from Roman designer-Christianity, Feudalism, Humanism, Liberalism, Revolutionism, Semitism/Zionism, Industrialism, Social Darwinism, Socialism, Monopoly Capitalism, Neo-Trotskyism, Cultural Marxism, Feminism, Consumerism, Nihilism...... IT goes on and on.

That is why ideology is bullshit!
Ideology steals our experience, collectively and individually. Instead of organic collective memory and experience we have gained: history books. It is the victorious imperial history about itself, as itself likes to hear about itself, and as itself therefore with utmost zeal re-re-recounts to itself and all itself's wretched subjects. The Empire is a giant, viscious Winnie the Pooh, that likes to hear stories about himself. This is the overarching ideology. It is the ideologized narrative about who we are, where we came from, where we are going.

Outside / before the ideology grip all people, all nations and all cultures knew who they were, where they came from and where they were going. They were adults, not stupid children. But at some point they began to arrive, the surrogate makers, the ideology designers, the history-forgers. They treated people like animals and small children. The Babel-like confusion began here. Monotheism (submission-religion) began here. The banking system had its beginnings here. The fraudulent written word started here. It is said that civilization began here 5,000 years ago, but it's just part of the ideological falsification of history, the urban culture is of unknown age. I need only mention the underwater city complex buried in marine sediments in the Indian Ocean, which is about the size of Manhattan! This area has not been above sediments and sea level since the last ice age, and such high culture does not occur overnight. Saharasia, the desertified mega belt started here, and the desert created draught, scarecity and therefore the culture of wars. Some people who were early experts in herding sheep and goats, saw that it was possible to herd people. The arise of ideology design is to be found among these people. Some claim that the very bloodlines to these sinister ancesters are intact.

How do you turn people into stupid herd animals? You do this, primarily by stealing their history, their story about there tribe and nation, their cultural identity and give them a surrogate, what we today call an ideology. In antiquity and pre-antiquity it was done by a clergy telling a design-story for the congregation people. The pre-antique religions, early Judaism, for example, was ruled by a priesthood where there was one tale for the inner circle, the cabbalists, the magicians, the human ritual sacrificers, and a completely different tale for the people. The people did not have a jeering oil lamp of idea on what the priesthood really was thinking - about them, for example. They only knew that now God was angry, and now God was less angry. It must be said that true rabbinical Judaism is a much later phenomenon than it claims. It is yet another example of ideology-based falsification of history. We are in fact close to the starting point of all institutionalized falsification of history that has been going on throughout the f 2000-year-old Age of Pisces. There in something fishy about it ...

Today it is called Behavourism and Social Science. Shepherdhood has become technological, high priests are now technocrats.

If you starve people for genuine and authentic stories, they will be willing to suck the prodigal stories to themselves. When the immune system is down, parasites will arrive. When the Roman designer ideology, Christianity, stole the original stories from the peoples, first the Etruscans, then the Celts, then the Jews and finally the Germans - and in the meantime a series of more or less rebellious peoples - the parasite closed into the system. The Roman Judea-Christianity (the ultra rich Alexandrian über-Jews were very much a part in the agreement) was the basic vaccination of European culture that created the breeding ground for all later diseases. Why, you might ask, would a vaccination not prevent the disease? So I ask: where in nature do you find an organism with a burning desire to become contaminated with everything imaginable toxic stuff, that is absolutely alien to itself - in order to be healthy? Vaccines are an investment, a life insurance for the pharmaceutical industry, so it has customers in the store - forever! The European ideology project from Christianity to Cultural Marxism has continuously had customers in their ideology store.

This culture has now arrived in its late adolescence. There are many signs in sun and moon that humanity are sated and tired of ideologies for this time. Ideologies are currently burning their last gunpowder and undoubtedly also various bridges behind itself. Such an extensive and destructive megaproject do not collaps in one day. But that does not mean centuries, and it can happen relatively quickly once it takes off.

It is like a huge tree already rotten from inside, and one day it will fall in a storm. This tree is in fact a giant illusion, a grand lie, only standing yet due to those who water an maintain it.

Suggestion: pis on the tree each day in stead of watering it. If you haven't done it already, find a really big container for toxic waste and throw all the bunk-isms thereinto. Be prepared for a serious hangover and an unusual headache from thinking for yourself.


Ideologi stinker

Allerede uden at have læst en linie udover overskriften tror jeg, at læsere af denne blog har en spontan fornemmelse af, hvad der menes. Ideologi er simpelthen noget lort! Punktum! Eller rettere: ikke-punktum, for hvorfor er det, at ideologi er noget lort?

En tidligere dansk statsminister, Poul Schlütter, sagde det ordret engang i 1980'erne. Uden at være på linie med hans politiske syn må jeg på dette punkt give ham ret. Han var statsminister i en tid, hvor ideologi var en dominerende og - set i bakspejlet - total destruktiv drivkraft for alle samfund i Vesten på samme måde, som de havde været det i Østen et halvt århundrede. 

Men hvad er det, ideologi gør ved mennesker, og hvorfor er det så i den grad noget lort?

Ideologi er noget lort, fordi:
  • Al sansning blokeres.
    Uden sanser og direkte oplevelse af virkeligheden kan vi ikke tænke.
  • Al tænkning umuliggøres.
    Uden egentlig tænkning er vi overladt til tænkningens surrogater og kan ikke tale sammen.
  • Al samtale går i stå.
    Uden samtale bliver vi hjælpeløse, isolerede, splittede 'divider - det modsatte af individer (udelelige væsener), der bekriger hinanden med ideologisk kasteskyts.
Det er netop det, som ideologi er beregnet til.

Ideologi er noget lort
fordi stanken af lig er så overvældende i det ideologiske univers. Krig som ritualiseret menneskeofring er kun mulig, hvis en ideologi i forvejen har forgiftet det menneskelige tankesæt. De tre verdenskrige er kun mulige via ideologien og alle dem, der abonnerer på den.
Ja, du læser rigtigt: tre / 3 verdenskrige! Den tredje er allerede startet.
Ikke-sanse, ikke-tænke, ikke-tale.

Det kinesiske billede med de tre aber beskriver:
  • ikke-sanse er aben, der dækker sine øjne
  • ikke-tænke er aben, der dækker sine ører - sin hjerne
  • ikke-tale er aben, der dækker sin mund
Tale er ikke monolog, tale er sam-tale, dialog. Ideologi, idialog / non-dialog, forbyder samtale og indfører monolog, enetale. Ideologi belærer os, hvorefter vi intet lærer.

250 millioner - vi tager den lige igen: 250 MILLIONER mennesker blev myrdet i ideologiernes navn i det 20 århundrede. Et ukendt antal mennesker - et ticifret tal - blot i det 20. århundrede måtte leve et usselt, undertrykt, censureret, politisk korrekset, amputeret liv i evig frygt på grund af ideologierne. Det 20. århundrede blev løgnens århundrede på grund af ideologierne.

Ideologi havde mange navne i det 20. århundrede, men den var egentlig den samme: liberalisme, socialisme, kommunisme, marxisme, feminisme, maoisme, ... listen er nærmest uendelig. Vi er lige kommet ud af 'ismernes århundrede - desværre uden at komme ud af det.

Du spørger måske: var 'kapitalisme' ikke en ideologi? Nej, kapitalisme er blot en konstatering af, at mennesker i princippet har ret til at handle med andre mennesker uden at institutioner, stater og karteller har ret til at blande sig. Når kapitalisme bliver monopoliseret, ankommer ideologien. Frihandel er et nysprogligt udtryk, som monopol-kapitalister gerne anvender, når de legitimerer deres frihed til at gøre alle andre ufrie = slaver. Kapitalisme som blot et skældsord er et ideologisk udtryk, der stammer fra marxisterne.

'Statisme' er til gengæld en ideologi, selvom ordet ikke findes. Det er blinde tro på, at mor-og-far-Stat vil sørge for alt her i livet, at vi har vældig meget brug for at fodre statsapparatet, og at alt, hvad det kommer op med af 100.000 love og forordninger er for at skabe liv og trivsel. Og hvad værre er: det hele er et kæmpestort gardin, der skal dække over, at staterne ikke er herrer i eget hus, men fodrer et ukendt og unævnt dyr, der svæver over vandene og ikke giver en skid for statens love, der kun gælder for dens borgere. Det kan så diskuteres, om det skyldes ideologi er blot er skinbarlig fejhed, dumhed, inkompetence eller korruption? Men ideologi dækker over, bliver brugt som dårlig undskyldning for at være fej, dum, inkompetent og korrupt.

Ideologi er noget lort 
fordi det er kunstigt. Det er et design. Ikke at hverken kunst eller design er forkert til deres formål, men den menneskelige organisme er ikke et kunstprodukt og kan ikke hverken forklares eller styres af design. Det er fuldt ud i stand til fatte, forstå, tænke og samtale uden et ideologisk kondom trukket ned over ansigtet. Men nogen har designet et færdigsyet tankesæt / samlesæt. Der er en intention bag ideologi, og accepteret anvendelse af ideologi har altomfattende konsekvenser. Det siger næsten sig selv: at acceptere et intentionelt surrogat for sansning, tænkning og samtale får selvfølgelig - hvad pokker havde du ellers forestillet dig? - seriøse konsekvenser. Hverken intention eller konsekvens er imidlertid erkendt af mennesker, der abonnerer på ideologi. De aner simpelthen ikke, hvad der rammer dem, når de bliver ramt, ej heller hvad de har gang i og mindst af alt, hvilke resultater det, der rammer dem, har medført.

Det er denne dobbelt-blinde vinkel, der gør ideologi til mest effektive masse-ødelæggelsesvåben på markedet. Når du først har indtaget ideologien intravenøst, så er den i dig. Den er en parasit, der fortæller værtsdyret = dig, hvad dyret herefter skal sanse, tænke og tale om. Alt, hvad du gør, er for parasittens skyld.

En ideologi-inficeret person kan være vidne til de mest horrible hændelser uden at være vidne overhovedet. Et ideologisk program går i gang i hjernen, der oversætter det til noget andet. Voldelige overfald på mennesker, grupper af mennesker og nationer bliver ved et magisk trylleslag til godgørende handlinger, selvom de for et sundt sansende og tænkende menneske ville fremstå som uhyrligheder.

Du kan sidde og forsøge at føre en samtale med en ideologi-inficeret person, indtil det står klart, at der ikke finder en samtale sted. Du sidder overfor et højttaler i mono, der med en usynlig buttplug er wired op til en broadcast fra et eller andet sted i æteren. Og ideologisk pseudosamtale ender altid med at blive reaktionær, for ideologi-inficerede kan ikke tænke. Derfor klamrer de sig enten til deres rigide dogmatik, eller - hvis de er på ukendt territorium - skynder de sig at mene det modsatte af det modsatte. Lige pludselig sidder de med ryggen mod muren og forsvarer noget, de i et sobert øjeblik ikke ville mene.

Venstrefløjs-ideologierne kaldte alle sig selv for 'progressive'. De fortalte dog aldrig, hvor progressionen egentlig gik hen. De malede et Utopia, et slags ideologisk sidestykke til Paradisets have. I dag er venstrefløjerne de mest reationære størrelser, man kan komme i nærheden af. Når man har glemt at tænke, kan man kun reagere. Hvor voksen er man så?

Og bare rolig. Hvis du blev fornærmet og reagerede her, så er vi slet ikke kommet til liberalisterne endnu.

Ideologi er noget lort
fordi det styrer al handling ud fra motiver, som den handlende ikke kender, og fordi konsekvenserne af samme grund ikke erkendes og bliver tilskrevet andre årsager. Den sørgelige sandhed er, at abonnenter og abonniner på ideologierne fra det 20. århundrede var og fortfarende er (indtil erkendt) medskyldige i det store massemord og den enorme undertrykkelse, der fandt sted og har derfor pådraget sig et kollektivt medansvar. Ideologien var det folkelige blåstempel til udåden og det stykke software, der fik the giant killing-raping-plundering-machine til køre.

Ideologier kryptiserer alting. De gør verden uforståelig, og når verden er blevet et mysterium, ankommer: Ideologen. Ideologier har altid et ideologisk præsteskab, der er mere end villige til at belære os alle. Kommisærerne ankommer.

Ideologi er noget lort
fordi det er religion uden at være ærlig om det. Altså religion som det udvandede og manipulerende koncept, der er beregnet på at fucke med vore hjerner og holde os hen i dyb underkastelse og uvidenhed. Det være sagt vel vidende, at der også gemmer sig dybere og ældre lag af spiritualitet i de religiøse kulturer, hvilket designer-religionernes ophavsmænd udmærket er klar over, da de lavede manuskriptet til det senere ankomne hylster. Man kan sige, at religionerne er blevet infiltreret, og at de potentielt farlige sider nu er kontrolleret i indhegninger.

Selve trosbegrebet er kernen i ideologisk religiøsitet. Du skal ikke vide, du skal tro. Du skal altid rådføre dig med den højeste autoritet - ifølge autoriteten selv, selvfølgelig - i alle vigtige livets anliggender. Hvis du ser eller hører noget, du ikke forstår, har autoriten et svar. Hvis du tænker noget, har autoriteten allerede tænkt det til ende. Hvis du vil føre en samtale, har autoriteten allerede leveret både samtaleemnet og samtalens forløb. Hvis den kommer så langt som til at gøre konklusioner, har autoriteten allerede leveret dem i færdig og letfordøjelig form.

Hvis nogen, der ikke abonnerer på ideologien, tillader sig at gøre opmærksom på, at der findes intention bag holdning og udsagn, at dette udsagn i virkeligheden ikke er i udsigerens egen interesse, og at udsagnet bakker op om handlinger med konsekvenser, der er umenneskelige, vil udsigeren pure fornægte det. Fornægtelse er indbygget i selve det ideologiske tankesæt.

Lad os blive konkrete
Hvis en person kalder dig selv socialist, mener vedkommende sandsynligvis, at det drejer sig om social retfærdighed, lighed mellem mennesker, all the good stuff. Forresten, glemte vi at sige, at ideologierne ligesom religionerne okkuperer og monopoliser alle kerneværdierne, alle de universelle værdier og kalder dem for deres opfindelse. Hvis nogen herefter antyder, at socialismen i det 20. århundrede myrdede løs på 250 millioner mennesker - konservativt anslået - og systematisk gjorde livet på Jorden til et absolut undertrykkelses-helvede for et antal, der skal tælles i milliarder, vil socialisten straks fornægte fakta ved at sige, at det så sandelig ikke er det, hun/han forstår ved socialisme og at det så absolut intet har med sagen at gøre.

Well, sorry honey! Det er selve sagens kerne. Hver eneste gang socialister, kommunister, maoister, marxister-leninister fik adgang til at forme et samfund i det 20. århundrede, blev det forvandlet til fælt tyranni. Det er indbygget i selve ideologiens udgangspunkt, at det nødvendigvis vil ske. Et dårligt frø kan aldrig blive til et sundt træ.

Socialister i ideologiernes århundrede havde plakater af Marx, Mao og Lenin. De undgik Stalin, for de havde trods alt hørt om ham, men fordi de kunne smøre 'fejltagelsen' af på ham og typer som Pol Pot, mente de, at plakaterne på væggene var stuerene. De så ikke blodet drive ned af væggen. Mao Tze Dong myrdede 100 fucking-millioner!! kinesere under kulturrevolutionen! De havde fattet begrebet proletariatets diktatur lige så dårligt, som kristne havde fattet kødets opstandelse. Det var noget, man undgik at tale om, for det lød på en eller anden måde forkert (eller en anelse ulækkert). De så altid den anden vej, når det blev bragt på banen og havde ikke forstået, at en ideologi ikke er et tag-selv-bord, men at der er en mangfoldighed af strings attached. Når man først begynder at loade sig med ideologi, følger hele pakken med.

Ideologi er faustisk. Vi ønsker at opnå noget ud over det sædvanlige og kontakter en sælger, der udbyder varen. Den er minsandten helt gratis den dag. Sælgeren nævner blot i forbifarten, at hvis han skulle få brug for dit liv en anden dag, vil han komme tilbage og kræve det. Køberen læser i sin iver og begær efter varen ikke, hvad der står med småt. En dag kommer sælgeren tilbage og banker på døren.

Ideologi er noget lort
fordi den får dig til at gøre alt det, du ALDRIG ville have udført eller godkendt blive udført, medmindre du havde suget ideologien til dig. Ideologi indkapsler og kanaliserer frygt, vrede, håb, forargelse. Liberalismen handlede dybest set om egoisme, socialismen handlede dybest set om misundelse. Begge ævlede om frihed, mens de gjorde ordet til nysprog. Uden at blive holdt nede, udviklede begge ideologier sig til totalitære despotier med adgang forbudt til enhver form for frihed. Da liberalismen mente, at dens hovedmodstandere var afgået ved døden, viste den sit sande ansigt som neo-feudalisme. Det britiske Imperium døde aldrig, og nu troede imperialisterne at de havde en unipolær verden for deres fødder.

Da feminist-ideologien i det svenske statsforsøg kom til magten, gik de straks i gang med at indrette et stygt femi-sexistisk despoti baseret på skyld, skam og frygt. De viste deres sande ansigt. De mente at have mandat til det, da svenskere som folk altid har været lette at underkue. En svensker siger yderst sjælden lodret NEJ! Han ... undskyld det må man ikke sige i Sverige længere, man skal sige 'hen' som fælleskøn, hvis man vil være lydig overfor femi-despoterne. ... han og hun siger hellere mnjae og mnjøe og så pyt da. Hvis mor-og-far-regering har sagt det, må det jo være rigtigt. Resultatet af det politisk-sociale klima i Sverige er, at udvandringen af oprindelige svenskere, ofte veluddannede, for tiden er større end i den klassiske udvandrertid for 100 år siden.

Charming. Den svenske feminist Lady Dahmer” er kendt for at tweete hadefulde sentenser som: ”I most definitely hate men”, ”I hate 8-year old boys” and that she want to ”ass rape all softcore feminists with a Morning star. Så hvad er lighederne mellem feminisme og pornografi? De er mange, og en af dem er, at de hævder at være frigørende, mens de bagom glamouren nærer den dybeste foragt for mennesker.

Sverige er interessant på den sørgelige måde, for en anden politisk korrekt ideologi, multikulturalismen, har vundet så meget terræn, at Sverige som nation og kultur nu styrer direkte mod udslettelse. Masseindvandring er blevet et masseødelæggelsesvåben. Skulle man tillade sig at mene, at der er noget galt her, vil man straks blive dæmoniseret og lagt for had. Elefanten i lokalet, den ingen taler om, er, at der er intention bag. I dette tilfælde er det samtidig det emne, der er mest forbudt af alle at nævne: zionismen. Destruktionen af den europæiske kultur og som helhed den vestlige civilisation er et zionistisk projekt. Hvis nogen ideologi er inkarnationen af ideologierne, er det uden tvivl og tøven zionismen.

Industrialismen kan ikke kaldes en ideologi. Men bag den er der indkapslet en række ideologier. Liberalismen var med fra starten. Uden den ville vi ikke den dag i dag blive tudet ørerne fulde med det mest misbrugte ord af alle: frihed. Alle ideologer ævler om frihed og frigørelse, men når fine ord bliver til handling, forsvinder al udsigt til frihed pludselig som dug for solen. De socialistiske samfund var de mest ufrie samfund af alle. I monarkiet og det klassiske despoti var der større frihed end i et land med kommunistregime.

Feminismen pludrede hønsehøjt løs om frigørelse, mens industrialisterne, der designede feminismen, gned sig i hænderne og slog sig på låret af grin over, at middel- og overklassekvinder i den vestlige verden villigt spredte ben for dem og skaffede dem adgang til opløsning af familie-institutionen i den vestlige verden. Herefter udbrød der designer-krig mellem mænd og kvinder, social-darwinisme i praksis, imperial del og hersk helt ned i de primære relationer, børn der nu blev tilgængelige for staten via børneinstitutioner, dobbelt så stor arbejdskraft og beskatningsgrundlag, legaliseret had til mænd og dæmonisering af den skikkelse i den vestlige civilisation, der altid havde værnet om sin familie om nødvendigt med livet som indsats.

Hvor blev frigørelsen af? I feminismens tilfælde var det med omvendt fortegn, for det handlede det om at frigøre ressourcer til fordel for industrialisterne. Derfor var feminismen den måske mest geniale af alle 'ismerne og designer-ideologierne. Den var special-designet til at ramme det forførbare køn, så det/de kunne ramme det egentlige mål: manden. Feminismen er derfor også en af de mest giftige ideologier. Millioner af familier blev opløst, millioner af børn blev funktionelt en-forældreløse. Og, hvilket kvinder er meget sene til at indrømme, millioner af kvinder endte og ender stadig med håret i postkassen, fordi de simpelthen ikke er attraktive. De er blevet frastødende. Som en aldrende, førende feminist - og det må man give hende - beklagede: Her har vi hele livet prædiket, at det var syndigt og kønspolitisk ukorrekt, at mænd begærede kvinder, for så var det mandschauvinisme. Nu er vi blevet gamle, og ingen gider at begære os længere. Skal man le eller græde her? Feminismen er et nærmest skoleeksempel på, at hverken intention eller konsekvens er anerkendt, hvorefter bedraget er fuldbyrdet som en psykisk voldtægt.

En anden feminist udtalte i fulde alvor, at hun arbejdede på at indføre mere ideologi i vuggestuen! Hvis nogen gik og troede, at indoktrinering var noget, der fandt sted i 70'erne, da marxisterne besatte undervisningssystemet, så tager de fejl. Skole, institution og uddannelse har altid været en primært slagmark for ideologisk hjernevask. I den danske heldagsskole bliver børnenes sidste lomme af fritid nu stjålet fra dem. Det er et grænse-pædofilt projekt. Som jesuitterne, hjernevasker-eksperter no. 1, siger: Giv mig det 5-års barn, og jeg skal give den voksne.

Hvor befinder disse påståede ideologi-designere sig så, vil nogen spørge? Hvem er de? I tilfældet feminisme, blev en amerikanske filmmand spurgt baglæns i et interview, som han havde fået lov til at gøre med et medlem af Rockefeller-familien, om hvad han mente, feminisme drejede sig om? Filmmanden svarede, at det vist var noget om ligestilling og frigørelse, hvortil rockefeller'en svarede: Du er meget naiv. Det var os, der skabte den. Det handlede om to ting. Ødelæggelse af familien, så vi kunne få kvinderne ud på arbejdsmarkedet og adgang til børnene, så vi kunne forme dem i vores billede.

Bemærk venligst udtrykket 'i vores billede'. Det var vistnok Gud, der skulle have gjort den slags. Det beskriver, hvordan disse mennesker (?) tænker om sig selv. Og det beskriver essensen af, hvad ideologi handler om: omskabelse af Verdens Billede. Ideologi-design er en magisk handling, hvor virkeligheden efter ritualet har forandret sig. Jeg har før argumenteret for, at det reelt er en satanisk agenda, der driver det. Selvom ideologierne hele tiden taler om værdier-mig-her og værdier-mig-der, så er der en ganske særlig hul klang over over værdi-ævlet. Når man skræller alt glimmeret af de fleste ideologier, er der ikke andet end en grim, indtørret, pink gnom tilbage ved navn: nihilisme. Kejseren i bar røv.

Ideologi erstatter samvittighed og moralsk kompas med en gang værdiløst bras. Kulturrelativisme er synonym for nihilisme. Den zionistiske filosof, Leo Strauss, den ideologisk fader til de amerikanske neo-cons - og nej, de er ikke ny-konservative, de er ny-trotskister! - sagde: 'Amerika er et nihilistisk projekt'.

Ideologi er noget lort
fordi det er afhængighedsskabende ligesom opium. Det er værdiløshed forklædt som værdi. Det er opium for folket - for nu at bruge et udtryk, som en af ideologierne opfandt. Det er en narresut, der smager godt, når man tager den i munden, men som en eller anden dag ender med at være særdeles bitter. Det er malurt med chokoladeovertræk. Et menneske, der er ideologi-ramt, har fået sine sansende, tænkende og samtalende egenskaber ødelagt. Vi har alle set billeder af opiumsvrag i sin hule: bleg, apatisk, stadiet før døden. Der er en besynderlig indbygget kultisk dødsdrift i ideologierne. Det kan være så grelt, at det minder om den neuroskade, som designerdrugs skaber på nervesystemet og kroppens kemi. Når en ung person har ædt x-antal sjove piller med extacy-effekt - der er 1000 navne for den slags lort - så mister vedkommende evnen til at være lykkelig FOR EVIGT! Det kemiske stofs evne til at træde ind som surrogat er så radikal, at det totalt og permanent erstatter kroppens evne til at producere naturlig kemi for lykke. Empati er forsvundet. Kemisk sociopati har indfundet sig.


En i moderat grad ideologi-ramt feminist luftede forleden følgende udsagn: Der er nogen, der siger, at mænd ikke kan føle empati, og at det skulle være årsagen til alt ondt i denne verden. Ja, jeg har ikke selv læst undersøgelsen, så jeg kan ikke sige, om det er rigtigt. Interessant. Hvem, hvad og hvorfor skulle nogen have interesse i at hævde, at samtlige mænd i hele verden er funktionelle psykopater? Kun en syg splidmager-ideologi kan undfange en så syg tanke. Interessant er det også at ideologer / ideologi-ramte aldrig mener, at de behøver at argumentere for deres synspunkter ved at forholde sig til substans eller fakta. I ideologi-sammenhæng er det nok at hævde og påstå og henvise til noget, der vistnok skulle være en autoritet, og hvis en eller anden tåbe bider på, er det tilstrækkeligt. Ideologi er viral og smitter som en influenza. For at forhindre det, er man nødt til at have et ideologisk immunforsvar.

Her kommer så den gode nyhed. I tilfældet ideologi er det ikke så radikalt som designerdrugs, for det er rent faktisk muligt at få hoved og røv ud af sin ideologi-forgiftning. Men det er et meget, meget omfattende projekt. Afhængig af, hvor såkaldt uddannet man er, kan det tage år eller årtier. Og det sker ikke af sig selv, for det fleste ideologi-forgiftninger er ligesom vacciner. De sidder i sulet forever, till the day you die! Underlig nok er det såkaldt veluddannede, såkaldt intellektuelle, der har sværest ved ideologisk afgiftning. Hvad skyldes det?

Det skyldes primært, at de betragter sig selv som netop veluddannede og intellektuelle / intelligente. De kan jo ikke tage grueligt fejl, kan de vel? Så udover at de er totalt ignorante overfor ideologiernes intentioner og konsekvenser, er de totalt overbeviste om deres egen ufejlbarlighed. De ved ikke, at de intet ved. Ideologien blev jo indlært i deres fine studier på fine læreanstalter, hvor de fik fine titler, der gav adgang til fine jobs.
NB! undertegnede underskriver har selv flere fine og høje titler, som jeg for ca. 10 år siden fandt en meget stor skraldespand til. Jeg burde have sagsøgt staten for at få mine skolepenge tilbage, men indså, at det ville være spild af kræfter.

Ideologi er noget lort
fordi ideologisterne har investeret så meget i det dyrekøbte tankeskrot, at de som grundregel aldrig slipper det. Måske slipper de først i den ultimative situation, hvor mennesker i et splitsekund af udvidet tid kaldet tidløshed bliver stillet for sin egen domstol: dødsøjeblikket. Her vil de spørge sig selv: Hvorfor sansede jeg ikke, hvorfor tænkte jeg ikke, hvorfor talte jeg ikke med de andre? Hvorfor levede jeg ikke, mens jeg havde mulighed for det?
Afhængig af kosmisk kodning er det enten en ommer eller evig fortabelse.

Talking about karma: der er intet så ondt, at det ikke er godt for noget. Et land, der om noget har oplevet langvarig ideologi-forgiftning, er Rusland. Perioden er 1917-1990 og kaldes som bekendt kommunisme. Russerne har intenst erfaret på egen krop, hvad det vil sige at blive inficeret af ideologi. Men den russiske præsident, Vladimir Putin, udtalte for nylig, at ideologi er noget lort. Det var selvfølgelig ikke hans konkrete udtryk, men meningen var identisk. Han nævnte i øvrigt Lenin og erklærede sig non-ideologisk eller anti-ideologisk. Interessant. Der er en bevægelse i gang for tiden, der gør op med designer-ideologierne.

Hvor er det i dag, at ideologierne og det totalitære projekt stadig vinder frem? Det er åbenbart ikke i Rusland. Det er netop i områder, der ikke har oplevet totalitarismen på egen krop. Vi i det meste af Vesten har det 'til gode' - vi burde egentlig sige 'til onde'. Men hvor dumme kan vi egentlig være? Vi mangler simpelthen direkte erfaring med den skinbarlige ideologiske ondskab. Den er nu ankommet til USA, for sure! Amerikanerne oplever den nu en saftig blanding af liberalisme, neo-trotskisme (the neo-cons), zionisme, kulturmarxisme og multikulturacisme på deres egen krop. Europa oplever den i form af EU. Det gælder ikke blot de udenlandske ofre for overgrebet, men også de lande, der er aktive i den forbrydelse, den finansielle terror, der sker lige nu, og som udsætter deres egen befolkning for svineriet. Kineserne har oplevet det, og deres kommunisme er i dag et meritokrati - kun dem, der har fortjent at stige til tops, kan gøre det. Indien og det meste af Latinamerika har oplevet henholdsvis det imperiale despoti og det post-fascistiske generalissimo-tyranni.

De har alle oplevet ideologisk despoti og misbrug på egen krop og kultur. De ønsker ikke at gentage fiaskoen. I Vesten dominerer liberalismen. Eller rettere, en besynderlig klon af liberalisme, kultur-marxisme og nihilisme med en zionistisk undertone. Den hævder at forsvare demokratiet, men andre kulturer, der ikke har valgt demokrati har ikke lov til det og vil blive slået ned med hård hånd. For deres egen skyld, selvfølgelig. Demokrati, hvis det nogensinde har eksisteret, er i dag passé i Vesten. Vi har postdemokrati, en særlig form for hyklerisk dobbeltmoral (zionisme!), hvor alle de væsentlige beslutninger med de største konsekvenser for folk bliver gennemført udenom de demokratiske institutioner. Demokratiet er i dag en luder for de karteller og finansgangstere, der kører det vestlige samfund.

Det er en grundregel indenfor erfaringsdannelse, at man ikke kan gøre den på forhånd. Man kan ikke opdrage et barn ved på forhånd at indpode det med erfaring (selvom der prøves ihærdigt). Forbuds-opdragelse skaber med garanti et ønske om at bryde forbuddet, da et erfarende individ er nødt til at erfare på egen hånd. I Vesten har vi regnet os selv som de erfarne og alle andre som de uerfarne, tilbagestående. Det kan i disse år vise sig, at vi igen er novicer, der desværre er nødt til at repetere-og-repetere dårlig erfaring for endelig en gang, måske, at tage ved lære. Hvornår vil vi være i stand til at forstå, at ideologi ALTID er forstadiet til despoti?

Og hvordan kunne dette erfaringstab overhovedet finde sted? Europæerne burde være 100-meter-mestre i forståelse og afsky for ideologisk tyranni. Hele den europæiske historie er ét langt rotteforsøg i kollektivistisk ideologi fra romersk designer-kristendom, feudalisme, humanisme, liberalisme, revolutionisme, industrialisme, socialdarwinisme, socialisme, monopolkapitalisme, neo-trotskisme, kulturmarxisme, feminisme, forbrugerisme, ...... it goes on and on.

Det er derfor, ideologi er noget fucking lort!
Ideologi stjæler vores erfaring, kollektivt og individuelt. I stedet for organisk kollektiv hukommelse og erfaring har vi fået historieskrivning. Det er det sejrende imperiums historie om sig selv, som sig selv kan lide at høre om sig selv, og som sig selv derfor med største iver gen-gen-genfortæller for sig selv og alle sig selv's usle undersåtter. Dette er den overordnede ideologi. Det er det ideologiserede narrativ om hvem vi er, hvor vi kom fra, hvor vi skal hen.

Udenfor / før ideologiens greb vidste alle mennesker, alle folkeslag og alle kulturer hvem de var, hvor de kom fra, og hvor de skulle hen. De var voksne mennesker, ikke pattebørn. Men på et tidspunkt begyndte de at ankomme, surrogat-magerne, ideologi-designerne, historie-forfalskerne. De behandlede mennesker som dyr og små børn. Den babelske begrebsforvirring begyndte her. Monoteismen (underkastelses-religion) begyndte her. Bankvæsenet havde sin begyndelse her. Det bedrageriske skriftsprog startede her. Det siges, at civilisationen startede her for 5000 år siden, men det er blot en del af den ideologiske historieforfalskning, for bykulturen er af ukendt alder. Jeg behøver blot at nævne det undersøiske bykompleks, der er begravet under havsedimenter i det Indiske Ocean, og som er på størrelse med Manhattan! Dette område har ikke været over havet siden sidste istid, og en sådan højkultur opstår ikke natten over. Saharasia, det ørkengjorte megabælte startede her, og med ørkenen startede krigene. Visse folk, der var tidlige eksperter i at hyrde får og geder, så, at det også var muligt at hyrde mennesker.

Hvordan gør man mennesker til dumme flokdyr? Det gør man bla ved at stjæle deres historie, deres fortælling, deres kulturelle identitet og give dem et surrogat, det vi i dag kalder en ideologi. I antikken og præ-antikken skete det ved at et præsteskab fortalte en design-historie for folk. De præantikke religioner, den tidlige judaisme fx, blev regeret af et præsteskab, hvor der var én fortælling for inderkredsen, kabbalisterne, magikerne, menneskeofrerne, og en helt-helt anden for folket. Folket anede ikke en hujende olielampe om, hvad præsteskabet egentlig gik og tænkte - om dem fx. De vidste blot, at nu var Gud vred, og nu var Gud mindre vred. Det skal siges, at egentlig rabbinisk jødedom er et langt senere fænomen, end den selv påstår. Den er endnu et eksempel på ideologiseret historieforfalskning. Vi er faktisk tæt på udgangspunktet for al institutionaliseret historieforfalskning, der har stået på i hele fiskens 2000-årige tidsalder. There i something fishy about it...

I dag kaldes det for behavourisme og socialvidenskab. Hyrdeskab er blevet teknologisk, ypperstepræsterne er teknokrater.

Hvis man udsulter folk for ægte og autentiske fortællinger, vil de være villige til at suge de forlorne fortællinger til sig. Når immunforsvaret er nede, ankommer parasitterne. Da den romerske designer-ideologi, Kristendommen, stjal de oprindelige fortællinger fra folkeslagene, først kelterne, så jøderne og til sidst germanerne - og i mellemtiden en hel række mere eller mindre oprørske folkeslag - blev parasitten lukket ind i systemet. Den romersk-judæiske kristendom (de ultrarige alexandrinske über-jøder var med i aftalen) var den grundlæggende vaccination af den europæiske kultur, der skabte grobunden for alle senere tilkomne sygdomme. Jamen, spørger du måske, skulle en vaccination ikke forhindre sygdomme? Så spørger jeg: hvor i naturen finder du en organisme, der brændende ønsker at blive forurenet med alt det tænkelige giftige stads, som er den absolut fremmed? Vacciner er medicinalindustriens livsforsikring, så den har kunder i butikken - forever! Det europæiske ideologi-projekt fra Kristendom til Kulturmarxisme har uafbrudt haft kunder i deres ideologi-butik.

Denne kultur er nu ankommet til sin sene pubertet. Der er mange tegn i sol og måne på, at menneskeheden er blevet mæt og træt af ideologier for denne gang. Ideologierne brænder i øjeblikket deres sidste krudt af og uden tvivl også diverse broer bag sig. Et så omfattende og destruktivt megaprojekt falder ikke sammen på en dag. Men der går ikke århundreder, og det kan ske relativt hurtigt, når det først tager fart. Det er som et stort træ, der allerede er rådnet op indefra, og en dag falder det om ved en kraftig vind. Dette træ er i virkeligheden en kæmpe illusion, en kæmpe løgn, der kun står på grund af alle dem, der vander og vedligeholder det.

Forslag: pis på træet hver dag i stedet for at vande det. Find en rigtig stor container for giftigt affald og smid alle ismerne op i den. Vær forberedt på seriøse abstinenser og en underlig uvant hovedpine, der stammer fra at tænke selv.


  1. I think it is not "ideology" as such that sucks, but rather "political ideology". Ideology must have to do with getting ones ideas organised in a meaning way, and thus a prerequisite for establishing a coherent and meaningful worldview, which ought to be based on both sound facts and sound ideas.

    All things political should be loathed and discarded. Political correctness, politically dictated used of language and every political ideology is methods of brainwashing, leaving the victims of such mind control in a state where they are no longer to sense and think critically and independently.


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