Subversion - The Cold War that never ended

by morton_h, the blogger

You may sometimes have wondered about the paradox that the US and EU are increasingly behaving as we, who are old enough, knew the Soviet Union during the Cold War, and that Russia is increasingly behaving like the image we liked to paint of ourselves in the same period.

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To put it another way. US and EU exhibits increasingly totalitarian tendencies, their economies are declining, productivity is diminishing and in some places almost non-existent, censorship and oppression is taking shape, methods of brainwashing and control of people's mindset is put into system. In Russia, they are referring to the EU as EUSSR and they are baffled to see that the stupid Western Europeans are in the process of making the same mistakes they committed under Stalinism and its extension. The American neocons think like Trotskyists. Jewish-Zionist agenda now dominate the West, just as the Soviet dominated by the Jewish-Bolshevik commissioners. In the West we now accept aggessive attacks on foreign nations, as we saw it under Stalin, which triggered a German preventive counter-offensive known as WW2 which we know fell came out to the advantage of Stalinism. Soviet media was totally propagandistic and full of lies from beginning to end.

Russia, in turn, no longer is the USSR. Their economy is in progress, after they came out of the Soviet collapse, even if they are exposed to financial warfare through sanctions and artificially low oil prices. It does not carry out aggressive attack policy, and the annexation of the Crimea was legitimate and understandable self-defense against a NATO-CIA attack carrried out by neo-fascists and neo-Nazis financed by US neocon-money. Russia's top managers have higher political format than their Western fake politicians with attached, puppeteer threads in the neck and without really understanding of geo-politics. In Russia, Lenin, Marx, Trotsky and Stalin have been send out in the Siberian cold unlike in the West where Stalin already during WW2 was popular, where images of Lenin, Marx and Mao were decorating the walls of leftist students rooms, where fabian socialism, Roosevelt's welfare socialism, social democracy, cultural Marxism, political correctness and all variants and dilutions of world Communism has shaped our society. It is common in the Russian media these days - if you read the kind - to find reliable information and the reality behind the propaganda screen. It is among Russians, we may find insight in geopolitics - in contrast to Western mainstream media, which today are just as full of lies, as Pravda was Back in the USSR.

To most Westerners right now unaware that this is in fact has happened in Russia it will come as a surprise due to the very fact, that the opposite happened to us. East and West have imperceptibly swapped roles in the long slippery slope, and we have become the new Soviet in soft packaging. But behind the soft facade, though, something far harder and more inflamed is emerging, something that right now is hard to miss. Do people know what they see? Apparently they do not believe their own eyes, for they have lost the ability to see and think.

There is an actual word for the brainwashing that has taken place in the West which has brought about the mental poisoning, which means that we do not even know it and thus we believe - the media is full of songs that brews of the tune - that Russia still is the stereotype Cold War Soviet, whereas we in return still have a fully functional democracy and are nations freedom. We are neither nations any longer, nor do we have freedom. The word is
subversion, meaning 'turned upside down', and if you get a picture of a ship wrecked and subverted upside down in the waves of the ocean, it is not entirely wrong. If we want to understand what has taken place in the West in recent decades, we would do well to study what took place to the east of the previous period, from the Stalin era to the end of the Cold War.

According to former KGB agent and delayed whistleblower - he was defector and KGB was abolished 10 years after that he held his lectures- Yuri Bezminov, subversion is the method of choice for the destruction of a nation. It is far more effective than decomposing bomb or physical poison a geographical-political area and its people. Or if you think big: a civilization. A bombed and physically subjugated enemy will rise again and take revenge. Subversion is far more radical.

Hammer, sickle and tits - which is most subversive?
During the Cold War we thought of the KGB as an intelligence agency. However, only about 10-15% of the organization's activities was to steal top secret blueprints for prototypes of new fighter jets and spy on the Western leaders. Far greater energy and resources were put in psychological, ideological, political, social and cultural warfare. The goal was to turn the neck and head around on the populations of the West to such an extent that we would be rotting up from the inside. Subversion is mental opium, it is aggressive, distracting activity.

We in the West taught ourselves that subversion is about blowing up buildings and installations. Our immune system is geared for that and our awareness telescopes are rotated in that direction. But the real attack comes from a totally different angle. It's like a magicians trick where a distracting hand is opening the way for an acting hand.

The philosophy of subversion was first formulated by the Chinese military philosopher, Sun Tzu 2,500 years ago. It was required reading for students in the Soviet Union, and applied knowledge of the KGB. He says:

The most inefficient way to win a war is on the battlefield. Wars to be won outside the battlefield, because all wars are extensions of state policy. The most idiotic way of executing policy is therefore on the battlefield. The highest form of warfare is through subversive means to poison the enemy's culture, so this is no longer perceive you as an enemy but surrender to your kultursæt - and even with the greatest pleasure! [paraphrased, indirectly quoted]

This is taking over hostile territory without firing a single shot.

Sun Tzu
Phase 1: Demoralization
The first phase is demoralization and takes 15-20 years. The effect is destructive and potentially permanent. To reverse this subversion it will take another 15-20 years with the opposite effect - as long as it takes to brainwash a new generation, whereafter this lump of mindless self takes over. When the subverted next-generation people grow up and take their positions in a nation that has been targeted and sacrificed, this nation will be stuck with them. Unless the same nation fully recognizes what has occurred. But the entire subversion process has prevented that recognition to take place, due to its best of talents being subverted. Their entire outlook is infected with a piece of ideology = a belief and set of dogma, an idea of the world, an integrated control system which then is fully accessible to those originally installing it. Hence the name
control system, an internal system that is controllable from outside.

Former KGB agent, Juri Bezminov

Juri Bezminov explains that this process is actually fulfilled in relation to Soviet main enemy, the United States and its vassals in the West. In the 60s the Soviet state's extended arm, Cultural Marxism, succeeded to follow it through. The result can be seen the described 20 years later when the US leader segment - which will be a total surprise and source of disbelief to a standard-intellectual in any Western country - the so-called neo-conservatives (neocons) in fact turns out to be Neo-Trotskyists. So the whole gang in the wake of Zionist Nihilist Leo Strauss of the University of Chicago, his pupils with subversion consummated the acquisition of American society with a coup d'etat in slow motion. We saw them operate (most people didn't see shit!) backstage in 9/11 and the whole series of wars that followed.

Bezminov was a journalist, and journalism was
weaponized during the Cold War like all other cultural fields. One can not persuade an enemy who does not want to be in the doldrums. Therefore it is important to make the enemy dearly desire to be in the doldrums.

100 years ago were all alien invasive / subversionist entering Japan were politely refused at the gate. If they exceeded, they were simply killed. The nation Japan in those days had a national-cultural immune system. After the US attack on Japan, this immune system gradually degraded.

The tactics of subversion is identical to Japanese martial arts. If you want to take an enemy down, that is greater than yourself, it would be naive to believe that you will succeed by going directly to the bone of the opponent and then batter off. Instead, you should wait for an attack, glide with the momentum of the attack and continue the momentum in its own direction, whereby the enemy hits the wall with his total body weight.

In the so-called democratic society there will be all sorts of groups who are against the society: political dissidents, criminals, psychopaths, critics, people who do not feel they get enough for their efforts, people do not have access to enrich themselves and unfold, ethnic minorities, sexual minorities, groups that are either suppressed or can ve convinced that they are oh-so oppressed (feminists, homosexuals, ...). And then there will be implants in the form of the agents or the foreign powers who deliberately want to harm the nation. These groupings are moving in all directions. However, if they can be made to move in the same direction at the same time, they will provide a momentum to allow the targetted nation to destroy itself.

In the French Revolution she would be half naked.

The techniques were already fully developed shortly after the Russian Revolution. Communist propaganda apparatus, Agit-Prop, was always the most advanced. The Nazis-Prop was equally advanced as long as it lasted, but the Communist propaganda apparatus never ceased. Along with the Soviet behavourist techniques (Pavlov ...) they created the 20th-century equivalent of the Roman State totalitarian power in antiquity and the Catholic Church / feudalism totalitarian power of the Middle Ages.

The phase of demoralization and subversion involves propaganda, infiltration, direct contact. The campaign areas are where public opinion is formulated: religion, education system, social sphere, the country's administration, the judiciary, the economy and the relationship between employees and lenders. These are the main application fields.

Either he is a moron or a math-philosophical genious

In the first field: religion, we see subversion in the shape of false sects, ridicule, religious extremism and fundamentalism, perversion of religion with sex cults and pedophilia, Satanism and false antagonism between various religious directions. The religious cultures have always contained a certain morality, a desire for contact with the Supreme Being and basic universal values such as truth, honesty, love, compassion, although it does not always work out well in practice. Subversion, however, is the total internal destruction of all these fragile qualities.

The second field,
education, seen from the POV of subversion is about preventing people from learning any useful and constructive thought and thinking at all. Education systems in the Western world in the postwar period has been increasingly filled with detached and useless knowledge. Students are being taught not to think but taught what to think. They learn not to conjoin sciences. Classical critical thinking, the Trivium & Quadrivium has been washed out of public schools, creative thinking has been downgraded, the quality of education and its students is lowered year by year. Even the basic skills are no longer possible to teach students. They rarely spell or count properly, nor speak in anything other than verbal grunts. But worst of all: they are deprived of all initiative.

In the third field, the
social sphere, we see the disappearance of traditional and proven social contexts and instead a growing army of social workers. People used to handle each other with a minimum of care and responsibility, but this is now handled by professionals. When these fail or are inadequate - and this is the constant - it will be their fault and them to blame, not the people themselves. State-grown infantile children can no longer care for themselves. They have lost the initiative and responsibility and received a poor substitute in the form of bureaucratic, controlling bodies. The state then pays for the rest of their lives, and poor bastards whole endeavor will be to receive their entertaining support.

In the fourth field,
administration, we are witnessing the full spectrum of post democracy. Elected assemblies, as we knew them, have gradually been replaced by pseudo-democratic bodies composed of people who are not elected and who have no public trust. They just happened to be manifest one day, and suddenly they have taken a lot of decisions that are in direct conflict with people's true needs and wants. No better example than the EU(SSR) and its abusive post-democratic technocracy and commissioner overtake.
The media is one such institution. No one elected them. How have they achieved their opinion-forming power? They are factories for fake knowledge about a fake reality. Yet people by default accept their fakeness. We allow the rape our brains every day, being taught what is right and wrong. The media on their side is so arrogant as to think that they
know the reality and what is right and wrong, but they have not studied this reality in depth and on their own, and their employees are at the best incompetent, smiling mediocrities who have reasonable control on the form, but whose contents fall through because they have not done their homework.
no comments ...

Moral disintegration of the judiciary and law enforcement is the fifth field. As the United States were the KGB's main objectives for subversion, this part of the process can most clearly be read here. In the last third of the twentieth century, a mafia overtake of the police and judiciary took place. Policemen in films were increasingly described as stupid, psychotic or corrupt. People began to perceive them as such, and they began to behave as such. The UK has witnessed loads of cases where police corruption is revealed, and the corruption goes all the way to the top. Conversely, the criminal person is humanized. He is described less stereotype and more nuanced. The tendency is to see the criminal as a creative, exciting person and then as a victim, as it is a pity when things go wrong. In the '90s the psychopath / serial killer almost became a hero or at least a facinating person.

The sixth field, the
relationship of employer and employee, the function, which is negotiating on the worker's conditions, has disappeard. Marxists - no sympathy here - described this very precisely: A natural economy is barter or gift economy. Money was superfluous. It is only when a third party intervenes and occupies the exchange. The unions emerged as a siehld against this third party abuse of the principal parties and they had their justification back then. It's not like this anymore. A prolonged strike, for example, will result in further losses for workers. Today is all ideology-based, and resistance to the system is now twisted to do as much damage as possible. Copenhagen, Denmark is one of the few places where garbage collectors has fought and actually won good working conditions and decent pay. But elsewhere, for example in Italy, garbage strikes have resulted in longstanding accumulation of garbage with unbearable and unhealthy conditions for the whole population in Southern Italy and Sicily - and nothing gained for the garbage collectors. The winners are employers and mafia-bosses. The unions have become a strongly suppressive factor that directly contributes to block the worker's right to sell their labor to the highest bidder for the price they charge. They will be excluded from the labor and denied the work by those who originally claimed to help them. 

Pizza Napolitana
A further subversive element is false equality. Communism's preliminary study was the ideology of the French Revolution. Freedom was so fuzzy that we can pretty much ignore it. Brotherhood, we know what that meant: it was the 'brotherhoods', the scientists operating in shadow box, the Jacobins, the Illuminated, the Jesuits, the Venetians, the Freemasons. It was sold as 'Alle Menschen werden Brüder' and later as 'Workers of all Nations, unite'. But people are not born equal, they are born different. If you want to achieve equality, it requires hard work. Some people are tall, brave and wise, some are short, bald and stupid. That would be leveled against the background of all possible variants is neither desirable nor adppropriate. It is quite simply stupid. And more than that: it is a bold lie. And even more than that: it is a conscious bold lie designed to do maximum damage.

Le Club des Jacobins - the neocons of the French Revolution.
Don't call it a conspracy, or you will be called a ... historian

In a collectivist ideology, that the communists and the intellectually softened and modified variant, the intellectual cultural Marxists offered - presented as ideologically and politically correct. Meaning: you as an individual is never counted on. Meaning also: if you think otherwise, you were expelled as incorrect and cast out via the massive intolerance, as the new commissioner practiced and whereby the commissioners - strangely enough! - always themselves were exempted from compulsory leveling. The subversion was to enforce this false equality. It is like building a house on sand. Sooner or later it will collapse.

Subversion is based on nihilism and subversion leads to nihilism. Nothing is right or wrong anymore, nothing is true or false, nothing is valid or invalid, everything is equally-valid. With nihilism intuitively obvious matters as violence, war and mass murder can now be lawfully excused, which means: a necessary evil for a greater good. You could call it the
nihilistic utilitarianism. It is this nihilistic doctrine that underlies the neo-imperialist doctrines, R2P (Responsibility to Protect), and Humanitarian Intervention. It is neo-linguistic usage where you get away with calling a dog shit a cream cake.

Everything is upside down!

Note what happened. KGB did not need to participate massively and commit criminal acts of everything happening within the legislative framework, and it was the opponent itself that accepted the hidden crime against its own people.

But was it no longer the CIA, that destroyed the US, but the KGB?
The question is falsely posed, and the answer is: both at the same time. In an environment polluted by subversion, all kinds of parasites will thrive. Subversion was known to all so-called
intelligence agencies (more correctly named subversion agencies). Note also in this context, who created the Russian Revolution and the Soviet, which in turn created theu KGB: Wall Street moguls (see. Prof. Anthony Sutton). The crypto-Jewish hidden, or in many cases quite obvious hand behind Bolshevism and the two world wars – depending on your level of information.

The Godfather of neocon trotskyist-zionist-nihilism. And a nazi too ..

It is also worth noting, how the neocon project and its philosophical-ideological mastermind Leo Strauss of the University of Chicago, can be described with the following remark:'America is a nihilistic project'. Thus spake the Nietzschhean Leo-the-Neo. The New World, the land of Hope and Glory, whose founding fathers and original settler culture had explicit values where freedom over equality was hailed, or rather, where equality was interpreted to: Equal opportunity to express yourself and be successful - that is if you knew how to seize the opportunity! The Americans never looked down on success, but hailing it forward to the point , success was at the expense of others' misfortune. But they were right up to the millennium, before they discovered that there was something wrong with their society. With the Straussian, Neo-Trotskyist, Nihilist philosophy the American dream died, and a New Soviet began to take shape.

Phase 2: Destabilization
This is the second phase in the process of subversion. Again, it didn't take a battalion of KGB agents to blow up bridges and diverse installations. Westerners with the Americans as their guide did it himself. The project was narrowed down to the country's institutions. Again, no visible offense as the victim even did the work.

Application field is narrowed down to: economics, law-and-order, the military and the media. What characterizes this phase is:
radicalization. We are in the Culture-Radical, the Culture-Bosjevik and the Culture-Marxist phase. Disunity and discord in depth poison the very root of society: the family. Man and woman can no longer agree on what is right and wrong. Compromise in the family is no longer possible unless there started a quarrel. It is the feminist era, the cultural Marxist subproject. Cultural Marxism is in fact phase 2 of the overall projektet. We are now in the 70s California, where the Jewish Frankfurt School preacher, Herbert Marcuse, is holding sermons with his socalled subversive perversion. Note: he uses even the term subversion! Perversion of sexuality, gender struggle, the sexual minorities acquires efeminization of men and masculinization of women, promiscuity, infidelity, so-called 'free sex' and 'free' relationship as the new norm. It was said to be 'liberating'! So 'free' in the same sense as when monopoly capitalists talk about 'free trade'. It is always and exclusively meaning freedom for them to do whatever they like without having to ask others for permission. 

Miley Cyrus - the whore of Hollywood
The Jewish owned Hollywood and the entertainment industry produces one sultry product after another, where the limit for pornography constantly is being stretched. Generation idols were their benchmarks and role models. The music industry revived the perversion of sexuality in a similar way to that, which the Germans responded in Berlin in the 30s. The artists and their sponsors and the trendy art critics praised it as 'oh-so-daring and progressive' and the general German response to it as 'Nazi' oppression although the Germans knew and recognized it as an attack on German values and morality.

With divisions penetrated deep in close relationships, is split between the neighbors as possible. The way the neighbor walked his dog became a source of conflict. In the political field is sectarianism was today's norm. A plethora of semi-religious fractions to the political left paralyzed all consensus where social justice could have been the common agenda. You could no longer agree on what Lenin believed before Stalin took over - they never admitted that totalitarianism was built in from the very beginning and that the product was determined. A diseased seed can never bare a good tree.

Struggle, war, division and conflict. Does this sound like social Darwinism? It smells, it sounds and the quacks like social Darwinism - then it's probably because that IS social Darwinism. It was payback time for the subversion projekt which the social darwinists aka the British Empire implanted in Russia during the revolution. And later Germany, not to mention. We did this to them, they taught us how to do it, now they do it against us. And then we can again learn to do this to ourselves and our friends. So now we do it again against them, for we have learned the techniques. We may call it 'colored revolutions' or something similar. So an implanted subversion of how 'they do it to themselves'. Is it confusing to mind? So it is perhaps because the confusion is a product of the subversive culture attack that hit us so that we became part of it, which in turn is a product of the collective traumatic world wars that destroyed the world we knew. With out this devastating destruction on the collective mind of Western people we would not have had such a fragile receptiveness for subversion of our culture. 

A former terrorist?

The fight was in the 70s introduced in schools. At the universities the students fought their teachers. The 68 uprising was a genuine Culture Marxist project. Someone had pissed anthill, and now all the ants were pissing on each other. The relationship between workers and their employers were further radicalized. We already saw in the period a trend towards heroizing of terrorism. In Germany there was only a thin wall that separated politically leftist activism from Bader-Meinhof (a NATO Operation Gladio operation). The recent 'green' German politician Joshkha Fischer (with the Jewish first name) helped to throw molotov cocktails into police cars where policemen died. He got away with it was never convicted.

We saw a radicalization of the military, what we usually call the 'militarization' in the same period. From Korean War to the Vietnam War. From Operation Bay of Pigs to Operation Northwood (.. discovered and foiled). From 6-day war to the Kennedy assassination. From Operation Condor to the Dirty War. From Biafra to Eritrea to Zimbabwe. Was the Cold War cold? Not at all! War had just been radicalized, it was flown under the radar, it was florishing behind the screen, and the screen showed an edited 2D reality without depth and context.

In the same period, all protests against the militarization / radicalization of war subverteret. West's protest movement was paralyzed by sex, drugs & rock'n'roll and thereby silenced. Well, ask the gifted reader, was it not the CIA, who was responsible for it? Wrong questions, wrong answers. Of course CIA did it, but now we have meanwhile been studying Sun Tzu and subversion strategy, and then everything is much more complex. When driving the war into another dimension, it is also here that the downturn occurs. The overall lie about WW2 is precisely that it was 'the good war' where the good defeated evil. War cemented this lie, and we taught all clever schoolchildren to recite it at a given signal. The story about WW2 in itself is maybe the greatest piece of subversion in itself. The 'allies' were now sworn enemies (Stalin's Soviet <> West). Decades later, they had switched places. Where did the story of the good and the evil go?
Terrorism was originally defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as
'Government by intimidation'.
May I suggest a supplerentary correction:
'Intimidation by government'.
What is history. Well, then listen to the word itself: His Story. It is not Your Story but the story of He who tells the story, which is always the victorious and never the defeated. And do not forget, that You are among the defeated even though you belonged to the nation of He who afterwards told His Story. It was never your war to begin with, and those of your kinsmen and -women who dared to question its pure and rightious motives were fought like the enemy and beaten like the enemy.

In this phase of destabilization the dormants, the sleepers were enabled. They were the product of phase 1. One example: 15-20 years before a gay was a marginalized minority. Now he graduated, sat in a job with power and influence. Suddenly, homosexuality turns into a political-moral issue and after a short while it was more politically correct to be lesbian-gay-bisexual-transsexual than a hetero (LGBT). This occurred synchronously with the chemically-hormonally-culturally efeminizaton of men and masculinization of women. Random? Only according to random theorists.
Coloured revolution and other subversive elements

Everyone is fighting everyone else in this period. Blacks against whites, women against men, children against parents, teachers against students, politicians against politicians, right to left. We still see Jews against Arabs / Muslims, Sunnis against Shiites, vegetarians against meat eaters, churchgoers against new agers, doctors against reflexologists ... you get my point? The antagonism is introduced in all aspects of life. There is no healthy organism in nature that in the long run will survive to be at perpetual war with itself.The Sleepers, according to Juri Bezminov simply means KGB agents now being leaders for the second phase of subversion. The concept of KBG agent is to be understood - and you obviously already understand ;-) - agents, actors, practitioners, further drivers of the ideological seeds that were planted in phase 1. They rarely consider themselves agents, and if so, never admit to. They had internalized an ideology and now delivers the goods. They believed that the impulse comes from themselves, and have forgotten when they first encountered it and how they in their strange-love 'learned to love the bomb'. They were ideological 'suicide bombers'.

Some sleepers may have received money from a fund, they may have belonged to an organization or a network. They are a small Trojan horse, a 5th column. They did not think about what they think, say and do. They thought what they thought, they said what they said, and they did what they did. Their opinions were no longer formed in an intellectual environment where ideas were effectively examined before being promoted. Discussions were held to confirm and conform. You patted one another on the back to make sure to think the correct same, so you never had to admit how stupid you were. The trend was secular and took formal distance from religion, but did not notice that they even practiced a religion = an ideology that had all the characteristics of religion. That's how it was in the era of destabilization.

The episode with the Danish historian Bent Jensen and journalist Jorgen Dragsdahl are reverberations of the Cold War. Dragsdahl felt a little taken over being called a KGB agent by Jensen, whos specialty was the Soviet era and its overall misanthropic monster-device. He knew what he was talking about, but he was not popular in the cultural Marxist Parnassus of baby boomers who now wielded power and culture in society. Their discussion methods were the usual: derailment of all talk about substance by hysterically outraged demonizing and defiling the opponent, so it was no longer possible to have a critical attitude towards them in a decent tone. 
A former KGB agent?

The double standards and hypocrisy as cultural Marxists perform can hardly be beaten. While they pride themselves of tolerance towards dissent, suddenly they are charming the surroundings with their extreme intolerance. This happens the very moment when light falls on their own moralities and opportunism. While they pride themselves on their unique intellectual skills and critical sense, they are failing blatantly with self-criticism, and if you seriously challenge them with substantial informations and relevant questions, it quickly shows how little they know about what has happened and is going on in the larger consistency. They have never have been exposed to qualified opposition and thus been forced to think - they think many thoughts. They believe, that they are in control of what is right and wrong, historically as well as morally. But they are products of the story about WW2 being 'the good war', and so believes to know who the good guys and the bad guys were, but they run quite short of deeper understanding, every time they see that the updated version of good nations behave as brutal gangster organizations and lying so that the water runs down the walls. They are the generation of the thinking segment without moral compass and a real insight in other than their narrow professional field, and they do not know where their world view is coming from.

Phase 3: Crisis
At a certain point, the bearings and legitimate structures of society no longer is able to function. The artificial stru
ctures implanted in society can no longer supply the body with blood. The unelected by-committees, the post democratic selection of inmates, social workers who replaced people's care for each other can no longer pretend to be a valid substitute and a 'real deal'. The media, the self-proclaimed formers of public opinion, can no longer maintain the aura of authenticity. The politicians can no longer claim to legislate or act in the interest of the people who elected them.

Productivity disappears in such a society and it collapses just as slowly as it was taken over by a coup d'Etat in slow motion. It disintegrates. People start shouting for action and change, but thereby opening up for anybody that comes as their Messiah. We saw it with the Obama effect, where a nation was given a substitute for a substitute, one worse than the other. The liberals were thus sworn to continue and actually enhance the Bush-era-neocon-aggression against the world and became the new war-mongerers. War was suddently left-cool just by renaming it 'protection the weak' and saving the world. Neo-imperialistic violence became acceptable when it turned political correct.

But on the American home front almost everything went wrong in the Obama era. House prices and homelessness, health insurance (Obama care) was a hoax, unemployment peaked and wages bottomed, immigration chaos flooded in from the south, Wall Street went greedy-berserk with financial crisis. More war than ever before now attacking the Cold War main enemy, Russia, with yet another undeclared war-by-proxy - the United States has not declared a single one of their over 100 illegal acts of war since WW2, although their constitution demands it. Say it again: attacking Russia! How stupid, suicidal does it get?

Coloured revolution or just bad taste?

Crisis gives two possibilities: civil war or invasion. Either we will see fighting among ourselves/themselves, or a foreign power will break in. It is no longer the KGB against the United States. Yuri Besminov is quite clear from his time and his vantage point, but he did not predict how it all has changed around. CIA studied the strategy. He did not see how the KGB strategy was an extension of British Imperial tactics. As a defector he put his knowledge at the disposal of his new nationality, and he becomes cold war-propagandist for the Americans. So far so good. Quite understandably, he was fiercely opposed to the Soviets, but he will also thereby be an apologist for the United States, the CIA and NATO's aggressions. A defense that can not turn down when it has done its job, will keep going to war. It did not happen.

USA is now behaving like Soviet, it has become the New Sovjet. The Soviets invaded Afghanistan, the United States invades Afghanistan. Soviet KGB supported revolutions during the Cold War, the United States supports false revolutions in funny colors after the Cold War. Soviet supported liberation armies and partisans during the Cold War to promote world revolution, the United States supports fake rebel groups from North Africa to China to create 'the New American Century', ie PNAC,
Project for the New American Century, which described the necessity of 9/11 as an impetus for what happened and will happen. Just like - but more fake.

Crisis' two options, civil war or invasion, are no longer a KGB project but a CIA project. It has in many ways always been. Libya and Syria were CIA artificially created civil wars. ISIS is an artificially created rebel army. Ukraine War is a similar art product. CIA developed KGB tactics - it uses both options at once. Libya was both a civil war and invasion from the air. There is a lot of talk about 'no boots on the ground' going on, but at the same time plenty of boots on plenty of hired assholes, the new privateers, the sand pirates are treading the grounds of the outskirt world. And when they return to the Western countries that more than willingly have bred and raised them, they will return to perform convenient acts of terror there. Recently in Copenhagen.

4. Phase: Normalization
After a crisis comes normalization, an ironic phrase that describes the
artificial normal. There is no more need for revolution and subversion of a society, that has already changed. USA changed, Europe changed, the sick became normal. Like Czechoslovakia back then was normalized after the Prague Spring. Anyone that contributed to the revolution, was now being breached, sometimes eliminated. There was no need for them anymore. When ISIL has done its job to destabilize the area and destroyed Syria, they may either become extinct or passed against Iran or China or Russia. Here, too, the US has further developed Soviet tactics. New World Order is a big project and there are many pieces of the great game of chess on the game designers storyboard.

It is normalization in the same way as a controlled psychosis or medicated neurosis. A nation or a person who has betrayed and denied himself can be 'normal', but normality is unsustainable because it is enforced. Sooner or later the facade wil crack.

Where is all the sand?

There was a joke in the former Soviet: If the Sahara desert ever becomes a communist state, there will be a shortage of sand. Workers Slavery was a big scale social experiment in impoverishment and subjugation, and it was together with Peasant Slavery in China studied extensively by the industrialists and financial families who had created the Great Experiment of the 20th Century. And if we still believe that it was just the KGB who was the guiding hand behind the big picture, it is time to shift the focus upward. Marxism is and remains a Western phenomenon exported eastwards. Later, it backfired, and now we are westwards stuck with to it in its metastisized political correct form in many guises.

Industrialists or Our Time are experimenting extensively with new forms of artificial shortage conditions. Half of young Spaniards are unemployed. A similar situation exists in all countries of Southern Europe. Had the European nations refused to contribute to the EU empire, such a situation would never have arisen. But Europeans were tender after two world wars, and the project was sold as necessary to avoid a third. How falsely and deceptively the argument, we see now that the EU is involved in an attempt to provoke a third Great War (don't we just love the 'greatness' of the Imperial language?) via Ukraine conflict. EU is creating trading terror, NATO is creating terror-by-proxy and the Americans and their Zionist freinds are rubbing their hands and laughing their butts of seing how willingly Europe is once again is jumping on the bandwagon of self-inflicted terror.

Liquid War has become the new sick norm. It is all the time somewhere-anywhere. And the alleged enemy is as liquid, sometimes invisible, sometimes in disguise, but also somewhere-anywhere. Terror has become a sick norm, and the sickest is that they get away with constantly being funded, trained, hired and used by those who yell about them.

Russia's role today
Russian President Putin recently came up with two allusions, and those who know what is being hinted here will realize how very precise and potentially extremely dangerous to the
Powers That Be these allusions are. Let us again remind us again that Russia today and the Soviet KGB era are two very different entities. One allusion was a requirement for the United Nations to establish an independent investigation into who funded ISIL. Putin at the course knows exactly who is doing this, the Russians have full intelligence on such things. But instead of just saying loudly, that it is the Americans and the Saudis that pay the bill, and NATO, Israel and Turkey doing the coaching and holding her hand over the dirty killers-rapists-decapitators and pyromancers by letting them into Iraq and Syria, so that they can terrorize and destabilize, Putin choose the smart move, so he does not appear as merely propagandist. This president has two hobbies: he is a black belt judo-fighter and a skilled chess player. The philosophy and skills of these disciplines seem to come in handy.

Office fire?

The owner of a large private intelligence network, Gordon Duff, wrote as a commentary to Putins statement on 9/11 the following:
Moscow (Pravda): American experts believe that despite the fact that relations between the US and Russia reached the worst point since the Cold War, Putin delivered until Obama only minor troubles. Analysts believe that this is the “calm before the storm.” Putin is going to hit once, but he’s going to hit hard. Russia is preparing the release of evidence of the involvement of the US government and intelligence services in the September 11 attacks.
The list of evidence includes satellite images.
Published material can prove the US government complicity in the 9/11 attacks and the successful manipulation of public opinion. The attack was planned by the US government, but exercised using her proxy, so that an attack on America and the people of the United States looked like an act of aggression by international terrorist organizations.
The motive for deception and murder its own citizens served US oil interests and the Middle East state corporations.
The evidence will be so convincing that it utterly debunks the official 9/11 cover story supported by the US government.
Russia proves that America is no stranger to using false flag terrorism against its citizens in order to achieve a pretext for military intervention in a foreign country. In the case of “the September 11 attacks,” the evidence will be conclusive satellite imagery.
If successful, the consequences of Putin’s tactics would expose the US government’s secret terrorist policies. The government’s credibility will be undermined and should bring about mass protests in the cities leading to an uprising, according to American analysts..
And as the United States will look on the world political arena? The validity of America’s position as a leader in the fight against international terrorism will be totally undermined giving immediately advantage to rogue states and Islamic terrorists.
The actual development of the situation could be much worse, experts warn.
The second allusion is in a way even more dangerous, for it aims at the very core of the entire terrorist concept by adressing the event created to motivate the millennium wave of US military operations in the world and whatever possible heave Western Europe at its unholy crusade for Mammon and Molech: the 9/11.

Never turn your back on a con man

Putin alluded that the Russians have satellite footage which clearly show that 'special advanced weaponry' was applied. He does not say, again wisely, who operated these weapons, and in that case it will be read by satellite recordings. But again, for those who know what is alluded to, and that has made a modicum of homework with a critical eye - not with eyes-wide-shut - and has drawn on a well-chosen selection of the overwhelming piles of information that has leaked about this strange event, it will not be difficult to understand that this is a very important statement with potentiality to get one or other Zionist-Neocon in Washington DC to, shall we say, shake a little in their pants. Just to mention 'special advanced weapons' are already a confirmation of what now a majority of Americans are on the trail of: that 9/11 had nothing to do with a few bewildered airliners flown by amateurs from the Middle East then with utmost precision hitting two buildings so they against all physical and architectural known natural laws fell nicely into their own footprints. Americans have smelled the inside job for years now.

I do not think that KGB defector, Yuri Bezminov, had imagined such a radical change-over of power poles, that in fact has taken place. Russians are fully aware that the United States, CIA, NSA - you name them, we blame them - have studied the KGB subvesion techniques and diligently are using their aquired learning. But it also means that the Russians are aware of how they, in their turn, can defend themselves against it. Their propaganda apparatus is still well-oiled, which we can see at, where they wisely have found out that designed and deceitful propaganda backfires. Therefore they broadcast pretty accurate journalistic information with the strategy in mind that the US and the Western misdeeds are their own worst enemy - which they are!

We have, among other things. seen how they quietly deflected the attack by NATO organized terrorist cells in Chechnya via Turkey. The Chechens themselves are quite aware that the rioters were outside hirelings. At the same time the bear calmly puts his lab on Turkey and friendly offers it an agreement on oil and gas for billions of whatever currency will now prevail in the world economy. In Syria their diplomacy succeeded to prevent an intervention. In Ukraine we are seeing a slow acquirer in the eastern region, where Ukrainians themselves are active and where the demoralized government army is falling apart.

Sanctions against Russia both work and don't work. For a while they will work, so the Russians have to turn down the hitherto economic prosperity leap and reorganize itself. Then - and we are already seeing this - it backfires on European nations and the EU, whose stupid, corrupt and cowardly leaders have been too willing to jump on the bandwagon and act stooped against US demands. Russia are now seeking out completely other trading partners, and the Europeans will miss a whole lot of trading gains. In addition, the embargo results in an additional push for the alliances and organized actions, that in the past decade have emerged between countries that are fed up with the United States and their arrogant assault on the world, fed up with the West's central banking and their raids and fed up with having to jump and dance to make this spoiled baby of a decaying superpower happy. The outskirts world organizes itself without asking permission in Washington, London and Brussels.

Yuri Bezminov has certainly not imagined this development, for he is despite of his deep insight from KGB too much a conditioned product of the Cold War. But he does nonetheless have an interesting remark about what can help a nation protect itself from subversion. You are a bit confused the first time you hear it, but he says: Religion! People are not willing to put their lives on the line for 2 + 2 = 4. However, people are often willing to stand up for something larger than themselves, something not material, God.

Here one thinks immediately of American Armageddon Christianity and
oh-no, not George Bush and 'If you are not with us, you are with the terrorists!' But it is precisely that perverted form of religion which Bezminov includes in his applications for subversion. By contrast, there has been a completely different revival of religion in Russia and throughout the former Soviet sphere: the Orthodox Church.

The Russian president is an Orthodox Nationalist. This is a double insult and challenge to the West, where they no longer have religion as a social institution bearing, and where nationalism by the political correct Culture Marxists have been condemned as responsible for the wars, that
they were instrumental in creating (globalists will do anything to discredit and expell nations). People have left the church in the West, while the Russians have returned to it. It was strongly suppressed in Soviet times, but it extends deep into the psyche of the people. The Orthodox Church is, so to say, authentic Christianity to the extent that it still retains the elements that have been thrown out or turned upside down by what is considered just a 'sect', namely the Catholic Church. The Byzantines saw clearly, that the Roman Empire imploded but dressed up in new womans clothing and funny hats doing ... exactly what it used to do before. Remember that one of the papal crusades was actually against Constantinopel.

Brother Nathanael - an orthodox priest with a punch
The second insult is that Russia revives nationalism, which for over 200 years has been on the wishlist of extermination for the globalists. A strong nation is their worst nightmare, because it is an obstacle for the unfettered access of monopoly capitalism, the free lunch that the globalists see as their primary right in this world. That was why the tsarist Russia 100 years ago was to be destroyed with a staged revolution. That was the reason why the German empire was to be destroyed with two world wars. And that is why the EU is working around the clock to undermine and dismantle the European nations promoting a technocratic superstate. In the New World Order, the neo-feudal haven for oligarchs, all nations must be abolished. But there happens to be some large and a good many small nations in the world, who do not think it is a good idea, and Russia has taken the lead with a national revival as a countermove.

The difference between the alliances that the West has created, and those that occur in the peripheral world and between eg the BRICS countries seem to be more respect for differences, sovereignty and nationality. They strengthen the nations and their capabilities, they do not degrade them for the sake of plunder and dominance like the West.

The hope for The World right now is in a recovery of the human and national dignity, that we in the West have destroyed by violence and corruption. It comes currently from two teams: the Non-West and the most exploited nations of the West. Greece has taken decisive steps to move away from the enforced impoverishment. And Russia have started talking about helping them financially. If, again, there is a hidden common denominator here, it would be the Orthodox Church, although it is not promoted as such. Nevertheless it is a common culture that is anti-Roman and thus against the Empire of the West in any updated form.

There is a new chapter being written as we write, read and speak.
Maybe subversion will be out of fashion one day.

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Underdrejning - et masseødelæggelsesvåben fra den kolde krig

Du har måske ind imellem funderet over det paradoksale i, at USA og EU i stigende grad opfører sig, som vi, der er gamle nok, kendte Sovjetunionen under den kolde krig og at Rusland i stigende grad opfører sig som det billede, vi havde af os selv i samme periode.

Sagt på en anden måde. USA og EU udviser i stigende grad totalitære træk, deres økonomier er for kraftigt nedadgående, produktivitet er faldende og sine steder nærmest fraværende, censur og underkuelse er ved at tage form, metoder til hjernevask og kontrol med folks tankesæt er sat i system. I Rusland omtaler man EU som EUSSR og undrer sig over, at de dumme vesteuropæere er i færd med at gøre de samme fejltagelser, som de begik under stalinismen og dens forlængelse. De amerikanske neocons tænker som trotskister. Jødisk-zionistisk agenda dominerer nu Vesten, lige som den dominerede Sovjet via de jødiske-bolsjevikkiske kommisærer. I Vesten accepteres aggessive overgreb på fremmede nationer nu, som vi så det ske under Stalin, hvilket udløste en tysk præventiv modoffensiv, der som bekendt faldt ud til stalinismens fordel. Sovjetiske medier var totalt propagandiske og fulde af løgn fra ende til anden.

Rusland er til gengæld ikke længere det totalitære Sovjet. Deres økonomi er i stor fremgang, efter de kom sig over sovjetstatens sammenbrud, også selvom de bliver udsat for finansiel krigsførelse via sanktioner og kunstigt lave oliepriser. De udøver ikke aggressiv angrebspolitik, og annekteringen af Krim var legitim og forståelig selvforsvar imod et NATO-CIA-angreb via neo-fascister og neo-nazister indsat for amerikanske neocon-penge. Ruslands topledere har højere politisk format end deres vestlige fake-politikere med vedhæftede dukkefører-tråde i nakken og uden egentlig indsigt i geo-politik. I Rusland er Lenin, Marx, Trotski og Stalin ude i den sibiriske kulde i modsætning til i Vesten, hvor Stalin allerede under 2. Verdenskrig var populær, hvor billeder af Lenin, Marx og Mao hang på venstreorienterede studerendes hybelvægge, hvor fabiansk socialisme, Roosevelts velfærds-socialisme, socialdemokratisme, kulturmarxisme, frelst politisk korrekthed og samtlige afarter og udvandinger af verdenskommunismen har formet vore samfund. Det er almindelig i russiske medier for tiden - hvis man læser den slags - at finde pålidelige informationer og virkeligheden bag propaganda-skærmen. Det er bla hos russere, man gennemgående finder indsigt i geopolitik - i modsætning til vestens mainstreammedier, som i dag er lige så fulde af løgn, som Pravda var dengang.

At de fleste vesterlændinge lige nu ikke er klar over, at det forholder sig sådan med Rusland skyldes netop, at det forholder sig sådan med os. Øst og Vest har umærkeligt byttet roller på den lange glidebane, og vi er blevet det nye Sovjet i blød indpakning. Men bag den bløde facade stikker der noget langt hårdere og mere betændt frem, noget der lige nu er svært at overse. Ved folk, hvad de ser? Tilsyneladende tror de ikke deres egne øje, for de har aflært sig evnen til at se og tænke.

Der findes et ord for den hjernevask, der er foregået i Vesten, og som har medbragt den mentalforgiftning, der gør, at vi ikke engang aner det og dermed tror - medierne er fulde af sange, der brygger på den melodi - at Rusland stadig udråbes til at være den kolde krigs Sovjet, hvorimod at vi til gengæld stadig har noget, der ligner demokrati og frihed. Ordet er subversion. Det kan oversættes til 'underdrejning', og hvis man får et billedet af et skib, der er forlist og vender på hovedet i søen, er det ikke helt forkert. Hvis vi vil forstå, hvad der har fundet sted i Vesten i de forløbne årtier, gør vi klogt i at studere, hvad der fandt sted mod øst i den foregående periode, fra Stalin-æraen og frem til slutningen af den kolde krig.

Ifølge tidligere KGB-agent og forsinket whistleblower – han var afhopper, og KGB blev nedlagt 10 år efter, at han holdt sine foredrag– Yuri Bezminov, er subversion selve metoden til ødelæggelsen af en nation. Den er langt mere effektiv end at sønderbombe eller fysisk forgifte et landområde og dets befolkning. Eller hvis man tænker stort: en hel civilisation. En sønderbombet og fysisk underkuet fjende vil rejse sig igen og hævne sig. Subversion er langt mere radikal.

Er det det, man kalder for subversiv perversion?

Under den kolde krig tænkte vi på KGB som et efterretningsvæsen. Men kun ca. 10-15% af organisationens aktiviteter gik ud på at stjæle tophemmelige blueprints til prototyper af nye kampfly og udspionere Vestens statsledere. Langt større energi og ressourcer blev lagt i psykologisk, ideologisk, politisk, social og kulturel krigsførelse. Målet var at dreje hals og hoved rundt på Vestens befolkninger i en sådan grad, at vi rådnede op indefra. Subversion er mentalt opium. Subversion er aggressiv, distraherende aktivitet.

Vi har i Vesten lært os selv, at subversion er noget med at sprænge bygninger og installationer i luften. Vores immunforsvar er indrettet på det, kikkerten er drejet i den retning. Men angrebet kommer et helt andet sted fra. Det er som en tryllekunst, hvor der er en distraherende hånd, der åbner vejen for en agerende hånd.

Filosofien om subversion blev første gang formuleret af den kinesiske militær-filosof Sun Tzu for 2.500 år siden. Det var obligatorisk læsning for studerende i USSR-Sovjetunionen, og applikeret viden for KGB. Han siger:

Den mest ineffektive måde at vinde en krig på er på slagmarken. Krige skal vindes udenfor slagmarken, fordi alle krige er forlængelser af statens politik. Den mest idiotiske måde at føre politik på er derfor på slagmarken. Den højeste form for krigsførelse er derfor ved hjælp af subversive midler at forgifte fjendens kultur, så denne ikke længere opfatter dig som en fjende men overgiver sig til dit kultursæt – og tilmed med største fornøjelse! [parafraseret, indirekte citeret]

Dette er overtagelse af fjendtligt territorium uden at affyre så meget som ét skud. 

1. fase: Demoralisering
1. fase er demoralisering og tager 15-20 år. Effekten er destruktiv og permanent. For at vende denne subversion vil det tage 15-20 år med den modsatte påvirkning. Subversionen pågår lige så længe, som det tager at hjernevaske en ny generation, hvorefter denne klump af hjernedød selv overtager arbejdet. Når den subverterede – på dansk 'underdrejede' - generations folk vokser op og indtager deres positioner i den nation, der er udset som mål og offer, kan denne nation ikke længere slippe af med dem. Ikke medmindre toneangiverne i nationen fuldtud erkender, hvad der har fundet sted. Men hele subversions-processen forhindrer netop, at en sådan erkendelse kan finde sted, for de bedste hoveder er subverterede. Hele deres livssyn er inficeret med et stykke ideologi = et tros- og dogmesæt, en forestilling om verden, et indbygget styresystem, som herefter er fuldt ud tilgængeligt for dem, der oprindelig har installeret det. Deraf navnet styre-system, et internt system, der er styrbart udefra.

Yuri Bezminov
Juri Bezminov forklarer, at denne proces faktisk blev fuldbyrdet i forhold til Sovjets hovedfjende, USA og dennes vasaller i Vesten. I 60'erne lykkedes det Sovjet-statens forlængede arm, kulturmarxismen, at følge det til dørs. Resultatet kan ses de beskrevne 20 år senere, hvor det amerikanske leder-segment – hvilket vil være en total overraskelse og kilde til vantro hos standard-intellektuelle i hvilket som helst vestligt land – de såkaldte ny-konservative (neocons) i virkeligheden viser sig at være neo-trotskister. Altså hele slænget i kølvandet på zionisten-nihilisten Leo Strauss fra University of Chicago, hans dygtige elever i subversion fuldbyrdede overtagelsen af det amerikanske samfund med et statskup i langsom bevægelse. Vi så dem operere i baglokalet til 9/11 og hele den serie af krige, der fulgte efter.

Bezminov var journalist, og journalistik blev under den kolde krig ligesom alle andre kulturelle felter gjort til et våben (weaponized). Man kan ikke underdreje en fjende, der ikke ønsker at blive underdrejet. Derfor gælder det om at få fjenden til inderligt selv at ønske at blive underdrejet.

For 100 år siden blev alle fremmede indtrængende / subvertører i forhold til Japan pænt og høfligt afvist ved porten. Hvis de overskred denne port blev de simpelthen aflivet. Nationen Japan havde dengang en nationalt-kulturelt immunforsvar. Efter det amerikanske angreb på Japan blev dette immunforsvar gradvist nedbrudt.

Taktikken er identisk med japansk krigskunst. Hvis du ønsker at tage en fjende ned, der er større end dig selv, vil det være naivt at tro, at du får succes ved at gå direkte i kødet på modstanderen og slå løs. I stedet bør du afvente et angreb, glide med bevægelsen i angrebet og fortsætte bevægelsen i dens retning. Du udnytter altså fjendens eget momentum, og fjenden rammer væggen med hele sig vægt i bevægelse.

I såkaldte demokratiske samfund er der altid alle mulige grupperinger, der er imod samfundet: politiske afvigere, kriminelle, psykopater, kritikere, folk der ikke føler at de får nok for deres indsats eller ikke har adgang til at berige sig og udfolde sig, etniske minoriteter, kønslige minoriteter, grupper som enten er undertrykt, eller som man kan overbevise om, at de er vældig undertrykte (feminister, homoseksuelle). Og så er der implantater i form af agenter det eller de fremmede magter, der ønsker at skade nationen. Disse grupperinger er på vej i alle retninger. Men hvis de kan bringes til at bevæge sig i samme retning på samme tid, kan der skabes momentum nok til, at den udsete nation vil ødelægge sig selv.

Teknikkerne var allerede fuldt udviklede kort efter den russiske revolution. Kommunisternes propaganda-apparat, Agit-Prop, var det til enhver tid mest avancerede. Nazisterne var godt med, så længe det varede, men kommunisternes propaganda-apparat ophørte aldrig. Sammen med de sovjettiske behavouristers teknikker (Pavlov ...) skabte de det 20. århundredes sidestykke til Romerstatens totalitære magt i antikken og den katolske kirkes / feudalismens totalitære magt i middelalderen.
Demoraliseringsfasen i subversion indebærer propaganda, infiltration, direkte kontakt. Insatsområderne er der, hvor den offentlige mening bliver formuleret: religion, undervisningssystemet, socialsfæren, landets administration, retsvæsenet, økonomien og forholdet mellem arbejdstager og -giver. Dette er applikationens hovedfelter.

I det første felt, religion, ser vi subversionen give sig udslag i falske sekter, latterliggørelse, religiøs extremisme og fundamentalisme, pervertering af religion med sex-kulte og pædofili, satanisme og falsk antagonisme mellem religioner og religiøse retninger. De religiøse kulturer har altid indeholdt moralitet, et ønske om kontakt med Det Højeste Væsen og basale universelle værdier som sandhed, ærlighed, kærlighed, barmhjertighed, omend det ikke altid gik så godt i praksis. Subversion, derimod, er ødelæggelsen indefra af alle disse skrøbelige kvaliteter.

En en idiot eller et filosofisk geni
I det andet felt, undervisning, drejer det sig om at forhindre, at folk lærer noget, der er konstruktivt. Undervisningssystemerne i den vestlige verden er i efterkrigstiden i stigende grad blevet fyldt med afmonteret og ubrugelig viden. Eleverne lærer ikke at tænke selvstændigt men lærer, hvad de skal tænke. De lærer ikke at samtænke videnskaber, trivium-quadrivium er vasket ud af det offentlige skolevæsen, kreativ tænkning nedprioriteres, kvaliteten sænkes år for år. Selv de basale færdigheder er det ikke længere muligt at lære elever. De kan sjældent stave eller regne, ejheller formulere sig i andet end verbale grynt. Og allerværst: de er frataget alt initiativ.

I det tredje felt, socialsfæren, ser vi en forsvinden af traditionelle og gennemprøvede sociale sammenhænge og i stedet er der opstået en hær af social-arbejdere. Hvad folk selv tog hånd om hinanden med omsorg og ansvar, bliver dette nu varetaget af professionelle. Når disse svigter og er utilstrækkelige - og det er de konstant - bliver det deres skyld og ikke folks egen. Statens infantile børn kan ikke længere sørge for sig selv. De har mistet initiativ og ansvar og fået en dårlig erstatning i form af bureaukratiske, kontrollerende organer. Staten betaler herefter for staklerne resten af deres liv, og staklernes hele stræben bliver at få udbetalt deres understøttelse.

I det fjerde felt, administration, ser vi hele postdemokratiet. Folkevalgte forsamlinger, som vi kendte dem, er gradvist blevet erstattet af pseudo-demokratiske organer bestående af folk, som ingen har valgt og ingen har tillid til. De var der bare en dag, og lige pludselig har de truffet en masse beslutninger, der er i direkte modstrid med folks behov og ønsker. Der gives næppe bedre eksempel end EU(SSR) og dets misbrugeriske, postdemokratiske teknokrati og kommissærvælde.
Medierne er en sådan institution. Ingen har valgt dem. Hvordan kan de få en sådan meningsdannende magt? De er fabrikker for fake viden om en fake virkelighed. Alligevel accepterer folk stiltiende deres fakeness. Vi tillader, at de voldtager vore hjerner hver dag og belærer os om, hvad der er rigtigt og forkert. Medierne på deres side er så arrogante at mene, at de kender virkelighed og hvad der er rigtigt og forkert, men de har ikke undersøgt denne virkelighed til bunds og på egen hånd, og deres ansatte er maksimalt inkompetente, smilende middelmådigheder, der har rimelig styr på formen, men som indholdsmæssigt falder igennem, fordi de ikke har gjort deres hjemmearbejde. 

No comments ...
Moralsk disintegrering af retsvæsen og udøvelse af lov er det femte felt. Da USA var KGB's hovedmål for subversion, kan denne proces mest tydelig aflæses her. I den sidste trejdjedel af det tyvende århundrede fandt der en mafiagørelse sted af politi og retsvæsen. Politimænd blev i film i stigende grad beskrevet som dumme, psykotiske eller korrupte. Folk begyndte at opfatte dem som sådan, og de begyndte at opføre sig som sådan. I England har der på det seneste været striber af sager, hvor politikorruption er afsløret.
Omvendt blev den kriminelle person menneskeliggjort. Han blev beskrevet mindre stereotypt og mere nuanceret. Tendensen gik i retning af at se den kriminelle som en kreativ, spændende person og derefter som et offer, som det var synd for, når det gik galt. I 90'erne blev psykopaten / seriemorderen nærmest en slags helt.

I det sjette felt, forholdet med arbejdsgiver og arbejdstager, forsvinder den funktion, hvor man forhandler om arbejdstagerens forhold. Marxisterne - ingen sympati her i øvrigt - beskrev det ret præcist. Et naturlig udvekslingsforhold er bytte- eller gave-økonomi. Penge var overflødige. Det er først, når en tredjepart lægger sig imellem og okkuperer udvekslingen. Fagforeningerne opstod som et værn mod tredjepartens misbrug af de primære parter og havde deres funktion og berettigelse dengang. Det har de ikke længere. En længerevarende strejke, for eksempel, giver sig udslag i yderligere tab for arbejdstagerne. I dag er alt ideologiseret, og modstand mod systemet er nu twistet til at gøre stor skade på alle. Danmark er et af de få steder, hvor skraldemænd har tilkæmpet sig gode arbejdsforhold og en ordentlig løn. Men andre steder, eksempelvis i Italien, betyder skraldestrejker årelang ophobning af skrald med ubærlige og usunde forhold for hele befolkningen i Syditalien og på Sicilien - og intet vundet for skraldemændene. Vinderne er arbejdsgiverne og pamperne. Fagforeningerne er blevet en kraftigt undertrykkende faktor, der er direkte medvirkende til at blokere arbejdstagerens frie ret til at sælge sin arbejdskraft til højest bydende og for den pris, de selv forlanger. Du vil blive udstødt af arbejdsmarkedet og nægtet muligheden for et arbejde af dem, der oprindelig skulle hjælpe dig.

Pizza Napolitana

Et yderligere subversivt element er falsk lighed. Kommunismens forstudie var ideologien omkring den Franske Revolution. Frihed var så uldent, at vi stort set kan se bort fra det. Broderskab ved vi godt, hvad betød: det var de 'broderskaber', de loger der opererede i skyggefeltet, Jacobinerne, de Illuminerede, Jesuitterne, venetianerne, frimurerne. Det blev solgt som 'Alle Menschen verden Brüder' og senere som 'Arbejdere i alle lande, foren jer'. Mennesker er aldrig født lige, de er født forskellige. Hvis man vil opnå lighed, skal det fortjenes, det kræver hårdt arbejde. Nogle mennesker er høje, modige og kloge, andre er lave, skallede og dumme. At ville nivellere på baggrund af alle mulige forskelligheder er hverken ønskværdigt eller hensigtsmæssigt. Det er ganske simpelthen stupidt. Og mere end det: det er en fed løgn. Og endnu mere end det: det er en bevidst fed løgn beregnet på at gøre størst mulig skade. 

Le Club des Jacobins
I den kollektivistiske ideologi, som kommunisterne og senere den intellektuelt blødgjorte og modificerede variant kulturmarxismen tilbød, blev denne nivellering præsenteret som ideologisk og politisk korrekt. Det vil sige: skulle du mene noget andet, var du ukorrekt og dømt ude vha af den massive intolerance, som det nye kommissærvælde praktiserede, og hvor kommissærerne - sjovt nok! - altid selv var undtaget fra den tvungne nivellering. Subversionen bestod i at gennemtvinge den falske lighed. Det er det samme som at bygge et hus på sand. Før eller senere vil det kollapse.

Subversion baserer sig på nihilisme, subversion medfører nihilisme. Intet er rigtigt eller forkert længere, intet er sandt eller falsk, intet er gyldigt eller ugyldigt, alt er lige-gyldigt. I nihilismen bliver noget så intuitivt indlysende som vold, krig og massemord lovlig undskyldt som midler, et nødvendigt onde til fordel for et større gode. Man kunne kalde det for nihilistisk utilitarisme. Det er denne nihilistiske doktrin, der ligger til grund for neo-imperialistiske doktriner som R2P (Responsibility to Protect) og Humanitær Intervention. Det er neo-linguistisk sprogbrug, hvor man slipper afsted med at kalde en lort for en flødeskumskage. Everything is upside down!

Bemærk hvad der skete. KGB behøvede ikke at møde talstærkt op og begå kriminelle handlinger, for alt foregik indenfor lovens rammer, og det var modstanderen selv, der accepterende begik den skjulte forbrydelse mod sit eget folk.
Men var det nu ikke længere CIA, der ødelagde USA, men KGB?
Spørgsmålet er forkert stillet, for svaret er: begge dele på én gang. I et miljø, der er forgiftet af subversion, trives alle slags parasitter. Subversion var kendt af alle såkaldte efterretningsvæsener. Der foregik både modarbejde og rivalisering og et samarbejde, der var hemmeligere end hemmeligt. Bemærk også i den forbindelse, hvem der skabte den russiske revolution og det Sovjet, der igen skabte KGB: Wall Street-mogulerne (jf. prof. Anthony Sutton). Den krypto-jødiske skjulte, eller i mange tilfælde helt åbenlyse hånd bag bolsjevismen og de to verdenskrige. 

The Godfather of neocon trotskyist-zionist-nihilism
Det er også værd at bemærke, hvordan neocon-projektet af dets filosofisk-ideologisk bagmand, Leo Strauss fra University of Chicago, bliver beskrevet med følgende bemærkning: 'Amerika er et nihilistisk projekt'. Den Nye Verden, the land of Hope and Glory, hvis founding fathers og oprindelige settlerkultur havde eksplicitte værdier, hvor frihed fremfor lighed blev hyldet, eller rettere: hvor lighed blev fortolket til: Lige mulighed for at udfolde dig og få succes - vel at mærke hvis du forstod at gribe chancen! Amerikanerne så aldrig ned på succes, men hyldede den frem til det punkt, hvor succes blev på bekostning af andres ulykke. Men de skulle helt frem til dette årtusind, før de opdagede, at der var noget helt galt med deres samfund. Med den straussianske, neo-trotskistiske nihilist-filosofi brast den amerikanske drøm definitivt, og et Ny Sovjet begyndte at tage form.

2. fase: Destabilisering
Dette er 2. fase i subversionsprocessen. Igen krævede det ikke en bataljon af KGB-agenter til at sprænge broer i luften. Vesterlændingene med amerikanerne som deres førerhund gjorde det selv. Projektet er nu indsnævret til landets institutioner. Igen er ingen forbrydelse synlig, for offeret gjorde selv arbejdet.

Applikationsfeltet er nu: økonomi, lov-og-orden + militær og medierne. Hvad der karakteriserer denne fase er: radikalisering. Vi er i den kultur-radikale, den kultur-bosjevikkiske og den kultur-marxistiske fase. Splittelse og uenighed går i dybden og forgifter selve roden af samfundet: familien. Mand og kvinde kan ikke længere blive enige om, hvad der er rigtigt og forkert. Kompromis i familien er ikke længere muligt, medmindre der startes et skænderi. Det er feminismens æra, det kulturmarxistiske delprojekt. Kulturmarxismen er fase 2 i subversionsprojektet. Vi er nu i 70'ernes Californien, hvor den jødiske Frankfurterskole-prædikant, Herbert Marcuse, prædiker sin subversive perversion. Bemærk: han bruger selv udtrykket subversion! Perversionen af seksualiteten, kønskampen, de seksuelle minoriteters overtag, efeminiseringen af mænd og maskuliniseringen af kvinder og promiskuøsitet, utroskab, såkaldt 'fri sex' og 'frie' forhold som den nye slave-norm. Det var 'frigørende'! Altså 'fri' i samme betydning, som når monopolkapitalister taler om 'frihandel'. Der er altid og udelukkende tale om frihed for dem.

Det jødisk opkøbte Hollywood og den betændte underholdningsindustri sprøjter det ene lumre produkt ud efter det andet, hvor grænsen for pornografi konstant strækkes. Musikindustrien genoplivede den pervertering af sexualitet, som tyskerne reagerede på i Berlin i 30'erne. Generationens idoler blev deres pejlemærker og rollemodeller. 

Miley Cyrus - Pornstar
Med splittelsen dybt inde i de nære relationer, er splittelsen mellem naboer muligt. Det er ligusterfascismens æra. Måden hvorpå naboen lufter sin hund bliver en kilde til konflikt. I det politiske felt bliver sekterisme dagens norm. Et væld af semi-religiøse fraktioner på fx venstrefløjen lammer al enighed, hvor social retfærdighed kunne have være dagsordenen. Man kan ikke længere blive enige om, hvad der lige var, Lenin mente, inden Stalin tog over - hvorved de aldrig opdagede at totalitarismen var indbygget helt fra starten og at produktet var determineret. Et sygt frø kan aldrig give et godt træ.

Kamp, krig, splittelse og konflikt. Lyder det som socialdarwinisme? Det lugter, det lyder og det kvækker som socialdarwinisme - så er det nok fordi, der ER socialdarwinisme. Det var pay-back-time for det subversionsprojekt, som socialdarwinisterne alias det Britiske Imperium udsatte Rusland for under revolutionen. Og senere Tyskland, ikke at forglemme. Vi gjorde det mod dem, de lærte os at gøre det, nu gør de det mod os. Og så kan vi igen lære at gøre det mod os selv og vore venner. Så nu gør vi det igen mod dem, for vi har lært teknikkerne. Vi kalder det måske 'farvede revolutioner' eller noget lignende. Altså en implanteret subversion, hvor 'de gør det mod sig selv'. Er det forvirrende at tænke på? Så er det måske, fordi forvirringen er et produkt af det subversive kulturangreb, der ramte os, som vi blev en del af, som igen er et produkt af de kollektivt traumatiserende verdenskrige, der ødelagde den verden, vi kendte.

A terrorist?
Kampen blev i 70'erne introduceret i skolerne. På universiteterne bekæmpede de studerende lærerne. 68-oprøret var et kulturmarxistisk projekt. Nogen havde pisset ned i myretuen, og nu bekæmpede alle myrerne hinanden. Forholdet mellem arbejdstagere og -givere blev yderligere radikaliseret. Vi så allerede i den periode en bevægelse mod en heroisering af terrorisme. I Tyskland var der kun en tynd væg, der adskilte politisk venstrefløjsaktivisme fra Bader-Meinhof (en NATO Operation Gladio-operation). Den senere 'grønne' tyske politiker, Joshkha Fischer (med det jødiske fornavn) var med til at smide molotovs ind i politibiler, hvor politifolk omkom (han blev aldrig dømt for det).

Vi så en radikalisering af militæret, hvad vi normalt kalder for 'militarisering' i samme periode. Fra Koreakrig til Vietnamkrig. Fra Operation Svinebugt til Operation Northwood (.. opdaget og forpurret). Fra 6-dages-krigen til Kennedymordet. Fra Operation Condor til den Beskidte Krig. Fra Biafra til Eritrea til Zimbabwe. Var den kolde krig kold? Overhovedet ikke! Krig var blot blevet radikaliseret, den var fløjet under radaren, den foregik nu bag skærmen, og på skærmen viste de en redigeret 2D-virkelighed uden dybde og sammenhæng.

I samme periode blev alle protester mod militarisering / radikalisering af krig subverteret. Vestens protestbevægelser blev lammet af sex, drugs & rock'n'roll hvorved de forstummede. Jamen, spørger den begavede læser, var det ikke CIA, der stod for det? Forkert spørgsmål, forkert svar. Selvfølgelig stod CIA for det, men nu har vi i mel lemtiden studeret Sun Tzu og subversions-strategi, og så bliver det hele langt mere komplekst. Når man fører krigen over i en anden dimension, så er det også her, tilbageslaget finder sted. Løgnen om 2. Verdenskrig er jo netop, at det var 'den gode krig', hvor de gode vandt over de onde. Efterkrigen cementerede denne løgn, og vi lærte alle som flinke skoleelever at fremsige den på et givet signal. De 'allierede' blev nu ærkefjender (Stalins Sovjet <> Vesten). Årtier senere havde de byttet plads. Hvor blev historien om de gode og de onde af?
Terrorism was originally defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as
'government by intimidation'.
May I suggest a supplementary correction:
'intimidation by government'
I denne fase af destabilisering blev 'de sovende' (the sleepers) aktiveret. De er produktet af fase 1. 15-20 år før var en homoseksuel en marginaliseret minoritet. Nu var vedkommende færdiguddannet, sad i et job med magt og indflydelse. Pludselig gjorde han/hun det til et politisk-moralsk emne og efter et stykke tid var det mere politisk korrekt at være bøsse-lesbisk-biseksuel-transsekuel end hetero, hvilket skete synkront med den kemisk-hormonale-kulturelle efeminisering af mænd og maskulinisering af kvinder. Tilfældig? Kun ifølge tilfældigheds-teoretikere.

Coloured revolution and other subversive elements

Vi så alle-bekæmpe-alle i den periode. Sorte mod hvide, kvinder mod mænd, lærere mod elever, politikere mod politikere, højre mod venstre. Vi ser stadig jøder mod arabere/muslimer, sunnier mod shiaer, vegetarer mod kødspisere, kirkegængere mod new-agere, læger mod zoneterapeuter ... you get my point? Antagonismen er indført i alle livets forhold. Der findes ingen sund organisme i naturen, der i det lange løb vil overleve at ligge i evig krig med sig selv.

'The Sleepers' er ifølge Juri Bezminov simpelthen KGB-agenter, der nu bliver ledere for 2. fase af subversionen. Med begrebet KBG-agent skal forstås - og det har du selvfølgelig allerede forstået ;-) - agenter, agerende, udøvere, videreførere af det ideologiske frø, der blev plantet i fase 1. De opfatter sig yderst sjældent, og i så fald aldrig indrømmet, som agenter, for de ved det ikke. De har internaliseret en ideologi og leverer nu varen. De mener, at impulsen kommer fra dem selv, og har glemt, hvornår de første gang stødte på den og hvordan de i deres mærkelige kærlighed 'lærte at elske bomben'. De blev ideologiske 'suicide bombers'.

Den sovende modtager måske penge fra en fond, har måske tilhørsforhold til en organisation eller et netværk. De er en lille trojansk hest, et stk. 5. kolonne. De tænker ikke over, hvad de tænker, siger og gør. De tænker, hvad de tænker, de siger, hvad de siger, og de gør, hvad de gør. Deres meninger er ikke længere dannet i et intellektuelt miljø, hvor der reelt bliver tænkt og spurgt. Der blev bekræftet, at man mente det samme. Man klappede hinanden på ryggen for at mene det samme. Man stivede sig gensidigt af ved at mene det korrekte samme, så man aldrig behøvede at indrømme, hvor dumme man var. Man blev sekulære og tog formelt afstand fra religion, men opdagede ikke, at man selv praktiserede en religion = en ideologi, der havde alle religionens kendetegn. Sådan var destabiliseringens årtier.

Episoden med historikeren Bent Jensen og journalisten Jørgen Dragsdahl er efterklange af den kolde krig. Dragsdahl følte sig lidt for truffet over at blive kaldt for en KGB-agent af Jensen, hvis speciale var Sovjettiden og dens menneskefjendske apparat. Han vidste, hvad han talte om, men han var ikke velset i det kulturmarxistiske parnas af babyboomere, der nu sad på magten og kulturen i samfundet. Deres diskussionsmetoder var de sædvanlige: afsporing af al tale om substans ved hysterisk oprørt at dæmonisere og svine modstanderen til, så det ikke længere blev muligt at have en kritisk holdning mod dem i en anstændig tone. 

KGB agent?
Den dobbeltmoral og det hykleri, som kulturmarxister præsterer kan næppe overgås. Mens de roser sig selv af tolerance mod anderledes tænkende, så charmerer de omgivelserne med deres extreme intolerance, når lyset falder på deres eget moralsæt og det medløberi, de har disket op med. Mens de roser sig selv af deres enestående intellektuelle færdigheder og kritiske sans, kniber det voldsomt med at udøve selvkritik, og hvis man går i kødet på dem viser det sig hurtigt, hvor lidt de ved om, hvad der har foregået og foregår i den større sammenhæng og detaljen. Deres verdensbillede har religiøs karakter. De er som forkælede børn, der aldrig har fået kvalificeret modspil og dermed tror - de tror rigtig meget - at de har styr på, hvad der er rigtigt og forkert, historisk såvel som moralsk. De er produkter af fortællingen om, at 2. Verdenskrig var 'den gode krig', og mener dermed at vide, hvem de gode og de onde var, men de kommer ganske til kort, hver gang de ser, at den opdaterede version af gode nationer opfører sig som brutale gangsterorganisationer og lyver så vandet driver ned af væggene. De er generationen af det tænkende segment uden moralsk kompas og egentlig indsigt i andet end deres snævre professionelle felt, og de ved ikke, hvor deres vedensbillede kommer fra.

3. fase: Krise
På et vist tidspunkt kan de bærende og legitime strukturer i samfundet ikke længere fungere. De kunstige implantater i samfundet kan ikke længere forsyne kroppen med blod. De ikke-valgte kommiteer, de postdemokratiske udvalg af indsatte, socialarbejderne der erstattede folks omsorg for hinanden kan ikke længere foregive, at deres substitut er 'the real deal'. Medierne, de selvudnævnte dannere af den offentlige mening, kan ikke længere opretholde folks respekt for dem.

Produktivitet forsvinder i et sådan samfund og det kollapser lige så slow-motion som det blev kuppet. Det går i opløsning. Folk begynder at råbe på handling og forandring, men åbner dermed for hvem som helst, der fremstår som deres Messias. Vi så det som Obama-effekten, hvor en nation fik en substitut for et substitut, det ene værre end det andet. De liberale (amerikansk for venstreorientet) blev på denne måde taget i ed for at videreføre Bush-æraens neocon-aggressioner mod verden og blev de nye war-mongerers. Krig blev venstre-cool bare man kunne kalde det noget med 'beskytte de svage' og redde verden.

Coulered revolution?

Men på hjemmefronten gik næsten alting galt. Huspriser og hjemløshed, sygesikring var et svindelnummer, arbejdsløsheden toppede og lønningerne bundede, indvandringskaos fra syd, Wall Street gik grådig-grassat med finanskrise. Og mere krig end nogensinde. Man angriber hovedfjenden Rusland med endnu en uerklæret krig 'by proxy' - USA har ikke erklæret en eneste af deres over 100 krigshandlinger siden 2. Verdenskrig, selvom deres forfatning byder dem det.

Krise giver to muligheder: borgerkrig eller invasion. Enten begynder man slås indbyrdes, eller også kommer en fremmed magt og bryder ind. Her er det ikke længere KGB mod USA. Yuri Besminov så det klart fra sin tid og sit udsigtspunkt. Han forudså ikke, hvordan det hele byttede rundt. CIA studerede strategien. Han så heller ikke, hvordan KGB's strategi var en forlængelse af britisk Imperial taktik. Som afhopper stillede han sin viden til rådighed for sit nye statsborgerskab, og her slipper hans klarhed op, og han bliver til koldkrigs-propagandist for amerikanerne. So far so good. Helt forståeligt var han indædt modstander af Sovjet, men han bliver også dermed apologet for USA's, CIA's og NATO's aggressioner. Et forsvar, som man ikke skruer ned for, når det har udført sit job, vil fortsætte derudaf med at føre krig. Det skete ikke.

USA opfører sig nu som Sovjet. Sovjet invaderede Afghanistan, USA invaderer Afghanistan. Sovjet-KGB støttede revolutioner under den kolde krig, USA støttede falske revolutioner i sjove farver efter den kolde krig. Sovjet støttede befrielseshære og partisaner under den kolde krig for at fremme verdensrevolutionen, USA støtter falske oprørsgrupper fra Nordafrika til Kina for at skabe 'det Nye Amerikanske Århundrede', altså PNAC, Project for the New American Century, der beskrev nødvendigheden af 9/11 som afsæt det, der skete og skal ske.

Krisens to muligheder, borgerkrig eller invasion, er ikke længere et KGB-projekt men et CIA-projekt. Det har det for så vidt hele tiden været. Libyen og Syrien var CIA's kunstigt skabte borgerkrige. ISIS er en kunstig skabt oprørshær. Ukraine-krigen er et lignende kunstprodukt. CIA udviklede KGB's taktik - det bruger begge muligheder på en gang. Libyen var både borgerkrig og invasion fra luften. Megen snak om 'ingen støvler på jorden'.

4. fase: Normalisering
Efter en krise kommer en normalisering, et ironisk udtryk, der beskriver det kunstigt normale. Der er ikke længere brug for revolution og undergravning, for samfundet har forandret sig. USA forandrede sig, det syge blev normalt. Ligesom Tjekkoslovakiet dengang blev normaliseret efter Prager-foråret. Alle, der medvirkede til omvæltningen, bliver nu tilsidesat, nogle gange elimineret. Der er ikke brug for dem længere. Når ISIL har gjort sit job med at destabilisere området og ødelagt Syrien, bliver de udryddet. Eller sendt videre mod Iran eller Kina. Også her har USA videreudviklet Sovjets taktik. New World Order er et stort projekt, og der er mange brikker i det store skakspil.

Det er normalisering på samme måde som kontrolleret psykose eller medicineret neurose. En nation eller en person, der har forrådt og fornægtet sig selv kan være 'normal', men normaliteten er uholdbar, fordi den er påtvungen.

Where is all the sand?
Det var en joke i Sovjet: Hvis Saharaørkenen nogensinde bliver en kommunistisk stat, vil der blive mangel på sand. Arbejderslaveriet var et storskaleret socialt eksperiment i forarmelse og underkuelse, og det blev sammen med bondeslaveriet i Kina studeret flittigt af de industrialister og finansfamilier, der havde skabt eksperimentet. Og hvis de skulle være fremgået, at det var KGB, der var den styrende hånd bag det store billede, er det på tide at få flyttet fokus opad. Marxismen er og bliver et vestligt fænomen eksporteret østover. Senere kom den tilbage, og nu hænger vi på den i dens metasterede politisk korrekte form og i mange forklædninger.

Vor tids industrialister eksperimenterer flittigt med nye former for kunstig mangeltilstand. Halvdelen af de unge spaniere mangler et arbejde. En lignende situation findes i alle sydeuropæiske lande. Havde de europæiske nationer nægtet at medvirke til EU-Imperiet, ville en sådan situation ikke være opstået. Men europæerne var møre efter to verdenskrige, og projektet blev solgt som nødvendigt for at undgå en tredje. Hvor løgnagtigt og bedragerisk det argument er, ser vi nu, da EU er medvirkende i et forsøg på at fremprovokere en tredje krig via Ukraine-konflikten. EU laver handelsterror, NATO laver krigsterror-by-proxy, og amerikanerne gnider sig i hænderne over, så villig Europa er til endnu en gang at hoppe med på vognen.

Flydende krig er blevet en syg norm. Den er hele tiden et eller andet sted. Og den påståede fjende er ligeså flydende, nogle gange nærmest usynlig, andre gange i forklædninger. Terror er blevet en syg norm, og det sygeste er, at de slipper af sted med hele tiden at blive finansieret, trænet, hyret og brugt af dem, der råber op om dem.

Ruslands rolle i dag
Den russiske præsident Putin fremkom for ganske nylig med to hentydninger, der for de, der ved, hvad der tales om her, er meget præcise og potentielt særdeles farlige for the Powers That Be. Og lad os igen minde om, at Rusland i dag og Sovjet i KGB-æraen er to meget forskellige størrelser. Den ene udtalelse var et krav til FN om at nedsætte en uvildig undersøgelse af. hvem der finansierede ISIL. Putin ved det selvfølgelig udmærket, for russerne har alle efterretningsoplysninger om den slags. Men i stedet for bare at sige højt, at det er amerikanerne og saudierne der betaler for gildet og NATO, Israel og Tyrkiet, der træner, holder hånden over og lukker dem ind i Iraq og Syrien, for at de kan terrorisere og destabilisere, vælger han det kloge træk, så han ikke fremstår som blot propagandist.

Den andet hentydning var om måde endnu mere farlig, for den gik ind i selve kernen af hele terrorbegrebet og den event, der blev skabt for at motivere årtusindets bølge af amerikanske militære operationer i verden og så vidt muligt hive Vesteuropa med på dette uhellige korstog i Mammons og Moloks forbandede navn: 9/11. Putin nævnte, at russerne havde satelitoptagelser, der tydeligt viste, at 'særlig avancerede våben' var taget i anvendelse. Han siger ikke, igen klogt, hvem der betjente disse våben, og om det i så fald vil kunne aflæses af satelitoptagelserne. Men igen for de, der ved, hvad der hentydes til, og som har gjort blot et minimum af hjemmearbejde ved med et kritisk øje - ikke med lukkede øjne - at trække på et velvalgt udsnit af de overvældende bunker af informationer, der er sluppet ud om eventen, så er det ikke svært at forstå, at dette er et særdeles betydningsfuldt statement, der nok kan få en og anden neocon i Washington D.C til at ryste lidt på hånden. Alene det at nævne 'særlig avancerede våben' er allerede en bekræftelse af det, som nu et flertal af amerikanerne er på sporet af: at det ikke havde noget at gøre med et par forvildede rutefly fløjet af amatører fra Mellemøsten, og som med allerstørste præcision ramte to bygninger, så de mod alle fysikkens og bygningskunstens kendte love faldt sammen. 

Office fire?
Ejeren af et større privat efterretningsnetværk, Gordon Duff, bragte i den forbindelse følgende:

Moscow (Pravda): American experts believe that despite the fact that relations between the US and Russia reached the worst point since the Cold War, Putin delivered until Obama only minor troubles. Analysts believe that this is the “calm before the storm.” Putin is going to hit once, but he’s going to hit hard. Russia is preparing the release of evidence of the involvement of the US government and intelligence services in the September 11 attacks.

The list of evidence includes satellite images.

Published material can prove the US government complicity in the 9/11 attacks and the successful manipulation of public opinion. The attack was planned by the US government, but exercised using her proxy, so that an attack on America and the people of the United States looked like an act of aggression by international terrorist organizations.

The motive for deception and murder its own citizens served US oil interests and the Middle East state corporations.

The evidence will be so convincing that it utterly debunks the official 9/11 cover story supported by the US government.

Russia proves that America is no stranger to using false flag terrorism against its citizens in order to achieve a pretext for military intervention in a foreign country. In the case of “the September 11 attacks,” the evidence will be conclusive satellite imagery.

If successful, the consequences of Putin’s tactics would expose the US government’s secret terrorist policies. The government’s credibility will be undermined and should bring about mass protests in the cities leading to an uprising, according to American analysts..

And as the United States will look on the world political arena? The validity of America’s position as a leader in the fight against international terrorism will be totally undermined giving immediately advantage to rogue states and Islamic terrorists.

The actual development of the situation could be much worse, experts warn.
Er det så subversion? På en måde ja. Man kan godt bruge Bezminovs billede med japansk kampkunst og fjenden, der gør arbejdet med at ødelægge sig selv. Forskellen her, at 9/11 helt og holdent var fjendens initiativ, og at de oplysninger, Putin vil frigive, hvis ikke ... eller hvis (slet skjult trussel) ikke er løgnagtige implanter, men blot afsløring af US-Deep-State's forbrydelse mod sit eget folk. Baggrunden er også forskellig i og med at Rusland bliver angrebet af USA og NATO i Ukraine. Det er en akt i selvforsvar og ikke en stalinistisk angrebsform. Altså Rusland har det totale moralske overtag, og USA-Europa er nødt til at lyve mere og mere for at bilde deres befolkninger ind, at det hele er fjendens skyld - og at 'fjenden' i det hele taget ER fjenden ...

Jeg tror ikke, at afhopperen Juri Bezminov, havde forestillet sig en så radikal omskiftning af magtpolerne, som der her har fundet sted. Russerne er fuldt klar over, at USA, CIA, NSA - you name them - har studeret KGB's subvesionsteknik og flittigt bruger deres lærdom. Men det betyder også, at russerne er klar over, hvordan de på deres side kan gardere sig imod det. Deres propaganda-apparat er stadig velsmurt, hvilket vi kan se på, hvor de klogeligt har fundet ud af, at konstrueret og løgnagtig propaganda giver bagslag. Derfor sender de journalistisk temmelig velfunderede oplysninger ud i æteren med den strategi, at USA's og Vestens misgerninger er deres egen værste fjende. Deres færdigheder optrænet via KGB samt dets udbyggede netværk er ligeledes intakt. Vi har bla. set, hvordan de stille og roligt afbøjede det angreb, som NATO satte ind ved at organisere terrorceller i Tjetjenien via Tyrkiet. Tjetjenerne selv var ganske klar over, at ballademagerne var udefra kommende lejesvende. Samtidig lægger bjørnen roligt sin lab om Tyrkiet og tilbyder dem venligt en aftale om olie og gas til milliarder. I Syrien lykkedes det deres diplomati at forhindre en intervention. I Ukraine sker der et langsomt overtag i de østlige området, hvor det er ukrainerne selv, der er aktive, og hvor den demoraliserede regeringshær er ved at falde fra hinanden.

Sanktionerne mod Rusland både virker og virker ikke. I en periode virker de, så russerne er nødt til at skrue ned for den økonomiske fremgang og omorganisere sig. Herefter - og vi ser allerede bagslaget - virker det mod hensigten for de europæiske nationer og EU, hvis dumme, korrupte og feje ledere har været alt for villige til at hoppe på vognen og agere duknakkede overfor USA's krav. Rusland finder nu helt andre handelsparter, og europæerne går glip af en hel masse handelsgevinster. Derudover vil embargoen blot bevirke, at der bliver sat ekstra skub i de nye alliancer og organiserede tiltag, der i det seneste årti er dukket op mellem lande, der er godt trætte af USA og deres arrogante overgreb på verden, godt trætte af Vestens centralbankvæsen og deres plyndringstogter, godt trætte af at skulle hoppe og danse for at gøre dette forkælede spædbarn af en afdankende supermagt tilfreds. Vi ser nu udkantsverden organisere sig - uden at spørge om lov i Washington, London og Bruxelles.

Yuri Bezminov har ganske givet ikke forestillet sig den udvikling, for han er trods sin dybe indsigt fra KGB for meget et konditioneret produkt af den kolde krig. Men har har en interessant bemærkning om, hvad det er der kan gøre udslaget for, om en nation kan beskytte sig mod subversion. Man studser lige første gang, man hører det, men han siger: Religion! Mennesker er ikke villige til at sætte deres liv på spil for 2+2=4. Derimod er det ofte villige til at stille op for noget, der er større end dem selv, noget ikke materielt: Gud.

Her tænker man straks på amerikansk Armageddon-kristendom og tænker åh-nej, ikke George Bush og 'Hvis I ikke er med os, er I med terroristerne!' Men det er jo netop den perverterede form for religion, som Bezminov medregner i applikationerne for subversion. Altså afstumpning og pervertering af religion. Derimod har der fundet en helt anden revival af religion sted i Rusland og hele den tidligere Sovjet-sfære: den ortodokse kirke.

Den russiske præsident er en ortodoks nationalist. Det er en dobbelt fornærmelse og anfægtelse af Vesten, hvor man ikke længere har religion som samfundsbærende institution. Folk har forladt kirken i Vesten, mens russerne er vendt tilbage til den. Den var stærkt undertrykt i sovjettiden, men den stikker dybt ned i folkesjælen. Den ortodokse kirke er, om man så må sige, autentisk kristendom for så vidt, at den stadig har bevaret de elementer, som det, der her regnes som blot en forvokset 'sekt', den katolske kirke, har smidt ud eller vendt på hovedet.

Brother Nathanael - a priest with a punch

Den anden fornærmelse er, at Rusland genopliver nationalismen, som i over 200 år har stået på globalisternes ønskeliste som afgået ved døden. En stærk nation er deres værste mareridt, for det står i vejen for uhæmmet adgang for monopol-kapitalismen og det tag-selv-bord, som globalisterne ser som deres primære ret i verden. Det var grunden til, at zarens Rusland for 100 år siden skulle ødelægges med en iscenesat revolution. Det var grunden til, at det Tyske Kejserdømme skulle ødelægges eftertrykkelig med to verdenskrige. Og det er grunden til, at EU arbejder i døgndrift på at underminere og nedlægge de europæiske nationer vha en teknokratisk superstat. I deres Nye Verdensorden, det neo-feudale paradis for oligarker, er alle nationer afskaffet. Men det er der altså nogle store og mange små nationer i verden, der ikke synes, det er en god ide, og Rusland er gået i spidsen med en national revival som modtræk.

Forskellen mellem de alliancer, som Vesten har skabt, og de, der opstår i udkantsverden og mellem fx BRICS-landene, synes at være større respekt for forskelle, suverænitet og nationalitet. De styrker nationerne og deres muligheder, de nedbryder dem ikke for at plyndre og dominere dem som i Vesten.

Verdens håb lige nu ligger i en genrejsning af den menneskelige og nationale værdighed, som vi i Vesten har ødelagt med vold og korruption. Den kommer i øjeblikket fra to hold: fra Ikke-Vesten og fra de mest udbyttede nationer i Vesten. Grækenland har taget afgørende skridt på vej væk fra den påtvungne forarmelse. Og minsandten om ikke Rusland er begyndt at tale om at hjælpe dem finansielt. Og har er der igen en fællesnævner: den ortodokse kirke, selvom det ikke er fremme og på dagsordenen. Men det er en fælles kultur, der er anti-romersk og dermed mod Imperiet i Vest.

Der er et nyt kapitel i gang. Måske subversion går af mode en skønne dag.


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