Charlie and The Grand Bordello

by morton_h, the blogger

This is not a blog about pedophile rings involving billionaires, Harward professors, catholic priests, British entertainment, British politicians or Prince Andrew. It is about a kind of prostitution, that does not necessarilly involve kinky subjects, but feeds on the same mechanisms of human abuse.

Nor is it an obscene parody of 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', although certain chocolate barons can be smelled baking cookies backstage.

Who are the pimps and who are the prostitutes?

But it does have to do with the rule of political pimps, the Pornocracy of the World today.
Today's news:

  • French satirical magazine publishes a stack of not very talented drawings in the style of the equally primitive doodlings published in Danish newspaper, Jyllandsposten, in 2005.
  • Massacre in Paris. Three men killed twelve civilians, nine were the employees and cartoonists at the magazine + two policemen. Some say a total of 20 dead.
  • The action is professionally done by people who then are immediately connected with a Muslim terrorist and linked with ISIS - which is likely to be corrected to al Qaeda, as they are probably trained in Yemen - which you can not read / hear in the media. Whether you call it one or the other, is a matter of taste and faily irrelevant. A common term would be: CIA-NATO-assets. 
  • A video recording shows a policeman on the street being shot with an AK47, but a closer look shows, that the bullitt does not hit the man but the pavement, there is no blood at all, and the man moves hereafter. Questions are raised, whether the whole scenario or parts of it is staged or totally false like the Boston Bombings and the Sandy Hook school shootings, where no deads have been documented. 
  • An ID card is 'forgotten' in the car together with molotows and jihaddist flags. Professionals do not do that. Shoutings of 'Allah hu Akbar'. Jihaddists terrorists don't do that in the middle of a terror act. 

And quite a few other anomalies. You will find lots of plausible interpretations of all the details and circumstances on the net. Instead of going into all that, let's broaden the picture and track some patterns on the global stage.
In the Western media all deeper context is unwanted and de-facto forbidden! 

[scroll ned for at læse på dansk]

We see yet another repetition all the usual centrifugal spin in the media, babbling politicians, journalistic halfbrains without the ability to interpret geopolitics together with sensation events, lack of history, detached sound bites, text-bites, info-bites from a demented disinfo culture, childishness, surface, quarter-truths in perfect harmony with vertical lies, propaganda, media fabrications, lack of substance, 2D reality. Add a whole bunch of hypocrazy and fake empathy. We can be sure of one thing: when all the media in the West is running one particular story in one particular gear, these are parts of a particular well organized and centrally coordinated mental manipulation.

Your brain is subjected to a frontal (lobe) attack, so take your helmet on!

Note here, that the concept of
intelligence rather be pronounced shaping, editing or executing when intelligence for these entities is merely a preliminary stage and a tool for coercions, political assassinations, terrorist attacks, coups, manipulations, mind control, financial hitman actions against governments or people, wars, interventions. It's a hybrid of banking, mafia and geopolitics with a bad edge.

Note also that in the same hour they start to yell up on freedom of expression, censorship is introduced somewhere else in the building.

Muslim terrorism?
Media shouting about Muslim terrorism because Muslim / Arab names are being mentioned. But is this, what's going on?

Back in the 70s we saw a series of geopolitical terrorism. The murder of Aldo Moro, the Bologna bombing. We know it as Operation Gladio. We also know that it was a NATO operation and therefore also a Pentagon operation. We know also, it later became the standard for deep-politics or militarized geopolitics, and that today is a regular part of the program to
rule the world through terror.

The purpose of these Gladio operations was to maintain the blocks, then West <> East, today ... West <> East - nothing new here. Together with a constant level of fear. When the Soviet machine had done its dirty work to destroy Germany - meaning not only Nazism but Germany as a country and as a people, Communism had to be stopped before it flooded the rest of Europe. This was Stalins original plan before the German launched a preventive attack on them. Therefore, certain
stay-behind cells were formed, that were later utilized to murder people in spectacular ways - civilians, like random passersby, women, children, nuns and old aunts were good material, so there could be mobilized popular reaction against the Evil Empire of the East. A label which was not entirely wrong as we know, but populations of the West had meanwhile forgotten how their own leaders had - excuse the lingo here - sucked cock on Josef Stalin, because he joined the Allies in their destruction of Germany and its people.

The site for a Gladio 1 operation
Aldo Moro was murdered because he would bring the Communists in coalition with the Christian Democrats. Need we say that the Pentagon and NATO also means the CIA? What could Aldo Moro's project have meant? It could potentially have meant a lot to the world. Some had hoped for a de-stalinisation of Communism, but that is probably a naive thought when a sick seed as a rule can not become a healthy tree. Communism was all wrong from the beginning, and it went exactly as conceived. 

The point is, that the Italian and European Communists would have to be kept from power by demonization. The terror attacks were to be smeared onto the left wing groups. In the early '90s, the original Gladio network was officially admitted by the corrupt, mafia ex-president Paolo Andreotti. When you search on Gladio and Andreotti also seach for P2 Lodge, the Italian deep-state club. Gladio was the implementing agency for the CIA-infiltrated think tank of Italian magnates, politicians and other people interested in the strong-arm of their country.

Geopolitical terrorism has continued unabated since, and they did not just go for train stations. They thought big, and they still do. A recent example is the destruction of Libya. It was conducted by a coalition of France, USA, England + various hang-outs including small-stupid-Denmark + a small group of other cocksucker-states like the Netherlands and Norway - with Israel and Saudi Arabia as backstage pimps and pushers.

This is the big geopolitical brothel!

But what happened in Norway? They said: Now we stop with Libya! We do not like it anymore.
And what happened then with Norway then?
They got a freaking Breivik, now that will teach the naughty children how to behave! 

Sarkozy and the Black Adder

In France in 2012 there was a predecessor to the recent terrorist event. Since Sarkozy re-elected, we saw a person named Mohammed Merah attack a Jewish school and get a lot of attention to it. He drove around on a scooter and shot away at people. He managed to do three attacks. The material about him was suppressed by the police - which Sarkozy government controlled at that time (or the other way around or somone controlled both, which ever way you like it). But according to 'the manual' he was shot before he could reveal anything about his principals.
The philosophical Black Adder
You may find the French adder in the picture-collage above?

Sarkozy 'philosophical' adviser is called - and is still is to today as Sarkozy goes for a comeback: Bernard Henri-Levy, his Black Adder, his Grima Wormtongue, the Zionist spin doctor, hi-society playboy and so-called philosopher who whispered in the ears with his ophioglossum that France should take the lead in destroying Libya. And so they did. The suggestion had arrived from the Israeli pimp-and-pusher backstage area, because Gaddafi was a major thorn in the eye for Middle East dictatorships as well as for Western oligarcy. Saudi Arabia ordered the dirty action and paid for it with their oil-trillions - and Libya's gold reserves to take for free afterwards. They payed themselves with the West being silent about Saudi slaughtering of oppositions in the Gulf states, Bahrain for example. We must also remember to call the former president by his full name: Nicolas Sarkozy Wisner. His stepfather with the same surname was a CIA agent. And who could benefit from the recent terrorist act? Indeed Sarkozy, who lines up on the side to come back as president.

Mohammed Merah was shot before he could talk. May we guess that the same will happen with the fugitives Kouachi Brothers, that have been linked to the recent terrorist attacks. Some claim, that it already happened, but such claim are always covered with mist and can not be verified. Also remember that Gaddafi was murdered before he could speak. And be assured, that this guy would know and speak all sorts of compromizing stuff about his enimies. The same with Saddam Hussein. The same with bin Laden (all of them). Whether it is hi-level patsies or low-level patsies or whether, as with Gaddafi, they refuse to be a patsy (a pet boy - as former Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen, say-no-more), they were murdered. Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated. Martin Luther King was assassinated. JFK was assassinated. Bob Marley, John Lennon, Benazir Bhutto ... and especially, quite particular: the patsies who murdered them, so they could not tell who ordered the assassinations. We see loads of murders / fake suicides and 'disappearances' after the Olof Palme murder, after the Estonia sinking, after 9/11, after the Oklahoma bombing, after the 7/7 bombings* in London. We have also seen shredding of material of evidence like with the Bengazi-event, where Hillary Clinton was rather, shall we say, instrumental i the killing of an ambassador (who was not really an ambassador) in and embassy (that was a CIA facility). 

There is a long, proud tradition for political assassination. Twenty important state leaders were assassinated as a prelude to the first World War to ensure that the war was possible. All were they either potential opponents of the war or opponents of the British Empire. Breivik they didn't have to assassinate, because he is in lifelong custody and will never speak to anyone, and because he was more the Manchurian Candidate MK-Ultra type, that was totally mindcontrolled. Convenient insanity based on trauma. When you learn about his mother, you know that this guy was really fucked.

Convicted as deserved.
But who were never convicted?
Merah was an agent of the French intelligence service / coercion service / exectution service, and the whole affair smells of patsy-dirty-work. He was hired by Interior Minister Claude Guéant and Bernard Squarciny, head of DFT, later DCRI, the French equivalents to the FBI and CIA. They were his handlers, a patsy always has handlers. He was a French counterpart to Lee Harvey Oswald. He had nothing to do with the planning of the murders, and he was killed before he could tell about who had given the orders for him to follow. This is a classic script for an intelligence operation and subsequent cover-up. One can really wonder that these patsies never read books. They could easily read about what's going to happen to them shortly after they have carried out their killings. They can not be the brightest intellects. Which means that they have been selected because they never read books but simply do what is being told. We are talking about people who's motives are stronger than their doubts: the smell of money or the sense of I'm a bad motherfucker agent playing with the real important bad boys! They are broken people, who's self esteem depends on this feeling of importance. Probably adrenalin junkies. Fanatics are most wellcome also. Before WW1 the Empire hired Anarchist fanatics. After WW2 they hired fascist fanatics. Now they hire Muslim fanatics. Moreover a bunch of actors, that never would get a role in a proper feature film.

And lo-and-behold: right after Paris the police in Belgium supposedly shot two 'suspected jihaddists'. You don't know whether to cry or to laugh. Belgium is the headquater of terrorism in the World, since it is headquarter of NATO!
NATO - historien om en terrrororganisation
a long blogpost in Danish about 50 years of NATO terrorism.
Also see:

The hollow speech
An outcry is now raised about freedom of expression. Can it be more political correct? For example, Sony Pictures now claims to speak freely about a murder on the North Korean president with a thinly veiled call for someone to actually do it. Why Sony? Because the company is close pasted up by the American paramilitary organization or think-spin-tank, the Rand Corporation. They are both seated in Santa Monica, California, and Amy Pascal has been on the board of Rand, now she is director of Sony Pictures. Her father worked in Rand's finance department throughout his life. When they did this inflamed movie, The Interview (a lousy movie, some say), they contacted af guy called Bruce Bennett from Rand Corp, whose specialty happened to be the overthrow of the North Korean regime. And his scenario it can only be done by 'removing' their supreme leader.

With such an organization poluting the minds of movie audiences, and with the mega-hype that has been around the movie, it's a serious matter. You cheer and yell that now have the truth prevailed and freedom of expression as well, while in reality being sold a secret intelligence operation. Especially liberals with brain full of potato mash can not get enough of all the kind, as long as it appears to be politically correct.

The 'progressive' magazine

Charlie Hebdo, the French magazine, a tradition dating back to Voltaire, and which sets itself up as freedom, truth and free, critical speach. The magazine has its roots in the 60s and was part of an anti-de Gaulle setup. This legendary president was a particular headache for the British and the Americans, because he refused as a nationalist to obey them, as they expected. Whether they had fingers with the creation of the magazine at that time is unknown but very conceivable and a standard way to do it.

The phenomenon of the Muhammed Cartoons was no coincidence. This thought was conceived and introduced at the Bilderberg Group meeting in Rotach at Munich in the summer of 2005. Present were a Danish newspaper editor and a prime minister of Denmark. Anders Fogh Rasmussen, that had lied to the Danish population together with Bush and Blair about WMD in Iraq, and for that and other 'services' to the global Establishment was rewarded with the post as general secretary of NATO. Shortly after we see the provocation being put in the water with loud singing of the anthem 'O, Holy freedom of expression'. The purpose of the provocation was to recruit Europe in the war, that Dick Cheney and the neo-con gang had planned against Iran. Now you can see how hostile Muslims go against the West, so now we are at war again! Anything new this time?

Political satire can be fun. Voltaire could also be quite entertaining. Even satire including Muslims should be possible. And Jews - but try to do that in France, and you will see pathetic outcries and zionist terrorism immediately. The same in other countries to some extend. First of all you will see the standard offer role put forward. You will see whining, whimping, weaseling and warnings. Warnings with embedded threats. You will constantly hear the word anti-semite. The latter, of course, will have to be translated to anti-zionist, since it is the zionists who are the real anti-semites, since they hate all semitic speaking people exept themselves (301.000.000 Arabic speaking people). Add to this all the non-Arabic speaking muslims. Add to that all black jews expelled from Israel and people with black skin generally. Add to that the rest of the non-jewish population of the world called goyim. You end up with the undisputedly most racist people on Planet Earth calling other people racists!

The zionist lobby has been influential in France. This Charlie-thing is something else than what we see on the surface. Mentioning Voltaire, there do exist a group called Voltaire Network led by Thierry Maison. He knows France very well and says, that doing a stunt like this in a country with a large Muslim minority can only be done for creating serious trouble. There are lots of immigrants from Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria, and especially the Algerians or their families have experienced very unpleasant things under French colonial rule. It can be seen only, says Maison, as an attempt to start a civil war in France. And as you may be aware of, civil wars are never initiated by civilians nor do they benefit civilians. Someone has pissed in the anthill.

NATO disciplining
This is where the geopolitical implications enter the area. There is an ongoing disciplining of the NATO alliance. We saw it when Norway announced, that they would not bomb Libya any longer, and moreover mentioned that they would recognize a Palestinian state - then they got Breivik, who along with a bewitnessed but never identified and centainly never arrested other man (his handler?) shot away at social democrat's / government leader's children at their political holiday camp. The message is dramatically obvious you would think. The media carefully avoided to do any obvious connections.

But what
has France done wrong in relation to NATO? It really should not be difficult for a gifted journalistic commentator to come up with. But either it is a dry season for such 'gifts' in the West, or journalists are shit scared of losing their jobs or their heads - figuratively or literally. The murder of Michael Hastings has shown that certain powers do not go out of the way of executing journalists, just as they currently are busy murdering bankers, who have come close to some of the 'black' bank transactions link closely with the CIA and their post-WW2 shadow banking system. You know the huge black hole in the World Economy that money seem to be sucked into in order for every country in the World to be i debt.

President Hollande, who is normally a puppet of US domination policy and gladly puts French soldiers eg the US Africom Operation, said recently in an interview that it was time to stop these excruciating sanctions against Russia. Lately, he has been unpopular in France by not carrying out socialist policies, so he might have decided to try something like that. Or has
he just been reminded by people in his administrative apparatus that France actually has a tradition of being independent, and that they can say NO and have done so with authoritative punch down through history. Recently he had a meeting with Vladimir Putin at Charles de Gaulle Airport, a kind of fly-by-meeting, where we of course do not know what they were talking about. But a week later he comes out speaking his opinion. And what does he get in return? He gets a Charlie freaking Hebdo! Meaning: This is what we release on your country if you fail to abide by the NATO-discipline! Another parallel to the Norway-Stoltenberg-Breivik complex is that Hollande recently happened to mention recognition of a Palestinian state. Ring a bell? Terrorism is a useful instrument in turning mass opinion in a short time.

Now would a civilized state like Israel perform terrorism? How can anyone but the brainwashed dinosaur media and their most braindead readers doubt that? You need not study the forming of the State of Israel, the Zionist settlers, the behaviour towards their neighbours, their view on other people on the planet and their Holocaust in Gaza right now to see, that terror was in the very core of Israelian policy from the beginning til now. 

A whole series of terrorism events bear heavy fingerprints of Israeli Mossad. Israel's terrorbombing and false flag on USS Liberty during the 6-days War. Japan starting to critizise Israel and then: Fukushima! Israeli security company responsible for the Fukushima plant - as also the London Subways, as WTC. Israeli terror attack on Iranian nuclear facility with Stuxnet virus. Israeli terror attacks in Egypt (the Lavon affair), where the Israeli agents even were caught with bomb, that didn't blow off. Israeli terror in Argentina when Kristina Fernandes oppose Zionist bankers from Wall Street. Israeli terror against Syria - they let a dirty bomb go off outside Damascus! And Malaysia deeply insulted Israel by holding an independant tribunal i Kuala Lumpur convicting among others Israeli presidents as war criminals committing crimes against humanity! And what happened? Three airplanes from Air Malaysia fell out of the sky!

But Russia! Here one might claim, that EU and NATO is not the same, and that it was the EU which imposed trade sanctions against Russia, not NATO. But it will be just as mistaken as to claim that the Pentagon and the US government and thus American foreign policy are different sizes. Trade war and hot war are always a direct extension of each other. They ARE the same, though the ammunition is different. You can also turn it around and say that the EU has become a belligerent power, and that NATO leads foreign policy, whatever way you want. In a World where Everything is Upside Down, it makes it's own perverted kind of sense.

Did he really say that?
The latest developement, jan 11th - Hollande makes an interesting statement on television:
Those who have committed these actions, these terrorists, these illuminati, have nothing to do with Islam. (‘Ceuc qui ont commis ces actes, ces terroristes, ces illumines, ces fanatiques, n’ont rien a voir avec la religion Muslim’)
'Illumines' is the French word for the Italian word 'Illuminati'. This is hardly a coincidence, and probably the first time in a very long time, that a leader of a state uses that word. I believe, that the Founding Fathers of America knew it also. It is referring directly to the Jacobite subversive fanatics that were behind the French revolution. From Bavaria and England they had deep ties to the equally subversive Jesuits with their goal as the corruption and destruction of all nations and all governments. And how do they tie into later Zionism? Every Jesuit general of this militant cult, that's what it is, have been a socalled Crypto-Jew, descendants of Jews that were converted to Christianity in Spain at the time of the Jew and wannabe Knights Templar, Loyola. You will be very surprised to learn, how many of the (worst!) men and women in power have been raised by Jesuits. As the Jesuit, Cardinal Richelieu said: 'Give me the child at seven, and he is mine the rest of his life'.

The Jesuit cult is a Death Cult with its roots all the way back to Babylonian demonism, what we would call satanism today. And now we have a Jesuit pope with a dirty record from the Dirty War in Argentina. What dirty contributions does he have for the World yet? Note also, that one of the only countries, from where the Jesuits have been expelled is: Russia. Due to the Orthodox Church that knew, what these sleek servants - or rather infiltrators of the Vatican stood for.

The term Illuminati, that has become sort of a hollow clichée and much abused among concpiracy freaks, then does apply to these groups, that also count the Freemason groups from the Grand Orleans lodge, that was part of Britisk King Edward VII's network organized the arise of the First World War.
For in-depth see: Webster Griffin Tarpley

So we are never far from a Jewish fingerprint in any case. Remember, that a Jewish market was attacked in Paris. In Belgium a Jewish museum was attacked some years ago just before an election - strange how these event coincide with political events, where voters and opinions can be moved. Like the Merah incident. 

And what happened right after Paris? The psychopath, Netanyahu, showed up uninvited and forced his way to the front row among hypocratic European politicians posing in front of the cameras. His rhetorical claim is now, that France is an insecure place for Jews and that they should all migrate to Israel, making Aliya in Hebrew term. And how hypocritical isn't that, knowing how Israeli Jews, mostly Azkenazi Jews from Eastern Europe, have treated the Sephardic Jews? Most french Jews have a background from Northern Africa.

So why would Israel campaign to push mass emigration to Israel? Because they have a population problem. Israelis don't make enough children. Therefore there will not be enough young men and women to serve for the huge army, the country needs to bully their neighbours and to maintain the zionist-appartheit military state. And they don't have enough skilled craftsmen to fix their electricity and plumbings, aso. The new Sephardic emigrants may soon find out, that it is easier to start a pizza-shop than to make a career in elite-jobs in Israel. Apartheit is also internal among Jews, and they have always been second hand citizens.
  Years ago we saw a huge mass emigration of Jews from Russia and the Baltic, about 1 million. They were used to push the borders of Israel even further. And 'used' is the right word, because mr. Netanyahu don't give a shit about these people except for their usability to zionist policy. This Azkhanazi guy truly hates the Separdic Jews. Decades ago experiments were made with 100.000 Sephardic children in Israel to test their reactions to high doses of radiation! They were called the Ringworm Children, and they later, no surprise, developed cancer. Looking back in history, Jews have been mistreated the most by other Jews (the Big Jews versus the Small Jews). Eugenics has never been foreign to Jews, but as many other features with these people it was smeared onto the Nazis. We know for sure, that the Azkhenazi-Jewish Rockefeller-foundation financed eugenic experiments and policies from the early 20th century and on.

Some years ago there used to be about 500.000 Jews in France. Since then 100.000 have chosen to move either to USA or Israel. So how convenient is not a series of terror attacks on Jews (performed by people hired by Jews?). How convenient is not mass emigration from The Middle East and North Africa to France - an the whole of Europe - to create tensions and conflicts? Howe convenient is not th double purpose of Aliya-busting and destruction of European culture at the same time. We cannot underestimate the deep hatred Azkhenazi-Jews have for the countries that caused them so much trouble. Or the countries they caused so much trouble, depending on how you look at it (eg. the era of Jewish Bolsjevism).

Greece moves on
Several agendas seem to cross-over - back to the NATO-track. If Norway faltered in the nefarious alliance against Libya, followed the Netherlands, Denmark and all the others? Cannot have that. If France falters in the equally nefarious alliance against Russia, follow who? Cannot have that. Germany is in deep doubt with extensive trade relations with Russia. Several Eastern European countries are uncomfortable with it, but they just came into the EU and still have the advantage of it - as long as it lasts. Southern European countries have less and less reason to be loyal to the Union, for they have been robbed by the European Central Bank and the IMF.

Greece, for example, is on the way to an election in which they are almost on their way out. Almost, since this is just a newspaper-headline-misunderstanding. The Syriza party and Alexis Tsipras have actually not said that they will opt out of the EU, but give the EU severe resistance from the inside. The main application of the party is anti-austerity - austerity understood as masochistic self-chosen poverty because of indebtedness - an indebtedness, which is mostly criminal. The Greeks have messed up in the previous decade, but the real crime is not their messing up, but the IMF, the ECB and Goldman Sachs severely exploiting the situation. They were meant to and seduced to mess up. The withdrawal from the EU or the Euro-zone was a demagogic opinion of Angela Merkel, who twisted the message in that direction. It was more like a hidden threat that Greece be announced, if they decided to vote for the 'wrong' party. Germany and Deutsche Bank earn a lot of euro on the Greek indebtment.

Just to clarify: the Greeks screwed up. They let themselves be enchanted by the Greek oligarchs, the approximately 10 families that control Greece. It was the same families who inserted the fascist junta in the 60s-70s, who decades later let Goldman Sachs in to destroy the country's economy. Tsipras has promised - just as Putin did to the Russian oligarchs - to be tough in the clinch. No more free lunch, no more free broadcast licenses to the rich, anti-tax policy, no more gift rain to banks, a fight in the EU in the form of confrontation with austerity ghouls, Cameron and Merkel and demands for - at least - half of the grotesque usury debt, that was forced upon them.

When I paid the bill at a Greek restaurant recently, I casually asked the waiter about what happened with Greece after the upcoming election? First of all he was surprised that someone bothered to take an interest in his native country's and people's fate. He said he sincerely hoped that the election went to Syriza that there were 10 families who ruled the country, the EU could go to hell, and - with a twinkle in his eye - that people over 40 years should be denied the right to vote, and that there were some politicians and journalists who should be dumped in the harbor, although it probably would be counted for as pollution of the Mediterranean.

I commented - also with a twinkle in his eye - that he was a hard-hard man. I didn't disaggre, I only would modify the means a bit. He asked why there were no more people who thought like me? I knew exactly why he said that. He simply had met the pampered, uninformed Danes uttering: 'It is the lazy, corrupt Greek's own sake, and now they are into deserved trouble'. Charming. This is the Dane, who has seen so much television that his brain has become a 1920 x 1080 pixel full HD flat screen with remote control.
Danish TV brain
The French-Russian Connection
France recently sold two large Mistral warships to Russia, a kind of modern plane carrier warships, super-hi-tech of course. But the embargo against Russia has put the deal to a halt and the ships never came out of the yard. Not good for the French national budget, which is already not feeling well. Actually disastrous for the entire French shipbuilding industry. But in his interview Hollande says that Putin has assured him that he did not want to annex Ukraine and added, that sanctions should be lifted, if progress was made, that is. Unfortunately, we know that the Americans will do everything to prevent progress and escalate the conflict. Furthermore he quoted Putin for saying that Russia wants to have influence, so that Ukraine does not fall into the hands of NATO.

Those who have a historical memory in addition to a few years will know, how NATO has consistently broken all the promises that were given by the lifting of the Iron Curtain and has expanded its war territory with one, the second and the third country ever since. This while the Warshaw Pact has long since been abandoned. Why is the purpose of NATO then? Does anyone believe, that NATO is any longer what it calls itself: a defense alliance? Do we need to say that the fall of the Iron Curtain and formal termination the Cold War only meant further boost to America's megalomania, since they could now thought itself to be a uni-lateral power in a mono-polar power world.

So the US has now turned terrorist weapon against France - is the claim substantiated in the above. The media fail miserably - need we say of course? - to see the connections. In this as in all other cases of terrorism and political assassination we are served the story of the lonely madman who on his own bleeding hand and out of the thin blue one day happens to go crazy because he had a bad childhood, had been seduced by some evil mullahs, or due to an upset stomach. Or it is rotated so now we surely hate all Muslims and people with brown skin, who in turn surely must hate all people with white skin. After which we the next moment surely must love all Muslims and people with brown skin, not being touted as racists. After which ... Confused? You also will be in the next episode of S.O.A.P.

Americans know that they can anytime have a peaceful deal with the Russians. They just need to recognize that - and we can without blinking add, of course - there is a legitimate Russian sphere of influence in neighboring countries that are so close to Moscow / Kremlin, and that Russia is within its rights to protect itself, because Russia of course, can not live with actively hostile neighbors in the clutches of Aggression Pact, NATO. Even the old war mongerer, Henry Kissinger, tried to tell that to his country's administration.

An interesting twist in the tail is that the new NATO
General Secretary is the same Stoltenberg, who hesitated in Libya War and who's country, Norway, got a Breivik. We may even speculate to what extent he was aware of or even accomplices in Breivik affair. Or just ignorant on a higher level? An affair, which also landed in the media with the stereotype of the lonely madman with no connection to anything or anyone. As Ole Dammegaard, Danish-Swedish journalist (the man who solved the Olof Palme murder in 900 pages: Coup d'Etat In Slowmotion), author and tireless researcher describes in his comparative analysis of political assassinations and acts of terrorism: this is simply the template for these events. It's the same pattern, the same backstage actor, the same media spin, the same yield for same people, always-always. Never change a tactics when it works.

The Paris Attacks do fall in line with the main trend of politically motivated assassinations and terror events going back decades and centuries. You may want to check out this article by Ole Dammegaard on Veterans Today

called Unexpected links in the murders of JFK, John Lennon and Olof Palme. It is by the way very interesting, that especially among US war veterans you will find a growing awareness of the huge deception and abuse, that they themselves have been victims of.

Jan. 15th - five days in writing - there will be talks in Kazakhstan, where Putin will meet with NATO-IMF puppett Poroshenko, neo-fascist from the coup in Ukraine, where also Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande have announced their arrival. Hollande says, as mentioned, that the condition for his participation is the opportunity to make progress. Hollande has therefore on the one hand been told by Putin that it is actually possible to progress. While at the same time he got a Charlie, that tells him, that this kind of progress he may well forget about in a hurry.
Is that smoke coming out of your brain, Mr. Pornoshenko?

In Hollande hinterland, worm tongue Bernard Henri-Levy - say the name Levy and you may know both the personality and the Agenda - now demands that France again and on its own intervene in Libya. Now again! But Hollande would not do this as would the Sarkozy government. This must be properly understood. If Hollande wanted it, he would certainly not hesitate to do it. In his reign, France has intervened in Ivory Coast, Mali and in a number of the countries that form the Sahel / Sahara / Maghreb belt in North and West Africa. It is the old French colonial sphere and has now become French neo-colonial sphere. Libya under the Gaddafi guaranteed a great stability in the region, and therefore Gaddafi was removed with France as a major player, whereby the stability was destroyed. Imperialism can only thrive in a acidophilous of instability and chaos, and this indeed has arrived in Libya! It was almost convenient for Hollande that his political opponent did that piece of dirty work before him. This is how block-policy-post-democracy works. The other block is supposed to do the dirty work, that your block cannot have on its hands, but could not be without.

It is generally an idea among observers that the French have certain resources in the telescope in West Africa. Uranium, for example. Again comes to Africa to experience a wave of colonial raids, which they get nothing out of - except poverty, disease, neo-tribal wars. We know it, it has been going on for 150 years.

Prison education
The terror act in Paris has some similarities with the equally strange act that took place in Australia at the end of December 2014. One of Kouachi brothers in France was a member of 'La Filière Iraqienne', the Iraqi network. In 2003-05 he was one of those who had wanted to go to Damascus to fight the Americans. Later he went to prison. In Sydney, there was a jailed person who was out on leave during which he begins to shoot on people. Then arrives fluffy opinions from Australian politicians that 'Now we must look to find out why this wife killer was out on leave'. Which they of course never will by asking the police, that would have known all about, what this dangerous person was capable of.

There are certain patterns that recur. People who have been in prison, have always received some form of 'education'. It can be informal, so just to be trained as a criminal by other more hardened criminals. But it can also be highly organized. Guantanamo prisoners is an example. Several of these have apparently received instructions and have been recruited by their tormentors. When they are released, they will be lethal killing machines or terrorist leaders. And more important: they are terror-zombies fully controlled by their educators / principals. The alleged leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is one such. This practice is apparently not foreigh to the French. Merah as an example, and what about the Kouashi brothers?

If they are, what commentators expect, they are Westerners - here native Frenchmen who witnesses heard speaking perfect French - they were socalled radicalized, they have spent time in NATO's training camps in the Middle East, supposedly Yemen, they have done service in Iraq / Libya / Syria - or where there was need for them and money in the pocket - finally to be returned to their own country to practice domestic terror. And if they have been fighting in Syria, they may have used weapons that France has provided, which only makes it more grotesque! These radicalized types are really our day's mercenaries performing the dirty work that governments do not want to be held accountable for. In other words: from the beginning they were created for a dual purpose: to fight against the Empire's enemies abroad and intimidate the Empire's own people domestically.

By now, more than 600 terrorists have returned from their 'educational training' in Iraq an Syria to their European countries. How many of these will be ready to perform like in Paris? We also know, that more than 100 did not return lately, because they were executed by ISIL. Were they found to be improper for future services, or did they find out, for what cause and for whom they actually had served? We want sociopathic killers, not romantics.

If you are confused, it's probably not much consolation that you are not alone. But that's how it is, when you are not satisfied with 2D-reality on flat screens.

But right now:
Do not confuse intelligence operations with freedom of expression!
Like the types in the picture here, posing for CNN in Marseille:

Je-suis? Has this something to do with Jesus?
I certainly looks like religion to me.
Je Suis Langley
No Anglo-American war of conquest, no Charlie Hebdo massacre.
No CIA, no Militant Islam, no Al-Qaeda, no ISIS, no Charlie Hebdo massacre.
No 9/11, no “war on terrorism”, no ISIS deception, no Charlie Hebdo massacre.
No war against Russia, no Charlie Hebdo massacre.

Je Suis Charlie? No!

To the naïve ones who believe the lies and march on the streets carrying the signs, you are the victims, the gullible, the dupes, the pawns.

Tu es CIA.

Tu es NATO.fra 'Je suis CIA' fra
Strange the way - by the way - that all these banners and signs were ready and mass produced and spread faster than almost possible. Strange the way, that the magazine had raised its printed output to a quite unusual million copies. 
Someone knew something.

The cover- and clean-up
And as expected, a case like this rolls on. After a crime comes the cover-up. Certain people will have to be removed from the scene, if they make any wrong moves. Now a police chief in Limoges investigating the case has 'committed suicide'.

It's like there is a manual for writing pulp clichee criminal novels that prescribes certain ingrediences. 'Being suicided' is certainly one of them, and we would have been disappointed if it was missing. 

A parallel example:
The deaths of police officers, one of them being the chief officer, Hemant Karkare, during and right after the Mumbai terror attacks in november 2008. The massacre included 150 people, 20 foreigners, 14 police officers on 7 locations in Mumbai. The timing of the event was in a period of anti-American sentiments in both India and Pakistan, and the group that performed the attacks were closely linked to the US-sponsored and -trained al Qaeda network. Their methods had close resemblance with those of the NATO-affiliated Chechen terror groups, a part of NATO Operation Gladio 2.

The purpose of the the attack was the usual British devide-and-conquer going back to the days, where Britain lost its 'Crown Juvel', India as prime colony and in a, one might say, childish-destructive response orchestrated the division into India and Pakistan, where Muslims were being used as instruments for the creation of regional conflict. As they are today.

The police chief officer in Mumbai had to die in order to cover-up the informations he had. 
We may expect, that the police chief officer in Limoges was dealt with in the same manner. 

A good portion of the above information will be found here:
Webster Griffin Tarpley: Behind the Charlie Hebdo Massacre

* 'Sevens' story, linket up with the 7/7-bombningerne, Tony Blair's 9/11, is a remarkable in-depth story about the attrocities, that now are common in British society and its peculiar kind of corrupt lawlesness. Her story contains so many angles and perspectives apart from the 7/7-association, that it is impossible to fathom in a short version.
I urge you to go and check out, what this woman has to say. Appart from being one of the most couragious individuals, she has penetrated deep into the scumbaggery of British establishment and thus has become extremely dangerous to the scumbags.


Finally instead of linking up to a dirty video with dirty men doing dirty work for dirty powers, yet again confirming that both Western and Muslim culture are severely under attack by perverting forces, I would rather remind us about the profound beauty of these cultures being destroyed.
Go and clear you mind and listen to the ensemble 'Faran':
Deserts are for silence and beauty, not for mass murders

Det geopolitiske bordel

Dagens nyheder:
  • Fransk satirisk magasin publicerer en stak halvdårlige tegninger i stil med de lige så dårlige doodlerier publiceret i Jyllandsposten i 2005. 
  • Massakre i Paris. Tre mænd myrder 12 på gaden, deriblandt tegnerne på bladet og to politifolk. Nogle siger i alt 20 døde. 
  • Aktionen er professionelt udført af folk, der straks forbindes med muslimsk terror og sat i forbindelse med ISIS – hvilket sandsynligvis skal korrigeres til al Qaeda, da de snarere er trænet i Yemen – hvilket man ikke kan læse/høre i medierne.
    Om man kalder det, det ene eller det andet, er en smagssag. En fællesbetegnelse er: CIA-NATO-hyldevare.
I Vestens medier er al dybere sammenhæng uønsket og i realiteten forbudt!

Vi ser igen hele det sædvanlige centrifugale spin i medierne, politikere der ævler, journalistiske halvhjerner uden evne til at samlæse geopolitik med sensationelle events, historieløshed, løsrevne sound-bites, text-bites, info-bites fra en dement disinfo-kultur, barnagtigheder, overflade, kvarte sandheder i skøn forening med lodrette løgne, propaganda, mediefabrikationer, mangel på substans, 2D-virkelighed. Man kan være sikker på én ting: når samtlige medier i Vesten kører i selvsving over en bestemt historie i et bestemt gear, er der tale om velorganiseret og centralt koordineret mental manipulering. 

Din hjerne er udsat for et frontallap-angreb, så tag din hjelm på! 

Bemærk her, at begrebet efterretning snarere skal udtales afretning, tilretning eller henretning, da efterretninger for disse væsener blot er en indledende fase og et redskab til omstyrtelser, politiske mord, terroraktioner, statskup, manipulationer, tankekontrol, finansielle hitman-aktioner mod regeringer, krige, interventioner. Altså en kombination af bank-, mafia- og geo-politik.

Bemærk i øvrigt at i samme stund, der hyles op om ytringsfrihed, indføres der censur.

Muslimsk terror?
Men altså: én mand er pågrebet i Paris, to andre eftersøges. Der tales om muslimsk terrorhandling, fordi der udsiges muslimske / arabiske navne. Hvad foregår der?

Tilbage i 70'erne ser vi en kæde af geopolitisk terrorisme (udtrykket stammer fra Webster Griffin Tarpley, amerikansk professor, historiker, forfatter). Mordet på Aldo Moro, Bologna-bombardementet. Vi kender det som Operation Gladio. Vi ved også, at det var en NATO-operation og derfor også en Pentagon-operation. Vi ved endvidere, det sidenhen blev standarden for deep-politics eller militariseret geopolitik, og at det i dag er en fast del af programmet for at regere verden ved hjælp af terror.
For at få den brede historie, se:
Nato – historien om en terrororganisation

Formålet med disse Gladio-operationer var at opretholde blokkene, dengang Vest <> Øst, i dag … Vest <> Øst - intet nyt her. Da Sovjetmaskinen havde gjort sit beskidte arbejde med at smadre Tyskland, skulle den stoppes, så den ikke oversvømmede resten af Europa. Derfor disse 'stay-behind'-celler, der senere blev brugt til at myrde mennesker på spektakulær vis – civile, gerne tilfældige forbipasserende, kvinder, børn, nonner og gamle tanter var godt stof, så der kunne mobiliseres folkelig reaktion mod Ondskabens Imperium mod øst. Hvilket ikke var helt forkert, men Vestens befolkninger havde i mellemtiden glemt, hvordan deres egne statsledere havde – undskyld udtrykket – suttet pik på Josef Stalin, fordi han smadrede Tyskland og massemyrdede tyskere sammen med dem.

Gerningsstedet for en Gladio-operation
Aldo Moro blev myrdet, fordi han ville bringe kommunisterne i koalition med de kristne demokrater. Behøver vi at sige, at Pentagon og NATO også betyder CIA? Hvad kunne Aldo Moro's projekt have betydet? Det kunne faktisk have betydet meget for Verden. Måske endda en af-stalinificering af kommunismen, men det er nok en naiv tanke, da et sygt frø som grundregel aldrig kan blive til et sundt træ. I starten af 90'erne blev det oprindelige Gladio-netværk officielt indrømmet af den korrupte, mafiøse ex-præsident Paolo Andreotti. Når du søger på Gladio, Andreotti så skriv også P2-logen, den italienske deep-state-klub. Gladio var det udførende organ for denne CIA-infiltrerede tænke-loge af italienske rigmænd, politikere og andre folk med interesse i at vride armen om på deres land.

Geopolitisk terrorisme har fortsat ufortrødent siden, og man nøjedes ikke med togstationer. Man tænkte stort. Et nyligt eksempel er sønderbombningen af Libyen. Det blev udført af en koalition bestående af Frankrig, USA, England + diverse hang-outs inklusive lille-dumme-Danmark + en mindre gruppe af andre pikslikker-stater som Holland og Norge - med Israel og Saudiarabien som alfonserne i baglokalet. 
Dette er det store geopolitiske bordel og dets kunder

Men hvad skete der med Norge? De sagde: nu stopper vi! Vi kan ikke li' det her.
Og hvad skete der derefter med Norge? De fik en Breivik, og så ku' de sateme lære det!!

Sarkozy og hans Slangetunge
I Frankrig i 2012 var der en forgænger til den seneste terror-event. Da Sarkozy skulle genvælges, så vi en person ved navn Mohammed Merah angribe en jødisk skole og få en masse opmærksomhed på det. Han kørte rundt på en scooter og skød løs på folk. Han nåede at udføre tre angreb. Materialet om ham blev undertrykt af politiet – som Sarkozy-regeringen havde kontrol over på det tidspunkt. Helt efter bogen blev han skudt, før han kunne røbe noget om sine opdragsgivere.
Den filosofiske hofsnog

Sarkozys 'filosofiske' rådgiver hed – og hedder stadig i dag, hvor Sarkozy prøver et come-back: Bernard Henri-Levy – hans Grima Wormtongue, den zionistiske spindoktor, hi-society-playboy og såkaldte filosof, der hviskede ham i ørerne, at Frankrig skulle gå i front med at ødelægge Libyen. Det gjorde man så. Ordren var ankommet fra det israelske baglokale, fordi Gadaffi var en stor torn i øjet på Mellemøst-diktaturerne såvel som stormagterne. Saudiarabien bestilte den beskidte aktion og betalte for den med deres olie-trilliarder. Vi skal også huske at kalde ved hans fulde navn Nicolas Sarkozy Wisner. Hans stedfar med samme efternavn var CIA-agent. Og hvem kunne drage nytte af seneste terrorhandling? Bla Sarkozy, der liner op på sidelinien for at komme tilbage som præsident.

Mohammed Merah blev skudt, før han snakkede. Skal vi gætte på, at det samme vil ske med de eftersøgte Kouachi-brødre, som er linket til det seneste terrorangreb. Husk også, at Gadaffi blev myrdet, før han kunne tale. Det samme med Saddam Hussein. Det samme med bin Laden. Uanset om det er hi-level-patsies eller low-level-patsies eller om de, som Gadaffi, nægtede at være en patsy (en kæledreng – som Anders Fogh, say-no-more) blev de myrdet. Mahatma Gandhi blev myrdet. Martin Luther King blev myrdet. JFK blev myrdet. Bob Marley, John Lennon, Benazir Bhutto … OG især, ganske især: de patsies, der myrdede dem, så de ikke kunne fortælle, hvem der bestilte deres beskidte arbejde ['pat-zi: prostituerede i det Geopolitiske Bordel, der udfører deres særlige form for blow-jobs for kunderne]. Vi ser bunkevis af mord og 'forsvindinger' efter Palmemordet, efter Estonia-sænkningen, efter 9/11, efter Oklahoma-bomningen, efter … Skulle vi lave komplette lister, ville det fylde sider og atter sider. Der blev myrdet 20 vigtige statsledere som optakt til 1. Verdenskrig for at sikre, at krigen blev mulig, fordi de enten var potentielle modstandere af krigen eller modstandere af det Britiske Imperium. Breivik behøvede de ikke at myrde, for han er i livslang forvaring og kommer aldrig til at udtale sig til nogen. 

Dømt som fortjent.
Men hvem blev ikke dømt som fortjent?
Merah var agent for den franske efterretningsvæsen / afretningsvæsen / henretningsvæsen, for hele affæren lugter af patsy-dirty-work. Han var hyret af indenrigsminister Claude Guéant og Bernard Squarciny, chef for DFT, senere DCRI, det franske efterretningsvæsen, de franske sidestykker til FBI og CIA. De var hans handlere. Han var altså en ny fransk pendant til Lee Harvey Oswald. Han havde intet at gøre med planlægningen af mordene, og han blev aflivet, før han kunne fortælle om, hvem der havde givet ordren, som han udførte. Dette er et klassisk script for en efterretningsoperation og efterfølgende cover-up. Man kan egentlig undre sig over, at disse patsies aldrig læser bøger. Så kunne de læse om, hvad der kommer til at ske med dem kort tid efter, at de har udført deres lejemord. De kan altså ikke være de skarpeste knive i skuffen. Men det betyder blot, at de er udvalgt, fordi de aldrig læser bøger men blot gør, hvad er bliver sagt.

Den hule ytringsfrihed
Der råbes op om ytringsfrihed i øjeblikket. Fx. havde SONY Pictures lov til at ytre sig frit om et mord på den nordkoreanske præsident med en slet skjult opfordring til at nogen rent faktisk gjorde det. Hvorfor SONY? Fordi firmaet er tæt klistret op af den amerikanske paramilitære organisation eller tænke-spin-tank, the Rand Corporation. De ligger begge i Santa Monica, Californien, og Amy Pascal har siddet i bestyrelsen af Rand, nu er hun direktør for SONY Pictures. Hendes far var ansat i Rand's økonomiafdeling hele sit liv. Da de lavede den her betændte film, The Interview, havde man fat i en person ved navn Bruce Bennett fra Rand, hvis speciale tilfældigvis var omstyrtelse af det nordkoreanske regime, og i hans scenarie kan det kun gøres ved at 'fjerne' deres øverste leder.

Når en agenda fra en sådan organisation vælter ud i hovedet på filmpublikum, oven i købet med det mega-hype, der har været omkring filmen, så er det en alvorlig sag. Man jubler og råber op om, at nu har sandheden sejret og ytringsfriheden ligeså, mens man i virkeligheden sælger en hemmelig efterretnings-operation. Især de venstreorienterede med hjernen fuld af kartoffelmos kan ikke få nok af alt den slags, så længe det fremstår som politisk korrekt.

Så er der Charlie Hebdo, det franske magasin, hvis tradition går tilbage til fx Voltaire, og som sætter sig selv op som frihedens, sandhedens og den frie, kritiske tales organ. Magasinet har sine rødder i 60'erne og var en del af et anti-de Gaule-apparat. Denne legendariske præsident var en særlig hovedpine for briterne og amerikanerne, for han nægtede som nationalist at føje dem, som de forventede. Hvorvidt de havde fingrene med i oprettelsen af magasinet dengang er uvist men meget tænkeligt.

Fænomenet Muhammed-tegninger var heller ingen tilfældighed. Denne tanke blev udkastet og introduceret ved Bilderberger-gruppens møde i Rotach ved München i sommeren 2005. Tilstede var en dansk avisredaktør og en statsminister. Kort efter ser vi provokationen blive sat i vandet under højlydt afsyngning af hymnen 'O, hellige ytringsfrihed'. Formålet med provokationen var at rekruttere Europa i den krig, som Dick Cheney og neo-con slænget havde planlagt mod Iran. Her kan I se, hvor fjendtlige muslimerne er mod den vestlige verden, så nu må vi i krig igen!

Politisk satire kan være morsomt. Det kunne Voltaire også være. Dette er blot noget andet, end hvad vi ser på overfladen. Der findes dog en gruppe kaldet Voltaire-netværket ledet af Thierry Maison. Han kender Frankrig særdeles godt og udtaler, at når man laver et stunt som dette i et land med en så stor muslimsk minoritet, så er det for at skabe seriøs ballade. Der masser af indvandrere fra Marokko, Tunesien og især Algeriet, og især de sidste eller deres familier har oplevet særdeles ubehagelige ting under det franske kolonistyre. Det kan næsten kun opfattes, ifølge Maison, som et forsøg på at starte en borgerkrig i Frankrig.

Her kommer så de geopolitiske implikationer ind i feltet. Der foregår hele tiden en disciplinering af NATO-alliancen. Vi så det, da Norge sagde, at de ikke ville bombe Libyen længere, og at de ville anerkende en palæstinensisk stat – så fik de Breivik, der sammen med en bevidnet men aldrig identificeret anden mand (hans 'handler'?) skød løs på socialdemokraternes / regeringsledernes børn på ferielejr. Budskabet er voldsomt tydeligt, skulle man mene. Medierne talte selvfølgelig fuldstændig udenom.

Men hvad har Frankrig gjort forkert i forhold til NATO? Det burde egentlig heller ikke være svært for en begavet journalistisk kommentator at komme op med. Men enten står det småt til med begavelserne i Vesten, eller også er de hunderædde for at miste hovedet – i overført betydning eller rent bogstaveligt. Mordet på Michael Hastings har vist, at man ikke går af vejen for at henrette journalister, lige som man for tiden har travlt med at myrde løs på bankfolk, der er kommet for tæt på visse af de de 'sorte' banktransaktioner, der er linket tæt op med CIA og deres post-WW2 shadow banking system.

Præsident Hollande, der normalt er en nikkedukke overfor amerikansk dominanspolitik og gladelig stiller franske soldater til rådighed for eksempelvis den amerikanske AfriCom-operation, udtalte for nylig i et interview, at det nu var på tide at stoppe disse ulidelige sanktioner mod Rusland. På det seneste har han været upopulær i Frankrig ved ikke at føre socialistisk politik, så han har måske har besluttet sig til at prøve noget i den stil. Eller også er han bare blevet påmindet af sit administrationsapparat, at Frankrig rent faktisk har en tradition for at være uafhængig, og at man kan sige NEJ. For nylig havde han en møde med Vladimir Putin i Charles de Gaule Airport, et slags fly-by-møde, hvor vi selvfølgelig ikke ved, hvad der blev talt om. Men en uge efter kommer han ud med sin udtalelse. Og hvad får han så i hovedet: han får en Charlie Hebdo! Altså: Dette er, hvad vi lukker løs i dit land, hvis du ikke indordner dig under NATO-disciplinen! Endnu en parallel til Norge-Stoltenberg-Breivik er, at de kom for skade at nævne anerkendelse af en palæstinensisk stat.

Her kunne man måske sige hov-stop! EU og NATO er ikke det samme, og det var EU, der indførte handelssanktioner mod Rusland og ikke NATO. Men det vil være lige så stor en misforståelse som at påstå, at Pentagon og den amerikanske regering og dermed amerikansk udenrigspolitik er vidt forskellige størrelser. Handelskrig og varm krig ligger altid i direkte forlængelse af hinanden. De ER det samme, selvom ammunitionen er forskellig. Vi kan også vende det om og sige, at EU er blevet en krigsførende magt, og at NATO fører udenrigspolitik.

Grækenland rykker på sig
Hvis Norge vaklede i den forbryderiske alliance mod Libyen, fulgte Holland, Danmark og alle de andre så med? Hvis Frankrig vakler i den ligeså forbryderiske alliance mod Rusland, hvem følger så efter? Tyskland er i dyb tvivl. Adskillige østeuropæiske lande har det skidt med det, men er lige kommet ind i EU og har stadig fordel af det - så længe det varer. De sydeuropæiske lande har mindre og mindre grund til at være loyale mod EU, for de er blevet udplyndret af den europæiske centralbank og IMF. Grækenland fx er på vej til et valg, hvor de nærmest er på vej ud - hvilket er lidt en avis-overskrift-misforståelse, da Syriza-partiet og Alexis Tsipras ikke har sagt, at de vil melde sig ud af EU, men give EU modstand indefra. Deres hovedprogram er anti-hestekur, hestekur set som sado-masochistisk påtvunget-selvvalgt fattigdom på grund af forgældelse - en forgældelse, der i forvejen er kriminel. Grækerne har dummet sig i det foregående årti, men den egentlige forbrydelse er ikke deres dumhed, den består i, at IMF, ECB og Goldman Sachs groft har udnyttet situationen. 'Udmeldelsen' af EU eller Euro-zonen var en demagogisk udtalelse fra Angela Merkel, der fik budskabet drejet i den retning. Det var en skjult trussel om, at Grækenland 'blev udmeldt', hvis de skulle finde på at stemme på det 'forkerte' parti.

Lige for at uddybe: grækerne dummede sig. De lod sig besnære af de græske oligarker, de ca. 10 familier, der styrer Grækenland. Det var de samme familier, der indsatte en fascistisk junta i 60'erne-70'erne, som årtier senere lukkede Goldman Sachs ind, så de kunne ødelægge landets økonomi. Tsipras har lovet - på samme måde som Putin gjorde i forhold til de russiske oligarker - at være hård i filten. Ikke mere tag-selv bord, ikke flere gratis broadcast-licenser til de rige, anti-beskatningspolitik, ikke mere gaveregn til bankerne, kamp til stregen i EU i form af konfrontation med hestekurs-fyrsterne Cameron og Merkel og forlangende om - som minimum - halvering af den groteske ågerkarle-gæld, man har fået smidt i hovedet.

Da jeg betalte regningen på en græsk restaurant for nylig, spurgte jeg henkastet tjeneren om, hvad det skete med Grækenland efter det kommende valg? Han blev for det første stjerneglad over, at nogen gad at interessere sig for hans fødelands og folks skæbne. Han sagde, at han inderligt håbede på, at valget gik til Syriza, at der var 10 familier, der styrede landet, at EU kunne gå ad helvede til, og - med et glimt i øjet - at folk over 40 år skulle nægtes stemmeret, og at der var en del politikere og journalister der burde dumpes i havnen, selvom det nok ville bliver regnet for forurening af Middelhavet.

Jeg kommenterede - også med et glimt i øjet - at han nok var en hård mand. Han spurgte, hvorfor der ikke var flere der tænkte ligesom mig? Well, jeg er ganske klar over, hvorfor han sagde det. Han har simpelthen mødt den forkælede, uinformerede dansker, der fyrer den af med: 'Det er de dovne, korrupte grækeres egen skyld, og nu sidder de i fedtefadet'. Danskeren, der har set så meget fjernsyn, at hans hjerne er blevet til en 1920 x 1080 pixler fuld HD fladskærm med remote control.


The French-Russian Connection
Frankrig solgte for nylig to store krigsskibe til Rusland, en slags moderne hangar-krigsskibe, super-hi-tech selvfølgelig. Men de påtvungne sanktioner satte handlen i stå, og de kom aldrig ud af værftet. Ikke godt for det franske nationalbudget, der i forvejen ikke har det godt. Faktisk katastrofalt for hele den franske skibsindustri. Men i sit interview udtaler Hollande, at Putin har forsikret ham om, at han ikke ønsker at annektere Ukraine, og at sanktionerne bør løftes, hvis der sker fremskridt. Desværre ved vi så, at amerikanerne vil gøre alt for at forhindre fremskridt og optrappe konflikten. Endvidere citeres Putin for at sige, at Rusland ønsker at have indflydelse, så Ukraine ikke falder i hænderne på NATO. 

De, der har en historisk hukommelse udover et par år, vil vide, at NATO konsekvent har brudt alle de løfter, der blev givet ved jerntæppets fald og har udvidet sit krigsterritorium med det ene, det andet og det tredje land sidenhen. Det gjorde de, mens Warshawa-pagten for længst var nedlagt. Hvorfor blev NATO ikke blev nedlagt ved samme lejlighed? Behøver vi her at sige, at murens fald og den kolde krigs formelle ophør blot betød yderligere boost til USA's storhedsvanvid, for nu kunne de være en uni-lateral stormagt i en mono-pol magtverden.

Nu har USA så vendt terrorvåbnet mod Frankrig - er den påstand, som bliver underbygget i det ovenstående. Medierne fejler totalt i at se sammenhængene. I denne som i alle andre terrorsager og politiske likvideringer bliver det til fortællingen om den ensomme galning, der på helt egen hånd og ud af den blå luft en tilfældig dag finder på at gå amok, fordi han havde en dårlig barndom, var blevet besnakket af nogle onde mullaher, eller led af dårlig mave. Eller det bliver drejet til at nu skal vi for alvor til at hade samtlige muslimer og folk med brun hud, som på deres side skal til at hade samtlige folk med hvid hud. Hvorefter vi i næste øjeblik på korrekt vis skal elske samtlige muslimer og folk med brun hud, for ikke at blive udråbt som racister. Er der nogen, der er forvirrede? Så er det nok derfor.

Amerikanerne ved godt, at de til enhver tid kan få en fredelig deal med russerne. De skal blot anerkende, at der - og vi kan uden at blinke tilføje selvfølgelig - er en legitim russisk indflydelsessfære i nabolande, der er så tæt på Moskva/Kreml, og at de er i deres fulde ret til at beskytte sig selv, fordi Rusland selvfølgelig ikke kan leve med aktivt fjendtlige nabostater i kløerne på angrebspagten NATO.

En interessant krølle på halen er, at den nye NATO-generalsekretær er den samme Stoltenberg, der tøvede i Libyenkrigen, og hvis land fik en Breivik. Det kan få os til at spørge, i hvilken grad han selv var vidende og medvirkende i Breivik-affæren - der også blevet landet i medierne som stereotypen den ensomme galning uden forbindelse til noget og nogen som helst. Som Ole Dammegaard, journalist og forfatter og utrættelig researcher beskriver i sine sammenlignende analyser af politiske mord og terrorhandlinger: dette er simpelthen 'the template', skabelonen for disse events. Det er det samme mønster, de samme mennesker, det samme mediespin, det samme udbytte efterfølgende, altid-altid. Man forandrer aldrig en taktik, når den virker.

D. 15 januar - om fem dage i skrivende stund - skal der være samtaler i Kazakhstan, hvor Putin skal mødes med NATO-IMF dukken Poroshenko, neo-fascisten fra statskuppet i Ukraine, hvor også Angela Merkel og Francois Hollande har meldt deres ankomst. Hollande siger, at betingelsen for hans deltagelse er muligheden for at gøre fremskridt. Hollande har altså på den ene side  fået at vide af Putin, at der rent faktisk er mulighed for fremskridt. Samtidig med, at han har fået en Charlie, der fortæller ham, at den slags fremskridt kan han godt glemme alt om i en fart.

Er det røg, der kommer ud af ørerne på Mr. Pornoshenko?
Eller er det aben i baggrunden, der har smidt bokserhandskerne og fyret et kanonslag?
I Hollandes bagland forlanger slangetungen Bernard Henri-Levy - sig navnet Levy og du kender både typen og agendaen - at Frankrig igen og på egen hånd skal intervenere i Libyen. Nu igen! Men det ønsker Hollande ikke. Det ønskede man dengang i Sarkozy-regeringen. Dette skal forstås ret. Hvis Hollande ønskede det, ville han bestemt ikke tøve med at gøre det. I hans regeringstid har Frankrig interveneret i Elfenbenskysten, i Mali og i en række af de lande, der danner Sahel/Sahara/Maghreb-bæltet i Nord- og Vestafrika. Det er gammelt fransk kolonisfære og er nu blevet fransk neo-kolonisfære. Libyen garanterede under Gadaffi en stor stabilitet i området, og derfor blev han fjernet med Frankrig som hovedaktør, hvorved denne stabilitet blev smadret. Imperialisme kan kun trives på en surbund af ustabilitet og kaos, og det må man sige, har indfundet sig i Libyen. Det var nærmest bekvemt for Hollande, at hans politiske modstander gjorde dét stykke beskidte arbejde før ham.

Det er generelt en ide blandt observatører om, at franskmændene har bestemte ressourcer i kikkerten i Vestafrika. Uran fx. igen kommer Afrika til at opleve en bølge af koloniale plyndringstogter, som de selv intet får ud af, bortset fra fattigdom, sygdom, neo-stammekrige. Vi kender det, det har stået på i 150 år.

Terrorhandligen i Paris har visse ligheder med den ligeså besynderlige aktion, der foregik i Australien for et par uger i slutningen af december 2014. Den ene af Kouachi-brødrene i Frankrig var medlem af 'La Filière Iraqienne', det irakiske netværk. I 2003-05 var han en af dem, der havde ønsket at tage til Damaskus for at bekæmpe amerikanerne. Senere kom han i fængsel. I Sydney var der også tale om en fængslet person, der var ude på orlov, hvorunder han begynder at skyde løs. Her kommer der bøvede udtalelser fra australske politikere om, at 'nu må vi se at finde ud af, hvorfor denne hustrumorder var ude på orlov'.

Der er visse mønstre, der går igen. Folk, der har været i fængsel, har altid modtaget en eller anden form for 'uddannelse'. Den kan være uformel, så de blot bliver udlært som kriminel af andre kriminelle. Men den kan også være særdeles organiseret. Guantanamo-fanger er et eksempel. Flere af disse har tilsyneladende modtaget instrukser og er blevet rekrutteret af deres bødler. Når de bliver sluppet ud, er det livsfarlige dræbermaskiner eller terror-ledere. De er terror-zombies fuldt kontrolleret af deres opdragere / opdragsgivere. Den formodede leder af ISIS er en sådan. Franskmændene står åbenbart ikke tilbage for den slags, Merah var et eksempel, hvad med Kouashi-brødrene?

Hvis de er, hvad kommentatorer regner med, så er de vesterlændinge - her indfødte franskmænd, der af vidner blev hørt tale perfekt fransk - radikaliseret, sendt til NATO's træningslejre i Mellemøsten, efter udført tjeneste i Irak/Libyen/ Syrien - eller hvor der var brug for dem og penge i lortet - vendte hjem for at udøve domestikal terror. Og hvis de har kæmpet i Syrien, så er det groteske, at de har skudt med våben, som Frankrig har forsynet dem med! Disse radikaliserede typer, som egentlig ikke er andet end vor tids lejesoldater til udførelse af beskidt arbejde, som regeringer ikke ønsker at stå til ansvar for, har altså fra starten et dobbelt formål: at bekæmpe Imperiets fjender udenlands og intimidere Imperiets egen befolkninger indenlands.

Hvis du er forvirret, så er det sikkert kun en ringe trøst, at du ikke er alene. Sådan er det, når du ikke er tilfreds med 2D-virkelighed på fladskærme.
Og for hermed at afrunde en lang og ufuldendt historie. Lad være med at forveksle efterretnings-operationer med ytringsfrihed, ligesom typerne på billedet her, der poserer for CNN:

Har det noget med Jesus at gøre?
Nå OK, men så har det i hvert fald noget med religion at gøre ...


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