Death of Democracy - and a New Year rocket

by morton_h, the blogger

Democracy, as we believe we know it, has failed. We still talk about it as if it exists. It no longer exists. There is something else. This something resembles that which existed without being that, which was.

There has been a devaluation of democratic thought and democratic institutions, so this thought no longer have the people in mind, and these institutions no longer protect the people.

There has emerged a new speak variation of the concept democracy through a slowly transformation, a global coup d'etat in slow motion, so that the concept no longer means 'the people governs', but 'the governing of people'.

There is a collective mental illness in which people in a state of apathy approves incompetent, ignorant, narrow-minded and in some way corrupt leaders make decisions that are in destructive conflict with people's fundamental interests.

There has been built up a state of neo-feudalism post-democracy, corpotokrati, oligarchy, plutocracy, bureaucracy, technocracy. This 'cracy' presents itself as being demo-cracy, while essential decisions are made at a level that evades democratic control.

Democracy has come to be to a sinister game, a tragedy, a farce, a travesty. It calls itself 'representative', but does not say who and what it represents. Either it does not know who and what it represents, or has given up trying to represent anything other than the representatives themselves.

To the extent that democracy still exists, it is in the sense of 'tyranny of the majority'. But the tyrant, who previously was a visible figure or a visible regime, has now embedded itself in the individual and the group, which then tyrannizes itselves and each other through through various measures of guilt, fear, shame called political correctness.

Picture taken with the camera in Christiansborg basement a few seconds before the camera was zapped.
In the historical dungeons of Danish parliament, Christiansborg, this fellow was filmet by CCTV seconds before the camera was zapped. [picture: morton_h]

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While this decline has taken place something else is starting to occur. We can not call it democracy as the word is devalued and polluted. This something is in the process of realizing what the democratic idea apparently was about, but forgot about over time.

Apparently, the democratic thought / idea was not initially so well forged as it has been claimed. The idea originated in the ancient city-state at the same time as the oligarchy, the control by the capable of the incapable - or simply: dictatorship. Democracy and oligarchy is from the beginning one yard out of the same piece, and together form a bi-polar synthesis. It was very early demo-garchy and oli-cracy. After a vaste time with Empire / Monarchy and feudalism the idea of democracy resurrected, but this could no longer escape a half millennium of cultural habit formation. People had too long been the shepherd's sheep. Self governance had been forgotten and a sovereign person could only be a nobleman - the term 'noble' not referring to human moral quality but to wealth, power and ability to deprive others of the same.

Representative democracy only works fairly decently, if people keep a close eye on what the representatives do with their powers - and then do not hesitate to hold them accountable. This does not happen. There is hesitation, people politily and well educated wait until the next release of powers, and the damage is done. Then a new team of representatives promises to repair the damage done by treating the symptoms, after which a number of side effects = new and worse damage occurs.

The process has over a couple of hundred years created a complex, opaque and dysfunctional society. Democracy is one long chain of regrets, one repetitive swinging back-and-forth between the one and the other state of imbalance. Citizens - also called 'voters' - have slowly but surely sunk into a state of apathy, a frustrated giving up. Without understanding what has happened, they have allowed all basic and traditional well-proven values to transform into nihilism = worthlessness.

There are two ways to commit atrocities on the mind: rape and seduction. Oligarchy today is resident in all democratic institutions and brought into being by a mixture of these two assaults. Democarchy / olicracy can not exist without mentally raped or seduced citizens who are caught in a fight for survival or a state of material enjoyment, where they are fairly equipped, fairly entertained and fairly distracted. Only fairly so-and-so, never really fulfilled. Either pain or Valium.

Demogachy is a state of controlled imbalance like when the pharmaceutical industry and its partners mass produce physical and mental imbalance to keep their machine going. Like when banking mass produce economic imbalances, which are all tied up in an eternal debt - to keep their machine going. They call it many things, Psychology of Scarcity, Strategy of Tension, ..

Demogarchy is parasitic on its own citizens and just like with a sick human body it takes the cells to supply the fuel, so the parasite can survive. As cells we have adapted to the imbalance and now crying out loud, if the imbalance is imbalanced. We are the cells that maintain the parasite / the fungal infection / the inflammation.

Cultural healing and attention
Al healing starts with that one begins to listen to your body / human society signals and give it attention. This alert may in some cases be sufficient to initiate a cure.

Within a particular school of healing happens outbreak of disease synonymous with the launch of healing. According to German New Medicine (Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer) a cancer is the stage of the disease where the body's own cure long since have started. In other words, conventional medicine actually begin to fight cure. This explains the very low degree of cure of cancer, in spite of the staggering amounts applied on scientific research. It should be mentioned that the equally staggering amount earned on the extent of cancer among the people especially in the West seem to a main reason, why this research has never been scant interested in investigating the possibility, that its very basic paragraph could be wrong. It is a disease industry, and the scientific paradigm supports this industry.

Democracy bears a strong similarity to these kinds of industries.

We could talk far more about the healing of human culture. We should not be slow to admit that, having written extensively on the sicknesses of the same overall culture. For it is a sick culture, we try to diagnose. To use a term from medical diagnostics, then there a high degree of
co-morbidity can be observed, meaning not just one disease condition, but many at once, shaping an interwoven and interconnected jumble of diseases. Diseases in the sense of states of imbalance, forced, unnecessary and unnatural conditions. What about the following diagnosis: Cultural multi-auto-immune-deficiency syndrome. Such a 'diagnosis' - please understand the analogy - includes the breeding ground for imbalance / disease, which is our own weakened and often total lack of defense against socio-cultural and mental-ideological attacks.
[picture: morton_h]

Let us dwell a little longer in analogies food and health.

  • Humanity, it seems, needs to undergo a cultural cleansing program, a cultural diet and strengthening the cultural immune system.

    It has to be done on both collective and personal level.
    We must clean out the unhealthy ways to think, react and act.
  • We have the choice, it seems, whether we want to invest energy in really thinking of the implications this has for our lives and actions - OR simply reacting like children and hunted animals (with all due respect to children and animals).

    Reactionary behaviour (non-thinking) has profound implications in the wrong direction for future opportunities to live a dignified human life.

    We must teach ourselves to be critical and selective in relation to the information and influences that we absorb into the mental digestive system.
  • We have the choice, it seems, to eat the crap being served - OR come up with a better menu based on quality material and honest information.

    We must build a defense against the mental-polluting agendas and manipulative mind-control systems currently crashing over us.
    We have the choice, it seems, to be a ball helplessly kicked around by booted feet on nameless bodies without face - OR even to take the shoes on and start kicking. It is better to be left back than being a stupid leather ball with mud.
  • We have the choice, it seems, to hear series of odd sentence constructions coming out of our mouths that we never have formulated ourselves, whose origins we have no clue on, and whose main message can be abbreviated to 'I think it's okay to destroy my own life and the lives of others" (..did I say that? - yes, that you actually have!) - OR take responsibility for their own opinions by doing some homework before we give our opinion.

It all starts with the attention. Only when we become aware that something is completely wrong, we can move on. I would argue that this is about to happen. I have often argued that Scandinavia is the last place, a change is going to happen as it is targetted to be a laboratory for a new variation of soft totalitarianism based on political correctness, a Culture Marxist incubator. Sweden is currently the most advanced in this bizarre process.

Scandinavians, particularly Danes see themselves as liberal, we have the welfare state, we have social security, we have social-democratism. We also have our own form of misery and new-poverty. It just looks nicer on paper and in the picture, when in turn, is the quite boring and unattractive. We meet it at the social offices, in the suburbs, on the benches in the parks, in front of supermarkets, at train stations. It hides in the fringe Denmark in dilapidated country houses. It is riddled with abuse of children, women and men - and various kinds of dope. One could argue that it is a byproduct of the welfare state, and its interference in everything as a nanny. Impoverishment is not clear as elsewhere in the world, for it is painted over with lots of good will. But it is there, and it goes hand-in-hand with a special Danish form of mental-spiritual impoverishment. It is no coincidence that it is a Dane who has invented flap hat.
The Dane that invented the flap hat. [image: morton_h]

The contrasts are smoothed in this liver paste, grey, flat country. It's not from here, we should expect the light in the global darkness, for welfare people are really good at exercising self-censorship. It is the couch voter country. If you thought safe on the concept couch voting, you might think twice. What if this type of voting creates citizens, who believe that democracy consists in putting his greasy cross on a piece of paper every four years and then sink into the couch, turn on the television - the main source of disinformation - and stare at how the politician class in the country manages the greasy cross on the paper? Here the couch voter may also see and hear why the politicians class believe, that tax dollars should be used to engage in aggressive acts of war in areas of the world where there is no welfare systems, flap hats and other high cultural products.

Lack of education
Which brings us to another democratic problem: stupidity. Or rather lack of education. Democracy is supposed to mean equal influence to every person. But how can the influence be equal when most people don't have the faintest idea of why they are voting, who they are voting for, what they can expect of those that are elected in terms of representing them? When people cannot grasp neither the complexity or even worse: the scary simplicity hiding behind artificial complexity - and even worse stil: when their representatives can't explain the simplicity for them because they themselves are caught up in the spiderweb of not-understood complexity, how can we even begin to talk about equality in influenze? 


When you realize this, it makes you really suspicious of schooling systems and institution AND the product of those. No school that sucks can produce growing up people that will fulfill a democracy. It is probably among the main reasons, why democracy has been killed. Someone did it, but we let it happen! It didn't just happen by nature or by itself.

Democracy has become a voyeur-democracy. We should not overall demonize politicians as people, for some of them are annoyed indeed, that the people are so apathetic and indifferent. What they do not see is that they take part in a theatre play, where they stand on stage and people sitting in the hall - or fail to appear at the show. They play the role night after night, they feed into it, they even feel for it. But there is a screenwriter who has devised the lines, and there is an instructor who has taught them to recite them. They may think of the show in the now as theirs, but it is never they who own it.

The show is called
representative democracy, but the players no longer know who they represent. It is no longer their constituents. If they have time and want to know who they are genuinely represent, they should walk over to the other side of the street, where there is a bank and a local headquarters for a multinational cartel.

This 'something else' is under the radar, elsewhere in Europe and elsewhere in the world. It happens across countries and outside the institutions. It is done in groups, movements, networks, and in individuals. Producing transnational networks right now outside Europe and the US. It may remind us of something we already know, but the difference is that they play against the West and its democracies. They know that we in the West have long since developed post-democratic methods, where politician can avoid having to ask the people whether, for example is a good idea:

  • decomposing bomb x-number of countries outside the West, because management has listened to a great power that calls them 'naughty'
  • that international cartels now can sue a country to make them stand in the way if its governemt should make demands on the environment, payment of taxes, submission of accounts and compliance with national rules
  • to pay out billions taxpayers money to banks that have played illegal derivative casino games with their customer money
  • to change the Information Act so that citizens no longer have access to the basis of politicians' decisions
  • to the prior state-owned energy company sold in bits to one of the world's largest financial criminal cartels
  • that it is appropriate for the EU to take control of the country's regulatory system and dictate tons of new absurd regulations at will
  • screwing further up the taxation and now implementing austerity measures so that the multinational cartels can continually evade paying taxes in the country

Should anyone find it reasonalble to protest over one or more of the above grotesque entirety, they will either get the message that they have two possibilities: put their greasy cross on the paper, next time it is handed out, or go into politics and be corrupted themselves, since they dare complain - it's called democracy. Or you will meet a wronged flapping of eye lids and a bimbo-face, 'Oh, you must of course understand that it is for your own sake !?' It could also be the following variant, which was heard during the sale of Danish DONG Energy (former national Danish company) to the financial mafia cartel Goldman Sachs: 'There is no need to answer the question on such difficult, since people have no insight in those matters anyway' (excuse me, that's why you are being asked!).

Goldman sucks too! [billede: Avoe]

  • In Western pseudo-democracies the people are being 'parked' while management makes decisions about ... not to make decisions but to sign a confidential memo.
  • In the West relate the Media is no longer making an honest living by revealing the bad game in the corridors of power and pursuing an action with tirelessly homework. They are advertising agencies and entertainment factories.
  • In the West most citizens think of the media the infallible institutions. If something has been on television, it is real. Otherwise, it is actually non-existing. In The Soviet everyone knew that Pravda and other state propaganda media was lying to their teeth. Their downtrodden citizens in other words were more enlightened about reality than the West's citizens today. But we have democracy and so called free press!
  • In the West, almost all written and electronic media are purchased by a very small group of men who anytime can drop a consistent flood of dis-information against certain initiatives outside the West deemed contesting. Should any of these media still call themselves state controlled, it will not make much difference, since the State also is bought, and the very few but very large news agencies supplying all media with newsworthy are all owned by the small group of men.
  • In the West, we suggest that there is freedom of research, but if a researcher were to find to make research results that was not on the order-and-pay list, they may have to look for a job as ... taxi driver.
  • In the West talks all the time about 'free trade' and 'free movement' for those who commit this 'free' trade. In effect, this newspeak means freedom for the cartels to set the one set of rules for others and another for themselves. Standard is good, but ...
  • In the West we like to sign international conventions to which we then do not have to abide by. Some countries in the West no longer believe, that they have to abide by their own constitutions.
  • In the West a lot is spoken about terror, terrorism and terrorists. Outside the West people in some decades have been wondering, how Western citizens can be so stupid that they have not discovered that a couple of Western governments together a few corrupt regimes in the Middle East finances, organizes, trains and hires terrorists with one hand - then for a while benefiting from the consequences of terror acts - while with the other hand gesturing in assumed wild panic about these horrible types and whines that it must indeed do something, and launch of another 'humanitarian intervention'. It is also called 'security policy'.
  • In the West we see, however, prefer to democracies outside the West do not take it with democracy too solemnly. Should these democracies - we will mention Iran in 1953 - find it is their right to make decisions on a fully democratic manner, the West can well consider that it is time to overthrow democracy and insert a despot with operating handle in the back. This is called 'protecting our interests'.
  • In the West we very much talk about democracy, but as we know, is a difficult thing to ask of the people, technocrats have found ways to circumvent it in order to alleviate the pain of the poor people - and for themselves. It is a pass-by-democracy. On the other hand we are so confident of democracy's superiority, that we are willing to mass murder people elsewhere in the world for them to introduce it this wonderful concept.
  • In the West you like to watch television. In particular, wars, accidents, scandals, disasters and more wars are much in demand in prime time. In return, television media and its viewers quite quickly lose interest in a country where this 'democratization' did not quite go after the alleged intention. There is not much entertainment in the report from the bombed desert area of civil war, shattered economy and infrastructure, unnecessary poverty and a population suffering from the after effects of strategic nuclear weapons and chemical weapons of mass destruction used by US Army and NATO.

All this and much more is read and understood outside the West - they have already had it in smack their face and without soft wrapping! - and, may we add, increasingly among a growing number of people in the West. Something is being matured. The child, the democratized individual, is beginning to understand that mom and dad are not telling the truth about what they're up to when the kids are in bed ('Daddy, who was the strange man, you had to visit the other day?'). There is globally growing pains. The democracies have evolved to Aunt States, now interfering in everything, controlling everything, destroying all initiatives and redefining all human values to fit a narrow purpose.
En kommende borger i et demokratisk samfund

To stay for a while in the child-parent-adult analogy, now happens a global rite of passage from childhood to adulthood. In the collective and the individual sphere. There is fractal, scalable, which is in small as in large. The spell is lifting. Sleep medicine is running out - even if it overturns up with new products. There may be an emergence of a growing immunity.

I know. Pessimists and apocalyptics will immediately enumerate them from the large Catalogue de Misère. The list is really, really long, and list items are really, really worrying. And they are for a large part not plucked out of thin air. They will take the binoculars to the eye and say that EVERYTHING goes to Hell and NOTHING suggest otherwise. For miseries are so well known and well-communicated even in mainstream media, that they simply drowns out the 'other', the 'something' that often fly under the radar. And if with the binoculars for the other eye something can be interpreted in non-destructive direction, so they change gears and start a 'third narrative' that everything is planned as a huge dialectical chess game.

In addition, one could just lift their own hat and introduce a 'fourth narrative' by asking quite cosmological:
What if the third narrative (about the great together drove conspiracy) turns out to be anticipated, so it just is a global event that must form the basis for the global transition from child to adult? Certainly, the global mother and father are worried that their children would grow up as they moved out of the home, and then they got lonely in their old age. Certainly, the global mother and father have a whole arsenal of sanctions and bait in stock, and more will be made every day that passes - both in the categories 'house arrest' and 'free candy Saturday night'.

But I'm just asking: What if this is already contained in the cards that children leave home, so it can hang out with their friends of the bad company from the other side of the street (who also have moved out of home) without asking permission. It's seen before. Certainly trying the global mother and father will try EVERYTHING they can to keep their breed in an artificial infantilization and immaturity. It also seems likely that it will succeed long way, we only need to study the behavior of so-called adults. Coca-Cola culture is extensive on this globe, for loading yourself with shit is extremely addictive.

So I ask - and it will not be the last time: Is not to discern that the World has had enough of empty calories, empty talk and empty values? And it's not as if it is moving around down there, over there, out there, in there? Keep an eye on when it moves. Maybe you want to move with it.

[billede, text: morton_h]

Fly him to the moon
Let him stay among the stars
Let him breathe the athmosphere
On Jupiter and Mars

In other words, and all that jazz
In other words, blow his ass

Fill his heart with gold
and let him choke forever more
That is all he longs for
All he worships and adores

In other words, this will stop
In other words, blow him up.

Happy trails, mr. Rocket-Feller

Demokratiets død - nu med nytårsraket

Demokratiet, som vi mener at kende det, har fejlet. Vi taler om det, som om det findes. Det findes ikke længere. Der findes noget andet. Dette andet ligner det, der fandtes uden at være det.

Der er sket en devaluering af den demokratiske tanke og de demokratiske institutioner, så denne tanke ikke længere tænker for folkene, og disse institutioner ikke længere beskytter folkene.

Der er opstået en ny-sproglig-gørelse af begrebet demokrati, et langsomt skred, et globalt kup i slow-motion, så begrebet ikke længere betyder 'folkene styrer', men 'styring af folkene'.

Der har indfundet sig en kollektiv mental sygdom, hvor folkene i en tilstand af apati godkender, at inkompetente, uvidende, snævertsynede og korrupte ledere træffer beslutninger, der er i destruktiv modstrid med folkenes grundlæggende interesser.

Der har opbygget sig en tilstand af neo-feudalt post-demokrati, korpokrati, oligarki, plutokrati, bureaukrati, teknokrati. Dette 'krati' fremstiller sig selv som værende demo-krati, alt imens essentielle beslutninger træffes på et niveau, der er udenfor demokratisk indflydelse.

Demokratiet er blevet til et teaterstykke, en tragedie, en farce, en parodi. Det kalder sig 'repræsentativt', men siger ikke, hvem og hvad det repræsenterer. Enten ved det ikke, hvem og hvad det repræsenterer, eller også har det opgivet at repræsentere andet end repræsentanterne selv.

I det omfang, at demokratiet stadig findes, er det i betydningen 'flertalstyranni'. Men 'tyrannen', der før har været en synlig skikkelse eller et synligt regime, har nu indlejret sig i individet og gruppen, som herefter tyrannerer sig selv og hinanden via politisk korrekthed.

Billede taget med overvågningskamera i Christiansborgs kælder et par sekunder før, kameraet blev zappet.
[billede: morton_h]

Mens dette forfald har fundet sted, er noget andet i gang med at opstå. Vi kan ikke kalde det demokrati, da ordet er devalueret og forurenet. Dette noget er i færd med at realisere det, som den demokratiske tanke tilsyneladende handlede om.

Tilsyneladende, for den demokratiske tanke/ide var ikke fra starten så helstøbt, som den selv hævdede. Ideen opstod i bystaten på samme tid som oligarkiet, de bedst-egnedes styre over de u-egnede - eller slet og ret: diktatur. Demokrati og oligarki er fra begyndelsen én alen ud af samme stykke, og danner tilsammen en bi-polær syntese. Det var allerede fra starten demo-garki / oli-krati. Efter en rum tid med Imperium / monarki og feudalisme genopstod tanken om demokratiet, men denne kunne ikke længere undslippe halvandet årtusinds kulturel vanedannelse. Mennesker havde alt for længe været hyrdernes får.

Det repræsentative demokrati fungerer kun nogenlunde hæderligt, hvis folk holder nøje øje med de repræsentanter, de afgiver deres beføjelser til - og herefter ikke tøver med at stille dem til ansvar. Det sker ikke. Der tøves, der ventes til næste afgivelse af beføjelser, og skaderne er sket. Herefter forsøger et nyt hold repræsentanter at reparere på skaderne ved at symptombehandle, hvorefter en række bivirkninger = nye og værre skader opstår.

Processen har i et par hundrede år skabt et komplekst, uigennemskueligt og dysfunktionelt samfund. Demokratiet er én lang kæde af fortrydelser, en repetetiv svingen frem-og-tilbage mellem den ene og den anden tilstand af ubalance. Borgerne - også kaldet 'vælgerne' - er langsomt men sikkert sunket ned i en tilstand af apati, en frustreret opgiven-ævret. Uden at forstå, hvad der er sket, har de tilladt, at alle værdier har transformeret sig til nihilisme = værdiløshed.

Der er to måder at begå overgreb på: voldtægt og forførelse. At oligarkiet i dag har fast bopæl i alle demokratiske institutioner er bragt i stand ved en blanding af disse to overgreb. Demogarkiet/olikratiet kan ikke eksistere uden mentalt voldtagne eller forførte borgere, der enten er fanget i en kamp for overlevelse eller en tilstand af materiel nydelse, hvor de er tilpas forsynet, tilpas underholdt og tilpas distraheret. Kun tilpas, aldrig fuldbyrdet. Enten smerte eller valium.

Demogarkiet er en tilstand af kontrolleret ubalance, som når medicinalindustrien og dens samarbejdspartnere massefabrikerer fysisk og mental ubalance for at holde sig selv i gang. Som når bankvæsenet massefabrikerer økonomisk ubalance, hvor alle er bundet op i en evig gæld - for at væsenet kan holde sig selv i gang.

Demogarkiet parasitterer på sine egne borgere, og som i en syg menneskekrop kræver dens celler tilførsel af brændsel, så parasitten kan overleve. Vi har tilpasset os ubalancen og skriger højt, hvis ubalancen kommer i ubalance. Vi er blevet til de celler, der vedligeholder parasitten / svampeinfektionen / betændelsestilstanden.

Kulturel helbredelse og opmærksomhed
Al healing starter med, at man begynder at lytte til kroppens / det menneskelige samfunds signaler og giver den opmærksomhed. Denne opmærksomhed kan i visse tilfælde være tilstrækkelig til at starte en helbredelse.

Indenfor en bestemt skole af healing sker udbruddet af sygdom synonymt med igangsættelse af helbredelse. Ifølge Ny Tysk Medicin (dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer) er en kræftsvulst det stadium af sygdommen, hvor helbredelse for længst er startet. Det vil med andre ord sige, at den konventionelle medicin faktisk går i gang med at bekæmpe helbredelse. Det forklarer i så fald en del af den meget lave grad af helbredelse for kræft på trods af de svimlende beløb, der er tilført forskning. Det bør lige nævnes, at de lige så svimlende beløb, der tjenes på omfanget af kræft blandt befolkningerne især i Vesten, forklarer, hvorfor denne forskning aldrig har været synderlig interesseret i at undersøge den mulighed, at selve dens grundpræmis kunne være forkert. Det er en sygdomsindustri.

Vi kunne tale langt mere om helbredelse af menneskelig kultur. Det bør jeg ikke være sen til at indrømme. Det er en syg kultur, vi forsøger at diagnostisere. For at bruge et udtryk fra medicinsk diagnostik, så er der tale om en høj grad af co-morbiditet, altså ikke bare én sygdomstilstand, men mange på én gang, et sammenvævet og indbyrdes forbundet virvar af sygdomme. Med sygdomme menes her tilstande af ubalance, forcerede, unødvendige og unaturlige tilstande. Hvad med følgende diagnose: Kulturel multi-auto-immun-defekt-syndrom. En sådan 'diagnose' - forstå venligst analogien - inkluderer selve grobunden for ubalance/sygdom, som er vores eget svækkede og ofte totalt manglende forsvar mod angreb.

[billede: morton_h]

Lad os opholde os lidt længere i analogierne føde og sundhed.

Menneskeheden er nødt til at gennemgå en kulturel udrensningskur, en kulturel kostomlægning og en styrkelse af det kulturelle immunforsvar.
Det er nødt til at foregå på både det kollektive og det personlige plan.

  1. Vi må rense ud i usunde måder at tænke, reagere og handle på.

    Vi har valget, om vi ønsker at investere energi på egentlig tænkning med de konsekvenser, dette har for vores liv og handlinger - ELLER blot at reagere som små børn og jagede dyr (med al respekt for børn og dyr).
    Reaktionsbestemte handlinger har dybe konsekvenser i negativ retning for eftertidens muligheder for at leve et værdigt menneskeliv.

  2. Vi må lære os selv at være kritiske og selektive i forhold til de informationer og påvirkninger, som vi optager i det mentale fordøjelsessystem.

    Vi har valget mellem at æde det lort, der bliver serveret - ELLER komme op med en bedre menu baseret på ordentlige råvarer og hæderlige informationer.

  3. Vi må opbygge et forsvar mod de mental-forurenende agendaer og manipulerende sinds-kontrolsystemer, der for tiden vælter ind over os.

    Vi har valget mellem at være en bold, der viljesløst sparkes rundt af bestøvlede fødder på navnløse kroppe uden ansigt - ELLER selv at tage skoene på og begynde at sparke. Det er bedre at være venstre back end at være en dum læderkugle med mudder på.

    Vi har valget mellem at høre underlige sætningsdannelser komme ud af vore munde, som vi aldrig selv har formuleret, hvis oprindelse, vi ingen anelse har om, og hvis budskab kan forkortes til: 'Jeg synes, det er i orden at ødelægge mit eget og andres liv' (har jeg sagt det? - ja, det har du rent faktisk!) - ELLER tage ansvaret for egne udtalelser ved at gøre et stykke hjemmearbejde, før vi udtaler os.

Det hele starter altså med opmærksomhed. Først i det øjeblik, vi bliver klar over, at der er noget, der er rivende galt, kan vi komme videre. Jeg vil påstå, at dette er ved at ske. Jeg har ofte argumenteret for, at Skandinavien bliver det sidste sted, en forandring kommer til at ske, da det er udset til at være et laboratorium for en ny klam form for blød totalitarisme baseret på politisk korrekthed, en kulturmarxistisk rugekasse. Sverige er for tiden længst i denne bizarre proces.

Skandinaverne, især danskerne, ser sig selv som frisindede, vi har velfærdstat, vi har social sikkerhed, vi har social-demokratisme. Vi har også vores egen form for forarmelse og ny-fattigdom. Den ser bare pænere ud på papiret og på billedet, til gengæld er den røvkedelig og ucharmerende. Vi møder den på socialkontorerne, i forstæderne, på bænkene i parkerne, foran supermarkederne, på togstationerne. Den gemmer sig i udkants-Danmark i faldefærdige landejendomme. Den er befængt med misbrug af børn, mænd og kvinder - og stoffer. Man kunne hævde, at den er et biprodukt af velfærdsstaten, hvor staten har blandet sig i alt som en barnepige. Forarmelsen er ikke tydelig som andre steder i verden, for den er sminket med masser af god vilje. Men den er der, og den går hånd-i-hånd med en særlig dansk form for mental-åndelig forarmelse. Det er ikke tilfældigt, at det er en dansker, der har opfundet klaphatten.

En glad dansker - ikke selvportræt! [billede: morton_h]

Kontrasterne er udjævnet i dette leverpostej-grå land. Det er ikke herfra, vi skal forvente lyset i det globale mørke, for velfærdsmenneskene er rigtig gode til at udøve selvcensur. Det er sofavælgernes land. Hvis du troede dig sikker på begrebet, tog du måske fejl. Hvad nu hvis en sofavælger i virkeligheden er en borger, der tror, at demokrati består i at sætte sit fedtede kryds på en lap papir hvert fjerde år og derefter synke ned i sofaen, tænde for fjernsynet - hovedkilden til disinformation - og beglo, hvordan politiker-klassen i landet forvalter det fedtede kryds på papirlappen? Her kan sofavælgeren også se og høre, hvorfor politiker-klassen mener, at skattekroner skal bruges til at deltage i aggressive krigshandlinger i områder af verden, hvor der ikke findes velfærdssystemer, klaphatte og andre højkulturelle produkter.

Men måske sofavælgeren har ret. Er det er ikke netop sådan, at demokratiet har udviklet sig? Det er blevet til et voyeur-demokrati. Vi er med på en kigger. Vi behøver egentlig ikke dæmonisere politikere som mennesker over en kam, for en del af dem ærgrer sig faktisk over, at befolkningen er så apatisk og udeltagende. Hvad de ikke ser er, at de deltager i et skuespil, hvor de står på scenen, og folk sidder i salen - eller udebliver fra forestillingen. De spiller rollen aften efter aften, de lever sig ind i den, de føler måske endda for den. Men der er en manuskriptforfatter, der har udtænkt replikkerne, og der er en instruktør, der har lært dem at fremsige dem. De kan i nuet tænke på forestillingen som deres, men det er ikke dem, der ejer den.

Forestillingen hedder det repræsentative demokrati, men aktørerne ved ikke længere, hvem de repræsenterer. Det er ikke længere deres vælgere. Hvis de skulle få tid og lyst til at vide, hvem de er reelt repræsenterer, bør de gå over på den anden side af gaden, hvor der ligger en bank og et lokalt hovedkontor for et multinationalt kartel.

Dette 'noget andet' sker under radaren, andre steder i Europa og andre steder i verden. Det sker på tværs af landene og udenfor institutionerne. Det sker i grupper, bevægelser, netværk og hos individer. Der dannes store transnationale netværk lige nu udenfor Europa og USA. De minder om noget, vi kender i forvejen, men forskellen er, at de spiller op imod Vestens forfaldne demokratier. De ved, at man i Vesten for længst har udviklet post-demokratiske metoder, hvor man kan undlade at spørge befolkningerne om, hvorvidt det for eksempler er en god ide:

  • at sønderbombe x-antal lande udenfor Vesten, fordi ledelsen har lyttet til en stormagt, der kalder dem for 'uartige'
  • at internationale karteller nu kan sagsøge et land for at stille dem hindringer i vejen, hvis dens ledelse stiller krav om miljø, betaling af skat, aflevering af regnskaber og overholdelse af landets regler
  • at betale et større milliardbeløb til banker, der har spillet ulovlig derivat-kasino med kundernes penge
  • at offentlighedsloven laves om, så borgerne ikke længere har indsigt i grundlaget for politikernes beslutninger
  • at det før statsejede energiselskab bliver solgt i stumper til et af verdens største finansielle forbryderkarteller
  • at det er i orden, at EU overtager styringen af landets love og kan diktere nye efter forgodtbefindende
  • at der skrues yderligere op for brandbeskatningen og nu foreslås hestekure, så de multinationale fortfarende kan unddrage sig at betale skat i landet
Hvis nogen skulle finde på at protestere over en eller flere af ovenstående groteskheder, så få de enten besked om at de bare kan sætte deres fedtede kryds på papirlappen, hvis de er utilfredse - det kaldes demokrati - eller også bliver det møde en forurettet plirren med øjnene og et bimbo-fjæs: 'Jamen, du må jo forstå, at det er for din egen skyld!?' Det kunne også være følgende variant, der blev hørt under salget af DONG Energy til Goldman Sachs: 'Der er ingen grund til at svare på det spørgsmål, for den slags svære ting har folk ingen indsigt i alligevel'

Goldman sucks! [billede: Avoe]
  • I Vestens pseudo-demokratier bliver befolkningerne parkeret, mens ledelsen træffer beslutninger om ... ikke at træffe beslutninger, men at skrive under på et fortroligt notat.
  • I Vesten forholder medierne sig ikke længere som den instans, der afslører det slette spil i magtens korridorer og forfølger en sag med utrætteligt hjemmearbejde. De er reklamebureauer og underholdningsfabrikker.
  • I Vesten tror de fleste borgere på mediernes ufejlbarligheder og fuldtræffeligheder. Hvis noget har været i fjernsynet, så findes det. Ellers findes det rent faktisk ikke. I Sovjet vidste alle, at Pravda og de andre stats-propagandamedier var løgn fra ende til anden. Deres underkuede borgere var med andre ord mere oplyste om virkeligheden end Vestens borgere i dag. Vi har jo demokrati og fri presse!
  • I Vesten er samtlige skrevne og elektroniske medier blevet opkøbt af en ganske lille gruppe mænd, der til enhver tid kan slippe en samstemmende flodbølge af dis-information løs imod tiltag udenfor Vesten, der skønnes anfægtende. Skulle nogle af disse medier stadig finde på at kalde sig statskontrollerede, vil det ikke gøre den store forskel, da staten også er opkøbt, og de ganske få nyhedsbureauer, der forsyner samtlige medier med nyhedsstof alle er ejet af den ganske lille gruppe af mænd.
  • I Vesten påstår vi, at der er fri forskning, men hvis en forsker skulle finde på at fremkomme med forskningsresultater, der ikke stod på bestillingslisten, kan vedkommende godt regne med at se sig om efter et job som ... taxachauffør.
  • I Vesten tales der hele tiden om 'fri handel' og 'fri bevægelighed' for dem, der bedriver denne 'frie' handel. I realiteten betyder dette stykke nysprog frihed til karteldannelse.
  • I Vesten kan man godt lide at skrive under på internationale konventioner, som man herefter ikke behøver at rette sig efter. Visse lande i Vesten mener heller ikke længere, at de behøver at rette sig efter deres egen forfatning.
  • I Vesten tales der vældig meget om terror, terrorisme og terrorister. Udenfor Vesten har man i et par årtier undret sig over, at Vestens borgere er så dumme, at de ikke har opdaget, at et par af Vestens regeringer sammen et par korrupte regimer i Mellemøsten finansierer, organiserer, træner og hyrer terroristerne med den ene hånd, hvorefter de for en stund nyder godt af terrorens konsekvenser - mens de med den anden hånd gestikulerer i påtaget vild i panik over disse forfærdelige typer og hyler op om, at det må de så sandelig gøre noget ved, og nu må deres iværksættes en 'humanitær intervention'. Det kaldes også 'sikkerhedspolitik'.
  • I Vesten ser man dog helst, at demokratier udenfor Vesten ikke tager det med demokrati alt for højtidligt. Skulle disse demokratier - vi nævner i flæng Iran 1953 - finde på at træffe beslutninger på fuldt demokratisk vis, kan Vesten godt skønne, at det er på tide at omstyrte demokratiet og indsætte en despot med operative håndtag i ryggen. Det kaldes at 'beskytte vore interesser'
  • I Vesten taler man vældig meget om demokrati, men da det som bekendt er en svær ting at spørge befolkningen, har man fundet måder at omgås det på for at lette besværet for de arme stakler - og for sig selv. Til gengæld er man så overbeviste om demokratiets fortræffelighed, at man er villige til at massemyrde folk andre steder i verden for at de skal indføre det.
  • I Vesten kan man godt lide at se fjernsyn. Især er krig, ulykke, skandaler, katastrofer og mere krig meget efterspurgt i prime time. Til gengæld mister man ret hurtigt interessen for et land, hvor denne 'demokratisering' ikke gik helt efter den påståede intention. Der er ikke så meget underholdning i at rapportere fra et sønderbombet ørkenområde med borgerkrig, smadret økonomi og infrastruktur, unødvendig fattigdom og en befolkning, der lider af eftervirkningerne af strategiske atomvåben.

Alt dette og meget mere er læst og forstået udenfor Vesten - de har jo fået den lige i fjæset og uden indpakning! - og efterhånden også blandt et stigende antal mennesker i Vesten. Der er noget, der har modnet sig. Barnet, det demokratiserede individ, er begyndt at forstå, at mor og far ikke fortæller sandheden om, hvad de har gang i, når børnene er lagt i seng ('far, hvem var den mærkelige mand, du havde besøg af forleden?'). Der er globalt vokseværk. Demokratierne har udviklet sig til tante-stater, hvor staten blander sig i alt, kontrollerer alt, ødelægger alt initiativ og omdefinerer alle menneskelige værdier.

En kommende borger i et demokratisk samfund

For at blive en stund i barn-forældre-voksen analogien, så sker der nu en global overgangsrite fra barn til voksen. Det sker samtidig i den kollektive og den individuelle sfære. Der sker fraktalt, skalerbart, som i det små så i det store. Forhekselsen er ved at lette på sig. Sovemedicinen er ved at slippe op - selvom det vælter op med ny præparater. Der er måske ved at opstå en resistens.

Jeg ved det. Pessimister og apokalyptikere vil straks remse op fra det store misère-katalog. Listen er rigtig lang, og liste-punkterne er særdeles bekymrende. Og de er ikke alle grebet ud af den blå luft. De vil tage den kikkert for øjet og sige, at ALT går ad helvedet til og INTET tyder på andet. For misérerne er så velkendte og så vel-kommunikerede, at de ganske overdøver det 'andet', det 'noget', der ofte flyver under radaren. Og hvis det med kikkerten for det andet øje kan tydes i ikke-destruktiv retning, så skifter de gear og starter et 'tredje narrativ' om, at det hele er planlagt som et kæmpestort dialektisk skakspil.

Hertil kunne man bare løfte deres egen hat og indføre et 'fjerde narrativ' ved at spørge helt kosmologisk: Hvad nu, hvis det tredje narrativ (om den store sammenkørte konspiration) viser sig at være forudset, så det blot er en globale event, der skal danne afsæt for den globale overgang fra barn til voksen? Javist har mor og far været bekymret for, at deres børn skulle blive voksne, for så flyttede de jo hjemmefra, og så blev de ensomme på deres gamle dage. Javist har mor og far et helt arsenal af sanktioner og lokkemad på lager, og flere kommer til for hver dag, der går - både i kategorien 'husarrest' og 'fri slik lørdag aften'.

Men jeg spørger bare: Hvad nu hvis det allerede står i kortene, at ungen flytter hjemmefra, så den kan hænge ud med kammeraterne ovre fra den anden side uden at spørge om lov. Det er jo set før. Javist forsøger mor og far ALT, hvad de kan for at fastholde ungen i en kunstig infantilisering og umodenhed. Noget kunne tyde på, at det lykkes langt hen ad vejen, vi behøver blot at studere adfærden hos såkaldt voksne mennesker. Coca-Cola-kulturen er omfattende på denne klode, for omgang med lort er ekstremt vanedannende.

Så jeg spørger - og det bliver ikke sidste gang: Er det ikke til at få øje på, at Verden har fået nok af tomme kalorier, tom snak og tomme værdier? Og er det ikke som om, det er ved at rykke på sig dernede, derude, derovre, derinde? Hold øje med, når det rykker. Måske du har lyst til at rykke med.

[billede, text: morton_h]

Fly him to the moon
Let him stay among the stars
Let him breathe the athmosphere
On Jupiter and Mars

In other words, and all that jazz
In other words, blow his ass

Fill his heart with gold
and let him choke forever more
That is all he longs for
All he worships and adores

In other words, this will stop
In other words, blow him up.

Happy trails, mr. Rocket-Feller


  1. Bloggen fungerer ikke så godt på ipad, kan du gøre noget for at få den til det?

  2. Tak for din melding. Jeg har desværre ikke en iPad til at tjekke med - selvom bloggen er skrevet på mac-computere. Det fungerer til gengæld fint på Android.

    Jeg skal tjekke ved førstkommende lejlighed, hvor jeg har en iPad i hænderne.
    Indtil videre kan jeg foreslå, at du prøver en af de alternative browsere, der i øvrigt også kører Flash på iPad'en. En af dem hedder Puffin.

    Men det løser selvfølgelig ikke et generelt problem, hvis det findes. Jeg kan ikke gøre noget for at forbedre iPad-performance. Det kan betyde, at jeg finder en anden template for sitet.

    Tak igen


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