2015 in the Crystal Ball

by morton_h, the blogger

Let me start by stating my actual incompetence when it comes to divination. I have no crystal ball, I'm not clairvoyant, I don't channel supreme entities from the past, the future or higher dimensions.

Instead, I have scanned the area of pundits, whose credibility has proven durable. And how do you know, I hear from down the hall? If anything it is flair, combination of intuition, experience and skepticism. Then I have synthesized and added a deciliter high-octane speculation, shaken the bottle and poured it on the appropriate size tube. I hope that will work.

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The mainstreaming of conspiracy thinking
We are going to see a flow of ideas developed underground now ascending into the mainstream. Here I gain a cheap score, for it has been a pattern throughout human history.

The concept of 'False Flag' has now gone mainstream. From being in stock at so-called conspiracy theorists, it is now being used and understood in the mainstream. We saw it in connection with Syria campaign in which the American and British people no longer bought stereotype 'evil dictator gases his poor subjects' combined with next stereotype 'evil dictator's evil regime deserves torn bombing paid for with your tax dollars'. People had reached bullshit threshold.

And just about time, that people learned the word: false flag. It's not like it is uncommon practice, on the contrary. It is more like standard tactics to fool the enemy. Machiavelly wrote about it, it is hundreds or even thousands years old. And when we today have a situation, where the real enimy for the state is not another state, but the state's own citizens, the flag is waved in the face of the citizens.

NB! Since I am writing this blog from my Danish stronghold, I can say for sure, that this shift in understanding has not yet reached the snoring and wellfare well-fed Danish population. My prediction (I use just the P-Word, if that is ok with you) is that we are going to see much more of this abroad, yet the Danes will still be sleeping - so far.

According to Danish folk lore, Holger Danske, is sleeping - here in the vaults of Elsinore Castle - 
to awake in times of dire straits for the people. Question is, whether he actually turned into stone, never to awake again?
  Should the unexpected happen that too many Danes begin to ask stupid questions, my prediction, however, is that Denmark is hit by a terrorist act. One would have thought that the Muhammad crisis (the cartoons, you know) would have led to a terrorist act against Denmark, but that's because we have not yet understood the deeper motives for terrorism and who orders the goods. Denmark (and Fogh Rasmussen, former Danish prime minister and former GS of NATO) did the terrorist-loving globalists a huge service by boosting the Clash of Civilizations. And so there was no reason to punish / mind-game the Danish population. He was simply rewarded for it. 

The Norwegians, on the other hand, later happened to express too much support for the Palestinians thus offending the zionist part of the globalist elite. But then Norwegians were 'send a Breivik', so they could learn their primary school lesson! Subsequently, their Prime Minister, Stoltenberg, moreover was bribed (thanks for NOT digging into the deeper layers of Breivik case but act according to the script) to become the new Fogh Rasmussen / GS of NATO, that is the exhibition doll for the Pentagon project. Just look how European the global aggression-pact is!

The Swedes, the poor creature stooped with their education through political correctness, recently got something stuck in their throat. Their government expressed support for a Palestinian state. They believed that it was politically correct, but IT WAS NOT! Myprediction is therefore that Sweden will receive 'a Breivik' from the zionist-globalists if they persist. So they can learn the same lesson as the Norwegian.
  Remember that amateur predictions are based on the same principle that has created the genre Science Fiction: if we draw a straight line from the past over the present into the future, -----------> there will be the following... Drawing of straight lines, of course, requires absense of unpredictable events. That these arrive, however and of course, is a historical fact.

We pretend as nothing and move on unabashedly  for more straight lines.

The Empire Strikes Back
There will be attempts to remove the Danish opt-outs in the EU. This is not even a prophecy, it's just the reading of concrete statements from EU-supporting politicians. These reservations have actually helped to prevent the full implementation of the very EU-State, that recently showed itself for what it really is: a bloodsucking Empire/Vampire using financial terrorist attacks against the population Southern Europe.

Isn't that The Emperor in the old vaults of Danish Parliament, Christiansborg?
Or is it just a hologram?
  My prediction is the following: if the Danes allow themselves to say NO once again, they will experience a financial terrorist attack from the ECB, the IMF and the whole gang of CB-globalists. Denmark may be the new Iceland - less the Icelanders' resolute rejection of the global financial mafia. Danes are too welfare clogged and mass emigration infected to even comprehend, that they are exposed to a financial terrorist attack. We will only heads low and obedient wag our tails as when we were lured into five wars of aggression on the heels of the US / NATO attacking countries outside Europe, we hardly knew existed. Danish politicians have no hair on their balls as the Icelanders. The Swedes nor. See how they were financially damaged by George Soros in the 90s, and just look what has happened since with them. They didnt' get it, we won't get it, but just follow aimlessly along!

Countries that are already compromised, will be further compromised in 2015. The pattern is the same as 20th Century juntafication of Southern Europe - and South America - followed by finance terrorist decades later. Back then it was facilitated by a corrupt elite making it possible to subjugate the population with an old-school military state. They and this was repulsed but took cover and prepared the next step: the corruption of EU apparatus as backing for the corruption of Nation States (the EU is only the Provisional precursor of Global-State). One of the goal of EU is the dissolve of the Nation States of Europe.

NATO target of the 90'ties
  We saw in the 90s the destruction of now former Yugoslavia, the attack on Serbia, the use of Muslims as politically-correct weapons of mass destruction in the Balkan campaign and - what be unknown to most people - the introduction of strategic nuclear weapons as 'legitimate' tool of war - later repeated in Iraq, Libya and Syria. The television spectators eager for irresponsible sensations had no idea then that they were witnessing a transmission of the atomic bombing of Serbian facilities. Today, people are dying of cancer and 'funny kids' are born in the region like in Felluja Province in Iraq and in the Libyan desert.

The destruction of Yugoslavia with Serbia as a scapegoat was part of the destruction of the Soviet state and its alliances after the fall. The Soviet concept was initially a Western-elitist concept, a social experiment designed to weaken the Russian empire - it leads to far to go into that - but like all enforced concepts, these constructions will be destroyed when they reach a certain level of autonomy and turn against the Empire's overall agenda. We see it time and time again on a smaller scale, when the CIA organizes the overthrow of yet another dictatorial puppet inserted by the CIA itself in the first place. Divination: we will see the same with ISIS. Once they have served their purpose of de-stabilization and balkanization, the travelling task force will be sent on. Right now United States are pretending to be at loggerheads with Turkey, that openly supports terrorists, but in reality, the Turks are just doing the dirty work, they were originally commissioned to do. Bilatteral hypocricy.

  I am still running a free ride of 'divination' - I hope you get my self irony here - because I really just predicted what has always be the pattern. The coercion- and tamper-machine has its stereotypes, its methods. As long as the templates work - and they seem to work a lot - there is no reason to change them. Officially, analysts from the governments speak of 'mistakes' and 'blow-back' and 'had-we-known-then' every single time a new terrorist group goes berserk, but since the same governments constantly have supported, financed, trained and hired them, and since the same governments constantly profit profits from the results of the berserkery, it leaves us with only one plausible explanation: it's all on purpose. Governments are very good at playing dumb. Blow-back, my ass!

The stereotypes of history
Problem: the stereoptype methods do not work so well anymore.
We will therefore see the following:
  • The continuation of the stereotype (it has its own inertia) with the result that people eventually settle on the thigh of laughter at the stupidity and transparent predictability that the global elite offers them.
  • Overt pretend-like-nothing while performing various menaces: We have seen you, you have seen us, you can't stop it, and we don't give a damn what you see, say or do. We laugh at you, you are pathetic, we are the untouchables. They do not even bother to make an effort or sweep up after themselves anymore.
  • An imitation, a meme of people's reaction, a new layer of illusion, similar to a counter movement, but that just is an engineered pseudo counter movement for people fall for it again: Yes this is really appauling that the CIA has carried out systematic torture all the time, we can not have that, we must jolly well do something about it, we certainly did not realize until recently ... Dick Cheney was for once right when he said in the good old Iraq War days: the president knew it from the start.
Nothing new under the sun here either. I guess prediction is just seing the pattern and do an update. But how will it happen?

People are on a large scale discovering that they are not alone in their thoughts and feelings. Imperial tactic is isolation - you are always alone, this is you, and that over there is the others. People will begin to discover that when they express their thoughts about the world, its events and causes of these, that they are not alone. It is due to conversation and flow of information alone. The sheep will find that they are not so sheepish, as someone said. And conspiranoics will find that the sheep are not so sheepish, as they said they were and that they may have to change attitude and actually remember how sheepish they once were.

We will see that people in certain areas are getting closer to the 10% limit. Meaning, it is not necessary that half the population must awake from the hundred year sleep, a far smaller group can actually turn the large boat. In Germany a former journalist in a book recently described, how he and many of his colleagues  constantly
were bribed and corrupted by the CIA. It was more common than uncommon. Result: the sale of newspapers plunged. The Germans knew it, and this information by a well known and respected journalist confirmed what they knew. They simultaneously learned about NSA intercepts of everything and everyone, including the Kanslerin. Many Germans are up in arms over their countrys support for the United States aggression in the Ukraine affair.

A cautious prediction - I still run a free ride, for it is already happening - is that the same will happen in France. England due to the corrupt government culture and imperial goods at the Establishment, will still be America's faith squire (is it squire or armor monster who decides?). We are talking about the British government, the British as population do not have much sympathy for the kind. Therefore, they will be forced further to their knees with austerity measures. Divination: Denmark continues to suffer from 'the English disease' and now we hear voices advocating, that we must do something similar. We will see a further impoverishment of the Danish population in the coming year(s). Poor people will not rebell.

2015 will also be the year when the policy of sanctions against Russia backfires. Here we can talk about a blow-back from a blow-job. Europe has automatically followed the US policy of rape, but it has only been to the United States erotic gratification. And when sanctions paralyzes Europe - Russians just need two years to emerge stronger from the crisis - it will in a strange backwards way further benefit the American Deep State, since it looks very much like the Europeans are ruining themselves.

Perhaps it is more a wish than a prophecy, but anyway: we will see further meltdown of stereotypes with right and left ideologies. Right parties in Europe have long since taken over the forme agenda of the Left: dissidence, anti-globalism, anti-EU, anti-corporatism. Nationalism is no longer synonymous with chauvinism. The nations and hence their populations have been under intense pressure in recent years. Finance Terror and mass-immigration eats of their life energy.

Recently  a remarkable statement
came from Marine le Pen of the French right party Front National, which has had gained significant success and support. The opinion clearly demonstrates the paradox of the Left compared to what they think of themselves. She demanded that the French National Bank should be audited and account for all its operations. It was to clarify its gold reserves and relations with the Federal Reserve. Holy cow, right in the closet! The faint no-balls Left should have done this long ago, but its name now is Hollande, who is just as reactionary and establishment-hit as Obama (not to mention Cameron). He is Establishment in pink gowns, meaning he is the central banking system, the corrupt EU-Empire and the global war machine.

There is plenty of things under the table, that the public knows nothing about. Diplomacy for example. Just recently, the Russian President took a stop at the airport in Paris, where he held a quick meeting with monsieur Hollande. We can guess about the subject for the rendezvous. For example. trade agreements allowing the resumption of large orders with aircraft and military ships, perhaps? Oil and development of facilities in Russia. Not so much about a fatal skidding for an oil executive on a runway in Moscow, although it may have been in the back catalog. Anyway, sanctions can also be felt in France and the french are not always in sheepish aggrement with the US. Hollande may find it difficult to completely ignore Marine le Pens requirements. Like the Germans - a careful prediction here - they will demand their gold reserves extradited from FR (or wherever they are located). The Dutch did so, and the Austrians are soon to follow. Who else? It envisions some basement in the Midwest of the United States, a kind of neo-Nazi tax-bunker, where all the artifacts stolen by American special forces from the National Museum in Baghdad are piled up with the Libyan and Ukrainian gold reserves that also just 'disappeared' in a tumult.

Which reminds us, that the British Empire basically is build upon in the early years: Piracy! 
Have anything changed? 

  Energy and physics
And what is more in the bunker? There will be all the inventions that they have stolen from the strip of geniuses since Tesla starting with those of the man himself. One prediction is that 2015 will be the year when the first re-inventions of Tesla technologies will hit the market and be mass produced. The military has had it all the time without any question. There can be no doubt that the military industry and the oil industry have done all they could to prevent the technologies becoming available. It would be in 100% opposition to their Policy of Scarcity and devestating for their 'oiling' of the World. But it will not be possible ad infinitum, because there is a throng of experiments beneath the surface, which are now ripe for finish. The first large investors and manufacturers have already started the process.

Certainly the establishment will try to strangle all initiatives possible. Some inventors will, at least in the United States, get a so-called 'gag order'.
Your invention is now confiscated and classified, as it poses a risk to the state. Spoken by the mouth of those who actually pose a risk to life on Earth! Meaning that the breakthrough may not happen in the stranglers territory even if the country is teeming with garage geniuses. They may move to Brazil or Turkey. Perhaps India and China broach the abscess and thus they get the lead out there. Be that well earned. Russia could also easily match, but the Russian oil industry will probably be, shall we say, quite uninterested. Russian science, however fails nothing and it would be easier for their scientists to understand the updated physics behind, than for most scientists in the West.

For we are dealing with a multi-pronged technology that breaks with the usual models in physics. Scientists will have to revisit the school bench to revise their view of the world, for both Tesla-tech and what has been called cold fusion (for lack of better term) can not be substantiated by either relativity theory, thermodynamics or quantum physics as it exists today. Practical realists and experimentators are right now taking over the stronhold of the theorists by actually running machinery in the 1000s of garages and basement labs, and doing things that the inventors themselves can not even explain fully and than mainstream theorists do not recognize the least. We are going to see a meeting between practice and theory in the coming year, between underground and slow mainstream, garage / laboratory and factory. And it's going to be fast and furious when it rolls out, but it is not in State of Denmark to occour from the start, since there is apparently no underground / understanding here. Or am I wrong?

Something wrong in The State ...
  The new alliances
It is rather in India or China or somewhere else where you are not totally dependent on selling oil. And while talking about China and India, both Yuan and Rupee increasingly will burn through as international currencies. The dollar on the other hand become a reserve currency - pun intended! It will still be very important, but the dollar-despotism will fade away and eventually stabilize. In return, we, unfortunately, wil see a period of skizma between the West and the East, a kind of mega-block formation, where the West will again do their agressive protectionism and finance terrorist attacks. The East will have to do their defensive protectionism, Russia foremost. The dumping of the oil prices right now is such an act of finance war directed against Russia. The elites especially in the United States primarily and secondarily in Europe are so obdurate and out of step with the upcoming global reality - and they call themselves globalists! - and trapped by their former dominance patterns to a degree that it seems almost hopeless. Especially the American political climate is so through-sick that it is currently inconceivable that something good can come out of the military state with its military economy.

Meanwhile changes and initiatives are builing in the rest of the World. And it's not because of lack of talent in the West. Nor potential. There just is a devestating lack of a sound management and trading culture where it is not only central bankers need, or rather
desires that will be accommodated. There is a lack of understanding for and even fear for that, which the Chinese are doing right now: building infrastructure everywhere they go, fosting trade, cooperating. The Anglo-Saxon culture is about telling people how they should behave, an then you might want to trade with them. Chinese apparantly just knock on the door and say: can I sell you something? No moral hypocrisy, straight to the point, are you into business or what? While of course pondering on what will be the next place, the Americans are going to invade and tear appart?

Will we see confrontations between Chinese and Americans in the South China Sea? Maybe, maybe not. There is no doubt that some American military personnel have felt that the area was becoming a little too peaceful, and this fact was simply a horrific thought in their upside-down-heads, as they would lose their excuse for actually being there with all their military bases! Could a post WW2 / Cold War pretext be reinvented? This is the entire driving force in the infamous military-financial-industrial-complex: to maintain itself with a pretext. The same with the Ukraine: could a Cold War scenario be reinvented? This is the reason for the constant conflicts and wars, and a sickening need for eternal presence of fear and terror, therefore!

In 2015, this dying culture will generate more opponents. Not on the conditions of the sickness itself fighting the usual wars on its terms, but in human terms. We will se a segregation from the culture-darwinist mindset where every aspect of human life must turn into a state of war. We now see strings of relations forming between countries outside the Core West. Russia included billion-dollar deal with Turkey on oil. Russia included multi-billion-deal on oil with China. It was the difference between the G20 summit and ASEA. At the G20 not a damn thing seemed to happen, at ASEA
everything apparently happened! The World Outside refuses to swallow the demands, that Western leadership pretend themselves to be entitled to impose on the rest. In 2015, we may (will?) see the booming with support for projects such as Shanghai Initiative and BRICS. Smaller countries will consolidate and expand the networks they already have, and new networks will form. They will stand in line even applying for membership or just a closer connection. India may join the Shanghai Coorporation Organisation. China and Japan may lay aside old calamities (uhuh, scary for the Amaricans!). The Countries of the World have 150 years of experience with the imperialism that now sings on its last verse of its last tune, and want to try something else. And more important: they now see an actual possibility for trying the something else, they have wanted for decades.

The Empire should have died off more than a hundred years ago, but managed to prolong its existence. The Emperor pretended to have New Clothes. We call it The Twentieth Century.

However, we must unfortunately, modify the statement that nothing happened at the G20 meeting. A leading EU banker and representative for the global banking cartel revealed with almost child-like earger in a sort-of freudian slip back then, what was to become the new norm after bail-in-the pillage of Cyprus: that WE (the central banks) have now taken a new useful tool into use! Cyprus was an exercise, and with recent G20-meeting it is now confirmed as the norm. The monster's executive arm called the Financial Stability Board, which few people have heard of, is the guarantee for that. Trite said, banks are now allowed to steal people's money if they want to. A gloomy prediction for 2015 is, that we will see Cyprus multiplied elsewhere. It may be on national scale as a restricted area, like Cyprus, or simply customers of a particular bank operating across national borders being targetted. Depending on how directly arrogant and criminal, they do it, it will also be seen and people will really start to turn against their banks and will now have to come up with other solutions.

I would nonetheless argue, that a new school of finance and business is forming in the West consisting of people who want a new style. The school is not A School as such and it doesn't have a name. It is just a rising number of people in business that have recognized the stupidity of predator-casino-speculative capitalism eventually destroying opportunities rather than creating them. They have recognized the fundamental joylessness in the Empires obsolete basic attitude, and they see that, for example, the Chinese have much more fun. They have recognized that trade need not be a war-commerce / act of war, but that to trade for both trading partners benefit is far preferable. Any local peasant or small time grosery owner could have told them that, but in the higher circles logic happens to be completely alienated from common sense.

I would argue that the whole stupid-dualistic right-left, black and white, good-evil, progressive-reactionary, correct-incorrect, civilized development hit, North-South, democratic-undemocratic disaggregation paradigm is falling away. These are false and programmed contradictions that have nothing with the basic human reality to do. The future is syncretic. The political-ideological wings will discover that they are not themselves owning all the pieces of the puzzle but have to learn from each other and actually talk with - not at - each other.

The two rivers that run
2015 will be the year in which the contradiction between the Big Noise generated in the monstrous echo-chamber, and the new tones in the air becomes clearer and more contrasted. It will be a year of the worst and the best. As 2014, but more acute.

We will on the one hand see new atrocities, new wars, new attacks, new lies and deceptions, new false flags and new government-sponsored terrorism. The financial world is likely to have a new financial crisis in the making. We will see new attempts by the US Deep State to start WW3. We want to see actions to paralyze civil rights, and attempts of increasing censorship - and especially self-censorship - will become the menu of the day in the West. The West is intended to be the new Soviet.

We, on the other hand, see a counter of enough-is-enough.
  • Genetically modified anti-food will increasingly be questioned. And it will happen at the international level (outside the US).
  • The non-western currencies will prepare for finance and trade abuses and form their own closed circuit. They will not be permanently closed but merely self-sufficient.
  • Commonwealth alliance will crack when the US is no longer a credible big brother. Australia and New Zealand (and Canada) have just copied the American neo-totalitarian model and it is not their true style. Their present corrupt governments will come under pressure from below.
  • Africa will experience a boost because of the improved infrastructure. This continent is the most impoverished and abused throughout the imperialist era, but will now begin to free themselves from this slavitude.
  • Central Asia will experience regional and national boosts. Via the new alliances they are confirming their identity and learning to manage their resource wealth. Right now the Silk Route, not the Cold War is revived here.
The West has its internal counter-flow.
  • EU opposition will get a partial return. We already see it in some of the new right nationalist movements. Others will try to use the EU against their actual main opponent: their own governments.
  • The Left will just resort to stereotypes and try to demonize and exclude the opposition, since they are now the sitting Establishment of stagnation. EU has become their power base. They have not yet grasped that their opponents are not the ad-hominem caricature they have created. Or to put it another way: They are annoyed that their opponents no longer behave according to the proscibed stereotype. Neither the right or left is what they have been. Left has been unrepentant reactionary and right - or certain parts of the right - has been amazingly progressive.
  • The non-European initiatives will create more cracks in the EU set and in the relationship between the United States and eventually the rest of the world. Europe will have to distance themselves from the desperate despot further to the West, if they will not suffer further from it. We pretend that it will happen ... did that sound convincing? ;-)
The global counter-trend is by no means unproblematic as grand scale and ongoing forces are working on reading, calculating and controlling it. One of the left-wing pieces of the puzzle actually holds water: Pressure begets counter-pressure. Of course this is also Hegelian dialectics and a chance for manipulation in the shape of controlled counter-pressure. But it is also a law of human society in an imperial grip. You can only hold people down until a certain point and then comes the reaction. This mechanism is well undstood by the 'shepheards' of civilisation, and so far the Empire succeeded running crowd-management on the counter flow. It will not continue.

Need I say, that 2015 is not the year in which the process is fullfilled, because it is a long process. However, it will be the year in which it is becomes obvious that a process is in progress, and that it has a direction.

A trip into space
We will get to see more signs that the great powers of the time are working on the militarization and industrialization of Outer Space. The United States has for decades had an unofficial program with highly advanced space technology. There is also no doubt that the Russians are well advanced, but they have been, if possible, even more discreet about it. We saw them eg paralyzing a US warship in the Black Sea in the beginning of Ukraine conflict. All equipment on board went dead for hours as an old clattering Tupolev bomber flew several times over the ship as if it would throw the bombs. Typical Russian downplaying its hi-tech as unsexy, outdated gear.

But by raping international treaties preventing militarization of space - and the US has broken every one of them over the years - here we go with a new era in which starwars-tech will be used. Deja vu. If not war technology is for the purpose of being used, why prepare it?

It is also in this context one has to see the stranglehold that has been on the before-mentioned Pure Energy Systems, of some misleading called 'free energy'. For those not deep into the cutting-edge portion of the military industry.

Isn't it strange, how 9/10 computer games mimick American deep state black ops?
They are playing A Game, and now all young boys in the West are playing a simulation of The Game.

If we even want to give it all an angle and a twist, so could - and here I am much more hesitant as the topic is a little outside my scope - so we could speculate with high-octane on whether 2015 will be the year where the presence on the planet of beings other than humans - or other types of human beings, however you may see it - are introduced in the mainstream? My hesitation is especially, that the majority of the UFO phenomenon seems to be this non-official space program, and that the religiosity that characterizes New Age Ufology is directly spit out of the script of mind-control and disinformation. How convenient is it not, if freak compagny of neo hippies are fuzzing around screaming UFO and Alien, if it's all American Deep State Black Projects?

These kind of projects are extremely costly. There seems to be a concatenation of phenomena in global finance and the black projects. So where does all the money go and why are all countries indebted? Maybe look no further?

Even when you shave the entire post-Nazi technology away, for it is among other the advanced experiments that escaped Germany after WW2, we are talking about, even then there is a pocket that simply smells: Alien. Even a sceptic like me must admit it. While talking about 'escaping' (Operation Paperclip), the Vatican then instrumental in that infamous operation recently came up with some strange statements about aliens. We can from that institution suspect opportunism striving for a 'breath of fresh air' to the once glorious, now ailing religion. Surely they consider themselves a player in the New World Order, where they see themselves as deliverer of a New World Religion? Since they walked around in women's clothing for 2000 years, a space helmet with fairy lights and incense is probably no more far-out?

My guess is, that if there were to be a disclosure of that kind, then we are at least in the decade when this will take place. At the same time we have to take into account, that it unfortunately could be in the form of yet another false flag, as Werner von Braun have described it. After the Nazis and the Soviets, after Islam after the environment has been abused as The Great Boogieman to scare the shit out of you, then they may release the movie: Alien Invasion. It may look like a B-Movie, but mind you, it has the hugest budget. Why not? Orson Welles has already demonstrated that people will jump as flies onto the bate.

Darwin on retirement
One of the reasons that I never really have gone on the alien-track is that humanity's own story is 'alien' enough already. The meme about alien invasion and the presence of funny types with reptilian genes in the back room of some governments, I think, is still 95% myth. Note that I leave a door open for the last 5%. What is not a meme, however, is the extensive cover-up the so-called forbidden archeology. Smithsonian Institute just recently got a Supreme Court verdict for their destruction of 10.000s of skeletons derived from mounds and burrial barrows across the North American continent. Giant mounds here get more than one meaning, these skeletons is between 1.80 meters and up to - keep straight solid: 3.60 meters (6-12 feet)!

We are going to see more of this kind in 2015 and beyond. It is also worth noting that the skeletons are not Mongoloids but Caucasians. It rips up the whole political-correctness debate on American Indians as 'First Nation' (first born), the original immigrants to a deserted continent. It was very much an inhabited continent. The verdict demands the Smithsonian in 2015 to publish secret stamped reports of their crime (my word, not yet called a crime) yet it could mean - for their extensive destruction of super important archaeological material is a huge crime against humanity! - an identity lift and mental renewal for the Americans. They are no longer so history-less, and thus manipulable with Hollywood and media shallowness, as they have been for a century. They are now suddenly white people with a profound ancestral history, a people that has returned to a continent where they once were displaced. They do not need to be stooped with the shame and guilt, that the culture Marxist abusing of the Indian population as leverage for their cultural destruction project like to force upon them. There could be a renewed interest in real history and real archeology and dogmatization and the politicization of this science will really meet some opposition.

It may further spread like ripples in the water. Who knows, maybe even the sleeping Danes will begin to take an interest in their past. I do my own tribe a slight injust here, there is actually some interest and pride here, but it might really boom. Danish history is more that just a bunch of Viking boats in Roskilde. An what museums in the World have not some weird stuff lying in their basements that do not fit on table of the culture-Darwinists? My guess is that there will soon be a whole army ready to address similar issures - in addition to the underground army, which for decades has done part of the immense body of work and study, that mainstream archaeologists and historians long ago should have done. It was in fact an organization called AIAA (American Istitution of Alternative Archeology), who sued the Smithsonian - and won the first round of the battle. And they did, among other things benefit from whistleblowers who had witnessed or even participated in what seems to be a huge crime, and was ashamed of it. They had been threatened and terrorized to shut up, but a an old distiquished scholar had stolen a femur at the institute and saved it in his basement, and on his deathbed he eases his conscience, telling in details about the scam and giving away his illegal piece of evidence.

Even the Christians and even Jews should in reality be able to applaude the project, for the Old Testament tells about the struggle that went on Earth in ancient times. All cultures tell of these tall beings, but according to mainstream archeology and history all defunct cultures have just been full of rubbish. The Vatican has intensively contributed to the overall knowledge-turbidity. They have long time realized, that a shift towards radical revision of early human history would be a landslide also for their design, as it is too much based on historical falsifications, where condemnation of the pagan-heathen world was part of the method.

And here the alien idea and the past of mankind connect in strange and yet obvious ways. For the historical layers - and we are talking about all human culture that reaches beyond the 5,000 years, that both mainstream historians and Christianity have paradoxically agreed to maintain as the limit for actual civilization - this layer also shows a by no means primitive culture but a totally advanced culture. At that stage mainstream suddently finds itself drawing the alien-card - for in the same breath to laugh at itself - simply due to the dogma, that an advanced culture, according to culture-Darwinists, is not possible. The forefathers were the prosimians and club bashers, you know! That the Vatican is now beginning to talk about aliens is highly embarrassing. That they are ready to recognize the green Martian men, while they put a lid on earthly humans past is the height of hypocrisy and can only be seen as an attempt at an update of their cryptic code of not-knowing, that they call faith. Thou shallst not know. For whence thou knowest, thou willst not fear thy Master, thy God.

Summa-short: the Supreme Court verdict of the Smithsonian Institute can not be underestimated, and we will see some consequenses of this revelation already in 2015.

Why do not we just claim without shame and fear and with a big smile, that 2015 will be the year where knowledge blossoms in earnest and gives the un-knowledge of religion, ideology and science much interaction. Out with the skeletons and down in the basement with Darwin!

Also Sprach - Thus Spake ...
Disclaimer: The soothsayer reserves the right at any time to change any of the above statement, if unpredictable and unpredicted events would interfere with the predicted. That this will happen, is the only safe prediction.

Happy wishes for prosperity in yet another cross road year of crucial importance for the future of the inhabintants of Planet Earth.


2015 i krystalkuglen

Lad mig starte med at erklære min reelle inkompetence udi spådomskunst og sandsigeri. Jeg har faktisk ingen krystalkugle, jeg er ikke clairvoyant, og jeg er ikke fremtidsforsker. Sidstnævnte er i øvrigt ligeså inkompetent end jeg, men har bare slået sig op som kompetent.

I stedet har jeg scannet feltet af kloge hoveder, hvis troværdighed har vist sig holdbar. Og hvordan ved du det, hører jeg nede fra salen? Det kaldes 'tæft', kombination af intuition, erfaring og skepsis. Herefter har jeg syntetiseret og tilføjet en deciliter høj-oktan-spekulation, rystet dunken og hældt den på glas af passende størrelse.

Mainstreaming af konspirationstænkning
Vi kommer til at se et flow af koncepter udviklet i undergrunden stige op i mainstream. Her scorer jeg et billigt point, for det har været et mønster i hele menneskehedens historie. Så jeg fremskriver blot det, vi har set i det forløbne år.

Begrebet 'Falske Flag' er nu gået mainstream. Fra at være lagervare hos såkaldte konspirationsteoretikere optræder det nu i mainstream. Vi så det i forbindelse med Syrienkampagnen, hvor den amerikanske og engelske befolkning ikke længere købte stereotypen 'ond diktator gasser sine stakkels undersåtter' kombineret med næste stereotyp 'ond diktators onde regime fortjener sønderbombning betalt med dine skattekroner'. Folk havde nået bullshit-grænsen.

NB! Dette forståelsesskift er endnu ikke nået til den snorksovende, velfærdsforspiste danske befolkning. Min spådom (jeg bruger bare S-ordet og er stor i slaw'et) er, at vi kommer til at se meget mere til den slags visse steder i udlandet, men at danskerne snorker videre - indtil videre.

Skulle det uventede ske, at for mange danskere begynder at stille dumme spørgsmål, vil min spådom til gengæld være, at Danmark bliver ramt af en terrorhandling. Man skulle have troet, at Muhammed-krisen ville have affødt en terrorhandling mod Danmark, men det er fordi vi endnu ikke har forstået de dybere motiver for terror og hvem, der bestiller varen. Danmark (og Fogh Rasmussen) gjorde globalisterne en kæmpe-tjeneste ved at booste the Clash of Civilisations, så der var jo ingen grund til at straffe / mind-game den danske befolkning. Han blev simpelthen belønnet for det. Nordmændene, derimod, var ved at forløbe sig ved at udtrykke for meget støtte til palæstinenserne. Men så fik de sateme en Breivik, og så ku' de lære det! Herefter blev deres statsminister i øvrigt bestukket (som tak for ikke at grave i de dybere lag af Breivik-sagen og medvirke i skuespillet) til at blive den nye Fogh Rasmussen, udstillingsdukken for Pentagon-projektet, NATO. Se blot hvor europæisk den globale angrebspagt er!

Svenskerne, de arme duknakkede kræ med deres opflaskning via politisk korrekthed, fik for nylig noget galt i halsen. Deres regering udtrykte støtte til en palæstinensisk stat. De troede, at det også var politisk korrekt, men DET VAR DET SÅ IKKE! Min spådom bliver derfor, at Sverige får en Breivik, hvis de fremturer. Nu gik det jo lige så godt med kulturmarxist-Sverige, og så skal de ikke komme her!

Husk at amatør-spådomme bygger på det samme princip, der har skabt genren science fiction: hvis vi trækker en lige linje fra fortid hen over nutid ind i fremtiden, -----------> så vil der ske følgende. Men trækning af lige linier forudsætter, at der ikke ankommer uforudsigelige hændelser fra hverken højre eller venstre. At disse ankommer, er der til gengæld historisk belæg for.

Vi lader foreløbig som ingenting og trækker ufortrødent flere linier.

The Empire Strikes Back
Der vil blive gjort forsøg på at fjerne de danske EU-forbehold. Dette er ikke engang en spådom, det er bare aflæsning af konkrete udmeldinger fra politikere. Disse forbehold har rent faktisk været med til at forhindre den eurokratisering, som bla. har medfødt finansielle terrorangreb mod den sydeuropæiske befolkning.

Min spådom bliver følgende: hvis danskerne tillader sig at sige nej endnu en gang, så vil de opleve et finansielt terrorangreb fra ECB, IMF og hele slænget af centralbank-globalister. Danmark kan blive det nye Island - fratrukket islændingenes resolutte afvisning af den globale finansmafia. For Danskerne er for velfærds-forstoppede og massindvandrings-inficerede til overhovedet at fatte, at vi bliver udsat for et finansielt terrorangreb. Vi vil blot dukke nakken og logre lydigt med halen, som da vi blev luret ind i fem angrebskrige i hælene på USA/NATO mod lande udenfor Europa, vi dårligt anede eksisterede. Danske politikere har ingen hår på bollerne som islændingene. Svenskerne ejheller. Se hvordan de blev finansielt angrebet af George Soros i 90'erne, og se blot, hvad der siden er sket med dem. De fatter intet, vi fatter intet og følger bare hovedløst trop!

Lande, der i forvejen er kompromitteret, vil blive yderligere kompromitteret i 2015. Mønstret er det samme som juntaficeringen af Sydeuropa - og Sydamerika - efterfulgt af finansterror 30-40 år efter. Der blev dengang skabt en korrupt elite, hvormed det var muligt at underkue befolkningen med en militærstat. De og denne blev slået tilbage men gik i dækning og forberedte næste skridt: korrumpering med EU-appararet som rygdækning (EU er er blot den provisoriske forløber for Global-Staten).

Vi så i 90'erne ødelæggelsen af Yugoslavien, angrebet på Serbien, brugen af muslimer som politisk-korrekt masseødelæggelsesvåben i Balkan-kampagnen, introduktion af strategiske atomvåben som 'legitimt' redskab i krig - senere gentaget i Irak, Libyen og Syrien. TV-kiggerne anede ikke dengang, at de var vidne til en transmission af atom-bombninger af serbiske faciliteter. I dag dør folk af kræft og føder 'sjove børn' i området ligesom i Felluja-provinsen i Irak og i den libyske ørken.

Ødelæggelsen af Yugoslavien med Serbien som syndebuk var et efterspil i ødelæggelsen af Sovjetstaten og dens alliancer efter murens fald. Sovjet-konceptet var fra starten et vestligt-elitært koncept, et socialt eksperiment beregnet på at svække det russiske rige - det fører for vidt at gøre rede for det her - men ligesom alle påtvungne koncepter, bliver disse destrueret, når de når et vist niveau af autonomi og vender sig imod Imperiets overordnede agenda. Vi ser det hele tiden i mindre skala, når CIA arrangerer omstyrtelsen af endnu en diktatorisk nikkedukke indsat af CIA selv. Spådom: vi vil se det samme med ISIS. Når de har tjent deres formål, bliver rejseholdet sendt videre. Lige nu lader USA som om, at de er på kant med Tyrkiet, som understøtter terroristerne, men i virkeligheden gør tyrkerne blot nøjagtig det beskidte arbejde, de oprindelig blev bestilt til.

Jeg kører stadigvæk på frihjul, for jeg forudsiger egentlig blot, hvad der hele tiden har være i kog. Omstyrtelses- og manipulations-maskinen har sine stereotype mønstre, sine metoder. Så længe de virker - og det gør de stort set hver gang - ser man ingen grund til at lave dem om. Officielt taler man om 'fejltagelser' og 'blow-back', hver gang en ny terrorgruppe går bersærk, men eftersom man hele tiden har oprettet, støttet, finansieret, trænet og hyret dem, og eftersom man hele tiden profiterer på resultatet af deres bersærkeri, så er der kun én plausibel forklaring: at det hele er meningen. Regeringer er vældig gode til at spille dumme. Blow-back, my ass!

Historiens stereotypi
De stereoptype metoder virker ikke så godt længere.
Vi vil derfor se følgende:
  • Fortsættelsen af stereotypien (den har sin egen inerti) med det resultat, at folk efterhånden slår sig på låret af grin over den stupiditet og gennemskuelige forudsigelighed, som den globale elite byder dem.
  • Åbenlys laden-som-ingenting under udførelse af diverse udåde: vi har set jer, I har set os, I kan ikke stoppe det, vi er fucking ligeglade. De gider ikke engang at gøre sig umage eller feje op efter sig længere.
  • En efterligning, et meme af folks reaktion, et nyt lag af illusion, der ligner en modbevægelse, men som blot er en manipuleret medbevægelse i håb om, at folk falder for det igen: Ja det er sørme for galt, at CIA har udført systematisk tortur hele tiden, det kan vi ikke have, det må vi gøre noget ved, for det var vi sørme ikke klar over før for nylig ... Dick Cheney havde for en gangs skyld ret, da han sagde: præsidenten vidste det fra starten.
Intet nyt under solen her heller. Men hvordan vil det ske?

Folk vil i større stil og antal at opdage, at de ikke er alene om deres tanker og følelser. Imperiets taktik er isolation - du er altid alene, der er dig, og så er der de andre. Folk vil begynde at opdage, at når de udtrykker deres tanker om verden, dens begivenheder og årsagerne til disse, at de ikke er alene. Fårene vil opdage, at de ikke er så fårede, som nogen sagde. Og konspiranoikerne vil opdage, at fårene ikke er så fårede, som de sagde, de var, og at de selv skulle tage sig lidt sammen og huske, hvor fårede de selv var engang.

Vi vil se, at vi visse steder er ved at nærme os 10%-grænsen. Altså det er ikke nødvendigt, at over halvdelen af en befolkning vågner af 100-års-søvnen. I Tyskland skete der for nylig det, at en tidligere journalist i en bog beskrev, hvordan han og mange af hans kolleger konstant blev bestukket og korrumperet af CIA. Resultat: salget af aviser faldt drastisk. Tyskerne vidste det i bund og grund godt. De hørte samtidigt om NSA's aflytninger af alt og alle, inklusive kanslerinnen. Mange tyskere er oprørte over landets støtte til USA i Ukraine-affæren.

En forsigtig spådom - jeg kører stadig på frihjul, for det sker allerede - er, at det samme vil ske i Frankrig. England grundet den korrupte regeringskultur og det imperiale gods hos the Establishment, vil stadig være USA's tro væbner (er det væbneren eller rustningen, der bestemmer?). Vi taler om den britiske regeringen, for briterne har ikke meget sympati for den slags. De vil derfor blive tvunget yderligere i knæ med hestekure. Spådom: Danmark lider fortsat af 'den engelske syge' og vil forsøge noget lignende. Vi vil se en yderligere fattiggørelse af den danske befolkning i det kommende år.

2015 vil også være året, hvor sanktionspolitikken mod Rusland giver bagslag. Her kan man tale om et blow-back efter et blow-job. Europa har automatisk fulgt USA aggressionspolitik, men det har udelukkende været til USA tilfredsstillelse. Og når sanktionerne lammer Europa - russerne skal bare bruge 2 år til at kommer styrket ud af krisen - vil det yderligere være til fordel for American Deep State, for den ser vældig gerne, at Europa ruinerer sig selv.

Måske er det mere et ønske end en spådom, men alligevel: vi vil se yderligere nedsmeltning af stereotyperne med højre- og venstre-ideologier. Højrepartierne i Europa har for længst overtaget den agenda, som venstrefløjen havde: systemkritik, anti-globalisme, anti-EU, anti-korporatisme. Nationalisme vil få en ny drejning bort fra chauvinisme. Nationerne og dermed deres befolkninger er under voldsomt pres i disse år. Finansterror og masse-indvandring æder af deres livsenergi.

For nylig kom der en bemærkelsesværdig udtalelse fra Marine le Pen fra det franske højrenationale parti, der har haft stor fremgang og opbakning. Udtalelsen viser tydeligt det paradoksale i venstrefløjens forfald til det reaktionære. Hun krævede, at den franske nationalbank skulle auditeres og gøre rede for alle dens transaktioner. Den skulle bla. klarlægge sine guldreserver og relationer til Federal Reserve. Hold da ferie, den sad lige i skabet! Det skulle venstrefløjen have gjort for længst, men den hedder jo Hollande, som er ligeså bagstræberisk og establishment-ramt som Obama og Cameron.

Der foregår masser af ting under bordet, som offentligheden intet aner om. Diplomati fx. For nylig gjorde den russiske præsident et stop i lufthavnen i Paris, hvor han holdt et hurtigt møde med franskbrødet, monsieur Hollande. Vi kan gætte på, hvad der blev talt om. Fx. handelsaftaler, mulighed for genoptagelse af store ordrer med fly og militærskibe, måske? Olie og udvikling af faciliteter. Ikke så meget om en dødelig glidetur for en oliedirektør på en landingsbane i Moskva, det var nok med i bagkataloget. Men altså: sanktionerne kan også mærkes i Frankrig. Og Hollande får svært ved helt at sidde Marie le Pens krav overhørig. Ligesom tyskerne, kan man forsigtigt spå, vil de forlange deres guldreserver udleveret fra FR (eller hvor de nu befinder sig, for her er de sørme også forsvundet ...). Man ser for sig en eller anden kælder i Midtvesten af USA, en slags neo-nazistisk skatte-bunker med alle de kunstgenstande, de stjal fra museet i Bagdad sammen med de libyske og ukrainske guldreserver, der også lige forsvandt i tumulten.

Energi og fysik
Og hvad ligger der mere i kælderen? Alle de opfindelser, som de har stjålet fra striben af genier siden Tesla. En spådom er, at 2015 bliver året, hvor de første gen-opfindelser af Tesla-teknologier rammer markedet og bliver masseproduceret. Jeg siger gen-opfindelser, for militæret har haft dem hele tiden, det kan der ikke være tvivl om. Der kan heller ikke være tvivl om, at militærindustrien og olieindustrien har gjort alt, de kunne for at forhindre, at teknologierne blev tilgængelige. Men det vil ikke længere være muligt, for der er et mylder under overfladen af eksperimenter, som efterhånden er modne til finish. De første store investorer og producenter er allerede gået i gang.

Helt sikkert er det, at etablissementet vil forsøge at kvæle gennembruddet. Nogle opfindere vil, i hvert fald i USA, få en såkaldt 'gag ordre'. Jeres opfindelse er nu konfiskeret og hemmeligstemplet, da den udgør en risiko for staten. Risiko, yeah right! Men det betyder måske blot, at det ikke er i kvælerslangens territorium, at gennembruddet vil ske, selvom netop USA myldrer med garage-genier. De flytter måske blot til Brasilien eller Tyrkiet. Nogle af dem vil indse det kloge i at gå Open Source, for så patent-kvælerne ikke så let ramme dem. Måske vil Indien og Kina tage hul på bylden og dermed tage føringen. Det være dem vel undt. Rusland kunne også sagtens matche, men den russiske olieindustri vil nok være, skal vi sige: ret uinteresseret. Russisk videnskab fejler dog ikke noget, og det ville sandsynligvis være lettere for deres videnskabsmænd at fatte fysikken bag, end det vil være for mange i Vesten.

For vi taler om en multistrenget teknologi, der bryder med de gængse modeller i fysikken. Videnskaben skal en tur på skolebænken for at revidere deres verdensbillede, for både Tesla-tech og hvad man har kaldt for kold fusion (af mangel på bedre term), kan ikke underbygges af hverken relativitetsteori, termodynamik eller kvantefysik, som den findes i dag. Praktikerne er lige nu ved at overhale teoretikerne, og der kører maskineri i 1000'er af garager, som opfinderne ikke engang selv kan forklare fuldt ud. Vi kommer til at se et møde mellem praksis og teori i det kommende år, mellem undergrund og mainstream, laboratorie og fabrikshal. Og det kommer til at går stærkt, når det først ruller, men det bliver ikke i Danmark, hvor det sker først, for der findes tilsyneladende ingen undergrund her. Tager jeg fejl? I så fald gemmer den sig godt.

De nye alliancer
Det bliver snarere Indien eller Kina, eller et andet sted, hvor man ikke er totalt afhængig af at sælge olie. Og mens vi taler om Kina og Indien, så vil både Yuan og Rupee i stigende grad brænde igennem som internationale valutaer. Til gengæld vil vi, desværre, se en splittelse mellem Vest og Øst, en slags mega-blokdannelse, hvor Vesten igen vil forsøge sig med deres protektionisme og finans-terrorangreb. Den siddende elite især i primært USA og sekundært i Europa er så forstokkede og ude af trit med den globale virkelighed - og de kalder sig for 'globalister'! - og fanget af deres hidtidige dominans-mønstre i en grad, at det nærmest synes håbløst. Især det amerikanske politiske klima er så gennem-sygt, at det lige nu er utænkeligt, at noget godt kan komme fra militærstaten.

Til gengæld er der totalt gang i resten af Verden. Og det er ikke, fordi der mangler talenter i Vesten. Ej heller potentiale. Der mangler en sund ledelses- og handelskultur, hvor det ikke kun er central-bankfolks behov/begær, der tilgodeses. Der mangler forståelse for det, som fx kineserne gør lige nu: bygger infrastrukturer overalt, de kommer frem, skaber mulighed for handel, samarbejder. Den angelsaksiske kultur består i at fortælle folk, hvordan de skal opføre sig, hvorefter man måske vil handle med dem. Kineserne banker bare på døren og siger: kan jeg sælge dig noget? Ikke noget moralsk hykleri, lige til sagen, skal vi handle eller hvad? Mens de i øvrigt tænker: hvad bliver mon det næste sted, som amerikanerne har tænkt sig at smadre?

Kommer vi til at se konfrontationer mellem kinesere og amerikanere i det Sydkinesiske Hav? Måske, måske ikke. Der er ingen tvivl om, at der findes nogle amerikanske militærfolk, der har syntes, at området var ved at blive lidt for fredeligt, og det var rædselsvækkende, for så mistede de jo deres påskud for at være der med alle deres militærbaser! Kunne man ikke skaffe sig et påskud? Dette er hele drivkraften i det infame militær-finansielle-industrielle-komplex: at vedligeholde sig selv med påskud. Derfor skal der konstant være konflikter og krige, derfor skal der konstant være frygt og terror, derfor!

I 2015 vil hele denne syge kultur få yderligere modspil. Ikke på sygdommens betingelser, men på menneskers betingelser. Vi ser modspillet tage form i relationer mellem lande udenfor Vesten. Rusland indgår milliard-deal med Tyrkiet om olie. Rusland indgår multi-milliard-deal om olie med Kina. Det var forskellen mellem G20-topmødet og ASEA. På G20 skete der ikke en skid, på ASEA skete ... alt! Verden gider ikke længere det pis, som Vestens lederskab bilder sig selv ind at have ret til at pådutte alle andre. I 2015 vil det boome med opbakning til projekter som Shanghai-initiativet og BRICS. Mindre lande vil befæste og udvide de netværk, de allerede har, og nye netværk vil opstå. De vil stå i kø for at søge om medlemskab eller nærmere tilknytning. De har 150 års erfaring med den imperialisme, der nu synger på sit sidste vers, og de er sick-and-tired af den.

Vi må dog desværre modificere udsagnet om, at der intet skete på G20-mødet. Det globale bankvæsen gjorde alvor af det, som en fortalende bankmand røbede, ville blive den nye norm efter bail-in-udplyndringen af Cypern: at vi (bankerne) nu har taget et nyt redskab i anvendelse. Cypern var en øvelse, på G20 blev det nu normen, og monstrets udførende arm hedder Financial Stability Board, hvilket de færreste har hørt om. Banalt sagt har banker nu lov til at stjæle folks penge, hvis de har lyst. En dyster forudsigelse for 2015 er, at vi vil se Cypern multipliceret andre steder. Det kan være nationalt som et afgrænset område, Cypern, eller blot kunderne i en bestemt bank, der opererer på tværs af landegrænser. Afhængig af, hvor direkte arrogant og forbryderisk, de gør det, vil det også blive set, og folk vil for alvor begynde at vende sig mod deres banker og komme op med andre løsninger.

Men jeg vil alligevel påstå, at vi kan ane konturerne af en ny skole og en ny generation af finans- og businessfolk i Vesten, der ønsker og arbejder for en ny stil. De har erkendt, at rovdyrs-casino-spekulations-kapitalisme i sidste ende ødelægger muligheder frem for at skabe det, de i bund og grund vil. De har erkendt det grundlæggende glædesløse i Imperiets forældede grundattitude og ser, at fx kineserne har det langt sjovere. De har erkendt, at handel ikke behøver være en krigs-handel / krigshandling, men at handel til begge handelsparters fordel er langt at foretrække. Vesten har i alt for lang tid tænkt i win-lose. Den nye generation begynder at tænke win-win - for ellers bliver det lose-win. Rendyrket spekulativ finanstænkning er ikke livsfremmende, den er destruktiv og ødelægger handel og udvikling.

Jeg vil påstå, at hele det stupid-dualistiske højre-venstre, sort-hvide, gode-onde, progressive-reaktionære, korrekte-ukorrekte, civiliserede-udviklingsramte, Nord-Syd, demokratiske-udemokratiske opdelings-paradigme er ved at falde væk. Det er falske og programmerede modsætninger, der ikke har noget med den grundlæggende menneskelige virkelighed at gøre. Fremtiden bliver synkretisk. De politisk-ideologiske fløje vil opdage, at de ikke hver for sig sidder med alle brikkerne til puslespillet men er nødt til at lære af hinanden og tale sammen.

De to strømme
2015 bliver året, hvor modsætningen mellem den støj, der er genereret i det monstrøse ekko-kammer, og de nye toner i æteren bliver tydeligere og mere kontrasteret. Det vil blive et år med både det værste og det bedste.

Vi vil på den ene side se nye grusomheder, nye krigshandlinger, nye overgreb, nye løgne og bedrag, nye falske flag, nye regerings-sponsorerede terrorhandlinger. Finansverdenen har sandsynligvis en ny finanskrise i støbeskeen. Vi vil se nye forsøg fra US Deep State og israelerne på at starte WW3. Vi vil se tiltag for at lamme civile rettigheder, og forsøg på øget censur vil blive daglig kost i Vesten. 

Det er den totalitære strøm, for Vesten er tiltænkt at blive det nye Sovjet. Vestens medier er allerede en ensrettet blok, der er i stand til at udsende flodbølger af lodret løgn. Hvad der især er slående er, at sovjettidens læsere var fuldstændig klar over, at Pravda var ren propaganda-bogus, mens vestens læsere for størstedelens vedkommende ikke aner, hvad de labber i sig.

Vi vil på den anden side se en global modstrøm af enough-is-enough.
  • Genetisk modificeret anti-føde vil i højere grad blive betvivlet. Og det vil ske på internationalt niveau (udenom USA). 
  • De ikke-vestlige valutaer vil ruste sig mod finans- og handelsovergreb og danne deres egne lukkede kredsløb. De vil ikke være permanent lukkede men blot selvforsynende.
  • Commonwealth-alliancen vil slå revner, da USA ikke længere er en troværdig storebror. Australien og New Zealand (og Canada) har i for høj grad kopieret den amerikanske neo-totalitære model og den er ikke deres stil. Deres for tiden korrupte regeringer vil komme under pres nedefra.  
  • Afrika vil opleve et løft på grund af den forbedrede infrastruktur. Dette kontinent er det mest udpinte og misbrugte i hele den imperialistiske æra, men vil nu begynde at frigøre sig fra dette slavebånd. 
  • Centralasien vil opleve en stribe nationale løft. Via de nye alliancer vil de bekræfte deres identitet og lære at håndtere deres ressourcerigdom.  
Vesten har sine egne  modstrømme. 
  • EU-modstanden vil få en delvis tilbagekomst. Vi vil se det hos en del af de nye højrenationale bevægelser. Andre vil forsøge at bruge EU mod deres egentlige hovedmodstander: deres egne regeringer.
  • Venstrefløjen vil blot gribe til stereotyperne og forsøge at dæmonisere og ekskludere. De har endnu ikke fattet, at deres opponenter ikke er den ad-hominem-karikatur, de har skabt. Eller sagt på en anden måde: De er irriterede over, at deres opponenter ikke længere opfører sig ifølge stereotypen. Hverken højre eller venstre er, hvad de har været. Venstre er blevet forstokkede reaktionære og højre - eller visse dele af højre - er blevet forbløffende progressive. Hvis vi overhovedet skal bruge disse udtryk, der afspejler det forlorne skisme fra forrige århundrede.
  • De ikke-europæiske initiativer vil skabe flere revner i EU-apparatet og i forholdet mellem USA og efterhånden resten af Verden. Europa bliver nødt til at lægge afstand til den desperate despot i Vest, hvis ikke de skal lide yderligere under det. Vi lader som om, at det vil ske ... lød det overbevisende? ;-)
Modstrømmen er på ingen måde uproblematisk, da den bliver læst, beregnet og bekæmpet. En af venstrefløjens brikker i puslespillet holder for så vidt vand: tryk avler modtryk. Det kan selvfølgelig være hegeliansk dialektik og et skema for manipulation. Men det er også en lovmæssighed for menneskelige samfund i et imperialt greb. Man kan kun holde mennesker nede indtil et vist punkt, og så kommer reaktionen. Indtil videre er det det lykkedes Imperiet at køre crowd-management på modstrømmen. Det vil ikke blive ved.

2015 er ikke året, hvor processen fuldbyrdes, for det er en lang proces. Men det bliver året, hvor det er tydeligt, at processen er i gang, og at den har en retning. 

En tur i rummet
Vi vil komme til at se flere tegn på, stormagterne for tiden forsøger en militarisering og industrialisering af rummet. USA har i årtier haft et ikke-officielt program med meget avanceret teknologi. Der er heller ingen tvivl om, at russerne er langt fremme, men de har om muligt været endnu mere diskrete med det. Vi se dem fx lamme et amerikansk krigsskib i begyndelsen af Ukraine-konflikten, så al teknologi gik død i timer. En gammel skramlet bomberfly fløj adskillige gange nedover skibet, som om det ville smide bomben. Typisk russisk i øvrigt at underspille hi-tech som usexet, forældet gear. 

Men ved at voldtage internationale konventioner om ikke at militarisere rummet - og USA har brudt samlige af slagsen gennem årene - er der for længst taget hul på en ny æra, hvor starwars-tech vil blive brugt. Hvis ikke krigsteknologi skal bruges, hvorfor fremstiller man den så?

Det er også i denne sammenhæng man er nødt til at se det kvælertag, der har været på før-omtalte Pure Energy Systems, af nogle misvisende kaldt for 'fri energi'. For de stikker for dybt ind i cutting-edge-delen af militærindustrien.

Hvis vi oven i købet skal give det hele en vinkel og en skrue til, så kunne - og her er jeg langt mere tøvende, da emnet ligger lidt udenfor mit scope - så kunne man spekulere med høj-oktan på, om 2015 bliver året, hvor tilstedeværelsen af andre væsener end mennesker - eller andre former for mennesker - bliver introduceret i mainstream? Min tøven går især på, at størstedelen af UFO-fænomenet netop synes at være dette ikke-officielle rumprogram, og at den religiøsitet, der karakteriserer new-age-ufologien er direkte ud af scriptet for mind-control og disinformation. Hvor belejligt er det ikke, hvis flipcompagniet stæser rundt og råber ufo og alien, hvis det hele er et American Deep State Black Project?

Den slags projekter er ekstremt bekostelige. Der synes at være en sammenkædning af fænomener i den globale finansverden og de sorte projekter. Altså hvor forsvinder alle pengene hen, og hvorfor er alle lande forgældede? Maybe look no further?

Selv når man barberer hele post-nazi-teknologien væk, for det er bla. de fremskredne eksperimenter, der slap ud af Tyskland efter WW2, vi taler om, så er der en lomme tilbage, der slet og ret virker: alien. Mens vi taler om 'at slippe ud' (Operation Paperclip), så er Vatikanet for nylig kommet med besynderlige udtalelser om aliens. Vi kan fra den kant vente os opportunisme for et 'frisk pust' til den før så gloriøse, nu skrantende religion. Mon ikke de regner sig selv for en spiller i New World Order, hvor de mener at kunne levere en New World Religion? Nu har de rendt rundt i dametøj i 2000 år, så en rumhjelm med kulørte lamper og røgelse er vel ikke mere 'far-out'?

Mit bud er, at hvis der sker en 'disclosure', så er vi som minimum i det årti, hvor en sådan vil finde sted. Samtidig er vi nødt til at tage i betragtning, at det desværre kunne være i form af endnu et falsk flag, som Werner von Braun beskrev det. Efter at nazisterne og russerne, efter at Islam og efter at miljøet er misbrugt som The Great Boogieman to scare the shit out of you, så kunne man køre filmen: Alien Invasion. Hvorfor ikke? Orson Welles har allerede demonstreret, at folk vil hoppe på den.

Darwin på pension
En af årsagerne til, at jeg aldrig for alvor har kørt ud af alien-sporet er, at menneskehedens egen historie er 'alien' nok i forvejen. Memet om invasion fra rummet og tilstedeværelsen af sjove typer med reptil-gener i baglokalet hos regeringerne, mener jeg, er stadigvæk 95% meme. Hvad der ikke er et meme, derimod, er det omfattende cover-up af såkaldt forbudt arkæologi. Smithsonian Institute har lige for nylig fået en højesteretsdom for deres destruktion af 10.000'er af skeletter stammende fra 'mounds', kæmpehøje overalt på kontinentet. Kæmpehøje får her mere end en betydning, for disse skeletter er mellem 1.80 meter og helt op til - hold lige fast: 3.60 meter! 

Vi kommer til at se mere til den slags i 2015 og fremover. Det er også værd at bemærke sig, at skeletterne ikke er mongoloider, men kaukasere. Det river op i hele politisk-korrektheds-debatten om indianere som 'first nation', de oprindelige indvandrere til et mennesketomt kontinent. Det var i allerhøjeste grad et beboet kontinent. Dommen medfører at Smithsonian i 2015 skal offentliggøre hemmeligstemplede rapporter om deres forbrydelse - for deres omfattende destruktion af supervigtigt arkæologisk materiale er en kæmpe forbrydelse mod menneskeheden! - betyde et identitetsløft og -skift hos amerikanerne. De er ikke længere så historieløse, og dermed overfladisk manipulerbare, som de har været. De er nu pludselig hvide mennesker med en dyb fortid, der er vendt tilbage til et kontinent, hvor de var blevet fortrængt. De behøver ikke at være duknakkede og skyldbefængte over kulturmarxisternes misbrug af den indianske befolkning som løftestang for deres kultur-destruktionsprojekt. Der vil komme en fornyet interesse for rigtig historie og rigtig arkæologi og dogmatiseringen og politiseringen af denne videnskab vil for alvor få modspil.

Det vil yderligere sprede sig som ringe i vandet. Hvem ved, måske vil selv danskerne begynde at interessere sig for deres fortid. Hvilke museer har i øvrigt ikke ting og sager liggende, der ikke passer ind i kultur-darwinisternes skema? Mit bud er, at der snart vil stå en hel hær klar til at tage fat - udover den undergrundshær, der i årtier har gjort et benarbejde, som arkæologer og historikere for længst skulle have gjort. Det var fx en organisation kaldet AIAA (American Istitution of Alternative Archeology), der lagde sag an mod Smithsonian - og vandt. Og det gjorde de blandt andet vha whistleblowere, der havde været vidner eller endog medvirkende, og som skammede sig over det. De har været truet og terroriseret til at holde kæft, men en destingveret kurator havde stjålet et lårben og gemt det, og på sit dødsleje letter han sin samvittighed og fortæller i detaljer om svindelnummeret. 

Selv de kristne, ja selv jøderne burde bifalde projektet, for det Gamle Testamente fortæller om kæmper, der gik på jorden i fordums tid. Alle kulturer beretter om dem, men ifølge mainstream-arkæologi og historieskrivning har samtlige hedengangne kulturer været fulde af vrøvl. Vatikanet har i stor stil medvirket til den generelle videns-forplumring. De har vidst, at et skred i retning af radikal revision af menneskets tidlige historie ville være et skred for deres konstruktion, da den i for høj grad bygger på historiske forfalskninger, hvor fordømmelse af al hedensk / hedengangent var en del af metoden.

Og her forbinder alien-tanken og menneskehedens fortid sig på sær og dog indlysende måde. For det historiske lag - og vi taler om alt, der rækker udover de 5.000 år, som i både mainstream-historikere og kristendom har været enige om at hævde som grænse for egentlig civilisation - dette lag viser også en på ingen måde primitiv kultur men en totalt avanceret kultur. At man i for høj grad har trukket alien-kortet - for dernæst at grine af sig selv - skyldes blot, at en avanceret kultur af den alder ifølge kultur-darwinisterne ikke er mulig. For forfædrene var jo halvaber og køllesvingere! Og at Vatikanet nu er begyndt at snakke om aliens er næsten pinligt. De er rede til at anerkende grønne marsmænd, mens de lægger låg på jordmenneskenes fortid er topmålet af hykleri og kan kun opfattes som et forsøg på en opdatering af deres kryptiserings-kode.

Summa-summarum: Højesteretskendelsen over Smithsonian kan ikke undervurderes, og det vil vi se allerede i 2015.

Skal vi ikke bare vedtage, at 2015 bliver året, hvor viden for alvor speeder op med at give religionernes, ideologiernes og videnskabens uvidengørelse langt mere modspil. Tænk lige over dette: selv for religion og videnskab kunne det betyde fornyet livskraft. Der kunne ske en re-spiritualiseret and åndløs religion. Der kunne ske en afdogmatisering genopstandelse af ægte nysgerrig pionerånd i videnskaben.

Ud med skeletterne i skabet og ned i kælderen med Darwin!

Also Sprach ...
Disclaimer: spåmanden forbeholder sig ret til på ethvert givet tidspunkt at ændre ethvert udsagn, hvis uforudsigelige og uforudsagte hændelser skulle forstyrre det forudsagte. At dette vil ske, er den eneste sikre spådom.


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