THE ROUND TABLE I: Global Newsletter

A new series
Radio paradigm is back after a break of several months. And it is not because the world is NOT in its vicissitudes, on the contrary. There is plenty to be observed.

Therefore, in this broadcast (which transcript you are reading here, since you probably don't understand Danish) we attempt to make a catch-up with the larger movements in geopolitics. We do this to refuel ourselves with clean basic information about that, which we never see or read about in mainstream media. We do this to at least try to contribute with the next step in the knowledge process: A putting together and interpretation of this vaste amount of information.
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In other words, we want to contribute to the informative homework by asking who, what, where and when. And then we would like to help to highlight and extract patterns and relationships in order to answer the question: why. Then we can talk about knowledge.

Shakespeare - who ever he or she was - let's the tragic figure, Macbeth have these words:

Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player,
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

As the confused king, we can often feel like pawns in a big chess game where we are involuntary actors and pieces. It is difficult to discern the meaning of it all. But Shakespeare has even given the key to the understanding of the obscure game: see it as a play, a staging. There is an author of this play, there is a script, there are characters who play their roles. So what you see is theater and not sheer reality, and the mainstream media and their statements should never, repeat never be taken at face value.

One would hope that a slightly larger portion of media people and decision makers in our society had just a bit of the insights we find in the tragic figure, Macbeth: that they in deed are pawns in a game they did not write themselves and that they have nothing, repeat
nothing to say of its outcome. With that gloomy acknowledgement they might actually be about to make the first real decision in their life, that is not pre-boiled for them by the the powers-that-should-not-be.

And with those words let us jump right into a conversation at the Round Table. Present were five men and three women, all of which contribute to the conversation. I the audio you will hear hear the different voices. In the transcript, it is written as one voice.


Russia in focus
We are in times of geopolitical changes in a scale not seen since the breakdown of the Sovjet Union and the Warshaw pact between 1980-91. That also goes for the strategic-military and economic situation, another main focus to in this forum. Money makes the world go around, that clinky-clanky sound ...

The elite, who have been dominating since the second World War is now beginning to feel the toilet is burning. The alliances they have created are now being challenged to a degree that they can no longer consider themselves to have supremacy. The G20 countries are now telling the Americans  who primarilly have tried to isolate Russia the most in the Ukraine, that they will not participate in the isolation of Russia. For that reason Putin now has been invited to the big summit in Australia.

It so happened that Australia's psychopathic leader, ex-prizefighter Jack Abbott, boasted in the media saying that he for certain would give Putin a lesson on how to behave. The moron threatenes the russian with primitive physical violence! Does he know, by the way, that Putin has the black belt in marial arts? We have seen time and time again, when Putin meets Obama, that Obama is almost afraid of him, and it's always Putin, who is relaxed with a mischievous smile. The Australian president is extremely unpopular after a year in office and is losing his electoral base. But the idiot evidently considered it important to go delivery boy for the Anglo-Saxon elite interests.

Compared to Ukraine, where Russia currently have taken over the diplomatic game, the western elite is in the process of being set well and truly in place. Lavrov and Putin have found out that they can actually cope with Europe. Countries like Germany and France have recognized that sanctions cannot work toward a country of Russia's size. Russia has approached her to China and got huge contracts for oil-gas supplies in place, also agreements on high-speed train routes, the socalled New Silk Routes. Germany also has large contracts in progress with China.

Just a week ago, the CEO of the French oil company, Total,  Christophe de Margerie, crashed his privat jet in Moscow Airport. Hardly an accident, since he actually broke the embargo by continuing negotiations with Russia on oil and even stated, that there was no reason to pay with dollars. And we know what that means. This is considered the ultimate sin of disobediance by the petro-dollar-mafia, for which they have murdered, plundered, assasinated, intervened and made war again-and-again since Richard Nixon tied the global oil trade with the dollar.

The Russians have kept the black boxes this time, started a criminal investigation (meaning: they regard it as a political-financial crime and not an accident) and invited French experts. They saw how the British stole the black boxes from the Malaysian plane that crashed in Ukraine in order to obstruct and manipulate the investigation. They probably also invited the French 'experts' meaning the Total directory board, so they can finish the deal with the oil developement, that de Margerie was going for.

New signs from India
India's newly elected prime minister, Narendra Modi, has been very outspoken saying directly that he considers Russia to be India's closest allied. The Indians are now joining the Silk Route project that mainly the Chinese have authored, and it now seems that India and China after the recent Summit a month and a half ago in New Delhi are in the process of finally resolving the border in the area of ​​Himachal Pradesh of the Ladakh region in one end and Arunachal Pradesh on the other end. They here have as a model the Russian-Chinese border negotiations that took place in the late 90s through to the 00s in the border area of ​​Manchuria, and Russia is now actively involved in addressing the India-China issues that indeed have been severe and had prevented progress in the cooperation between the three countries in the RIC - the Russia-India-China cooperation - an issue which the Americans for strategic reasons are very afraid of should it become a reality.

Narendrea Modi has obtained an absolute majority of his policies for the Hindu-nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party at the elections in May, and he is willing to go a long way in his understanding of the Chinese and the Silk Route project. And that's not all, for the Iranians have turned to the Indians with an appeal of access to use the port city Sharbahar connecting to the major railway in which Russian Railways is a stakeholder. It runs from Sharbahar by the Persian Gulf and into Afghanistan and Central Asia, thus Turmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and China, but also the other way via Azerbaijan and southern Russia to Moscow and on to Europe.

This north-south corridor is a great opportunity to coordinate these trade routes that are to be established in the Eurasian region. Additionally countries like Oman and Kenya in East Africa have joined the partnership. It creates a powerful dynamics in relation to the economic factor, expansion of ports, rail systems, container facilities and facilitates the transport of large amounts of goods avoiding the problematic and politizised shipping routes: the Suez Canal and the Panama Canal.

New alliances against the Empire
This is a move against what has been the Old World Order primarily with origins in the British Empire in the last 300+ years. It was the Empire of the Sea - the one who mastered the Sea, dominated the Universe. The recent moves make the trade less vulnerable to a possible confrontation with the Old World Order, who as we know had hoped that it was them and only them who were free to define their New World Order.

Equally interesting is the fact that old frozen conflicts can now be resolved. One originates from the Korean War. The relationship between North- and South Korea can now be thawed and South Korea have large investments in Mongolia, where they found large deposits of oil and rare metals only found in this area. Mongolia has opened up to trade with countries other than Russia and China, here South Korea, which has the world's fifth largest economy. It will provide a significant economic dynamo effect in the region where South Korea will provide machines to extract the metals, and the Russians have offered to transport them overland from Ulan Bator via Irkutsk and Vladivostok at the Sea of ​​Japan.

Here we recall that South Korea is not exactly the country that Americans will give the impression of: sheer American-friendliness. They have been forced to simulate friedship because of North Korea's sometimes aggressive rhetoric, and because they actually are an occupied country, with 50,000 American troops. South Korea has huge economic interests in China, their largest trade partner right now. This means that they trade more with China and Russia today than with the United States and Japan, that are their official allies.

Embargo and financial suicide
The Europeans under pressure from the United States imposed an embargo against Russia, which has responded by cutting off trade and traffic. One might think that it is an own goal from the West. Russia is right now not one of the largest economies, Germany, for example. is larger. But Russia has huge non-fully exploited potentials, as they will now be encouraged to mobilize. There are also commentators who had predicted a near future purge - we like not really the word because it sounds a bit Stalinist - of people who as a fifth column has thwarted the internal Russian interests and example. right now trying to use the embargo to their advantage.

On the other hand, the financial oligarchs residing in London have contributed to the fact that England is not one of the most vociferous in connection with sanctions against Russia. This applies also to British liberal and conservative politicians. England is also one of the countries that are in the process of implementing the Chinese Yuan as a direct exchange currency, which is of course a showdown with the otherwise indisputable dollar empire. It means that the entire system that has been built up since 1944 with the Dollar as a monopolized world currency with the Pound Sterling as a reserve currency - Breton Woods agreements and the IMF, WTO arising out of that + the UN - is undgoing a violent decomposition. And on top of that the emerging markets begin to grow stronger - the old G7 is being overtaken by the new G7.

IMF people are talking, of course, primarily about the BRICS members, but now three new members will join: Turkey, Mexico and Indonesia. Their real purchasing power and growth is now larger than the original G7. China's purchasing power in itself has overtaken the United States. On paper it may seem as if the United States has more foreign reserves. You could say that Americans have a greater crank on their printing press, but that China owns many of the American funds, because the United States has built their economy solely on debt and loans (that they can never pay back, nor have they the intention of doing that).

This situation has caused the controllers with leanings in the Western, especially American oil industry, the arms industry and the financial industry to increase their impact and their strategy for the New World Order, that they have been announcing for so long. It may not be obvious to most people, but what happens in terms of Ebola in West Africa at the moment, what happens with ISIL in the Middle East around Syria, what happens in Ukraine and what happened with the meltdown of Southern Europe's economies ARE these impacts and strategies! All this is part of the large Shakespearean play, which stages instability and chaos. It is supposed to happen. Middle East is supposed to be crushed, we know that eg. from General Wesley Clarks interview with Donald Rumsfeld after 9/11, the latter directly listing the seven countries up to be smashed in the coming years.

We could even go back and review writings of the British elite in the late 1800s and supplement it with the masonic guru Albert Pike's infamous correspondence with his Italian affiliates (predicting three world wars and describing them very precisely). We can also supplement by drawing a line from Halford McKinder, the godfather of geopolitics, and his dogma of 'The Heartland', the belt from west to east to be dominated for the Empire to rule the whole world and on to the 'Clash of Civilizations', a major conflict predicted by one of the elite's current advocates, Samuel P. Huntington. There is no lack detailed and explicit statements about what the western oligarchy have kept as their master plan for last 150 years.

Nevertheless what we see in the Middle East right now, we could not have predicted in details just a few years ago. The impact of the Empire has had long seen coming, but other events do surprise. Seen with Albert Pike's eyes, the phenomenon ISIS, ISIL or just IS (as in IS-rael and IS-lam, the new brand is well prepared) as a replacement for the Al Qaeda brand, which apparently has reached sell-by date, has been somewhat a game-changer. Although it is blown up in the West as the bi-i-ig bugbear (here the parallels with Ebola), and even if the NATO military now - very reluctantly - have started to bomb the terrorists they have created themselves (Gladio 2.0), these attacks have no effect. The terrorists must be, and could very easily be fought in direct confrontation, and the Kurds by the way are in full swing. At this writing, ISIL have lost control of everything else than village-suburbs Kobane, the Kurdish autonomous province in Syria's northern border. Is is due to the Turkish army's closure of the border that the Turkish Kurds, who are tough professional fighters, have not long since gone over the border and smashed the ISIL thugs who kill and rape at will. For instance the genocide on the Yazidis a month ago.

The Middle East is an odd size, where the term the enemy of my enemy is my friend is normal ethics. Unexpected alliances may occur. Many believe, for example, Kurds and Syrians are enimies, but thery are not. They have been allowed to create self-government in Kobane with Assad's approval. The Syrian Kurds party the Democratic Union is closely related ideologically with the Syrian ruling party and is supported by the former Kurdistan Workers' Party PKK.

Taking a ride with a taxi driver recently he comes to mentioning that he is an old member og the PKK. Without being ashamed of it, though as we know, is on the terror list of the Empire. At one point he says: You know what I think? I think that America is a dirty country. They say all the time that they would come and help us, but they never do! From druken people, children and taxi drivers we shall know the truth... The USA does not help anyone unless they see an advantage in it. Kerry has just stated that Kobane just must fall, for it is not a part of America's strategy.

IS is being touted as something that suddenly happened and we did not know anything about them, and we cannot cope with them, and now they threaten to create terror everywhere - in the whole fricking world, did you hear that? WORLDWIDE!, and now you really get scared!

But when IS meets skilled resistance, they will be wiped out. The Kurds have now turned them back, and in battle with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard they are dead meat. There were very few Revolutionary Guards to help the Kurds in a town called Amaril north of Mosul. Starring was Suleymani, the supreme leader of the guard, who is this secretive person, that Americans, of course, have put on a list of most wanted criminals - a standard title for people who are able to provide qualified opposition to the Empire. Like the Kurdish PKK-party. And now some tribes in Iraq have joined forces to retaliate, because they are tired of their inept government army's sloppyness taught to them by Americans after the Iraq invasion.

There are somewhat different observations, if you ask commentators. We will not take into consideration the professional deniers of everything that relates to any aspects of truth. Some will say that We are well aware that the Americans have trained, funded, armed and and hired the IS mercenaries. Vice President Joe Biden recently happened to say that it was indeed the USA, Turkey and Qatar, who had paid for the party. This he had to retract, for it was a breakthrough in style: American ministers do NOT say the truth, you know that too well, Joe, shame on you! But some commentators will say that We knew it well, but it has run us out of reach, they have turned against us, they are now running their own race, and we cannot control them. While they do not event try to control them. Which then gives the ball to the other wing, which says that everything has been understood from the beginning, and that the mercenaries were to be brought home again as soon as they had done their dirty work for the Empire, just like The Night of the Long Knives in Germany in the 30s.

Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar
But an interesting thing is that Saudi Arabia is now in play for the first time, and they are utterly terrified. Bandar Bush was fired as head of intelligence and replaced by another man, Youssef bin Ali al-Idrisi, who is far more critical of the Americans. The Saudis are shit scared of what is going on right now, because they no longer have control over the ISIL-scoundrels that their subordinates, the emirate of Qatar, has helped to finance, which is in a sense confirms first interpretation mentioned above ('they are not controlled'). Unchallenged ISIL is now advancing and threatening to take Mecca and Medina, the holy cities.

But these days in Yemen, south of Saudi Arabia, the Houties that are pro-Assad, pro-Hezbollah, pro-Iran and pro-Baghdad, have more or less seized power in Yemen. The Houties is an ancient and mighty warrior tribe in the Arabian Peninsula, maintaining 300-400,000 well-armed men, tribal warriors who are afraid of nothing. Their posters in Sanaa at the seizure of power said: Death to Israel, Death to America! The usual discourse/rhetoric in the area. The point is: the Saudis can not really do anything about it. And the Shia minority living in the southern and eastern parts of Saudi Arabia is tremendously inspired by what is going on. The Saudis simply fear a major rebellion at their doorstep. Their second neighbor, Bahrain, was associated with the wave of Arab Spring, and a rebellion in Bahrain was turned down with an iron fist. We never heard about it in the Western media, a diversion maneuver was the Libya invasion. Privy agreement between Saudi and the West was: You get to smash Gaddafi and Libya and steal the Libyan gold and oil, and we are allowed to do whatever we want in the Gulf.

Bahrain uprising was in fact seen from the the bahrainis page very peacefully brought: no bombs and violence, just widespread grassroots protest movement. The Saudis did not manage to crush it, even if they have done everything they could. They have in turn arrested, murdered, the whole mess. They have responded to peaceful protest with rude violence and oppression.

Please note on the world map, how Saudi Arabia is like a burger beef between three buns. Egypt could also be dangerous for them, but now comes the game. The Saudis feel the pressure of the situation and they have turned to Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister. He was on a secret visit in June, when the Saudis argue the desire, that they wish to negotiate with the Iranians. But there is cold air between Saudi and Iran - need we say why? - and Lavrov and the Russians, who are on speaking terms with them, were asked to facilitate the contact. Already at that time, the Saudis have seen that ISIL, the Yemenis and the Bahrainis were moving too close. The price for this gesture from the Russian side was therefore that the Saudis would finance Russian arms supplies to Egypt.

Why now this unexpected support? Because Egypts Al Sisi can cripple the Muslim Brotherhood, who also is a growing threat to the Saudis and their close allies, the United Arab Emirates. Here, the Brotherhood attempted a coup a year ago. The price for the goodies: 3-4 billion $. Item List: tanks, planes and even submarines to Egypt. It has recently been extended to include Lebanon and Jordan, since the armies of Lebanon is also under attack in the north from ISIL-bandits, and since Jordan has a long border with Iraq.

Hezbollah has so far been focused on defending the southern border against their old aggressor Israel. Now, says Nasrallah, Hezbollah's spiritual leader, that together with the Lebanese army - no small army: 100,000 men and 150,000 in reserve, they will defeat ISIL. Hezbollah itself has 50,000 men, perhaps the world's best guerrilla fighters - We will not rest until the last taqfiri, the last terrorist is killed!, he claims. Knowing what they have done till now, it is not empty words. Recently we have seen 10,000 Hezbollah fighters in action in Syria to support Assad's government army. It has helped to defend Syria against the mercenary invaders. Many of the areas that have been conquered by the invading forces are now recaptured.

It's hard to be clever in the Middle East. Who is in and who is against? Qatar, this tiny, spoiled, oil-rich country in the Gulf has helped to fund the Muslim Brotherhood both in Egypt and in Libya. But they now have to help to combat ISIL, because their arms are twisted by the Saudis. Saudi and the Emirates have threatened with a total embargo, if the Qataris do not stop their support to the Brotherhood. It is almost a declaration of war against Doha, and that means all of a sudden, the GCC, the Gulf Cooperation Council, is not what it used to be. Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber of Kuwait went to Iran and signed comprehensive cooperation agreements. Oman is directly related to Iran. GCC, which was originally conceived as NATO's extended arm in the Middle East (they copied the NATO doctrine of a 'non-aggression pact'), is simply dissolving.

We can compare with what is happening in the Hashimite kingdom of Jordan, where we see that Jordanians are terrified. They are almost always afraid of something, Jordan is a strange country where the king has always done one thing and then another to survive. For example, in the case of Black September, the Palestinian insurgency, where his father survived by swerving. But Jordanians have now become aware that ISIL who had bases in Jordan, where the Americans trained them, now are out of control.

In a town in southern Jordan called Ma'an, near the famous Petra ruins, the police had to pull out of the whole city, a fairly big city on 80-100-000 inhabitants because ISIL sympathizers went through the city with the infamous black banner and their Kalashnikovs. The Jordanians were afraid that Ma'an should become a center of revolt, where the bandits could operate across the border into Iraq and on to Syria. They begged the American soldiers of 15,000 men to remain in the country. This shows that Jordan is in danger, and Jordan has also asked the Russians on security guarantees.

Yemen has just experienced a revolution. Houti militia called Ansarullah has taken over in Sanaa and other major cities. They are in alliance with Southern Yemenis, who are not religious, they are a form of socialists and represent the old South Yemenite People's Republic. So right now Al Qaeda, that has large bases in Yemen, is attacked from both sides. United States and Saudi Arabia have supported the old regime of Ali Abdul Saleh. US drone-bombed Al Qaeda targets in Yemen - så they said - but they tend to hit next, as we see right now in Iraq. In fact, precisely in the next, it was the Houtis that were the goal. They fear them much, and it is a pure pro-Iranian alliance we see right now.

and Eritrea
In Eritrea, on the other side of the important Bab El Mandeb Strait, which connects the Indian Ocean with the Red Sea, the socialist president Isaias Afwerki has proclaimed that he will hold military maneuvers with the Russians for the first time since the Cold War. Eritrea has one of the strongest armies in Africa, and his statement is a direct signal to the Americans that use neighboring Djibouti as a base for operations against piracy at the coast of Somalia. In the autonomous region of Somaliland, that is not an real country but more an uncontrolled area, they are anti-pirates. But the Eritreans are in this manner responding for not being invited to a large-scale African Summit with Obama in Washington. So now Afwerki has invited the Russians to Asmara again. We recall the Eritrean-Russian connection back in the 70s with the EPLF.

When the elite slips their agenda
And what does all of this have to do with us? Well, recently the Danish business man, Asger Aamund, joined a forum in DR2 (a Danish TV-debate program) either talking about it or commented on the economic elite's behalf, according to the masonic codex: When you say what atrocities you're up to, everything is permitted. He said:

The conflict we see in the Middle East, will be long lasting and will create huge refugee flows towards Europe, which will result in the forced removal of refugees to controlled camps in the area and termination of the Refugee Convention, free capture of refugees throughout the year. He also mentions the Ebola refugees. The next step is martial law and dictatorship.

Aamund 'predicts' that in December there will be at least 1 million Africans who are affected by this disease. But here it might just mention that Mr. Aamund has a share in the affair of the vaccine cartels. Vaccines are big business. Vaccines can besides bushel in the box be used for many things, like epidemics. They can, as we mentioned here, be used to create instability and refugees.

But Ebola and the shrill hype cuing around it resembles the exact same hype that was around H1N1, that besides being a fart in a horn lantern revealed that the industry had contaminated vaccines with the disease, so that they had to call huge portions of pre-fabbbed cargos (that being suspicious in itself) back and cancel the large-scale, state-sponsored and forced vaccination programs. The same with SARS and AIDS. It is similar and in other words laboratory experiments and manufactured biological weapons. AIDS has long been debunked as an alleged natural virus spontaneously arisen from green monkeys. 9/10 cases of AIDS in Africa is due to poor nutrition and dirty environment - immune deficiency = poor immune system. Now we try it again with Ebola.

The first outbreak of Ebola was right next to a major German facility in West Africa, Germany's answer to Area 51, where none less than Mihail Gorbachev at the time accused the Germans of developing biological weapons. Now a Liberian doctor is accusing the Americans for being responsible for the recent wave of Ebola, and that it stemmed from a similar American compound at a particular location in Sierra Leone.

When an insider like Mr. Aamund is talking loud, we can be sure that he has knowledge of the dirty game, as he himself is a part of it. We now see the effect of the geopolitical situation in West Africa. It is alleged that there are hundreds of thousands just in Liberia who are infected. It seems greatly exaggerated! Gambia's president, Yahya Jammeh, who among other things claims to have invented anti-AIDS cure, says that what is happening right now is a neo-colonialist agenda put forward by American, British and other forces. His AIDS-cure must be shown to the test, but the latter is non-negotiable. Gambia this summer opted out of the Commonwealth. Gambia has been a major tourist destination, and many Scandinavians have traveled to Gambia. Jammeh has discovered through intelligence (Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, other?) That Americans have planned a crash / coup d'état against him in order to take over major fishing areas outside Gambia's coast, where the world's best fishing waters lie. There is also the oil and gas. The Americans will now recolonialize West Africa, and he is not the only one who says things like that.

Senegal, on the other hand, are claiming control over the Ebola. They do not want people from outside to take control of their community through a staged panic/fear martial law. Similarly, Nigeria has been early and says that they do not want vaccines. Bill Gates (the eugenic man!) wanted to donate a lot of vaccines years ago, but the Nigerian Parliament that could otherwise account for a certain amount of corruption, spoke out clearly that they did not want vaccines for eg. polio.

The rumor had reached that also smallpox vaccine contained the AIDS virus and that 50 million Africans have been infected through these vaccines. Anti-Immune-Deficiency Syndrome = poor immune system = 'you get sick of everything that hits you'.

If we go back to the last century, we have in Denmark a globetrotter and author named Arne Falk Rønne. He also travelled among Indians in the rainforest, who were exposed to vaccines. Were they worried about health of the Indians? Hardly, but there was a law that you, eb. the Shell Corporation, could not just go in and steal people's land and, for example, suck it empty of oil or plant rubber trees all over. But if no Indians were alive in the area (because they were dead), theb it was no problem. Arne Falk Rønne described it in the 1970'es in his book 'Dead Indians will not tell'. You were vaccinated against some kind of disease, but the vaccine contained: the disease. This makes vaccines of course, this is the way they work. It seemed they worked just a little faster, that the ones, we are exposed to. So the whole Ebola fact is not new; it is a well known method, and why change a method that works.

The Ghost Armies
If you read / interpret the Gambian, Senegalese and Nigerian reactions, then these people eventually see through the ugly agenda. Nigeria has been subjected to a staged attack by terrorist movement Boko Haram. The leader was killed in neighboring Camaroun, and his name was none other than ... Abu Bakr al Chicagu! Should we laugh or cry? Doesn't his name cry out the connection between Chicago, NATO's second headquarters, the headquarters of al gangsterism in the United States and the Centre for American neo-con ideology? And Abu Bakr is not by accident included in the name of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the highly recommended wannabe Caliph, head of ISIS. Random? cmon ...

Watching this Nigerian terrorist in the media is just like watching a Hollywood production. He behaves with dance moves and crazy comments about how Islam should be introduced like an actor. We have also seen recently in connection with ISIS and some media-hyped beheadings, how was the game play. There have been a whole series of shows where James Foley was the most talked about. The beheader / executioner in the video speaks with a clear British accent and the video cuts away just before the head falls off. From then on, no head and body separated, it is theater.

If you study old footage from Al Shabab movement in Somalia, Boku Haram and ISIL and see their flag, so it is the same. These movements are all coordinated and organized. We can also just call them 'the flying squad'.

Anyhow: Nigerians have said no to Bill Gates' eradication vaccines and American troops who show up to vaccinate (read: poison) their population. They have read and understood the case with the girls who were abducted by Boku Haram - in the media, that is, for it did not take place but was a clean Psyop (Psychological Operations, a concept of psychological warfare using theater and stage productions to scare people to implement an agenda that would else not be accepted by the people).

A postulated vicious epidemic can thus serve the same purpose as a postulated vicious terrorist movement in the country. Ebola thus becomes a synonym for Al Qaeda. Be careful, you are attacked, we now need to intervene. And of course it's for your own good, for we are all - you must understand - deeply concerned for your welfare! It is R2P, Responsibility 2 Protect, it is for your sake that ... that we shall smite you to death. Are not you just happy?

Arrived has for that noble reason 4,000 American troops to Liberia to 'take care' of these vaccines. That's a lot of soldiers to do nursery! The British would send troops to Sierra Leone to do the same. Aren't we all just really happy? Russian 'virus specialists' also arrived in Guinea. They have seen through the whole neo-colonial play, so they just need to protect their bauxite mines in the country. OK, we play this this theatre piece today, we'll dress up for that, then.

It is interesting how the Internet has been the exchange of information and had trans-national communication almost explode. It is now possible to exchange experience faster and more efficiently than ever before between nations and groups of people. Venezuelans, Malaysians and Nigerians can now compare the experience of their encounter with the Empire and its strategies as never before. The Internet has become a revolutionary info armory. Pattern recognition is now directly accessible.

There are terrorists in Africa, no doubt. In Nigeria, some 'ghost army' for a long time operated in the northeastern provinces. According to leaked documents from the CIA the Nigerians today realize that Americans 10-15 years have wanted to destroy Nigeria, that is no. 4 oil-exporting country in the world in relations to the United States. The story of the 70s in Biafra was an earlier part of that story. Oil was found in the Niger Delta, and the British and French were very eager in with their offers to 'help', ie wrest part of Nigeria free from the country. So in Lagos they know that they must be careful not to let these Westerners in, that will help ... them off their resources. Instead, they have invited the Chinese in. These have actually taken over large parts of Nigeria's infrastructure, railways, bridges and ports. Chinese behave like tradesmen, Americans and Brits behave like thieves.

It is due to the Chinese wave throughout Africa, that Americans think they have to respond. In Uganda, we have seen how a strange terrorist movement arose from nothing - neither the Ugandan army nor their intelligence knew about it. All of a sudden villages have been attacked in the northwest of the country. It is not the Lords Resistence Army, this Joseph Coney movement, which have long since been defeated and sent in refuge in the Central African Republic, or wherever they are. It is an unknown group that just burns villages of rapes women and kills people - and disappear. Uganda commentators call it an attempt to destabilize the country, as there are large amounts of oil and gas in the Lake Albert region / Ruwenzori National Park, Uganda has made arrangements with the Russian company Lukoil. Therefore, the old story, it offends other interests that then starts to prevent it. Some of us call it 'The Empire of Envy'.

We see this ugly face again and again in Africa and the Middle East. The concept of 'Ghost Armies' arise out of nowhere and strikes just when the confiscation of resources has to take place. IS is such a ghost army. No one in public knew them before they were there. That is, the Lebanese knew them in advance and they were crushed. It is impossible to imagine that the CIA and Mossad and other creatures did not know IS, after which they went in and pulled them out of the bag again. This is due to the nightmare, the Imperial istitutions experienced when they could not kill Assad in Syria, and they became the plan B. Uncle Joe (Biden) openly admitted it. Assad just had to be removed, whatever the cost, and with the use of all available means. But the Syrians are quite intelligent people. They can easily see when coming from without powers trying to impose them their agenda, even those not directly supporting Assad.

Syria is also seen in the large historic stretch as an old warrior nation (Assyria, Umayyads, ..), so it is in their genes to get tough with warfare. In those days of course, in the days of Asurbanipal and ... ? they were the brutal imperialists, that eventually were stopped by the Persians and the Egyptians. Their neighbours, the Phoenicians (Libanon) were only spared because they could provide them with metals and other commodities. These later became the Venetians, who became the bankers of Holland and the City of London and Wall Street. Interesting, somtimes there is a smell of something very old and evil going out from and returning to the Middle East.

Segregation versus multi-culturalism
But Syria is also a particular country, for all religions are converging here. They have a peaceful coexistence. When we in our part of the world get going with our sick political correctness and start to talk about integration and immigration, we should perhaps look at the Middle East. All sorts of strange groups have lived here, but they have never been integrated in the so-called 'multi-ethnic' way, that particularly the political correct left wingers imagine, which by the way incidentally is not multicultural, it is a 100% monocultural mindset. In the Middle East people and etnic-social-religious groups have always been segregated. A religious-cultural society has existed in one village and 50 kilometers away is a totally different religious culture. They have not married into each other, they did not interfere in each other's affairs. They coexisted with distant respect, which is quite different from the political design ideology that is smudge European culture out of time. These segregated groups did normally not wage war against each other, because it was not in their interest. Only to the extent that some outside force stood up and 'pissed into to anthill', then arrives conflict.

Which is the old British strategy of divide-and-conquer. They put one tribe against the other and given them arms. If we go only half a century back, it almost sounds like a version of the Danish shire Vensyssel, but there is nothing to be gained from Vensyssel, so they just tossed with cabbage heads. Here they also had their own little village with their own dialect and way of thinking. Mors and Thy, two landscapes, one went in striped clothes, the other went in dotted. Imagine a stack of anthropological supported government agents arrive to the old Vensyssel and enforce a policy-driven integration policy. No way.

In Malta there are two populations. One vote for the Nationalist Party, a bourgeois-Christian party, the second vote for Labour, a fabiansk-style labour party. When you go to a bar in Malta, you can see who votes for whom. If you order Pepsi in a bar, you are a nationalist, if you order the Coca Cola you are for Labour. So it was with beer brands in Denmark 50 years ago, if you were working class you drank Carlsberg Hof, and if you were snobbish or enjoyed academic snout-mainline-socialist, then you drank Tuborg brewed in Hellerup, the classy neighborhood. It is Brøndby FC against FC Copenhagen, it is old-strain mentality when it is fairly harmless (except for hooliganism). A digress ...

Syria has had 16 faith groups in non-multicultural coexistence. The same applies to Palestinians and Jews, but the Jews may not like to hear that today. And yet, when you go among local people, you will not find these inflated conflicts. Many Palestinians like the Syrians are not Muslims, they are Christians. So it is rather paradoxical when the Christian West almost unreservedly supports the Zionists, as they have supported those who want conflict with people, they should show solidarity towards. The concept of civil war is an equally sick concept, we almost never see civilians starting a civil war. A bunch of drunken village elders never decide over a campfire one evening that time has come to go over to the other side of a mountain and begin a slaughter on men, women and children in another village, that like one's own village has been there for a few thousand years.

The intellectual fool
This the prefab explanation people are repeating to each other, especially in / after the 00s, when people have been de-sensitized by over-use of iPad-Pod-Phones, lack of real information (lots of dis-info) and welfare and television-intoxication. We have been mentally impoverished. There is very little significant resistance back, because there is very little contact with the ugly reality outside and inside. People have no idea what terror / terrorism is, people believe that NATO is a kind of peace-keeping project, the Left has begun to love war, because they bought and the narratives of war now being political correct and morally acceptable (the Obama effect). We are victims of perception management. If you can control the minds of people, you can either guide them into the controlled opposition or lobotomisere them to have a lack of opposition. Denmark and Danes live in Legoland of 2D-reality.

One example. Where in Danish politics can you find a few bits of real resistance to the global project? Occasionally there will be little criticism of global cartels from a small left wing party (Enhedslisten), but then as former communists they fall into the ditch with political correctness and cultural bolsjevism. With Dans Folkeparti, a right nationalist party, we find some old nationalism, some resistance to the EU and a lot of criticism of the neo-bolsjevik immigrant culture-destruction project. But then they fall into the pond and begin to propagate the Zionists and the Palestinian Genocide (Israel's right to defend itself ...). The Danes have a cronical infection with 'the English plague'' and drinking Coca Cola since WW2, but now what happens is that the Americans and British - that people on the street - are waking up due to an overdose of internal imperialism. They have first-hand witnessed the assault, and they have been the first victim of the Empire's wars. A war mongering country's own population is always the first victim together with the truth.

The weird thing right now is that the Danes have become dumber than the Americans, who would have thought it would happen? Haven't we got real newspapers and real formation? We usually say that 'we follow up with what is happening in the world'. Sorry, no longer. The honesty and innocence that once existed, no longer exists. The size of the 'Noble Lie' has begun to dawn on the Americans, while the Danes and other Europeans still sucks it up. Even the intelligensiaf, the socalled thinking segment can not figure it out any longer. Carsten Jensen, a well known Danish writer and intellectual, said recently that ISIL is nothing compared to Assad, who is a monster. So we have some of the so-called most progressive intellectuals who can say much good, yet falls for the propaganda. As Noam Chomsky, who do not find the least odd about the American government's explanation of 9/11. Could it be all about getting as much influence and talk time as possible without investing too much truth since the truth seems to be discrediting itself, and since the whole academic establishment would cut the legs out from under one and proclaim you an enemy in disguise.

The day reality escaped the prison
These intellectuals have formed their consciousness in the last century. They still see the world as black and white, left-right, progressive-reactionary, good-evil, and thus they become unable to see that reality freak notions upside down and morphs before their eyes. There is an excellent foreign magazine on television every Monday in Danish Television (DR) - it's been around since the 1960s called Horisont. Recently for the first time ever was a critical report from from Ukraine, who criticized the fascist Kyiv regime. They looked at ordinary people's lives, how their homes, their kindergartens, schools, roads has been destroyed by Kyiv-junta. You saw mothers crying: what have we done? Our house is destroyed, we have no place to live, our family has disintegrated! It was the first real reports take from the Donbass region, that Danish TV has done. Even the Odessa massacre in which people were lynched by Right Sector peoples were discussed. Kudos to a brave journalist, Mathilde Kilmer, who has been allowed to make such reports take. It may be due to Christopher Guldbrandsen, that together with Niels Giversen made former prime minister, now general secretary of terrorist NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, furious with the documentary The Secret War that showed Danish military's supply of Afghans to British and American torture, and now has been appointed head of DR Documentary department. Real honest journalism still exists in small enklaves. For how long?

But while a young journalist in DR has grasped reality, the well established intellectuals are still stuck in their reactionary political correctness. For while the reality and concepts out there have freaked around, freaking liberal left from progressive to be reactionary - they react without thinking. They had their days 40-50 years ago.

For you who are so interested in reality that you have found this blog, we can mention that there is currently more Ukrainian readers than Danish. Therefore also this translation, so they do not have to Google translate, which is not pretty throughout. The Americans and the French have also surpassed the sleeping Danes in blog hits.

Ukraine and media silence
The media has otherwise been rather silent about Ukraine for the last month. It seems that the Russians quietly have been taking over the game, and that the media campaign has subsided since the aggression is failing. Kyiv junta, which has attacked the Donbass, the center of opposition to the regime has simply had 65% of their military material destroyed! That is astonishing. This has made the puppet President Poroshenko turn a back flips in 1800 and he has now proclaimed that he will not pull Ukraine out of the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States, a community between 12-15 states that arose as a result of the Soviet Union) .

His ambassador to Belarus attended a CIS summit last week. This is significant, since Ukraine has made ​​an association agreement with the EU. It also means that Poroshenko is aware that the Right Sector, the banderists, he must be careful with. They are extremely violent and have had so much blood on their teeth / hands, that they are willing to continue to destabilize the country if they do not get their way. Which they do not get at the present, since the Donbass according to them should be dead according to the promises they believe they have been given. So Poroshenko has suddenly become a partner / an instrument of the Kremlin, so there can be a peace in the region. There'll probably be an annihilation of the Right Sector in Ukraine. They are no longer allowed to walk around the streets with torches and shouting neo-Nazi slogans. They have so to speak distilled all the worst of Nazism into pure political hooliganism. They are even more backminded than Westerners still living in the Cold War. They have not even confined to the second World War, and believe that Putin is Stalin, and Russia is the Soviet Union. As the Brown Shirts that was bully tools of the Nazis against the Bolsheviks, they are a bully tools of the American neo-cons and the cartel-globalists. And they are too retarded to grasp it.

There is also a more mundane explanation for reduction of the level of the regime in Ukraine: it is becoming winter, and you don't fight when King Winter arrives. That much we can surely learn from the Nazis, who in 1942 burned their paws on just that fact. Napoleon learned the same lesson. You can not fight in -500 celcius. And someone might turn in the oil tap. As head of Gazprom, Alexei Miller, said targeting the Ukrainian government recently It might be quite cold in Kyiv in the winter, so maybe it was time to recognize that the residents of Donbass had certain rights.

Hi-Tech and grandmothers
Is there a connection between the failure of the Syria mission and what suddenly happened in Ukraine? And now this is failing too. Did the Russians wait, as in Syria, for the interventionists to make a fool of themselves, so they could take over? The American warmongers had both cases counted on a quick victory for the fast and the furious, but it did not work out. They have underestimated the Ukrainians in the east and overestimated the will to fight in the west to defeat the separatists. Crimea was taken away from Kyiv without spending much military force. So at least they could smash Donbass, but it turned out that the people were much better prepared and organized than expected. 25,000 men in the east as above mentioned smashed 65% of military equipment from the 80,000-strong government army. Some analysts claim that there has been a new military technology in use. It's hard to say, but there are indications to support that claim.

We have previously touched on the Radio Paradigm that - hold on to the hat here - an Egyptian fortune teller, a sibylle so to speak, who in 2013 said that Russia in 2014 would face tremendous pressure and that would be used for certain military means that the West did not know anything. Another factor may be a difference in motivation. So government troops have just been sent out to annoy the neighbors, but their victims have to defend their lives and their territory and will not stand for it. The Mothers Movement of Ukraine has played a crucial role here. Mothers and grandmothers have actively helped to prevent the mobilization of young Ukrainians. There were several villages where the women did sitdowns to prevent their sons were sent to war. They moved into the military compounds where the young men were to be mustered and physically pulled their sons out of the hands of the officers. Impressive and deeply moving !!

Speaking of new technology: a strange incident took place in the Black Sea. A large American warship had entered to provoke and demonstrate power. It was the beginning of the Ukraine conflict. Then emerges a Russian aircraft heading for the ship, one of these seemingly obsolete Sukhoi Su-25 (?) fighter bombers. The American ship is packed with hi-tech and all sorts of gear. As the plane approaches, all technologies and all systems go dead on the ship, and the bomber flies over the ship 10-15 times as if it will attack, but 'regrets' at the last minute. The signal that was sent here, was so remarkable that several American crew members send in their resignation, for here the Russians had shown that all their gear was useless and that they were powerless.

That we have not seen more of the kind that may be due to a hesitation to escalation of the 'Star-Wars' equipment worse than nuclear weapons, as Americans are supposed to possess. On the other hand, Americans have not missed certain opportunities to try out their gear. At random: 9/11, the frying of Saddam's armored division on the way home from Kuwait, the disappearance of the Malaysian aircraft (to Diego Garcia?), HAARP, Fukushima, chemtrails, GMO shit ... But here they had a taste of their nemesis, and the Russians revealed that they were capaple of that game and what they had in the basement would be used if necessary. Recently they have demonstrated their latest Topol missile, flying with mark-3-speed and hitting to within one meter over hundreds probably thousands of kilometers.

Back in Kyiv, the government fascists are now afraid of their own shadow fearing the Right Sector-thugs to attack the parliament. There was heavy fighting in front of the building. The bullies feel neglected for a coming mobilization for a new war after a winter ceasefire. Evidence suggests that 'Porky', as they call the president (some call him 'Pornoshenko', since his policy is obscene), has received some backdoor deal with Putin that Ukraine can get gas for the winter for a reasonable price on that Ukraine does not withdraw from the CIS. So they do not behave quite like Victoria Nuland and John Kerry have expected and demanded - and used billions of American tax payer money to pay for. We see important political haggling at the moment.

Third World on the move
In Moldova between Ukraine and Romania, it seems that people do not want to be part of the EU. A majority of Moldovians prefer the new Russian-led customs union between provisional Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan but a wealth of other countries outside the region is on track to make free trade agreements with the customs union. Countries such as Egypt, Vietnam, India, Iran, Indonesia, China, Pakistan, South Korea, Brazil and several others see it as an advantage to make a deal with a major Russia. And it is a Russia that is now subject to sanctions by the West! These countries are apparently indifferent to the United States, almost all of Europe + the wiggeling lamb tails Australia and New Zealand imposed sanctions. It may also mean that they are no longer afraid of getting shot the head off with an American gun barrel.

More and more third-world countries feel right now that there is a historic opening for their economies to become more independent of the usual Western investors and what follows. China, that you could critisize on several points is none the less providing many African countries an opportunity for downgradign the neo-colonial slavery to the EU and the United States. The Russians are on the way back to Africa (Egypt, Tanzania, Uganda, a.o.) where they have been almost completely absent for 10-15 years. Countries such as Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt have signed agreements on agricultural products with the Russians. The Russians, for their part during the embargo needs to find new partners for agricultural products. Italy and Greece have followed suit with the EU, that has destroyed their economy, how stupid can a country be? North Africans in their hand, just made a good deal. Turkey is also about to sign a huge deal with the Russians.

Interesting, moreover, what this connection may cause of new dilemmas for NATO partner / the willing tool in Syria conflict. But Erdogan is a strange person who no one really knows how to interpret. So he is anti-American, he is pro-Israeli, he is anti-Israel, so he supports Hamas, so he supports NATO in relation to ISIS, and so he supports Russia. The countries other than Russia that have invested most in the Crimea are in fact Turkey, Israel and China.

Israel, political cracks, zionist terror and racism
Israel was in fact the only pro-Western country that refused to go against Russia in the Crimean assimilation with Russia. There are large gaps in Israel on geopolitical issues. Recently a think tank called Herzeliya identified the use of poison gas by Kobane and even claims proven that it is the West that supplied this poisonous weapon to ISIL forces. We hear some absurd excuses in the media that it was in fact American troops that found them in Iraq, back when they were looking for Saddam's weapons of mass destruction, but they concealed it, for it was not the real weapons of mass destruction. That must be a lie with a lie on top. They are trying with 13-year delay to shine up George Bush's and Tony Blair's - and Anders Fogh Rasmussen's! - lies about weapons of mass destruction AND disguise the fact that you now again supplied the shit. The images from Kobane is certainly not to be mistaken: mustard gas, disgusting! It is Gouta in Syria once again, where Assad should be blamed for it. And a component in british civil bombings of Germans in the beginning of WW2, which is never mentioned.

To deepen the Israeli internal affairs, there is an ongoing power struggle, as elsewhere in the world. People are insecure, they do not know where to go to find safety and reliability. Political leaders cannot any longer cope with the world situation because of overlapping interests in multiple ways. No one can quite figure out which strategy a country (maybe they do not have one when it comes down to it), and many governments, like we saw with Turkey, are betting on several horses.

In Israel there are two groups who are plucking the feathers of each other. One is the group around Shimon Perez, who has become an old man of over 80 years. They are furious with the group around Avigdor Lieberman, the old foreign minister of Israel and his party Yisrael Beitenu (Israel is Our Home). They are, as the name suggests, a right nationalist party, but they are actually pro-Russian. Shimon Perez, who is leftist and old so-called 'peace dove', is pro-American. Can we discern the paradox here? Peace dove want to follow the United States and be a hawk in relation to Syria and Russia / Ukraine. The same as the Danish intellectual Carsten Jensens conceptual confusion about what turns up and down on the value scale (... we know, it is difficult, Carsten ...).

Lieberman has ongoing business in both Moldavia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other old Soviet republics and has (for purely selfish reasons) been out saying that Israel should not support an anti-Russian policy of sanctions (don't ruin my business, sais the jew). He also has some influence on the psychopath Netanyahu. When the American Secretary of State John Kerry was visiting Tel Aviv recently to keep an eye on Israeli support for the American policy in Syria and Ukraine and the conditions of Gaza, there was a situation where parts of the Israeli intelligence service Mossad cooperated with the Russian intelligence service SVR, which is pretty unheard of. They made simply a Joint Action to hear what John Kerry said privately. A Russian who sometimes act as 'overcoat' of one of the members of the Radio Paradigm Group, says directly that they have infiltrated the Israeli intelligence service from top to bottom. Mossad is not at the strength that we would like to think.

Israel has inhabitants from dozens of countries. So one might ask how they handle this fact? There is a large group of Moroccans, 1,5-2 million people. They go to be very nationalistic and anti-Palestinian, even if they are half Arabs themselves. Then there are the Yemeni Jews, who are even more rabid. Then the Slavic-European Jews, the Azkhenazim, some say the Khazars, the yiddish-speaking. Perez is one of them, and they are considered to be the old 'civilized' peace wing. A relatively new phenomenon is American Jews. Many of them support settler groups in the West Bank. In addition, a host of other groups. Then there are half a million Israeli Arabs who live a secluded, discreet life in the Negev Desert and the bottleneck between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. And then there are the Russian-Ukrainian Jews who live between Tel Aviv and Haifa.

Finally, the ethiopiske Jews who simply have been kicked out of the country. Israelis are deeply racist, so they simply detest black people. They would not have them from the start, but then came the United States: 'You say that you are a country of Jews, so too must let them in'. In the 90s they would not have the 'black blood' in their blood bank. And it is not only Jews but all black with black African blood that has been thrown out of Israel, Sudanese, Eritreans and others have been called infiltrators, hunted and persecuted. In the 80's Ronald Reagan backed an action, which through secret channels in Sudan / Khartoum, where the United States had almost total control of the country, the Faleshas, the Black Jews were smuggled in by wayward routes and camels and mules from the Marxist Haile Mariam regime in Addis Abbeba. But the approximately 300,000 people have now been kicked out and returned.

The story shows how racist Israelis really are. It is possibly the most racist country on the planet. Read, for example the slogan for the city 'Tel Aviv - The White City'.

It was somehow revealing, and perhaps surprising recently to ascertain what proportion of the Israeli population actually supports the Israeli bombings and genocide in Gaza: 96%! And what are we talking about? This is not a war, a war requires a belligerent nation against another. We are talking about one of the most well-armed armies against a stack of children, women and men who sends New Year rockets into the country to demonstrate that they do not accept the genocide. A satirical video on YouTube showed how a fertilizer bomb landed in a tree in a town in Israel, where it did great damage to the tree and got a cat to leave it ... scary! And this is supposed to be the dangerous enemy that the country with 300 nuclear warheads, advanced fighter jets, hi-tech weapons systems, unlimited funds available, 30,000 intelligence agents and the United States as unquestioned (?) ally, that's the enemy you're facing! One wonders whether these people have no real sense of honor, morality and even the slightest sense of shame?

Then three Israeli teenagers were supposedly abducted. Since there had not been real evidence, it had to be the Palestinians who had done it. Moreover, it was predicted a week before, and when the propaganda machine predicts events with as much certainty, we can with equal certainty be sure that the event is organized for propaganda purposes. Rule no. one in events like this: See what comes just after. What are the consequenses, who benefits, what decisions are being made on its basis and what camels do we now have to swallow?

Reality is currently topsy-turvy, and you have to deal with it as inverted, if you do not want to just slip into one of the joints in the wall. As even the New York Times and The Guardian state, the majority of the foiled terrorist operations primarily in the United States and Britain consist of 'agent provocateurs' and 'false-flag terrorists', that you subsequently intervene and hinder - 'Look what we did, we earned our money, give us more!' The truth is a direct inconvenience for carrying out the operation. It is proven that the FBI themselves stage terrorist actions, so they can make their money by something going on for them to solve and prevent. And we are talking about big money at stake.

In Kenya, there was a big attack on a supermarket called 'White Gate', where there used to be many tourists. It was attacked by Somalian al Shabab terrorists, but it was Israeli security companies, which had control of the White Gate. It killed 50 people, and the Israelis had great interest in the event. Israelian security ... where have we heard that before? Ah: 9/11, 7/7, attack on Iranian nuclear plants via Stuxnet virus, Madrid bombings, Fukushima emergency breakdown. I wonder why someone even hires companies with such a failure rate? What we are suggesting of course is, that these are not failures at all.

We have seen similar Psyop operations in Latin America, Buenos Aires, for example, where the Iranians and Hezbollah were blamed for Jews being killed (what the hell are they doing there, what is the value of communication on the other side of the world, where no one sums relationship?). An independent commission investigated the incident and found that it with all probability was the Israelis themselves who had performed the operation. Hundreds of events indicate that angels-Saxons and Israelis have great interest in creating incidents, so that we are afraid of our surroundings and fall on our begging knees for the authorities to take more power, make more monitoring - we beg them to disempower us.

We need only look at the beginning of the state of Israel. The early Zionist settlers were pure terrorists. Israel's first Prime Minister Ben Gurion was a terrorist. It was terror that drove 100,000's of Palestinians out of their villages in the Jericho area and sent them in refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon.

We then later saw a particularly ugly form of gambling-terrorism in the Six Day War in which the American warship USS Liberty packed with hi-tech and security - a contemporary AWACS aircraft on water - was bombed by the Israelis in the hope that Americans jumped on the waggon, atom-bombed Egypt and thus started WW3. If not then US Defense Secretary Robert McNamara had listened to his intelligence sources had intercepted Israeli radio communications between fighter and command center - the pilots asking nervously: Are we really doing this? This is an American ship!? and the command center answers: Do it! - the planes that were already on the wings would not been called back and the world would have had a global nuclear war in 1967.

When these events goes wrong - and many state instigated terrorist attack goes wrong, sometimes due to awake people somewhere in the larger system that you do not fully control - honest people do exist! - and who have not grasped - Gott sei Dank! - that it is intended for some perfidious act of terrorism to succeed - that is, when it goes wrong, the cover-up procedure will be activated. The media will be spammed with cover-up stories and lies-on-lies, evidence will be destroyed, witnesses will be threatened into silence or 'removed', investigations and commissions will be put in place, the very people who committed the incident will be the investigators (wolfs guarding sheep), and people will be replaced in key positions, so the 'right' people can speak and make decisions later. This pattern seems to be the standard. See the Danish investigator, Ole Dammegaard, who by decades of dedicated hard work solved the murder of the Sweedish prime minister Olof Palme by recognizing patterns from dozens of political assasinations.

South America, a new Dirty War
As a recent example one of the leading candidates for the presidential election in Brazil in October 2014, Luis Moreno Ocampo, was killed by a classical (CIA?) mock plane crash. He is flying in a foggy area, and his twin-engine plane suddenly goes down. Who then takes the lead? It makes an Agenda 21 policies, a representative of the polictical environmental correctness religion, Marina da Silva, and she is winning the first round - that is winning over the incumbent president, who happens to be in opposition to American interests in South America. Any pattern recognition here? Ecuadorian President Roldós was murdered in the same way in the 70s and in the same manner Panama President Torrijos, a nationalist who got the Panama Canal over to its own control.

Venezuela has recently won a membership in the UN Security Council, and the current President Nicolas Manduro says that Hugo Chavez still prevailed. And he did so in periods where his main enemy, the United States was too busy smashing other countries in the world: Iraq, Afghanistan, and others. Chavez was killed using a cancer weapon. The CIA has weapons that cause people cancer. It is of course directly unverifiable, but the probability and the circumstantial evidence is so big that you can not ignore it.

Think, please think and think logically, please! Or perform auto-butt-fucking ...

Now, outside forces have paid pour young students in Caracas to stand for politically correct 'colored revolution' demonstrations. But they have not been able to maintain pressure against the regime in Caracas. Similar organized demonstrations is later seen facing the Argentine leader, Christina Fernandes de Kirchner. In action are certain hedge fund where American big investors want to get their investment back from Argentina to claim a refund of 300%. De Kirchner has as counterpart made ​​a law banning / preventing these claims.

Argentina is probably the next country to seek membership of the BRICS collaboration, so we might see here a possible obstruction in relation to that. De Kirchner, has been vehement with her criticism in the United Nations of the two major corrupt finance organisations, the IMF and the World Bank, and has supported the Russians in the Crimea. Via Cuban and Brazilian intelligence she has learned that 'certain North American interests' want to liquidate her.

There was recently a coup attempt in the small South American country of Suriname, an old Dutch colony that Venezuelan and Cuban intelligence agents prevented, and it is the same agent who now helps Argentina against possible assassination attempt. There is a dirty war again in Latin America, and Los Gringos Infamos are back.

Both in relation to Southern Europe, Ireland, Iceland and later Ukraine, the EU, in cooperation with the global financial organizations proved to be a downright belligerent power. Western Ukrainians are just now beginning to find out that their pact with the Devil and the EU / ECB / IMF might not be to their advantage as the Devil simply are about to hoard their money, their gold reserves and national resources.

In Cyprus, it was clean-dirty bank robbery, as the central banks moved boundaries from bailout'ing to bail-in, meaning they walked right in and stole the bank customers' money. But recently Russia went in and made ​​bail-out to the dispossessed Cypriot banks. What's the deal? The Russians were as part of that deal allowed to use Papos International Airport and got an anchorage for their military ships and even facilities to their maintenance in Limassol - right next to the British bases! It is not far from Cyprus to the coast of Lebanon and even Egypt and Suez.

The Kaspian alliance
And how is it with Iran? The Caspian lands has recently held a summit meeting in Astrakhan, the Russian city on the shores of the Caspian Sea. The five countries are Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turmenistan. This is the area in the world that has the largest gas reserves and the second largest oil reserves. Pipelinistan (Pepe Escobars term) - soon to be Trainlineistan. The black horse has till now been Azerbaijan, that Israel used to monitor Iran with drones, and the region with the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh region. Now they alså confined to aggree that no foreign powers may take military or economic power in the Caspian area, and it has created a cohesion between the five countries that we have not seen before. It simply closes the entire Russian southern flank for American aggression - and Iran's northern flank. Iran is no longer surrounded, though many have claimed that they were surrounded on all sides by the Americans.

Can you generalize about what all these movements on the stratego-chessboards mean to us? Today we have the opportunity to gather all the information through an intelligent use of the internet, but there is the increasing centralization and ongoing attempt to control the Internet. There is constant pressure on from the psychopathic and increasingly desperate Western elite, and the Russian Foreign Minister has recently repeated warnings of a third world war. The American Secretary Chris Hagel has said that the United States must prepare for war against Russian forces all around the globe. The rhetoric is violently up and running at the moment. Even minus the fact that the rhetoric of the situation often uses capital letters, it gives cause for great concern. At paradigment.blogspot it has been a returning issue for years.

Compared to the Danish position, it means pressure on the external borders, as people become uncertain about how the economy should hang together and how security in the Baltic region is to develop. The situation in the Baltic countries is shaky at the moment and it is uncertain whether Latvia will remain stable. There is actually a fascist regime in Riga in the same way as in Kyiv, and it is not certain that the Latvians will go on tolerating that.

Centralists and separatists
The EU will keep going and going to tighten the screw in economic policy by austerity measures. Regimentation and disintegration of nations go on. Denmark is still a bit of a problem for the super Europeans, as we are not joining all their cooperation. We will come under pressure. The Scots have just tried to tear themselves away from the remains of the Empire, and there was likely electoral fraud in the game to prevent them from doing so as reported from Scottish observers, so the last word is probably no spoken in this matter. It was most likely the British intelligence services, who had finger in the pie. Votes in Glasgow and Edinburgh have simply disappeared in the machinery.

The EU is desperate right now, and they will do everything to close any form of separatism down. In Catalonia, we can see that the Catalan regional leader, Artur Mas, has to deal with Madrid has put the screws on and has stated that it is prohibited under the Spanish Constitution and the Constitutional Court has declared an actual referendum on November 9th illegal. So the Catalonians hold a lawful referendum about whether they have to hold a referendum on independence.

In Veneto in Italy there is a similar strong secessionist party. They held a referendum and recently won a clear victory. They also encourage the development of the Crimea, and their leader Fabrizio Dal Col has recently visited Sevastopol.

There are global three major movements towards. The dominant one strives for increasing centralization overall, which is the Western globalists and their New World Order agenda. Then there is regional centralization, which is not true centralization but rather alliances directed against the Western globalists and pro regional collaboration. Finally, the local separatists, who are recent members of national states of the nation and thus in a sense in opposition to the globalist agenda.

It is hard to accurately interpret what is good and bad in the context, since fragmentation is certainly also a weakening of the nation and can contain a possible hidden divide-and-conquer agenda. So both centralization and fragmentation may be part of the globalist agenda. They use both right and left in their game of ultimate power.

Finally a sigh. Is there any hope for democracy, are there any knowledgeable people around anymore?

Well, in the United States there is a galloping awakening right now. What a paradox, yet predictable. You can say a lot about this tortured country with its once-proud spirit of freedom and the way it has been transformed into a fascist oligarchy. But it also means that its people experience this state of the state more and more and gradually realize it. It simply had to come no matter how much junk food, fake democracy and bad TV, their leaders and corporations stuffed down their throats. And both government corpokrati, cartellism and deep state is now beginning to face that is their worst nightmare, the American people are beginning to move.

Immigration as weapon of mass destruction
Immigration is in the United States as in Europe used as a weapon of mass destruction. A flood of Mexicans and other South- og Central Americans have been sent across the border. But Americans are beginning to mobilize and gather in militias to halt this totally unrestrained and highly organized inflow of immigrants. They arrive from Ohio, Minesota, from everywhere to help the Texans against the ethnic flood. It can be compared with IS in the Middle East and Ebola in Africa. Various media, various agents, the same agenda. These obscure organizations has trafficked 100,000 apparently orphaned children (abducted from South and Central America) to penetrate the border. Read that again: children used as biological weapons of mass destruction! - how grotesquely psychopathic can behave one act in warfare !!? At the same time people arrives from the most unmotivated, obscure areas of the world: Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Africa as illegal immigrants. Americans are asking themselves whether the central government in Washington really wants this immigration in their millions, and why?

In addition to the effects of weapons of mass destruction and destabilization of all internal cohesion, we may just pull the old threadbare word: Capitalism out of the bag. Mass immigration simply provides the cheapest possible labor. It is the coarsest possible use of situations that capitalism has created in the peripheral world where people can not get work because of smashed structures and now is willing to try anything if someone is waving them on the nose with promises of happiness ... somewhere, in there, out there, over there. That is capitalism without any notion of 'free market', this does not exist in monopoly capitalism. But simply casino-predator capitalism, cartellism, corpotocracty, cleptocracy. Mind Control via Crowd Control.

What before was a national village-proletariat migrating to the metropolis becoming an urban proletariat has now been scaled up to a regional proletariat becoming a global proletariat. Remember the Marxist-Leninist dogma of 'dictatorship of the proletariat'. Here commissars do not step onto the visible scene - they just let the proletariat in all its chaotic mass and might dictate how life should be lived.

In the United States this massive immigration means an adverse factor in the autonomy of the local states. The organizers of chaos have already anticipated the protests, so the whole delicious vocabulary of political correctness is put into position. We have seen exactly the same in Europe and nationally in Denmark. Critics of unfettered immigration have immediately had a racist card thrown in the face by the left / the culture bolsjevics.

And what happened at the EU enlargement? The cheapest possible labor shifted position from Southern Europe to Eastern Europe. Southern Europe was dumped, therefore the EU / ECB / IMF / Goldman-Sachs-attacks on these countries. Also remember how Danish Fogh Rasmussen was a tool for this. Therefore, for his support for the Bush-Blair's Iraq lie he was rewarded with the position as Secretary General of NATO. Eastern Europeans fell into the honey trap, they thought they got a lot of money. They did / do not know that they too one day will be dumped in favor of ...?

Finally, the immigration tsunami is a means to smuggle the globalist-funded terrorists within the respective countries. So: they have done a dirty mercenary's work somewhere in the Middle East, then there are hired to do the same in Europe / USA.

The American neo-con elite (eg Dick Cheney) have predicted - and do translate their socalled predictions to appropriate declarations - that the next terrorist attack in the United States will be far worse than 9/11. Meaning the same people who predict are the very same people who are planning and later profitting. How else would they be able to predict? Like the Danish business-shark Asger Aamund's predictions of Ebola and its consequences.

The way to predict the future is to invent it (Alan Curtis Kay)

And with those words we say thank you for reading the transcrip of this broadcast / transcription from Radio paradigm, which we have termed 'The Round Table'. There will be more of it. We will continue to allow us to have an opinion, but we will also require from ourselves that real knowledge based on solid information is present. We call it doing our home work.

Opinion and interpretation is a philosophical question, but of knowledge we cannot get enough.

Det runde bord 01: Et globalt nyhedsbrev

Intro til en ny serie
Radio Paradigmet er tilbage efter en pause på nogle måneder. Og det skyldes ikke, at Verden IKKE går sin skæve gang, tværtimod. Der er rigeligt at se til.

Derfor vil vi i denne udsendelse (hvis transscript du læser her) forsøge at foretage et catch-up med de større bevægelser indenfor geopolitik. Det gør vi både for at tanke op med ren basal information om det, som vi aldrig ser eller læser om i mainstream-medierne. Vi gør det også for i det mindste at forsøge at byde ind med det næste trin i vidensprocessen: en sammenlæsning og en tolkning af disse informationer, så de kan blive til viden.

Sagt med andre ord: Vi vil gerne bidrage til det informative hjemmearbejde ved at spørge hvem, hvad, hvor og hvornår. Og dernæst vil vi gerne være med til at fremhæve og udtrække mønstre og sammenhænge for at kunne besvare spørgsmålet: hvorfor. Herefter kan vi tale om viden.

Shakespeare – who ever he or she was – lader sin tragiske skikkelse, Macbeth, udtale:

Livet er som en flakkende skygge, en stakkes skuespiller,
der poserer ivrigt og nervøst på scenen for snart at blive glemt.
Det er en historie fortalt af en idiot. Den er fuld af rabalder og raseri, og den betyder ... intet.

Som den forvirrede konge, kan vi ofte føle os som brikker i et stort skakspil, hvor vi er ufrivillige aktører og brikker. Det er svært at få øje på meningen med det hele. Men Shakespeare har selv givet nøglen til forståelsen af det obskure spil: ansku det som et teaterstykke, en iscenesættelse. Der er nogen, der har skrevet stykket, der findes et manuskript, rolleindehaverne udspiller deres roller. Altså: det, du ser, er teater og ikke skinbarlig virkelighed, og mainstream-medierne og deres udsagn skal aldrig, gentager aldrig tages for pålydende.

Man kunne ønske sig, at der var lidt flere formidlere og beslutningstagere i vores samfund, der havde blot en smule af den indsigt, vi finder hos den tragiske skikkelse, Macbeth: at de er brikker i et spil, de ikke selv har skrevet, og at de intet, gentager intet har at skulle have sagt. Med en sådan erkendelse i baghovedet kunne de rent faktisk tænkes at tage den første beslutning, der ikke er præfabrikeret på de etager i bygningen, hvor de egentlige beslutningtagere befinder sig.

Og med disse ord hopper vi direkte ind en samtale omkring det runde bord. Tilstede var der fem mænd og tre kvinder, som alle bidrager til samtalen. I lyddelen vil du kunne høre deres stemmer. I transcriptet er det skrevet som én stemme.

Klik for at høre broadcast

Rusland i fokus
Det, vi er vidne til i øjeblikket, er store geopolitiske forandringer, som ikke er set siden Sovjetunionens og Warshavapagtens sammenbrud mellem 1980-91. Det gælder både det ret geopolitiske, strategiske, militære, men også den økonomiske situation, som vi alle er ret interesserede i.

Den elite, der har været toneangivende siden 2. Verdenskrig er begyndt at føle, at lokummet brænder. Forstået på den måde, at de alliancer, de har skabt rundt omkring bliver udfordret i en sådan grad på alle de nævnte punkter, så de ikke længere kan anse sig selv for at have overherredømmet. Vi kan se, at fx. G20-landene er begyndt at sige primært til amerikanerne, som har forsøgt at isolere Rusland allermest i forbindelse med Ukraine, at de afviser at skulle isolere Rusland, så Putin fx er blevet inviteret med til det store topmøde i Australien.

Her er der så sket det, at Australiens psykopatiske leder, ex-bokseren Jack Abbott, har stillet sig op og sagt, at han nok skal give Putin en lektie for, hvordan man skal opføre sig. Vi har jo set gang på gang, når Putin møder Obama, at Obama nærmest er bange for ham, og det er altid Putin, der er afslappet med et drilsk smil på læben. Den australske præsident er i øvrigt yderst upopulær efter et år på posten og er ved at miste sit vælgergrundlag. Men han har har åbenbart anset det for vigtigt at gå i byen for den angelsaksiske elites interesser.

I forhold til Ukraine, hvor Rusland ser ud til pt at have overtaget i forhold til det diplomatiske spil, er den vestlige elite i færd med at blive sat godt og grundigt på plads. Lavrov og Putin har fundet ud af, at de faktisk godt kan samarbejde med Europa. Lande som Tyskland og Frankrig har erkendt, at sanktioner ikke kan fungere overfor et land af Ruslands størrelse. Rusland har jo bla henvendt sit til Kina og fået enorme aftaler om olie-gas-leverancer på plads, ligeledes aftaler om højhastigheds-togruter, de nye silkeruter. Tyskland har også store aftaler i gang med Kina.

Indiens nyvalgte ministerpræsident, Narendra Modi, har været ude og sige direkte, at han anser Rusland for at være Indiens tættelse allierede. Inderne tilslutter sig nu det silkeruteprojekt, som primært kineserne har været ophavsmænd til, og det tyder nu på, at Indien og Kina efter det seneste topmøde for halvanden måned siden i New Delhi er i færd med omsider at få løst de grænseproblemer, der har været mellem dem oppe i grænseområdet i Himachal Pradesh i Ladakh-området i den ene ende og Arunachal Pradesh i den anden ende. De får her som model de russisk-kinesiske grænseforhandlinger, der foregik i slutningen af 90'erne og frem til 00'erne i grænseområdet i Manchuriet, og Rusland bliver nu aktivt involveret i løsningen af de indisk-kinesiske problemer, som vitterlig har været store og har været med til at forhindre samarbejdet mellem de tre lande kaldet RIC - Russia-India-China-samarbejdet - hvilket amerikanerne er strategiske grunde er meget bange for skal blive en realitet.

Narendrea Modi har fået absolut flertal for sin politik og sit hindunationalistiske Bharatiya Janata-parti ved valget i maj, og han er villig til at gå langt i sin forståelse for kineserne og silkevejsprojektet. Og ikke nok med det. Nu sker der det, at iranerne har henvendt sig til inderne og appelleret om at kunne bruge havnebyen Sharbahar som terminal, der bliver tilsluttet den store jernbane, som Russian Railways er med-interessent i, og som skal gå fra netop Sharbahar ved den persiske havbugt til og ind til Afghanistan og Centralasien, altså Turmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan og over til Kina, men også den anden vej via Azerbaijan og den sydlige del af Rusland over til Moskva og videre til Europa.

Denne her nord-syd-korridor er en stor mulighed for at koordinere disse handelsveje, der skal etableres i det eurasiske område. Derudover er der lande som Oman og Kenya i Østafrika, der har tilsluttet sig samarbejdet. Det skaber en voldsom dynamik i forhold til den økonomiske faktor, udbygning af havne, jernbanesystemer, containerfaciliteter og dermed at kunne transportere store mængder af varer udenom de problematiske og poltiserede sejlruter: Suezkanalen og Panamakanalen.

Dette er et udspil imod det, der har været den gamle Verdensorden primært med udspring i det Britiske Imperium i de seneste 300 +. Det var søens Imperium - den der beherskede søen, beherskede Universet. Det gør det mindre sårbart i en eventuel konfrontation med den gamle Verdensorden, der jo havde håbet på, at det var dem og kun dem, der frit kunne definere deres Nye Verdensorden.

Men mindst ligeså interessant er det, at gamle fastlåste konflikter hermed kan blive løst. En sådan stammer fra Koreakrigen. Forholdet mellem Nord- og Sydkorea kan nu blive tøet op og Sydkorea har store investeringer i Mongoliet, hvor der er fundet store forekomster af sjældne metaller og olie, der kun findes i dette område. Mongoliet har åbnet sig for at handle med andre lande end Rusland og Kina, her Sydkorea, som jo har verdens femte største økonomi. Det vil skabe en væsentlig økonomisk dynamoeffekt i regionen, hvis Sydkorea skaffer maskiner til at udvinde metallerne, så har russerne erklæret sig klar til at stå til rådighed for at transprotere dem over landjorden fra Ulan Bator via Irkutsk og Vladivostok ved det Japanske Hav.

Her kan vi minde om, at Sydkorea ikke er det land, som amerikanerne vil give indtryk af: lutter amerikaner-venlighed. De har nok været tvunget til det pga Nordkoreas somme tider noget aggressive retorik, og fordi de rent faktisk er et besat land med 50.000 amerikanske tropper. Sydkorea har enorme økonomiske interesser i Kina, det er deres største handelsepartner. Det betyder, at de handler mere med Kina og Rusland i dag end med USA og Japan, som er deres officielle allierede.

Embargo og nye alliancer
Nu har europæerne under pres fra USA indført en embargo mod Rusland, som har svaret igen ved at afbryde handel og lufttrafik. Man kunne mene, at det er et selvmål fra Vesten. Rusland er lige nu ikke en af de største økonomier, Tyskland fx. er større. Men Rusland har enorme ikke-fuldt udnyttede potentialer, som de nu vil være tilskyndede til at mobilisere. Der er også kommentatorer, der har spået en kommende 'udrensning' - vi bryder os ikke rigtig om ordet, da det lyder lidt stalinistisk - af folk, der som en 5. kolonne har modarbejdet de interne russiske interesser og fx. lige nu prøver at udnytte embargoen til egen fordel.

På den anden side har de finansoligarker, der er bosiddende i London, været medvirkende til, at England ikke er en af de mest højtråbende i forbindelse med sanktionerne mod Rusland. Det gælder også britiske liberale og konservative politikere. England er i øvrigt et af de lande, der er i færd med at implementere den kinesiske yuan som en direkte udvekslingsvaluta, hvilket jo er et opgør med det ellers indiskutable dollar-imperium. Det viser, at hele det system, som er blevet opbygget siden 1944 med dollaren som monopoliseret verdensvaluta og pundet som reservevaluta - Breton-Woods-aftalerne og IMF udspringer heraf, ligeledes WTO - er ved at være under voldsom nedbrydning. Og nu sker der oveni det, at 'opkomlings-markederne' begynder at være stærkere - det gamle G7 er ved at blive indhentet af det 'nye G7'.

IMF-folk taler selvfølgelig primært om BRICS-landene, men der er også tre nye lande, der melder sig: Tyrkiet, Mexico og Indonesien. Deres reelle købekraft og vækst er nu større end det oprindelige G7. Kinas købekraft i sig selv har overhalet USA's. På papiret kan det se ud, som om USA har større valutareserver. Man kan sige at amerikanerne har et større håndsving på deres seddelpresse, men at Kina ejer mange af de amerikanske midler, fordi USA har bygget deres økonomi op på gæld og lån (som de i parantes bemærket aldrig vil kunne betale tilbage, ejheller har de tænkt sig at gøre det).

Denne situation har bevirket, at bagmændene med ståsted i den vestlige, især amerikanske olieindustri, våbenindustri og finansindustri har følt sig nødsaget til at forstærke deres anslag og deres strategi om den New World Order, de har talt om så længe. Det vil måske ikke være indlysende for de fleste, men det, der sker mht til Ebola i Vestafrika for tiden, det der sker med ISIL i Mellemøsten omkring Syrien, det der sker i Ukraine og nedsmeltningen af Sydeuropas økonomier ER disse anslag! Alt dette er en del af det store shakespearske teaterstykke, hvor man iscenesætter ustabilitet og kaos. Det er meningen, det skal ske. Mellemøsten skal knuses, det ved vi fra general Wesley Clarks samtale med Donald Rumsfeld efter 9/11, hvor sidstnævnte direkte opremser de lande op, der skal smadres de kommende år.

Man kunne gå helt tilbage til den britiske elites skriverier i slutningen af 1800-tallet og frimurer-guruen Albert Pikes berygtede korrespondance italienske brødre. Vi kan også underbygge ved at trække en linje fra Halford McKinders, geopolitikkens fader, og hans dogma om 'The Heartland', bæltet fra vest til øst, der skal domineres for at Imperiet kan herske over Verden og videre til 'Clash of Civilisations' udsagt af en af elitens nuværende talsrør, Samuel P. Huntington. Der mangler ikke detaljerede og eksplicitte udsagn om, hvad det er, vestens oligarki har haft som masterplan i 150 år.

Det, vi ser i Mellemøsten lige nu, kunne man ikke have forudset for bare et par år siden. Altså Imperiets anslag har vi for længst set komme, men andre hændelser overrasker. Set med Albert Pike'ske øjne har fænomenet ISIS, ISIL eller bare IS (som i IS-rael og IS-lam, brandet er stilsikkert) som afløser for Al Qaeda-brandet, der tilsyneladende har nået sidste salgsdato, været noget af en game-changer. Selvom det er blæst op i Vesten som den sto-o-o-re bussemand (her parallellen til Ebola), og selvom man nu - nødtvunget måske - sender fly ind, så har disse angreb ingen effekt. Disse folk skal bekæmpes i direkte konfrontation, og kurderne er i fuld gang. I skrivende stund har de mistet kontrollen over alt andet en landsby-forstæder til Kobane, den kurdiske selvstyrende provins ved Syriens nordgrænse. Det skyldes alene den tyrkiske hærs lukning af grænsen, at de tyrkiske kurdere, der er professionelle krigere, ikke for længst er gået over grænsen og har smadret disse banditter, der myrder og voldtager efter forgodtbefindende.

Mellemøsten er en underlig størrelse, hvor begrebet min fjendes fjende er min ven gælder. Uventede alliancer kan opstå. Mange tror fx. at kurdere og syrere er på kant, men det er de ikke. De har fået lov til at lave selvstyre i Kobane med Assads billigelse. Det syriske kurderes parti Den Demokratiske Union er tæt beslægtede ideologisk med de syriske regeringsparti, og de bliver understøttet af det gamle kurdiske arbejderparti PKK.

Under en køretur med en taxachauffør for nylig kommer han til at nævne, at han er gammel PKK'er. Uden at skamme sig over det, selvom de som bekendt står på Imperiets terrorliste. På et tidspunkt siger han: Ved du hvad jeg synes? Jeg synes at USA er et beskidt land. De siger hele tiden, at de vil kommer og hjælpe os, men det gør de aldrig! Af fulde folk og taxachauffører skal man høre sandheden. USA hjælper ikke folk, medmindre de ser en fordel i det. Kerry har lige udtalt, at Kobane bare må falde, for det er ikke en del af USA's strategi at gøre noget her.

Men IS bliver udråbt som noget der pludselig skete, og 'vi vidste slet ikke noget om dem, og vi kan slet ikke klare dem, og nu truer de med at lave terror alle steder - i hele verden, hører I det? I HELE VERDEN, så kan det nok være, I bliver bange her!

Men når IS møder kvalificeret modstand, bliver de udraderet. Kurderne har nu slået dem tilbage, i kamp med den iranske revolutionsgarde får de bank. Der skulle kun ganske få revolutionsgardister til at hjælpe kurderne i en by ved navn Amaril nord for Mosul. Medvirkende var Suleymani, gardens øverste leder, der er en ret hemmelighedsfuld person, som amerikanerne selvfølgelig har sat på en liste over 'mest eftersøgte forbrydere...' - en sikker titel til folk, der er i stand til at yde kvalificeret modstand mod Imperiet. Ligesom det kurdiske parti. Og nu har nogle stammer i Irak slået sig sammen om at gå til modangreb, for de er trætte af deres uduelige regeringshær uddannet til slattenhed af amerikanerne efter invasionen.

Der er lidt forskellige observationer, hvis man spørger kommentatorer. Vi ser her bort fra de professionelle benægtere af alt, hvad der vedrører sandheden. Nogle vil sige, at vi jo godt ved, at amerikanerne har trænet, finansieret, våbenført og hyret dem. Vicepræsident Joe Biden kom for nylig til at sige, at det jo var USA, Tyrkiet og Qatar, der havde betalt for festen. Det måtte han så dementere, for det var et stilbrud: Amerikanske ministre siger jo ikke sandheden, det ved du også godt, Joe, FY! Men altså, visse kommentatorer siger, at 'Vi vidste det godt, men det er løbet os ud af hænde, de har vendt sig imod os, de kører nu deres eget løb, og vi kan ikke kontrollere dem'. Alt imens man overhovedet ikke prøver at kontrollere dem. Hvilket så giver bolden videre til den anden fløj, der siger, at det hele har været meningen fra starten af, og at lejesvendene blev hentet hjem igen, så snart de havde gjort deres beskidte arbejde for Imperiet ligesom 'de lange knives nat' i Tyskland i 30'erne.

Saudiarabien, Yemen, Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar
Men det interessante er, at Saudiarabien nu er i spil for første gang, og de er ude af sig selv. Bandar Bush er fyret som chef for efterretningsvæsenet og der er indsat en anden mand, Youssef bin Ali al-Idrisi, der er langt mere kritisk overfor amerikanerne. Saudierne er hunderædde for, hvad der foregår nu, for de har ikke længere styr på det ISIL, som de via Qatar har været med til at finansiere - hvilket jo på en måde er den første tolkning som ovenfor nævnt. ISIL rykker frem og truer nu med at ville tage Mekka og Medina, de hellige byer.

Men så sker der også det i disse dage i Yemen, syd for Saudiarabien, at Houtierne, der er pro-Assad, pro-Hizbollah, pro-Iran og pro-Bagdad, mere eller mindre har erobret magten i Yemen. Houtierne er en gammel og mægtig krigerstamme på den arabiske halvø bestående af 300-400.000 velbevæbnede mænd, stammekrigere, der ikke er bange for noget som helst. Deres plakater i Sanaa ved magtovertagelsen sagde: Død over Israel, død over USA! Den sædvanlige retorik i området. Saudierne kan reelt ikke gøre noget ved det. Og de shiamuslimske mindretal, der bor i den sydlige og østlige del af Saudiarabien, bliver voldsomt inspirerede af, hvad der foregår. De frygter simpelthen et oprør. I deres andet naboland, Bahrain, blev der i forbindelse med bølgen af 'det arabiske forår' slået et oprør ned i Bahrain med hård hånd. Vi hørte aldrig om det i vestlige medier, for afledningsmanøvren var Libyenkrigen. Lokumsaftalen mellem Saudi og Vesten var: I får lov til at smadre Gadaffi og Libyen og stjæle deres guld og olie, vi får lov til at gøre, hvad vi vil i Golfen.

Bahrain-oprøret var i øvrigt fra bahrainitternes side meget fredeligt anlagt: ingen bomber og voldshandlinger, en bred folkelig protestbevægelse. Saudierne har ikke formået at knuse det, selvom de har gjort alt, hvad de kunne. De har på deres side arresteret, myrdet - hele svineriet. De har besvaret fredelig protest med vold og undertrykkelse.

Bemærk venligst på verdenskortet, hvordan Saudiarabien ligger som en hakkebøf mellem tre burgerboller. Egypten kunne også blive farlig for dem, men nu kommer så spillet. Saudierne føler sig så trykket af situationen, at de har henvendt sig til Lavrov, den russiske udenrigsminister. Han var på hemmeligt besøg i juni måned, hvor saudierne fremfører det ønske, at de vil forhandle med iranerne. Men da der er kold luft imellem Saudi og Iran, bliver Lavrov og russerne, der er på talefod med dem, bedt om at formidle kontakten. Allerede på det tidspunkt har saudierne set, at ISIL, yemenitterne og bahrainerne rykker for tæt på. Prisen for denne gestus fra russisk side er, at saudierne vil finansiere russiske våbenleverancer til Egypten.

Hvorfor nu denne støtte? Fordi Al Sisi kan stække det Muslimske Broderskab, der også er en voksende trussel mod Saudierne og deres tætte allierede, De Forenede Arabiske Emirater. Her har Broderskabet forsøgt et statskup for et år siden. Prisen for herlighederne: 3-4 milliarder dollar. Varelisten: kampvogne, fly og endda ubåde til Egypten. Det er så for nylig blevet udvidet til også at omfatte Libanons og Jordans regeringshære, for Libanon er også under angreb mod nord af ISIL-banditterne og Jordan har som bekendt en lang grænse mod Irak.

Hizbollah har indtil videre været koncentreret om at forsvare sydgrænsen mod deres gamle aggressor Israel. Nu siger Nasrallah, Hizbollahs åndelige leder, at de sammen med Libanons hær - ingen lille hær: 100.000 mand og 150.000 i reserve, vil nedkæmpe ISIL. Hizbollah selv har 50.000 mand, måske verdens bedste guerillasoldater - Vi helmer ikke, før den sidste taqfiri, den sidste terrorist, er slået ihjel!

Senest har man set 10.000 hizbollah-folk i aktion i Syrien som støtte til Assads regeringshær. Det har været med til at forsvare Syrien mod de indtrængende invasionsstyrker. Mange af de områder, der har været erobret af invasionsstyrkerne er nu generobret.

Det er svært at blive klog på Mellemøsten. Hvem er med, og hvem er imod? Qatar, det lille stenrige, olierige land i Golfen, der har været med til at finansiere det Muslimske Broderskab både i Egypten og i Libyen. Men de er nu nødt til at være med til at bekæmpe ISIL, fordi de har fået vredet armen om af saudierne. Saudi og Emiraterne har truet med total-embargo, hvis ikke qatarierne stopper deres støtte til Broderskabet. Det er tæt på en krigserklæring mod Doha, og det betyder lige pludselig, at GCC, Golfens Samarbejdsråd, ikke er, hvad det har været. Sheik Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber fra Kuwait har været en tur i Iran og underskrevet omfattende samarbejdsaftaler. Oman har direkte tilknyttet sig Iran. GCC, der oprindelig var tænkt som NATO's forlængede arm i Mellemøsten (de kopierede NATO's doktrin om en 'ikke-angrebspagt'), er simpelthen ved at gå i opløsning.

Vi kan sammenligne med det, der foregår i det hashimittiske kongedømme Jordan, hvor vi ser, at jordanerne er rædselsslagne. De er næsten altid bange for et eller andet, for Jordan er et mærkeligt land, hvor kongen altid har gjort snart det ene og snart det andet for at overleve. Fx i forbindelse med Sorte September, den palestinensiske oprørsbevægelse, hvor hans far overlevede ved at sno sig. Men jordanerne er nu blevet klar over, at ISIL, der jo har haft baser i Jordan, hvor amerikanerne har trænet dem, er ude af kontrol.

I en by i det sydlige Jordan, der hedder Maan, i nærheden af de kendte Petra-ruiner, måtte politiet trække sig ud af hele byen, en halvstor by på 80-100-000 indbyggere, fordi ISIL-sympatisører gik igennem byen med det berygtede sorte banner og Kalashnikov'er. Jordanerne var bange for, at Maan skulle blive et center for opstand, hvor man kunne operere over grænsen til Irak og videre til Syrien. De bad derfor, at de amerikanske soldater på 15.000 mand skulle forblive i landet. Det viser, at Jordan også er i fare, og Jordan har også bedt russerne om sikkerhedsgarantier.

Yemen har lige oplevet en revolution. Houti-militsen kaldet Ansarullah har overtaget i Sanaa og andre større byer. De er i alliance med sydyemenitterne, der jo ikke er religiøse, de er en form for socialister og repræsenterer den gamle sydyemenittiske folkerepublik. Så lige nu bliver Al Qaeda, der har store baser i Yemen, angrebet fra begge sider. USA og Saudiarabien har støttet det gamle regime med Ali Abdul Saleh. Amerikanerne drone-bombede Al Qaeda-mål i Yemen - sagde de - men de har det med at ramme ved siden af, det ser vi også lige nu i Irak. I virkeligheden rammer de ikke ved siden af, for det var houtierne, der var målet. De frygter dem meget, for det er en ren pro-Iransk alliance vi ser lige nu.

I Eritrea, der ligger ovre på den anden side af det vigtige Bab El Mandab-stræde, som forbinder det Indiske Ocean med det Røde Hav, er der sket det, at den socialistiske præsident, Isaias Afwerki, har sagt, at han vil afholde militærmanøvrer med russerne for første gang siden den kolde krig. Eritrea har en af de stærkeste hære i Afrika overhovedet, og udsagnet er et direkte signal til amerikanerne, der bruger nabolandet Djibouti som base for aktioner mod pirateriet udfor Somalias kyst. I den autonome region, Somaliland, der ikke er et rigtigt land med mere et ukontrolleret område, er de anti-pirater. Men eritreanerne siger på denne måde tak for sidst for ikke at blive inviteret med til et stort anlagt afrikansk topmøde hos Obama i Washington. Så nu har han inviteret russerne til Asmara igen. Vi husker den russiske forbindelse helt tilbage i 70'erne med EPLF.

Aamund og vaccinekartellet
Og hvad har alt dette med lille Danmark at gøre? Well, for nylig kom businessmanden Asger Aamund til i det debatforum i DR2 (hos Clemens Kjærsgaard) enten at tale over sig eller udtalte sig på den økonomiske elitens vegne ifølge det masoniske codex: Bare man siger, hvad man har gang i af grusomheder, så er alting tilladt. Han sagde:

Konflikten, vi ser i Mellemøsten, vil blive langvarig og vil skabe enorme flygtingestrømme mod Europa, der vil medføre tvangsfjernelse af flygtninge til kontrollerede lejre i området og opsigelse af flygtningekonventionen, fri fangst af flygtninge året rundt. Han nævner også Ebola-flygtningestrømme. Næste skridt er undtagelsestilstand og diktatur.

Aamund spår, at i december vil der være mindst 1 million afrikanere, der er ramt af denne sygdom. Men her burde man måske også nævne, at Asger Aamund har en aktie i affæren i vaccine-kartellerne. Vacciner er en kæmpe forretning. Vacciner kan udover at skæppe i kassen bruges til mange ting, ligesom epidemier kan bruges til mange ting. De kan, som vi her nævner, bruges til at skabe ustabilitet og flygtninge.

Men Ebola og det skingre hype, der køres frem omkring det, ligner i betænkelig grad den samme hype, der har været omkring H1N1, der jo udover at være en fis i en hornlygte, afslørede, at industrien havde forurenet vaccinerne med sygdommen, så man måtte kalde dem tilbage og aflyse de stort anlagte statsstøttede tvangsvaccinationer. Det samme med SARS og AIDS. Det ligner altså med andre ord: laboratorieforsøg og biologiske våben. AIDS er for længst debunked som en påstået naturlig virus spontant opstået hos grønne aber. 9/10 tilfælde af AIDS i Afrika skyldes dårlig ernæring og beskidt miljø - immun-defekt = dårligt immunforsvar. Nu prøver man så igen med Ebola.

Det første udbrud af Ebola kom klods op af en stor tysk facilitet i Vestafrika, Tysklands svar på Area 51, hvor bla Mihail Gorbatjov i sin tid anklagede tyskerne for at udvikle biologiske våben. En liberiansk læge anklagede for nylig amerikanerne for at være skyld i den seneste bølge af Ebola, og at det stammede fra et lignende amerikansk compound på en bestemt lokalitet i Sierra Leone.

Når en insider som Aamund plaprer ud, kan vi være sikre på, at han har indsigt i det spil, som han selv er en del af. Den, som fisen lugte kan ... Vi ser nu effekten i den geopolitiske situation i Vestafrika. Det påstås, at der er flere hundrede tusinde blot i Liberia, der er smittet. Det virker stærkt overdrevet! Gambias præsident, Yahya Jammeh, der bla påstår at have opfundet anti-AIDS-kur, siger, at det, der foregår lige nu, er en neo-kolonialistisk dagsorden fremført af amerikanske, britiske og andre kræfter. Det med aids-kuren må vist komme an på en prøve, men det sidste står ikke til diskussion. Gambia har denne sommer meldt sig ud af Commonwealth. Gambia har været et stort turistland, og mange skandinaver har rejst til Gambia. Jammeh har fundet ud af via efterretningstjenester (Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, andre?), at amerikanerne har planlagt et styrt / statskup mod ham for at overtage store fiskeriområder udfor Gambias kyst, hvor verdens bedste fiskerifarvand ligger. Der er også olie og gas. Amerikanerne vil nu rekolonialisere Vestafrika, og han er ikke den eneste, der siger noget lignende.

Senegal på den anden side siger, at de har fået kontrol over Ebola'en. Så de vil ikke have, at folk fra omverdenen skal komme ind og overtage kontrollen med deres samfund via panik-frygt-undtagelsestilstand. På samme vis har Nigeria været tidligt ud og sige, at de ikke ønsker vacciner. Bill Gates (eugenikeren!) ønskede at donere en masse vacciner for år tilbage, men det nigerianske parlament, der ellers står for en vis del af korruption, meldte klart ud, at de ikke ønskede vacciner mod bla. polio.

Rygtet var nået frem, at også koppe-vacciner indeholdt AIDS-virus og at 50 millioner afrikanere er blevet smittet bla via disse vacciner. Anti-Immun-Defekt-Syndrom = dårligt immunforsvar = 'du bliver syg af alt, der rammer dig'.

Hvis vi går tilbage til forrige århundrede, har vi i Danmark en opdagelsesrejsende og forfatter ved navn Arne Falk Rønne. Han rejste også blandt indianere i regnskoven, som blev udsat for vacciner. Var man bekymrede for deres helbred? Næppe, men der var en lov om, at man ikke bare kunne gå ind og stjæle folks land og fx suge det tomt for olie eller plante gummitræer for Shell overalt. Men hvis der nu ikke boede indianere i området (fordi de var døde), så var det jo ikke noget problem. Han beskrev det i 1970 i bogen 'Døde indianere sladrer ikke'. Man vaccinerede mod en eller anden sygdom, men vaccinen indeholdt ... sygdommen. Det gør vacciner jo, for det sådan, de virker. Her virkede de så blot lidt hurtigere, end de vacciner, vi bliver udsat for. Så hele Ebola-sagen er jo ikke nye boller på suppen; det er en velkendt metode, og hvorfor lave om på en strategi, der virker.

Så hvis man læser/tolker de gambianske, senegalesiske og nigerianske reaktioner, så har disse folk efterhånden gennemskuet denne stygge agenda.

Nigeria har været udsat for et iscenesat angreb via terrorbevægelsen Boko Haram. Lederen blev slået ihjel i nabolandet Camaroun, og hans navn var intet ringere end ... Abu Bakr al Chicagu! Skal man le eller græde? Tydeligere kan forbindelsen mellem Chicago, NATO's andet hovedkvarter, hovedkvarteret for al gangstervirksomhed i USA og centret for amerikansk neo-con-ideologi ikke navngives. OG: Abu Bakr indgår også i navnet i Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, den højt opskregne wannabe-kalif, leder af ISIS. Tilfældigt? cmon ...

Når man ser denne nigerianske terrorist på medierne, er det fuldstændig som at se en Hollywood-produktion. Han opfører sig med dansetrin og vanvittige kommentarer til, hvordan Islam skal indføres som en skuespiller. Vi har også set for nylig i forbindelse med ISIS og visse medie-hypede halshugninger, hvordan der blev spillet skuespil. Der har været en hel serie shows, hvor James Foley var den mest omtalte. Halshuggeren/bødlen i videoklippet taler med tydelig britisk accent og der klippes væk lige før hovedet ryger. Herefter ser man ikke hovede og krop adskilt, for det er teater. Vi skal længere ind i sindet, så kommer katten, og NU bliver du bange ...

Hvis man ser gamle optagelser fra Al Shabab-bevægelsen i Somalia, Boku Haram og ISIL og ser deres flag, så er det det samme. Disse bevægelser er altså koordinerede og arrangerede. Vi kan også bare kalde dem 'Rejseholdet'.

Men alså: nigerianerne har sagt nej til Bill Gates' udryddelsesvacciner og amerikanske tropper, der skal tvangsvaccinere (læs: forgifte) befolkningen. De har læst og forstået, at bla sagen med pigerne, der blev bortført af Boku Haram overhovedet ikke fandt sted men var en ren PsyOp (Psykologisk Operation, et begreb for psykologisk krigsførelse vha teater og iscenesættelser, der skal skræmme livet af folk for at gennemføre en dagsorden, der ellers aldrig ville blive accepteret af folk).

En postuleret ond epidemi kan altså tjene det samme formål som en postuleret ond terroristbevægelse i et land. Ebola bliver hermed et synonym for Al Qaeda. Pas på, I bliver angrebet, vi er nu nødt til at intervenere. Og det er selvfølgelig for jeres egen skyld, for vi er jo - det må I forstå - dybt bekymrede for jeres velfærd! Det er jo R2P, Responsibility-2-Protect, det er for jeres skyld at ... at vi nu slår jer ihjel. Er I ikke bare glade?

Der er derfor ankommet 4.000 amerikanske soldater til Liberia for at 'tage hånd' om disse vacciner. Det er godt nok mange soldater til at vaccinere... Englænderne vil sende tropper til Sierra Leone for at gøre det samme. Er vi ikke alle samme bare rigtig glade? Russiske 'virus-specialister' er også ankommet til Guinea. De har gennemskuet hele det neokoloniale teaterstykke, så de skal blot beskytte deres bauxit-miner i landet.

Det er interessant, hvordan Internettet har fået udveksling af information og trans-national kommunikation til at eksplodere. Det er nu muligt at udveksle erfaring hurtigere og mere effektivt end nogensinde før mellem nationer og grupper af mennesker. Venezuelanere, malaysiere og nigerianere kan i dag sammenligne erfaringer med 'Imperiet' og dets strategier som aldrig før. Internettet er blevet et revolutionært info-våbenlager. Mønster-genkendelse er nu direkte tilgængelig.

Der findes terrorister i Afrika. I Nigeria har visse 'spøgelseshære' længe opereret i de nordøstlige provinser. Ifølge lækkede dokumenter fra CIA ved nigerianerne i dag, at amerikanerne i 10-15 år har ønsket at ødelægge Nigeria, der er nr. 4 olie-eksporterende land i Verden i forhold til USA. Historien fra 70'erne i Biafra var også en historie om olie i Niger-deltaet, og englænderne og franskmændene var vældig fremme i skoene for at 'hjælpe', dvs. vriste en del af Nigeria løs fra landet. Så i Lagos ved de godt, at de skal passe på med at lukke vesterlændinge ind, der vil hjælpe ... dem af med deres ressourcer. Til gengæld har de selv inviteret kineserne ind. De har faktisk overtaget store dele af Nigerias infrastruktur, jernbaner, broer og havne.

Det er bla den kinesiske bølge i hele Afrika, som amerikanerne mener, de er nødt til at reagere på. I Uganda har vi set, hvordan en mærkværdig terrorbevægelse er opstået af ingenting - hverken den ugandiske hær eller deres efterretningsvæsen vidste noget om den. Lige pludselig er der landsbyer, der er blevet angrebet i den nordvestlige del af landet. Det er ikke Lords Resistence Army, denne Joseph Coney-bevægelse, som man for længst har nedkæmpet og sendt i landsflygtighed i den Centralafrikanske Republik, eller hvor de nu er henne. Det er en ukendt gruppe, der bare brænder landsbyer af, voldtager kvinder og myrder folk og forsvinder igen. Uganda-kommentatorer mener selv, at det er et forsøg på at destabilisere landet, da der er fundet store mængder af olie og gas i Lake Albert-området / Ruwenzori National Park, og Uganda har lavet aftaler med det russiske selskab Lukoil. Så derefter er det selvfølgelig - den gamle historie - andre interesser, der vil forhindre det. Nogle af os kalder det 'Misundelsens Imperium'.

Vi ser dette grimme fjæs igen og igen i Afrika og Mellemøsten. Begrebet 'Ghost Armies' opstår ud af ingenting og slår til, når der skal konfiskeres ressourcer. IS er bla sådan en spøgelseshær. Ingen kendte dem, før de var der. Libaneserne kendte dem i forvejen, og de blev knust. Det hænger sammen med det mareridt, Imperiets organer oplevede, da de ikke kunne få has på Assad i Syrien. Det er umuligt at forestille sig, at CIA og Mossad og andre væsener ikke har kendt til IS, hvorefter de så gik ind og hev dem op af posen igen, jf. onkel Joe (Biden), der kom til at plapre op. Assad skulle bare fjernes, koste hvad det vil, og der har de brugt alle til rådighed stående midler. Men syrerne er ret intelligente mennesker. De kan sagtens se, når udenfra kommende magter prøver at pådutte dem deres agenda, selv dem der ikke er direkte Assad-tilhængere. Syrien er i øvrigt set i det store historiske stræk en gammel krigernation (Assyrien, Umayyaderne, ..).

Segregation versus integration
Derfor er Syrien også et specielt land, for alle de religiøse retninger smelter sammen her. De har en fredelig sameksistens. Når vi i vores del af verden skal være politisk korrekte og begyder at tale om integration og indvandring bør vi måske se på Mellemøsten. Alle mulige mærkelige grupper har levet her, men de har ikke været integreret på den såkaldt 'multietniske' facon, som især venstrefløjen forestiller sig, hvilket i øvrigt ikke er multikulturelt, det er et 100% monokulturelt tankesæt. I Mellemøsten har de været segregeret. Et tros-kulturelt samfund har levet i én landsby, og 50 kilometer væk findes en totalt anderledes tros-kultur. De har ikke giftet sig med hinanden, de har ikke blandet sig i hinandens affærer. De har eksisteret sammen med distanceret respekt, hvilket er noget ganske andet end den politiske designer-ideologi, der er ved at tvære den europæiske kultur ud for tiden. Disse segregerede grupper har ikke bekriget hinanden, for det var ikke i deres interesse. Kun i det omfang en udefra kommende magt stiller sig op og 'pissede ned i myretuen', så ankommer konflikten.

Hvilket er gammel britisk strategi med del-og-hersk. De har sat den ene stamme op mod den anden og foræret dem skydevåben. Hvis vi tænker blot et halvt århundrede tilbage, lyder det næsten som en udgave af Vensyssel, men der er bare ikke noget at hente i Vensyssel, så der har de bare smidt med kålhoveder. Her har de også haft hver deres lille landsby med hver deres dialekt og måde at tænke på. Morsboeren og thyboeren, den ene gik i stribet tøj, den anden gik i prikket. Forestil jer en stak antropologisk understøttede regeringsagenter ankomme til det gamle Vensyssel og gennemtvinge en politiske styret integrationspolitik.

På Malta er der to befolkningsgrupper. Den ene stemmer på nationalistpartiet, et borgerligt-kristent parti, den anden stemmer på Labour, et fabiansk-stil-arbejderparti. Når man går på en bar på Malta, kan man se, hvem der stemmer på hvem. Hvis man bestiller Pepsi på en bar, er man nationalist, hvis du bestiller Coca Cola er du til Labour. Sådan var det med ølmærker i Danmark for 50 år siden, hvis du var arbejder, så drak du Hof, og hvis du var fin på den eller til nød akademikersnude-kystbane-socialist, så drak du Tuborg. Det er Brøndby mod FCK, det er gammel stamme-mentalitet, når den er harmløs (bortset fra hooliganismen). Et sidespring ...

Syrien har haft 16 trosgrupper i ikke-multikulturelt udtværet sameksistens. Det samme gælder palæstinensere og jøder, men det kan jøder ikke lide at høre i dag. Og stadigvæk, når man færdes hos lokalbefolkningerne, så finder man ikke disse oppustede konflikter Mange palæstinensere er i øvrigt ligesom syrerne ikke muslimer, de er kristne. Så det er paradoksalt, når det kristne vesten næsten uforbeholdent har støttet zionisterne, for så har de støttet dem, der ønsker konflikt med dem, de burde være solidariske overfor. Begrebet borgerkrig er et ligeså sygt begreb, for det er næsten aldrig borgerne, der starter en borgerkrig. En landsby beslutter aldrig over et lejrbål en dag, at nu er det passende at gå over på den anden side af et bjerg og begynde at slagte løs på mænd, kvinder og børn i en anden landsby, der ligesom ens egen landsby har ligget der i et par tusinde år.

De velfærdsramte og det intellektuelle fjols
Men det er nærmest det, vi sidder og siger til hinanden, især i/efter 00'erne, hvor danskerne er blevet de-sensiverede af iPad-Pod-Phone, manglende reel information (masser af dis-) og Svanekøkkener, velfærds- og fjernsyns-intoksikering. Der er meget lidt signifikant modstand tilbage, for der er meget lidt kontakt med den grimme virkelighed, derude og derinde. Folk aner ikke, hvad terror/terrorisme er, folk mener at NATO er en slags fredsbevarende projekt, venstrefløjen er begyndt at elske at føre krig, for nu er den købt og solgt som politiske korrekt (Obama-effekten). Vi er ofre for perception-management. Hvis man kan kontrollere bevidstheden hos folk, så kan man enten gelejde dem ind i kontrolleret opposition eller lobotomisere dem til at have manglende opposition. Danmark er Legoland/Disneyland.

Et eksempel. Hvor finder man i dansk politik et par stumper af reel modstand mod det store projekt? En gang imellem kommer der lidt kritik af global-kartellerne fra Enhedslisten, men så falder de straks i grøften med politisk korrekthed og kulturbolsjevisme. Hos Dansk Folkeparti finder vi noget gammelnationalisme, noget EU-modstand og noget kritik af det kulturbolsjevikkiske indvandrer- kultur-destruktionsprojekt. Men så falder de i vandet og begynder at propagere for zionisterne og det palæstinensiske folkemord (Israel har ret til at forsvare sig, ...). Danskerne har lidt af 'den engelske syge' og drukket Coca Cola til siden 2. Verdenskrig, men nu sker der det, at amerikanerne og briterne - altså folk på gade - er begyndt at vågne op, fordi de har fået en overdosis af intra-imperialisme. De har på egen krop oplevet overgrebet, de har været det første offer i Imperiets krige, for det er det krigsførende lands befolkning altid - uden undtagelse!

Det underlige lige nu er, at danskerne nu er dummere end amerikanerne, hvem havde troet, det skulle ske? Har vi ikke rigtige aviser og rigtig dannelse? Vi plejer at sige at 'vi følger med i, hvad er sker i Verden'. Sorry, ikke længere. Den hæderlighed og uskyld, der engang eksisterede, findes ikke længere. Løgnens omfang er begyndt at gå op for amerikanerne, mens vi stadig labber den i os. Selv intelligensian, det tænkende segment kan ikke finde ud af det længere. Carsten Jensen udtaler for nylig, at ISIL er intet i forhold til Assad, som er et monster. Vi har altså nogle af det såkaldt mest progressive intellektuelle, som kan sige meget godt, alligevel falder for propagandaen. Som en Noam Chomsky, der ikke kan se, at der skulle være noget underligt ved den amerikanske regerings forklaring af 9/11. Det handler måske om at få så meget indflydelse og taletid som muligt uden at bringe for meget sandhed, da sandheden er miskrediterende i sig selv, for alle i det akademiske miljø ville hugge benene væk under en og udråbe en til fjenden i forklædning.

Da virkeligheden slap ud af arresthuset
Disse intellektuelle har dannet deres bevidsthed i forrige århundrede. De ser stadig verden som sort-hvid, venstre-højre, progressiv-reaktionær, gode-onde, og derved bliver de ude af stand til at se, at virkeligheden flipper begreberne på hovedet og er morfet for øjnene af dem. Der er et udmærket udenrigsmagasin i fjernsynet hver mandag - det har eksisteret siden 1960'erne, Horisont. For første gang overhovedet kom der for nylig en kritisk rapportage fra Ukraine, der kritiserede det fascistiske Kiev-regime. Man så på almindelige menneskers levevilkår, hvordan deres hjem, deres børnehaver, skoler, veje var blevet smadret af Kiev-juntaen. Man så mødre, der græd, og sagde hvad har vi gjort? Vores hus er ødelagt, jeg har ikke noget sted at leve, vores familie er gået i opløsning! Det var den første reelle rapportage fra Donbass-området, som danske TV har lavet. Selv Odessa-massakren, hvor folk blev lynchet af Højre Sektor-folkene blev omtalt. Ros til en modig journalist, Mathilde Kilmer, som har fået lov til at lave denne rapportage. Det kan skyldes, at Christopher Guldbrandsen, der sammen med Niels Giversen gjorde Anders Fogh Rasmussen rasende med dokumentarfilmen Den hemmelige Krig, der viste dansk militærs udlevering af afghanere til britisk og amerikansk tortur, er blevet udnævnt til chef for DR-Dokumentar-afdelingen.

Men mens en ung journalist i DR har fattet virkeligheden, sidder Carsten Jensen stadig fast i sin reaktionære politiske korrekthed. For mens virkeligheden og begreberne derude flipper rundt, flipper venstrefløjen også fra at være progressiv til at være reaktionær - de reagerer uden at tænke. For det fik de på plads dengang i forrige århundrede.

Til dig, der er så interesseret i virkeligheden, at du har fundet denne blog, kan vi nævne, at der lige nu er flere ukrainske læsere end danske. Derfor også den medfølgende engelske oversættelse, så de ikke skal Google-oversætte, hvilket sjældent er kønt hele vejen igennem. Amerikanerne og franskmændene har også overhalet danskerne indenom.

Medierne har ellers været temmelig tavse om Ukraine i den seneste måned. Det virker, som om at russerne stille og roligt er ved at overtage spillet, og at mediekampagnen er ebbet ud, da aggressionen er ved at slå fejl. Kiev-juntaen, der har angrebet Donbass, centret for modstand mod styret, har simpelthen fået smadret 65% af deres eget militærmateriale! Det er forbløffende meget. Det har gjort af den kupindsatte præsident Poroshenko har slået et flik-flak 1800 og har sagt, at han ikke vil trække Ukraine ud af SNG (Fællesskabet af Uafhængige Stater, et fællesskab mellem 12-15 stater, der opstod som følge af Sovjetunionens opløsning).

Hans ambassadør i Hviderusland var med til et SNG-topmøde i sidste uge. Det er signifikant, da Ukraine har lavet en associeringsaftale med EU. Det betyder også, at Poroshenko er klar over, at Højre Sektor, banderisterne, skal han passe på. De er ekstremt voldelige og har fået så meget blod på tænderne/hænderne, så de er villige til at destabilisere landet fortsat, hvis de ikke får deres vilje. Hvilket de ikke gør for tiden, da Donbass ifølge dem skal lægges død ifølge de aftaler, de mener at have fået. Så Poroshenko er pludselig blevet en partner / et instrument for Kreml, så der kan skabes en fredsløsning for regionen. Der kommer nok til at ske en nedkæmpning af Højre Sektor i Ukraine. De får ikke lov til at gå rundt i gaderne med fakler og råbe neo-nazi-slagord. De har på sin vis taget og uddestilleret alt det værste ved nazismen og rendyrket det til politisk hooliganisme. De er endnu mere retarderede end vesterlændinge, der stadig lever i den kolde krig. De er ikke nået længere end til 2. Verdenskrig, og tror, at Putin er Stalin, og Rusland er Sovjetunionen. Som brunskjorterne, der var bølleredskaber for nazisterne mod bolsjevikkerne, er de bølleredskaber for de amerikanske neo-cons og kartel-globalisterne. Og de er for retarderede til at fatte det.

Der er også en mere jordnær forklaring på neddæmpningen af gemytterne i Ukraine: det er ved at blive vinter, og man slås ikke, når Kong Vinter ankommer. Så meget kan vi vel lære af nazisterne, der i 1942 brændte nallerne på netop det faktum. Man kan ikke slås i -500. Der kunne også blive lukket for oliehanen. Som Gasproms chef, Alexei Miller, sagde henvendt til den ukrainske regering for nyligt, at det kunne tænkes at blive ret koldt i Kiev om vinteren, så måske var det på tide at erkende, at beboerne i Donbass havde visse rettigheder.

Bedstemødre og hi-tech
Er der en sammenhæng mellem den mislykkede Syrien-mission og det, der pludselig skete i Ukraine? Hvor det så også er begyndt at gå galt. Har russerne ventet på, som i Syrien, at intervenørerne skulle dumme sig, så de kunne overtage? De amerikanske krigsmagere havde begge steder regnet med en hurtig sejr og hurtigt videre, men det gik ikke så godt. De har undervurderet ukrainerne i øst og kampviljen i vest til at nedkæmpe separatisterne. Krim blev taget væk fra Kiev uden at bruge særlig meget militærkraft. Så kunne man i det mindste smadre Donbass, men det viste sig, at befolkningen var meget bedre forberedt og organiseret, end man havde troet. 25.000 mand i øst har som nævnt smadret 65% af militærudstyret hos den 80.000 mand store regeringshær. Der en nogen, der hævder, at der har været ny militær teknologi i brug. Det er svært at sige, men noget tyder på det.

Vi har før været inde på i Radio Paradigmet, at der var - hold lige fast i hatten her - en egyptisk sandsigerske, der i 2013 sagde, at Rusland i 2014 ville blive udsat for et voldsomt pres og at der ville blive brugt visse militære midler, som Vesten ikke kendte noget til. Det spiller også ind, at der er forskel på motivationen. Altså regeringstropperne er bare blevet sendt ud for at irritere naboerne, men deres ofre forsvarer deres liv og deres territorium og vil ikke finde sig i det. Mødrebevægelsen i Ukraine har spillet en afgørende rolle her. Mødre og bedstemødre har aktivt været med til at forhindre mobiliseringen af unge ukrainere. Der var adskillige landsbyer, hvor kvinderne lavede sitdowns for at forhindre, at deres sønner blev sendt i krig. De rykkede også ind på kasserne, da der skulle mønstres og rent fysisk hevet deres sønner ud af hænderne på officererne. Imponerende og dybt rørende!!

Apropos ny teknologi: der fandt en underlig hændelse sted i Sortehavet. Her var der sejlet et stort amerikanske krigsskib ind for at provokere og demonstrere magt. Det var i begyndelsen af Ukraine-konflikten. Der dukker så et russisk fly op med kurs mod skibet, et af disse let forældede Sukhoi Su-25 (?) jagerbomberefly. Det amerikanske skib er spækket med hi-tech og alskens gear. Da flyet nærmer sig, går al teknik og alle systemer død på skibet, og bombeflyet flyver hen over skibet 10-15 gange, som om det vil smide bomberne, men 'fortryder' i sidste øjeblik. Det signal, der blev sendt her, var så stærkt, at det fik flere amerikanske besætningsmedlemmer til at søge deres afsked, for her havde russerne vist, at alt deres gear var ubrugeligt, og at de var magtesløse.

At vi så ikke har set mere til den slags, skyldes måske, at en eskalering af 'star-wars'-udstyr værre end atomvåben, som amerikanerne også må formodes at besidde, ikke skal finde sted. På den anden side har amerikanerne har ikke forsømt lejligheden til at afprøve deres gear. Vi nævner i flæng: 9/11, stegningen af Saddams panserdivision på vej hjem fra Kuwait, forsvindingen af det malaysiske fly (til Diego Garcia?), HAARP, Fukushima, chemtrails, GMO-shit, ... Men her fik de altså for en gangs skyld forsmag på deres nemesis, for russerne røbede, at de også var med, og at det, de havde i kælderen, ville blive brugt om nødvendigt. De har også et par gange for nyligt demonstreret deres seneste Topol-missil, der flyver med mark-3-hastighed og rammer med en meters nøjagtighed over store afstande.

Men tilbage i Kiev, er regeringsfascisterne blevet bange for deres egen skygge, og frygter nu, at Højre Sektor-bøllerne skal angribe parlamentet. Der har været voldsomme kampe foran bygningen. Bøllerne føler sig overset, når der skal mobiliseres til en ny krig efter fredsperioden / vinteren. Noget tyder på, at 'Porky', som de kalder præsidenten, har fået en eller anden bagdørsaftale med Putin om, at Ukraine kan få gas til vinteren for en rimelig pris mod at man ikke trækker sig ud af SNG. Så de opfører sig ikke helt som Victoria Nuland og John Kerry har forventet og forlangt - og betalt for. Der sker politiske studehandler for tiden.

3. Verden on the move
I Moldova mod vest ser det ligeledes ud til, at befolkningen ikke ønsker at være en del af EU. Et flertal af moldaverne foretrækker den nye russisk ledede toldunion mellem foreløbig Rusland, Kazakhstan, Hviderusland og Kirgistan men med et væld at andre lande også udenfor regionen er på vej til at lave frihandelsaftaler med denne toldunion. Det er lande som Egypten, Vietnam, Indien, Iran, Indonesien, Kina, Pakistan, Sydkorea, Brasilien og flere andre, der ser det som en fordel at lave en aftale med et større Rusland. Og det er et Rusland, der nu er underlagt sanktioner fra Vesten! Disse lande er åbenbart ligeglade med, at USA, næsten hele Europa + de dikkende lammehaler Australien og New Zealand har indført sanktioner. Det må også betyde, at de ikke længere er bange for at få skudt hovedet af med et amerikansk geværløb.

Flere og flere 3.-verdenslande føler lige nu, at der er en historisk åbning for, at deres økonomier kan blive mere uafhængige af de sædvanlige vestlige investorer med hvad dermed følger. Kina, som man kan sige forskelligt mindre godt om, giver rent faktisk mange afrikanske lande en mulighed for mindre slav-hørighed med EU og USA. Russerne er nu også på vej tilbage til Afrika (Egypten, Tanzania, Uganda, bla), hvor de har være næsten fuldstændig fraværende i 10-15 år. Lande som Marokko, Tunesien og Egypten har underskrevet aftaler om landbrugsprodukter med russerne. Russerne har på deres side under embargoen brug for at få landbrugsprodukter ind. Italien og Grækenland har fulgt trop med det EU, der har udplyndret dem, desværre må man sige. Nordafrikanerne på deres side gør bare en god handel. Tyrkiet er også ved at underskrive en kæmpe aftale med russerne.

Interessant i øvrigt, hvad netop den forbindelse kan medføre af nye dilemmaer for NATO-partneren / det villige redskab i Syrien-konflikten. Men Erdogan er en mærkværdig person, som ingen rigtig ved, hvordan man forholder sig. Så er han anti-amerikansk, så er han pro-israelsk, så er han anti-israelsk, så støtter han Hamas, så støtter han NATO i forhold til ISIS, og så støtter han Rusland. De lande, der udover Rusland har investeret mest på Krim er Tyrkiet, Israel og Kina.

Israel, splittelse, terror og racisme
Israel var i øvrigt det eneste pro-vestlige land, der nægtede at gå imod Rusland i forbindelse med Krims optagelse i Rusland. Der er store sprækker i Israel om geopolitiske spørgsmål. For nylig var der en tænketank ved navn Herzeliya, der identificerede brugen af giftgas ved Kobane og oven i købet fastslår, at det er Vesten, der har givet denne gift til ISIL-styrkerne. Der kører jo nogle absurde bortforklaringer i medierne om, at det i virkeligheden var amerikanske tropper, der faktisk fandt dem i Iraq, da man ledte efter Saddams masseødelæggelsesvåben, men at de fortiede det, for det var ikke de rigtige masseødelæggelsesvåben. Det må vist siges at være en løgn med løgn ovenpå. Man prøver både med 13 års forsinkelse at sminke George Bush' og Tony Blairs - og Anders Foghs - løgne om masseødelæggelsesvåben OG dække over, at man nu selv IGEN har leveret svineriet. Billederne fra Kobane er i hvert fald ikke til at tage fejl af: sennepsgas - modbydeligt! Det er Gouta i Syrien endnu en gang, hvor Assad skulle have skyld for det.

For at uddybe de israelske interne forhold, så foregår der her en magtkamp som alle andre steder i verden. Folk er usikre, de ved ikke hvor de skal gå hen for at finde sikkerhed og troværdighed. Politiske ledere kan lige nu ikke overskue verdenssituationen på grund af overlappende interesser på kryds og tværs. Ingen kan helt gennemskue, hvilken strategi et land har (måske har de ikke nogen, når det kommer til stykket), og mange regeringer spiller, ligesom vi så det med Tyrkiet, på flere heste.

I Israel er der to grupperinger, der er ved at ryge i flæsket på hinanden. Den ene er gruppen omkring Shimon Perez, der efterhånden er blevet en olding på over 80 år. De har set sig gale på Avigdor Lieberman, den gamle udenrigsminister i Israel og hans parti Yisrael Beitenu (Israel er vort hjem). De er, som navnet antyder, et højrenationalistisk parti, men de er rent faktisk pro-russiske. Shimon Perez, som er venstreorienteret og gammel såkaldt 'fredsdue', er pro-amerikansk. Kan vi få øje på paradokset her? Fredsduen ønsker at følge USA og være en høg i forhold til Syrien og Rusland/Ukraine. Jf. Carsten Jensens begrebsforvirring om hvad, der vender op og ned på værdiskalaen (... det er også svært, Carsten ...).

Lieberman har forretninger i både Moldavien, Hviderusland, Kazakhstan og flere af de gamle sovjetrepublikker har (af rent egoistiske årsager) været ude at sige, at Israel ikke skal støtte en anti-russisk sanktionspolitik. Han har også en vis indflydelse på psykopaten Netanyahu. Da den amerikanske udenrigsminister John Kerry var på besøg i Tel Aviv for nylig for at holde øje med israelernes støtte til amerikanernes politik i Syrien og Ukraine og forholdene omkring Gaza, så var der en situation, hvor dele af den israelske efterretningstjeneste Mossad samarbejdede med den russiske efterretningstjeneste SVR, hvilket er ret uhørt. De lavede simpelthen en fælles aktion for at høre, hvad John Kerry sagde privat. En russer, der ind imellem fungerer som 'overfrakke' for en af medlemmerne af Radio Paradigme-gruppen, siger direkte, at de har infiltreret israelsk efterretningsvæsen fra top til bund. Mossad er ikke den styrke, som vi går rundt og tror.

Israel har indbyggere fra dusinvis af lande. Så man kunne spørge, hvordan de håndterer dette faktum? Der er en stor gruppe af marokkanere på halvanden til to millioner mennesker. De går for at være meget nationalistiske og anti-palæstinensiske, selvom de selv er halvarabiske. Så er der de yemenittiske jøder, som er endnu mere rabiate. Så er der de slavisk-europæiske jøder, azkhenazierne, nogle siger khazarerne, de yiddish-talende. Perez er en af dem, og de regnes for at være den gamle 'civiliserede' fredsfløj. Et relativt nyt fænomen er amerikanske jøder. Mange af dem støtter bosættergrupperne på Vestbredden. Derudover et væld af andre grupperinger. Så er der halvanden million israelske arabere, der lever et tilbagetrukket, diskret liv i bla Negev-ørkenen og i flaskehalsen mellem Tel Aviv og Jerusalem. Og så er der de russisk-ukrainske jøder, der bor mellem Tel Aviv og Haifa.

Endelig er der de ethiopiske jøder, der simpelthen er blevet smidt ud af landet. Israelerne er dybt racistiske, så de tolererer simpelthen ikke sorte mennesker. De ville ikke have dem fra starten af, men dengang sagde USA: 'I siger, at I er et land for jøder, så må I også lukke dem ind'. I 90'erne ville de ikke have det 'sorte blod' i deres blodbank. Og det er ikke kun sorte jøder men alle med sort afrikansk blod, der er blevet smidt ud af Israel, sudanesere, eritreanere og andre er blevet kaldt infiltratorer og jagtet og forfulgt. I 80'erne var Ronald Reagan bagmand for en aktion, hvor man via hemmelige kanaler i Sudan/Khartoum, hvor USA havde næsten total kontrol med landet, hvor faleshaerne, de sorte jøder, blev smuglet ind via sindige ruter og kameler og mulddyr fra det marxistiske Haile Mariam-regime i Addis Abbeba. Men de ca. 300.000 mennesker er nu blevet sendt tilbage.

Historien viser, hvor racistiske israelerne egentlig er. Det er muligvis det mest racistiske land på kloden. Læs fx. sloganet for byen 'Tel Aviv - The White City'.

Det var lidt afslørende, og måske overraskende for nylig at konstatere, hvor stor en del af den israelske befolkning rent faktisk støtter de israelske sønderbombninger og deres folkemord i Gaza: 96%! Og hvad taler vi om? Der er jo ikke tale om en krig, for en krig kræver en krigsførende nation mod en anden. Vi taler om en af verdens mest velbevæbnede hære mod en stak børn, kvinder og mænd, der sender nytårsraketter ind over landet for at markere, at man ikke finder sig i folkemordet. Et satirisk videoklip på YouTube viste, hvordan en gødningsbombe landede i et træ i en bydel i Israel, hvor den gjorde stor skade på træet og fik en kat til at forlade det ... yderst skræmmende! Og det er altså den farlige fjende, som landet med 300 atomsprænghoveder, jagerfly, hitech-våbensystemer, ubegrænsede midler til rådighed, 30.000 efterretningsagenter og USA som ubetvivlet allieret, altså den fjende, som man står overfor! Man spørger sig, om disse mennesker har nogen reel æresfølelse, moral og selv den mindste form for skam i livet?

Så var det vist i øvrigt tre israelske teenagere, der blev bortført. Da der ikke var ført reelle beviser, så måtte det jo være palæstinenserne, der havde gjort det. Det var i øvrigt forudsagt en uge forinden, og når propagandamaskineriet forudsiger hændelser med så stor sikkerhed, kan vi med lige så stor sikkerhed sige, at begivenheden er arrangeret i propaganda-øjemed. Regel nr. et i sager som disse: Bemærk hvad der sker umiddelbart efter. Hvad er konsekvensen, hvem drager nytte, hvilke beslutninger bliver taget, hvilke kameler skal vi nu sluge?

Virkeligheden er for tiden omvendt, og man må forholde sig til den som omvendt, hvis man ikke bare ønsker at glide i ét med fugerne i væggen. Som selv New York Times og The Guardian, så består flertallet af forpurrede terroraktioner primært i USA og England af 'agent provocateurs' og 'false-flag-terrorister', som man så efterfølgende træder ind og forpurrer. Sandheden er i den situation en ulempe for at gennemføre operationen. Det er afsløret, at FBI selv arrangerer terroraktioner, da de kun kan tjene deres penge, hvis der er gang i noget, som de kan opklare og forhindre. Og vi taler om store penge, der er på spil.

I Kenya var der et stort angreb mod et supermarked kaldet 'White Gate'. Her plejede der at være mange turister. Det blev angrebet af somalske Shabab-terrorister, men det var israelske sikkerhedsfirmaer, der havde kontrollen over White Gate. Der blev dræbt 50 mennesker, og israelerne havde stor interesse i hændelsen. Israelsk sikkerhed ... hvor har vi hørt om det før? Jo, World Trade Center 9/11, London Undergrund 7/7, angreb på iranske atomanlæg via Stuxnet-virusen, Madrid-bombningerne, Fukushima nedbrud på nødprocedurer. Man kan undre sig over, at nogen overhovedet ønsker at hyre firmaer med så stor fejlprocent? Men hvad vi antyder er jo, at der ikke er tale om fejl overhovedet.

Vi har set lignende psyop-operationer i Latinamerika, Buenos Aires f.eks, hvor iranere og Hizbollah fik skylden for at bla jøder blev dræbt (hvad pokker laver de dér, hvad er kommunikationsværdien på den anden side af kloden, hvor ikke en kat fatter sammenhængen?). En uafhængig kommission undersøgte denne hændelse og fandt, at det efter al sandsynlig var israelerne selv, der havde udført operationen. 100-vis af hændelser peger på, at angels-sakserne og israelerne har stor interesse i at skabe terrorhændelser, så vi bliver bange for vores omgivelser og ber myndighederne om at tage mere magt, lave mere overvågning - vi ber dem om at umyndiggøre os.

Vi kan blot se på begyndelsen til staten Israel. De tidlige zionistiske settlere var rendyrkede terrorister. Israels første premierminister Ben Gurion var terrorist. Det var terror, der drev 100.000-vis af palæstinensere ud af deres landsbyer i Jeriko-området og sendte dem i landsflygtighed / flygtningelejre i Jordan og Libanon.

Vi så senere en særlig styg form for gambling-terrorisme i forbindelse med 6-Dages-Krigen, hvor det amerikanske krigsskib USS Liberty spækket med hi-tech og overvågningsudstyr - et datidens AWACS-fly på vand - blev sønderbombet af israelerne i håb om, at amerikanerne hoppede på limpinden, atom-bombede Egypten og dermed startede WW3. Hvis ikke den daværende amerikanske forsvarsminister, Robert McNamara havde lyttet til sine efterretningskilder, der havde opsnappet israelsk radio-kommunikation mellem jagerfly og kommandocentral - piloterne spørger nervøst: Skal vi virkelig gøre det, det er jo amerikanerne? og kommandocentralen svarer: Gør det! - så var de fly, der allerede var på vingerne ikke blevet kaldt tilbage, og vi havde haft en global atomkrig i 1967.

Når disse hændelser går galt - og der er rigtig mange stats-terroristiske angreb, der går galt, bla fordi, der er vågne folk et sted i systemet, som man ikke har fuld kontrol over, og som ikke har fattet - Gott sei Dank - at det er meningen, at en eller anden perfid terroraktion skal lykkes - altså når det går galt, så træder cover-up-systemet i kraft. Medierne bliver spammet med cover-up-historier og løgn-på-løgn, beviser bliver destrueret, vidner bliver truet til tavshed eller 'fjernet', undersøgelser og kommissioner bliver sat i værk - bestående af de selvsamme folk, der har begået hændelsen, der skal undersøges, og personer bliver udskiftet i centrale positioner, så de 'rigtige' personer kommer til at udtale sig og træffe beslutninger efterfølgende. Dette mønster er nærmest standard. Jf. den danske uafhængige journalist, Ole Dammegaard, der gennem årtiers hård hjemmearbejde har opklaret - ja du læser rigtigt! - mordet på den svenske statsminister, Olof Palme, ved at sammekøre mønstre fra dusinvis af politiske mord i det 20 århundrede.

Et eksempel fra for nylig er at en af de ledende kandidater til præsidentvalget i Brasilien oktober 2014, Luis Moreno Ocampo, blev slået ihjel ved et klassisk (CIA-?) fingeret flystyrt. Han flyver i et tåget område, og hans to-motores fly styrter pludselig umotiveret ned. Hvem overtager så ledelsen? Det gør en Agenda 21-politiker, en repræsentant for den polititiske miljø-korrektheds-religion, Marina da Silva, og hun er ved at vinde første valgrunde - altså vinde over den siddende præsident, der er i opposition til amerikanernes interesser i Sydamerika. Ligner det en tanke? Ecuadors præsident Roldós blev myrdet på samme måde i 70'erne og på samme måde Panamas præsident Torrijos, en nationalist, der fik Panama-kanalen over på landets egen kontrol.

Venezuela har for nylig vundet et medlemsskab af FN's Sikkerhedsråd, og den nuværende præsident Nicolas Manduro siger, at Hugo Chavez alligevel sejrede. Og det gjorde han i perioder, hvor hans hovedfjende, USA, havde lidt for travlt med at smadre andre lande i Verden: Irak, Afghanistan, oa. Chavez blev i øvrigt slået ihjel vha cancervåben. CIA har simpelthen våben, der påfører folk cancer. Det er selvfølgelig direkte uverificerbart, men sandsynligheden og indicierne er så store, at man ikke kan se bort fra det.

Tænk, tænk venligst og tænk logisk, venligst! Eller udfør auto-butt-fucking...

Sydamerika, en ny beskidt krig
Altså, udefra kommende kræfter har betalt unge studerende i Caracas for at stille op til politisk korrekte 'farvet revolution'-demonstrationer. Men man har ikke kunnet opretholde presset mod styret i Caracas. Lignende arrangerede demonstrationer er senere set vendt mod Argentinas leder, Christina Fernandes de Kirchner. Der er visse 'hedge-fonds' i spil, altså amerikanske stor-investorer ønsker at få deres investeringer tilbage fra Argentina ved at kræve tilbagebetaling på 300%. De Kirchner har som modsvar lavet en lov, der forbyder/forhindrer den slags.

Argentina er sandsynligvis det næste land, der vil søge optagelse i BRICS-samarbejdet, så der ligger også en mulig obstruktion i forhold til det. Deres præsidenten, Christina Fernandez de Kirchner, har været voldsomt ud med kritik i FN af bla de to store korrupte foretagender, IMF og Verdensbanken, og har støttet russerne på Krim. Via cubansk og brasiliansk efterretningsvæsen har hun erfaret, at der 'visse nordamerikanske interesser', der ønsker at likvidere hende.

Der var for nylig et kupforsøg i den lille sydamerikanske stat, Surinam, en gammel hollands koloni, som venezuelanske og cubanske efterretningsagenter forhindrede, og det er de samme agenter, der nu hjælper Argentina mod eventuelle mordforsøg. Der foregår igen en beskidt krig i Latinamerika, og Los Gringos Infamos er tilbage.

Både i forhold til Sydeuropa, Irland, Island og senest Ukraine har EU i samarbejde med de globale finansorganisationer vist sig at være en regulært krigsførende magt. Vest-ukrainerne lige nu er ved at finde ud af, at deres pagt med Djævelen og EU/ECB/IMF nok ikke er til deres fordel, da Fanden selv blot er i færd med at rage deres penge, deres guldreserver og deres nationale ressourcer til sig.

På Cypern var det rent bankrøveri, da bankerne flyttede grænserne fra at klynke sig til via bailouts via en offerrolle til at centralbankerne lavede en bail-in og gik direkte ind og stjal bankkundernes penge. Men her er Rusland så gået ind og lavet bail-out til de bestjålne cypriotiske banker. Hvad er deal'en her? Jo, russerne fik adgang til at bruge Papos International Airport og fik en ankerplads til deres militærskibe og faciliteter til disses vedligeholdelse ved Limasol - lige ved siden af det britiske baser! Der er ikke langt fra Cypern til kysten ved Libanon og heller ikke til Egypten og Suez.

Den kaspiske alliance
Og hvordan går det med Iran? De kaspiske lander har for nylig holdt et topmøde i Astrakhan, den russiske by ved bredden af det Kaspiske Hav. De fem lande er Rusland, Iran, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan og Turmenistan. Det er det område i verden, der har de største gasforekomster og de næststørste olieforekomser. Pipelinistan - soon to be Trainlineistan. Den sorte hest har været Azerbaijan, som Israel brugte til at overvåge Iran med droner, og hvor konflikten med området Nagorno Karabakh. Nu har de også sagt ja til, at der ikke er nogen fremmede magter, der må udnytte militært eller økonomisk det kaspiske område, og det har skabt en samhørighed mellem de fem lande, som vi ikke har set før. Det lukker simpelthen hele den russiske sydflanke af for amerikanske aggression - og Irans nordflanke. Iran er ikke længere omringet, selvom mange har hævdet, at de var omringet på alle sider af amerikanerne.

Kan man sige noget generelt om, hvad alle disse bevægelser på stratego-skakbrætter betyder for os? Vi har i dag mulighed for at skaffe os alle disse oplysninger via intelligent brug af internettet, men der sker jo en øget centralisering og et forsøg på at kontrollere internettet. Der presses stadig på fra den psykopatiske og i stigende grad desperate vestlige elite, og den russiske udenrigsminister har for nylig gentaget advarsler om en 3. Verdenskrig. Og den amerikanske udenrigsminister Chris Hagel har sagt, at USA skal forberede sig på krig mod de russiske styrker overalt på kloden. Retorikken er voldsomt oppe at køre for tiden. Selv fratrukket det faktum, at retorik i den situation ofte bliver ført med de største bogstaver, giver det grund til stor bekymring. På paradigment.blogspot har det været et tilbagevenende emne i årevis.

I forhold til en dansk position, betyder det et pres på de ydre grænser, så folk bliver usikre på, hvordan økonomien skal hænge sammen, hvordan sikkerheden i Østersø-området skal udvikle sig. Situationen i de baltiske lande er vaklende for tiden, og det er usikkert, om Letland forbliver stabilt. Der sidder rent faktisk et fascistisk styre i Riga på samme måde som i Kiev, og det er ikke sikkert, at letlænderne kan blive ved med at se på det.

Centralister og separatister
EU bliver bare ved og ved med at stramme skruen i den økonomiske politik. Hestekure / austerity measures. Ensretning og sønderbrydning af nationerne. Danmark er stadig lidt af en problem for supereuropæerne, da vi ikke er med i alle deres samarbejdsformer. Vi vil komme under pres. Skotterne har lige forsøgt at rykke sig løs, og der var sandsynligvis valgsvindel i spil for at forhindre det, det melder flere og flere skotske iagttagere, så det sidste ord er nok ikke sagt i den sag. Det var britiske efterretningsvæsener, der havde fingeren med i spillet. Stemmer i Glasgow og Edinburgh er simpelthen forsvundet i maskineriet.

EU er desperate lige nu, og de vil gøre alt for at lukke enhver form for separatisme ned. I Katalonien kan vi se, at den katalanske regionale leder, Artur Mas, er nødt til at forholde sig til, at Madrid har sat tommelskruerne på og sagt, at det er forbudt ifølge den spanske forfatning, og forfatningsdomstolen har erklæret en egentlig folkeafstemning d. 9. november for ulovlig. Så nu har han sagt, at han vil afholde en retsmæssig folkeafstemning alligevel om, hvorvidt man må holde en folkeafstemning og selvstændighed.

I Veneto i Italien er der også et stærkt løsrivelsesparti. De holdt en folkeafstemning for nylig og vandt en klar sejr. De støtter i øvrigt også udviklingen i Krim, og deres leder Fabrizio Dal Col har for nylig været på besøg i Sevastopol.

Der er alså globalt set tre bevægelser. Den overordnede går imod øget centralisering overordnet set, hvilket er de vestlige globalister og deres New World Order agenda. Dernæst er der de regionale centraliseringer, som ikke er egentlige centraliseringer men nærmere alliancer vendt imod vest-globalisterne. Endelig er de de lokale segregister / separatister, som er udbrydere af nationalstaterne og dermed også på sin vis modstandere af globalist-agendaen.

Det er svært helt præcist at tolke, hvad der er godt og skidt i den sammenhæng, for en opsplitning er på sin vis også en svækkelse af nationalstaterne og kan indeholde en mulig del-og-hersk agenda. Altså både centralisering og opsplitning kan være i globalisternes agenda. De bruger både højre- og venstrefløjen i deres spil om ultimativ magt.

Til sidst et hjertesuk. Er der overhovedet håb for demokratiet, er der overhovedet steder, hvor man finder velinformerede mennesker længere?

Well, i USA er der en galopperende opvågning lige nu. Hvilket paradoks og dog forudsigeligt. Man kan sige meget om dette forpinte land med dets før så stolte frihedsånd og den måde de har transformeret sig til et fascistisk oligarki på. Men det betyder også, at dets befolkning erfarer det og efterhånden erkender det. Det måtte simpelthen komme uanset hvor meget junkfood, fake-demokrati og dårlig TV, man har proppet ned i halsen på dem. Og både regering, korpokrati og deep state er klar over, at deres værste mareridt, selve det amerikanske folk, er begyndt at røre på sig.

Indvandring som masseødelæggelsesvåben
Indvandring bliver i USA ligesom i Europa brugt som et internt masseødelæggelsesvåben. En flodbølge af mexikanere er blevet sendt ind over grænsen. Men amerikanerne er begyndt at mobilisere sig og samles i militser for at dæmme op for denne fuldstændig uhæmmede og i høj grad organiserede indstrømning af indvandrere. De ankommer fra Ohio, Minesota, alle steder fra for at hjælp texanerne mod den etniske oversvømmelse. Det kan sammenlignes med IS i Mellemøsten og Ebola i Afrika. Forskellige medier og virkemidler - samme agenda. Disse obskure organisationer fik 100.000 øjensynlig forældreløse børn (bortførte fra Syd- og Mellemamerika?) til at vælte indover grænsen. Læs det lige igen: børn som biologisk massødelæggelsesvåben - hvor grotesk psykopatisk kan man te sig i krigsførelse!!? Samtidig ankommer der folk fra de mest umotiverede, obskure områder af verden: Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afrika som illegale indvandrere. Amerikanerne spørger sig selv, om centraladministration i Washington egentlig ønsker denne indvandring i milliontal, og hvorfor?

Udover effekten af masseødelæggelsesvåben og destabilisering af al indre sammenhængskraft, kan vi også blot fiske det gamle tyndslidte ord: kapitalisme op af sækken. Masseindvandring skaber simpelthen den billigst tænkelige arbejdskraft. Det er den grovest tænkelige udnyttelse af de situationer, som kapitalismen har skabt i udkantsverden, hvor folk ikke kan få arbejde pga smadrede strukturer og nu er villige til at forsøge hvad som helst, hvis nogen vifter dem om næsen med løfter om lykke ... et andet sted. Altså kapitalisme uden betydningen 'frit marked', for dette findes ikke i monopolkapitalismen æra. Men simpelthen casino-rovdyrs-kapitalisme, kartellisme, korpokrati, kleptokrati. Mind Control via Crowd Control.

Det, der før var et nationalt landsby-proletariat, der emigrerede til metropolerne og blev et urbant proletariat er nu blevet opskaleret til et regionalt proletariat, der bliver til et globalt proletariat. Og husk det marxistisk-leninistiske dogme om 'proletariatets diktatur'. I dag træder kommisærerne ikke frem på scenen - de lader blot proletariatet i al dets kaotiske masse og vælde diktere, hvordan livet skal leves.

I USA er denne massive indvandring en undergravende faktor for delstaternes selvbestemmelse. Man har allerede forudset protesterne, så hele det lækre vokabularium med politiske korrekthed er kørt i stilling. Vi har set nøjagtig det samme i Europa og Danmark. Kritikere af uhæmmet indvandring har straks fået racistkortet smidt i fjæset fra venstrefløjen/kulturbolsjevikkerne.

Og hvad skete der i øvrig ved EU-udvidelsen? Der skete det, at den billigst tænkelige arbejdskraft skiftede position fra Sydeuropa til Østeuropa. Sydeuropa blev dumpet, derfor EU/ECB/IMF/Goldman-Sachs-angrebene på disse lande. Husk i øvrigt, hvordan Fogh-Rasmussen var et redskab for dette. Derfor fik han for for sin støtte til Bush-Blair's Iraq-løgn sin stilling som NATO's generalsekretær. Østeuropæerne hoppede på den, for det tænkte blot, at de fik en masse penge. De vidste/ved ikke, at de også en eller anden dag bliver dumpet til fordel for ... ?

Endelig kan indvandrings-flodbølgen være et redskab til at smugle de globalist-finansierede terrorister indenfor i de respektive lande. Altså: de har lavet et beskidt lejesoldats-arbejde et eller andet sted i Mellemøsten eller hvor, det nu er, hvorefter der er brug for, at de laver det samme i Europa/USA.

Den amerikanske neo-con-elite (fx Dick Cheney) har forudset - og oversæt venligt deres forudsigelser til hensigts-erklæringer - at den næste terroraktion i USA vil blive langt værre end 9/11. Altså: de samme folk, der forudsiger, er de selvsamme folk, der planlægger og profitterer. Hvordan skulle de ellers kunne forudsige? Jf. Asger Aamunds 'forudsigelser' af Ebola og dets konsekvenser.

The way to predict the future is to invent it (Alan Curtis Kay)

Og med disse ord siger vi tak for denne udsendelse / transkription fra Radio Paradigmet, som vi har valgt at kalde 'Det Runde Bord'. Der vil komme flere af slagsen. Vi vil stadig tillade os at have en mening, men vi vil også kræve af os selv, at der er reel viden tilstede. Vi kalder det for 'hjemmearbejde'.

Mening er et filosofisk spørgsmål, men viden kan vi ikke få nok af.


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