I Got a Mail

by morton_h, the blogger

I received the following email, and I do not know from where. A spam mail, perhaps, propaganda, probably. But read it right, and let's look at the contents: 

[scroll ned for at læse på dansk]
Fogh Rasmussen has no evidence – why is NATO silent? MH17 (pathetic criminal danish (Non)Press not Covering anything for humanity....)
NATO exerting pressure, not interested in MH17 investigation. Without waiting for MH17 crash investigators’ conclusions, NATO chief is eager to blame anti-Kiev forces, thus “exerting pressure” on the international team while providing no evidence to back the claims, Russia’s mission to NATO said.
First of all, the word propaganda or perhaps easier describable verb 'to propagate' to advocate a point of view. Behind this view can then be factual arguments or manipulative fallacies. It depends entirely on the sender's intentions and moral fiber. As much as a piece of technology can be a tool in the hands of a vicious war manufacturer, thus propaganda can be weaponized.

In these times when the kind of propaganda that intends to turn the heads of the peoples of the nations is roaring as an almost irresistible tide over the West toward the East, we simply need counter propaganda. If this counter propaganda is to have any relevance or sustainability, it must be consistent with the facts, substance and reality.

The first statement in the mail claims that the pitiful Danish press did not cover what is in the interest of mankind. This statement is entirely consistent with reality and it goes for media in the entire Western World. This condition became observable after 9/11 and has intensified every time major events that required mobilization of the press' critical sense: 9/11 itself, Afghanistan war, the Iraq war, the financial crisis, Libya war, Mali war, Syria war, Ukraine crisis (soon to be war?), and now the Gaza massacre. Absent is also relevant analyzes of corruption in the EU-cracy, plunder of Southern Europe, the North Atlantic Trade Treaty, IMF-WTO-ECB-BIS Financial Terrorism and the BRICS answer to that. No Danish newspaper has ever linked the shooting of MH17 with the signing of the new BRICS finance fund, the key proposal for a bypass of the dollar and its condition for the war economy in the postwar period. Know also that the IMF via the Bretton Woods agreements were an integral part of this financial strategy and thus part of the civilian-commercial financial machine to back up US war economy - and has consistently done so. You will not find this described in the press.

No Danish media have managed to pull the threads between the EU and IMF financial attack against Ukraine and the NATO open war preparations in the area. No Danish journalists are either able to or dare mention, that financial war always leads to hot and bloody war and what we see right now is precisely that. Either this kind of journalists no longer exist, or they have been intimidated - it is never said openly and directly - to keep their mouths shut. So either they they are incompetent or they are cowards, probably a combinaton. Holes in the machine do exist, but they are rare. The journalist Michael Jalving from Jyllands Posten - yes the one with the Muhammed drawings - has written very aptly things. But as ex-wing - meaning ex-leftist, preferably-not-right-wing and never-center-wing - wing thinking is so-last-century! - it's strange to see that the once independant and progressive (this gradiose word from the 70s that ended up as total new speak nonsense) newspaper, Information, has been equally numbskull like any other mainstream syringes.

The medias muzzled, centralized management - perhaps we should say central-fed as direct control does not always happen, rather indirect control - and / or stupidity in the West right now is scary. We are seeing a new type of soft totalitarianism that is even more specious and therefore more dangerous than the typical Pravda-propagandism in the Cold War or in any old-school totalitarian regime regardless wing. The new totalitarianism does not boots (althougt the eagerly hire people with dirty boots) if it can avoid it, and its principals, the great info manufacturers that feeds news agencies with pro-government spin propaganda masquerading as facts, does not show their faces publicly in everyday life.

The next statement in the mail is directly related to media mechanism, saying that NATO concludes without any results a proper investigation. NATO, the always obedient organ for Pentagon, the new 'Globocop', as a journalist of a completely different casting than the pitiful crowd in this country, Pepe Escobar, puts it in his recent excellent article in Asia TimesOnline:

Just read the following quote - or preferably the entire article:
Enter Globocop NATO. Barely out of having its collective behind unceremoniously kicked by a bunch of mountain warriors with Kalashnikovs, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is now fixed "pivoting" - that same old Mackinder two Brzezinski game - to Russia. The road map will be put in place at the group's summit in early September in Wales.

Meanwhile, the MH17 tragedy is undergoing a real metamorphosis. When the on-site observation by this Canadian OSCE monitor (watch the video care fully) are compounded with this analysis by a German pilot, a strong probability points to a Ukrainian Su-25 30mm auto-cannon firing at the cockpit of MH17, leading two massive decompression and the crash.

No missile - not even an air-to-air R-60M, not two mention a BUK (the star of the initial frenetic American spin). The new possible narrative fits with on-site Testimony by Eyewitness in this now famously "disappeared" BBC report. Bottom line: MH17 Configured as a false flag Planned by the U.S. and botched city Kiev. One can barely imagine the tectonic geopolitical Repercussions were the false flag som fully exposed.

Malaysia har handed out the flight recorders til UK; this betyder NATO, and this spells out manipulation by the CIA. Air Algerie AH5017 went down after MH17. The analysis har allerede udsendt. That begs the question of why it is taking so long for the MH17's black boxes som Analyzed / tampered with.
You have to be well informed in geopolitics and prepared for real journalism to follow - real journalism does not speak down, it does not degrade us to babies or old aunts, it requires something as that it offers something and there is knowledge, research, substance and intelligence behind. The style is not the lowest common denominator and in the above example. the journalist assumes that we have done our homework and know what the father of geopolitics, Halford Mackinder, has said and written about 'the Heartland', the massive area stretching from Lisbon to Vladivostok, the continental heartland, as the Empire, here the British, would have to dominate. Here are all the resources that were worth talking about and from here all areas in the East and the South can be controlled - North and West already being controlled. The owner of 'The Heartland' was Master of the Universe, no less.

It is annoying for this ideology is the simple fact that there is a country called Russia, and the bear's body lies asleep just there. Therefore, there is a straight line from one of the British Empire principal dogmas in the 1800s to the Brzezinski doctrine of containment of Russia and thus NATO's dirty tricks in the moment of writing.

Propaganda spam or not, it's spot-on to state that NATO's General Secretary concludes without proof and places undeniable guilt on the opponents of the Kiev-fascists and thereby opponents of NATO and the United States. And now the Brits - meaning NATO has the black box which they can ad lib tamper with. The Ukraine affair was conceived as the Sarajevo moment that both timed to the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the first World War (and simultaneously with the launching of the Gaza massacre ...), the false flag to start another 'Great' war.

NATO just follows orders from US Deep State. No more looking back, because they know that very quickly information can leak, which makes it difficult to legitimize aggression and invasion based on black-box information that the cockpit was under fire fighters from the Ukrainian military in conjunction with hull sections with 30 mm bullet holes. There story of a BUK missile was a preconceived spin script, it hardly has the range and the resistance movement in no way possesses this kind of gear nor specialized personnel to fire it - you have to be a 12-15 man special unit to fire one of them bastards. But this kind of spin you can then get away with, since the media do not ask the-military experts about such 'irrelevant details' (it takes homework to ask intelligent questions), they just eat whatever news is spitted out of the news agencies. 

The whole procedure is just by-the-book for all deep-state governmentally organized crimes: first the crime itself and then the organized cover-up.

Gun holes in the cockpit of MH17 on the size of 30 mm projektiles fra a fighter jet. The are clear signs of 'shelling', where the metal is bent inwards or outwards wheter the projektil came from without or went all the way through from within.

Holes in the hull of the MH17 equal to 30 mm projectiles from a fighter jet. They either heeled metal inward or outward depending on whether the projectile penetrated from outside or went through and came out again from the inside. 30 mm projectiles from a fighter jet are meant for penetrating a tank!

Housing pressure of the plane fell seconds after the shots, with devastating consequences for the airplane. This is the information that is now being tried prevented to present to the public, and that we therefore have to rely on are photos from the site, testimony from the first OSCE employee who reached the spot and a German pilot's knowledge of the importance of e.g. this picture.

So now the war hounds are shouting of sanctions against Russia. What they do not tell is that these sanctions are highly perforated, it is pure tokenism. It does nor describe the impact it will have on European countries, and to what extent it would be a ludicrous own goal. What is the meaning of this kind of self-destruction?

The idea is among other things to drive a wedge between Russia and Germany. Do we have a sense of déjà vu here? For what was just the 1st and 2nd World War about? It was exactly the Empire of Envy, the British attack on its worst competitors, its potential straight men, Germany and Russia. In the First World War it was the tsarist Russia and the German Empire, and in WW2 new czars and emperors had arrived, which, incidentally, both were financed by Wall Street (see prof. Anthony Sutton's impeccable research).

Germany currently has an extensive trade with Russia, and if the Germans decide to strengthen their attachment to the new financial alliances Western oligarchy as a whole. As Pepe Escobar puts it 'exceptionalists do not do equality', the British imperial mindset exercised primarily by Americans today never allows straight men on the field and will do everything possible to eradicate composure and ballance. This is the thinking of Empire of Envy.

Back to the first statement: Is the Danish press contributing to a crime, or is it just beating the horse to strongly? Not at all, because what we see is yet another big-scale crime against humanity. NATO's General Secretary should now sit in the Nuremberg process 2.0 together with the American Zionist-Nazi neocons, Eurocrats-fraudsters, Wall Street finance gangsters, IMF ditto, Blair-Bush-Netanyahu and the gang. Incidentally, it was the same gang, who were convicted of crimes against humanity by an international tribunal for a couple of years ago in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Malaysia ... MH370 and MH17 ... hmm, coincidence? Yes random theorists will all see coincidence, and any quest for connections of fragmented knowledge and all impertinent questions will be banned, and you will be called a c ... you know.

The press / the media is the piece of software necessary to legitimize deadly hardware to be put in place. Without total media participation, no world war. So the first thing that MUST be sacrificed is the truth. And I don't give a dime about the pitiful journalists would argue that 'they really did not know ...'. Everything is freely available today on the internet with just hours delay if you know how to find it and distinguish bad info from good. Well, isn't that what jounalism is all about?! They could start by asking studying what foreign media like Asia Online writes and then if they don't believe their own eyes because of a temporary and provoked outbreak of healthy skepticism, check out all sources and information. So as a first step doing what they actually (should) have learned in journalism school but later forgot about: their homework!

Conclusion: The media of the Western World now are committing war crimes and crimes against humanity by directly contributing to create an environment for a new World War to take place. 


Jeg fik en mail

Jeg modtog følgende mail, som jeg ikke ved, hvor kommer fra. En spammail, måske, propaganda, sandsynligvis. Men læs den lige, og lad os se på indholdet: 
Fogh Rasmussen has no evidence – why is NATO silent? MH17 (pathetic criminal danish (Non)Press not Covering anything for humanity....)
NATO exerting pressure, not interested in MH17 investigation. Without waiting for MH17 crash investigators’ conclusions, NATO chief is eager to blame anti-Kiev forces, thus “exerting pressure” on the international team while providing no evidence to back the claims, Russia’s mission to NATO said. 
Først og fremmest betyder ordet propaganda eller måske nemmere beskriveligt verbet 'propagere' at slå til lyd for et synspunkt. Bag det synspunkt kan der så ligge saglige argumenter eller manipulerende falske logikker. Det afhænger fuldstændig af afsenderens intentioner og moralske habitus. Lige så vel et stykke teknologi kan være et redskab i hænderne på en ondsindet krigsfabrikant, således kan propaganda våbenføres.

I disse tider, hvor den form for propaganda, der har til hensigt at dreje hovedet om på mennesker og hele befolkninger, vælter som en omtrent uimodståelig flodbølge hen over Vesten vendt mod Østen, er der netop brug for modpropaganda. Hvis denne modpropaganda skal have nogen som helst relevans eller bæredygtighed, skal den være i overensstemmelse med facts, substans og virkelighed.

Den første udsagn i mailen går på at den ynkelige danske presse ikke dækker det, der er i menneskehedens interesse. Udsagnet er fuldstændig i overensstemmelse med virkeligheden. Denne tilstand startede for alvor efter 9/11 og er blevet intensiveret hver eneste gang større events, der krævede mobilisering af pressen kritiske sans: Afghanistankrigen, Irakkrigen, Finanskrisen, Libyenkrigen, Malikrigen, Syrienkrigen, Ukrainekrisen (snart -krigen?), Gaza-massakren. Læg dertil relevante analyser af korruptionen i EU-kratiet, udplyndringen af Sydeuropa, Den Nordatlantiske Handelstraktat, IMF's finansterrorisme, BRICS. Ingen dansk avis har på noget tidspunkt forbundet nedskydningen af MH17 med underskrivelsen af den nye BRICS-finansfond, det afgørende udspil til et bypass af dollaren og dens forudsætning for krigsøkonomien i efterkrigstiden. Vid også, at IMF via Bretton-Woods-aftalerne er en integral del af denne finansstrategi og dermed en del af den 'civile' finansmaskine, der skulle understøtte USA krigsøkonomi op - og så sandelig har gjort det. Det finder du heller ikke beskrevet i pressen.

Intet dansk medie har formået at trække trådene mellem EU's og IMF's finansielle angreb mod Ukraine og NATO's krigsforberedelser i området. Ingen danske journalister evner eller tør nævne, at finanskrig altid fører til varm og blodig krig. Enten findes den slags journalister ikke længere, eller også er de blevet intimideret - det siges aldrig åbent - til at holde deres kæft. Så enten er de inkompetente, eller også er de kujoner. Huller i maskinen findes, men de er sjældne. Journalisten Michael Jalving fra Jyllandsposten har skrevet meget rammende ting. Men som ex-fløjer - ex-venstrefløj, helst-ikke-højrefløj og aldrig midterfløj, fløjtænkning er so-last-century! - er det underligt at konstatere, at den før så progressive (det herlige ord fra 70'erne og boomet af kulturmarxisme) avis, Information, er blevet lige så lam i roen som alle andre mainstream-sprøjter.

Mediernes mundkurv, centralstyring - vi burde måske sige central-fodring, da direkte styring ikke altid finder sted, snarere indirekte styring - og/eller stupiditet i Vesten lige nu er skræmmende. Vi oplever en ny type blød totalitarisme, der er endnu mere besnærende og derfor endnu farligere end den typiske Pravda-propagandisme i den kolde krig eller i hvilket som helst old-school-totalitært regime uanset fløj. Den nye totalitarisme går ikke i støvler, hvis den kan slippe for det, og dens opdragsgivere, de store info-fabrikanter, der fodrer nyhedsbureauerne med regeringsvenlig spin-propaganda forklædt som facts, giver sig ikke til kende i det daglige.

Det næste udsagn i mailen hænger direkte sammen med mediemekanismen og siger, at NATO konkluderer uden at der er sket en egentlig undersøgelse. NATO som er til enhver tid lydigt organ for Pentagon, den nye 'Globocop', som en journalist af en helt anden støbning end det ynkelige slæng her til lands, Pepe Escobar, udtrykker det i sin seneste fremragende artikel i Asia Times Online:

Læs blot følgende citat - eller allerhelst hele artiklen: 
Enter Globocop NATO. Barely out of having its collective behind unceremoniously kicked by a bunch of mountain warriors with Kalashnikovs, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is now fast "pivoting" - that same old Mackinder to Brzezinski game - to Russia. The road map will be put in place at the group's summit in early September in Wales.

Meanwhile, the MH17 tragedy is undergoing a fast metamorphosis. When the on-site observations by this Canadian OSCE monitor (watch the video carefully) are compounded with thisanalysis by a German pilot, a strong probability points to a Ukrainian Su-25's 30 mm auto-cannon firing at the cockpit of MH17, leading to massive decompression and the crash.

No missile - not even an air-to-air R-60M, not to mention a BUK (the star of the initial, frenetic American spin). The new possible narrative fits with on-site testimony by eyewitness in this now famously "disappeared" BBC report. Bottom line: MH17 configured as a false flag, planned by the US and botched by Kiev. One can barely imagine the tectonic geopolitical repercussions were the false flag to be fully exposed. 

Malaysia has handed out the flight recorders to the UK; this means NATO, and this spells out manipulation by the CIA. Air Algerie AH5017 went down after MH17. The analysis has already been released. That begs the question of why it is taking so long for MH17's black boxes to be analyzed/tampered with.

Man skal være velorienteret i geopolitik og gearet til ægte journalistik for at følge med - ægte journalistik taler ikke ned, den gør os ikke til spædbørn eller gamle tanter, den kræver noget i takt med, at den tilbyder noget, og der ligger viden, research, substans og intelligens bag. Der lefles ikke for laveste fællesnævner og ovenfor går journalisten fx. ud fra, at vi har gjort vores hjemmearbejde og ved, hvad geopolitikkens fader Halford Mackinder har sagt og skrevet om 'the Heartland', det massive område, der strækker sig fra Lissabon til Vladivostok, det kontinentale kerneland, som Imperiet, her det britiske, for at være sig selv bekendt skulle dominere. Her fandtes alle ressourcer, der var værd at tale om, herfra kunne alle områder i øst og syd styres - nord og vest var allerede styret. Ejeren af 'the Heartland' var Universets Hersker, intet mindre.

Det irriterende ved den ide er blot, at der findes et land, der hedder Rusland, hvis bjørnekrop ligger og sover lige netop der. Derfor går der en lige linie fra et af det Britiske Imperiums hoveddogmer i 1800-tallet til Brzezinski-doktrinen om inddæmningen af Rusland og dermed også NATO's svinestreger i skrivende stund.

Propaganda-spam eller ej, så er det spot-on, at NATOS's generalsekretær konkluderer og placerer indiskutabel skyld hos modstanderne af Kiev-fascisterne og dermed og dermed også modstanderne imod NATO og USA. Og nu har briterne = NATO altså den sorte æske, som de frit kan manipulere med. Affæren var udtænkt som det Sarajevo-øjeblik, der veltimet i 100-års-jubilæet for udbrudet af 1. Verdenskrig (og samtidig med igangsættelsen af Gaza-massakren i øvrigt..), det falske flag, skulle starte endnu en storkrig.

NATO følger altså blot ordrerne fra US Deep State om at køre løs. Ikke noget med at se sig tilbage, for de ved godt, at der meget hurtigt kan komme oplysninger frem, der gør det svært at legitimere aggression og invasion med black-box oplysninger om at cockpittet blev beskudt af jagerfly fra det ukrainske militær, sammenholdt med skrogdele med 30 mm skudhuller. Der stod BUK-missil i spin-scriptet, og den kører man løs med uanset at det næppe har rækkevidden og at modstandsbevægelsen på ingen måde er i besiddelse af den slags gear ejheller specialuddannet personale til at affyre det - der skal 12-15 mands specialenhed til at affyre et af dem. Men den slags kan man altså slippe afsted med, for medierne spørger jo ikke militære eksperter om den slags, de æder bare nyhedsstrømmen fra bureauerne.

Huller i skroget på MH17 svarende til 30 mm projektiler fra et jagerfly. De enten krænger metallet indad eller udad afhængig af, om projektilet kom udfra eller gik igennem indefra.
Kabinetrykket faldt sekunder efter skudene og fik katastrofale følger for hele flymaskineriet. Dette er de oplysninger, som nu bliver forhindret i at fremkomme til offentligheden, og som vi derfor er nødt til at basere på fotos fra stedet, udsagn fra den første OSCE-medarbejder, der nåede frem til stedet samt en tysk pilots kendskab til tydningen af fx. dette billede.

Så nu råber man op om sanktioner mod Rusland. Hvad man ikke fortæller er, at disse sanktioner er særdeles gennemhullede, det er ren symbolpolitik. Man fortæller heller ikke de konsekvenser, det vil få for de europæiske lande, og i hvilket grad det vil være et grotesk selvmål. Hvad er så meningen med den slags selvdestruktion?

Meningen er bla. at drive en kile ind mellem Rusland og Tyskland. Har vi et deja-vu her? For hvad var det netop 1. og 2. Verdenskrig gik ud på? Det var just miskundelsens imperiums angreb på dets værste konkurrenter, dets potentielle ligemænd, Tyskland og Rusland. I første verdenskrig var det Zarens Rusland og det Tyske Kejserdømme, i 2. Verdenskrig var der ankommet nye zarer og kejsere, som i øvrigt begge var finansieret af Wall Street.

Tyskland har i dag en omfattende handel med Rusland, og hvis først tyskerne bekender kulør og knytter sig til de nye finansielle alliancer og dermed går tabt for eurokrat-projektet, så er løbet kørt for vest-oligarkiet. Som Pepe Escobar udtrykker det 'exceptionalists don't do equality', de britisk-imperiale tankesæt udøvet primært af amerikanerne i dag tillader aldrig ligemænd på banen og vil gøre alt for at udrydde egalitet og ballance. Sådan tænkte, og sådan tænker Misundelsens Imperium.

Tilbage til det første udsagn: Er den danske presse medvirkende til en forbrydelse, eller er det ikke lige stærkt nok at hævde? Overhovedet ikke, for det der foregår er endnu en big-scale forbrydelse mod menneskeheden. NATO's generalsekretær burde allerede nu sidde i Nürnberg-proces 2.0 sammen med amerikanske zionist-nazist-neocons, eurokrat-svindlerne, Wall Street finans-gangsterne, IMF-ditto, Blair-Bush-Netanyahu og hele banden. Det var i øvrigt den samme bande, der blev dømt for forbrydelser mod menneskeheden for ved et internationalt tribunal for et par år siden i Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Malaysia ... MH370 og MH17 ... hmm, tilfældigt? Ja for tilfældigheds-teoretikere vil alt være tilfældigt, og sammehænge og flabede spørgsmål er bandlyste, for eller bliver du kaldt for en k... du ved.

Pressen, medierne er det stykke nødvendig software, der skal legitimere, at dødeligt hardware kan køres i stilling. Uden deres medvirken, ingen verdenskrig. Så det første, der SKAL ofres er sandheden. Og jeg er ligeglad med, om de ynkelige journalister vil hævde, at 'de skam ikke kunne vide det...'. Alt er frit tilgængeligt i dag med blot timers forsinkelse. De kunne jo starte med at orientere sig om, hvad deres kollega ved Asia Online skrev og dernæst, hvis de ikke troede deres egne øjne på grund af et midlertidig og provokeret udbrud af sund skepsis, tjekke alle hans kilder og oplysninger. Altså som et første skridt på at gøre det, de egentlig havde lært på journalisthøjskolen: at gøre deres hjemmearbejde.

Journalistelever, der aldrig har hørt om geopolitik kan starte her:


  1. Hej
    Tak for dette... Det er skræmmende.

    Det vækkede min nysgerrighed.

    Her er et par links der gav yderligere forklaring


  2. Hvad med at høre hvad MALAYSIA siger til nedskydningen af deres fly??og deres i foråret ligeledes forsvundne fly MH70 .?? Ikke en lyd.

    Lad være at akademisere Malaysia MH17 nedskydning eller ISRAHELLS gaza massakrer. UPS der poppede lige noget EBOLA op.

    KIEV/ZIO/fascister nedskød MH 17 og vedr. MH70???.Verdens mørke kræfter HADER at Malaysia som det eneste land i 2012 turde DØMME BUSH og BLAIR som krigsforbrydere. og flere "sager" er på vej. Flere af advokaterne prøvede at føre sagen ved HAQUE - men HAQUE gemte sig-turde da ikke.

    Vi sanktionerer Rusland, dvs. EU retter ind efter USA , som jagter WW3- hvad de godt kan glemme. EU skyder sig i foden, og de begavede lande Italien, Soanien, Frankrig, Tyskland østeuropæere osv. tager sig til hovedet og får snart stoppet sanktionerne, der går ud over europa. Rusland sanktionere bare "tilbage" og det meste af verden er bag dem og eksporterer varer.
    Hvad med sanktioner mod ISRAHELL - ikke en lyd. Men det finder de nogenlunde begavede lande sig vel heller ikke i. UPS - der dukkede lige lidt EBOLA op.
    Jeg har ikke ord for hvor ÅNDSVAGT og gennemskueligt USA/zionist terroren er - og man kan bare follow the money - magt og ære.

  3. Jeg sad forleden og bladrede i et dagsnummer af Politiken. Og her ser jeg til min overraskelse et relevant indlæg med stor sandhedsværdi. En medieforsker, kvindelig mener jeg, analyserer mediernes dækning af events 10 år tilbage i tid. Desværre købte jeg ikke nummeret og noterede mig ikke navn, dato, titel, osv.

    Men jeg husker indholdet. Hendes generelle konklusion er, at mediedækning oftest er i favør med regeringer, aggressorer, krigsførende magter, autoriteter, zionister, bankfolk, militærfolk og de såkaldte eksperter, der repræsenter dem - og sjældent i favør med dem, som disses aggressioner går ud over.

    Hun undrer sig, men har undersøgt sagen gennem længere og har statistisk materiale bag sig.

    Jeg begynder at se lignende udsagn i mainstream-medierne. Jeg nærer ingen illusioner om, at de vil forbedres. Jeg ser det mere som huller i murværket, og at virkelig viden og information ikke i længden kan holdes af vejen.


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