A Hundred Years - WW1 In Replay

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Either we are a few weeks late, or we are a few weeks early, but it is by no means neither too late or too early to make a brush-up on the most traumatic event in 20th century, World War II's black mother: First World War.

On June 28, 1914, a group of Serbian terrorists from an organization called 'The Black Hand' liquidated the two royal figures from the Habsburg emperial family. After the murders there went 30 days where people did not not notice enything significant happening. Diplomacy is often under the radar, but what people knew was that Austria-Hungarians gave the Serbs an ultimatum to let an investigation team into Sarajevo, for they did not trust the Serbs will to clarify the incident. And just briefly to hint the parallelism later to be expanded here, this is exactly what we see with the crashed Malaysia Airline in Ukraine.

A month later, on July 28th, the war started. The British were the first to mobilize. It mobilized the fleet and not the army. Mobilising these days was tantamount to war, the British mobilization an was under the table declaration of war. 

World War 1 was available to readers digestion and pleasure in British history books with the headline 'One incident lead two another' - which is the usual historical coincidence theories to be presented before-during-after a war. It was not us who started, we knew nothing, we could not have done anything, happened has happened. The war was carefully planned though by elite groups in Britain and France, whose whereabouts or meeting forum were a freemasonic lodge named Grand Orient. We see similar groups of freemasons performing in the Russian Revolution.

An English journalist named Clarence Henry Norman was in London on Sunday 28th June. He described an incident in his book 'A Searchlight on the European War'. He was on his way to work in Downtown London, and in The Strand he meets an eager man who asks him: 'Any news from Sarajevo, any news from Sarajevo?' Norman did not even know where Sarajevo was located, and the man had to explain to him that it was a city in Bosnia, after which the man muttered: 'Is it possible that they screwed up ...?'

What happened here? Later in the day went Norman over to a tea party with a friend who worked at Northcliff, which was a large newspaper chain at that time. When the news came in. the female hostess explained that '... there were some guests who had to leave early because they were going over to the newspapers to update the news. And by the way this incident was important, because it was the start of the Great European War! '

What did she just say? It was very few people who in thosedays had the sense that a major war imminent. But the German emperor obviously knew something, he stated that '... he could not say when the war would start, but he could say where. It would be after some stupid incident somewhere in the Balkans.' His intelligence had apparently infiltrated the Masonic groups from the Grand Orient. We can once again remind ourselves that the mind-fucking newspeak word 'conspiracy theorist' today has become so intensely marketed precisely because world history is governed by exactly this kind of conspiracies!, And because it is not intended that people should talk about it.

But how could this happen. Well, in the decades before the war, we have the reign of Edward VII of England, son of Queen Victoria, who as Prince of Wales had to wait ages before the shriveled mummy of a mother finally died off. In the 10 years he was king, he organized the so-called 'Triple Entente', which should contain Germany and Austria-Hungary. A subject in itself this figure is one of the most frightening characters of World History. The British empirical envy did not allow anyone to be their equal men, and the French wannabe-opportunist-imperialists were then as now quick to jump on the bandwagon. The Entente consisted of Britain, France and Russia - with Japan as the Far Eastern backup. Germany and Austria-Hungary knew very well what was going on, so they created a 'Triple-Alliance' with Hungary and Italy. Italy quickly dropped out and was replaced by the Turks, the Ottoman Empire. All this and much more the work of Edward VII.

With this frontal structure any incident could set off a European war. So we have a medieval castle (the Alliance), who witnesses the arrival of siege troops (the Entente). Do you surround a castle unless you intend to attack it? Hardly. And the attack happens at the earliest expediency.

On the other hand, the level of fear - and as mentioned before everlasting envy - from the British side was extremely high. They saw Germany mobilize and the German army surpass the British. They imagined everything that could happen. The Germans mobilized to defend themselves, the English mobilized to attack. But it might not be called that one attack, as they lost their grip on society and may discourage potential cannon fodder. Back then - as now - an attack had to appear as a defense. Before-under-after, just read your schoolbooks (or rather don't, because you already digested that shit years ago!).

Back to the present

The parallel today to the Empire of Envy is the the Wall Street oligarchy that is constantly loaded with a sense of threat from China and Russia. They scream, howl and and makes scenes. And since the agreement of the BRICS finance bank just has been signed, so they also feel threatened by Brazil, India and South Africa. As hysterical women they always confuse their feelings with reality. Moreover they feel threatened beforehand by a number of smaller countries around the world - and there are surprisingly many that now stand in line to join this BRICS initiative, which is the very result of America's arrogance and brutal, cynical assertion of their supremacy financially since the Bretton-Woods deal , by the IMF, which is triggered by just the Bretton-Woods, through the World Bank, militarily through their perfidious intelligence agencies, their aggressions / wars, culturally through their decadent cultural imperialism, and governmentally through their ridiculous / childish relation to the pampered baby called Israel , their lies and manipulations and their 'British' contempt for the rest of the world. The world out there has had enough.

War is psychosis. In Washington right now, there is a pre-war psychosis. The brain-damaged politicians are right now looking high and low for ways to crack down on Putin, Assad, Iran, China, BRICS ... countries and people all over the world who will not toe the line. How dare the world, this cheap rubbish, not complie?! Are we are now in a long-July-1914 mode? Is the world once again entered the state of sleepwalking that led to WW1? Dominating American politicians like John Kerry and Condeliza Rice and the entire neo-con gang think of this particular way: 'If we do not turn first, then the enemy - 'we do agree that the enemy is out there, right...? - becomes stronger than us! Therefore ... '

The British and now Anglo-American Empire was and is a paranoia culture, and their creation, Israel is paranoid to the point that breaks all bounds. You have to remember to ask yourself: when did Russia, Germany, China, Brazil, Iran, India ... unsolicited and without declaration of war attack and assault a neighboring country? Never! Please compare: how many times did the United States, the muscular dog in post-British-Empire, do exactly this since WW2? Over A Hundred 100 times!

The psychotics, that have made a coup d'Etat of the decaying empire, are right now looking for a pretext. The question is: what will be the new Sarajevo?

However, we must recognize that even though we in several ways still are detained in a state similar to 1914 - our retarded energy system based on oil started in those years, the sickness industry aka the pharmaceutical-medical complex started in those years, the privatization of the U.S. national economy started just with the Federal Reserve Act, the Titanic sank and big-scale insurance fraud was organized in those years ... just to name a few things - we now have a global situation is marked by a shift that does is not to be underestimated: the Internet. What in fact has taken place is a continual accumulation of knowledge about actual history. It has become considerably more difficult for the paranoid psychopathic elite to get away with their wars and their lies.

We live in the swell of WW1.

The war gave rise to communism, fascism, Nazism, WW2, the Cold War, and then we are only a few decades from our time. Germany paid war debts for the 1st World War right up to the 1990s - completely ludicrous! The cold war is currently being revived in Ukraine, and the events here have deep tracks left in the century. Nazis / fascists have occupied a government with the consent of the United States and the EU as a perfidious spearhead into Russia itself. The Warshaw Pact closed down under the agreement after the Cold War and the fall of the wall, but NATO never kept their end of the bargain and has now worked its way through Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria. They attacked from Turkey via Chechnya (they always hire terrorists). Now they do it via Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova. The goal is Russia's annihilation, the old British-imperial agenda. Does it look like the alliances of 1914? 

So what are the Sarajevo moment? A plane crash in Ukraine? At that time, the agent terrorist groups for the Empire were those in Serbia. Ukraine is now flooded with terror agents, nazis funded by American think tanks and their funds. The recent plane crash is also deeply suspicious, and talking about 'replay' we now see yet another (remotely controlled or shot down?) Malaysian aircraft. But just as Bismarck did not say who or what but rather where they would trigger the war, we cannot say today for sure. Merely that the false flag will be designed to provoke either Russia or Iran. It could happen in Ukraine or even more likely in the Middle East. Self inflicted attack on Israel? Why not, Netanyahy will be on vacation that day, for sure.

And 'long July' is today a perfect time to wreak havoc in the peripheral world. People are drinking canned beer staring at either the World Cup, the Wimbledon or the Tour de France. In Europe anyway, the Americans are probably glaring af some stupid baseball event. And would they in general recognize the moment when it came up in the mainstream media? Hardly, the media has already shot their interpretation of life in a cross, and in the example Russia / Ukraine there is an ongoing massive information war against the Western citicens - which in itself is too large to be identified by people with a TV-brain.

You need to get unplugged, man!

The war elite is in a race with time. If they don't succeed this time in destroying the Western Civilisation, they may have had their last chance. As one of the master manipulators of geopolitics, Zbignew Brzezinski, recently said - it slipped his mouth at a meeting - 'We are in a hurry, because more and more people are waking up'.

International Freemasonic Networks Created by British King Edward VII Primarily Responsible for Outbreak of World War I — Tarpley’s Landmark 1995 Lecture

This lecture of the American historian Webster Griffin Tarpley cannot be recommended highly enough. His explanation of one of the main cores of evil in Western history is a must for our understanding of our past - and why we still live in the tyranny of this past. 

100-året - Første Verdenskrig i replay

Enten er vi er et par uger for sent på den, eller også er vi et par uger for tidligt på den, men det er under ingen omstændigheder for sent eller for tidligt at foretage et brush-up på den mest traumatiserende event i det 20. århundrede, verdenskrigenes sorte moder: Første Verdenskrig.

Den 28 juni 1914 foretog en gruppe serbiske terrorister fra en organisation kaldet 'Den Sorte Hånd' en likvidering af to royale personer fra den habsburgske kejserslægt. Efter mordene gik der 30 dage, hvor folk ikke så noget særligt ske. Diplomati er ofte under radaren, men hvad folk vidste var, at Østrig-Ungar'erne stillede serberne et ultimatum om at lukke et undersøgelseshold ind, for de stolede ikke på serbernes vilje til at klarlægge hændelsen.

En måned senere, den 28 juli, startede så krigen. Briterne var de første til at mobilisere. De mobiliserede flåden og ikke hæren. Mobilisering i disse dage var ensbetydende med krig, så briternes mobilisering var en under bordet krigserklæring.

1. Verdenskrig var ikke, som der står til læsernes fordøjelse og fornøjelse i britiske historiebøger (Readers Digest) 'One incident lead to another' - altså de gængse historiske tilfældighedsteorier, der lægges frem før-under-efter en krig. Det var ikke os, der startede, vi vidste intet, vi kunne intet have gjort, sket er sket. Krigen var nøje planlagt af elitære grupper i England og Frankrig, hvis tilholdsted eller mødeforum bla. var frimurerlogen ved navn Grand Orient.

En engelsk journalist ved navn Clarence Henry Norman befandt sig i London søndag d. 28 juni. Han beskrev hændelsen i sin bog 'A Searchlight on the European War'. Han var på vej til sit arbejde i Downtown London og i The Strand møder han en ivrig mand, der spørger ham: 'Er der noget nyt fra Sarajevo, er der noget nyt fra Sarajevo?' Norman anede ikke engang, hvor Sarajevo lå, og manden måtte forklare ham, at det var en by i Bosnien, hvorefter manden mumlede: 'Er det muligt, at de fuckede det up ...?'

Hvad skete der her? Senere på dagen gik Norman over til et teselskab hos en ven, der arbejdede ved Northcliff, der var en stor aviskæde dengang. Da nyheden tikkede ind, forklarede den kvindelige værtinde, at '...der var en del folk, der måtte gå tidligt for de skulle over på aviserne for at opdatere nyhederne. Og i øvrigt var denne hændelse vigtig, for den var jo starten på den Store Europæiske Krig - The Great War!'

Hvad sagde hun lige der? Det var meget få mennesker, der på det tidspunkt havde den mening, at der en storkrig på trapperne. Men den tyske kejser vidste åbenbart noget, for han udtalte, at '... han ikke kunne sige, hvornår krigen startede, men han kunne sige hvor. Det ville blive efter en eller anden tåbelig hændelse et sted på Balkan.' Hans efterretningsvæsen havde åbenbart infiltreret disse frimurergrupper fra Grand Orient. Vi kan endnu en gang minde os selv om, at det mind-fuckende newspeak-ord 'konspirationsteoretiker' i dag er blevet så intenst markedsført, netop fordi verdenshistorien er styret af den slags konspirationer!, og fordi det ikke er meningen, at mennesker skal tale om det.

Men hvordan kunne det finde sted. Well, i årtierne forinden regerede Edward VII i England, søn af dronning Victoria, der som Prins af Wales måtte vente evigheder før den indtørrede mumie af en mor endelig kreperede. I de 10 år, han var konge, organiserede han den såkaldte 'Tripple Entente', der skulle inddæmme Tyskland og Østrig-Ungarn. I det hele taget er denne figur en af de mest skræmmende personer i verdenshistorien, overhovedet! Det britiske misundelsesimperium tillod ikke nogen at være deres ligemænd, og de franske wannabe-opportunist-imperialister var dengang som i dag ikke sene til at hoppe med på vognen. Ententen bestod af England, Frankrig og Rusland - med Japan som fjernøstlig backup. Tyskland og Østrig-Ungarn vidste meget vel, hvad der var i gang, så de skabte en 'Tripple-Alliance' med Ungarn og Italien. Italien droppede hurtigt ud og blev erstattet af tyrkerne, det Ottomanske Imperium. Alt sammen og meget mere Edward VII's værk.

Med denne frontale konstruktion kunne enhver hændelse udløse en europæisk krig. Altså vi har en middelalderborg (Alliancen), hvor der ankommer belejringstropper (Ententen). Omringer man en borg, medmindre man har tænkt sig at angribe den? Næppe. Og angrebet sker ved førstkommende belejlighed.

På den anden side var niveauet af frygt - og som før nævnt misundelse - fra briternes side extremt højt. De så Tyskland mobilisere og den tyske hær overgå den britiske. De forestillede sig alt muligt, som ikke måtte ske. Tyskerne mobiliserede for at forsvare sig, Englænderne mobiliserede for at angribe. Men det måtte ikke hedde sig, at man angreb, for så mistede man grebet om befolkningen og den potientielle kanonføde. Dengang - som nu - skulle et angreb fremstå som et forsvar.

Tilbage til nutiden
Parallellen i dag er Wall-Street-oligarkiet, der er konstant loaded med en følelse af trussel fra Kina og Rusland. De skriger, hyler og skaber sig. Og siden aftalen om BRICS-finansieringbanken lige er underskrevet, så føler de sig også truet fra Brazilien, Indien og Sydafrika. Som hysteriske kællinger forveksler de altid følelse med virkelighed. Dernæst føler de sig på forhånd truet af en række mindre lande - og der er forbløffende mange, der nu står i kø for at tilslutte sig dette initiativ, som er affødt af USA's arrogance og brutale-kyniske hævdelse af deres overherredømme finansielt siden Bretton-Woods, via IMF, der er affødt af netop Bretton-Woods, via Verdensbanken, militært via deres perfide efterretningsvæsener, deres interventioner, deres aggressioner/krige, kulturelt via deres dekadente kulturimperialisme, og statsligt via deres latterlige/barnagtige relation til det forkælede spædbarn kaldet Israel, deres løgne og manipulationer og deres 'britiske' foragt for resten af verden. Resten af verden har fået nok.

Krig er psykose. I Washington lige nu hersker der en præ-krigs-psykose. De hjerneskadede politikere søger lige nu med lys og lygte efter måder at slå ned på Putin, Assad, Iran, Kina, BRICS ... hele den verden, der ikke vil makke ret. Hvad bilder Verden sig ind, det billige skidt?! Lever vi lige nu i en lang-juli-1914-tilstand? Er verden endnu engang gået ind i den søvngængertilstand, som førte til WW1? Dominerende amerikanske politikere som John Kerry og Condeliza Rice og hele neo-con-slænget tænker på netop denne måde: Hvis vi ikke slår først, så vil fjenden - vi er jo enige om, at de derude er fjenden, ikke? - blive stærkere end os! Derfor ...

Det britiske og nu britisk-amerikanske imperium var og er en paranoia-kultur, og deres kreation, Israel, er paranoid i en grad, der sprænger alle rammer. Man skal huske at spørge sig selv: hvornår har fx. Rusland, Tyskland, Kina, Brazilien, Iran, Indien ... sidst uopfordret og uden krigserklæring angrebet/overfaldet et naboland? Aldrig! Sammenlign venligst: hvor mange gange har USA, muskelhunden i det post-britiske-Imperium, gjort det siden WW2? Over 100 gange siden WW2!

Psykotikerne i det afdankende Imperium søger altså lige nu efter et påskud. Spørgsmålet er: hvad bliver det nye Sarajevo?

Vi må dog erkende, at selvom vi på flere måder stadig er tilbageholdt i en tilstand, der minder om 1914 - fixeringen af vores retarderede energisystem baseret på olie startede lige netop der, sygdomsindustrien aka det medicinal-lægevidenskabelige kompleks startede lige netop der, privatiseringen af den amerikanske nationaløkonomi startede lige netop der med the Federal Reserve Act, Titanic forliste og big-scale forsikringssvindel blev sat i system lige der ... for blot at nævne et par ting og sager - så er vor tid kendetegnet ved et skift, der ikke bør undervurderes: internettet. Der er sket og sker fortfarende en akkumulering af viden om faktisk historie. Det er blevet væsentligt sværere for den paranoid-psykopatiske elite at slippe afsted med deres krige og deres løgne.

Vi lever i dønningen af WW1.

Krigen affødte kommunismen, fascismen, nazismen, WW2, den kolde krig, og så er vi kun et par årtier fra vor tid. Tyskland betalte krigsgæld for 1. Verdenskrig helt op til 1990'erne - fuldstændig grotesk! Den kolde krig bliver lige nu genoplivet i Ukraine, og hændelserne her har dybe spor tilbage i århundredet. Nazister/fascister har okkuperet en regering med billigelse fra USA og EU som en perfid spydspids ind i selve Rusland. Warshavapagten lukkede ned ifølge aftalen efter den kolde krig og murens fald, men NATO holdt aldrig deres del af aftalen og har i dag arbejdet sig frem via Estland, Letland, Litauen, Polen, Rumænien, Bulgarien. De har fra Tyrkiet angrebet via Tjetjenien. Nu gør de det via Ukraine, Georgien og Moldavien. Målet er Ruslands udslettelse, den gamle britisk-imperiale agenda. Ligner det ikke alliancerne fra 1914?

Så hvad bliver Sarajevo-øjeblikket? Et flystyrt i Ukraine? Dengang var agenten terrorgrupper i Serbien. Ukraine er oversvømmet med terroragenter. Styrtet er i øvrigt dybt mistænkeligt, og talking about 'replay', så er der tale endnu et (fjernstyret?) malaysisk fly. Men ligesom Bismarck ikke kun sige hvem og hvad med derimod hvor, man ville udløse storkrigen, kan vi heller ikke i dag sige det med sikkerhed. Blot at det falske flag vil være beregnet på at provokere enten Rusland eller Iran.

Og 'lang juli' er også i dag et perfekt tidspunkt at lave ravage i udkantsverden. Folk sidder og drikker dåleøl og glor på enten VM i fodbold, Wimbledon eller Tour de France. Og ville de i det hele taget genkende øjeblikket, hvis det kom op i mainstream medierne? Næppe, for medierne har allerede skudt deres fortolkningslag indover, og i eksemplet Rusland/Ukraine ruller der for tiden en massiv informationskrig over Vesten - som i sig selv er for stor til at blive identificeres af folk med TV-hjerne. 

You need to get unplugged, man!

International Freemasonic Networks Created by British King Edward VII Primarily Responsible for Outbreak of World War I — Tarpley’s Landmark 1995 Lecture

Denne forelæsning af historikeren Webster Griffin Tarpley kan ikke anbefales højt nok. Hans fremlæggelse af et af omdrejningspunkterne for den ondskab, vi har set i Europa og resten af verden i de forløbne 150 år er et must både for en forståelse af vores fortid, men også en forståelse af, hvorfor vi stadig lever i fortidens tyranni.


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