The Round Table II - The Theatre of Death in Close-Up

by morton_h, the blogger
featuring mh, Ole Dammegård, Cvitch,
Landsbytossen and ChaosNavigator

The following conversation is recorded on video in Copenhagen, march 3rd 2015.
You will find the video i two parts on YouTube as linked below:

The Round Table II - The Theatre of Death in Close-Up
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The Round Table II - The Theatre of Death i Close-Up
- click to watch part 2 on radion Paradigm YouTube channel

Part One

This conversation is recorded in Copenhagen, march 3rd 2015.

We are living i very strange times, a period of World History, where things are getting tense. In Europe recently we have had some terror events. With us we have as a member of this discussion forum, that has delved into this subject for 30 years. His name is Ole Dammegård, independant researcher, author of a huge book on the murder of Swedish former prime minister, Olof Palme, called Coup d'Etat In Slow Motion.

I believe that the way we can deal with these event is not by guessing out in the blue and and making counter conspiracies against conspiracies, but actually to see very precicely what happens and to compare-compare-compare, patttern-patterns-patterns, event, persons, facts before theories. Its not wrong to make theories, of course, we need to make theories, but we need to shoot them down if they are not valid.

One thing you can say about these terror events is, that we are dealing with people who have an agenda, who want something with a terror event. There is a word for a certain pattern in terror events, that I believe is getting pretty mainstream. 10 years ago it would be almost impossible to talk about a false flag. People would just go: what is that, is it a pirate flag? Yes, in a way it is a pirate flag and not eg. the Danish flag. And yet it could be the Danish flag, if the Germans wanted to go to war with Denmark, they could wave the Danish flag in front of their people and say: we are under attack! I believe, Ole, that you have a short version of what a false flag is.

It is a long, long story about false flags, because this tactics has been used. It's an old naval term, and in the old days, when you wanted to hammer, rape and plunder a country, instead of just doing it and causing problems with your neighbours and international relationship, what you did was to put the enemies flag on one of your own ships, and you let that ship attack yourself. That would justify you going for them, and a false flag operation has the same theme all the time: they secretly create a problem to get a reaction that would justify their solution. It is an old Roman template: problem-reaction-solution.

I would humbly suggest that we study history. History is extremely important to study, and we can learn from it, because it has a very strange way of repeating itself. As far as I have been able to find out, ALL wars in history have been based upon false flag operations. It get exposed 30-40 years down the line, but it gets coming up again-and-again, that these big circular events were based on lies to justify their solutions.

And many of these events have actually been naval events. The Tompkin Bay event being typical to that (US-military shooting at its own ship in order to start the Vietnam War - all officially admitted).

May I add, that Danish main stream media paper, Berlingske Tidende, has written, that Tompkin Bay was a false flag event, so it is now mainstream.

But it was after the Boston Bombings that the mainstream media got it. When you check the search machines before and after, it was from zero to the sky. I have done everything possible to reveal it, because the methods being used are the same. If normal people can see the methods, they won't buy into the story being told.

'Give me a break'
It is like a magician doing a trick. You may think while watching, that it's incredible. You may see it one-two-three times and it's still incredible. But then you change your position and see from another angle, that the magician is doing his stunt with his left hand from behind his back - the very second you see that, you won't focus on the right hand any longer but on the left hand on his back, and you won't even go there any longer.

We should be one step ahead instead of one step behind.

We can be sure, that when mainstream picks up on this, that a lot of people will be aware. In a way people are ahead of mainstream. How many people in the United States believe in the official explanation of the Kennedy assassination or the 9/11?

I think that a majority of the Americans now say, that 9/11 was an inside job.

I think it is important to say, that not every journalist is pushing this secret agenda. But through the owneship of these networks and their chief editors a filtration is done in a gentle way. I used to work as a journalist, and I had no idea, that my chief editor was working as a psyop cooperative. I worked for the news music edidion at TV4 in Sweden and one of my friends noticed when they had meetings, that some news were labelled as 'absolute not' - meaning they were filtered out.

I also spent many-many years looking into the Olof Palme assassination, and I had two friends murdered, so I left Sweden just to get away. But while I was doing music for TV4, a German documentary was made in Germany of the murder of Olof Palme - a documentary was released called 'Murder in Stockholm', you can find it on YouTube - and won the price for best documentary in 1996, and I would bring it to the program really looking into these matters called 'Kalla Fakta' - the cold facts. I thought this would be the place and was very confident. The German documentary was naming people and showing, what actually happened, so I went to the chief editor with the documentary and said: please have a look.
He asked: what is it about?
I said: the Palme assassination.
He asked: is it the official version with the patsi, Krister Pettersson?
I said: no, it is a totally different version involving Swedish police.
He said: Sorry, we have a company policy, that we decided to go on naming Krister Pettersson or nothing else.
I said: But you are a journalist. Here is a VHS, you take it, if you think it's crap put it in the garbage bin, but at least check it out, which is the job of a journalist. Have an open mind, look at the facts. If it makes sense, present it, if it doesn't, do not. But the predefined wall went down, the secondary conspiracy of silence. 

See the guided street walk in Stockholm recorded recently.

City Walk in Stockholm with Ole_D

It's the official version on none. And they will hit in different ways by intimidations and threats if you keep pushing. Or they will pull a tinfoil hat over your head and call you a 'conspiracy theorist'. This term was created right after the Kennedy Assassination, and they put a finger on every one that presented at different option or solution than the official. The word 'theorist' induces the doubt. Then you are no longer a researcer looking into facts but is making up you own theories.

... intermezzo with interruption ...

Were people shot in Copenhagen or were they not shot?

It is a good question and a difficult one, because sometimes we have real events, other times we have totally staged events set up like a film set with actors in order to get the reaction - we are back to problem-reaction-solution - with us seeing it and they presenting the soluton. And sometimes we have combinations where they will eliminate enimies or people at the same time as the staged event, so it is a tricky one. In Paris, for instance, I don't know about the newspaper event, whether it was staged or not, but the part with the police officer on the street was totally staged. But were the shooters eliminated? I'm not sure. You have a problem too, when you eliminate people. Therefore it is important to study many different cases. You begin to see the patterns when the same tricks performed again-and-again.

I can briefly go through a normal problem-reaction-solution in a terror act or an assassination - they are more or less similar. The thing is, if I was a person in power that wanted more tanks in the streets and more militarized power able to pop up left-rigth-and-center and wanted to be able to kick in doors, arrest you without having a chance of a lawyer, to be able to totally invade your privacy and having camaras on every street corner - actually I seem to be describing society at the moment right now - if I did this in the old days, I would have financial problem with boykots from other countries, demonstrations uprising, aso. You are going for the reaction where people will scream in panic without the side effects.

The Patsy that did NOT shoot JFK

An ingredience for avoiding side effects is, that you need a patsy, a person to blame for it. It could also be a group of people, and in order for them to be presented in the media, they need too look strange and weird to get the impact. It is exactly like in marketting campaigns: how to induce and seduce your mind to welcome their agenda. That's the part with the patsy, an innocent group that has absolutely nothing to do with the event but is taking the fault or it.

Then you have evidence being prepared, so that as soon as the event has occoured, it will point straight to the person(s). You prepare the media beforehand by leaking out informations about the group of person so that people already have read something. So when the media says: He did it! people will say: 'Yes, I read something about it!

They may also find people, that have done something - like this guy in Copenhagen.

The Danish Patsy - released from prison two weeks before

They hand pick these people, so that it will easy to show that he was violent, he had mental problems, it's the same story again-and-again. Another thing that is very important is, that you (they) have your own investigation on stand-by. When the event goes off, your investigation with your people goes in, and the normal, descent people are just pushed to the side (.. and here comes the Feds..). They will point in all direction, anywhere but into the truth.

It must be the Hans Holmér-type from the Palme-assassination.

Hans Holmér - gunslinger and gate-keeper. The man who managed to fuck up an entire investigation.

It's the same every time. They are there to build a wall around the truth and talk to the media saying: We are looking so very intensely into the case! They will point to the patsy all the time and also deal with people like myself, people that don't give up. They have what they call 'cleaners', scary people that come knocking at your door. When you see the large scale assassination, there will always be a long line of people that 'are suicided' or die in car accidents or from heart attacks, aso.

What do you think about MK-Ultra?

MK-Ultra was in the old days, and it has advanced a lot. In some of these cases MK-Ultra was involved for mind-control. I would say, it is mostly used for the patsy himself to be accessible, they don't use it for the assassins themselves, these are skilled and trained killers. The guy taking the fault for it, is the one being mind-controlled. I am not an expert in this area. I know people in the CIA who used to work with these things. They would put people in certain prisons or the area of Nevade with the famous 'professors' dealing with these people.

It's interesting, because many of these people seem to have spent a certain amount of time in a prison ...

... or a psychiatric institution or near an army base. The suddenly release them and afterwards they are back in again. So what were they doing there? Were they just being in prison for criminal acts, or ..

And we may never know because it is a totally controlled environment.

And that is why they use these places. The Swedish journalist, Jan Gillou, was put in prison for officially critizing the Palme investigation. He was put in prison for one year and came out as an absolute hero of freedom of speach, the free word and all that. His halo was polished and he became the chairman of the Swedish Journalist Association. His task as a journalist, I would say, would be to go for the truth and whatever stands in its way. He was then put in every time we saw a big case, and his job then as a journalist now became 'the gate-keeper', and as soon as someone even start pointing, he will go for that person. Even in court cases he will interrupt and undermine witnessess while the case is going on. He will ridicule people and call them a piece of scum, and things like that. What kind of freedom searcher would do a thing like that?

Gillou, gate-keeper and butcher of critique

The power structures in the specific countrys (where terror events and assassination took place) have their special gate-keepers. When Jan Gillou came out of prison as a hero, he suddently had all this knowledge about military intelligence services. He has written a lot books where he knows a lot! and where did he get this information from? He has openly admitted, that he was financed by the KGB, the CIA and SÄPO (Sweedish Security Police) at the same time.

So what are we looking at? Did he go to prison? No, he had one year education for afterwards being able to perform their task. The instruments or the patsies have very often been in prison the year before they start performing. The prison is for controlling them behind walls (and for controlling the outside world not to see, that they are being controlled and educated). This is the thing: when you do a false flag, you need to control all parametres. You can not have loose ends and wild cards, so you need to prepare it, get it going and do it - boom!

I believe, that in the Olof Palme event, they fucked up some things and had the fix them on the fly, which in some cases took a long time? They must have studies their own operations and learned from them.

The thing with the Palme case is, that it is extremely complicated. There were two different operations going on at the same time (Operation 40 operation + NATO Gladio type operation), and one operation managed to make the other ones preparations go down the drain over night. It is very complicated, but I have done a 9 hour interview with Swedish RedIce Radio and Henrik Palmgren:
and we will link it up here:
You may of course also read the book:
The original plan was good, but the interference messed it up for years and years.

Also see the guided street walk in Copenhagen recorded the day before this conversation.
Part One and Part Two

City Tour with Ole_D

The need for control makes the need for a filter. The media itself seems to be such a filter preventing information coming out. It is not to point fingers at certain media, because they are all part of it, willingly or un-willingly - or both at different levels.

We have here a version of the Danish newspaper, Politiken. CVitch mentioned the other Danish paper, Berlingske Tidende - for those who do not read Danish papers. Politiken has a certain history of being sort of left wing and also pro-Israel and pro-Zionist althoug not blatantly pro. One of its chief editors, Jewish editor Herbert Pundik, has openly admitted, that he had been a paid Mossad agent. After he retirede, that is. Some of these old guys will admit things after having retired, because if they admit it too soon, it will cause them problems.

Seidenfaden -
Danish/Jewish member
of the Bilderberg Group
May I say, that Politiken has a quite pro-israelian standpoint when it comes to Israel and when it comes to Syria - they always support the anti-arab forces in the Middle East.

And the next chief editor, Jewish editor Thøger Seidenfaden, was a member of the Bilderberg group. So there is some very 'controlled' touch to Politiken. You will a lot of things in there that are true, but in an either harmful or harmless way.

Pundik & Krasnik, Jewish gate keepers in Danish media.

May I add: What sometimes gives the smell of conspiracies is not what happens, but what does not happen. Very often the police work goes into a stand-by mode, where everyone get their time to escape. And after that the investiation suddently picks up at the wrong place where they make-pretend look very closely and in extreme details. And media, when you look at the JFK-assassination for instance, waited with pumping out information till the organizers had sorted everything out. For one whole hour the whole national telephone system went down, dead! 9/11 same thing: the mobile network in New York went down. They said it was because one single antenna on top of the towers went down (...) When Estonia went down, when she was blown up, radio communication in the whole Baltic area was blocked while the ship was struggling, and when she went under, the radio-network was lifted again. There was a major NATO excercise going on at the same time.

Estonia - 900 people killed by NATO, CIA and SÄPO

After he Olof Palme assassination, I mean it was the prime minister that had been shot!, and when did it come out, when did the allerts go there? 3 hours later? In Denmark, as far as I have able to find out, when these things happened, it was not pumped out in the media. The TV was not on it right away, there was an hour delay. No coverage, not teams on site. If this is true, there is this time delay again. Someone is getting someone out of the way and suddently: Now you can come in! and film the tragedy. But why were they not there right away?

the video man (from behind the camera, where else...):
Can I say, that I was actually there that night. I was walking close to Svanevej and down Nørrebrogade (north-west main street into central Copenhagen, where the patsy was said to have been killed). I just followed the police to the Nørrebro S-Train station, where the are was blocked off with appr 25 vehickles. I stayed there for 15 minutes, and we did not know, that someone should have been shot, because we couldn't get closer. Only then I saw the first still photographers.

When you see the recordings from Norwegian television it is daylight, but when the shootings took place it was completely dark.

Er dette ikke dagslys? Jeg troede, Omarhel blev skudt om aftenen. Nu er jeg forvirret!

We should make a short synopsis on the main ingredients of the event. And since it was skipped in the discusson her, we will bring it i some form ... to come here [...]

The Copenhagen shootings arrived shortly after the Paris shootings / the Charlie Hebdo affair. I front of the Jewish synagogue in Cph, of course, there had to be stickers among the grotesque amount of flowers sayin: Je suis Hebdo. It has become part of the branding, labelling and marketting of an attitude. You could see it also recently in Moscow in connection with the Russian oppositional politician, Boris Nemtsov. This slogan and brand has been prepared in good time before the Paris event, because in very short time there were millions of stickers, flyers and posters out almost as merchandise at a new U2 CD-release or World Tour.

Empathy abuse - an important ingredience in coloured revolutions.

This is definitely an area to check out. Another one is the Stockmarked. When these conspiracies are implemented, there will be people who are aware of it beforehand. They will do all their tricks, lock down stock option, sell their option in certain companies (eg. American Airlines just before 9/11). These transaction are very often carried out on weekends or just before holidays, because then the stockmarked is closed. You can also see insurance policies being harvested ( 9/11 and the classic one: the Sinking of The Titanic).

What you very often see in the process of reaction-solution is, that the solution is very advanced, like the Patriot Act after 9/11 that is huge and well prepared documents - all because of 9/11, they say. No sorry, they did not have time to put it together i just a couple of days. They have had it all waiting with propaganda slogans, colors, design and legislation, all the time.

With the Charlie Hebdo, you see the same signs, same logo, same fonts, all over France, all over Europe. The magazine itself suddently was prepared with a million copies, which was 10 times the normal. With the Palme assassination you saw the same beatiful photo, all with a black band.

Designer Fonts and candle lights - empathy abuse and emotional pornograpy

And then the solution. Here in Denmark now, suddently a budget proposal comes through with a billion Danish kroner, a whole detailed anti-terrorist packet. And 'suddently' Denmark is the host of an international anti-terror-meeting, as if you make such arrangements in a week or so.

ChaosNavigator (behind the camera):
Playing the Devils Advocate here, why would there be any reason to suspect anything like that i Copenhagen?

Can I just say, that I recently did a two hours interview on the Charlie Hebdo and the Copenhagen shootings on RedIce Radio going into great details. So anyone who wants all the details please go and check it out.

When I and other reseacher go into this and hopefully with an open mind come to conclusions, they will be based on comparing details. I have gained great insights working as a film extra when I moved to Spain (having being threatened after the Palme assassination by the 'cleaners'). I used to be in the background on film sets and commercials. These false flag events are exactly like film sets. It's the same elements, and even the same people are directly involved. It's the same crew that is doing the lighting, the catering, the logistics, the makeup, the explosives. You can see the cue markers on the ground: walk till here. When you make several takes, which you always do, you need the background to be stable at each take, so no-one are jumping. You don't need people or things to suddenly disappear or materialize from blue air.

There were these chalkmarks on the street i Paris where the shooters pretended to shoot a policeman. If this had been good old detective, Colombo, he would have pointed out, that the car, that the socalled terrorists jumped out of, was a Citroën C3 2014 with crome side mirrors, white lights at the front and special type of metal wheels. The dumped car that was found as the evidence was a Citroën C3 2013 with black side mirrors. That alone should just stop the whole discussion. It is NOT a real thing.

And why is this important? Because either we are living in a world, where we have got crazy people running around shooting Allah hu Aqbar while shooting people and blowing up things and everyone looking at them. Or we have an enimy within acting like a secret World Government by forcing us to react to these events.

Even in huge film sets directed by Stephen Spielberg they make these mistakes. Jurassic Park, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars are done by the most skilled film crews in the world, and yet the make mistakes. My son at age 12 found one in the first Lord of the Rings movie. Take a look at the scene, where the hobbits are hiding under a tree and they encounter one of the black horsemen for the first time. On the right side of the tree is no horseman, on the left side of the tree we see the horseman coming at sight. In Jurassic Park at the first encounter with the brontosaurs, Laura Dern and Sam Neil are sitting in the grass with their bag behind them. The camera angle shifts, and suddently the bag is in front of them. The regisseur of the scene forgot the location of the bag. There are whole websites for these bloopers. But the crew from The Theatre of Death are not even members of a world class film team, and their actor are not first class actors. So there must be mistakes.

Did the scary creature on horsebag come out of a tree?

In a film set there is not tension and no pressure of the kind we find in terror events. You can do as many retakes you need to get the perfect footage for reediting afterwards. The have a very strict time schedule, it is very stressful, you can only control a certain area for a certain time. It's 'Get going, get going, do it, do it!

Also I would say, that the budget is not, what it used to be. The JFK-assassination was an absolute master piece, and we are still confused about it 50 years down the line. 9/11 was more sloppy but still pretty good considering that it was more complicated. But nowadays, come on! Even they can't be proud of it, it is so bad! They don't treat us with even that respect, mainly because we don't deserve it. We-the-people have bought into it for so long time so many times. Same theme again - heelp! Same there again-agin - heelp!

This is the 'beautiful' thing seen from our perspective: they don't have a lot of variation. It's copy-paste of: Boogieman > we are under attack > here comes the hero! They should get some creative people like Jim Carrey going (or at least study his creative outputs). But they are running out of options and moreover speeding it up trying to hit us from all directions.

Sorry, wrong screen-shot ... this, of course, is the one, where he realizes, that it's all an illusion.

ChaosNavigator (behind the camera):
This is also why it is so important, because even mainstream narrative say - Jyllandsposten (Danish newspaper that brought the original Muhammed cartoons in 200x) said the other day, that 'Danish people will inevitably get much more surveillance, and it will not stop unless the Danes protest - which they see no reason to do.

Testing, testing ...

I tell you, I see Sweden now as a testing ground, when it comes to technical stuff and mind control. I grew up in Sweden, and we are very lame. When a Swede is really pissed off, he puts a sticker on his car saying: 'I am slightly irritated'. You do something similar i Spain and people will react by shouting and protesting. In Sweden they try out all the digital gadgets first to see how it will work. Then they have pumpet of this incredible rumour of Sweden being quality, freedom, democracy, a beautiful country. It gives validity for other countries: if it is OK in nice-country-Sweden, it goes anywhere.

Maybe Sweden has a history that has formed this special kind of authoritarianism. Maybe there is a kind of bad conscience of not having been hit badly in the Second World War, so now we must compensate for that. Maybe there are some remains from groups, that was not properly cleaned out after WW2 - eg. in the police.

Sweden has a very old tradition of being centralized from Stockholm because of the vaste territory.

Yes, Sweden has a long tradition of 'bowing your head' for the rulers.

Some would claim, that Sweden has become the wet dream of the elite described in Huxley's Brave New World, a people who are able to police themselves and internalize this goofy, naive state of mind, where it will happen almost without external powers. If you controll the mind, you controll the narrative and vice versa.

Why then would Denmark be on the list? We know that there has been some strange warnings before the latest series of terror events started, and I know that you, Ole, has discovered it along the way. Some hints have been slipped out. First there was an event in Dublin, that didn't really work out. Then there was a Paris event. We can find several reasons for Paris as the suitable location. I was wondering, why would Denmark be suitable place. We have behaved so well to the global rulers, we have followed the NATO and the USA, there has not been much criticism of their dirty wars in Denmark. We are the good students in the school volonteering to do 'humanitarian' clean-up after US- and NATO assaults on several countries, we have even participated in bombing them in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria. Danes do no really know what is going on in the Ukraine, they still believe, that it is all about mr-bad-Putin.

I would say, if you want an emotional impact, it doesn't matter, if you blow something up somewhere in the outskirts of the world, because it doesn't hit you. But if you do it in a kindergarden or in the Eden of Peace, a seemingly innocent country like Denmark (commentary: not true any longer though, has not been for a decade, but we get the point ..), it has an impact. We should not make the mistake and think, that this is a local event, this is a global event. We had the suicide bomber in Sweden as well, similar thing, but a crabby piece of false flag that didn't even work. In Norway they tried to get the country back in line with NATO, which almost worked (the Breivik massacre, but instead they had to give the puppet figure post as general secreatary of NATO to Stoltenberg, the stick and the carrot ...).

I have dedicated some 30 years of my life revealing what is going on, not because I want any revenge, but just to help stopping this madnes, so this World could be the beautiful place, it is supposed to be. So I ended up in this very strange world, where people on a global scale contact me. I am very lucky to be surrounded by experts in this area, and people send me all kinds of stuff. A couple of months ago I had an email send to me, saying Here are the next planned targets, more or less: Dublin, Paris, Copenhagen, Italy.

I didn't think much about it and just put it in my folders, because I have so much of this and this was just another one. But then a guy from Ireland send me a photo saying: This really give med the creeps! I had been circulated in Irish press. Is is a mosaic of 4 photos like on a postcard. It said:
  • Israel now, Dublin next
    The Irish photo is the Molly Malone statue in Dublin.
    'In Dublins fair city, where girls are so pretty ...'
  • Israel now, Paris next
    + and a photo of Mona Lisa with a muslim chaddor.
  • Israel now, Copenhagen next
    + a photo of the Little Mermaid.
  • Israel now, Italy next
    + a photo of the statue of David in Florence
I think these guys may have confused 'Free World' with 'World of Fear and Enslavement', a minor detail ...
How very telling is not David with Muslim scarf? Sounds exactly like ISIS!

After the Paris event, I could see right away, that there had been a setup. I checked it out, and there had in fact been a bomb-attempt in Dublin that went wrong. It was at the Intel plant. And then I checked my mailbox again with the 'postcard' and it said: Copenhagen!

Could it be Copenhagen next? When you look at the patterns with warnings and hints over the years, it is almost as if they are playing with us, as if it was some kind of psychopathic thrill the were getting out of it. Knowing this perverted mentality, I wanted to get it out there so we could maybe turn it around.

I have said on several interviews, that drills seem to an integral part of the staged events. They start out as drills and suddently go live, and then we have a false flag. So I shouted out on Facebook: Please be aware, if you see in your local newspaper, if you hear in the radio, if you learn, that they are having a drill in your home town, it will look like a film set, it will be like that. If there is some kind of military drill, go there, bring your friends and your cameras and make it obvious, that they are being observed. Maybe it is a drill for your protection or it is something more sinister, in which case they may get cold feet and stop it. As a response I got a mail saying: There is a poster now telling about this drill at Nørreport Trainstation, the bussiest station in Copenhagen, could this be it? And I thanked him much for being so observant, this was exactly as expected!

The night of wednesday 14th of january 100 volonteers from homeland security will participate
in a grand scale drill for Danish Rail Company and Nørreport Station.
Because we are there when it counts.'

It was to be held at the night of the 14th of january, and people went there with cameras - and nothing happened, not even the drill. Then one month later on the exact hour as the cancelled drill it all happened. One of the three places was very close to the train station. And then I knew, that Florence no doubt will be next. Since then I have put a lot of efford in exposing details about the Danish event while warning at the coming one in Florence.

In my opinion they tried to hit Ireland, because the Irish parliament was supporting the Palestinian state (like Norway did before Breivik, like Sweden was about to do before the flopped suicide bombing, like Hollande did before Charlie Hebdo - AND like the Italian government is talking about with Mateo Renzi, who by the way is the former mayor of Firenze/Florence! See a pattern here? 

Renzi on bike
Renzi has quite good relation to the Palestinians and as Hollande quite a good relationship to Russia and Vladimir Putin. He is going to Russia very soon to discuss Ukraine. Also ISIS has proclaimed: Our terrorist camps are now preparing to attack Rome (from Libya and their base in the very country, that was destroyed for the sake of Israel and Saudi Arabia by NATO and USA).

It is very clear, that Italy could be the next.

If we come up with it before, it will be very difficult for them to pull it off. We almost did it in Copenhagen. The people behind the events seem to be very much into certain dates. It's always on Remembrance Day, Patriot Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Halloween, Valantines Day, aso... I am not an expert on why they do it (kaballistic, satanistic ritualistic ...?). But I always check out the date, the name of the street, the name of the location.

What is it about february 14th? Both in Denmark and Paris there is a common denominator: cartoons ridiculing Muhammed, the Profet. In 1989 there was a death threat put on Salman Rushdie, the author of The Satanic Verses. It was Ayatollay Khoumeini who put a fatwa, a death warrant on him. This was put out on the february 14th 1989. The title of the talk at the meeting in Krudttønden, the first shooting, included the word 'fatwa' as well, as far as I was told. We are looking almost at Rocky 1-2-3-4-5, repeating it like Coca Cola, Coca Cola, ...

... and Toyota, Toyota, ...

Beautiful Toyata - favorite ISIS brand.
... and that's the main sponsor of equipment for ISIS, and every single time you see them, they are driving brand new Toyotas!

But after Rushdie there was Jyllandsposten and the Muhammed cartoons. Then there was Lars Wilks with his rather non-talented Muhammed cartoons. And he was present at Krudttønden in Copenhagen. And then the Charlie Hebdo cartoons in Paris - same theme.

Then Valentines day, which is an old Roman figure at the time of the Emperor Claudius, who had problems controlling his soldiers, that kept falling in love and marry, so they didn't want to chop the head off people. So he banned all types of amorose relationships, and this bishop Valentine kept on marrying people in secrecy. So Claudius chopped of his head - on the 14th of february.

Sct Valentine

So if you look at it, it was an anti-violent act, that ended up as an execution and later a series of war acts / terror events.

So it was a sort of ritual, an attack on beauty, on rightiousness, on justice, on humanity and nature and all the core values that we treasure.

Exactly! And their agenda is war, death and destruction. That is why they chose all these memorial days and also near-by monuments, like the Ottowa shooting, that was done close to a war monument for 1914-18 (the American-Canadian participation in WW1, where no American this very day is able to tell, why USA and Canada participated in a war, they had nothing to do with. Did someone make a deal behind their back? We know today from clear documentation, that the zionists were instrumental in bringing USA into both WW1 and WW2, mainly for the gain of a Jewish State in Palestine and for several other reasons).

They do it for some satanic reasons on Valentines day, that I am not an expert on.

Maybe we should just show the front page of Politiken from february 9th, just 5 days before the 14th with a very strange front page with huge letters saying 666.

And the 666 doesn't really make sense with the rest of it, I would say. They (the kaballistic satanists) like to use the radioactive sign, the pyramid and the all-seing eye, and we find them all on this front page on this very day. 666 being the 'number of the beast' aka the Devil. In the upper right corner is the radio-active pyramid-shaped sign with the text: 'The Sound of Tjernobyl'. What that is, I do not know, but I will look into it. And in the middle the staring eyes in close-up. In the upper left corner it says: 'Let the people draw the Prophet as they want' (is Politiken a zionist paper? well ..).

The former prime minister of Denmark, who together with the zionist cultural editor of Jyllandsposten created a crisis with the Muhammed cartoons, damaging Danish export, creating tension and paving the way for the recent wave of terrorism. For that and for lying to the Danish population about weapons of mass destruction i Iraq he was rewarded with the title of general secretary of NATO. And by the way, he likes to dress up in womens clothing ...

If this was only one event, it is one thing. But when it keeps repeating, that is when you have to start noticing.

Just a coincidence, maybe, or maybe not? When we went to take a leak at the toilet at the Main Library of Copenhagen, 20 meters from the Jewish Synagogue in Krystalgade (Crystal Street, Kristalnacht ..), we found a piece of grafitti saying: '666 - Satan loves you - reversed cross'.

Zionist grafitti?

The reason why the library is interesting and why I exposed also this detail is, that when you look at the false flag operations, they need logistics. These events take some time to carry out and there may be a lot of people involved. You need to do it when people from the outside will not notice. You need to do it on a holiday, a weekend and in a closed area. You need access to toilets, cafeteria, sometimes dressing rooms, electricity. You need somewhere to park the vehicles. This is something to look out for, especially when they carry out in narrow back streets, very easy to shut up i both ends, thus controlling people coming in and out.

When you look at the Boston Marathons, which was on Patiots Day, there was a bomb drill at the Boston Globe. They said, that it was going to happen, and it happened. If you do a Google map in street view from the Boston Globe and do a 180, you will straight into the entrance of the Boston Public Library, a perfect place as a center for the whole thing. In Denmark you stand straight in front of the synagogue and do a 180 - and stare straight into the Copenhagen Main Library.
I also want to point out, that this is the second attack aimed at this synagogue. There was another one in 1985 where a Palestinian claimed to have attacked but it didn't work out. I say 'claimed', and just because we have been fed in the media, we cannot be sure, so I prefer go do my own investigation.

That was when they bombed the El Al office.

On the 15th of february in 1898 a major false flag operation took place when the Americans blew up USS Maine in the port of Havanna. It has now been proven, that Spain had absolutely nothing to do with it, but it was used a reason to attack Spain and start the Spanish-American War, where Spain had to give up the Philpines, Porto Rico and Guam.

The name of the place in Copenhagen first attacked was 'Krudttønden', The Powder Keg. The most famous false flag these days must be the Guy Fawkes plot the 5th of November ('Remember, remember ...') where has was to blow up the British Parliament. This is where Anonymous have got their whole mask-thing from.

The Jesuit Guy Fawkes and his false flag

I was in England listening to some people discussing Maritime Law against Natural Law. We are not an soverign entity any more but just a person(a), a formal substitute owned by corporations. We are back to the 666-thing again, because in the year 1666 London had just been subject to a huge fire where the city burned down and at the same time was hit by the plague. In this condition of chaos they came in with the Maritime Law, which is a huge transformation of the juristic system former based on natural respect for human beings, aggreements, honor and 'no-one must be harmed' else you are free to do what you will.

They play your mind, they really go for the dates. 9/11 was exactly 10 years later than when George Bush Senior announced the New World Order. It was the day when Salvador Allende was killed. It was the day when the Swedish minister Anna Lindh was murdered. These numbers 9/11, 7/7, 666 keep repeating. The Santa Barbara shoting had everything around it as 7/11 - 7 killed, 11 wounded, 7 bullitt holes here, 11 there, it was outside 7/11, the video was edited 7:11 minutes.

The guy, Omar Hussein, that was claimed to have been shot down at Svanevej 1. But the only witness said, that he saw him fall down outside 7/11. I have been in the area, and there is no 7/11 right there. Why did they even mention it? For some reason.

So these people, we can say about them: they are very well prepared, they have a long term planning, and they seem to have a strange flavour for rituals.
Christine Lagard, the chairman of the IMF, had a very curious speech recently, where she was talking all the time about the number 7. The content of the speech does not motivate the number, but it just pops up all the time.

Female Illuminati

She is making almost explicit reference to numerology.

This is a place, where it is very easy to make judgements on conspiracy theories.

And maybe that's the whole point about it: Pleas point your fingers at everything here, so we can ridicule you?

I talked with an Israeli a couple of years ago, and he said that in the Hebrew tradition there is something called tishat ab'av, and it means 911, or rather the 11th of the 9th, because they have it reversed. He said, that this was an important date for Israel, for in their history it meant the two times, Israel was destroyed, first by the Greek then by the Romans and it happened on the same date. So it is a day of mourning. Due to the moon-based calendar, it is not the same as the 11th of september, but it is 9/11.

It is like the word 'conspiracy theorist', a weaponized word meant to curse / cast a spell on others, to discredit others. People are than actually carrying a word around containing this spell of a word, they do not know the origin of, which in itself is kind of ironic.

I will also mention, that the New York Times and The Guardian as the first Western papers have admitted through Humans Right Watch, that the most terror plots in the US stems from agent provocateurs, eg triggered by FBI. Only four of them was not from an FBI-source. It is almost like a crazy admittance, but no Danish papers have mentioned it.

'The Newburg Four' - 4 men set up by an FBI agent provocateur and sentenced to 25 years in prison.

George Napolitano goes up big time and says, that all of the events they looked into - I think it was 23 terror events - were every single time supported, trained and equipped by the FBI. This is why we are at a time, where we should almost try to rename these organisations. They sound like they are for our protection, but they are really not.

Many people, that are not aware of these things, think, that we live in a totally crazy world filled with terrorists, and that we can be blown up every single day. I would humbly suggest, that what we are lookin at, is the rock band on a global tour, a theatre group. I would suggest, that we are seing the same people running around in uniform in Sydney, Ottowa, Paris, Copenhagen. And I am really trying now to identify their background.

Could we just hold that thought an take a short break. This will be the first word to return to: The Theatre.

Even the Theatre of Death needs intermission

Part Two

In the second part of the Round Table discussion we will start with the subject we left with: So we are watching a theatre!

I remember, that just after 9/11 a very famous German composer, regarded as state-of-the-art, avantgarde score composer (socalled 'new classical' and nothing like Beethoven) by the name Karlheinz Stockhausen, came out with a statement: 'This is the Devils artwork'. My first reaction was: How dare he say this?! This is not an artwork, this is a destruction. I misunderstood him - is he praising what has happened? Is he facinated? Is it some kind of big-time snuff to be enjoyed? I realized years after, that he is absolutely right, because this was in fact a giant piece of artistic, artificial work of a develish, satanic chacter, a giant theatre made for a total experience. Like Stockhausen collegue a 100 years before, Richard Wagner, that invented the concept of Total Theatre, where music, stage, opera house, light, text could produce a total experience - a 19th hundreds virtual reality machine in an analogue setting. Important ingredience: mythology, lots of it! You were aiming at the archetypes, the collective unconscious of people.

The Devils Artwork

So in 9/11 we were in fact pulled into a powerful piece of total-theatre. It seems now, that we are watching the same phenomenon in the shape of a quasi-TV-series, a soap opera. As in conventional theatres they will often re-use the scenography and the actors.

For sure. What you are describing now is one of the master pieces in problem-reaction-solution, where the theatre piece is the creation of the whole problem, the drama, to get the reaction so they can serve us the solution. I think 9/11 was one of the last one of contemporary theatre pieces, where there was 100% real victims.

Because there is a major problem with killing a lot of people, you will have problems with their families - especially with the mothers. Mothers are a pain in the butt, they will never back down. They do not fear anything, thet will not back down and they will chase you till they find out the truth. You will see that in many different countries in South America (eg. the mothers in Santiago). This is real female power. They tried to kill some of them, but it didn't matter, because they continue. It is their child that has died or disappeared, even if the child is 42 years old, that mother ... whow!

So it came to a point for the perpetrators, where they needed to re-schedule. Because they kept repeating these things, the numbers of victims kept building up and so did the numbers of mothers chasing their butts. They mess it up, they disturb it. Don't mess with mothers!

Plaza de Mayo in Chile - If you mess with mothers, you are in trouble.

The grandmothers in Ukraine will occupy the recruiting offices to block them from taking away their grand sons for canon food for the US-neocon instigated neo-fascist coup d'Etat-government.

I know, and THEY know everywhere in the World that there is a real power of love to be feared (strange paradox - the haters fear love ...). Before the Boston Bombing they tried with a mass shooting of a few of them, but came to a conclusion, that they need to control all parametres. They need a small group, that can be moved around. If it is working, why build a new team? Let's put the theatre on the road.

I would say, that theatre is we are looking at after Boston being the first major 100% artificial theatre event. There were no real victims, you can just look at the evidence like a guy, whose legs are blown up. It doesn't make any sense when you talk to medicals, he even looses the protese supposed to be his leg and put it back on.

Crisis actor being painted

Many of the people running around will have name tags on them. If you have been a part of big film sets, they use codes so they can shout in the megaphone: 'OK, blue team, you eat now! Red team, stand by!' So when you look at this new type of false flag event like the Boston Bombing, Sandy Hook, the Ottowa shootings you fill find these signs. I even noticed at the Bilderberg meeting in Copenhagen, that these socalled bilderbergers in the grand hotel were people (not the well knows elite politicians, businessmen and culture big-shots) and wearing the same kind of tags.

So they formed units to be moved around. Some were trained as make-pretend police officers, some as nurses, aso. They need actors, but they can't use good actors, that are know on stages and in film, so they use amateurs. This is where you see repeatedly bad performances. They can't keep their faces from smiling, some start giggling. Another guy is loosely joking before going in front of the camera to gear himself up, and you see him pulling himself together and making this artificial expression of fake sorrow and grief. Even the camera man and the post-editor must be amateurs, since they forgot to edit it out. This tendency to smile .. I don't know if this has to do with some kind of mind-control or just the amateurs unability to control their nerves, but it is standard. You can't make this up, but some of the 'parents' forgot the number of children, they had! As a father even in deep chock I would never forget, that I have three daughters.

That gets you on the track of fraud. When these amateurs are getting better at their role (real good character actors can shift to any role) they use them in the same role again. The same with the other functions: same marketing companies, same producers, same logistical operateurs. They need slogans, logos and colour schemes (like with the Ebola-fraud) to persuade your subconscious to accepting. But since it is a group, they have a bit of a problem, because there is only a limited number of variations. The headmaster of Sandy Hook School is now suddently a witness in the Boston Bombing. How clumsy is not that?

If anyone should say, that Sandy Hook really happened, I challenge you: go to FBI's own website, go to the Newport area, where Sandy Hook is located and look at the numbers of murders in the year: ZERO! They are sloppy again, they are not good at it.

Is the camera running?

A video was taken a high point at Sandy Hookand where you can see people cirkling through a garage and reapearing. We have a famous story about this general, Tordenskjold and his soldiers - now a standard term for: the same people. He let his soldiers march in front of the enemy, go around the corner and come back again, so they would think of a mighty army. Just pick one of them: the guy in the yellow shirt where is he going - there he goes again!

People circulating in and out of the warehouse.
Recommended: Sophia Smallstorm uravelling Sandy Hook
And this is just one awkward detail, there are thousands of awkwardness's around Sandy Hook.

It's like running sushi!

You will be able to see the same police chief in three different states wearing the same cowboy hat. Come on, bring another guy or at least give him a moustache! But they are not very good at this.

By recognizing reapearing 'artists', we may come to realize, that we are not living in a totally crazy world of terorists blowing up at will. What we are seing is the Rocky Horror Picture Show - now appearing i Sydney and tomorrow in Ottowa soon to appear in Paris!

'With a bit of a mind flip, you're into the time slip -
and nothing can ever be the same ...
Let's do the time warp again!'
Coming to a town near you.

Coming to a town near you! I am a friend of Chip Tatum, former CIA agent. He was deep cover agent for 25 years, he was a black-op assassin, he was a night stalker pilot, he was pilot in the Iran-Contra-scandal flying weapons out and drugs into the USA. He was also commander of George Bush Senior's private hit-team, Pegasus, doing at least 17 hits globally. This is definitely not an amateur! He was a part of false flag operation but became a whistleblower.

Chip Tatum - he were there, he knows what he did, he knows what he's talking about

I talked with him about these things, and he totally aggrees about the limited amount of people involved and how you control them. I asked: Is this really a group of people, are we seing the same, is it possible? Are these people being flown in army plains to NATO airbases and then transported to the site of next event - as a band on concert tour appering live? He said: It is not only possible, it is plausible.

Then I asked him: But how do you control a group like them? I have heard very little whistleblowing from inside these false flaggers. He said: It is so easy. Money works with most people, and money for them is nothing, they even print it themselves. There are loads of money for black operations. So you buy people off. If they start after a while getting bad conscience and maybe want to talk openly about it, you just beat them up, and if that doesn't work, you threaten somebody near by, a child, a mother, a wife or somebody in the family. You may cut a finger off, these type of things. If that doesn't work either you statue an example by murdering one of them for others to see. This will make the group shut up and stay in line.

That is what they are doing right now, also, with the more loose and grand theatre group roaming the Middle East right now called ISIS. Quite a few people never returned of the many recruited from naive and confused Westeners. And not because they were killed in combat, but they got cold feet when they found out, what was actually going on and what they were participating in. They were spotted and not allowed to go back to Europe again and reveal the theatre.

Ninja Turtles- half crisis actors, half mass murderers

This is how they scare people. And did anyone know about ISIS just a few years ago? No, you had Al Qaeda, which was a total CIA-creation with their own agents trained and equipped by them, and then it came to a point where you couldn't even scare an infant with Al Qaeda any longer.

Remember Jeff Dunham with his kind-of-rude doll called Achmed the Dead Terrorist.
It ran out of battery and they needed to upgrade. It was almost like Monty Python: 'Not so fast!' and in came [fanfare] ISIS! A bunch of amateurs with ninja turtle outfits and body proportions that don't fit with normal arabs. When you start tracking their accents i doesn't fit, and when they chop heads or, where are they? Sky and sand, it could be anywhere, even in front of a green screen with computer background.

And they cut right before the head falls off.

'a-a-and CUT!'

The terrorist Boku Haram is even worse than Isis. They dress like hiphop Chicago boys, gangster rappers talking with American accent. And their leader is called Abu Bakr al Chicago.

This is so funny. When you need to spread fear, it needs to be strange. The normal patsy-variation would have a name Abdul Karim ben whatever, and here in Denmark we had this person born in the country with a Palestinian background called Omarhel Hamid el Hussein, like all Arab boy-names in one. When you need things to go on you need catchy frases and names. The name Ebola - you can almost make music from this name. ISIS and al Chicago is exactly those designer-terrorist-names.

The ISIS-leaders must be incredible leaders. The first name of the leader was xxx.xx.x. In 2005 he was wounded and sent to prison. Then he escaped and was killed. Then he escaped from prison the second time (having arisen as Achmed the Dead Terrorist ...) and was blew himself up in a bomb. Then another guy took over by some standard Arab name, but his name was redesigned to be more catchy, so they came up with Abu Bakr al Baghdadi. Clear reference to the Iraq War but catchy like Puff Daddy.

The Khalif and the Mossad asset, Simon Elliot / Elliot Shimon. Same-same?

I believe bin Laden died 9 times. He was killed again and again and then dumped into the Ocean. The Pakistani Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto was killed shortly after she had said in an interview to a British journalist, that they knew all about the first bin Laden being killed shortly after 9/11, and she named the guy who murdered him.

But there was two al Baghdadi's, the first one also had this superhuman ability to die and resurrect. If you tell these things to children, they will spontaniously say It doesn't make sense! No, it doesn't, and that is because it is absolute lies.

We have to look at this as absolute lies and see exactly how we are being lied to.

Out good hearted naivity becomes an allie of evilness. The absurdity seems almost to be an advantage for the liars

9/11 was so incredible. No-one had ever seen anything like it, meaning normal people could not explain it. Therefore it was very easy to give people an explanation.

A big 747 disappeared into a hole of a missile and the whole plane disappered, there was only pieces of scrap metal left. The official story was, that due to high heat and huge engines of titanium steel vaporized like into another dimension. THAT is the level of logic!

If I came home once stone drunk and lost my car and then told my wift, that I went into the wall and the friction from the wall made the care vaporize - what do you think, she would say? Would the insurance company pay me, when I filled in the form?

In the Robert Kenedy assassination we think: the mystery, the mystery ... the man who was arrested had a gun with 8 bullits. He was standing as close as a meter in front of Robert Kennedy. People right away jumped on him, so maximum 8 bullits were fired. When you examine the facts that have come foreward, somewhere between 13-14 shots were fired ... the mystery, the mystery, how did he have time to reload? And was Bobby Kennedy shot from the front where Sirhan Sirhan (?) was placed? No, the last bullit was fired from the right and behind his ear. A child with a working, logic brain would say: I think someone shot him from right behind! But grown up people have bought into officials insisting on illogical explanations.

Of course it was not Sirhan Sirhan that did it, and he is rotting away to this very day never to tell his story.

There is a show on BBC or Channel One on the Darren Brown Show called 'Mind Control' build on Sirhan Sirhan.

I love you you guys mentioning the BBC. For some reason the BBC is one of these elements that keeps returning againg and again. There was this 'beautiful' thing at the 9/11, where a reporter annouces Building 7 just gone down, while it is still standing on live-transmission in her background another 20 minutes.

Elton John wrote a song for this building ...

Why can this happen? It's live transmission, timeline problems, nervousness and then then they reveal themselves knowing beforehand what will happen - and thereby being complicit to a crime. In Paris, when you look at the police officer that was shot (at) and with no blood when it happened (an AK 47 is one of the most powerful military riffles and would have made a total mess on the pedestrian). There was no blood, when they lifted the 'dead' body off the ground, and I also 'love' when people have been shot in the head being pumped with CPR-massage (any paramedics will tell you about the idiocy that).

More Ninja Turtles - and a shoe.
Oh, and by the way: Who wouldn't bring their passport to drop on the street,
when they go out to perform a terror attack?

Later you hear the TV-reporter on-site saying: 'And here we are at the place where the blood has been PUT on the ground' ... his words.

CVitch mentioned the Peshawar mass-shooting on december 21st 2014. 140 children were masacred in a school - if it happened: awful, awful! But when you look at the evidence: major question mark!? Among the photos of the children is a boy that could be Pakistani. But when you look at the photo, it is Noah Posner, a 6 year old victim in the Sandy Hook event - remember the event that the FBI by their statistics admits didn't take place! And when was Sandy Hook? Exactly on the same day two years earlier.

It could almost be to test peoples reactions to see exactly how artificially dumbed down they are. They can almost use it as a psychological benchmark to see how many people are aware of this.

The stretching of the 'Absurdo-Meter' ...

The meter is now in the red area

In Paris there is this forensic team checking out the kosher shop - white over-all, rubber gloves, showing that they are really serious, and a mask on, so you can't identify the guy either. A photo of the scene went out in the international media, and I thought that I have seen that photo before. I stated looking around and found the exact same photo at the NAACP-bombings in Colerado. Not just a similar photo, THE photo! The same team for sure, or as you say, CN, at the same time doing some kind of mind game with us.

They seem to have a database for media outlets too. And by the way Al Qaeda in Arabic means 'the database'.

ChaosNavigator (still outside the screen):
No mainstream media accept that ISIS is supported by Western intelligence agencies, it's too heretical, it's not in the papers, and then that kind of divide-and-conquer strategy also becomes divide-and-conquer among aquantancies when one person says: I see the whole pattern popping up - Spain, France, Argentina, Italy! It is because the media is writing about it, that young people are being radicaliced.

Mainstream media is now trying to make Western dissidents responsible for the radicalization.

I would like to pose a question. People around this round table know, that we are being lied to, seing how these things are being tied with the newspapers and the media in an astonishing way. But when you talk to people in general and claim - even with a lot of supportive evidence - they will say: No way! It would involve too many people so it is nonsense.

First of all we must say, that the 9/11 movement has never been stronger, at people are awakening to that, to drones, to vaccines and many-many things. There is a counter movement, and as long as the Internet is up it will continue - even if they close it down, it is now irreversible, they cannot stop it.

Yes, I believe there is an awakening taking place. But I still have personal friends that get this funny laugh when the subject is touched upon and they go like the 3 chinese monkeys.

The thing is, I don't talk about these things normally. The people in Spain where I live, don't know what I'm up to. But if somebody is interested, I ask: Do you really want to hear? I am happy to spend a few hours, but we must understand, that what we call waking up is very painful. We have to un-learn what we thought we knew and believed and even propagated passionately for. And here I am, and the whole construct was build on lies. Most people are not open to that, and I think we have to be gentle with them.

We should remember, how we ourselves have taken our time with that. You have been 'in the business' for 30 years now, but I remember myself in the 90's, and I just played my violin and did my music studies and I didn't know .. shit!

When you start waking, it is almost like having lost someone you love. First there is total non-acceptance. When it gets in there, you are in absolute chock for at while and you become almost obsessed with it. Then you go into the salvation mode where you think you need to wake up the world, especially friends and family - who of course go: Shut up, we don't want to hear it! Then finding out, that people don't listen, you go into anger, frustration.

I would suggest: try to come out on the other side. If someone is pounding heavily on your door, would you open? So I suggest: gently knock on the door. Why push something, if there is no basic interest for it? Also I would suggest: live by example. Carry this informatio without losing the banners. Stay optimistic, stay focused, stay fearless and start spreading good around you, because THAT's when people will start listening. Until then they will not. Don't focus on the other ones, focus on the one in the mirror.

Emerson wrote: Your actions speak so loud, that I cannot hear what you are saying.

Also be gentle, because we are up against the biggest propaganda machine ever seen by the World. The corporate media have the best experts, the highest technology, and they have hammered us from all different direction for a long time. So I would salute all man and woman still standing, and treat each other with respect, also the ones that are still in denial.


The conversation goes on for 20 more minutes, loosening up, digressing. Do go and listen, while we will now jump to the conclusion.

This is a good place to end the conversation. We have covered a lot, and the conversation doesn't end at all. A third part of The Round Table will be produced right after this video-take, and we will broaden out the perspective. As if we haven't been global enough in our perspective, you will find, that there are un-used and rich potentialities in this discussion forum.

The third part will be:
Actually released just before this blogpost, and whether we zoom in or zoom out doesn't make much of a difference. Right now in Danish, English translation to come.

Uh-huh - Bad Halloween!

We are really happy to get some real information out, that is important for people also in Denmark right now, since we have been the latest victim of The Theatre of Fear and Death.

I know that you, Ole, like to end an interview, a lecture or a discussion with a prayer.

It is not, that I am a religious person, but I strongly believe in the power of love. There is a prayer taught in Raja Yoga:

May the entire Universe be filled with Peace and Joy, Love and Light.
May everyone, and especially the ones who hurt us, be filled with Peace and Joy, Love and Light. Victory to that light.

I just want to say: where ever, how ever, it doesn't matter, if it makes a difference for the better, what ever it takes: get me there, I will be there and do my part. Bob Marley said: I am just a simple man with a simple wish. I just want to unite mankind. So let us transcend this withou anger, without hate, without revenge. Let's have a global party with danse and love celebrating, that we managed to do it.

We have already done well. They have done everything possible, they have hit us from all kinds of directions, through food, through chemicals, through false flags and wars. And we are still standing. I am impressed! I salute all of us, it is wonderful, and they are shitting their pants. So let's just do it with style and have a great time on the other side.

And let us transcend this whole thing.


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