The War of the Worlds

by morton_h, the blogger
H. G. Wells and the promiscuous
What is the relationship between a culture that gleefully indulge tits, cock and porn, pop stars, bling, hookers and ridiculousness? A culture of adultery, divorce, broken families, gender war between men and women and abusing children as hostages for the same purpose is the order? A pornofied culture where children buy likes on Facebook by selling selfies of themselves without clothes? A culture of chemically-psychologically efeminised men and masculinised women? A culture where people masturbate with smartphones every minute of their so-called waking life and sleep with their mobile dildoen under the pillow ... AND the man that some call the father of science fiction, HG Wells and his time machine? It sounds like a pensive enigma - What is the similarity between a cucumber and a penguin?

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On the contrary, there is a direct correlation. Wells had such a culture on the wish list. A promiscuous culture of sensuously anesthetized, amoral and weak individuals. A culture in which the family is devastated and where selfishness has divided the community right down to the atom, the isolated individual - the ultimative divide-and-conquer. Has his wet dream come true? In deed it has! An event in England recently show the style of isolated, narcissistic immorality and dehumanization: A man was shot in the neck in the street, where there were lots of people. None of them responded, no one raised their eyes from their smartphones. All corresponded to the description of the species of the New World according to H. G. Wells.

Like his associatives in the Fabian Society, Aldous Huxley and Bertrand Russell, he was never read correctly.Their readers thought these people warned against the dehumanized society of control with zombies at the bottom and technocrats at the top. Nothing could be more wrong, for they all described the very future society, which the elite, that they were an intimate and understanding part of, had on the drawing board. Science was already science faction.

War of the Worlds is none other than the two world wars, which he described as necessary to ensure that people would be able to give up their sovereignty. When he saw that WWI in all its contemporaries of incomprehensible cruelty had not completed this piece of work, he advocated WWII as necessary. The two world wars were deeply planned, and Wells knew it. He was not anything near to a prophet, he was just a man who indulged in his drunkenness of being a part of the elitist ilk who created the 20th century and its War of the Worlds. An NWO lackey, who among other peculiarities praised Stalin to the skies. A prophet is a beholder of intuitive visions from his higher self. Wells had just browsed the storyboard in the back room of the gallery, and then he made a writing career out of it.

Wells wet dream of a New World Order is most alive is today in all its morbidity.

H.G.Wells: Prophet of the NWO 

Bertrand Russell and The Educated
We like to believe that the highly educated in society are those best able to distinguish lies from truth, and thus will be most the difficult to control because they will opposite injustice. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The higher the education, the less likely that you will be a burden to the control system. The higher the status, the heavier the peer pressure. The more gross knowledge, the less resistance to knowledge uniformity and the indoctrination, that you are willing to subject yourself to. The more copy-paste-knowledge, the less likely you want to challenge the premise of this knowledge by asking: is this really true, or is it a structure with a purpose. The system has provided your education. The system is maintained by peers who, like you, have everything to lose and nothing to gain by being genuinely creative and performing actual thinking. The system makes you compromised, and a compromised person will have something to hide and protect, living a life in low boiling fear.

A further division arises. There is the intellectual robotnik who knows absolutely nothing about system duplicity and firmly indulges its rules praising its excellences. But there are also those who have come to open a door to the basement or attic and know that there is a hiding agenda. Quiestion is: how do you react? Some immediately close the door again and swallows the blue pill. Others, by contrast, elated at the idea will gain further ambitions to get a key to all floors. How compromised should you be? How great a career hooker will you be? Can you get an invitation in the gallery? Others will on the contrary start to develop scruples.

The system generally does not fear the class of intellectual fools. Academia is a great club that is held in place by guilt, shame and fear. Guilt to the system for giving them a place in the sun - although only rationed sunlight is offered - and fear of losing the career that they had to sit lifelong debt to get by playing the game of the system, losing their economic foundation and the opportunity to live in a certain degree of luxury - even if only offered rationed luxury. You would have to obtain two academic / upper middle class salaries to get what one salary could provide half a century ago, and you will constantly live with the fear of being expelled from from the academic community ... and end up as a taxi driver, forever!

What the System fears is one of the intellectual fools begining to acquire a taste for morality and empathy. It can happen, but it is not likely. The moral disappeared already on the way up through the System. Empathy could be suffocated in cynical career greed - welcome to the club of sociopaths! - but more probably it was redirected by someone waving the intellectual fool on the nose with opportunities to atone for his bad conscience: Give a goat, adopter a brown child, pay for a tsunami, help the world's poor people by supporting a war against their government - the latter really makes sense ... so it seems to the intellectual fool with the bad conscience. Even the most cynical atrocities can now be sold as humanitarian aid.

When does it happen, and for whom is it happening? H.G. Well's colleague in the Fabian Society, Bertrand Russell, said it straight out - just as he said a whole lot straight out arrogantly exposing The Agenda. Strangely enough, he slid down in history - that is, mind you, the Empire, its own history - as peace-loving tribunal-inventor. That this was a scam we see in statements like:

We take the brightest school children from an early age and test them. They will be taken away from their background, so they forget it and become one of us and do our bidding. We then make sure that they have lost touch with where they come from.

If there is such a child with such opportunities, it could become a spokesperson for us in the future.

If this child as an adult on the other hand exceed these powers and begin to think for itself, then it at all costs must be eliminated! (paraphrased)

The British elite stood in a certain antagonism to the Jesuits. But nonetheless diligently studying the Jesuits method:

Give me the four-year-old child, and I will give you the adult.

The Master Project of Immorality
There is a remarkable similarity in the methods. In the 70s, the Frankfurt School copied both Jesuits methods and The Fabian Society's program. If people did not fall into one of the trenches, then there was the second, the third (Zionism), the fourth (Venetian faux diplomacy), the fifth (New Age), the sixth (drug culture), the seventh ... The common denominator is corruption and demoralization of man.

When H. G. Wells talks about promoting promiscuity, it is on the basis of the 'Roaring Twenties', the unrestrained sociopatic trip after World War, when jitterbug was the escapists dance with death.

When Zionists practice promiscuity, it is based in the interwar Berlin. The Germans / National Socialists tried to stop it, but because the Zionists 'good friends' won the war and because they managed to über-demonize all Germans and stage the victim role-playing game called Holocaust, the promiscuous project had another boost through Hollywood (Holly-caust, Holo-wood).

When Jesuits cultivate corruption, it is based on an ancient Roman tactics, where the black adder, the confessor, the Prince's counselor, the ever present Grima Wormtounge adheres to the prince, the prince will soon sit like a pale, helpless zombie brain dead abolishing his own power.

When Fabians grow promiscuity, it is the basis of Trotskyism, Bolshevism, Stalinism, Communism, Socialism. They saw just how Stalin and the Bolsheviks ultra-violence, their promiscuous mass rapes during WWII and their bloody 'Mongol' revolutionary practice was too transparent. Therefore, their long-term-oriented insidious poison which people would learn to love their own corruption and slavehood. People would do it all to themselves, so that their masters would never have to get dirty fingers.

When the Frankfurt school Culture Marxists exercise promiscuity, thay call it 'subversive perversion. You find it in feminism, the LGTB-agenda, multiculturalism and mass immigration. And every time you meet political correctness, it has the imprint of Culture Marxism. They even spell it out themselves! The goal is the destruction of Western Civilisation.

When Drug-culture cultivate promiscuity, it is based on ALL of the above. CIA funded, promoted, organized, transported and distributed it. There goes the anti-war-movement getting stoned.

When New Age religion fucks with your mind, it is based on the bad-old religion in a new, exotic container. Anger is now a forbidden sentiment, a New Age sin - think positively, mind-over-matter, spiritual dope. AND all the genuine spirituality and insights will be corrupted. It smells like the real stuff, but it is often a worthless surrogate.

When Trotskyists cultivate corruption, so ... and who are they? They are really no one other than the neo-cons, the parasitic dwellers of Deep State who took over the US government with an invisible coup following the assassination of JFK and has run this country and its warfare ever since. By what means? By the character JFK himself, who was a deeply corrupt and promiscuous person, a womanizer and cocaine addict. In fact, Richard Nixon was in spite of his bad reputation in several ways a much more integrated moral person than JFK. But the lesson had then been learned in the Deep State, so when Nixon stepped out of line and out of the script for the American selected, not elected precidency, he was 'gamed'. We know the game as Watergate.

Trotskyism today is represented by the mulatto doll with the many names and fake citizenship: Sortero / Obama. Corruption is the middle name of the teleprompter dummy, that facilitated what seems to be the final stages of the Murder on Democracy and utmost perversion of the human society.

Wells, Russell og War of the Worlds

H.G. Wells og de promiskuøse
Hvad er sammenhængen mellem en kultur, der lystigt hengiver sig til patter, pik og porno, popstars, lir, ludere og latterlighed? En kultur, hvor utroskab, skilsmisse, kønskrig mellem mænd og kvinder og gidseltagning af børn til samme formål er dagens orden? En pornoficeret kultur, hvor børn køber likes på Facebook ved at sælge selfies uden tøj? En kultur af kemisk-psykologisk efeminiserede mænd og maskuliniserede kvinder? En kultur, hvor folk onanerer med smartphones hvert minut i deres såkaldt vågne liv og sover med mobildildoen under hovedpuden ... OG the father of science fiction, H.G. Wells og hans tidsmaskine? Det lyder som en fortænkt gåde - hvad er ligheden mellem en agurk og en pingvin?

Der er en direkte sammenhæng. Wells havde en sådan kultur på ønskelisten. En promiskuøs kultur af individer, der er sanseligt bedøvede, amoralske og svage individer. En kultur, hvor familien er ødelagt og hvor egoisme har splittet samfundet helt ned til atomet, det isolerede individ. Er hans ønske gået i opfyldelse? Det må man sige! En hændelse i England for nylig er billedet af isoleret, narcissistisk amoral og umenneskeliggørelse: En mand blev skudt i nakken på åben gade, hvor der var masser af mennesker. Ingen af dem reagerede, ingen løftede øjnene fra deres smartphones. Alle svarede til beskrivelsen af Verden iflg. H.G. Wells.

Ligesom hans associatives i The Fabian Society, Aldous Huxley og Bertrand Russell blev han ikke læst rigtigt. Forstå dette ret: deres læsere troede, at de advarede mod det umenneskeliggjorte kontrolsamfund med zombier forneden og teknokrater foroven. Intet kan være mere forkert, for de beskrev alle et kommende samfund, som den elite, de var en intim og indforstået del af, havde på tegnebrættet. Science fiktion blev til science faction.

Wells War of the Worlds er i virkeligheden de to verdenskrige, som han beskrev som nødvendige for, at folk vil blive i stand til at opgive deres suverænitet. Da han så, at WWI i al dens for samtiden uforståelige grusomhed ikke havde fuldført arbejdet, advokerede han for WWII som nødvendig. De to verdenskrige var dybt planlagte, og Wells vidste det. Han var ikke en skid profet, han var bare en mand, der talte over sig i sin beruselse over at være en del af det elitære slæng, der skabte det 20. århundrede og dets War of the Worlds. En NWO-lakaj, der roste Stalin til skyerne. En profet får intuitive visioner fra sit højere selv. Wells havde bare bladret i storyboardet i baglokalet i logen, hvorefter han lavede en forfatterkarriere på det.

Wells våde drøm om en Ny Verdensorden er i dag lyslevende i al sin morbiditet.

Bertrand Russell og de uddannede
Vi holder af at tro, at de højtuddannede i samfundet er de, der bedst er i stand til at skelne løgn fra sandhed, og dermed også er de, der vil være sværest at kontrollere, fordi de vil sige fra overfor uretfærdighed. Er det sådan?

Inter kan være fjernere fra sandheden. Jo højere uddannelse, jo mindre sandsynligt er det, at du er til besvær for kontrolsystemet. Jo højere status, jo tungere gruppepres. Jo mere bruttoviden, jo mindre modstand mod denne videns ensrettehed og den inddoktrinering, du udsætter dig for. Jo mere copy-paste-viden, jo mindre er sandsynligheden for, at du vil anfægte præmissen for denne viden ved at spørge: Er dette egentlig sandt, eller er det en konstruktion med et formål. Det er systemet, der har betalt for din uddannelse. Systemet vedligeholdes af ligesindede, der ligesom du har alt at tabe og intet at vinde ved at gøre sig ud til bens. Systemet gør dig kompromitteret, og en kompromitteret person har noget at skjule.

Måske skal der gradbøjes. Der er den intellektuelle robotnik, der absolut intet aner om systemets dobbeltbundethed og fuldt og fast hengiver sig til dets spilleregler og tilsyneladende fortræffeligheder. Men der er også de, der er kommet til at åbne døren til kælderetagen eller loftet og ved, at der gemmer sig noget. Her skiller vandene sig først, for hvordan forholder man sig til det? Nogle lukker straks døren igen og æder en blå pille. Andre bliver derimod opstemt ved tanken og får yderligere ambitioner om selv at få en nøgle til alle etager. Hvor kompromitteret skal man være? Hvor stor en karriereluder skal man blive? Kan man få en invitation til i logen? Andre vil begynde at udvikle skrupler.

Systemet frygte generelt ikke klassen af intellektuelle fjolser. Akademia er en stor klub, der holdes på plads af skyld, skam og frygt. Skyld til systemet for at give dem en plads i solen - selvom der kun tilbydes rationeret sollys - og frygt for at miste den karriere, som de var nødt til at sætte sig livslangt i gæld for at få, knokle sig til ved at spille i systemet, miste deres økonomiske fundament og mulighed for at leve i en vis grad af luksus - selvom der kun tilbydes rationeret luksus. Man skal være to akademikerlønninger til at skaffe det, som én løn kunne skaffe for et halvt århundrede siden, og du vil konstant leve med frygten for og skammen i at ryge ud af det akademiske selskab ... hvorefter du ender som taxachauffør, forever!

Hvad systemet frygter er, hvis en af de intellektuelle fjolser begynder at tilegne sig noget, der ligner moral og empati. Det kan ske, men det er ikke sandsynligt. Moralen forsvandt allerede på vej op gennem systemet. Empatien blev i visse tilfælde kvalt i kynisk karriereliderlighed - velkommen i klubben af sociopater! - men nok snarere omdirigeret ved at vifte det intellektuelle fjols om næsen med muligheder for at sone sin dårlige samvittighed: giv en ged, adopter et brunt barn, betal for en tsunami, hjælp verdens stakler ved at støtte en krig mod deres regering. Især det sidste giver rigtig god mening ... synes det intellektuelle fjols med den dårlige samvittighed. Selv de mest kyniske grusomheder kan sælges som humanitær bistand.

Hvornår sker det, og for hvem sker det? Well's kollega i The Fabian Society, Bertrand Russell, sagde det lige ud - lige som han sagde en hel masse lige ud, der eksponerede agendaen. Underligt nok er han gledet over i historien, altså vel at mærke Imperiet, egen historieskrivning, som fredselskende tribunal-opfinder. At dette var ren svindel ser vi i udsagn som:
Vi tager de mest opvakte skolebørn ud fra en tidlig alder og tester dem. De må tages bort fra deres baggrund, så de glemmer den og bliver en af os og lyder vores bud. Vi sørger for, at de ikke længere har kontakt med, hvor de kommer fra.
Hvis der findes sådan et barn med sådanne muligheder, vil det kunne blive en talsmand for os i fremtiden.
Hvis dette barn som voksen derimod overskrider disse beføjelser og begynder at tænke selv, da skal det for enhver pris elimineres! (parafraseret)
Den britiske elite stod i et vist modsætningsforhold til jesuitterne. Men samtidig studerede de jesuitternes metode:
Giv mig det fire-års barn, og jeg skal give dig den voksne.

Det store demoraliserings-projekt
Der er en bemærkelsesværdig lighed i metoder. I 70'erne har Frankfurterskolen kopieret både jesuitternes metoder og The Fabians Society's program. Hvis folk ikke faldt i den ene grøft, så var der den anden, den tredje (zionisme), den fjerde (venetiansk fake-diplomati), den femte (new-age), den sjette (drugkultur), den syvende ... Fællesnævneren er korrumpering og demoralisering af mennesket.

Når H.G. Wells taler om at fremme promiskuøsitet, så er det med baggrund i de 'brølende 20'ere', det løsslupne sociopattrip efter 1. Verdenskrig, hvor jitterbug blev dansen med døden.

Når zionisterne dyrker promiskuøsitet, er det med udgangspunkt i mellemkrigstidens Berlin. Tyskerne / nationalsocialisterne forsøgte at stoppe det, men fordi zionisternes 'gode venner' vandt krigen og fordi det lykkedes dem at über-dæmonisere alle tyskere og iscenesætte offer-rollespillet Holocaust, fik promiskuøsiteten endnu et boost via Hollywood (Holly-caust, Holo-wood).

Når jesuitterne dyrker korrumpering, er det med udgangspunkt en ældgammel romersk taktik, hvor hofsnogen, skriftefaderen, fyrstens rådgiver, Grima Wormtounge klæber sig til fyrsten til han sidder som en bleg, viljeløs zombie, der hjernedødt afskaffer sin egen magt.

Når fabianerne dyrker promiskuøsitet, er det med udgangspunkt i trotskismen, bolsjevismen, stalinismen, kommunismen, socialismen. De så blot, hvorledes Stalins og bolsjevikkernes ultra-vold, deres promiskuøse massevoldtægter under WWII og deres blodige 'mongolske' revolutionære praksis var for gennemskuelig. Derfor deres langtids-orienterede snigende gift, hvor mennesker skulle lære at elske deres egen korrumpering.

Når drug- og new-age-kulturen dyrker promiskuitet er det med udgangspunkt i alt det ovenstående. CIA finansierede, promoverede, organiserede, transporterede og distribuerede det.

Når trotskisterne dyrker korruption, så ... hov stop, hvem er de? Det er såmænd ingen andre end de neo-cons, der overtog den amerikanske regering med et usynligt statskup efter mordet på JFK. Med hvilke midler? Bla ved, at den ofte højt besungne JFK selv var en dybt korrumperet og promiskuøs person, en 'womanizer' og kokain-narkoman. Richard Nixon var på trods af sit dårlige rygte på afgørende måder en langt mere moralsk integreret person end JFK, men man havde lært lektien i the Deep State, og da Nixon rokkede med ørerne, blev han 'gamet'. Vi kender det som Watergate.

Trotskismen repræsenteres i dag af mulat-dukken med de mange navne: Sortero / Obama. Korruption er teleprompter-dukkens mellemnavn.


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