D-Day and Who Won The War

by morton_h, the blogger

Power and killings seem to provide certain
indiviuals with a kind of erotic experience
Omaha Beach, June 6, 1944, Normandy coast. Is there such a thing by this name? It was just a code name like 'Operation Overlord'. For there is no site on the Normandy coast, carrying an Indian name from Nebraska, United States, a state with no beaches.

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The second code name tells much more about the real purpose of WW2. It was all about the gaining of supremacy, beeing the Over Lords, a status enjoyed by the British Empire before WW1, once again enjoyed at provoking this socalled ‘Great War’ - just listen to that word! - afterwards escaping prosecution by smearing it onto Germany, where the Impere and its American branch, its naughty little brother, who tried to free itself, but was brought back into the fold again through cunning infiltration, elitist lobbying, deceptive demagogy, democratic embezzlement, false flags, corruption and manipulation ... now wanted to consolidate once and for all.

Germany was once again smashed and torn after having itself done the dirty works for the Impire smashing and dividing Europe and making the continent perforated like a sponge towards 'the Overlords', of the Empire Of Envy. But there was still much that went wrong. Russia, for example, was not smashed according to plan. Hitler and Stalin were to destroy each other according to the plan, so that the two main enemies as declared by the British Empire before and during WW1 would disappear from the face of the earth and leave it to the British. But it did not happen. Hence the Cold War, the unfinished WW2.

And it is the same embarrassing and disgusting spectacle we see right now with the updated and never ending Empire trying to revive the Cold War in Syria and Ukraine and elsewhere using their usual one-trick-pony-strategies: propaganda, false flags, lies and political demonizings, briberies, use of street Fascists and Nazis - once again presenting themselves as the brave defenders of justice. Remember still that Wall Street funded both the Nazis and the Communists according to Prof. Anthony Sutton's never refuted and highly neglected investigations from the 70’ties. The story of WW1, the Russian Revolution and WW2 is a fake story.

It is in this context that we must see the hype that goes on today on D-Day. It is part of the ongoing and currently shrill and hypocritical war propaganda. We get waved in our faces with the whole symbolism and all the tearful, emotional pictures and statements. Why? Because they god-damn-it is embarking on a new round!

The little stupid State Of Denmark, where something according to the poet is terribly wrong, is wagging its tail in the company's stores at this very moment. Let us turn the clock a bit backwards and commemorate another event, which subsequently became rather difficult to sell as glorious: the Iraq War. Lying and deception and corruption bristled on all sides. The then Prime Minister, now international war minister and general secretary of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, abused historiography as a basis for legitimizing this in alle aspects dirty war. His eagerness to pander to the big boys was outspoken, and he was then already striving for his current job. He would do anything to please his idols, the war criminals Bush and Blair. Like them he lied to the teeth on the subject of weapons of mass destruction, and he put Denmark in the unbearable situation as part of an aggression pact. NATO is no longer a defence pact or a non-aggression pact. It has transcended into something much more sinister.

We cover us today behind the large, temporary victors. Fogh Rasmussen abused, twisted and forged the story of the German occupation in WW2. He politicized historical facts to create fear, shame, guilt and hatred.

Did the Danes prefer to be occupied by the Germans? Of course not. But were we as a nation without any guilt in this matter? That’s another question. Could we just have marched up at the border and prevented an invasion? Should we have allowed ourselves to be slaughtered for symbolic reasons? Fogh Rasmussen’s statements at that time in 2003 in the ugly times of political- and media preparation for the Iraq war was far out in the swamps of reason. They were nothing but populism meant to score cheap points. They were the scheming of a cynical politician who did not shun any means to achieve his sinister goals: to get personal professional orgasm by participating in acts of violence in company with the big boys - accompanied by the agitating smell of power and blood.

In the same period severe hints and mental attacks were delivered to the Danish intellectuals by proclaiming them 'tasters'. So: they should not come and teach the leaders of the State about what could or even should be uttered about reality. Historians reacted at the time of Fogh-Rasmussens attempts at falsification of the Danish history, but they were all under the table told by threats that they should not try to put fourth their expertise and competence, and if ... well then ... All were cowed and bullied in the post-9/11-era. And academics were then as always totally easy to cow, for they are cow-scared of losing their jobs, careers and the opportunity to pay off their huge student loans and most of all: to be pushed out of the good company of academic brotherhood, which is at threat similar the the threat of life.

Some Danes this day are striving to falsify history and proclaim Denmark as part of the victorious allies. Former Secretary of Internal Affairs, Marianne Jelved, wants a museum dedicated the Danish efforts as an ally! Sorry, silly cow! but Denmark just never were allies! We were neutral before the war, and then we were occupied. This is by no means the same as being an ‘ally', and those who claim otherwise are falsifiers of World History.

Certainly there was resistance in Denmark, right from the start, and we do not forget that. When the Norwegians have had too much to drink and want boast - which Norwegians love to do - they will brag about the sinking of a warship in the Oslo Fjord and at the same time claim that the Danes just let the Germans march through the country, while those of the heroic Norwegians went to actual war. Nonsense. What they just forget to tell was that there was more than one Quisling (Nazi lover) in Norway and that the Norwegians after the incident in the Oslo Fjord begged the Germans on their knees for the same conditions, that the Danes had achieved with Secretary of State, Erik Scavenius, the star diplomate, who knew the Germans in and out, had negotiated for. But the Norwegians at that time had burned their chance after the the incident in the fjord. There is much to be forgotten when history of the war is told and dishonor is repaired.

Denmark was overrun, so to say, for the second time by the Prussians. 1864 was still in a killing mood of the nation. We also forget here that the Danes made an arrogant assault during the First Schleswig War (1850-53) by fomenting civil war in northern Germany. 15 years later we made hubris by arrogantly insulting and provoking the German Emperor, who then just humiliated and devastated the haughty representatives of German low gentry north of the border. The river Eider became the Limfjord and then the Kongeå.

Sorry, for English readers: the slogan of the First Schlesswig War was ‘Denmark to the Eider’, which was just petty Danish Imperialism. Bismarck mocked the statement in the Second Schlesswig War in 1864 by sending his troops to Limfjorden in the north of Jutland just for at show, and then withdrawing to Kongeåen, a river in the lower middle of Jutland. So a big part of Denmark was German untill 1920. Denmark was severely punished for its arrogance and deeply humiliated/traumatized. Seen from that point of view, we almost - I say almost! - deserved the German occupation in 1940.

Certainly there were Danish sailors and ships that made themselves available to the Allies i WW2. A lot of ships were abroad at the 9th of april 1940 and chose not to return. This should be recognized for sure.

But in the opinion of the blogger there should either be organized a whole week seminar for the ignorant Danish politicians, where they would have a sharp brush-up on the history hours from high school, or better yet: let the politicians exhibit their foolish ignorance of Danish and World History and let the Danish People get into the Geopolitical Classroom and get things in place. Then politicians and media people can no longer get away with lying in our faces in order to start their ugly wars-of-profit-and-lies.

D-dag og krigens sejrherrer

Omaha Beach, 6. juni 1944, Normandiets kyst. Er der overhovedet en strand, der hedder Omaha? Overhovedet ikke. Det var bare et kodenavn ligesom 'Operation Overlord'. For der findes ingen lokalitet ved Normandiets kyst, der bærer et indiansk navn fra Nebraska, USA, en stat uden kyster.

Det andet kodenavn fortæller langt mere om, hvad formålet med WW2 var. Det drejede sig om det overherredømme, som Det Britiske Imperium havde nydt før WW1, som de nød ved at fremprovokere en verdenskrig og slippe for tiltale ved at smøre den af på Tyskland, og som de og deres amerikanske filial, den uartige lillebror, der forsøgte at gøre sig fri, men som blev hentet tilbage i folden igen via snedig infiltration, elitær lobbyvirksomhed, bedragerisk folkeforførelse, demokratisk underslæb, falske flag, bestikkelse og manipulation nu ønskede at nyde én gang for alle.

Tyskland blev endnu engang smadret og splittet efter først at have gjort det beskidte arbejde selv at smadre og splitte Europa og gøre det hullet som en svamp overfor 'the Overlords', Misundelsens Imperium. Men der var alligevel meget, der gik galt. Rusland blev fx. ikke smadret ifølge planen. Hitler og Stalin skulle udradere hinanden, så det Britiske Imperiums to erklærede hovedfjender fra før og under WW1 kunne forsvinde fra jordens overflade og overlade den til briterne. Men det skete ikke. Heraf den Kolde Krig, som er den uafsluttede WW2. 

Og videre heraf det pinlige og ulækre skuespil vi ser lige nu, hvor det afdankende imperium forsøger at genoplive den Kolde Krig og starte WW3 med deres sædvanlige one-trick-pony-midler: propaganda, falske flag, løgne og politiske dæmoniseringer, bestikkelser, brug af gadefascister/-nazister, finansiel og fysiks terrorisme. Og endnu en gang fremstiller de sig selv som retfærdighedens forkæmpere. Husk stadig, at Wall Street finansierede både nazisterne og kommunisterne (prof. Anthony Sutton). Historien om WW1, den russiske revolution og WW2 er en forfalsket historie.

Det er i den forbindelse, at vi skal se det hype, der foregår i dag om D-Dag. Det er en del af den løbende og for tiden skingre og hykleriske krigspropaganda. Vi bliver viftet for næsen med hele symbolikken og alle de tårepersende, emotionelle billeder og udsagn. Hvorfor? Fordi de saftsuseme er i gang med en ny runde!

Lille dumme Danmark logrer med halen i de stores selskab for tiden. Lad os skrue tiden en smule tilbage og mindes en anden begivenhed, der efterfølgende blev temmelig svær at sælge som glorværdig: Irakkrigen. Løgn og bedrag og korruption struttede til alle sider. Daværende statsminister, nu international krigsminister og krigsforbryder, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, misbrugte historieskrivningen som afsæt for en legitimering af denne beskidte krig. Hans iver for at lefle for de store var udtalt, han gik allerede dengang efter sit nuværende job. Han ville gøre alt for at tækkes sine idoler, de endnu større krigsforbrydere Bush og Blair. Han løj, så vandet drev om masseødelæggelsesvåben og bragte Danmark i den ubærlige situation som del af en angrebspagt mod forsvarsløse nationer, som vi aldrig, gentager ALDRIG har haft noget udestående med blot for at fremme en personlig karriere.

Vi dækker os i dag bag de store, de midlertidige sejrherrer. Fogh Rasmussen misbrugte-gradbøjede-forfalskede dengang historien om besættelsen. Han politiserede historiske facts for at skabe frygt, skam, skyld og had. Hvordan så eftertiden på nazi-kollaboratører? Hvordan vil eftertiden se på Danmark og danske karrierepolitikere som imperialist-kollaboratører?

Ønskede danskerne at blive besat af tyskerne? Var vi små forfulgte uskyldigheder? Kunne vi bare have stillet sig op ved grænsen og forhindret en invasion? Skulle vi have ladet sig slagte af symbolske årsager? Fogh-Rasmussen udsagn dengang i 2003 under optakten og medieforberedelsen til Irakkrigen var langt ude i hampen, de var ikke andet end klam populisme beregnet på at score billige points. De var kunstgreb fra en kynisk politiker, der ikke skyede midler for at opnå sine skumle mål: at få personlig professionel orgasme ved at deltage i voldshandlinger i selskab med de store drenge. Lugten af magt og blod.

I samme periode blev der vinket med vognstænger til de danske intellektuelle ved at udråbe dem til 'smagsdommere'. Altså: de skulle ikke komme og belære ham om, hvad man kunne eller måske endda burde mene om virkeligheden udfra fagligt kvalificerede forudsætninger. Egentlig substans er altid i vejen for populister af den skuffe, hvor den 'ædle løgn' regnes for legitimt. Historikere reagerede dengang på hans forsøg på historieforfalskning, men de fik altså her under bordet at vide, at de ikke skulle prøve på at bringe deres ekspertise og kompetence på banen, for så ... ja så ... Alle blev kuet og kujoneret i post-9/11-æraen, for de var jo selve essensen af det arrangement. Akademikere er i virkeligheden totalt nemme at kujonere, for de er hunderædde for at miste deres job, karriere og mulighed for at betale deres ofte enorme studiegæld tilbage. Og de er virkelig bange for at blive skubbet ud af det akademiske broderskab.

Visse danskere vil i dag gerne forfalske historien og udråbe Danmark som en del af de sejrrige allierede. Marianne Jelved vil have et museum for den danske indsats som allieret! Undskyld, fjols, men det var vi bare aldrig! Vi var neutrale før krigen, og så blev vi besat. Det er på ingen måde det samme som at være 'allieret'. 

Javist var der modstandskamp i Danmark, og det lige fra starten af. Når nordmænd har fået for meget at drikke og skal blære sig, så praler de af, at de sænkede et krigsskib i Oslofjorden og hævder, at danskerne bare lod tyskerne marchere gennem landet, mens de, de heltemodige nordmænd gik i krig. Hvad de lige glemmer at fortælle var, at der mere end én Quisling i Norge og at heltene efter hændelsen i Oslofjorden tiggede og bad tyskerne om de samme betingelser, som danskerne snedigt med Erik Scavenius, stjernediplomaten, der kendte tyskerne ud og ind, havde forhandlet sig til. Men nordmændene havde brændt deres chance af efter fjorden. Der er meget, der glemmes, når historien om krigen skal fortælles og vanæren skal repareres. Scavenius blev i øvrigt selv skammeligt anklaget for medløberi efter krigen, fordi folk ikke fattede hans genistreg, hans diplomatiske jiu-jitsu-greb på en overvældende stormagt. At den historiske nullitet, Fogh-Rasmussen, brokkede sig over, at danske soldater ikke bare stillede sig op og nedskyde, er til at brække sig over! Hans såkaldte 'aktivistiske udenrigspolitik' har kostet millioner af mennesker i denne verden livet.

Danmark blev i WW2 så at sige overrendt for anden gang af preusserne. 1864 sad stadig i sulet på nationen. Vi glemmer også her, at danskerne begik et overgreb under den Første Schleswigske Krig ved at anstifte borgerkrig i Nordtyskland. 15 år senere begik vi hybris ved hovmodigt at fornærme og provokere den tyske Kejser, der herefter bare udsplattede de hovne repræsentanter for tysk lavadel nord for grænsen. Ejderen blev til Limfjorden og derefter til Kongeåen. Så var vi små uskyldige forfulgtheder?

Javist var der danske søfolk og skibe, der stillede sig til rådighed for de allierede. Forsvarsministeriet praler af, at der var 6000, men historikerne modererer det til ca. 1200. Der burde arrangeres et Danmarks- og Verdenshistorisk ugeseminar for uvidende politikere, hvor de fik et kraftigt brush-up på deres historietimer fra gymnasiet. Eller endnu bedre: lad politikerne udstille deres tåbelige uvidenhed om verdenshistorien og lad os som befolkning sætte os i det Geopolitiske Klasseværelse og få tingene på plads. 

Så kan politikere og mediefolk ikke længere slippe af sted med lyve os op i ansigtet for at starte deres forbandede krige.


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