Dangerous Technology

The dangerous technology
Denmark has a fine scientist, a professor i chemistry at the H.C. Oersted Institute under the University of Copenhagen. His name is Niels Harrit.

Some years ago he became known after having stated, that the Twin Towers - and expecially Building Seven as a part of the World Trade Center in New York was brought down 9/11 2001 by controlled demolition (not by aero planes) and that the instrument was an explosive called nano thermite. He was actually able to prove it.

I know Niels Harrit, I have met him, discussed with him, I know all his points, I respect him. He has done what he believes to be true and has put all his professional competence behind it. He is honest and sincere, which is more that you can say about many scientists today, unfortunately.

But I have a problem
The problem is, that his strength - sticking to what he knows and what is known - becomes the weakness of his argument. 

He finds small balls of rusty iron in the dust of the Building 7. Thermite will no doubt leave these balls of rusty iron. Conclusion: therefore it must be thermite, that brought all seven buildings down. Yes seven! Niels Harrit only mentions three: Building 1, 2 and 7. He started with Building 7, but now he is concluding on all three. Building 3, 4, 5 and 6 also came down. 

So far no problem, really, just selectiveness or forgetfulness. The problem is, that Niels Harrit doesn't ask, whether there could be other forms of technology being able to produce similar effects, or whether the thermite is the whole explanation. But what concerns me the most is, that he never mentions other facts, that contradict his theories. 

One of them is the fact, that the seismic impact did not come close to the full amount of building material, that was supposed to hit the ground area. The institutions that constantly monitor all seismic activity on the planet did not register that but only a fraction of it. And what does this mean? It means, that the buildings never came down as a whole! And why did they not come down? Because 80% of them became dust in mid air!

Had they come down, the foundation of the towers in the middle of the Hudson River would have flooded all of lower Manhattan. It didn't happen. And the parking lot under the towers were more or less intact, which is unthinkable if the full weight of the buildings came tumbling down on it. Firemen down there even survived.

Thermite alone is not able to do that! And when you examine video from the event very closely in slow motion or in normal motion, from all angles, compared to other clips ... then this can be observed very clearly. And if you examine the ground afterwards, you do not see the remains of the towers there.

This does not mean, that thermite was not used. A Russian scientist speaks of conventional nuclear event placed under the buildings. Consider that too, please! But may I remind you of another orchestrated event a hundred years ago: the sinking of the Titanic, one of the early examples of big-scale theatrical fraud - the Titanic never sunk, it was the Olympic, and in case you don't know, check it out. They had a plan A and a plan B. The iceberg was the plan A, the fire in the coal storage in the bottom of the ship was the plan B. If you didn't hear about that, it is because they didn't tell you about it. Same with the towers.

Next thing is the strange anomalies with the burned cars in the roads near to the towers. These cannot be explained with thermite placed in the towers.

All these anomalies and many more are addressed by Dr. Judy Wood ('Where did the Towers go?'), and my final problem with Niels Harrit is, that he is very arrogant with Judy Wood and dismissing her studies by simply and very shortly stating, that she doesn't know shit about anything - without discussing her studies.

That I find to be a major problem. It means, that Niels Harrit – sorry to say – is committing the same sin as the scientists, that he goes against. He has reached his final conclusions based on his studies, and then the book is closed. This is his life, his career and his off-set, and whenever other evidence comes in, he will defend his own set of evidence. This is what scientists do all the time.

It's a bit of a shame. Niels Harrit should have showed more courage and admitted, that he is just a professor in chemistry, which in itself is quite something, and then admitted, that he had an important component to the full explanation. He could have benefited a lot from that. Instead he unwittingly has become a gate keeper = a person, than will prevent you from taking further steps by focusing on the wrong path. I say 'unwittingly', because Niels Harrit never meant to do that, I am quite sure.

Now what if - and we may suggest that to Niels Harrit - that this exotic weapon was a two-component-weapon - one component neading the other? What if an anti-gravity-device needed the floors to be cut off from its grounding for a split second to work? This is the proposal of Maurice Cotterell, one of the most outstanding scientific geniouses of the world right now, and one of the few scientists actually able to fully understand and explain gravity.

An illustration of what the actual destruction looked like. The rubble pile was no more than 2% of the original building height. Both towers went "poof." (Judy Wood)

The connection
In my opinion, to understand the 9/11-event and the technology that was involved, you have to understand the connection and the timing of another event, that many have not even heard about: the announcement of a phenomenon called 'cold fusion' and the quick dismissal of this as 'junk science' and fraud.

In very short terms, cold fusion is a nuclear reaction that does not need and produce the same amount of heat and radiation problems as does hot fusion, but none the less produces a lot of energy that is able to transform basic materials – very fast! Downscaled it can run a car on a glass of water for hundreds of miles and upscaled it can … ? Well, we don't actually know, but the 9/11-event showed signs of doing exactly that in an upscaled version, so maybe we already know because we were actually shown. In fact, maybe we were shown prior to that. During the Iraq war the iraquies were actually fried out of their tanks (Highway 80) in more or less the same way as the more than thousand! people, who were forced to take off all of their clothes and jump out of the windows of the towers. Their bodies were never found, because they also de-materialized in the air on their way down. In the Iraque incident it was a blatant violation of the Geneva convention, since the convoy that was blasted with a proto type of this energy weapon were surrendering and returning soldiers and therefore protected by the convention. Not so according to the Americans.

Just to make one thing clear: I assume, that we have long time ago, due to overwhelming and very precise facts, dismissed any Bush-government-conspriracy-theories about muslim camel riders with laptops running sky scrapers down from Afghan mountain caves with captured airplanes flown by a bunch of amateurs ... which is utterly insulting to the intelligence of thinking human beings. We are talking real stuff and real event here, not cartoon-media events, please! We are beyond that to even have this discussion - if not consider yourself to be mentally bombed back to the stone age and go turn on your television.

The original scientists that came up with cold fusion were Pons and Fĺeischman. They were very good scientists in chemistry – Niels Harrit is a professor in chemistry, does this connect to anything ... I am asking/wondering not answering here? - and they could very well have won the Nobel Price in their field, had they not been 'gamed', meaning attacked for political reasons by an organized campaign of ridicule and dismissal in order to shut down cold fusion as the 'impossible' and paradigm-shifting discovery of the century – breaking or heavily modifying the laws of physics including the laws of thermo dynamics as described by Einstein. And it gets really exotic her, since gravity is involved, and anti-gravity is now a possibility. I may not even be 'cold fusion' but more likely something called 'periodic scaling'. And the secret to it all is the quality of one element in the periodic system, namely hydrogen.

I suggest a study of both Niels Harrit and Judy Wood AND and especially a third scientist, Maurice Cotterell ('The New Science') if we want to get a for the time being fuller picture of the event. He suggests in a very convincing way, that anti-gravity devices were placed in the basement of the buildings and nano-thermite cutting the connection for a while between the buildings' steel structures and the ground. Maurice Cotterell may be the one - if there is one in these times - that holds the key to a new understanding of physics. Or should we say one of several breaking the old laws of physics (which are not older than Newton). I have argued in another blog about Egypt, that civilisations before ours knew the 'new science', and that is in fact very old. But this is another road to take in story telling.

But physics were not the only 'laws' that were broken. More important is the self written 'laws' of the global elite, the banking system, the parasitic oil-military-government-complex. Their self proclaimed but never publicly proclaimed 'laws' state, that no one else but they can possess technologies, that can empower people, meaning only they will be empowered, and the rest of humanity will be dis-empowered. They already had this technology, because they stole it a hundred years ago from Nicola Tesla, then they stole all the money from the people of the world to put into their own pockets to use for development of these technologies in various forms, many of them in weaponized shape feeding their military-industrial-banking-complex.

But the elite knew from the beginning, that their lies only lasted for a certain amount of time as does all lies and frauds. The elite observes everything by their observation technologies lately seen in the the NSA-whistleblower-case. In the 90's they observed, that some groups of scientists were about to reveal the technology, which they already had and which they did not want the world to have. Or – if they only had parts of it – they saw, that these guys were getting the whole of it. Envy is a main component in the mindset of the elite.

The side kick
Here comes the tricky part. I have not seen this thought been put forward till now – only parts of it. It goes like this:

The elite seeks to weaponize everything. Every invention that comes fourth will be weaponized according to the perverted mindset of the psychopathic elite. But the reason for weaponizing inventions is not primarily to make it a weapon, but to monopolize it. Think about it: once being declared a weapon, it is dangerous. Once dangerous it should be banned and protected (don't you think so?) with the consent of the people.

So what you are going to hear now is:
  • cold fusion is dangerous
  • cold fusion is non-existing (like: Israel does not have nuclear weapons)
  • cold fusion does not work (like: the Tocamac-Reactor, that actually does not work...)
  • cold fusion should be forbidden and banned, and you cannot own a CF-device
  • if you promote or use cold fusion, you will be arrested, banned, killed or prosecuted.
There is a war going on. The elite saw it coming. It is about them loosing powers and them desperately trying to maintain the status quo. The war is about the next, the new monopolizing-game. We just came out of the century of monopolized oil. Now the elite moves on for the monopolized … whatever. Cold fusion, magnetic-motors, zero-point-energy, crystalic-energy, exotic water energy. The elite knows, that it is there and that it has the power to destroy their power base. They are now trying to re-create the 20th century. They will not succede because it is very close to being spread in both commercial and open-source versions.

Then I predict that we will see staged events, where some facilities will explode. Remember again: the elite has this technology also in weaponized form. After these event, where people will be killed again, they will then try to ban and forbid the technology, make it illegal, confiscate it, fabricate international laws against it. Till now they have stolen thousands of patents or prevented people from obtaining patents, killed, rediculed and gamed the inventors, they have spread tons of disinformation though all kinds of media and channels, threatened and terrorized people, refused to fund and support the science behind it and obstructed people who wanted to – while at the same time spending huge sums and resources in facilities and programs, that are outside scope of the public to develop exactly these technologies!

Finally back to the 9/11-event. It contains several messages and purposes:
  • Scaring the shit out of all people
  • Destroying healthy thinking of people by forcing them to accept utterly absurd explanations of an event before allowing questions to be raised and answered
  • Traumatizing people with the help a 'satanic ritual of human sacrifice'
  • Feeding themselves with the energy of angst (part of this pervert ritual)
  • Manufacturing an excuse to start a new series of wars
  • Creating images of an enemy and enhance the Clash of Civilisations (Huntington) by the strategy of tension (Brzezinsky, Kissinger, NATO, CIA)
  • Forcing the population to accept these wars and this enemy
  • Showing for those who are able to read the actual event: We have this weapon and we are not hesitant to use it. You could be the next victim!
  • Destroying a whole bunch of evidence at the same time *
  • Making ways for huge scale insider trading and insurance fraud
  • Distracting the attention of the population from all the other areas of severe injustice and corruption that goes on
  • Confusing the knowledge of the real terrorism by pointing to false terrorism
  • Making a hell-of-a-lot of money

May we just remind ourselves - and present for those who don't know - that a whole bunch of material that someone wanted to destroy was gathered in Building Seven. Bush was held responsible for the strange disappearing of 2 trillion (2.000 billions) of dollars during the Iraq war. The evidence was in the building. You don't take down a huge building for no other reason that playing with explosives. The papers from the Enron scandal were there. The papers from the dismissed case against the nazi, Bush's grandfather Prescott Bush were there (and problably all the papers showing why he should have been convicted - together with others ...). The post-nazi-infiltrated organisation CIA was leading the investigation, and now they and Bush could say, that it conveniently disappeared. And by the way Bush's father was the former head of the CIA. We can assume that a lot of stuff was placed in Building Seven, among other things all the plans for the whole event - we are assuming here. But Building Seven was no doubt taken down with normal, but advanced explosives, therefore Niels Harrit's studies are very relevant here.

Did we forget to say, that the CIA were lodging in Building Seven? This could of course give off-set to a whole story of how the CIA since the end of WW2 was the primus motor organisation in forming, what we today know (or do not know) as 'the global shadow banking system'. You may want to consult the scholar and author Joseph P. Farrell about this matter.

Why cold fusion and not all the other exotic energies, that are lurking in the underground such as propulsion energy, zero point-energy, magnet motors?

In my opinion it is because cold fusion is likely to be the easiest technology to replicate and popularize. Every household and community could have its own cheap, non-polluting and totally safe mini-nuclear-energy-power-station being able to produce both heat and electricity. This would in very short time make the power structure of the oil-military-government-complex fall to pieces.

And at the same time, the financial industry and the corrupt central banking system would loose its grasp on all life on this planet.

There is a war going on, that many people are totally unaware of. It is going on in all realms of human society and consciousness. Maybe the right word for the war is: the War On Consciousness. And maybe this is in fact, what Adolf Hitler called for, when he rhetorically asked the German people: 'Wollt Ihr der totalen Krieg?'

It took more that sixty years, before another Empire was able to actually pull this out. This Empire started in the last days of the Third Reich by hi-jacking the most important nazi scientists. And the nuclear bomb was the least of their potentials. 


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